Horn of Africa hit by worst locust invasion in decades


From Nissan to Boeing we revisit some of the biggest corporate scandals of one thousand nine hundred nineteen live from London. This is the marketplace morning report from the BBC. The World Service. I'm Lisa Santarelli. Good morning the third. Most senior executive at Japanese automakers on quitting just weeks after taking the job the move comes days off to Boeing. CEO Suddenly resigned capping off another year of headline hits in corporate scandals. So companies need to adapt to survive twenty twenty handed. Is He also of broken. Business runs crisis consultancy or two strategies back then and today Carlos going is a larger than life figure. And you still don't have all the facts. There's still an ongoing trial. What we know is there's just been a lot of bad governance and not just in Nissan but also in the joint venture and the question is they've lost so much time and so much momentum now the? US market has started to turn on them so the question is will they have enough breathing space to come back from from this another company. That's had a turbulent letting years Boeing and earlier this week we saw its CEO. Dennis Muilenburg ousted can Boeing regain the public's trust Boyne is only at the beginning of of this long recovery process. What you're seeing now? Is You know the broad question. Can we trust this leadership. Can we trust this board. Can we trust this brand to get it right. You know so much which of US depend on traveling every week and when people at least in emails are saying maybe my family won't feel safe on Boeing again. I mean those are becomes very human very real for all of us. So I think Boeing teachers. We have something really fragile out there. Human Life Human Safety Trust and And really will require new leadership new structures structures and really going above and beyond but certainly for them the big fairly was initial crisis communication. And now it's just a matter of rebuilding that. How long do you think that will take years so in all the time that you've been doing this how broken does business remain challenging questions? I mean the the Every business is somewhat broken at any point in time. Because we're very human we make mistakes I think what defines a business is the ability to identify those mistakes and deal with them and how much of the problem is down to the decades-long attitude of corporate profitability. Above all else. Well look look at your pension fund. My Pension Fund is not looking at how how great companies are in terms of how much they help society how much they help. And the local corner They really are looking at money funds. That's what we know how to measure and unfortunately we haven't been able to measure and price carbon for example and bring that into the balance sheet in the PNL's canals of companies. But we were dealing with a world in transition right now where a lot of these things are are being questioned revisited. And it'll be an exciting new year. WHOA new decade ahead? I guess as of January one Jose Hernandez. Thank you say much joining us on marketplace. Thank you. Let's do the numbers. She has in Tokyo Shanghai and Seoul all advanced with the exception of Nissan which lost as much as three percent on news of that executive resignation Miss European markets remained closed for boxing. Xing Day but gold rose bowl a false data above fifteen hundred dollars an ounce overall. It's been a banner year for precious metals including silver platinum and palladium. Let's head now to the Horn of Africa. which is suffering from the worst locust invasion in seventy years? The insects have already destroyed. Seventy thousand hectares farmland in Somalia Malia and neighboring Ethiopia threatening base of the Agricultural economies the BBC's Thomasson Ford reports swaths of desert locusts originated in Yemen in have been invading farmland across the Horn of Africa since the beginning of July the search caused by rains. Intensified breeding is threatening food supplies in both Somalia and Ethiopia with Fiz they will move onto Sudan. Eritrea and Kenya. The insects can travel up to one hundred fifty kilometers the day with the wind eating their own body weight in vegetation daily although Somalia averted widespread from two years ago droughts led to large-scale scale. Food insecurity affecting more than six million people farmers already struggling say they're watching their entire crops disappear the UN's Food and Agriculture Association says. The situation is extremely serious. I'm the BBC's Thomson Ford for Marketplace Fifteen eighteen years ago today. A devastating tsunami struck Asian countries from India to Indonesia the BBC's Pernilla Krishna. In India report on the impact. It has on one fishing family family. The sound of waves crashing on the shore of Jenny the south coastal city of India disturbs yen. Fishermen Senate Raj fifteen years ago. He was one of the fishermen who lost his large boat which he invested his life savings in a nine point one magnitude earthquake regardless Nami that took more than two hundred twenty thousand lives many of them fishermen lakes Aren Raj. They stimulated cost of the damage to the South Ocean. Countries including India Indonesia and Thailand was just under ten billion years donors though the loss of certain drugs. Thousand three hundred. A dollar ship might look small. It permanently squashed his dream of living a decent life without any dead governor Eliana Bono number. We got a small fiberglass boats. I'm forty feet long. We can't use this for deep sea fishing. Only if we go too deep sea fishing can get a good catch with this small boat. We get money only for daily expenses. It wasn't just physical. Losses suffered by his family after the Sunni. His father suffered severe mental stress and was unable to meet. That's the dream to build a house and a car is still on hold a party not order now for the new political. My was some fifty to sixty feet long. It was painted ended in red and green colors on sue NAMI. When we saw the boat we were distressed? It pushed my father to attempt suicide. India's government allocated final eleven point eight million dollars as live for the revival of fishing and agricultural sectors still many small businesses and individuals never record the financial losses. Silence of doing so. Nami made him decide. He would be the last person in his family to go to the Internet. I am BBC's look for marketplace and finally as many of you clear out the Christmas wrapping leftovers. Japan says it has recycled eighteen thousand tons of electronic equipment but the twenty twenty Olympics. The process taken two years and created five thousand medals. Tweet me or recycling plans for the new yet. BBC Lucia using the HASHTAG BBC marketplace. A place in London. I'm Lisa Santarelli with the marketplace morning report from the B._B._C. World Service.

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