The AP Draft Show - Episode 7 (2019)


Hey listeners we're in the heat of one of the greatest sports events of the year. You guessed it March madness. And the best place to stay on top of all the NCAA tournament. Coverage CBS sports HQ, what is CBS forte JR. Q. It is the free twenty four hour sports network. That's built for fans just like you from nonstop highlights. News and analysis CBS sports HQ got you covered checkout. CBS sports HQ. It is always on always free not to pay a subscription fee or have an expensive cable package. Download the CBS sports app on your phone fire TV Roku or apple TV start watching today. A theory Mary draft miss to you. Thank you for joining us today. My name's Ken, Swanson them lead film and draft analyst for aero head pride. This is the AP draft show. And I believe this is our first episode of April for the draft show this year. I'm always by MacOS final on Twitter at Jake Morley. Jake, it is draft this month. My man the really the best month of the year. Oh, yeah. Without a doubt and this year, especially what I mean, you got the draft. Obviously that little things coming up. You've got the master's. You've got the final four. You've got wrestlemainia this weekend. You've also I'm forgetting one thing thrown stats coming out gingers games coming out. There's a lot. There's a lot here. I think the vendors movie comes out during during draft week into it is like the twenty six I did not do a good. Dan, didn't do a fan of a favor for all of us nerds hold on though. Because you member last year we would write each sought. We saw the movie last year on the Friday of draft weaken little kind of a kind of a little history at me, and Jake we actually take the Friday off of draft miss weekend off like we both get off we go do brunch. We go do a movie or something like that. We just clear that whole day and keep it available. Just to kind of soak the whole dry never work the last month of April the last Friday of April in my professional career. I don't think you have thirty. I think you're right bad one of the cool things that's going to be happening is Craig's actually going to be coming up in celebrating drafts with us this year partially because there is a something that is not been announced yet that will be announced here in the near future that we're all really excited about and then, but he's just going to spend the whole weekend with us kicking it question. What who's to captain America? This year's draft class. You're making me think way too hard to circle back to that. Okay. Is this cliffhanger? You're gonna maybe say at the end of the season. Yeah. Okay. Let's do that a couple of housekeeping notes if you like the air. Hi, pride podcast network. Please feel free to give us five star reviews. Apparently, that's a good thing. Speaking of five star reviews Jake today. I just saw an update there's fourteen people that have given the Casey draft guide of five star review. And no one has actually seated yet well to or my parents to know, we got some really trusting people out there. I appreciate this port. I mean that was cool. I really appreciate that. Like just the fact that like someone said today, they gave me they gave us a five star review because they appreciate our work in the effort and put in like, I promise you we have a lot of effort in. We are in the finalisation stage. Everything is edited we are we are finalizing pages as far as kind of just lay in the guide out and all that stuff, and it will be ready on Sunday. And we are ready to launch it on Monday. I am so excited for you guys to see this. If you haven't heard, I I would be surprised if you're listening to this product pockets and have heard we are launching the Casey draft guide. The first ever addition over two hundred twenty five write ups about prospects and how they fit the chiefs. It's over a hundred thousand words, this is a bad. Boy, this thing is huge. And the features that we just got done writing. I am so excited. If you guys to see like, we're gonna talk one one little tease, we are going to do a launch day episode next next week so on Monday when the guide launches we're going to be doing a launch day episode, and I'm really really excited about that. You can still get the guide for seven ninety nine. If you go to gum dot CO slash Casey draft, promo code countdown that we're we're offering it for seven ninety nine still we're not really going to be advertising discounts on once the once the God, actually launches. So you can still preorder at a at a discounted rate. But. Did it before? It's cool. You know, early on this get it before people are talking about it like, oh, hey, did you see her about this case draft guide get it? So you can say, yeah. Known about that for weeks ago. Discounted yet? 'cause I preordered the mount of people that pre-ordered this thing is just absurd. I'm so I thank you guys so much. We got a lot of cover today. We're basically what we're going to do today is we're going to break down kind of what we feel are the pools of players for the first second and third round that that she's have a realistic chance of picking from. Right. You know, because we talk about these scenarios, and we look through all this stuff. But like we kind of just sat down and looked and said, okay. This is kind of the pool of players for round one. This is kind of the pool players for round two. Maybe a couple of guys he might have to move up the board a little bit for in the first and second round, and we'll just start here. Because me, and Jake we're gonna just kind of discuss the first first round, Jake. I don't want to cover every single one of these guys. Because some of these guys we've covered ad nauseam. Like, we've just we've been very on consistently throughout this. But we'll just stop in talk about a couple. So here's kind of where I look at it. And I say, this is I think if you gave me these ten players I feel pretty good about my chances of the chief taking one of these guys. We'll just go down the list, and we sorted these guys I ranked them by where they are in the Casey draft guide. So clone Farrell were higher on him than the league might be. Or maybe there's just too many Ed rushers that are out there right now that, you know, have higher athletic profiles or something Jeffrey Simmons, he is obviously at the injury one of the things that we're not doing in the guide is we're not sorting and moving guys down the board for injury. We are just know tainting and making sure you guys know that those guys have injury history. So Jeffrey Simmons is a guy that were very high. And we still think is a top ten player, greedy Williams to cornerback from LSU. I don't feel great about this one. But I could see the cheese potentially moving up in the. Into the draft to get a guy like greedy, if they're if they're feeling greedy. Byron Murphy had to keep him on there. Johnny Gardner Johnson. The safety from Florida, Jake, what did you think about Chauncey garner? John. I think we might have talked about him a little bit. But what what was your take on Chauncey Gardner? Johnson the safety from Florida. Yeah. I think for us. She seems to be that guy that kind of keeps rising to the top whenever we do our projections about what we think will happen with the draft. I know we've discussed him just you know, you, and I talking about who might be the best player available when that she's pick. And I think you're starting to get into that range because those first four guys that you just talked about maybe might be guys that you'd have to trade out for sure, and they may be guys that fall far enough to do that now Chauncey garnered Johnson may go before twenty nine as well. But I really like his versatility as a safety, and he is a safety, but he's a safety that that can play the back end. He's got good range. I think you can use them in a variety of ways on the really interesting next to the Honey badger of just because both those guys are so versatile. You could use them in a lot of different ways. So think safety, but think more just a coverage player nickel corner. He's got a wide background played outside corner. Played nickel played liked to throw. Oh, the ball in the NFL. Yeah. He's good at covering guys. That catch them the guy that can throw the ball will bit so. Yeah. Chauncey garnered Johnson's he's I think he is kind of like the starting point for where guys could actually be available in the cheese. Select another guy that were kind of pretty high on. I think he's sitting twenty-second on the on the Casey draft guide board right now, we really haven't talked about him his Jerry Tillery long, really good athletic profile. He's a defensive lineman from Notre Dame six six about three hundred pounds moves really. Well, has the length has the density? Good explosiveness off the snap. I think is best football ahead of them. Do we think he can play that strong side D end, I do, and that's too is kind of endearing to us. Like, we were talking with Craig Mattie, you when we mean, Jake, and Craig we basically DM a lot we just we're we're in the DM's on Twitter's just talk through stuff. This is a move for a guy like Tillery would be. A kind of a Chesapeake to you. Could you could play inside and outside? You could get away with him as a strong side defensive end. So you've kind of got some of that diversity of flexibility that you know, it's a good trait to have it. I think Tillerson's best football's ahead of them. So I was gonna say that, you know, the knock on Hillary is people talk about how he may be doesn't love football. It's not as I love, and which is kind of silly. Because it's like your classic football guys talking about someone that likes to read books. Grabble. This guy likes to go to other countries. He could speak four different languages really committed to being a great NFL player. Just like, no, he's just like someone that has interest outside of football. And that doesn't mean he doesn't love. He's actually do. He's kind of he's kind of a nasty player to when I first started watching a little bit on this kind of like annoyed with them too late chill, man. I don't fall on the guys when they're on the ground already. But he's boat which is nice when he's on your team. He's got that little bit of nasty Unum. So I like Tillery I think him in CJ. Cianci garner Johnson or two guys that are starting to rise to the top for me for the chiefs both of us if they if they do stay there at twenty nine yet. I'm feeling I if Jerry Tillery is the pick. I'm very happy. I think I probably one of the higher on him. So in our group and the Seattle he's still around. He might be a guy that just he's good value there. You're probably not getting the same kind of her civility as you're getting Chauncey garner Johnson. But I think you've. Guy. They can play the post, and I know he didn't test particularly well, he's been dealing with some injuries. It seems like but still good football player. Feel like he's gotten past up in the NFL's is too because this is a pretty I mean, there's really no like elite safety in this class. But there's a lot of necesssarily types. I think there's just like I think it's was corner in safety. It's a lot of fit matters. I mean, it is really important for a lot of these guys Gary bradberry. Gotta keep them on the list. We'll see I I would not just from an opportunity perspective. I mean, great football player. I really like this weird. I really like Garry Bradbury. I don't think I want that. She's taking an interior offensive linemen in the first round Amani AURELIA. That's the name of elite name Amani aurea. Penn State cornerback. I think he's he's a guy that like, I don't know if I'm excited that cheeser taking, but I get it. I like him. I. Dislike him either. I think everyone's got like a mid to late second on him. And I think I have a high second late. I your fringe. I I really like there are certain guys that you just watch. And something about them. You just like I felt the same way. When I watched like Travis white is how I felt when I watched or Loria, and I just feel like they're just always in the receivers hip pocket, and they just are springing. They're like the way they move. They just I don't know how to describe it. But you, and you know, what I'm talking about guys you watch. And just like I have a gut feeling about this guy. I really like it. I I would be probably more excited than you guys use the cheese pick. But he's a guy that that I do quite a bit especially in that second tier of corners and talk about another one. But yes, he's probably my top second tiers guy. I think there's there's there's a lot of the second tier guys in the guy that we're gonna talk about is like, I think some people got a little irritated when we mocked just. Lane for Michigan state out there to the chiefs awhile back, but like he's going to go in that range. She's getting to go in that range. I think lanes probably a don't want to call them a last resort kind of pick at twenty nine. But I don't I for us. Like, he's probably not at the top of the tier? I think we have him in the late thirties as far as our position or as our as our overall big board rankings. So it's not like a guy that compared to others. You're you're through the mood about necessarily, but the athletic profile is exceptional. I think he's I think he's another guy his his developmental Archies still in his infant stages. Developing a cornerback and he's got the Linke's got the ball skills. There's a lot to like about him. I think he's probably a little bit more raw probably not as much plug and play as other guys. But I think if you took that pool right there. I think there's a decent chance that that. She's next pick is is in that pool. Jake. We're going to bring Matty on a second. But first I want to just kind of ask you, we we're gonna do this consistently throughout this whole leading up to the process. Give me another day three sleeper. Yes, I have one for you. This is a guy we have not talked about it all he's got a name that sounds like a few other guys in this draft class. But this is just Shawn Johnson, the Jewish Sean from Texas Tech. He is a fun day three type guy. He is not someone I would want to bring in and have to rely on to be my starting safety because he's a little bit smaller. He did not test. Like I thought he would like I saw on tape. He actually ran like the four six range, and he's like barely pushing five ten one eighty five one ninety. But I think he's a guy that he he's got exceptional closing speed. And if you if you Twitter searches nee. That's what you'll what you will see because that's like his best trait. And that's what people have kind of clung onto when they will Jif of him and stuff like that. But it's true you'll see him just absolutely fly onto the screen and cut down ball carriers or or make a play on the ball. So I think he's got the ability to kind of play that on the back end in kind of being a racer in some capacity. He did not test. Well said so that is troubling. But that's also why he's going to be a day three guy. But I would not be surprised at all to see Shawn Johnson beyond an NFL team be on a team for a long time, and and find some type away to contribute, and that's kind of the route. I went with this day three type because there are some day three types in like, I'm looking at yours, and I think you'll get into this. But there are some day three types that you just take a swing for the fences because they have all the traits. There are other day three types that maybe or limited in some capacity, but they have some ability that you think they will be a contributor on your team for a while. So I think that's. Of how and that's the mold Shawn Johnson fits is someone that you're going to draft and hope that he can contribute in some way or another probably hopefully never as like a fulltime starter. But maybe like a nickel type safety to play in certain packages, and so on and so forth. Yeah. I mean, you're right. There's some sometimes you shoot for the fence swing for the fences on profile. Sometimes you just swing on guys that have a lot of production college. And there's there's kind of two lines of thinking or some guys kind of caught in the middle. My guys Corey Ballantyne in the backyard of the candidacy cheese from Washburn. I'm really I the I watched him a little bit this week again because I wrote about him on for the twenty five days a draft miss profiles that were doing on air with pride in. I mean, I'm just I'm a fan of his I like some personal stuff like from the backstory kind of talking to him at the senior bowl guy came from Jamaica. He's lived into PK his whole life. He's a track star as well. As a football. Player. I'm a fan of his background. He's he he's he's been in the area this whole time. And wouldn't you watched him at the senior bowl early on? He looked overwhelmed during the process early in the process when we were interviewing when he's doing the media stuff. He looked overwhelmed win, you know, they got him the field the first day room kinda rough right? I don't think he was accustomed to the speed of the came. He was a little bit too Hansie us out beyond his frame too much. And then slowly. But surely as the day went on he just got better and better, and I'm a big fan of Corey Balentine. And I think he's another guy. I keep saying this today's best football's ahead of him. I think he's got developmental traits that you like tested well performed well at the NFL combine and I'd love to take a look at him in the later rounds. We're going to bring Matt onto talk about the second round pool. Right after this get your brackets ready, March madness here and the best places they on top of all the NCAA tournament. Coverage. CBS sports HQ CBS sports HQ is a free twenty four hour sports network. That's built for fans just like you from nonstop highlights to news and analysis. CBS sports HQ got you covered by cutting through the noise of hot takes fake debates to get smart analysis, and helpful highlights for your fantasy teams and beyond checkout. CBS sports HQ. It's. Always on and always free. No need to pay a subscription fee or have an expensive cable package. Download the CBS sports app on your phone fire TV Roku or apple TV to start watching today. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosted Emma, finding if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out our weekly show. The a our each Monday, we speak with the top athletes of MA from world. Champions two rising stars also bring you in-depth analysis on technique in our Monday morning, endless segment. We talked to some of the brightest minds in the game. We answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional finding find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. Vitam on Twitter at chief in Carolina, Mattie lane. You guys can't see, but the guns are out tonight. Yeah. It's like eighty degrees. Carolina. The windows are open. It's a little sweaty. So not at work at home. You're lucky. I put a shirt on for this. Really? I've just I'm just happy for you. Not eating lunch at ten o'clock your time actively just eight right before we started this. Of course, you did always eating that is also met Manny, you'll have you'll be happy. Dull media Cipolla today changes you'd still get quadruple rice, or whatever kind of weird thing. Doubled the rice. I have. No shame. Sorry. I'm sorry. Only. Don't listen to can't. I know it hurts the soul. No, just stop. Okay, mattie. I wanted to go over the second round pool we kind of been workshop and this just talking about like if the cheese stay at sixty one and sixty three or if they move up a little bit. We kind of see this this is kind of a realistic pool players that they could slick some slick from. So let's let's just all this these corners corner. Trayvon. Tremont Trayvon Molin from Clemson Joe Williams from Vanderbilt rock, yes. In from temple de'andre Baker from Georgia. We've talked a lot about those guys. I want you to talk about your guy a little bit Sean bunting from central Michigan. Yeah. So the chiefs are going to be saying here at the end of the second round. And I think there's a good chance to chiefs are still going to be looking at like a tier to kind of corner from the Strath class just like a general guy that I would ring alot Byron Murphy, and greedy Williams, everybody below that. And it's probably a good ten players deep. I'm calling tier two corners. So the urge to pick one of those guys at the end of the first round isn't huge anymore because there's such a small difference between that and this group of guys that we're talking about here at the end of the second round. So whether you wanna take Justin lane or Amani, oh, you warriors at the end of the first round, that's fine. But Sean buntings a guy that you could get at the end of the second that is a century to me the same player if not graded even a little bit better than some of them. He's equally as good of an athlete. Same long athl-. Attic frame. He tested off the charge. Just like both of them. And yeah, he's a little raw just playing it central Michigan. But he's a guy that you watch him and his level of competition. He beats these receivers up off on the scrimmage. He's got some of the better pressman reps that you're going to see you at any of the corners in this clashes pushing guys out of bounds and get it helps playing some lower competition, but he played against Anthony Johnson buffalo, he plead against both draftable Toledo wide receiver. So he played some guys that are going to be in the league, and you got to fix a few transitions and just little stuff like that. Like, you're going to any corner. But the athlete upside in the physicality through the roof, so he just one of my favorite guys and that tiered to group of corners, and we can have the Lucas locomotive and the bunting bus the exact same time. So we're building this entire locomotive like transportation type team in the secondary. Are we the jets the chiefs? That was a terrible joke. But I don't even care because I'm just at this point as push as as we've done the last three months we're wearing down. Okay. Charles bennie. You defensive end plays edge at Texas. Tell me what you think about him. I'm a fan of. I know you kind of have a you like him. Don't love maybe. Yeah. He's okay. To me. He's like the picture. Perfect ideal defensive end for Steve spagnuola defense right now from what we're seeing the guys we've brought in from what we've just seen about his place down everything we've heard like he fits the mold perfectly. But same thing. I don't love him. I fully get why that she's going gonna like them have been interested in him at both the senior bowl and the combine he's big he's long. He's pretty strong. He has the ability to kick inside if you want to from time to time, but he definitely plays the best kind of lined up as between a four which is going to be just off the inside shoulder of the tackle or playing right off the outside shoulder of the tackle. That's read it as best. He plays through the tackle. He's long uses a good rip dip up underneath and pretty much. That's what we're gonna end with him. Because again, he's not my favorite guy. I don't think he shows bend in the hips. And I don't think he's powerful enough to really be the best our rusher out there. He's. A guy. It's a good at everything not great at anything. So he's definitely got odd. Feel more comfortable around three. But if you want them you're going to go round to. Yeah. I think that's where he's gonna wind up is that late round three cheese. Take many you've got Aqaba Okeafor and many, Hugh you got Brees Linden. The three owes like that. That's happening. Safe and kill red Rover team there, by the way, like imagine trying to bust through some of those long Armstrong dibs. Oh, no. There's no way. I mean, all they all they all come from the Steve Spagnolo lab from for edges just long. Yeah. So. Safeties Taylor at Jonathan everyone. We've talked a lot about them. Why receivers keen Butler, you got Devaux Samuel third rec- round think we've talked a ton about and he just had his pro day on Thursday JJ or Sega Whiteside from Stanford right and JJ cigarettes guy wanted to talk about because we haven't talked about him. And actually I've been pretty low on him compared to some other people out there. There's people that absolutely love his tape like some people have wide receiver one two three kind of range, and like I get it into completely fair in the process like he's similar to Kim baller. Even though I didn't like his tape near as much. He's a very tall long wide receiver that is very athletic for a size, and if you're gonna play the same car that I do the team Butler that he has real wide receiver one potential because he's already very good and dominant at one specific trait and has the ability to play in the slot or outside. It's only fair that I mentioned that J J or Sega Whiteside is in the exact same boat. He's a dominant jump ball guy. Even though he doesn't even. Jump that much. She just bought his players out. He literally plays power forward in the end zone. And he boxes out guys. Like, no one I've ever seen in the game of football. Besides tight end. And he doesn't leave his feet. He just shoves guys out of the way using his but not gonna cuss on this podcast is the family podcast. Can't come on now. And then so yeah, I just wanted to bring them up a little bit. He read a four four nine. I believe is where we're sitting at four four eight in the forty right now had thirty four inch jump almost a ten foot broad. So he tested explosive and fast didn't necessarily see it on the film. But again, this is a guy that has the size and the ability to play in the slot and on the outside and be a good player going forward. So if you want him you're going to hope he's their second round. I think he's enticing like Akeem Butler is for the same reasons for the GPS. Matt a little scared ask you this next question. Oh, here we go. Day three sleeper. Give me one. All right. So it's only fitting that we talked a little bit earlier about the guns being out because I have on sleeveless shirt because I don't think my guy porter Guston has worn sleeves in about five years, which is phenomenal. It's perfectly on brand. This is a dude that lives in the gym. He tries weird diets all the time and lives by these crazy diets, and that's something that just. Researching. What porter Guston puts into his body. It's like the first Google thing that comes up about his rehab. I think it was the rehab from the torn bicep last year. So you let me get back to the player Kent. Please continue the reason that he's a day three sleeper is because got ten injury history had a broken toe going into two thousand seventeen then he tore his biceps the shutdown two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen he came out on five seven and a half sacks through six games. And then unfortunately, a bone spurn his ankle he got pushed landed on awkwardly and his ankle broke. So the gods been injured he came out performed everything at the combine and test like in the league athlete. He's legitimately an elite athlete coming off this injury. And we're talking about him going in the third round or the third or fourth round here. And so he fits the spagnuola criteria that we're gonna talk about considering up all the way to the draft about length height size and weight, he's super strong, and these are all things that matter just these Nolan what I really like about him despite fitting all the size criteria. He's got some juice. He's got the ability to actually been the edge a little bit. And that's where it really impresses me as he fits the mold. But he plays an entirely different style than Brillon speaks or Alex Ogle for. Or Charles or Charles M in you. Yeah. But it's a little little things like that. They got really enticing by him. And again, he fits my brand. He's everything that I am about guys that I love football. He's got a man bun. He's got a beard and he lives in the gym. That's an instant first rounder. If it wasn't for the injuries. Where's your men? But Matty, when I get one you've talked about this before my wife will not let me grow up my hair because once it gets to about four inches. This thing starts to curl, and we get a little bit of a fro going on. It's not pretty. Oh, my your Cory Matthews. We're not gonna go there. I'm not digging spot with the response to imagine Mattie lane Jake with a Cory Matthews throw. Yeah. It's a little it's a little wave your of curls. But yes, very curly hair. If it starts to grow out, you definitely agree. You're out in high school. Absolutely not. I bet you I'm gonna go back. I'm gonna go creep on Facebook. Okay. I wanna ask you this one question. Schwedt twenty nine asks I great question. Jake answer. We're going to answer later, you lead us off on this one favorite names in the draft last year. I really like me if it's Patrick Armani. Watts Hercules to Africa give me one all. So my favorite is an off all one backer from Akron named Ulysses Gilbert and only for the reason that he obviously sounds like a president, but even more. So you see a guy you listen. And then you see them in shorts, and we're getting back to the brand this dude had legs assize at tree trunks and his name's leasees Gilbert, that's just an instant win for me. Yeah. No. That's a good. That's a good point. I think he did he go to the struggles. That right. Yeah. I believe it was the shrine. Yeah. The shrine game. And they had the picture of them. But I just remember laughing at his name when I heard it because you listen, he's Gilbert does not sound like a football player. It's better than being the small headed pass rusher. But the name did not sound like football player. But then you just see the picture of the big legs. Magic to the the name. We're set. That's thought him on Twitter at TV Carolina. Thanks, bud. I'm on Twitter at barley, hop, Craig style. So but. Not much man today has been the day from hell, I'm so glad to be sitting down here talking with you guys about football right now this really excited talking about football with us right now, though. That's that is exactly how bad my day has been. I would I I'm loving talk to you guys. Now that is rough. Yeah. Yeah. It's rose. Hop or the hop harvest just not not fruitful this year. No, actually. No. The hops are doing great growing right away. The William Mets are only one that haven't really sprouted buds yet the rest. I don't really know. What you're nobody wants to. I don't know. Trying to get at. But I'm really excited to be talking sports ball with you as. But I I am too. I guess. Okay. Third around player pool. Kind of. Been deconstructing and looking at like a pool of players that could realistically be in the first the second. Now, we're going to give you the hard one Craig because your day hasn't been has been just way too easy. So let's talk a little bit about the third around player pool. We kind of been working through this. I'm gonna have you talk about a few players guys that we think that she's realistically. Take in the third round tristen hill defensive lineman from central Florida. Jalen, just they just need to take them. Trysted Hilda matter what if. No matter what get the get the post. It note out. Write it down. You wanna know something do you know, what the anti Tristan hill is the next guy? Ferguson. The next guy on the list. I mean, honestly, this is the right spot for him though. There's rights go I want you to talk about Jim L dean because I don't think we spent a lot of time him the cornerback from Auburn. What do you think about him because he tested phenomenally? He tested super phenomenal. He ran a four three forty. He had a forty one inch vertical in one hundred thirty inch broad. He's a guy that just lit up. The combine put him on a lot of guys radars. He that speed shows up on onscreen. He's a guy that can cover every single receiver in the NFL vertically problem is he's just got really stiff hips, and that's why he's gonna fall to this point. He struggles a little bit with some of his route recognition, but he does have some pretty decent ball skills, and that speed and the link that he has I mean, he's a six one two six corner. So he's well built he's going to come up and tackle. And he's just a guy that fits a lot of the things. Steve's bag Nola wants out of his corners. He just has a little bit of rigidity and tightness coming in and out of breaks. That's what's going to drive them down the the draft board. Honestly, I think he's a safety. Yeah. I think you could be a safety too. That would kinda limit some of his hip rigidity on the back end there. He certainly got the speed to and his rangy enough to kind of play back there. I'd worry a little bit about his route recognition, but in Brown three getting an athlete like that. You're just gonna take that. Okay. Keep going down the list is as Johnson cornerback tested exceptionally as well all these kind of guys definitely tested, a high level a guy. We haven't talked about a lot Jake or Craig that I think you should kind of dress drew tranquil the linebacker from Notre Dame drew tranquil guy that I really really like watching him play. He's a tone setter. He's a converted safety. So he's got coverage ability, but he's just a little bit small, and he's got injuries that have kind of loaded them up a little bit. He's torn both of his ACL's. He's just kinda got nagging injuries. One of those guys that you know, several times as you're watching games you see him go to the sideline because he gets he gets dinged up. And he's gotta be. Looked at. So he he's a guy that has everything that teams are going to want out of a will linebacker coverage ability. He can hit he's got sideline to sideline range. He can set an edge against tight ends as well. He's a guy that's going to get drafted and play. Really? Well, when he can be on the field his problems just that he can't get on the field all that much Andy's already twenty four. So can't hate him. Of course. I mean, if if you're not if you're over twenty four older like your your dinosaur, you're dead to Kent. Yeah. Blake Cashman linebacker from Utah. We talked about him foster Moreau the tide from LSU. We've talked a lot about Jay stern burger from Texas. AM David Montgomery from Iowa State scary, Terry MacLaurin, the wide receiver from Ohio State won last guy. Want to talk about Riley rigidly wide receiver from Georgia. Jake. I know you kind of the primary guy on this. What do you think about him is Blake Cashman from Utah? Yeah. Late cashman. Who's the Minnesota kid? Minnesota. No, the Utah, kids Cody Barton. Sorry. Yeah. This is my phone. Hey, seeing I'm on top of things bellies. You good thing. I don't have this mental fatigue bomb. I'm paying my stride. Yeah. So Blake Cashman from Minnesota. Minnesota Minnesota I feel really bad because I just stereotype white linebackers. Well. Not much better soda. Oh, yeah. Anyways, anyways, Riley Ridley from Georgia. I do not like him as much as some other people. Do he's not a guy that I just see a clear path to success in the NFL. So even in the third round, I wouldn't be super wild about it. I would much rather have like a scary. Terry rally really is not as big as some people think he is. He's like six foot one ninety. He did not test. Well, he's not a good looking athlete on film, in my opinion. And I don't really see what people love about his routes. It's not a super Vance route tree and they're not great. So in the third round wouldn't be van. And adding onto that like from a production standpoint, it wasn't like he was overly productive player, Georgia either. So you've got a limited athlete. I didn't think he separated at a high level. And there wasn't a ton of production there either. Like, it's a weird combination for everybody be. So highly regarded Craig do you have any thoughts on reality? Really? I mean, I would say that I'm probably higher on him than you too. I like him. I think he's very smooth and very fluid and especially with his releases. He can get off the release really well, and maybe part of that's because I watched a lot of teams play against Georgia reviewing cornerback. So I watched Riley Ridley beat up on a lot of guys that are going to be drafted in this draft class at cornerback. He gave Joe on Williams fits in that Georgia offense. So I think that he does have a path to success. But yeah, I'm with Jake. I think he's falling to little more. I expected him to be a better athlete than he. Was. Yeah. It wasn't great day. Three sleepers. Jay won't you won't you give me the data me sleeper because we've been doing that last couple of weeks. Yeah. This is a guy that immediately. When I watched him, I screamed this is Steve Spagnolo edge defender Austin Bryant out of Clemson. And when I say days three I mean day three we're talking maybe round six seven. He's a guy that is long and he's strong. He's down to get the friction. We say that every week and every week live. He's six four he's to seventy one and he's got freakishly long arms. He's a guy that played really well off of Christian Wilkins, and stunted and twisted. Really? Well, as an edge player, he played opposite Cleland feral a lot. He definitely benefited by not being the guy in that four man rotation there. But he's a guy that I think makes some sense based on what Spag no likes out of his edge defenders and a guy very late in the in the draft there. He's going to be a guy that is just going to stick around because he's a good football player. He's just kind of capped athletically, and physically so he just makes it a lot of sets based on the rest of the players that they've added so far you look at like two years ago. He's one of those guys that people thought was a top fifty prospect two years ago, you know, like there's a lot of guys that wind up falling. You know way. Back over time. But like Austin Bryant was a guy that people were like this guy's a first round prospect like two years. Lutely, absolutely. He was a four star top fifteen nationally coming out of high school. I mean, he's a dude everybody loved he just never really got to that point. He's just not that kind of athlete. It was part of that group of Clemson de Lyon that we question do they have four first round players on their defensive line. Yeah. And no. They might have three. Next goes. Bri-? Aegis got clumped together with. Big Wilkin, big Wilkin, Dexter Lawrence and clone feral. I mean, they have top fifty third. They're all going fifty and Bryant just got clump together with them. So of course, eleven years from now Austin Bryant is going to be celebrating super successful NFL career while we're talking about the three other. She's didn't make a second contract of the draft. We're gonna be complaining that the ravens paid him twenty million dollars going, man. What is he going to do with this contract and just you know, rack up ten sacks year? Yeah. That sounds about right. Okay. Sweb Twenty-nine asked. I had had Mattie into this already favorite name in the draft. Oh, this is easy for me. So you only talk talk. Oh, my guy. Sam linebacker, donate Taki Taki. He's my guy. That's my favorite name in the draft right there. Even more than Joe on jo-hun. Joe haunt that is barley up. Everybody's at chief of the verge has podcast every week called the verge cast my friends, Paul Miller, indeed or bone. We've got a rotating cast of characters from our entire site, which is about technology, how it impacts culture, and how that is all a big cycle that causes us to have a wide variety of feelings that you can listen to every Friday we've done over three hundred six years since has been around. But you only need to listen to one the latest one to get caught up on everything in tech. News virtue is on apple podcasts. Spotify everywhere else. You listen to podcasts. Check it out. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart. It seems mart as show about people doing things that for some reason or another seem smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall, don't do anything smart. We're going to close this thing out with a mail bag today. Jake, I want to start with web twenty nine th question favorite name in the draft. There's a lot of good options. But I really like. Sheldrick ray. Show that red wine. I think he's gonna make a play in the NFL. Like, I would love it. If that stadium would play that song, and he's the safety from Miami's actually pretty good. He's not bad. Here's the thing about this year's draft is kind of weird guys like rock ya sin and oceans Zimmer this we've been talking about for like weeks. So it's like not as fun to talk about a guy like that. Right. You know, like, the those names like are very common. Everybody is saying so like, I don't I that's not fair. Let me go with the let's see here. Let me give you a good one. I like little Jordan Humphry. Will jordan? He's got L I L on his name. Did you know the story? Do you know the story behind that? I don't. So when he was born his older brother is a huge Michael Jordan fan. And so he wanted to name them my Jordan by after Michael Jordan, and his mom was like, nah, little comb a little germ. Screw star. Google is real. I don't know. I don't know if that's the exact dialogue that happened. But yes, no, his older brother is Michael Jordan fan and his mom named him little Jordan. Okay. That kind of made my day that that made a rough day. Very good. That's not real real. Wow. Okay. I think that's even in the guide might have made it in the guy. Art. I haven't I haven't read all two hundred and twenty-five ride ups yet. And I haven't read little Jordan Humphries because he's weighed on at the top of your list. Hamp Cheever's just a phone to say is Brutus Cornelis asks if if all over falls Ed over at what number do, you think the the cheese would trade up for him? So I think I don't think that they would trade up to like fifteen to go get a guy like at all over. I think it would just kind of be one of those situations where if fell to where they could give their third into the early twenties. That's where they would wind taking Oliver. He's not I don't know if he's a guy that they would be really aggressive to acquire. But be oppertunistic with right? Yeah. And I think you'd have to start thinking too. If he's falling in the first place because NFL scouting department's view him differently than we on Twitter do so would the chiefs even tried out for them would they value in that high? Why would they think differently than everyone else? Hopefully because they're smarter and they go do it. Right. But carried out, but I don't know. I would. Yeah. I agree with you. I think he would need to probably fall into the early twenties. And then where it's just like, you know, we're not giving up a tone to go get him. But we'd like them enough that we're just going to make it happen. Andrew Metcalfe seven asks what are the chances that the cheese draft a linebacker in the first three rounds? I don't think it's super high. I mean, they've spent a lot of early assets and a lot of money at the linebacker position. You've got door, you know, Daniel with a third around pick. And you know, this year's fourth is being spent on Reggie Ragland. And they spent a lot of money on Anthony Hitchens like that's not a position where I think you can go in use one of your four best assets to address that position. Maybe if if they were it would be a Sam they would be trying to identify more of a rush Sam type player like that. That's the only thing that makes sense to me when it comes to the linebacker position. Well, also, there's not a linebacker were taking in the first three. Around. That's not named Devon. Through Wilson, you could probably make a case for he would be the only one I probably as for the the linebacker market is weird in the straffed because you've got very top-heavy. But then it's everything else is just day. Three guys. More very close today. Three guys. It's it's bizarre. At Tisza l- sage elite that's an elite named Jake and Tisza sage asks if Hopkinson TJ Hopkinson falls to twenty one in no big defensive players are on the board. Do you risk it all and go get him? This is kind of one of those the same things that all over. I don't know. If I go train for TJ Hopkinson because I think TGI fantastic football player. Do not gave me wrong. He's one of the ten best players in this class. But do you trade up for a tight end give up your third round pick? Because that's getting the twenty one that's gonna cost you ninety two. It's going to cost you pick ninety two to get all the way up there. So you're going to do that. And then you're gonna have a tied in address, and you're gonna have sixty one in sixty three to make your defense better. And you're not gonna have ninety two to move up in the second round. And you're you're basically stuck waiting until whatever's left at corner, I don't like your flexibility there to maneuver the board to try. To address the cornerback position. I think that's that's that's a tough tough move to make and on top of it when you're gonna drop. TJ Hawkins seemed to come in and not be your future tied end. 'cause you have Travis Kelsey. So to be a second tied, and I would much rather as much as I love TJ Hopkinson to me like he's atop seven player in this draft class. But if I'm the chiefs, I would rather just take foster Moreau or like hallway warring in the third round. And let him be that second tight end. And honestly, I don't think the drop offs going to be that different. When you're not asking them to be like your feature number one tight end. Yeah. I mean hawks has better. But they hawk hawk is going to have a specific role in that offense. That is not being the feature tight end. I think it would be he'd be playing more in line. So I said foster. Those you can do that for sure now at the same level. But you talk about your cost efficiency. Yeah. I wouldn't give up ten to get Hopkinson. If on the cheese, I wouldn't either. It's nothing on the player because he's awesome chief in West Virginia asks if there is one quarter, you could see the cheese realistically taking that could come in compete for a starting role. Who would it be? I mean, I think there's a few that actually could guy like Justin lane. I think is going to take a little bit of time. This question in context, or they do you think they're talking about the first round or maybe like a more of a made around guy that can compete for. I started asking general. So I mean, I think if you're taking a guy in the first round. Yeah. You'd better better Opie is going to come in and compete for a starting job. I don't know. I'm not sure like Justin lane probably could. But I don't know if you would right away. He might be a guy that takes some time develop. I think Monty or are you probably could. Compete right away. I just think it just kind of pens on like, that's I think that this is kind of that the rue of the chiefs issues at the cornerback position when it comes to this draft because you've got a lot of guys that have good athletic profiles that that that are that need a lot of work like, Sean bunting and just lane and. Like Isaiah Johnson. The good productive corners that have a lot of experience have a lot of production in college or bad athletes like like de'andre Baker. I was just going to say to you. I think that is in that kind of the case for Jeon dre Baker anyways, drafting a guy that you don't think is maybe ever going to be a Pro Bowl type player, but he's going to be a competent NFL starter. And so what point do you take a guy like that? If you're especially if you're the cheese that they just need. Busy bodies out there that can play an NFL level. And I think the Andrea Baker is that it's a new, and that's why I think those questions pretty new awesome. That's actually a really good question. Because you gotta look at it a lot of different ways the talent level the defense the range in which they're taking them. And then like de'andre Baker could probably play pretty early for the chiefs. I don't think the Andre Baker. I don't think the reason be Andre Baker could be available to the sixty one is because of his football ability though, right? The question marks are starting to come out about character and coach ability and effort and all that stuff. So I think Baker I think Baker probably I think he could compete right away. But it's it's the other stuff that is having him fall. The quarterback the quarterback situation. Guys is it's the most fascinating piece of this whole thing. And it's I I'm stressed about it just trying to play the game myself working through all these these these scenarios, there's not a great. Way to approach the cornerback position. And the cheese have a lot of decisions make trying to trade for one makes a lot of sense. I get why they would try to do that. That's going to do it for this week's episode. Thank you for joining us. We will be back on Monday four launch show for the KC draft guide. Thank you guys so much for listening. We'll talk to you. I'm Spencer hall by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny, we combined. We form the shutdown full tried keep telling you this forecast is technically a college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster. We grocery stores we live Tennessee Batman homeowners. Associations, bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. 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