Rock and Roll Heaven: East Coast vs. West Coast - The Notorious B.I.G.


Hey Guys L. D. here and TJ with a small parental warning the following program contains mature content including but not limited to mature quotes drug use violence suggestive situations and lawbreaking gun running with scissors. And just about everything. Your mother ever told you not to do which may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised to the rock and roll heaven. Podcast with L. T. J. kicked you dig that baby. Hey guys welcome to rock and roll heaven. Podcast where he talked about the lives careers and deaths of famous musicians. I'm your host L. D. along with me for the ride as always is the beautiful too stressful Huge huge stress ball. I Dunno where this week went Yup absolutely just bonkers like the end of last week and then all last weekend and then this week spent catching up from the end of last week and this past weekend Yeah and then another concert thrown in just to keep me on my toes. I started a youtube channel. Yes you did and So that's going fun. And so tomorrow I am going to be doing a Harley Quinn class so it's how to get harlequins. Look so that's my next video will all right then forty year old woman dressing like a twenty nine year old girl. It's GONNA be awesome. I'm a nerd. You're not that far off from Robbie Mark Arabia's eleven years younger than me. She's still twenty nine. Oh is she yeah? She's got one of those faces that it looks like could either be fifty or ten that I wouldn't take quite fifty. I would say like my age. But seventy eight. Yes yes. I'm seventy eight years old. Thanks you look really young for seventy eight. I look good for seventy. Do a great for seventy eight one of my friends. Does this thing where when it's her birthday she'll tell people it's her birthday and then when they ask her how old she is she'll tell them like way higher than she actually is so that they're like wow you look great and she's like Oh thanks. So she's like forty and she tells everybody she's forty eight. See I kind of I do something on a much smaller scale is. I'll start telling people that like I'm forty one even though I'm still forty is gets like me mentally preparing myself for the next three hundred sixty five days so no. I told you when I met him that. I was going to claim twenty-eight until I could no longer claim twenty eight and then I would claim the next age that I could get away with. I think I get away with maybe thirty two. Yeah maybe I could get away with thirty two. May I don't have like the worry lines? And the crows feet yet so. I feel like I'm firmly planted in the thirties. So yeah you could. You could do that so many being the queen of segues. Who are we talking about today? So this week we start our month of east coast. West Coast rap feud with biggie smalls which means in two weeks I will be doing to Pock Aka notorious B g This me to pock or Machiavelli for me but I see in I when I assigned to the two. I felt like you were more like Biggie and I was more like to walk because to positive fat no I was hanging. Has He if you go to that? That's a personal problem. That could you problem not a me problem. Hey I'm working on it. I was talking about because to park was like a young actor and did a lot of like he went to acting school and was very creative and stuff like that and I felt like a kinship to to pock. And that's why I gave you. Biggie was because I thought biggie was not. He was more musically inclined whereas to pock was an actor and rapper and he he did like weird multifaceted thing because he's a west coast. Yeah so I fell in La land so of course he's gotTa Act too so I felt like in the podcast universe. I am to park and your Big Okay. I I mean. I don't even know what to say to that. So I'm just gonNA start the episode. Yeah Yeah So biggie Aka notorious which actually technically notorious B I g Aka Biggie Aka. Christopher George Latorre Wallace. I could see why he would change that something. He mostly went by Chris Wallace or Christopher Wallace. That's the one I know him by. Yeah but I just had all his middle names and stuff you know. Because that's what he was born so he was born Christopher Wallace in Brooklyn New York at Saint. Mary's Hospital on May Twenty. First Nineteen seventy two the only child of Jamaican immigrant parents. His mother Voletta Wallace was a preschool teacher while his father Selwyn George. Latour was a welder and politician. His father left the family when Wallace was just two years old and his mother works two jobs while raising him while excelled at Queen of All Saints Middle School winning several awards as an English student. Which makes sense writer you know? He was nicknamed big because he was overweight. By the age of ten Wallace said he started dealing drugs when he was around the age of twelve. Can you believe that twelve years old dealing drugs? That sucks considering. The his father was a politician. That's wall. His Dad was a a welder. Yeah so I'm not really sure where. The politician part came into play honestly. I didn't really do too big of a deep dive on the family side. But you gotta think that is so dangerous for a Kid. But the fact that he was he started when he was twelve. Yeah but his dad wasn't around his dad left when he was only two. I'm not talking about data. I'm talking about drug dealing. Oh well yeah I mean. That's yeah that's so incredibly dangerous to have a think about how dangerous it is for a a full grown adult to do. Yeah and this kid's walking into a potentially very dangerous situation you get arrested. Yeah you killed. So basically you see right from the get-go he's kind of already on the wrong side of things. He's living dangerously living dangerously. His mother often away at work. Do Not know of his drug dealing until he was an adult. He began rapping as a teenager entertaining people on the streets and performed with local groups. The old gold brothers and the techniques at his request Wallace transferred from Bishop Laughlin Memorial High School in Fort Greene to George Westinghouse career and Technical Education High School in downtown Brooklyn Holy Crap. That's a mouthful less has just changed it all to ps one. Oh two probably schools are just now one. Oh do so the school that he transferred to this George Westinghouse etc. That's the rock and roll heaven. Spirit just quit. Lameta saying I already said the name of it. What do you say it again rewind and listen to it again if you need to anyways this was also the school which future rappers Jay Z and Busta rhymes were also attending. That is a talented school. Use It is I love de Amax. This is like my era of hip hop like the late nineties to early two thousands as when I was listening to hip hop before I get too much further into the episode. I'M GONNA go ahead and say This episode is rife with Quotes that may not be suitable for tiny ears. So just be forewarned will put the little e on the episode but Yeah just before we get too much further. Because it's going to happen and I don't want to forget to warn you in advance. So this is. The parental advisory is in effect. Yeah I mean it's it's all hip hop rappers. It's crime world. It's murder. I mean come on You. Probably already know. This is not the right episode for Your Young. And so he's going to this new school with all the other rappers. According to his mother Wallace was still a really good student but developed a smart ass attitude at the new school. See these are the kind of things. Watch out for little years and then again. That's why I gave you biggie. Martis REMARKS YUP AGE. Seventeen Wallace dropped out of school and became more involved in crime in nineteen eighty nine. He was arrested on weapons charges in Brooklyn and sentenced to five years probation in nineteen ninety. He was arrested on a violation of his probation. A year later Wallace was arrested in North Carolina for dealing crack cocaine. He spent nine months in jail before making bail. So this is a very young biggie. Because he's seventeen eighteen at this point nineteen say so. He's seventeen eighteen. Nineteen at this point after being released from jail Wallace made a demo tape called microphone murderer under the name. Biggie smalls reference to Calvin Lockhart 's character in the nineteen seventy five film. Let's do it again as well as his own stature and obesity. He was six two six three and weighed between three hundred and three hundred eighty pounds. According to different accounts so yeah. The tape was reportedly made with no serious intent of getting a recording deal however it was promoted by new york-based DJ. Mr See who had previously worked with big Daddy Kane and in nineteen ninety two. It was heard by the editor of the source which is a hip hop and entertainment magazine. Which I'll be coming back to a lot of instances where they're talking with him or interviewing him. That was a big part of his career. Was being in the source in Wallace was featured in. The source's unsigned hype column dedicated to aspiring rappers and made a recording off the back of this success. His style was described as cool nasal and filtered to bless his own material. The demo tape was heard by uptown. Records anr in record producer. This names might familiar. Sean puffy combs. You mean P. Diddy or Sean Puff Daddy Aka diddy and the artist formerly known as Aka Aka Aka looked. Puffy I love you. Please stop changing. Your name is getting confusing. It's really hard to know where who he is at any given moment what his name is. I'm changing my name to L. Ditty that okay. As long as I can take change mine to T- jazz T- jazz will actually jazz. Well sorry yeah that's better. Yeah so Welcome to rock and roll heaven. Doug the lives careers. Endesa famous musicians. I am L. Diddy along with other riot is T- jazz. Will we should change them for these two episodes. I think it's fun. It's too late already. Record Dang Sean Combs. Because that's what I'm going to call him for the rest of the episode because I can't he puffy knock-on puffy. I'm calling him Sean. Combs because well most of his involvement is business. Fine so anyways at the time Sean. Combs IS AN A. And our guy for uptown records and he arranged for a meeting with Wallace Wallace was signed up immediately and made an appearance on label mates heavy d and the boys a bunch of niggers from the album blue funk all right so off episode L. D. is very concerned about this. I am putting sensor on right now. I've already explained that. This is an explicit episode based on quotes and comments titles lyrics etc but to further clarify. Some of this includes the N. word. I'm just quoting I'm using. I'm using proper album. Titles Proper Song Lyrics et Cetera. It's going to get said so. Please understand this is not our word we mean no disrespect by using it. It's in Song. Titles it's in quotes and to keep the integrity of TJ will be saying this word but please understand that. This is not a word that we would ever use in any context anywhere. So I'm I'm very sensitive about that word and and an connotations that go from two white girls saying it on a podcast. So just ahead please understand. This is not our word. They're not our comments. That's just it's topical and I don't want to censor out important content for because we're sensitive about it. Yeah so wallace meets combs who ranges a meeting and he signed immediately to uptown records and made an appearance on label mates heavy d and the boys a bunch of niggers from the album blue funk. In mid nineteen ninety-three year after Wallace signed his recording contracts. Combs was fired from uptown and a week later. Combs started a new label. Bad boy records bad boys for life. You Wallace followed and signed to the label on the same day. That bad boy records was founded in April nineteen ninety-three his solo track party and bullshit appeared on the WHO's demand soundtrack. Do you remember that soundtrack? You remember that movie. That's crazy. Funny Enough I don't think I remember that movie as like the First Time. This is ever happened on the podcast on August. Eighth Nineteen ninety-three Wallace. His longtime girlfriend gave birth to his first child. Tiana Wallace head split with his girlfriend. Some time before Tijuana's birth despite having dropped out of high school himself Wallace wanted his daughter to complete her education. He promised her quill everything she wanted saying that if his mother had promised him the same he would have graduated at the top of his class. He continued selling drugs after Tiana's birth to support his daughter financially but when combs discovered this so kudos to combs. He forced wallace to quit dealing later. In the year Wallace recording as the notorious B I g gained exposure after featuring on a remix to Mary. J. Blige is single. Real love real. This is all of my like middle school early. High school stuff like this joyous anyways so he recorded under the name notorious B. I G for the remainder of his career after finding that his original. Moniker biggie smalls was already in use seriously yes ads. Weird real love peaked. At number seven on the billboard hot one hundred chart and was followed by a remix of Blige's. What's the four one one? He continued this success to a lesser extent on remixes with Nina Cherry Song called Buddy X and reggae artists. Super Cat on Dolly my baby also featuring combs in nineteen ninety-three. Do you remember eagle-eyed Jerry? Yes yeah I think they're related somehow but I don't know how like either brother and sister mom and son. I think I don't know on July. Nineteen Ninety Four. He appeared alongside. Ll Cool J. Busta rhymes on a remix to label. Mate Craig Mack's flava in your ear. Which reached number nine on the billboard? Hot One hundred hip hop was so hot in the nineties. I was so young but it was so hot. Oh man it was so good because the good time okay. That was like like. I probably shouldn't have been listening to it but I was the beginning of the end for MTV because not soon after that they started playing like the real world and then road rules came along and like total eclipse. Live and all that. Set like kind of culminated in them phasing out actually playing music videos so hip hop and grunge were kind of the tail end of. Mtv's sick like like they had the great days of yeah MTV being like the go-to Channel Four's teenager because trl continued into the two thousand into the two thousand. Yeah it continued into the two thousands and so but but this was the heyday. The good stuff really here and see the music videos all the time on August. Fourth Nineteen ninety-four Wallace married R. and B. Singer Faith Evans. After they met at a bad boy photo shoot five days later. Wallace had his first pop chart success as a solo artist with the double a side juicy unbelievable which reached number twenty seven as the lead single to his debut album. Ready to die was released on September Thirteenth Nineteen ninety-four. That's his debut album name. It reached number thirteen on the billboard. Two hundred chart and was eventually certified four times platinum. The album shifted attention back to east coast hip hop at a time when West. Coast hip hop dominated U. S. charts. It gained strong reviews and has continued to receive a lot of praise. In retrospect in addition to juicy the record produced two hit singles. The platinum selling big POPPA. I love when you call me big POPPA lute song which relief I hope you're taking out me like singing these ridiculous Hook Lines. Maybe you should leave him in. I Dunno I am not. They're staying in wonderful. I'm so glad that the whole of our listeners are going to realize. Just what a NERD. I am today anyways. Big POPPA reached number one on the US rap chart and one more chance which sold one point one million copies in one thousand nine hundred five. Busta rhymes claim to have seen wallace giving out free copies of ready to die from his home which coolest which rhymes reasoned as his way of marketing himself. Around the time of the album's release Wallace became friends with fellow rapper. And next week's topic artist to Pakhtakor little sees who kinda touch on him a little bit later but he was biggies cousin and then also became part of what. I'm going to talk about in a moment and I say little sees it's spelled little cease it's short for Little Caesar. That was my cat's name. Yeah so it's a little sees short for little Caesar so little. Caesar called the pair as close often traveling together whenever they were not working. According to him Wallace was a frequent guest at home and they spent time together when she was in California or Washington. Dc YUCK MOUTH IN OAKLAND MC claimed that Wallace. His style was inspired by Shapur. Wallace also befriend basketball player. Shaquille O'Neal O'Neal said they were introduced during a listening session for Gimme. The loot Wallace mentioned him in the lyrics and thereby attracting O.`Neil to his music. O.`Neil requested a collaboration with Wallace which resulted in the song. You can't stop the rain. According to combs Wallace would not collaborate with anybody. He didn't really respect and that Wallace Paid O.`Neil his respect by shouting him out and I wanted to try to find a little more information on this and then I ran out of time but all I know is in two thousand. Fifteen Dow's dillinger. Who was also a frequent secure collaborator? Said that he and Wallace were cool with Wallace traveling to meet him to smoke pot and record two songs at some point. But I'm not sure what. Those two songs were saw Mary. Sorry I don't have that information for you and by the way in. The research said to smoke cannabis. I'm like Formal the pot. They went to smoke marijuana the Mary Jane. The did the drugs. They smoked all the drugs. That's not true. They only smoked to this account. I was just trying to be as dainty as possible as nineteen fifties housewife as far as reefer madness as possible. You're trying to wonder bread over there. They smoked all the drugs. Okay moving on in August. Nineteen Ninety Five Wallace protege group junior mafia released their debut album conspiracy and we finally came to one fun fact. The Mafia in junior mafia is an acronym. So when you see it. It's actually spelled out M. F. A. And it stands for a Master's at finding intelligent attitudes. Okay that's pretty cool. So the group actually consisted of his friends from childhood and included rappers. Such as little Kim and little sees as I mentioned earlier his cousin. Oh I love Luke Him. Low Cam is awesome. She was read to each of them. Obviously as we're talking about how much we love low Kim. Each of them went on to have their own solo careers. The record went gold and it singles players anthem and get money. Both featuring wallace went gold and platinum wallace continued to work with rb artists collaborating with groups. One twelve on only you and total on can't see you with both reaching the top. Twenty of the hot one hundred by the end of the year wallace was the top selling male solo artist and rapper in the US pop and R&B Charts in July nineteen ninety five. He appeared on the cover of the source with the caption. The King of New York takes over. And that's the the magazine the source. Right Yeah magazine. Yeah the source magazine. So this actually. The King of New York takes over the caption that was on. The cover is actually a reference to his frank white alias from the nineteen ninety film. King of New York makes sense. Yeah at the source. Awards in August nineteen ninety-five. He was named best new artist. Solo lyricist of the live performer of the year and his debut album of the year at the billboard awards though he was named rap artists of the year that year. Ninety five okay. So L. DE. Winton double checked in her notes because I didn't have in mind but so yes a apparently at the source awards because this whole rivalry thing had already started the souring. The relationship between big into POC. Shug night I guess at the source. Awards stood up and called. Out Sean. Combs and like to park couldn't attend because he was in the hospital. So there's a whole thing but we'll touch more on that in the next episode and I think right now would be a fantastic time for a break from our sponsors so hold tight and we'll be right back and that's our break. We're back so where we left off. Were coming back just after the nine thousand nine hundred five source awards which I remember. That was a really big deal because it was televised. Yeah and so that that really liked through the like the gauntlet thrown that night. Right worse than win. Connie shutdown tate t swift or when Nikki called out miley Cyrus. Yup who was so biting. We need to stop Having our feuds televised thanks. Yeah I don't know anyways so it was a big year though for Biggie. Like he did really good at those awards. During this year. Success Wallace became involved in as as we've started kind of mentioning talking about a little bit. He became involved in the rivalry between the East and west coast hip hop scenes which occur now his former friend and that was the thing it was like from what. I understand because last podcast left a great like four part series on this whole east coast west coast rivalry thing and they were all just playing characters. Like right wasn't like A. This wasn't serious. They were just having a good time and they thought like Oh if we have this like rivalry it was all like it would be a show. It was like a big play and I think it was like the O. K. If it looks like we're having this big this beef big beef with each other. No presses you know. Bad press is better than no press. At least we're getting press and we're getting our name out there so let's just have fun with this which a kind worked because there was a ton of hip hop out. Then yeah and the thing is it got taken too far. Yeah like it went one step too far and then all of a sudden it wasn't a game anymore. Yeah because I mean that really sucks like Chak Auburn to pack before this. I'm sorry Shakoor in Wallis were real tight before this by all accounts and then all of a sudden it's like we not friends no more like okay. Yeah and it became like a turf war kind of thing right and then the district started so yup. It's coming anyways in an interview with vibe. In which is another Meghan in April nineteen ninety-five while serving time Clinton correctional facility secure accused uptown records. Founder Andre Harrell Sean Combs and Wallace of having prior knowledge of a robbery that resulted in him being shot five times and losing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on the night of November thirtieth nineteen ninety four and I do get into that in my episode so yeah I don't that's all I have in this so I'm not going to go deeper. I'm not stepping on toes. I'm just load in the background in. Look Biggie I'm just putting the background and I'm GonNa stop stepping on your toes. I know you're GonNa talk about it to this is a southern mid. West throwdown Though Wallace and his entourage were in the same manhattan-based recording studio at at the time of the shooting they denied the accusation. Wallace said it just happened to be a coincidence that he meaning secure was in the studio he just he couldn't really say who really had something to do with it at the time so he just kind of leaned the blame on me in two thousand twelve. A man named Dexter Isaac serving a life sentence for unrelated crimes claimed that he attacked secure that night and that the robbery was orchestrated by entertainment industry executive and former drug trafficker James Rosamund following his release from prison secure signed to death row records on October fifteenth. Nineteen ninety five. This made bad boy records and death row business rivals and thus intensified. The quarrel Wallace began recording his second studio album. In September nineteen ninety five over eighteen months in New York City Trinidad and Los Angeles. The recording was interrupted by injury legal disputes and a highly publicized hip hop dispute all. Which will kind of start becoming clear soon enough however during this time Wallace also worked with pop singer. Michael Jackson on the album history and I need to put this out here a little bit because I'm going to have some fun facts and I'm going to have some not so fun facts and I'm sorry so this is a not so fun fact. Little sees later claimed that while Wallace Matt Jackson sees was forced to stay behind with Wallace citing that he did not tr quote. Trust Michael With kids following the nineteen ninety three sexual abuse allegations against Jackson however engineer John Van Nest and producer Dallas Austin recalled the sessions differently saying that Wallace was eager to meet Jackson and nearly burst into tears upon doing so. So believe what you will. On March Twenty Third Nineteen ninety-six Wallis was arrested outside a Manhattan nightclub for chasing and threatening to kill to fans seeking autographs smashing the windows of their taxicab punching one of them. He pleaded guilty to second degree harassment and was sentenced to one hundred hours of community service emit nineteen ninety-six. He was arrested at his home into neck. New Jersey for drug and weapons possession charges in June of nineteen ninety six Shaquille released. Hit him up a distract in which he claimed to have had sex with faith Evans who estranged from Wallace at the time and that Wallace had copied his style and image. It is a harsh distract. It is like the King of district's Yup Wallace referenced. The first claim on Jay Z's Brooklyn's finest in which he wraps if they have twins she'd probably have two pox. Get IT TO POX. Was THE LYRIC LINE. However he did not directly respond to the track staying in the nineteen ninety seven radio interview that it was not his style to respond. You don't good good. Yeah like he'll make a joke but he's not gonNA he wasn't going to go back and forth with to pock basically he's saying but I'll get to some other things and speculations. Later Shuker was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September Seventh. Nineteen Ninety six and died six days later which again. We're going to talk a little more detail about this in the next episode. But I need to lay it down here like basics for reference rumors of Wallace's involvement with Shakur's murder in a two thousand to Los Angeles time series titled Who Killed Two Puncture based on police reports multiple sources. Chuck Philips reported that the shooting was carried out by a Compton Gang. The southside crips to avenge beating by secure hours earlier and that Wallace had paid for the Gun Los Angeles Times editor Mark Devotion. Marin you got me yeah Mark Devotion wrote quote. Philips's story has withstood all challenges to its accuracy and remains the definitive account of the secure slain. Wallace's family denied the report producing documents to show that he was in New York and New Jersey at the time however the New York Times called the documents inconclusive stating quote the pages purport to be three computer printouts from Daddy's house indicating that Wallace was in the studio recording. A song called nasty boy on the night. Shakur was shot. They indicate that Wallace wrote half the session was in and out sat around and laid down a ref shorthand for a reference vocal the equivalent of I take quote but nothing indicates when the documents were created and Lewis Alfred. The recording engineer listed on the sheets and in an interview that he remembered recording the song with Wallace in a late night session not during the day he could not recall the date of the session but said it was likely not the night. Shakur was shot. We would have heard about it. Mr Alfred said and quote and the other thing is there is some limited video which I'm going to get into a lot more. Because there's a lot more conspiracies and weird things that happened with two pox death but even with the limited security footage that they've got big. He's not anywhere on that night. No I mean he wasn't. I don't think he was in Vegas that night. Well yeah even. If he wasn't even if he maybe wasn't in studio in that particular moment in time in New York he wasn't in Vegas. Yeah that much has been established and I don't. I don't think that's ever been an idea. That biggie killed him. It was more figureheads and representation being taken out as opposed to personal beef because they did us to be friends right so I don't think biggie killed to pock. I have my own theories. I have no theories I just have what I have. I don't think he did it. But again as you'll start realizing as we get later in this episode and then the next episode there's just so much confusion so much speculation so many conspiracy theories so much involved with these delake. It's still unsolved like nobody's figured out there. Still unsolved murders Evans remembered her husband calling her on the night of Shakur's death and crying from shock. She said quote. I think it's fair to say. He was probably afraid given everything that was going on at that time and all the hype was put on the so-called beef that he didn't really have in his heart against anyone. Wayne Barrow Wallace's co-manager at the time said Wallace was recording the track. Nasty girl the night Shakur was shot. Shortly after Shakur's death he met with Snoop Dogg who claimed that Wallace played the song. Somebody gotTa die for him in which Snoop Dogg was mentioned and declared. He never hated occur on October. Twenty Ninth Nineteen Ninety. Six Evans gave birth to Wallace's son Christopher. Cj Wallace junior the following month junior mafia member. Lil Kim released her debut album. Hard core under Wallace's direction while the two were having a supposed love Affair Lil. Kim called being wallace his biggest fan and his pride and joy in two thousand twelve interview. Little Kim said Wallace had prevented her for making a remix of the Jodi. Single love you for life by locking her in a room. I don't know how this has anything to do with anything. I just found it so it make any sense L. D. you can cut it out but Anthony. Little Kim actually went to prison for some time because of something that went down in front of a recording studio. So but yeah. I mean it's but regarding I mean regarding the Jodi single according to her Wallace said that she was not gonNa do that she was not quote. GonNa do GonNa do no song with them likely because of the group's affiliation with to Park and death row records I mean. He picked a side but again did he or is this all just some game that they're making not been playing well at this point he he's dead so I mean yeah and I think it's a game anymore right during recording for his second album life after death wallace in Lil sees were arrested for smoking pot in public and had their car repossessed. Wallace chose a Chevy Lumina rental car as a substitute despite little caesars objections the car had break problems but Wallace dismiss them and ended up. Colliding with a rail. Shattering Wallace's left leg and lil seizes jaw. Ouch your Wallace spent months in the hospital following the accident. He was temporarily confined to a wheelchair forced to use a cane and had to complete physical therapy. Despite his hospitalization he continued to work on the album. The accident was referred to in the lyrics of long kiss. Goodnight and quote. You're still tickle me. I used to be as strong as ripple be till little sees crippled me. I think he's kind of funny. And it works right in. January nineteen ninety-seven Wallace was ordered to pay forty one thousand dollars in damages following an incident involving a friend of a concert promoter who claimed wallace and his entourage beat him after a dispute in. May of nineteen ninety five. He faced criminal assault charges for the incident which remains unsolved but all robbery charges were dropped. Following the events Wallace spoke of a desire to focus on his peace of mind and his family and friends. So that was in January one month before his passing because in February when that one month sorry two months because in February Wallace traveled to California to promote life after death and record music video for its lead single hypnotize tickets. Yeah Hang on. We all play it. So here's a little bit hypnotized committee with. I don't think this detroitlions Tim in Brooklyn. He's the number two to talk to the appropriate stick up. We got so easily take before Jesus up took place. I know that clip went on for a little bit longer than we normally play along. We were just trying to get you the biggie. Biggie biggie and dancing on our couch I I was. I was DANCIN. Yeah that's the. I already sing that earlier. The biggie Biggie Biggie ks you see but it's just a good song it's just a great fund love song takes me back to like being a kid again. Say they would like to save the last day. It was like sixteen. I was like sixteen years old when that song game out. So that was like my time is my time on March fifth. He gave a radio interview at the Doghouse on. Krld in San Francisco in the interview. He stated that he had hired a security detail since he feared for his safety but that he was but that this was because he was a celebrity figure in general and not specifically because he was a wrapper on March Eighth. Wallace presented an award to Toni. Braxton at the eleventh annual soul train music awards in Los Angeles and was booed by some of the audience. Why why rough. Well be as a presenter your booed because people think that at this point people are thinking that he was involved with two pox. Death got it so and he's on their turf. He's in La. He then attended an after party hosted by vibe and Qwest Records at the Petersen Automotive Museum which is really cool museum by the way have you been there. Is that in Hollywood. Yeah Yeah I think I've driven past it. I've never been. Oh it's so cool but so many ways so this after the soul train after party is being host at the hosted at this museum guests included his wife. Faith Evans Leah. I miss her. I MISS HER TO A. We will be doing an episode on her. Yes Sean that will be an okay sean combs and members of the CRIPS and bloods gangs. I feel like that's just asking for trouble the next day at twelve thirty. Am Pacific Standard Time. After the Fire Department closed the party early due to overcrowding wallace left with his entourage and to GMC suburbans to return to his hotel. He traveled in the front passenger seat with Damian de Rock Butler little sees and driver Gregory G. Money Young Komo's traveled in the other vehicle with three bodyguards. The two trucks were trailed by a Chevrolet Blazer carrying bad boy records director of security offered by twelve forty five. Am The streets? Were crowded with people leaving the party. Wallace's truck stopped at a red light fifty yards from the Petersen Automotive Museum and a Black Chevy Impala pulled up alongside at the impalas driver in unidentified African American man dressed in a blue suit and bowtie rolled down. His window drew a nine millimeter. Blue Steel pistol and opened fire on Wallace's car. Four bullets hit Wallace and his entourage subsequently rushed him to Cedars Sinai Medical Center. He arrived in full cardiac arrest and doctors had to perform an emergency or economy but he was pronounced dead at one. Fifteen a M. He was twenty four years old sad young wallace his funeral was held at the Frank. E Campbell Funeral Chapel in Manhattan on March Eighteenth there around three hundred fifty mourners at the funeral including little sees Queen Latifah flava. Flav Mary. J. Blige Lil Kim run DMC. Dj Cool Herk Treat. Busta rhymes salt and pepper. Dj Spinderella Foxy Brown and Sista Souljah. After the funeral his body was cremated and the ashes were given to his family immediately following the shooting. Reports surfaced linking Wallace's murder with that of secure six months earlier due to similarities in the drive-by shootings and the highly publicized. East Coast West Coast. Hip Hop feud of which secure and Wallace had been central figures. Shortly after Wallace's death Los Angeles Times writer Chuck Philips and Matt. Late reported that the key suspect in this murderer was a member of the southside crips acting and service of a personal financial motive rather than on the gang's behalf the investigation stalled however and. No one was formerly charged in two thousand. Two book by Randall Sullivan called Labyrinth. Information was compiled about the murders of Wallace insecure based on information provided by retired. Lapd DETECTIVE RUSSELL. Poole in the book. Sullivan accused shook night. Co founder of death row records and unknown bloods affiliate of conspiring with corrupt. Lapd officer David Mack to kill Wallace and make both deaths appear to be the result of the rap rivalry the book stated that one of Mac's alleged associates Amir Muhammad. Was the Hitman who killed Wallace. The theory was based on evidence provided by an informant and Muhammed's general resemblance to the facial composite generated during the investigation. Fun Fact Right now. Yes because it's needed. Oh God years the thing is like I don't talk a lot when it comes to like the actual death part because I feel like there's a reverence that we need to hold onto but the investigation. I mean he's already dead. I know I'm just I'm saying like when we're talking about the actual events around it including the investigation of trying to talk that much but bums me out I save on fact. It's really in fact. It's an unfunded fact because my faxer weak and most of them in this episode are not fun. Facts in two thousand and two filmmaker. Nick Broomfield released a documentary big into POC. Based on the information from the book labyrinth. The New York Times described Broomfield low budget documentary as a largely speculative and circumstantial account relying on flimsy evidence failing to present counter evidence or question sources. And the only reason I brought that up like I figured I felt like it should be noted and since I'm talking about the book anyways that it was based on you know so anyways back to the investigation and article published in rolling stone by Sullivan in December. Two thousand five accused. Lapd of not fully investigating links with death row records based on pools. Evidence Sullivan claimed that comes failed to fully cooperate with the investigation and according to pool encourage the staff of bad boy records. So do the same. The accuracy of the accuracy of the article was later challenged in a letter by the assistant. Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Times who Q. Sullivan of using Shoddy Tactics Sullivan and response quoted the lead attorney of the Wallace Estate. Calling the newspaper a co-conspirator in the cover up so basically what is happening right now with all this investigation. And all of these like backend things happening with like the book. Labyrinth coming through and like all these Speculations basically now. There's a whole other rivalry across the media about whether the LAPD did their job or not whether these leads would pan out whether these things happened. What the connection would be like. It's basically just a jumbled cluster fluff of Crap Great Word. He liked my cluster. Fluff you like my swear. Dodge is incredible. Well it is. It's a cluster fluff 'cause it then continue like basically? I don't know like the author of this book is talking with officers and they're backing him up but then the media's like you cry like and then he's like no. I'm not you cray and I feel like it's. It's almost ludicrous at this point. No way isn't ludicrous. Or it's not Luda. It's ludicrous. It's I feel like it's kind of like crazy. Not The wrapper from the ninety S. Yes I feel like it's kind of a schoolyard battle between them now of like. I'm not stupid you stupid. No you'RE STUPID. No yours to bed. Shot up now you like. I feel like that's what it kind of. Digress is too and it's very confusing so I think it's important in talking about Sullivan's assertion that the La Times was involved in the cover up with the LAPD is important to note that there were conflicting theories of the murder that were offered in different sections of the La Times so for instance. The Metro Section of the Times wrote that police suspected a connection between Wallace's death and the ramp part police corruption scandal consistent with Sullivan and pools theory but Chuck Philips a staff writer for the Business Section of the Times found Muhammed. Who was there lake lead suspect for a while because he resembled the drawing he found him through an ad for his brokerage business running in the Times. Muhammed who was not an official suspect at the time came forward to clear his name and then like there was whole bunch on this that I cut out because just got it. Did it just completely digressed to your stupid. No you'RE STUPID. Now you know you and retractions and all this stuff like is messy. So basically the reason why he cut all the info out is just digressed into mudslinging and navy and reductions and retraction. Yeah so used to really messy. Because we're now I mean this is now around two thousand five so it's just going for like it's just continuous off and on for was that seven years like by because now I'm coming to two thousand and five and I think the I think the last thing was in two thousand was in two thousand. They printed a retraction to clear Muhammad. Do we discussed this last episode. I cannot do math. Don't ask me unless it's an even year to an even year. I don't know okay I'm telling you okay. So nine hundred ninety seven big shot okay and you take that to two thousand. So that's three years. That's three years and then this is ninety five alive where they're still arguing a suspect. So that's eight years. Yes so now. But there's like a law between two thousand and two thousand five Because then two thousand five story by Phillips showed that the main informant for the Pool Sullivan theory was a schizophrenic. With admitted memory lapses known as Psycho Mike who confessed to hearsay so basically hit. Just they have. They have nothing. They're trying they're trying to get leads. All these people are coming up trying to like make leads make something make sense and they just they don't have anything and is messy so I can understand how this is still unsolved because there's just too many. There's too many arrows. There's too many ways to follow that they still come up short. Well you have the gangs. You've got the producer has you've got the East Coast West Coast. You've got possibly corrupt cops. You've got so much stuff that you have to wade through right. And you don't know if it's retribution. Or an act. That biggie did or like it's so convoluted right at to be able to swim through half of the stuff you have to figure out loud to the point why he could probably if you if you could figure out. What exactly if even if it was if it was retribution. Or if it was an act he did. Then maybe you could just narrow this down but like this will never get solved unless there's a deathbed confession from the person that pulled the trigger. You're probably not going to get an answer. And even if there is a deathbed confession from the person who says they pull the trigger. You don't know if they're telling the truth. Yeah I mean it just. It just keeps going. I mean you've got now you finding out. Now you're now we're finding okay. Our main informant for the Pool Sullivan theory from Labyrinth. The main informant is a schizophrenic. Who then confessed to hearsay? Basically according to John Cook of Brill's content noted that the Phillips article now demolished the Pool Sullivan theory of Wallace's murder. Because your main informant basically said Oh. Yeah no I lied or I can't be trusted because I have no idea what I said. This is so frustrating or I have no idea what I saw. You know so. It's not so. Yeah then in the two thousand book. The murder of biggie smalls investigative journalist and author. Cathy Scott suggested that wallace insecure murders might have been the result of the East Coast. West Coast. Feud everybody's speculating that so you're not bringing anything new to the table Kathy. Thanks Kathy and motivated by financial gain for the record companies because the rappers were worth more dead than alive. Now that is something okay. Sorry for my I. I was a little too harsh in my sarcastic. Thank you because actually that now does tend to that starts making little sense but then it doesn't make sense because as you're about to find out biggies. Final album was huge. He was just launching so he would have been worth a bunch of money at some point but he would have had to. He would have had to have had a large catalog of out like of things that he had prerecorded prior to his desk to actually make that. Oh wait I get there. But that's the whole two albums worth of crap prerecord to podcasts like nineteen. Yeah I know but like I say he's got a bunch so that's why none of these theories make any sense why this is why. I'm saying I don't think it has anything to do with the rivalry. I don't even think they're related. And if they are I think they're related for a very different reason than everybody thinks. You're getting so hot over this because it's so frustrating and I've been sitting in this like y'all are so confusing and you make no sense said right now. You're just being dumb breathing. I can't wait till next week when you blow your frigging lid. Because then I throw in all the two pox stuff just so here we are now in two thousand six so all these books have come out all these theories and the conversation continues for almost a decade after he passes away and it's understandable because it's frustrating and it was a big deal. It's still one of the most famous unsolved cases in la pro possibly the country it's bonkers so now we're in July two thousand six. The criminal investigation into Wallace's murder was reopened to look for new evidence to help the city defend. The civil lawsuits brought by the Wallace family. Which I'm going to get to that in a second so now they've reopened it. It's almost a decade later. Which is good. I mean. It's a cold case. They should be trying to find new angles because it is really sad that they haven't figured out what all this boil down to retired. Lapd detective Greg. Greg Kidding who worked for three years on gang task force that included the Wallace case. Alleges the rapper was shot by wardell PUCCI FAUST? Which hang out. I gotTA finish the sentence before I can get frustrated again. Okay hang on. I'm going to interject really quick. You guys it's been edited out at this point fun fact about Tj. When she gets super frustrated she starts to burp. Stop Berbie because she's inhaling too much. Yeah basically I had. I've got soda and I'm inhaling too much and I'm frustrated and I'm waving my arms around and it's swallowing air so then I keep burping so yeah so. Katie is now saying that the rapper was shot by Pucci a mob peer gang member and an associate of Shug night who died on July twenty fourth. Two thousand three after being shot in the back while riding his motorcycle in Compton so poochies been shot. But now you're trying to blame these murders Pucci and shook night. Katie believes at night hired Pucci via his girlfriend and this is in quotations. Sure why Theresa Swann to kill Wallace to avenge the death of Shaker who catering alleges was killed under the orders of combs that is so convoluted. Yeah basically nobody knows they. They're all trying to figure out motive. Wait wait wait what part was in quotations was it theresa or Swan Theresa Swann. Her full name was in quotation. So I'm so confused. Maybe that was like Herbie was an alias. Yeah maybe it's an alias. Yeah and they'd be. They changed her name to protect her. Possibly but yeah like basically I have a feeling that part of the issue here is that they're trying to find motives and they're not finding a solid motive and then they find a motive that they think fits and then they follow it and then it craps out and it's dead end again like I completely understand their frustration. I'm frustrated this is crazy but also if these things are coming from if these are coming from shug night and Sean combs and all this and like these labels and all that they got protection all over the place and they made evidence disappear and they went through other people to make it happen so we'll probably never know what the heck happened so as I mentioned. I'm coming back to this lawsuit. Which is the reason why they reopened the case in two thousand six because in March two thousand six Wallace's mother Voletta filed a wrongful death claim against the city of Los Angeles based on the evidence championed by pool in Labyrinth. They claims the LAPD had sufficient evidence to arrest the assailant but failed to use it. David Mac and Amir Muhammad Aka Harry billups. We're originally named as defendants in the civil suit but were dropped shortly before the trial after the lapd an F. B. I. Dismiss them as suspects. The case came for trial before a jury on June twenty. First two thousand five on the eve of the trial a key witness. Who is expected to testify? Kevin Hacky revealed that he suffered memory lapses due to psychiatric medications. He previously testified to knowledge of involvement between night Mac and Muhammed but later said that the Wallace attorneys had altered his declarations to include words. He never said. Hacky took full for filing a false declaration several days into the trial the plaintiffs attorney disclosed the court and opposing counsel that he had received a telephone call from someone claiming to be an lapd officer and provide a detailed information about the existence of evidence concerning the wallace murder. The court direct. The court directed the city to conduct a thorough investigation which uncovered previously undisclosed evidence much of which was in the desk or cabinet of detective. Stephen Katz the lead detective in the Wallace investigation. The documents centered around interviews by numerous police officers of an incarcerated informant. Who had been a cellmate of prison report officer Rafael Perez for some extended period of time? He reported that Peres had told him about his Max involvement and death row records and their activities at the Petersen Automotive Museum the night of Wallace's murder as a result of the newly discovered evidence. The judge declared a mistrial and awarded the Wallace family. It's attorney's fees so now we have yet more new things coming up and so the Wallace family has every right to be like. What the DEUCE okay. Because this isn't convoluted enough. How did they find the paperwork in the police officers drawers right? Also I don't I don't know how much weight I put on jailhouse confessions or like in France. Because they have a reason but he was a police officer he was a rampart. Police officer that in serving time. Yeah but he. He was the one that was talking right. But I believe that if a jailhouse informant there's motivation there's motivation for them to to not be truthful about something and I mean because there's something in it for them they get time off. They could get extra perks and things like that you know and in to be the one that like quote unquote cracks the case on. Who Kill Biggie. That would be huge. Like your your clout would raise so for me. The jailhouse informant thing really. It might work sometimes but for me. It doesn't hold a lot of weight right well. So then they're not done so that trial went to mistrial however on April Sixteenth. Two thousand seven. The relatives of Wallace filed a second wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles. The suit also named to LAPD officers in the center of the investigation into the Rampart scandal. Peres the guy who all of a sudden it's like. Oh I totally know about that and Nino durden. According to the claim Perez an alleged affiliate of death row records admitted to LAPD officers that he and Mac who was not named in the lawsuit conspired quote unquote conspired to murder and participated in the murder of Christopher Wallace and quote the Wallace family said the LAPD quote consciously concealed Rafael Perez's involvement in the murder of Wallace and quote United States District Judge Florence. Marie Cooper granted summary Judgment to the city on December seventeenth. Two thousand seven finding that. The Wallace family had not complied with a California law that required the family to give notice of its claim to the state. Within six months of Wallace's death. The Wallace family refiled the suit dropping. The State Law claims on May twenty seventh two thousand eight. The suit against the city of Los Angeles was finally dismissed in two thousand ten. It was described by the New York. Times as quote one of the longest running and most contentious celebrity cases in history. The Wallace suit had asked for five hundred million dollars from the city in alluding to Sullivan and pools theory. That formed the basis of the Wallace. Family's lawsuit the New York Times wrote quote. A cottage industry of criminal speculation has sprung up around the case with documentaries books and a stream of lurid magazine articles implicating gangs crooked cops and a cross country rap rivalry and quote noting that everything associated with. Wallace's death had been quote. Big Business. Like yeah. It's all frigging. It's nuts this poor guy and this poor family so yeah there now so like now. The Wallace family is trying for four years to reach some sort of peace in basically suing California and the LAPD and everything and trying to just find some peace with that. Because of all of this mass. And I don't necessarily blame the city or the or anything but like before you say that though you have to remember. This event was not far removed from the Rodney King. Riots which happened in Nineteen Ninety two which uncovered a ton of police corruption. That's true so it's not like it's unfounded. And look here's the thing. I'm not saying it's unfounded at all like. Let me make that really clear. I'm not saying it's unfounded. I'm not saying I'm not trivializing at all because they actually clearly did uncover corruption within this case. So and you know people being people being able to hide things or be bought out or whatever like they've found they found of corruption within the case which is why the family is trying to file suit but unfortunately details lead them to mistrials and dismissals and before anybody gets heated. I'm going to make a statement and this doesn't reflect TJ at all. But I understand that there are good cops and that there are bad cops and I I will have to say this and you guys can at me but you know there are good cops out there that are willing to put themselves in the path of danger and put themselves in the path of harm and there are bad cops out there and I have my eyes open up enough to know that but I still do trust in police. Yes so because basically we're sitting here trying to still figure this out in December two thousand twelve fifteen years after his death the LAPD finally released the autopsy results conducted on Wallis Body to generate new leads. And here we go again with the fun facts. The release was criticized by the longtime lawyer of his estate Kerry Sanders Junior who objected to an autopsy. Like why why would you object to this? Could generate new leads come on. That's all suspect me. The twenty three page report twenty pages showed that three of the four shots were not fatal because remember. He was shot four times. The first bullet hit his left forearm and traveled down to his wrist. The second hit him in the back missing all vital organs and exited through his left shoulder and third hit his left thigh exit his inner thigh. The report said that the third bullet struck quote the left side of the scrotum causing a very shallow. Three eighth inch linear laceration. Only the final shot was fatal. It entered through his right. Hip struck his colon liver heart and left lung before stopping in his left shoulder. Further in the report there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of his death. Which you know. He did say he wanted to kind of like just focus on himself and his family in bike finding peace so it's very surprising since he was at an after party for an award. Show but you know Kudos. At the time of his death he was six to three hundred ninety five pounds with a tattoo on his right forearm. That read the Lord is my light and my salvation. So you know that's fifteen years after he passed and we're still here another five years later that after both LAPD and F. B. I have looked into this case several times. No arrests have been made for either big or too pox murders and it does remain and big US does remain one of L. A.'S. Most well known unsolved homicides. So let's move away from that because I can't with that anymore. Let's talk about biggies last album. Sixteen days after his death. Wallis's double disc album was released as planned with the shortened title of life after death and I couldn't find what it was supposed to be because this has shortened title but regardless it released his life after death and hit number one on the billboard two hundred charts after making a premature appearance at number one hundred seventy six due to street date violations. So people were trying to sell the album before it even came out there before it was supposed to officially release and so it showed up early at number one hundred seventy six before it was officially released and debuted at number one while it's mostly wrapped on his songs deep tone described by rolling stone as thick. Jonty grumble. Which went. I love the word. Jaunty right. Jaunty grumble is wonderful. I feel like that should be the name of a gnome or something. That's my new band name. Write that down Jaunty grumble there. You go which went deeper on life after death. He was often accompanied on songs with Ad. Libs from Sean combs but this album featured a much wider range of guests and producers than its predecessor ready to die including Jay Z. Low Kim Mace Bone thugs and harmony R Kelly and others. I love bone thugs and harmony. Right but collaborations were huge trend at that time two. Oh yeah call outs. Collaborations like yeah. I mean if I could find of well if I could find a song today. That didn't have the word featuring it would be such a rarity. Yeah I mean it's kind of come back around and it's I think it's always been a thing in the hip hop community especially because you know to at that time you have rappers doing their thing but then you have the hook artists singing the hooks and you have you know that other featured artists coming into rapin and sing and now there's a shift in the musical landscape. We're the most popular like pop songs. Today actually have a third verse rapped by featured artists. Yeah so I mean it's it's still a thing that's a huge thing you know. You're welcome from the nineties you. The album gained strong reviews and in two thousand was certified Diamond Holy Crap. That's like the highest hang on the highest R. I. A. Certification Yes awarded but like it is the highest are a certification. But I think this is the first instance where it was awarded to a solo hip hop album. That is awesome. Yeah from the way it reads for my research and again I wish I had like another week to work on this and get everything out but there was so much out there and we must we willingness give you content with this case too much. I'm dead serious. We could do an entire podcast specifically on the east coast. West Coast rivalry down. We could do. I don't know entire podcast but we could definitely do like new in limited series but yeah it could. It could make its own thing for sure. Oh yeah there's just there's so much information and I know that in my episode I have to leave stuff out on not Jay's having to leave stuff out so don't remember we've only got a certain amount of time to not only research but record edit and get this out in a timely manner so some things have to be left out and so unfortunately to give you the goods for the investigation and lawsuits and all that we just had to pare it down to the most important details. Yeah so back to the album. Its lead single hypnotize which we played you a little bit earlier and we can't go down that rabbit hole gun otherwise we'll never finish. Today was last music. Video recording in which Wallace would participate. His biggest chart. Success was with his follow up single MO MONEY. Mo problems featuring Sean combs under the rap alias at that time puff daddy and Mace. You go in the basement. Put his please be kept at all that a page of the me too much problem at the gift please see the jeep. So that was Money mobile problems. Yeah so both singles both hypnotized and more money. More problems reached number one in the hot one hundred making Wallace. The first artist to achieve this feat posthumously. The third single sky's the limit featuring the band. One twelve was noted for its use of children in the music video directed by Spike Jones. Who are used to portray wallace and his contemporaries including combs. Lil Kim and Busta rhymes Spike Jones is an awesome music video director. Like anything that he touches is awesome. Because he's done the beastie boys he's done bjork he's done. Oh God who else has he. Done Beastie Boys Bjork. He did fat boy slim like all of his just look like they have the Spike Jones stamp on it and he's incredible so I love that he was at the helm for that yeah. Wallace was named artists of the year and hypnotize single of the year by Spin magazine in December nineteen ninety-seven so there's a lot of speculation on some of the other song lyrics containing feud references and subliminal dishes across the album. I did some research. I have a lot of it and specific lyrics and wise people say this and that and the other but we are running long on the episode. And it's just a lot of back and forth again of the playground. He said she said where some people will say. Oh yeah this is totally about this and then someone will come in and say now. It's not so here's the thing. There is a great great great article that I used to research this in conjunction with the album page on Wikipedia but the article was in exile magazine April. Two thousand three edition and the article is entitled the making of Colon Life after death and you can look that up because I did and it is on the web now like might have been from a while ago but it is living on their website. So you can one hundred percent read that and it will give you all the detail that you could ever want however the one that. I am going to say something about briefly on this. There was a track on life after death called. You're nobody till somebody kills you. There's a lot on that that people say contain apparent jobs aimed at has rivals including Sha Kerr even though biggie stated in Spin magazine interview that the song. You're nobody till somebody kills. You is not directed at secure who at the time had been recently. Shot understand. That song was probably recorded before his passing sense. Biggie passed away only six months after he did so. I wanted just put point that out because I know a lot of people pointed that song in particular and I don't really think that that's accurate or fair same goes with long. Kiss goodnight again. A lot of people say that particularly the last two verses seemed to be directed at two park and there is some lyrics that would indicate that there about his passing again. This is these were written before and probably recorded well before that incident. So I don't WanNA color people's opinions there so moving on in mid nineteen ninety-seven. Combs released his debut album no way out which featured wallace on five songs notably on the third single victory the most prominent single from the album was. I'll be missing you featuring combs faith Evans and one twelve which was dedicated to Wallace's memory at the nineteen ninety eight grammy awards life after death in its first two singles received nominations in the rap category but the album award was won by combs. No way out and I'll be missing. You won the award in the category of best rap performance by dual or group in which more money more problems was nominated. And I do understand that because it was written and performed in honor of Biggie so I can understand in winning out but I have issues with the song which I will get to momentarily but right. Now we're GONNA play a little bit for you in case you're not familiar. Seems like yesterday at least try to look so far on cloud notorious. Thank God knows that pain seems to be worse can expressed which means we family out your dream in the future. Can't wait to see if you open up. The case for me reminisce. Some nights they try out of black plays rhythm is hard to sit in. Imagine all the pain after. Give ANYTHING TO HEAR HALF GRAFT. I know you still living the Hallway. Him Down watching us while we pray for you every day we pray for you until the day we meet again. Hartzler Keeping Memories Emmy destroyed. I'm needs a needs to believe those bigger just can't find wish. Turn back the hands plus all right so officially here. I mentioned before we played the song that I have issues with it just to clarify. I do not have issues with the sentiment. I do not have issues with it. Being a tribute to biggie. I love that. They put something together for him and that it was people that were close with him and his wife. I love that I even really enjoy the production of it. Here's what I don't like unfunded fact I'll be missing. You is based on if I'm sure you can hear it in. The song is based on a sample of the nineteen eighty three single every breath. You take by the police. It also uses an interpretation of the every breath you take melody sung by biggies widow Faith Evans while sampling is a big part of of the music industry in general these days and particularly in hip pop and particularly at that time. My issue is this permission was not given for use of the sample amp. Police Songwriter sting sued. Receiving one hundred percent of the song royalties sting. Reportedly earns two thousand dollars a day from royalties for the track. You'll that must be nice show. I actually wanted to interject for just a second before anybody tries to at TJ because she used interpolations It's it's actually in reference to using a melody or some part of a melody for previously recorded hung but re recorded of the melody instead of sampling. It so it's often used when an artist or label who owns a piece of music declines the use of the license or the sample or if it's licensing a piece of music that's considered too costly. Why would they ask me for interpretation? Like that's the issue could've thought you said in like you're trying to say interpretation. Maybe for her interpretation of the lyrics but it's it's actually like a thing in music so yes fun fact. The tract also were used as an. I'm Kinda torn up. This is an unfunded fun factor just a continuation from the previous on fun fact but the track also reuses the melody from the him. I'll fly away. That's the faith Evans through line underneath that Which is so crazy is beautiful. But it's a him so that one's probably okay fun. I feel like that's a hymns are mostly in the public domain. Yeah so yeah. That's fun fact. Number two ditties versus were composed by rapper sauce. Money I love that name yeah. There are several different versions of this song. One being an extended version where there's a choir at the beginning another without the choir and an instrumental version in nineteen ninety-six. Wallace started putting together a hip hop supergroup the commission which consisted of himself. Jay Z Lil sees combs and Charlie Baltimore. The commission was mentioned by Wallace in the lyrics of what's beef on life after death and victory from no way out but a commission album was never completed attract on duets. The final chapter what you want. The commission featuring Jay Z was based on the group in December nineteen ninety. Nine bad way records released born again. The album consisted of previously unreleased material with new guest. Appearances including many artists. Wallace had never collaborated with during his actual lifetime. It gained some positive reviews but received criticism for its unlikely pairings the source describing it as compiling some of the most awkward collaborations of his career. Ooh nevertheless the album sold two million copies. While this appeared on Michael Jackson's two thousand one album invincible. Over the course of time his vocals were heard on hit songs such as foolish again. This is a song title. Not My words release Niggers by Shanti in two thousand and two and the song running Diane to live with to pack the following year in two thousand and five duets. The final chapter continued. The pattern started on born again which was criticized for the lack of significant vocals by Wallis on some of its songs. Its lead single. Nasty girl became Wallace's first. Uk number one single. Hey Hey combs and Voletta Wallace have stated. The album will be the last release primarily featuring new material. I really these albums were also big contributors to the conspiracy theories that big into packers still alive somewhere and that they're just like recording on the sly to release new stuff. That was that was the thing right. Like Oh yeah in the early two thousands. I was a thing like they're not dead. They're still releasing still release music. They ain't dead. You're telling me all that was recorded before they died. I don't think so. Yeah yeah they do the debut album the king and I featuring faith Evans and a Torius. B I G was released on May nineteenth two thousand seventeen which largely contained previously unreleased music. I know that there was no segue back to that. I just went there. Considered one of the best rappers of all time Wallace described by all music as the saviour of East Coast hip hop the source magazine named Wallace. The greatest rapper of all time. In One hundred fiftieth issue in two thousand two and two thousand three. When exile magazine asked several hip hop artists? To lift their five year EMCEES WALLIS. His name appeared on more rappers. Listen anyone else. Wow that'd just that speaks to his legacy right in two thousand six MTV ranked him at number three on their list of the greatest. Mc's of all time calling him. Possibly quote the most skillful ever on the Mike. Then why wasn't the number one? Frayed segue editors of about DOT COM. Do you like my segue was just. He's like way you just yell. The word segue. It's not a segue. Well I think it should be. Because sometimes I don't have a segue editors of about dot com ranked him number three on their list of the top fifty. Mc's of our time. Nineteen eighty seven to two thousand seven qualifying in two thousand twelve. The source ranked him number three on their list of the top fifty lyrical leaders of all Time Fair Rolling Stone has referred to him as the greatest rapper. That ever lived. Wow okay big. Swing from rolling stone alike it in two thousand fifteen billboard named Wallace as the greatest rapper of all time as well since his death. Wallace's lyrics have been sampled and quoted by a variety of hip hop rb and pop artists including Jay Z. Fifty Cent Alicia keys fat Joe. Oh Fat Joe I just. I forgot about fat institute. I'm so sorry Fat Joe. You Nellie Joe Rule. You eminem Lil Wayne. The Game Clinton sparks. Michael Jackson and usher usher. I still have a massive crush on Asher on August. Twenty eight th two thousand five at the two thousand five MTV video music awards or Vm. As as they like to column Sean Combs then using rap alias P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg paid tribute to Wallace. An Orchestra played while the vocals from juicy and warning played on the arena speakers in September. Two thousand five. Vh1 held its second annual hip hop honors with a tribute to Wallace headlining. The show Wallace have begun to promote a clothing line called Brooklyn Mint which was to produce plus size clothing but fell dormant after he died in two thousand four his managers. Mark Pitts and Wayne. Barrow launched the clothing line with help from Jay. Z selling t shirts with images of Wallace on them. A portion of the proceeds go to the Christopher Wallace Foundation and two GS Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation. That see that's that's one of those things just very cool thing. Yeah I like that. In two thousand five Voletta Wallace hired branding and licensing agency wicked cow entertainment to guide. The estate's licensing efforts while is branded products on the market including action figures blankets and cell phone content. All right. I kind of want a biggie. Smalls action figure right. Nobody's who'll be kind of fun. That'd be good addition to the pod. Loft there you go. Somebody wanted to us. Give us gifts. The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation hold an annual black tie. Dinner I love this. B I g night out to raise funds for children's school equipment and to honor Wallace's memory and guess what fun fact for this particular event because it's a children's schools charity be ide- is also said to stand for books instead of guns. There is a large portrait mural of wallace as Mao Zedong on Fulton Street in Brooklyn a half Mile West. From Wallace's old block fan petition to have the Coroner Fulton Street and Saint James Place near Wallace's childhood home renamed in his honor garnering support from local businesses and attracting more than five hundred sixty signatures. Unfunny fact this was contested. By a few members of the Brooklyn Community Board Time Prohibited Me from determining if the street was renamed or not so. I'm GonNa hope that it was let me know if you know and I don't. A large portrait of wall is features prominently in the Netflix series. Luke cage due. To the fact that he served as Muse for the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of marvel comics character Cornell Cottonmouth stokes. Okay that is just bad ass. Isn't that cool? That is awesome. And you would like that little piece of Trivia I do because also dino that my patron Saint Nicholas Cage actually took his name from Luke Cage. On-ice so you're patriots eight. Yes my patron Saint Nicholas Kate. There's also a couple of movies here directed by George Tillman. Junior notorious is a two thousand nine biopic about Wallace. His Life Stars Rapper. Jamal Woolard as Wallis which I really liked the theme song from that one and I think I talk about this a little bit. My episode Jamal Woolard. Who Played Biggie? was also a supporting character in the two-pack bio-pic all eyes on me because they were probably related. Yeah so they wanted to keep the characters similar. Yeah or the same yeah. Yeah we'll make sense producers included Sean Combs Wallace's former managers Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts as well as Voletta Wallace on January sixteenth. Two thousand nine. The movie's debut debut at the grant eighteen theater in Greensboro north. Carolina was postponed after a man was shot in the parking lot before the show. Jeez that sucks. The film received mixed reviews and grossed over forty four million dollars worldwide. Other cast members include. Angela Bassett as Voletta Derek. Luke Sean Combs into Nick Smith AS FAITH EVANS NATURALLY NOT IN AS Little Kim Anthony. Mackie as to pock. Okay I could see that. Yeah then bad boy also released a soundtrack album to the film on January thirteenth. Two thousand nine. The album contains many of wallace's hit singles including hypnotize and juicy as well as rarities. And if you guys don't know Anthony Mackie is Falcon in the marvel movies and becomes Captain America. So then mackey doesn't play to park in the two-pack biopic and no he doesn't. That's really hard sentenced to say by the way so that was the notorious biopic but in two thousand eighteen which was only a couple of years ago. The film city of lies was produced based on pools investigation and Sullivan's book which I mentioned earlier labyrinth and cast Johnny Depp as pool and that was two years ago last year two years two thousand eighteen. Yep that's all I have in this episode. I know what ended on a weird spot. But that's all I got. Yeah well if you love. Tj segues he gateway Hugh cannot segue right into going over to patriotdepot dot com slash rock and roll heaven. Let us know how good we're doing by your generous donations. You can check us out on twitter rock and roll Lt. check us out on facebook at rock and Roll Heaven Pod. Our instagram is rock and roll heaven. Lt Still Not saying our website and you can email us at Roll Heaven. Lt At G. MEL DOT COM. And if and if I said that too fast you can always check those out in our show notes. Please come talk to us. We love hearing what you guys have to say. And that's pretty much it for this episode. Thank you for checking us out. Make sure to check US out in two weeks time where we talk about to pock woo. So now we're GONNA go from the East Coast to the West Coast the best coast. Oh Oh no. I'm from South Carolina. I can't say that I know right. Yeah so Again DAB in the middle. I don't mind which coast it is as long as it's a coast. Coastal Texas host of Alabama. That's why I said I don't care which coast it is as long as it's a coast meaning I e. I want to be by the notion no matter where it is. How often do you go to the ocean? Not that much anymore. Because they live in the fricking valley now so far makes me sad anyway. Can we be done now by guys dedicated soil? The teachers that told me never mouse. People lived above. The bills was hustled to call the police. When I was trying to make the money beat my daughter. All struggle thaw good. Maybe it was all a dream. I don't mark themed heavy up in the hanging pictures on my whole rap with Mr Molly Fall. I let my brought to talk stocks way best when the red light lumberjack. Remember off the top from like excitement like the world trace. Taupe THOUGHT FREE UPLOADING TODA. Call the same thing. It's all good and I don't know talk the personal and to spread the way Allen. Keep plotted right now to another thought that can happen happen. I was to use the jets and stuff now but he's planning to play Mississippi Dad's condos don't agree so loud biggest speak liberal couldn't patent must be considered a school stereotype of black male. Just understood still all. Don't knows genesis was dropped fifty three degrees number so to wrap up the show folks about to these new. The remark celebrate every noble. The Kazak would miss as off every time I thought we more dust heat walk. What's the worst that we could negative? The positive don't know Nakazono know his own. Don't don't map embiid.

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