Minnie-Sode: Week of August 11th, 2019


What's up listeners. This is kate and i'm here to bring you. Another minnie's owed we had so many news clips from episode twelve the we had to create a brand new episode for your ears for this friday in this episode. You'll hear all sorts of things people suing disney for strollers running into them. The grand destino tower opening the most expensive room available around disney property disney being host for the special olympics and of course our favorite segment park rubers with bob disney sit back relax. Here's a mini sewed of earful also in the news this week. A woman is suing disney disney for a stroller mishap. Oh do tell she was on a walt disneyworld boss and she was seated next guest who has who had a motorized scooter which apparently apparently wasn't tied to the bus in the proper fashion and after they took a sharp turn she says the scooter fell into her and then her claim is that she sustained bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering disability disfigurement mental anguish question among many other all right this. We are sue happy okay. Here's what's going to happen. As a result of this as a result of this one person had throwing the lawsuit the bus wait times now are going to go astronomical because come out and tied down a stroller <hes> ah scooter fix that's cheating. It's just put the scooters behind the bus. Put the person on it. Oh yeah i the really fun. Thriller short is in addition to that. A second person is suing disneyworld for being. I don't want to say run over 'cause that sounds dramatic but they were run over by a scooter in-app got. What's the what's the awesome powers movie were the the steam truck the rollers coming. What's the actor's name a the actor from meyer nomad t._v. Per from ooh stewart stewart store yeah. Oh you're shooting me at the radio phone. I can hear it. Michael jeeves mcdonald's ha ha michael james macdonald. That was the guy that got motor over. I've never heard his name ever know somebody out. There were screaming and i heard it so apparently only the guest was just walking along the world showcase when a scooter came up from behind them and mowed them down and they are also claiming a fifteen thousand dollar claim. I'm just like the lady on the bus so i don't know if that's is that is that on disney of someone else like mows them down. I yeah it's on the person that was driving the scooter right. Oh i would think so yeah. I don't know how does a disney's fall. I don't know i have no idea so the grandest dino tower at coronado auto springs has officially opened and the disney tourist blog gave it a really great review and when i say great i mean very detailed. The tone of the article article to me was kind of mixed had its pros and cons didn't really move me to say like we're gonna try to get a reservation there next time but here's what they said here's here's the rundown of of their top points. It's very different from the rest of coronado springs. It has a very las vegas feel to it they they were saying probably because it's going to cater to travelers and people that are going to conventions the room size of a standard room is three hundred and seventy five square feet which is larger larger than most moderates on disney properties but most of that is the entrance hallway is yeah. It is located at a great position on the resort. It's it gives you a wonderful view. It's a tall.

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