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Quickie: Better Goals Than Happiness


All Star cast has bad words. A brand new money is approaching and that means it's the perfect time to let go. You can play the thirty. Thirty Day minimalism. Game and also download our free principle. Thirty Day minimalism game. Calendar over at the MINIMALISTS DOT com slash game enjoy is happiness the best goal in life. No happiness is not the bus going. It's funny because when I was a kid I remember having this brilliant epiphany because as a kid I remember seeing on TV or you hear adults talk about it you know. What is the point of life result purpose of life and I remember as a child I thought Oh God just wants you to be happy? Happy it's the goal of life is to just be happy everything we do serves happiness and like for the longest time that was my goal was to be happy but the problem is that as I got older I started to realize how ephemeral happiness was and because of that I started to chase a bunch of ephemeral things and arguably there are some great drugs out there that you can take to make yourself happy right but if you're happy sitting in the gutter in the gutter drooling on yourself. Are you really happy right. Actually yeah I mean arguably you could say that you are happy right but are you content. Now you're not Are you experiencing joy where you're contributing other people. No certainly not so. Let's talk about if happiness isn't the goal. What are what are some better goals than happiness for me? Love is one not not getting love but experiencing love feeling love towards others even people I mean if you can get to this sort of zinn level of loving people that are your enemy love. THY enemy is That is objectively better to me than just happiness radio. A contribution is a a a better goal than happiness contentment. We just talked about contentment and and enjoy joy. Those are better goals than happiness Integrity Yeah is a is a better goal oh than interior this means your your values are aligned with your actions are dear. Do you feel integrated maybe to me. Peace and calm and stillness. These are better goals than happiness. Yeah I would rather search for stillness or calm or inner peace Then happiness yeah. I would rather be able to deal. We'll appropriately with unhappiness. Then just be happy all the time. Yeah it's the same way it's what I was talking about the minimum episode. It's life is a shit tornado and I'd rather be able to look in the mirror and see myself covered and shit and smile rather than try to live a life where I was like trying to live squeaky clean as possible. Smile is so important to in fact the smiles are contagious right. Even you see someone Smilin' I'm real big. It's hard not to smile back even if you're not in the best mood and so to me smiling is probably now often you smile when you're happy right but smiling my be at least a better objective than than happiness because it's contagious and it's it's at least in some small way contributing to two other. I pay people yeah. So what is the Go-to Life Josh. I think I think I had to go to. Life is to eat as much ice cream as possible possible. What heaven is not get fat? Yeah Oh that's pleasure never mind. I mean that's the thing though. We often in in a moment. I'm going to gorge on this thing. That's what happiness is to a great extent that the metaphor I'd just use the Or an orgasm versus a one night stand sexual counter wall. nightstand sexual counter will make you happy but it will. It will dissipate in around the been. Now you're going to have to do another one and now I have to have a threesome and now I have to deal with all these other. Thanks there's nothing wrong with having sex with someone even if it's not a long term relationship Eh. As long as you're being safe it's totally fine. That will bring you some happiness but if we're chasing pleasure and forsaking I'm joy contentment. Contribution love man that that doesn't seem to be the the objective at all. No I I I. The objective is to live a meaningful life because when he strived to live a meaningful life happiness will come pleasure will come joy will come. I'm like those things it's a byproduct of living meaningful life. Also there will be some valleys and you'll have some shit times but living just for happiness happiness. You're you're going to It happiness fades happiness ephemeral. So if you're looking for something that's a federal you're always gonNA. You're always gonna live discontented life awry. We hope you found value in that standalone. quickey quickey episode. If you enjoyed it and you want more Ryan I record a long form maximal episode each week over at the minimalists private podcast find all the details and all the good stuff including an additional private podcast episode every week over at the minimalists dot com slash support.

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