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Hour 1 11/24/18


Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. Yeah. Saturday morning to you. Your Email ESPN radio ESPN app. It is your week thirteen Saturday the college football season week well of the NFL season. We're always presented by progressive insurance. All guess, join a shell Pennzoil performance line. We of course will have the guys with the number Scott's brighter. Chris Pollica coming up with us. Chris Doering gonna stop by is Georgia in trouble. This is the last chance in the regular season for these teams to make a statement when it comes to impressing, the college football playoff committee. Georgia's got a tough home test against Georgia Tech. It's a hot Georgia Tech team. We will dive into that could Bama stumble against Auburn could Clemson stumble in a rivalry game. Notre Dame slip and fall on the road at USC where could surprises come Michigan at Notre Dame. And there were road favorite. But Mel last night last night, we had football that meant something. We had meaningful when it comes to conference championship football. We had meaningful when it comes to playoff football. And we'll fire it up with the ugliest game. You'll ever see potentially from a defensive standpoint a game though were somehow someway a much maligned defense made a big time play late and for the second time in that game. Scored a touchdown. Greer fakes left steps back. Right. Under pressure, spins away balls loose pounding around mountaineers. Can't find it picked up. Fifteen. It's a touch. My guy told me rolling on the sooner sports network from learfield. Curtis. Bolton scoop and score. Oh, you had two defensive touchdowns yet still gave up seven hundred plus yards and one on the road. Mel what do you think of that situation? I think basketball scores is always seen from Oklahoma of late Dari. I mean, it's kind of ridiculous how this is going. And I think when you look at the defensive coordinator, and that was supposed to be the difference and for Mike stoops and now McNeil it is Bill Belichick could coordinate this defense, and it wouldn't matter. The personnel is not what it needs to be. And I think that obviously is an issue with Oklahoma right now their offense is historically. Great. And I think who would have thought that with Baker Mayfield. Moving on Rodney Anderson running backs injury yet. This offense is one of the best of all time. Wouldn't you wanna see despite a civil defense? Wouldn't you want to see this unbelievable offense? Yup. Against an Alabama or. Or a Clemson. I would argue no. And they don't deserve to be their defenses are Arbel, but their offense is incredible. So that balances things out and makes them a tough out some of the very difficult team to beat they wear you out. So I would think Oklahoma would be intriguing heaven a final four, but some things have to happen for them to get there. But I thought certainly Cuyler Murray you're talking Heisman Trophy right now. And we have been and was right there at the top. It's hard to think he's done better than Baker Mayfield is something you would have back in August. And you said it I questioned it. You're right. I was wrong. Cuyler Murray has been beyond belief. Yeah. He's there you could absolutely unequivocally. Make the case that Keiler Murray should be leading that race. And I'm what am I I can't disagree with that Keiler last night three hundred sixty four yards passing one hundred fourteen rushing that's four hundred seventy eight more yards and. Four total touchdowns. There are Cuyler for Heisman type pushes and campaigns. Where you want to say will to only played in one fourth quarter all year. So his numbers aren't as great. If you take first second and third quarter. Only statistics Keiler has more touchdowns Keiler has a higher. Completion percentage. Keiler has a better quarterback rating. Obviously the ground game is a massive runaway. Pardon the pun for Cuyler Murray. He is better in every single statistic than to a Tunga vilo except one. I think he's thrown four more interceptions maybe five, but it's just like what he's done is absolutely leading frankly, the best offense, and I was on Twitter last night. And I was just I was mad tweeting because the defense just makes me so dang bad. All the time. But the bottom line is and people want to say, how do they deserve to be in the playoff? And I don't know that they do. The defense is a joke. It is abysmal. It is awful. It drags them down. I can't believe there are eleven and one, but the defense is bad. But the offense is the not just one of the best statistically in many categories is the best in the history of the sport of college football. So that justifies them potentially getting a chance potentially getting. I mean, listen to what Dana whole Gerson the West Virginia head coach says on the Oklahoma offense that beat his team last night one in five or the the quickest kids I've ever seen ever quick as fast as kids are special players their special talents. You know, you know, I didn't I didn't think they could top authenticity. What they did last year. But they're they're they're pretty good one in five Cuyler Murray's number one marquees Hollywood Brown wide receiver who went for two hundred forty three yards on eleven catches is number five. So that's that's that game. I mean. The they need some help. We'll get into what needs to happen for them to get in. If they're going to get him, but they will play Texas in the big twelve title game, which is awesome with a chance to avenge their only loss of the year. What did you think of Washington knock out was you last night? Well, had Washington the final four back in August. And they were one of the more disappointing teams as your went along Jake Browning. More disappointing veteran quarterback had the interception in the end zone in this football game. When it was a scoreless game. Then the rain became snow and affected the game. It's certainly Gardiner men's shoe. A lot of short passes made some Aaron throws. They just weren't good enough. Washington was the better team. And I thought we thought Washington August was the better team. And it didn't turn out that way the season went along. Then they had a chance to knock Washington. State added the mix the play for a national title knock him out of the Knicks for Pac twelve championship. Now. They play Utah Washington does. And I thought that defense Ben Burke Irvin linebacker, Dr has been spectacular all year that defense the Byron Murphy their Cornerbacks going to be a potential first round pick. No worse than it early too. Taylor wrap. They have the talent they had the ability that it had the injury trae Adams left tackle getting hurt. Not being available to play this year. We said that would that impact on we talk about Bosa impacting Ohio State, not being there that Adams impact them that much psychologically that we didn't have that best left tackle in the game of college football available. Was that the key factor that allowed them to be a disappointing team? Who knows but teams are fragile. We said with a say it wasn't about the buckeyes other than both Bosa plays. They're different teams for Washington. A team a chance to redeem themselves in the snow, but for Washington state. It's just a shame at end that way they had a great year. They had the three point loss that USC. And then the game yesterday knocks them out of the mix. That's it. I mean and props to Washington defensively was who gave up to or Washington allowed only two hundred and thirty seven yards to one of the best offenses in the country. And I know that the elements were not in their favor of the it was snowing like you said it was snowing hard but on that same night on that same. Field in that same weather, Washington. Ran gained almost five hundred yards. So Goodwin led by its defense. But Jake Browning made a couple of throws when he needed to and miles Gaskin was a star last night for Washington with that Washington state's eliminated from the playoff conversation. The Pac twelve is eliminated officially from the playoff conversation. So what did we have yesterday? Oklahoma stays alive in the playoff race Washington state done in the playoff race UCF, though, they beat USF. I don't think coming into the weekend. Mill had any shot of a playoff spot a ran through these scenarios for nine different teams who could get in as I saw it what it needs to happen for those nine teams to get in UCF was not one of those nine. Now, the committee will and should and does look at a team, and they say wait a minute that teams without its quarterback, McKenzie Milton as a Heisman Trophy type of guy who with another. Maybe an opportunity to play a big game coulda found himself in New York as a finalist could've could've least parts of the year. You thought that now they don't have him. We don't know the extent of his gruesome leg injury, but he won't be playing anymore this year. So that means you would be debating on a UCF team without McKenzie Milton. No shot so UCF done Washington state done Oklahoma alive because of its offense. Let me say one more thing about oh you defensively mill last night on third downs. West Virginia converted twelve of eighteen in his problematic. As that is. Three of those or third and nine that were converted three more were third, and tens that were converted one. More was third in eighteen that was converted right? You can't get off the field. Are you saw the the penalties? Dana Hoeger Sohn was go last one in particular the block the block by the receiver downfield McCoy's run. It would have obviously led to a touchdown. It was called back then the turnover the bottom line is that's a block that you're gonna make you're gonna make you gotta give it up and to take him and drive him. All the way to the bench was too much. I think the officials would have given him the benefit of the doubt had it been maybe half way. Yeah. All the way past the sideline halfway through the bench, then to the bench and keep driving. That guy was just I think reason for the penalty. It was unfortunate didn't have to happen had that penalty not occurred. West Virginia may have won this football game, basically one bad break away from winning this game. And that's that's really factual. That's reality. But it didn't happen. So UCF gift. Josh light Bill give that team a lot of credit. We had been critical and people say we're critical of all we were saying is or the final. Oh, four caliber team in terms of optics and watching them play this year. We said they weren't. That's always said, do you give them credit to be where they were positioned to where they were without guys like trae quaffs miss about on a heck of a rookie year with the saints Jordan in the NFL shack Griffin. Mike Hughes on the defensive side to lose those four stud players to offense to defense yet had this team where they are give them a lot of credit. But I don't think anybody that watched college football this year thought they were a final four team. Now, would you have liked the intrigue them being in a final six had there be there'd be sixteen playoff down the road? If there was this year. Yes, I would. But there's not a sixteen play. There's a fourteen playoff in even with a healthy Makenzie Melton and had that injury. And I know they said, hey, you don't wanna talk football. You can't talk after watching that. Dr. It's hard to even talk about UCF in what would have happened or could have happened. That injury was devastating. Hopefully, McKenzie Milton is back to one hundred percent very quickly down the road. But yeah, UCF is a final four team on anybody that watch college football this year thought they were that Cal. Liberal football. And the reality is if the committee was choosing the best teams them without him. They're not a top sixteen. They're not a top eight team. No matter how much you want to extend the playoff ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance this year. We celebrate six years and over six hundred cars, given a veterans giving thanks by providing independence for those who protected. Learn more keys to progress dot com. All right now, we dive into today in college football Bama in the iron bowl. Georgia facing red hot Georgia Tech, Michigan Ohio state so much on the line for these teams Notre Dame Southern Cal ESPN radio ESPN app. You know, those blink motion activated security cameras. Yeah. Hoped would go on sale. Just did is the blink black Friday cyber Monday sale with huge savings now through Monday. Blink cameras are motion activated when they detect someone snooping around you get an alert on your smartphone with an HD clip and blinks live feed option, let you monitor your home pets and package deliveries. Visit blinkprotect dot com slash radio. That's blinkprotect dot. Com slash radio or hit Amazon and search blink camera. Dorothy Malley SPN radio ESPN app. We go to Columbus. Ohio in about twelve. Thirteen minutes and Fitzsimmons on the call on ESPN radio. Michigan Ohio state. Massive implications for both of those teams this afternoon when they get going at noon eastern time. Elsewhere though when you look at today. You don't see a way that after the great season. They've had that Notre Dame stubs toe against a five win USC. Right. No, no way. No, no shut. No. I wouldn't say no shot. I mean, anytime you play the team that has athletes, and we said that secondary hasn't added interceptions. But they had a corner in the mind Marshall and a safety then Marbella tell they got talent. It's just you know, can they for one game put it together? That's always the fear Dr in the year plan out there, and it is a rivalry. And they do have like I say, they do have talent. Yeah. I think Notre Dame's significantly better. They know what's at stake there in the clubhouse after today, and they're sitting there just waiting for everything to play out. That's the great advantage. They have. But I think when you look at today what what is the one thing that you would think I love about today's games today's action today. Anyway, any of today's games, but just in general, would you no one how I think what do I really like about today? The fact that there are no big big twelve games to destroy defense. That's what I think the big thing is I love to how they stagger. Remember? Oh, sure. Yeah. Never the high noon off that we have Michigan Ohio state. Georgia Tech, George at noon, then you get three thirty with the iron bowl, seven o'clock, South Carolina, Clemson and eight o'clock Notre Dame USC so to me and a sleeper game. Dr LSU AM for a moment here. Let's not forget about LSU, Utah state Boise state at ten v love go. Well, so yeah. So I think it's a great day because a staggering the big games, which we normally don't have the three at eight o'clock. We'll have the three thirty and forget about high noon. Well, you don't forget about high noon Boesch mbacke. We're always wanted every game in Michigan play the night before two three o'clock in the afternoon, preferably back in the day. But having high noon kickoff with that game. And you believe Georgia could be in for a bit of a battle. This is this is talking about stubborn toes here. The georgia. Georgia Tech, you know, back in when Mark Rick was coaching, George. What did he always do the week before they play Georgia Tech? He'd scheduled an option team. Most of the time. It was Georgia Southern right? It gives you an extra week to prepare for that option that Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech runs. He they don't do that anymore. And like if I'm if I'm Georgia. I'm nervous, man. I'm not lying because you're getting an option at its best. Nobody runs it better than Georgia Tech. It's difficult to defend they've won six out of seven. They've won the last two games. They've played at Georgia. And my biggest concern is this when you're dealing with the option team what level of your defense has to be its best linebackers, right? Your line is going to get cut blocked. Your linebackers have to play good solid assignment football every single play. Or they will break your back with one Georgia lost four stud linebackers after last season. They have not stepped up as a unit like you would like them to that is really. Really concerning. Georgia's sitting at five in the in the rankings if they win out that includes beating bam next week there in the playoff don't overlook this game. Man, Georgia Tech concerns me if I'm Georgia guy mill. Yeah. Monte rice is the guy that I think you would say is the next roquan Smith young sophomore great football player. Always around the boy, similar to what you saw was Smith early on you saw incredible instincts and just got jumped out at you. And who is that guy that was roquan Smith, look, but he ended up being in the NFL draft. I think Monty rice has that same type of talent. And he does jump off when you watch them. But I think you're right. And you can't simulate that offense in practice. I was always issue there in the clubhouse. They know what's at stake. They know, hey, we got Alabama coming up, and it's all about that. The question is going to be moving forward. And we got a lot of questions the figure out as we. But the level of I think not motivation, but focus, and when you know, you gotta play a team that's not fun to play dark because as you said your cut, you got your worrying about your day. You're wearing a bad injury. You gotta Al. Gamma coming up. There's a lot of the Georgia offense, that's the gap there and just run roughshod over Georgia Tech. And I think we keep saying, okay. Justin fields with Frahm and all the weapons they had this offenses off to defend so. Yeah. Georgia Tech's gonna get some points. But Georgia's offense should be unstoppable. Should be absolutely should be. And I'm curious to see how the utilized Justin fields who they played quite a bit last week against four inferior opposition. Bama auburn. You think no issue? Right. I cannot find a way Mel that. Auburn beats Alabama. Can't see it can't find it. Absolutely cannot do it. But, but if they do it's all on the arm of Jarrett's did him. This may be his last shot to really show NFL personnel. If he's coming out this year. And I know he shouldn't that he can play against a good really good defense. But I can't see it happening yet. A couple of things here are the offensive line for Auburn Brayton's. Smith was a great player. Austin golsen four-star. They're gone that affected this team their offensive line had issues. You got a lot of sacks since twenty times. Alabama's defense can get after the quarterback, but for stem. They're six games ends up. Plus I touchdown interception ratio one in four when he's either even or in the minus side. So he is a key entity. No question, I want to see can they keep to upright and keep them healthy throughout Nick coke and get after the quarterback Derrick Brown inside co outside. This is a formidable front seven for Auburn and Alabama had trouble this year blocking people keeping upright. Yeah. And he's playing without embrace on that right knee. At least he did last week, but he's still taking shots. So we will see if Auburn can get to him that might actually be one way they could have a shot. We'll see if Auburn will see if Jarrett's did a maybe could power his potential brought to you by tempurpedic loved by our owners and ranked highest in customer satisfaction with mattresses by Jd power. Find out why at tempurpedic dot com. Next to Columbus. Wego Michigan Ohio state big ten east and playoff spot potentially on the line ESPN radio. Football fans, Adam Schefter here. You know me for breaking news around the leak, and I just received a tip vivid seats is offering ESPN fans. Ten percent of football tickets, but you have to act fast hit to vivid seats dot com and enter promo code ESPN at checkout to receive ten percents off your first order vivid seats is the official ticket partner of ESPN and with their one hundred percent fire guarantee. There's no reason to MISA game this year. Don't wait. This offer ends soon Dern team promotional terms available in vivid seats dot com mailman. What are we listening to hear Nash low cash? Yes. Why are we listening to locate raven stadium MIT Bank stadium ravens raiders tomorrow? Lauren Kuyper, Alex clunk will be there. And they're one of the key reasons is low cash wind is Lauren Kuyper become Lauren clunk. There's some discussion there off the radar. Yes. Table house that they'd been together. Awhile haven't they four years in county? All right. It's about time. Then it's about time. Alex. It's about time. Alex. All right. Let's say. Let's get back to the is it getting grin getting uncomfortable college grits and your guy ianfitzsimmonsespn joins us from Columbus. Ohio who's on the call, of course, real estate and Michigan part of rivalry week today at the shoe presented by Dr Pepper. Covers begins eleven thirty AM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Ian, you're all around Buckeye nation right now from a national perspective, we look at this this team. And we say what in the world is wrong with them. They are not dominant. The way that we expect it on either side of the football. What are the local saying the locals are wondering who the hell is Alex. And what do we need to do to take him out? Kidding me? The second twenty two full time. Now, we spend about sixty seconds on this. Mike yea will freak out on us. Right. Yes. I remember calling Kuyper and hearing a voice mail back in the day. Now, I feel really old Lauren's voice saying hi, you have reached the drive. I remember it. We'll call you back and she was like eight and we're talking about here. She's been dating this guy for four years. I just threw up on. Yeah. Yeah. That's unbelievable. And here's the most amazing thing is it Mel Mel is okay with Alex despite Alex being a diehard Steelers fan. So that that's even more remarkable your hit the breaking news. We're going to take care of this kid. We got we got it. Got it. Over. Now back. I regularly scheduled program. Everyone here to be honest. It's it's all about Greg Shannon that defense. They are just stunned as to what they've been watching me this defense right now, they are not allowed to be called the silver bullets. That's an insult to anybody. Who's warranted silver helmet in past years? They've had over a half a hundred hung on them not once but twice in the second half of the season. I know I know I will hung double nickels on them last year. But this is even worse man because they bounced back from that last season. This defense hasn't yet. So. Whether it's scheme, but it's just guys being in place and missing tackles. They've got to get it fixed. Have until noon eastern, diff- figured it out and how to stop Koran Higdon who's over a thousand yards rushing second the big ten behind AT. It was kansin and a quarterback in shape Patterson has gotten better and better since I saw him into with west and a fun thing to do now is throughout scenarios that could happen. I want to go to that suppose. Ohio State does rise up and win this football game. Okay. And then you got western and take care of business there. And then you get Georgia playing Alabama tough but losing bay. So what we've seen throughout the year? Ian, do you put Ohio State over Georgia to loss, Georgia? But in a close game against Alabama has been the dominant number one. Or do you go with the buckeyes because they are the big ten champion. And that's got us Trump. What Georgia does as a two loss team? Even though they played Alabama tough. How do you sift through all that to me? It's all about the four best teams. I don't care if. Your conference champion. I don't care if you're at four teams from the same bleeping conference. They were the four best teams. They're the ones that belong in the college football playoff committee would go Georgia. Would you got that? Right. We'd go Georgia if they played Alabama toughened its a three point game. But these are all hypotheticals, and and that's Georgia. Tina went down to death valley tonight. And I called that game on ESPN radio. Those Inskeep David Norrie, and they got Toronto by LSU Canadian after that game they looked hacked off and he'd been trucking everybody else that's on the road against a team the committee as a top seven team right now. So to me it would in your scenario. It would be Georgia over Ohio State. Ianfitzsimmonsespn the call again, Michigan at Ohio State. He joins us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Dory and male ESPN radio always presented by progressive insurance. Ian, how big of a problem does the athleticism and do the legs of shape? Patterson present to this Ohio State defense a ton. Because as I mentioned he's gotten better. And better every he's he's a remarkable athlete. And if do people know this that he was drafted in the last MLB draft by the Texas Rangers. When is the thirty ninth round, but one of our scouts, and I talked to Rangers general manager John Daniels about why they took him in the thirty ninth round. And he said they gotta tip one of our scouts. Did that shea football didn't work out wanted to test baseball? He was a standout star baseball player in high school. They gave him a workout. He looked for fantastic. So when the thirty ninth round came up, they took a flyer on him. That's the kind of athletes your point Dari, that's shape. Patterson is remember the Rangers took some other quarterback. Russell Wilson a few years ago. In a drafting a flyer in the case that football thing didn't work out think it's worked out for that one. I don't what to what level it's going to work out for shea. But he's under rated athlete an under appreciated. He's got a good on. But man is also got a keen pocket sense and ever since I saw him in northwestern when they're now seventeen if on the road to that that that team is going to be in the big ten championship game. He started to make plays with his legs not so much with his arm. But with his legs to help get them back in that game ended up coming back and winning twenty two seventeen. So Dr you're spot on. He's a heck of an athlete. He's under appreciated as an athlete in his legs going to be needed today. I think to win against Ohio State guys. I'm okay, I'm looking at the window right now. It's going to be cold. It's going to be rainy. It's going to be high forties and rain at kickoff. This is gonna be a good old fashioned nasty. Big ten type football game a ton of Dobbins a ton of Higdon Shays legs. I think the team runs the ball better today. Wins this football game. How do you quantify pressure in a game like this threat with Dr and we're talking about Ian, talk about who the spotlight is on its on Michigan. It's one horrible. It's all these guys Ohio State comes in with free and east. What is it really their free easy? They lost a Purdue. They had nothing lose their home underdog. They beat Michigan. Every time. How do you? How do you factor in the intense pressure in that locker room warming up when that kickoff on Michigan? And how much of a factor is it in this game. Urban was asked about this earlier this week. And he said man, if you don't if you don't feel pressure, then you know, belong in this game. And if you say, you don't feel pressure, you're lying. This is having lived here for four years and during the show with Herbie back in the day when you used to actually join us on radio. What happened in that four years? Alex, alex. There's something that time back to that kid. I just haven't been invited with with. Kidding with you. It's all I need coach. Okay. Wait four weeks to take that Java. You kidding me? Right. It's all the this is this is an immense amount of pressure on every one of these teams players coaches strength conditioning staff. This is different man. This is like Auburn Alabama. It's about gold pants. It's about pride. You wanna be the first class to lose to Michigan and six years. They've won thirteen fourteen. A Michigan hasn't won in the shoes since two thousand and you want to be the group that gave up that any. I mean, it it is an immense amount of pressure on anybody involved in this game. And I actually liked what urban said, you know, saying, hey, if you don't feel it you don't belong in this game. If you and if you don't you're lying. I completely agree with urban Meyer. There's an immense amount on anybody involved in what's going to happen starting at noon at the shoot. Boys. Hatred. Right. Who wins the game? Oh, baby. Doe, and there's a spot you're on it right now, man. Hey, look, and you know, what I'm gonna get upset. Actually, I believe Ohio State non not supposed to be picking a game right now. Because I'm calling the game you're sucking me into that. So now, I'm gonna get a call from it plac-, but you know, this. This one's going to be Colo smell close number three and a half, by the way. And this is the first time that Ohio State has been an underdog in fifty one games. Four and a half five even a five and a half out there. So I even like it. I like it even more than that means America steaming on Michigan, and they don't big build big buildings and air conditioning them in the desert because they lose if you're going to pick a game when you're not supposed to pick a game. At least take the side where one hundred thousand people won't be with it. Vegas. Those guys. We will listen to you. Coverage begins eleven thirty AM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. It's presented by Dr Pepper e and Fitzsimmons. Have a great call. Stay warm. Mom in see your brother. There is all I need is an invite. Geez. What do the Alex Lauren wedding? I think you'll get. No, no, no, no, okay. You'll get that. You'll get that any I'll give that in the end will as well. He's been there every step of the way with me. Are you Tim Lauren? Yep. He's on there every but now just invite me don't tell me. I don't come on just invite me to come on. And I'll say, yes. Yeah. Yeah, we invite you to come on this show every week, and you do it too. Good thing. Straight ahead. Crystal Eka he's at game day at Ohio State, Michigan. But what are his three college picks and NFL pick that straight ahead. Dorian male ESPN radio ESPN app. AARP can help you become your healthiest self. It's why we offer health tips for your body and your brain. So take on today and every day with AARP learn how it take on today. AARP Dorian Malley SPN radio ESPN app. Hey mill you know, what I did on ESPN radio yesterday. What did you do Dr in L on ESPN radio? Oh, how about that? Right. Working with the L Dunkin. It was interesting actually, I'd never in my life met nor had I spoken with L Dunkin until with L. L about a minute before we actually do the show since we met her a live radio. Very good. Very pleasant. Very fun. Exactly. Yeah. I've got a question for you. What you got? What's your take on at Oliver in the second half yesterday, not playing? I am done with it Oliver. I'm not gonna lie. I am done with that Oliver just trying to figure this out and get different takes. 'cause I'm watching that game. Sped through it. I'm watching it and see the first half they're winning. They're trading points. And they're doing their thing at Oliver's out there and it never sack, but got on the line of scrimmage at a couple of penalties against them where he jumped offsides. But it was a factor in you know, you got to account for him second half. He's standing there. Close game the end of the third quarter tied and beaten soundly in the fourth quarter. No at Oliver. When you say, the optics of something it just didn't look, right. It says it says he rolled his knee. But he said he was available to play in certain packages. And they just never happen where they did that it worked out properly, and it was never able to get back on the field. And I think the comment was certain third-down packages, but we never ran it. So I never got the touch the field again. That's what he had said. I just I just I don't know what's going on there. And how how you have everybody out there in a close game and important critical game. And you're standing there watching from the sidelines and not coming in for one play in the second half. As I said, this was a tiger England into the fourth quarter. Just we're talking about the junior defensive tackle for Houston. Just be Nick Bosa and just go just go just tell everybody. I'm like, I'm done weeks ago should have done this. If this is what we're going to get I'm gonna go prepare for the NFL draft. I appreciate my time at the university of Houston. I thrilled that I made this great decision. Three years ago to come to the school, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's it just be done. Just be done and go away and don't be a distraction. You know, who's with us? Now, not Ed Oliver Christopher league, the bang. He's at game day. You'll see him on game day today at the shoe in Columbus where it is cold. And it is rainy Feliks. Let's get right to it. Hit us up with your three college picks. Florida state of homeowner dog against Florida eight nine SE it's up to eat. It's been one way actual week on the on the Gators, which you've really disappointed this year as a favorite favorites to Missouri. Couple of weeks ago losing outright as a favorite at home to Kentucky. I don't trust that often sick on the road and put up a big number against the to get something to play for their look like Florida state season was left for dead and look like they could be headed for a forty eight year. But now they're one win away that bowl streak going. And I think that is a a motivating factor today. Whether it's good enough to win with that often supplying going against a couple of good Florida defensive ends. I don't know. But I think they'll find a way to keep the game close early in the points eight it is. Yep. I see you at eight so Florida state plus eight at home against Florida. All right. There's one what else you got last year Penske, eat Maryland. Scored late in the game a couple of times before quarter and there's no local loss between Maryland. And Penn State in James, Franklin turps are a team that is there's ever been a team that could have any point this year. Just thrown in the towel and give it up and said enough's enough with everything that has happened to that program on and off the field. I it could have been them. But they getting they nearly beat pen stay on Ohio State last week in college park, if they can get over that emotional loss last week, I met candidate at staff great amount of credit for keeping Maryland focused and competitive throughout the year. I think the way they lost last year. Six six three still a chance to get a bowl game fourteen point underdog at Penn State which lasts four times in a double digits favorite in big ten play. They haven't covered I be taking the Turks today, plus fourteen. To Maryland, plus fourteen Florida state plus eight which alas college pick Holkar, no Holter knows at this one. We're gonna head out with the mining thirty thirteen and a half point underdog in southern miss. If you look at southern Mississippi all the done all year is play close games. And now you're looking at a situation where? Go on the road, and what's probably going to be get atmosphere. And and you're laying touchy Isaac as a team that you had only won a couple of one game. But I think the team is showing some approving throughout the year. I think it's an opportunity to finish out the year on a bit of a high. Now, I don't know if the Wayne outright, but southern miss thirteen and a half seems like a pretty high number in that one flakes love those underdogs pal college football three day seven and four now in the NFL can bounce back with a win this week, Chris where you going for NFL best bet I'm going with the Buffalo Bills three and a half point of home underdog to Jacksonville. I think for all intents of purposes Jaguars season ended last week blowing that you'd fourth quarter lead to the Steelers. I don't know if this is the type of team with the type of makeup it's gonna go onto road to buffalo in late November. And now a game that really doesn't anything gets a pretty good deal defensive probably get Josh Allen back quarterbacks. I'll take the Bill plus great, it'll you'll get the bills plus three and a half. All right there. It is the picks from Chris Philippa. How's the weather by the way in Columbus? Right. It's actually not too bad right now. It's not as cold as you might think the rain is very very light. And it's not windy as yet. So we'll we'll we'll see if the wind does pick up throughout the morning as get closer to kick. But the it's not as bad as we initially thought it would be. Where are you going real quick? Where are you going for a pick in this game? Just as a pinions I would take Ohio State, plus the points and mainly because I think this is by far the best offense Michigan stasis here. One offense ranked the top thirty five nationally offenses efficiency. And that was Notre Dame their ranking with the book a quarterback, Matt Brandon wimbush buckeyes have immense amount of problems on the offensive line. But I think if the weather stays the way it is. Hi, Steve might be able to have a little a little bit successive offense. It's so she was the better team. A couple of years ago should have one year to the better team this year, but they haven't one thousand. So I think now it used to be home it game for Ohio State. I think the the scriptures reverse now this is a bit of helmet game for the wolverines. We'll see if they can break through today. Good luck, buddy. We appreciate your time. Crispell Liku game. All right. So there it is. I just posted his picks on Twitter one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed at ESPN dorey. You can see his pick Florida state plus eight Maryland, plus fourteen Utech plus thirteen and a half bills, plus three and a half. I just found the answer as to why at Oliver is still doing this at Houston. Are you ready for this yet? This is a an unofficial source on Twitter called OB from New Jersey. Okay. I'm telling you and Oliver has a girlfriend had Houston and he's unwilling to pull a boat because he doesn't want to leave his fine. Honey that is a unofficial word out of New Jersey. Ledger reported that. Yes, that's big breaking news. So they, hey, real quick. Do you watch any of the tiger? Phil thing issue a little bit just a little bit. What did you think underwhelmed? Yeah. I wasn't as good as I thought it was gonna be no man, I was pumping the heck out of that thing. Where are you really excited about it? But then like, you know, like, so they hit their tee-shots on one. And we know there Mike the whole time. And I don't think we all thought this through as we're having this conversation about all. It's by this course, beautiful cool kids are here. Yeah. Your kids are here too. Yep. Yep. Kids are here. Kids think I'm a dork. Yeah. Kids think I'm a dork to oh. Well, probably thought that about my dad. Yep. Yeah. Thought down there. At some point. Like you got to look at a camera. Right. And be like, what do you want us to say? I mean, we'll get nothing else. It just didn't have it. As always say it just didn't. Live up to the hype would have been better fifteen years ago. Not just because they were more in the news because they really didn't like each other would have been fun. All right. Nice. Highs and sell biggest disappointments in college football. That's our hot list. It's next ESPN radio. I can't believe it. That Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit. How long until we get there? We get there get there. 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