The following program is brought to you by your friends at podcast one. Don't forget to download our new podcast one out. New year. New you January. It's the month that celebrates new beginnings in change. Right. But it can also be a month. Let's be real that carries a lot of weight today. We're talking not only about the post holiday POWs for all those leftovers. That's not that kind of wait. We're talking about. Nope. We're talking about those heavy daunting expectations. We put on our selves that steers away from a focused filled path of purpose. Now that twenty nineteen is in full swing. It's the time right now to check in with not only our resolutions. But ourselves, maybe, you know, you've started that healthier lifestyle change, whether it's faith food, fitness. But the question is how you sustain those changes this week were here to give you specific steps to not only improve your focus, but advice for long-term sustainable change on the journey to achieving your goals. Also, we've got the guests in the house that is a little nostalgic for Stevie. And I swear. Switch foot is here to talk about their own path and how they achieved sustainable success so excited to chat with him later on the show about their new album called native tongue. There's a really powerful message behind the song in. It's actually one thing that we can all start doing a little bit more of our lives. You're gonna wanna tune into this episode today is gonna be good. But first, we gotta pay the bills. Let's be real. Honey, you ready to pay? Do we pay the lighting and the electricity this month? Just kidding. But you guys know here on the good life. We're so grateful to have sponsors people who support the good life movement brands that we love brands that you guys know I've talked about and one of them being living proof. All right, guys. It's a new year. 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We are back in the Piel de. Twenty nineteen y'all. I cannot believe that FAM. It's going to be an incredible year for all of us that clip you just heard by the way is a little snippet from our interview with switch foot. We were blown away by them by their character by the things that they had to say so stick around in the episode at checkout that interview they're really impactful guys as twenty nineteen. What the heck I'm my gosh. Can I just say I've missed doing this? And I knew that like taking time off I was going to like obviously miss doing coming into the studio. But I didn't realize I guess it was unexpected to see how many of our good life family listeners reshot who may be a Instagram DM U2. saying like where is the good life Wednesday up Assode. You guys are probably like what are you up to over there? I'm gonna tell you what we were up to ABSA fricken. Lutely nothing. You got it right near being L A's Z Y baby sitting on the couch potato chips. Well, not after the new year and watching lots of Lord of the rings, which says his fallen asleep and maybe ten times now hold on. Let me just backtrack. There. Okay. So we really did take the time off to rest something that we have been Parisians all season last year, and we really needed to practice that especially after the holidays really taking that time to unplug it was so necessary because we feel so recharged and refreshed and our minds feel renewed. And you know, it's funny because the conversation Ramle came up, I think one night I had said I had never seen Lord of the rings in Stevie just like he was we're going to watch the whole saga like you're gonna watch. And I'm not gonna lie. I was in such cosy comfortable mode like it probably took me four days to finish the first one because I kept falling asleep now because it was boring. But because I was it was so I gotta say we're talking about focus today. And when we we watch these movies, I need you to focus because you have fallen asleep. I think four times the first one I don't know what the second. I think it's because when I'm finally in that moment where I'm laying on the couch. It's because I'm completely focused on. On just that one thing in my mind is ready to relax, and I say that you fall asleep in the most pinnacle moments of the movie, and I'm just like all this is so important, and she's like, you know, it so we did take some time off. But I'm going to say we did take the month of January to actually reprioritize and reorganize our house. How many of you out there declutter d-, where's the declutter fam-? I used to be so paranoid about getting rid of things. 'cause I thought you know, what I'm gonna pass this down one day or I'm going to use this one day. I got rid of everything donated it. I knew if I wasn't going to don't look at it. I didn't need it anymore. We don't entertain you, sweetie. Teeny. Can we tell them what she did teeny started walking fam-? She started walking over the freaking Christmas break in. So now going into twenty nine thousand we've got to walk in kid, and I'm like slow your brakes. It's true. What everybody says out there when your kid starts walking that just changes the whole game. I didn't believe them. But now I do because I've seen it. She goes up the stairs. She goes everywhere. And she just does not want to sit still and she's just in that bays. But it's been so fun to watch her grow. And literally just a short time short month. The last time we recorded good life. Teeny was not walking. She was sleeping when we did that show the recording in our house. Okay. So what was your New Year's resolution, babe? How's that going with your thirty? It's going pretty well, y'all. I started whole thirty. I think I'm about a week and a half in right now. It's going really, well, I have to say cheated on my birthday birthday. Yeah. It was last week. But it's going really, well, I think sticking to this this thing and really setting that focus that I'm going to reach this and finish this which is a big thing for me in finishing something like that. It just setting the tone for my year. It's giving me a fresh perspective. And I'm loving it. So far, I've got lots of other goals, but we can talk about that later because today is all about focus. Yeah. And a lot of us have set our New Year's goals, baby. What is yours? My New Year's resolution. Give me one Tang. I have a lot. And I don't know what I've said on previous show. So I don't want. Somebody would be like yo you said you were going to do this. And now, I think one of mine was to stick with my quiet time in the morning and even on the weekends. I got up at six AM you've been doing that. I have because I look forward to it. I never thought I would be that person that sets my alarm at six AM and looks forward to getting up. Honestly, I'm not human. I think I realized sums wrong with something is wrong. Which literally laying in bed tonight. She goes. Give you see him nap with me. That same creepy voice in the room said girl, some days, you boyscout asleep till seven relaxed heaving Santan giving. I'm on one. I swear I'm loving my six AM. It's my it's my me time all of that. But you know, what something that Stevie? And I have had to really focus on is just the areas in our life that we really want to focus like if you think of like, a, you know, we're going to get super blogging up in here. But you know, when you have a camera and the lens, and it seems a little blurry picture that lens being set on all the different areas of your life. And I noticed like I really want to click the focus ring a little bit more on certain things and certain areas of my life. So for us we've really had to tune into this idea of small focus steps because they lead to big sustainable results. And I've just always struggle with that. And so one thing being our business Stephen I have worked together for over five years now. And he's we was there. He helped me start this whole journey become the successful digital influence or doing it fulltime. But I think it was recently. Last week when we just had a serious conversation at home in bed and sa- first time we're talking about this now, but we just realized that there are certain areas of our life that we wanna feed nurture being our personal life our marriage. We want to get more time and attention to that. And we just feel like sometimes when we worked together in the blogging sense when he takes my photos when he helps edit videos when he sets up camera when he goes and travels with me on blogger trips and things like that we realized that this might be the year where we both need to focus on different areas of our business. Meaning I would be on one side of our business and Stevie would be on the other not to create a sense of divide, but to create more of a unity in the other areas of our life where I feel like we take for granted. And so with that being said Stevie, why don't you tell them what you're cooking up this year? Did you even hear what I said? But I was just seriously going in right now, I knew you weren't listening to me. What are you doing picking your butt over there? Sorry. No. I remember when you were saying I was a little distracted shot down dump blame Sean was doing the Squidward noodle dishes behind the glass. And it kind of threw me offers second Lord. Well, in a nutshell, I told them that you're working on another side of the business, and we're kind of parting ways, of course, no. I'm very excited about this year. It's going to be your stretching us kind of growing both of us in areas where we've dependent on each other. But also areas that have caused tension for so for me, I'm really excited to grow my personal brand. I'm going to be putting up more pictures and videos and things like that on Instagram. I want to have a better report with you guys on social media fam-. Also, I've got a couple other business things. I can't really tell you guys talk to your manager. One of them is pretty it's pretty teeny on the grand scale. So that's a little bit going to draw that to say that Stevie, and I were setting some new goals for this year in our business in our personal life. And even though Steve is not going to be setting up. The camera for me when I'm doing my YouTube videos, and he's not going to be editing. All those videos for me anymore from the outside perspective. You guys what you guys see looking in. You're not gonna really notice a change. But internally we're having to like change some things up. If you guys saw I was hiring online. I think we've found somebody now, but we're looking to hire in different areas. So that Stevie, and I can salvage the parts of our life that we feel like have just burnt out or crumbled at times. So we're excited for this new year, and it's going to be I'm gonna miss that. You're not gonna go to every trip with me every work trip. But I'm gonna miss you. Thing is no matter what at the end of the night will always meet back in bed and hang out and watch Lord of the rings. Oh, well, the thing is you guys. I've told you this before TMI, but your boy usually sleeps with nothing going on. And I used to sleep with this really great comfortable pair of sleep shorts from Ralph Lauren, but I don't know where they are anymore because I lost them. But the point is is that I've upgraded y'all. I got some got myself. Some Luna sleepwear guys. This stuff is made from Lux washable silk. So I'm not worried about any sorta catch in grab in uncomfortable situation. 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So if you guys haven't checked out Luna give it a try. It's an excellent product. And it got lots of girl stuff on there. Right now, the stuff also now, but ladies, we got the hookup for you. All you gotta do is. If you want to go on to Luna dot co. Oh, okay slash Suzanne. You're going to get fifty dollars off your first purchase. And I'm going to spell it for you in case, you can't think of it. It's L U N Y dot co CEO. Slash Suzanne for that fifteen dollars off our at y'all it's time to get focused. So why are we talking about the importance of staying focused focus is the key to an effective life. If you spread your energy out and defuse it over a whole bunch of things we've learned first hands as an eye that you'll make little impact there's a story about an archery teacher, he put a wooden bird as a target, and he asked his students to aim at the eye of the bird, the first student was asked to describe what he saw he said, I see the trees the branches the leaves the sky the bird, and it's I. Then he asked the other student, and he said, I only see the eye of the bird and the teacher said, very good. You can shoot the air went straight and hit the eye of the bird. The point of this story is if you focus your life, it can be very powerful, it can even change the world. I really love that story. When you think about it? You know, it reminds, you know, our our one of our pastors actually our pastor Rick Warren that we've been going to he he says it best I wrote it down because he says the secret to an effective life that you're talking about is focus. So don't try fifty things that you dabble in. He says, no what's most important in do those things and don't worry about anything else. I feel like we can totally testify to that. And so many times my life where I feel. Like, I've had to do it all so we feel if there is one thing for today's show, the key to helping you grow out of a distracted mind and into a purpose filled. Focus mindset, it is this. Okay. Just this one seed that I want you guys to plant into your mind. Can you guess what it is? Well, if you plant this into your mind today, I have a feeling it will renew the way that you think and you can start on that journey of living a focus purposeful life. Okay. Listen to this focus on your purpose. Not your problem when you stay focused on your purpose. Not your problem. You can be happy even when life seems to be falling apart. That is so powerful to me Paul was Paul in the bible was an old man when he was in prison in Rome. He was a long way from home. He was awaiting execution. Ev. Everything has been taken from just imagine that his friends his freedom his ministry, even his privacy with a guard chain to him twenty four hours a day. It wasn't exactly a happy ideal time for Paul. I guess you could say, but there was one thing they could not take away from him. And that was his purpose. Paul made the choice that he was gonna stay focused on his purpose. Even when he lost everything else. All the problems came in the in the mix. So what was his purpose? His purpose was serving God by serving others Paul says in full leash pretty say that Steve I always I always I always screw it up. Filipion? I wanna say I want to say allegiance. Okay. Paul says in Philippi Athens. I don't think I wanna say Ryan sleeping. Okay. Why don't you actually why don't you read that scripture right there that I wrote? Clearly, mice exam quiet time. I need to focus a little more. Go ahead. Beans one twenty to twenty five if by continuing to live, I can do more worthwhile work than I am not sure which I should choose. I am pulled in two directions. I want very much to leave this life and to be with Christ, which is a far better thing. But for your sake, it is much more important that I remain alive. I am sure of this. And so I know that I will stay I will stay on with you all to add to your progress and your joy in the faith. Talk about focus. Well, you know, it's amazing. What he says there? And it's just like I mean, again, he was in a really hard time. He could have said anything, and he really chose to focus on his purpose which was again serving God by serving others. And he knew what he needed to do in that moment he needed to step down from his selfish ways and serve others. I want you guys to remember this. You cannot control what other people do to you. I wish somebody told me that because for my life for so many years, so many people controlled my path my purpose my destiny, my vision, my fuel all of it. No that you also you cannot control what other people do around you. So comparison looking and seeing what he or she is doing how her life is their purpose their life, you cannot control that so stop doing that. Right. I want to take a break there because you know, with this this whole idea about focus. It's how it pertains to all of us. I believe some of us. You know, we see the eye of the bird Balat. Of us. Maybe we don't see the tree in the sky and everything else in that story. But maybe we see the eye of the bird and the tree is still there. And we can't stop seeing the tree as we're looking at the eye of the bird. And what is that thing that you can't stop looking at that is distracting your focus from the I which is which would should be your focus. I remember I was at the gym just the other day, and I was working out and a guy walk past me who was incredibly good shape, really, really incredibly good shape. And I was like, whoa. That guys ripped like he's this. And that and I was like I I don't think I'll ever look like that. And it wasn't coming from a position of putting myself down. But it was just like different body type. You know, just totally different look, and I think, you know, sexy when I look at you at the gym, Charlie. But the point is is that looking at somebody else pulled away from the strength that was able to put into what I was doing in that moment. Because what it was saying is that you'll never be something else that you want to be or that you think is success. When in reality. I said this many times last year showing up is the beginning of success just getting there and stop focusing on a have to do it. Perfectly a half to do this way. It has to look like this show up and go after what it is. You're going after and don't get distracted. Alexa, isn't the only one with breaking news. Make sure it hang around at the end of this podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the AP news minute. Hey, beauty lovers for a lot of beauty brands luxury means something to splurge on in indulgence. But when I experienced the performance and innovation of our glass cosmetics. It was easy to see that for them. Luxury means so much more to me, hourglass cosmetics is one of those standout brands because not only are there products. Awesome. But they stand behind cruelty free in innovative formulas hourglass has this caution extreme lash mascara, which is groundbreaking. I'm obsessed with it because of its long lasting formula. And the fact that it never smudges Hulo at every girl's desire in a mascara. I'm officially committed to it. It's an advanced formula. That's completely vegan never flakes. Even after wearing it all day. 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It's how you choose in that situation to respond that allows you to come out on top. So how did you respond after that? Did you continue workout? Did you quit? What you do? I'm so glad you asked me because really in that moment. I felt my my strength leave me. It's almost like when you're focused on something. He put your strength and your effort into it. But as I was distracted discouraged my effort in my strength was drawn in another direction. And I did respond says I thought to myself that is making me feel weak right now that's making me feel like I'm not enough. That's making me feel like my. Journey is invalid and I had ice. I prayed sa- God helped me to focus on the things that matter helped me to focus on being a better me. And that's why I'm here. Well, so when all else fails, and you don't know what to do in those moments. You can pray. I love and y'all give yourself the benefit of the doubt start believing in yourself a little bit more instead of looking at opportunities to fail. Look at opportunities to succeed. And like you said a lot of the times we're focused so much on the finish line that we don't even just walk up to the starting point. And I've said this before and I'm gonna keep saying it because we're living in a time right now where you're just distracted. You wanna just you want the shortcut answers or you just you want to wait. You know, like you're just like, oh, I'll figure it out. I'm not ready yet. I'm not there yet because you don't see the full picture. But it's like sometimes you do see a glimpse of your purpose. And that right. There is a focal point for you to just draw. So in and to focus, and I feel like when we were talking about what we wanted our first show of the year to be about to be honest with you there's pressure there. I was a little intimidated. I was like we're going back into the studio. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl. This better. Be freaking amazing. I gotta bring it to them. We gotta bring it to our peeps. But you know, what I had all these ideas are out, and I just ended up just telling Stevie, you know, what we could easily do a whole like new year. New you episode ten ways to get those goals checks off your to do list. But you know, what y'all I feel like January. I've said this on my g recently January is the first born month of the year. And if you need if you are first born out there, you know that carries weight it carries pressure. There's just these heavy expectations that we put on our selves sometimes as the first born, and I feel like January is that month. It's like you're coming out of the holiday, blues and instantly. You're like, I gotta go one hundred miles per hour. I'm sticking to my New Year's resolution this diet. Thing this whatever it is. But then what happens a lot of the times halfway through. We end up disappointed or we we fail and it's because going into the month of January. Did you get your focus? Right. Did you renew your mind going into this new year and prepare yourself, I strongly believe that God gives us different seasons for a reason. And there are going to be slow seasons in your life. Where you're not seeing the, you know, the benefits of everything that you've sown too. You know, there's going to be seasons of life where you're just seeing like the plant growing, you're seeing all of this rich harvest, and there's a reason that we go through these different seasons of life. So I want to encourage anybody out there who has goals in your trying to just focus on your path in stay the path. Just remember that you don't have to have it all figured out today. And you don't have to see it all grow this month. Some of you have just laid the foundation. For these things in your life. Okay. In laying the foundation that's a lot of work in itself. So trust the process water the seed, and I'll know that it's gonna take seasons to see that seed grow, and you have to constantly water and be patient patient patient patient. That's something that I'm really focusing on this year in every area of my life. And so I want to encourage you that embrace the different seasons of your life. And just because things are quiet right now that doesn't mean that you lose sight of your purpose, and that you quit focusing on that and you feel like, oh, I've got to go do something else. Ninette like stay the path. And I felt like I needed to say that here's a few tips y'all that are going to help you keep a focus mind moving forward this year. And these are things that says on and I strongly believe in and are strongly trying to practice in our own little nuggets. The first one is if you change your brain, you can change your life Sazan, and I changed our morning routine last year this. Physical change led to a change in our mind, and led to a change in the way that we think led to a change in the way that we approach things personally for me. Twenty teen was the biggest year of growth because I felt like I was stuck in that rut that we talked about, but I was able to change my mental pattern by putting in putting physical action behind it. And when you put physical action things begin to change this thirty day diet that I'm doing I'm already only about ten days in already noticed how it's changed the way. I think about the way I approach certain things that I thought were advice to me. And I'm like, you know, what I don't have to do that. I can do something else an aid your brain. And other thing is the urgent is almost never the most important thing. So let's say like you are on your path, and you're focusing on whatever that thing is for you. And all of a sudden a matter comes up in your life. And you're just like, you know, what I can't work out anymore or I can't go after this goal anymore. You know, what I was going to start a blog, but I'm just not going to do it anymore. Because there's this more urgent thing. I should be doing know that nothing is more urgent than when you have a purpose in your heart that you're being called to do. And if you can just remember that when the baby starts crying or you're like, you know, what I can't. I just got a quick my goals because this is urgent whatever that urgent thing is no that it's almost never the most important thing. Number three guys goals. Focus your energy. So choose them wisely. But don't wait around too long. Make a decision and stick with it. Okay. And know that a goal when you do make one it's usually very specific measurable and timely. Okay. So you're not just gonna make a goal and just be like I'll my goals, I'm going to invent something one day just like be really really successful. I mean, let's be practical. Let's break that goal apart be specific measure it out be timely. And lastly, this is a really important one. Because it's going back to the example that I was talking about earlier in the gym Switzer, focus to what God thinks his opinion is the only one that matters instead of being distracted by what others think even some of the things that you tell yourself. Maybe you say I can't do that. Or I'm not good enough. Stay the path who God as your compass and your guide because he'll tell you who you really are. And so in moments where you get distracted, and you feel like, oh, well, never measure up to this personal. Never be that pray and say God helped me focus on what's important, so good. Yes. All right, y'all. We've got switched foot in the building. Today. Suzanne, and I are huge fans grew up listening to these guys were so excited. But their message behind this new album is what's really making an impact. And you wanna talk about staying the path and staying focused. I think they've got a finger to say about that. Here's a sample from their latest song from their new album native tongue. All right, guys. You've got Jon and Tim foreman from switch foot here in the studio with his guys. Thank you so much for coming in to the good life. Hey, thanks for having us. First of all says, and I have to get this out of the way. Oh god. What are we getting? Well, when you guys hit the scene we were like in middle school and we were hard core like switch. Switch with fans. I remember just bumping all the stuff here. And you guys I in through member and like man's all these songs are so good. Oh, yeah. You guys ever get tired of those those references pro Jerry to move. And you're like, no there's more than that. The first that I ever heard. So it was instantly one of those songs like you just never forget it. It was so catchy. So good. You guys. I mean, if we asked you do you have a favorite song that you've atop a topless come on? I always say it's my favorite song this owner. I wrote yesterday because for me it feels like a and I love I loved area to move. I replayed it a couple of hours ago, and it still has this meaning to to us that is feels transcendent feels bigger than than us. But I think as a songwriter, you're always looking for the next thing. The next thing it like Tim said earlier, it's you wake up the next morning and see if he's still liked the song, right? Yeah. Totally. I think it's a little bit like trying to pick your favorite kid, right? Like, you can't really have a favorite kid. But maybe on a certain day, you do like, okay. You're definitely my favorite kid today. I can't say it on a podcast. But I can totally see that. That's so true. I mean, we'll find out and we have baby number two. I guess so you do have a favorite kid right now. Tina's number one guys. But we'll see what will happen. So what we're really talking about today? You guys are releasing native tongue which is out January eighteenth talk to us about this album and the meaning behind native tongue because there's a meaning behind it. Yes. So it's two thousand nineteen and it feels like the languages that. I hear spoken. Most often are the languages of fear and hatred and division and all of the things that that that we hold in in difference between us, and those are the things that we are focused on. And for me. Maybe it was holding my s-. My son is six months old talked about getting up with him in the middle of the night. You know, that that experience of holding this helpless little life, and realizing that that's where we we all come from somebody. Your foster parent, your mom, your dad, grandma, whoever it was got up in the middle of the night to comfort you to calm, your fears to give you food sustenance that that language of time and devotion. That's why we're here. Right. So underneath our divisions. There's common language that we have. And that that is love. And so this album is a diverse collection of song that is meant to focus on the idea that hatred is not our language fears, not our language love is our native tongue that is so good. And it's encouraging because I think nowadays a lot of people, and we even have moments where you know, fear just comes into your life, and it just takes over. And then here comes the doubt in the worry. And I think a lot of people. They rely so much on say our government or a certain person in their life to feed them to fill them with joy security. And when I heard this song for the first time, I. Just really felt that message about love. And that really being the key word because I think it's easy to forget that it's so simple yet. It can be so complicated for some of us to grab onto that love really is the native tongue, you know. So I I loved that. I even being the youtuber that I am. I don't know if you guys ever read like some of the comments, you know, in the in the video, but I was intrigued because I wonder what people think, you know, and you guys up released it back in October of two thousand eighteen and some of those comments that I read from your switch Cam. I wrote them down on homework. Somebody said, it's different. And different is good. I love that. Another person said, this is exactly the kind of thing. I was hoping for new fresh dynamic and thought provoking and other person said so happy switch foot is back. We need you guys more than ever in the times. Face. And in the last one that I love said this video this song. I can't get enough of it. It makes my heart feel all lit up inside. I'm feeling so recharged and inspired. I'm so thankful for you five guys in your God, given gift can't wait to hear more. What a blessing God keep using switch foot? Oh, I just how does that? Make you feel when you hear all of these this. Baseball. How does that make you guys feel when you see that like when you pour your heart into sort of this album and the song like what is it like hearing that from the public? Oh, it's amazing. Yeah. Making an album is such a bizarre rollercoaster of emotions because you're tapping into the most personal aspects that you don't even know about yourself. You're trying to unearth things and learn and and kind of get at the stuff beneath the surface, and then put that into a song and then to release that can be the scariest thing in the world. Here's the stuff. I've never told anyone. Was that a good idea? And I think we we met yesterday. We got our whole team the band everyone together and everyone's been working so hard. I mean, just trying to make sure that everything's the is are dotted T's across on. But really what you're hoping to do is something beyond the music. You know, that that you're with this album in particular, you're hoping to open the doors and the windows of the soul to see something beyond yourself you hoping that that would be the experience for the listener. And that's something you simply can't do with just plugging guitar. And you know, it it feels like you're you're actually, you know, calling upon the transcendent maker to kind of seeing through what you're doing an informant something beyond. What is humanly possible, you know? And so I don't know there's something about beautiful about releasing it and saying well. This is honest, and that was my job. And we'll see what happens from here. They're all my brides to be out there. Maybe you're trying to focus on planning your wedding. Maybe putting that registry. Together, maybe planning to buy a new home. Well, I remember when Stevie and I were engaged and we were trying to plan our wedding. 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And it just takes minutes to set up go on and just go see for yourself girls. All you gotta do is go to Zola dot com. Z O L A dot com and use Ford slash good life on that URL because we're going to give our listeners fifty dollars off your registry today on Zola again, you wanna go to Zola dot com forward slash good. Life to go. Get the goods and make wedding planning in registry. Planning so much easier. Happy planning. He said I s you've ever where you're just washing on the way here an interview, they they did remember that. And they said something so good. You guys were just talking about how you know. The interview was asked about house in being in a Christian ban, Johnny. We're talking about how you know. I wouldn't call us a Christian ban all this. But I just love your authenticity. And the message that you always bit as been a message for all, you know, which is what you guys said that Christ was about. And I believe that as well as at Christ hung out with everybody, you know, it's not this inclusive thing it's like like even with native tongue. Is it love is how all of our language, you know, and love is the gateway for people that don't have an understanding each other to come to an understanding because hate will never bring us their disagreement in arguing will never bring us here. It's love that brings all of us together. And I and I love that so much my question for you guys is with this album in this new vision for what you wanted to say, how did you bring? That and of fresh new sound because this has a different sound from other stuff that to me is like how did you stay focused on bringing this mission? We're talking about focus today and in the rest of the podcast bringing this mission in this words people but also bringing in like a fresh new vibe. Yeah, that's a great question. It's interesting because you look back on an album, and it seems a lot clear in the rear view mirror as to how things happen. But I think our goal when we first began kind of chasing these songs a rather being chased down by the song. It was just joy you talked about fear being a horrible engine or gasoline. Fuel whatever fear. Fear is I think joy is the antidote. Because joy is is an incredible. It's an incredible feeling motivator. It's a fuel that burns clean. And it can only be found in the moment. You can't. You can't have future. Joy right now. You can look forward to something. That's happening. That's thing. You can look back at a beautiful moment. But right now, there's joy available to us. And I could be in a sour mood and completely deny that joy. Or I could recognize it for what it is. And I think the for both lyrics and for the melodic takes that this album began to to shape up into. I think joy was the fuel for both of those both of those elements. What what brings you joy? Yeah. Especially in the creative process where you have to sit down, and you got flesh this thing out and come up with how these songs are going to work out in everything. I mean, I look even just looking next to me. And I see this brother that I have been in a bandwidth for eleven albums. Now, you know, and that is that's a gift. I think our my my kids bring me joy surfing. We served a lot on on while we're making this album and music itself. If you are present to it it if you're missing the joy as a professional musician, probably time to pursue a different occupation. You know, I think a moment that comes to mind as we were rolling out some of the first songs off this record. We were off the road for the last year something we've never done, and, but we did have these two shows in India, and we we had just finished recording native tongue and we went over there and we played a couple big festivals. And and it was mind blowing. But then we went to mind-blowing for us not saying where my glowing who's my going shows mind blowing people's minds anyway, welcome in. Then we went to Bangladesh just to kind of learn and explore and and we met this this disband in this village way, kind of outside of Dhaka and. We don't speak. We don't share any not even a word, right? The common language, and we're listening to them play. And not only do not understand what they're singing. I don't even understand the music. I mean, it is so complex. So the timing that the rhythm change. It's unbelievable. And then they pass us a couple instruments, and we had some of our own instruments, and and we start playing native tongue. Well, the first time that we've ever played it. The full story's. I'm like, Tim, we should go. We should play play thong with them. He's like horrible idea. That's really a bad idea. Let's just try it like a thousand ways. This could go wrong. They're logging. I don't think in the bed so disrespectful. Why would we play on song? And and that was the common language that we share was music, and and then they started playing along to the song, and it became this wild version. Probably the best version I've ever heard of the song. And and there was love being expressed through their eyes and ours, and and the notes that were playing, and then there were no words said at the end of it, the singer of this Bangaladeshi band of this incredibly cool, dude like looks like somewhere between James Brown. The Rolling Stones like just like stylish epic great voice, or you're like, how come how can we get this guy huge in America because this guy's amazing anyways. He he just comes up to me. And he gives me like seven hugs in a row and just looks in my eyes. And no words, we didn't say thing. But it felt like it was embodiment of the song. Love is our native tongue. You know? And I feel like as brothers we fight and as a band we fight because we're passionate about the songs, we both have different ideas. I mean, you guys are talking about that. Asking them. You know, when we both have sort of different ideas for the good life. You know, how do we meet in the middle? Do they ever disagree as brothers and family? So yeah. And you do think the thing that we've come to is is not the disagreement is actually a beautiful thing. It means you both are passionate you both care, and that's a beautiful thing. And the if you can find a way to fight fair than there's probably a synthesis that you will reach that's going to be better than either of your ideas. And it's just the tension the conflict the frustration and the minute is is like bummer, but if you can get past it, you know, I think that was the goal the record. What what I from somebody who's, you know, a music consumer listener, whatever from my perspective whenever I hear a song. That makes me think I always then think well, what are the artists mean to say by this was there a real message behind this that they actually. Felt themselves instead of somebody else just saying, hey, sing this. And here's a hit or whatever. I remember says on took me to see one of my favorite artists staying in New York City a couple years ago, and that was one of my favorite things ever. But what I was when I loved about staying which made me love him even more was before almost every song. He would stop and tell a small story and now about as a songwriter he wanted to tell stories, and that's why has it's amazing body of work. But the story that you just told us is the story behind in the fuel and the joy in feeling behind the song that you just put out. And so I find that incredible. And I appreciate that so much because a lot of times as listeners we wonder what do they really mean? Some so glad that there's a story like that behind. And that's the fascinating thing about a song. Is that there's a story that drives the song? Right. But then you put the song out there, and it has a life of its own and news stories are made because the song is now. Out there living, and breathing and people will come to the show and tell us what the song means. Yeah. And that's valid. We just heard a story in the hall about a record the beautiful letdown where? People would make out in in in the car that that album, and they get in trouble, the nuns, and I'm like that story. That's not maybe the intention of right? The album, but that's beautiful. Thank you for telling me that story. And there is something to powerful, you know, for me, you know, when I first started hearing your music, I was so young obviously. But I wasn't. I wasn't even a believer. At the time. I didn't have a relationship with God. I just it was so powerful just hearing your songs, it it still moved me. It still did something in me that maybe I didn't necessarily understand. But it just stuck with me more than say other songs out there other artists, and that just I feel shows just the power of God. And I feel like he moves in just everything you guys have done, and that you continue to do because you know, we've seen so many artists as you guys have that had their moment. Right. That you know, they were killing it on the charts and all that. But it's almost like there, isn't that longevity? There isn't that sustainable success? And I just feel like the underlying thing that just continues to really work in your favor is that I just see God. God all over it to be honest with you. And then meeting you guys here today. I'm having my sappy mom moment. I just feel like God is so he it's refreshing. It's refreshing to see like God is literally right here with you. I can see them in your eyes. You guys love God, you love people and what you're doing with your music. It goes beyond just the numbers and the success and the fame I can genuinely tell it's because you guys wanna fill people up with just love and truth. And I feel like we need more of that today. So it's just refreshing. And I have my I get my one moment in the show where I can be the sappy, mommy, and that's that's my. That's that's incredible. Lease made my day you guys. And I'm going to know, you know, what I I'm sure switch fam-. Good life fam- all the fans. Everybody wants to know you guys said you were gone almost I mean a little more than a year ago. And that's like, oh, whoa. New album. What's what's going on? What is the future? And what is the future mission for switch foot? That's a great question. I think. It was the scoop baby. Well, the funny thing is this whole journey has not been masterminded that it's simply putting one foot in front of the other. I mean, I'm the singer in the band because we didn't know anyone else to sing the songs that I wrote, you know, it was like, okay. Well, I guess I'll sing them it worked out. But I'm saying like like, I think some people want to be on stage because they they love that. And I had to figure out like I used to hate playing music live on stage because I'd rather just be in my bedroom songs, and I had to figure out like how do I how do I do that? And I think for us. It's it's always been that like, well, I believe in the song. And we've got another one let's go out and play it. You know, I think the goal has always been for the songs to be famous, and I could care less. If people know anything about us, and and so the future is as. Undecided. As has always been as like well. Let's see let's play another song. Let's let's ride another one. I there. One of my heroes told me God doesn't need a lawyer. Your job is to be honest. And that stuck with me that it's embodying that honesty that is my occupation. And then wherever that takes us is the byproduct of honesty, you know. Good. I love that. So it's decided you guys didn't say that you're going anywhere. But you also didn't say that you're saying either. So everyone's down the road. All all we can guarantee you that this album Zahle January eighteenth called native tongue and you guys are also hitting the road in February. Correct. That's right. We are that is definite. That is happening that you want to see them. Get your tickets now checkout. Switch foot, John Tim. Thank you guys so much for coming in today. Thank you for the kind words, you guys. You're welcome anytime. All right. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Then all right. I sort of the year bay feel feel good coming out of that interview. And looking at you right now across the table, those blue eyes. Blue eyes makes them want to have another baby this year. I gotta tell you got a little nervous. I've got coffee breath. Oh, no. We'll thankfully, they were sitting across the room. So that was good now on our way here baby. You said something good. And I was like that needs to be the good word of the week. Oh, it Adam Romans twelve to says a best do not conform to the pattern of this world. But be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Dang this week. Remember fan the declaration you've made remember the goals that you've set out to achieve and when you feel like giving up just take a deep breath step back say a prayer and go after it, again, don't let us set back. Keep from pressing forward, y'all. We've got your back this year on the good life. We're going to challenge you guys in new ways. All right. This season's going to be different than the last. We've got some really great shows ahead. Great guests and our goal is that we all continue to stay on our path in figuring this whole thing out about what it means to live a good life so excited got to thank our sponsors. Who are supporting the good life every episode? So you guys can listen to it for free. Gotta give all of them. A thank you. Don't forget to rate and review us, and let us know what she think, and maybe a dream guests that you guys want to see on the good life this season. Let. Let us know. All right, guys. We'll see next week. Good life fan. I want to take a second to get serious and talk to you guys about join karma dot com. That's karma. Spelled with a c right now y'all there are thirty seven million vehicles that have been recalled for having a deadly Takata airbag thirty seven million. That's a ton of vehicles. Now, if you really think about it. I'm sure you actually know somebody who's driving a vehicle that has this defective airbag in it. So what I want? You guys to do is go to join karma dot com and read about this message and see how you can reach out to your friends and warn them about the Takata airbags. 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I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsman at the high school students seen on video eyeball to eyeball with a native American activist in Washington is speaking out about the backlash nNcholas Sanmen telling NBC's today show as far as standing there. I had every right to do. So I don't I my position and said I was not disrespectful to Mr. Phillips the encounters between visiting high school students and native American activists and a black religious sect were captured on video and spread on social media drawing. Widespread criticism. The various sides say they were misunderstood day. Day after tomorrow's payday for federal workers. But hundreds of thousands of them won't get their pay again because of the partial government shutdown tomorrow, the Senate votes on two plans would reopen the government but both are expected to fail. Alec Baldwin goes to court about an hour from now in New York City accused of punching a guy during an argument over a parking spot. I'm Rita Foley.

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