Vasiliy Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez I Think The Minimum Will be Three Million Viewers


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Forget that it's free and because that's he'll fema was wishing the day do three million views i. think that's possible. Man I think that's possible. We're GONNA jump right into it. Good morning in Canada good morning in Corpus Christi. The keen killer would up good morning was in. Jersey what up? What up we ready we ready. You wouldn't let them all know the my titles today. Yes. At one thirty were scheduled to do Mario Mongolia's. Guardian. UNGAR Guardian on guarded I'm sorry I sent entitled Okay I thought it was gonNA rapid school when thirty work well, I had a lot of people schedule we also got. Good man in Washington scheduled for twelve thirty. So we got a lot of unguarded episodes and we have Anthony Queen, City Cobra scheduled for five thirty all these times eastern. So you're going to be having three on guarded episodes. Today plus abetting show today and this fine morning show day. Word Word Word betting shows going to be good especially if you are. Francis and ness who are going with deal theme Oh and he's got some underdog money to make. So I'm looking forward to hearing y'all's parlays and ideas I'm not gonNA, take any of them because obviously I believe is going to win. But I don't know. I, think if you, I'll put it this way if it's something sex not sexy enough but in terms of like. If, the money's right I may put something down. You know even though I think is GonNa win I don't have a dog in the fight so I'll be happy if the owens and makes me a almost SALANI. Your mind. Though y'all Lomas, his buried, he's not even riding with the hundred annual man. He's not even from the central man what's happening with homes With Prima homes. WAS A. Mexican stuck together man you know Yo yo mean you 'cause we were supposed to be like this I don't tell me This Tommy. Craig Jones. No Sir I m WANNA. Thank Madam says another day now, the opportunity. Of all second of all, I. Definitely. GonNa take the under on the three million minimum people office I'm taking on under. Y You Do is. Let me let me help you a bit. Let me. Go ahead. Maybe maybe you guys could. Know for fact, purposes. I. Like to just say Shit and hope that I'm right that being said I'm. I'm. Pretty sure. Crawford. Has Done two point, six, two, point seven, even three, million with. Less attractive names. Let's just say you know coffered being the whole draw. and. Still drawing that many views you understand if he's fight and Ben, Evita's they hit a c Crawford year that fight has some build up and it was a Mexican Sarcasi- but that did good numbers. Then he forecast Alaska's that get the number. And it's on ESPN I'm using it as as a barometer because he's on ESPN. Invest Chango when I just feel like. If he's fighting who he's fighting. This is a unification. This is a super fight. This is something we want. This is something where the communities Kinda split man I woke up to messages all day Lopez Wins Lopez knocks him out people that hit me up in in a minute Lopez gets the win so. A lot of people money coming in on Lopez lay. I just feel like this three million ain't nothing think about it Keith Thurman Three Million Dollars to settle Lopez damn near like Keith Thurman Four or five million with Robert Ruined Danny like yacht tripping yacht tripping not only. Detractors bemoaned. COSI talking might take an under under Brad people doing the under with regular fighters, not with a tear Fema Lopez of the Seattle Magenta across the corner. Yoda. At Miami Go I. No No. Listen I'm just GONNA say before you go on picking the over but go ahead I'll let you explain. Yeah. The reason why the reason why I'm picking over number come with the facts with the Sorry the under sorry been factored it and I can give you the article to the most viewed fight. Since the pandemic has happened is Uganda's versus Rommel's. At one point six. Exactly went to. Half the know half the number, three, million, the number. Dude, we never heard of come on. Chill. Chisel Long. This is this is what I'm saying to you now if you think about that, right It's fight is going to be on ESPN. There are other things there other sports taking place when you guys fight habit was really nothing going on. That was like really at the tip of the pandemic. was looking for something as entertainment. So the next best thing was to watch the. Guys fight and Fox did a good job of promoting it. So that's all you've seen during the pandemic pandemic new guys fight. So that's why. You trigger going to be just. Really. They might go to five, but they're not going over three million I'm taking I could be wrong but wasn't on a Sunday. Off New. He Bust on a Sunday with non sexy opponent day own right on to eighty and if I don't if I don't if I'm not mistaken there were there were there was NBA playoffs that week are that that Sunday as well, and that brings us to our first super chat of the day from Robert Singleton shoutouts you says, no, NBA finals no NFL, this fight doing three million y'all not only that but baseball could wrap itself up today and put us in a situation where we wouldn't even have baseball and that's not happening. That's happening. So you know that you know that I. Started making. Got Me happening. You got me man you got me maybe lose the money, but that's show. You know. Atlanta was going to the playoffs. Sure. Listened to that. You know on the Astro. Fan. Know that was biased. So I can't take full blame. No swing. Back to I'm picking to eighty to eighty, two to ninety on. Saturday three, million, three, hundred, sixty. Right Now Mama said. Aymara. After hearing the real fact, he's GonNa Bring the facts. After he heard I will say I'm going to point eight nine three. That was always by picking. Nine, nine four, that's not picking the underdog. You made it seem like you ain't believe. To be like a over. Three million I'm taking the under. The MIC that's the that's the that's Ovando is you're going to go over onto they looking for a minimum of three million. Over I think they get the minimum. It's too many other fights. I think at least they get the minimum lease. That's like a low number three, million for two dudes. That's that's pretty known in boxing. Let's let's be honest or let let's at least. -cation that is an impressive number. Still you're saying that's a low number because of what your expectations are but three million would be a great number if that's what they were to turn in I. Think it will be yeah I think so too man listen the one thing I feel like we didn't get into last night is just the the EPA kness of this weekend's fight you know I was watching everything really I could yesterday you know through my run I watched the first of the whatever it's called blood sweat and tears i. Watched the second one I got to re watch the full press conference because I didn't catch the first like ten twenty minutes and I'll tell you right now this has all the feels of a big time fight like they said something really interesting. It was like if this is the epitome of boxing boxing coming back then this is what super bowl is you know for us we don't get like one day where there's a super bowl I mean obviously, you know certain dates have their prestige Mexico independence single the mile, etc the Puerto Rican. Prayed that said, we don't have our super bowls come in. You know when they come in when we get the big fights, this is the super bowl. That's what it feels like to me everybody that I know that normally doesn't talk boxing is talking boxy with me. You know I saw people at the gym last night just me watching the screen with the OFI Mohammed Tanko do you Like I. Don't know who you are but hell you watching that like you know what? I'm saying like you're watching it too. So if you haven't already done, so don't forget to subscribe to the Youtube Channel Help us get to that hundred and seventeen thousand goal with working overhead. Listen three million is is a minimum in my opinion I think that's that's nothing they pick that up nobody paying for this. You know you could just get on ESPN. We're in a pandemic most people are still home I think this is a safe number honestly, very safe when you compare it to some of the other people that have come in. And around this number and it wasn't a fifty fifty five. This sixty forty, sixty, forty on our poll sixty, forty we split unit I. Mean. So there's a WHO's more cash. Who's WHO's more of a crossover draw -til female or Loma Janko Crossover allstate you'll females got the better potential. He speaks English and Spanish. He's he's Latman. I mean. They all have glove spot point and he young his career. So these kind of carried I don't understand what's your point my point is like. Start is the bigger star for the casual like. All you need. I was beating. Over three, we're going get over three million boxing fans to. Check this out. So check this out. This is where I get him now, and honestly I disagree. But I think that you have a really good point here. You're say that you're saying that the FEMA is the draw in this situation or the person most likely to have crossover appeal. Yes. He has not even come close to reaching what his potential and height would be. So how is it on the back of him going to reach these numbers I I understand that that's a valid point i. To, add to it necessarily same that was dogging Carlos talking about they were GonNa do or would they wanted over three hundred fifty pay per view buys you know what? I mean an eight. You comparing apples and oranges eighty dollars in free turning on my TV. Telhami. Remote. ESPN. LISTEN ESPN I. Pairs. Knows Lopez as the person that's carrying versus loan with Chango, but to the casual and store if that's a good point talk of. So here's my counter. That's a good point his counter you don't have to know either man. You. Don't have to know either man. You just know that they're average advertising to the casual fan as all the belts punch versus boxer young versus old. It's all. It has all the elements that has all elements it's going to be spending. A lot of people who don't believe in in combat sports like that anyways to be on TV to be shown. So they're definitely not going to tune into that type of fight. So we're hoping that. Casual. What you say who's not who's not in a combat sport what happened there I'm saying there there are people out there who are are petitioning for combat sports to be taken off television you didn't hear. I don't know anything about that. But I all I know is that combat supposes doing numbers we just. We're talking about able Rommel's versus guys doing one point six though do you understand that that's three four times devante Davis is fucking numbers on showtime ever in his life ever in life? No. No. Not during the pandemic dog Juventas never done over six hundred thousand. Do you know that? I so so for you guys to do one point six. On. Though we're almost I mean it's just simple math. I think I think this is crazy that we even debating it but I guess is good for the show I. I can't see. Crawford doing damn near two point six KAVALIAUSKAS maybe. You telling me the Tia Fema Lopez dude the ESPN has been calling pound for pound number. One for like two years can't do three mill. You are rare because he don't. English that will. ALMA. They're gonNA try and sell Lopez to to the most. To, the ESPN public as as a young Latino to check up becoming fighter. Over to email Francis don't forget this. They're promoting Lopez not only to the ESPN public. The ESPN depor says public I e end their portes you got one Monday hallmark. Talking about him you got add Morris talking about him in Spanish to the Spanish community. You've got. Mars. Coming out this morning or rather last night morning for me say into saying Yo I'm picking Te'o before I go to sleep, I just want you to know I'm picking Corp conceal come on man look. You know what only where everybody's These these boxers in are stepping up in their riding. We would you know I can tell you that right now you know what I'm saying earl allied big-name fighters admires they all riding with him so that might help him to get that number over the Hump because they might be on this social media like Yo- Teofisto fighting right now y'all tune in. But outside of just off the strength of both of them, I just didn't see it. That was just my take on it. Here's the thing we all have to understand that that the Internet and. Sports are they're they're they're dominated by Bros. you know what I'm saying, Joe Rogan type dudes or I guess the dudes that are Indo, Rogan types, you know what I'm saying like like those Alpha male bro type guys like there is this niche with them where they want to know or they feel like they have to know what's going on in a specific sport and boxing has always been one of they. They have this idea that speaking of that boxing in the most casual commercial is somehow resonates with fans like us you know and usually just shut up and let them talk. You know what I don't care. But I feel like this ease one of those things that has reached out and grab their attention when triple g started get popular it was the Broza. Like do you see tripled G. man he should fight Cannella it's like you know where the fuck you been but but they resonated and it finally happened and guess what triple g can those a huge success and part of that was based off the idea that triple g was promoted the right way to the casual audience I feel like, yes, there is a gap between what they were able to accomplish in that sense and what's going on with Loma Chang, deal female. In its base, the selling point is that it's just incredible fight. It's a great fight and it's one of the best that can be made in the sport. Will that be enough to attract people I don't know but I can tell you that there aren't many fight fans in America that are going to purposely miss out on this. You know if they can't help it. So we'll that drive the three, million number I think he could, and that's the point that decimated made earlier and I agree with it listen just to go back to the initial topic initial topic was. They're hoping. That -til female? And Loma Chanko does a minimum. Of three million. I've heard promoters many times say that they hope do a minimum of whatever and it's not come close to it. You understand. There have been other fights who were bigger than Guga's in Rommel's. In the pandemic Jose Ramirez for postal dating do that type of numbers You can't tell you that Jose mirrors is not a bigger name than than Gossen Rommel's. Right No. Okay, you had Charles that did their fight and they still didn't do good numbers in terms of viewership intimidate view not buys viewership. Here's the thing though here's the one part that I would say is different and I. Again I'm not GonNa say that you're not winning this part of the debate. Okay. I'm not saying what I'm about to say is GONNA crush what you're saying I'm just making this point. Isn't it true or I mean I? I shouldn't phrase it like that but it's true that. When ESPN is the main channel there are people who actively go look for sports on Friday and Saturday, you know they have the day off they spent all week at work and no matter what's on espn at that moment, they're going to watch it. So for me and a lot of people watch ESPN throughout the week I mean, I have so many friends that barely watch boxing but they watch ESPN every fucking day after work. It's so crazy like. How they do it but they watch ESPN twenty, four, seven basically right and and so I feel like that connection between the commercialism of ESPN and the. The over the top type of fight that this is. Will is creating the perfect storm I mean not the perfect storm but the perfect scenario to reach that three million plus which is a lofty goal in most senses but this fight isn't most fights. and. I wanted to be successful because I want them to see that when they make the good fights. Good things happen and we we react to that positive. So pretty much what you're saying is that your banking off the back of ESPN bill. Yes the fact that there's the wide world. I. Okay but that's What we? That's origin s got off the phone. Because I don't understand that point it is listen to me. Listen to me you watch soccer. I'm. I don't even know toby many times I I. I was just trying to make a point that's why ask. But I know I know you are a fan soccer. I'm a fan of soccer but I don't know shit about soccer. I really don't like I just started learning like who is in Premier League and you know, I just started learning the difference between certain clubs. Okay. But I can tell you that when ESPN had you know certain fee for games or World Cup games like. It they told me like Joe this Mexico us I'm just using that as an example because obviously US south this year or last year but. If they were like, oh. Mexico us. This is the game I'm like Whoa, this is the game you know Spain in in I don't know Barcelona whoever like that's the game you gotTa Watch it because HE ESPN is in this platform where they kind of control the narrative. Then for me, it's a big time game. I'm not a fucking you know huge soccer. doozy's I. Don't know a lot about it, but I do like it and I do appreciate same thing with tennis. They're like Yo and I don't even know names anymore in tennis. I haven't watched that for a while. But when they tell you a specific sport is going to go down this weekend and it is going to be. One of the best matchups like it's the highest level and I think that's what's resonating with casual fans that they know and they've heard and it's been crammed down their throat for last month that this is the pinnacle of the sport. Now whether we agree in terms of you know this not being the division or the money five being Crawford and you know spends or whatever that doesn't matter. This is one of the best fights they've learned that and I think it will resonate come time to check the ratings and reviews. If I'm not mistaken. There's other events going on on the weekend as well to. This other sports have not gonNA call the names of them because we're on a boxer show boxing but yet some other combat sports that are taking your that's not even your what. Okay. There is no. Body. I. Further, the Korean Zombie. there is no I'm not even GONNA get into. But I know what you're talking about. We're we're speaking in code right now. No one else knows what we're talking about. Now I was playing but I I think that's kind of like a niche like if you know that you know right I'm watch it after but I don't think it takes anything away from this fight like this is the fight. They got a really good date in kind of sense rob? Robert. SINGLETON. said it earlier like no football which footballs been going on like almost every day because of the pandemic right and people testing no basketball and we might not even have baseball that night because you know we could see the Indian today for for the series but and even if we do the one game that would probably be on tomorrow would be in the afternoon. So you know it's it's it's the poet. We're talking about three minimum three, million views for Loma Tanko versus Lopez man at. Three million views man we are you are you trying to tell me that between Lopez and Loma Janko? The. East got a million point. Five people that wanted to just off the cuff see them fights. Okay. So let's bring number. Say so say ESPN by itself will bring one point five just people that this love to watch espn just go click the button you know what I mean turn on Espn Oh boxes on oh. Yeah. Okay. Cool. We're GONNA, watch it. You'RE GONNA. Tell me that Lumberton Lopez carry a billion five. Of their own fans to add to make three million that which is. I mean. No. Yes. In a sense, but that's not the you're oversimplifying it. I mean I. I. Don't know you have up breaking it down because I don't know and you are listening I already said it Francis Listen. I already conceded the fact that you have a very rational argument because from like normal standpoint, what we do is we take fighter a floyd mayweather right and we think about what he generates a where his casual level in the meter is right and then you take somebody like canal you do the same thing and then you take a triple g and you do. The right, and so you can kind of gauge their interest. So that's what you're trying to. You're trying to apply the normal paper view medium type ADR pay per view type of formula. Right? You're trying to conjure up whatever factual numbers or numbers based reality that you can I feel like you're missing a giant piece of this puzzle in the sense that how many basketball fans that don't really watch boxing very much have been programmed to be ready for basketball and Saturday night. And they're not going to be there Saturday night to be able to watch basketball. You know it's over my lakers. Won It. So guess what you watch. Box. We're talking was three million views man we're talking about three hundred zero. We're talking about what five million views we're talking. One point five million. We talk about three million views like castle that just happens. Regularly to regular thing for us to get two three million viewers to view an event. Are. You kidding me listen you know. Does or what basketball does this do you? Know what the rates? The ratings were for the for the championship game on basketball. Do you know what the? Lakers drew and ratings? That's okay. But that's what I'm trying to say listen I I don't even know what it was all I'm saying is that you're missing that aspect of it where there's the spillover effect for so long in the pandemic we had nothing then we got everything at once and if I didn't even resonate because there's so much shit that was going on in America it was like we have blinders on, but people got us to watching. Football Basketball Baseball ask all the same. Now. We're talking about it's been done for like eight days. That's what that's. What have you done for me lately that's old news. It's Iraq I mean like nursing. Program to be ready to watch sports on. Saturday, that aren't normal boxing watchers, viewers and the main event. On This But that's but I don't know I. Don't know. He I listen I'm not GONNA fall for your trap and I'm not gonNA say. It's on your fallen in your own trap because you're basically assuming the same thing on the opposite side like I'm not gonNA assume that there is but I? Don't think it's Safe to assume there is like I don't know I don't know what that spillover could or couldn't catch. US. Know that people are ready for sports again, and this is the highest level of sport. They've been getting sports thinking about you can't. You can't compare an entity like the Lakers or or any of the big entity has been doing this to a loan, check our Lopez who have been on that type of level who has. Delivered in that moment, I mean those big moments, you can't compare those two storm comparable. Yeah super chat from TJ Trent Jones says, it will do three mill fan. The promotion has been great and that's another aspect of this promotion. SEE NORMALLY ESPN. You know you get a commercial at like eleven o'clock at night and you know maybe Scott Van Pelt mention you know in like a radio type of way it's like Oh and by the way tune in Saturday for. Whatever but this has got in full publicity taken ESPN's main channel and turned it into the theme Aloma Ching-kuo show okay. You could not turn on ESPN this week without at some point coming across that fight and Dan at night when it does the best numbers in primetime. There were actual shows dedicated that they were showing on ESPN to their greatest hits for the last two weeks. So the promotion has been great and they've gone all in on them. They deserve it and I think it pays off and here's the thing I we needed to pay off Francis we needed to pay off. We need these people to see when they give us free fights at the highest level things work out for everyone you know. Now I'm not I'm not disagreeing with I'm not disagreeing with you that it doesn't need to pay because I agree with you for boxing to grow it does to pay off right but hold on before we going further public service announcement better go ahead and hit that subscribe button hit dump button is over three hundred, three, hundred of us in the. Building right now, we only got about seventy eighty thumbs up go ahead and smash that thumbs up button hit the bell notification. So you know what would you go live also hit the subscribe button man we need your support we tried to get two hundred, seventeen, thousand you know what I mean we're talking about this morning to Fema loped Fhimah Lopez and Doing the minimum of three, million, which I Francis Donald with based on the analytics go ahead well, big supermax Rodriguez believes that. I don't know what he believes. He says, Francis Act like three hundred K. is rare on regular TV a pretty sure he meant. Three hundred Mil. K Maybe I think he meant three mill he put three hundred K.. I don't know I don't know We got another one from TJ. Did I get to say I got A chance so I mean any thoughts any final thoughts? Talk. Like I said and I've been saying I don't see it personally somebody got made me a believer because I okay. If you got you're telling me that to Lopez and Loma Janko by themselves, we're GonNa Bring one point five, million viewers and in ESPN just off the cuff of being espn is going to bring their own one point five. Over the. Does Amelie on his own Tony vs Lena's and pulled. RASA. Views like it happens regularly who embarrassing it don't listen in boxing happens regularly when they're on Fox or ESPN like what don't you? Just Pete that one point two well, best would guess. Exercise. It was one point since it was one point. With peaked at one point, I'm looking at it right now. The average peak peak is. What's what's running average? Because I thought it was one point six. But but that's neither here. Nor there the point that we make in his gus isn't is in Brazil and. Was At this fight and able Romo's damn sure ain't CEO and locks and Fox on a Sunday. Early evening is not espn Saturday night espn Saturday night. That is the Holy Grail of sports nights for them. Okay College football happens on. Then you know they got I don't see I don't. Know my doing three million views on the cuff now. ESPN. Can help them out by just having. Regular viewers to show up to try to bring the number over. But outside of ESPN I, don't see them doing three million views just at any other network. All Good Champi you're going to be proven wrong then. This I smell bet a pie. If they do over if they do three Miller over. You know what did they do? Yourself in the face on Air Sunday. If they do any thing under even one view under three mill I. More. Mea. Will Shave my nose play I'm not GonNa do that Shit, but I will. Now forget to. Do One hundred pushes. Shea, he wanted to get in shape. Like. Fact I. I don't. Know you. You won't have to do push ups. Noma verse Rasa averaged. Two million thirteen thousand viewers average. To. Choosey you want more. You, want? You almost as I look more Loma Vice. Chair you wear them right now for respect. Telling you. That's missing. Is that is that pre pandemic number. That's better. Raza that's pre pandemic numbers. So that's GETTING KNOCKED OUT THE TANK So. It wasn't even desirable fight like Oh yeah. He about to give the toughest fighters committed now nobody wants saying that. Nobody. Nobody. Let me look overly not as the before we go to callers we still got a little bit term. Nowadays. Oh. One point seven, five you'll chill Yo Francis man just apologize man you wrong. My man from Venezuela doing one point seven five out here with the zeal shankill. Right, Adam laughs guys those Lasso owes should minutes. Oh, this is my do far mill. Look at the number but. What number? One number what number this number. And More of the. Oh of course. SHANECO Lopez that Dope Shit go ahead I'm sorry. Mary what? Francis Happen Migita. Ramirez versus postal they didn't didn't do of PLO marschall. Why is he? Why is he bringing them dudes? To. With That Loma. Chinky overhead Bra. Their marriage is not as good. Brother not name now good about good. This is about what ESPN popularity nine promotion. Behind. SHANECO. Listen what they put. I don't remember what they thought. It was plus wasn't own. Pluses on ESPN. He was asking about the Postal Ramirez. ESPN. Was Okay. Well, whatever listening, but they did not get the push. Bro. How many commercials did you see how many blood sweat you know parts ones in Tuesday's you see? y'All fact that you had a title Kimball. Style press conference. Young Man. was. trippy Francis Francis. Head called Victim Postal Zealand Majengo Yo rapper fans going to be going to be like. We, all you young because he just put. Postal up there with the seal he liked the ceiling in Ramirez Ain't do this I mean Postal Ramirez Dog. That's a whole different fight about their with. Who guys that Robbo so. Put it up tossing Rommel's. Jose Jose. Ramirez is a lesser name than. We're saving I mean numbers don't La. Numbers. Don't last. You're saying that Fox is a much else. Yeah. It's a bigger. It's a more Reachable. Out On away. There's more people told. The move numbers don't lie. You know what I'm saying, I, mean, you guys ain't in on an at. As learning. English. Thank you. Feel one point six. That's why you lost his arguments. Six. DASM saying either not speaking English they. Bless you. Got To save man I, WanNa hear it because guys Carlito's Charles Harrison did two point two million. Young twice they did good number twice. Yeah. I remember they did do good numbers twice body remember. Listen. Huge. Fox in ESPN got televisions on this is this is the fight. I said I'm said I said when I said I stick by. Oh snap set out to towns Crawford chat okay. You. Down like white. Okay When you're GONNA come on his show. When you come in on his show the Dow Looking now he tells the math but so that's the cage we won't. We won't ZIP. His mouth. And I'll conduct the interview. It's all good me Francis do me. We'll bring everybody except for. Recipes Law Firm, but I offer you Mario. As? Sparring partner. Talk you say, Oh, I, thought you saying like, Oh, he'll give you them softball question now I'm saying boom you know mean take it out on my real intervene poop poop. poop. Gets. You know he wants. You that's aggression out on. Mario. But anyway, let's go out to these callers. Less. Playing beats may was really good. Oh this shanty chow. Scotto Carlos but before are your mind man you. saw. To get this house your schedule. Both champ you and me both calls in Lebanon show you know this is a is a headache. It is for real. But. As well, we're gonNA live in things up with my man, just monitor famine semifinals stab. Stop? Phil like. ME. Calling me a prospect. tweet battle. Up Too big threat the. Rain, by? Late. Tim. Bright. Light. Ready, quite nice. Baggage. Chat. About the place that Dejected fresh off the Super Twig. I might. Add to make some. Gestapo. Competition Duck. With the champ. Stamps out running miles when I cramped I'm working with that God, live my life like a champ. Benjamin Wynn replied. Villain like my goodness. I the model. Focused in last year have sprints porn life had seen. Shuffle My. Senate Breaks Open Champ. Last Jones Stiff Jab. Down the flow. Bigoted Champion S no. Names. Fight at closing has happened. Jack. Johnson. Should wait to decide the prompt Marvin hagler Larry Home. In scraps. Now, all we fight for straps my Momma, detract she. Gay. Rights. act. Okay. Okay. Okay. I. Woke Up Hobart I. got the work safe. You know we talk and team overseas Ulama Changle doing three million. That was like a champ I think I'm the champ excuse me it's actually just called champ. I'm all I'm all messing it up because it hooked and I'm in love with you know he'd be like I'm much. So any what's called champ that was from just oh mathis, he's part of the box and voice community. He submitted his track an stainless chosen to be on. You know the first ever TB mixed state and you can catch that Friday today I think that stainless wants me to drop it so. We'll be doing that here soon and I think we got some other songs that were not a played on the listening party. So we're going to be doing and listening party right after this show so. Let me go out to the callers. You know the number to call in one, four, five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty, one, one, one, time voice your opinion rain on the voice of the people outlined. Don't forget to add Nestor Gibbs on skype to be part of the conversation. Now, if you're a border wars is blocked. It is if you if you're into border wars, don't forget Mario does his episode of Unguarded Today Anthony Queen City Cobra the return of the Cobra he does his interview today as well as Dan the man from Washington. WHO's GonNa be taken on Adrian Rowen from. Wisconsin. So Adrian already did his unguarded Dan man will be the day that is going to be his opponent go ahead and head on over to patriots dot com forward, slash the voice and drop Dan the man from Washington a question as he prepares and his getting prepared for Adrian ruin of Wisconsin for. Board. Awards eight obviously, Mario. Ghia drop him a question as he prepares and get prepared for Keane the dream from Florida. Also facing each other's Boorda was. The question and who else we got today. Anthony Edwards. So go ahead and drop them a question as well. Let's go on. If you forget my name during the question, you also refer to me as a side no matter it's up to you dial. Oh good. Either way I think he building confidence Yang I think he building confidence. On No, let's see we going out to these colas real quick. Remember to writers five stars on Itunes. Subscribe to YouTube dot com slash boxing voice for the latest and greatest interviews with no favorite fighters. Round. Kings. Kings with me. Doe was goodfellas top of the morning. What's going on? The morning champ. Getting back to the days here right I. won here last to leave. That's not king I mean you know I started off so not that I'm here. Let me get to ex- after night actually I have to you you've been knighted. A boomerang. Jordan Baker he said it's time for change any any any took his boomerang from j Mac and he wants you to have it. Gained lab. Wow I gotta get down on one knee fellas. I'M GONNA. Garad getting down on the knee Jordan Baker salute you brother for real for real her. Yeah. Definitely Arroyo one and and look let me say right quick I. Swear to God y'All got the Boomerang Y'all GonNa think I'm lying but my son just accident my twelve year old son act when he said Dad. How can they? Right? He's always going off Mario. Right because this is how this big boxing voices in my home, you know what I'm saying. So He's listening and he's he's because he knows everybody that still he's wise everybody you don't understand nobody going off when Mario. Mario is an entertainer. He says things that are very entertaining. So when you I'm ashamed moments, we'll what three three minutes it doesn't do three million by. I don't know if you even look at it first before you said it but I had to explain to my entertainment you know if it's because he. The guy talking about so you're very good at that. Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to the unguarded. I've seen bishops work on their This border wars thing is like a whole `nother, a screaming content. So those that are just listener first-time please get in tune to it man as far as the weekend man and I've got this boomerang. No. So I'm gonNA touch on lightning. We spoke about it last night jeep trae said that teal was looking nervous. You'll nerves are good y'all think drama was looking nervous as hell before he fought Tony Harrison the first time and I don't mean scared. I just like if you have the nerves like yo because if you got the nerves that makes sure that you WanNa, get hurt you don't WanNa get hit so you might be able if you've got the right reaction so don't worry about him looking nervous only thing I would say when we do in the face off in the rain when they touching gloves that might tell you a little bit more about where t was that but but the G. train worry about that right now I, worry about that In France's listen I. Could. counterpunch my brother counterpunch. And you said some superchargers refresh Don't forget if you're watching this on youtube hit that and it's going to help with the visibility of the show GonNa. Put this show in the eyes of other boxing fans who call in to the number one to five, five, six, hundred, fifty to forty one pressing one or add an extra gibbs on skype to voice their opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline and and get it off your chest you Francis Crazy, disrespecting these two who. I Battle Hall of Fame I. Mean if if t or knocks out Vasilkov he's a first ballot if if if a seal continues to now you know. Unify. He's looking like a first ballot I mean listen we're going out to KEN STONE SAYS ESPN ON ABC would have been insane for this fight and then Smoke edges says fire fire fire that much at play my soundbites. Similar to that. I mean Yo. Francis should be. Jamaican deejay was like. You're. Ready. Now I only got the Little Kevin Hart, fake Jamaican sound but. There's another one that they crept under. No no no. No I thought that was the last one but and it was. I wasn't sure. What I got this. Little. Jamaica. Real quick to shots. Apiece Jacob. Every single thing I look at on twitter youtube. Maybe I g like whatever anything boxing matter what it is what promotion will fighter Joe I always see. Jacob commenting in the CIA, and like he always gives people like to you know up his you know comments on Youtube and stuff it was. It's crazy is everywhere. He's he's a real boxing junkie. Pat Gone. Had Average two point eight and peaked that four milly milly. Milly. Julia when he says Owner let's. Go, Gopro. You're talking about was the average average. You said average I said. You said average average number was two point eight was three million to. Hey. Hold up two point, eight, four, and Australian at a different time of the day remember like a whole day ahead of us impact photo over there. But it's all good. For instance, holding onto strings. We Love them and let the call us Murdy we going out to season Las Vegas. Wake Up. Wake up wake up put up some music on Manson B.'s going. Say Sees. Power. We. Do. Yeah Yo Man Though that freaking champ on her shuttlecocks network. Hey I'm drawing fire coming up man. We're going to treat it like a radio station a day not at they gave us a mix tape. We've got our own music. Yeah. I'm looking forward to listening to you I. Don't WanNa see if really with the biggest JC. It. Champ I'm telling you. Joepat, but I'm just excited for this man I really got not wasn't really in been able to listen as good as I want to so noisy either so great show fellas on keep it up. For Life I. So so so so Earl Spencer just said I'm rocking with the young bull. Dale. Bail I I'm rocking with. Who I he said. He said plus. Three. Thirty Oh man shaking my hand on that. Let me get that bet that's earl said on his twitter, and that's what we're GONNA be talking about today on beating odds with TB where we come together as a community and we make this bread. Okay. You WanNa, make some I gave three. Debating that's not me and Marie don't fight. We aim debate in he's helping me I'm helping him we strengthen any others all as Only has this report not only have. I continued to go up in the town and in the top ten on the fantasy pick them league. You know my I believe I'm at number seven. When he told me I was number nine where I'm at number seven. I'm almost five. Okay and that's my. Third? Week. Last week giving you a pay. Paul Lay. Remember that I got the ongoing ticket, which Savannah Marshall just ruined because she got out. I had the ongoing ticket with this t o fight. With the exander fight but they've got you plus four Let me see what was a thing was like. My best my best. Them. Looking with some mighties weekend. This was then where's the Toyota. They took are one of my best man because Frickin. Savannah. So I got through four eighty three but now they took savannah out saw we still have four to is still every hundred you get five old to back. Okay Okay just remember, and if you're doing tangible get fifty dollars back so we're going to the mastermind big fish Texas zone. I was working hard on your fight man actually Jose say he would have done the fight but Canada's doing. Corn scene is so if he flies into us, he's got to come back in counseling for two weeks. He ain't with that. He said when they lift that, he would definitely pop your Chevy because that's what are a chevy. so He's already building up going out to Super Nixon plain view sexes. Committee. The Dot Com. I Jose would be nothing more than a busy in taper fight. They want. Shits mix they'll hang but I thought you know. We can scrabble up but yeah, Jose. Look, I, ain't gonNA. Take Shit figures. Who? I was good. Francis. Bro I. Think I think you're Kinda misconstrued Skills with with popularity on top of. About Regular TV. Three minutes at a rate. You to me, you made A. Completely possible. But did you turn around? Say Two to eight whatever? The You have a very valid point but. Is. Promoted well. You know it's is something I. Think a lot of people WANNA see. It's regularly is. Not, Outta range does really big. Destroyed Shoulda hopefully, come back and win tonight and Search tomorrow afternoon anyways. So the last row but A. I think previous drives rally. Could let me before response streets may go ahead and hit that thumbs up button man it helps with the visibility to show if you out there. Don't cost you. Hit thumbs up button and while you're at it, you go ahead and hit the subscribe button at the same time. It also don't cost you anything just a little click and to and big supermarket you gotta understand something that it was unusual circumstance for Yugoslavia to hit that type of number during the pandemic everything had to go right for it to happen because didn't happen at any of the fight I believe that if it was about skills for fighters to. Hit certain amount of viewership like three million views. A lot of them would be stars. At the end of the day comes down to your popularity when it comes to views not your skills. I keep telling you the like. Earl and Keith I mean keeping importer in Danny and Keith those did like four and five million. On Fox. You know that right like check those up man one of those did like five Mil I know that. I think you're right and shut out to makes his right go h town. Astros standup coach, Maya's boom, Vang in the bill and what up. Yes sir. A good, morning good morning. Good, morning. I think it. Definitely, could do the numbers I wanNA say spins they'd like six million views one time. I. Forgot who he thought. It was at the Olympics or something like that but he did like doing. Exactly. Yup. So it's definitely possible. And I'M GONNA CHANGE PICKUP Amash to they're gonNA. Pick Roma. But TKO. Okay. That's my pet. Long. Enough of respect coach. But his all good. All good. Listen real quick real quick I. Want to say I need stainless. Gene Bid To Sex me addresses actually text me and do me in a group chat. Don't takes me along because you know I got a million things going on but the two of you and someone else. I'm going to find that name right now but my jeans. I will say supermax Super Megs, but We got your size right now champ but that's You shouldn't take offence. You got to take that as motivation br you know what I'm saying if you want. What are they? I'm giving us. The. Twelve. Giving, Okay Okay can you save me one from brother? He asks me to see if you had anything in Stockton, he could buy these aims. Sale is your brother Patriarch Because these gentlemen are Patriarch Oh, okay okay okay my bad I didn't I love. I know you've been listening for Mattias Ryan. But I'm just saying my gene just stepped. Up, to to to mastermind and stainless step that up to pound for pound and I been done, I've been on mastermind. supermax. Even though I've given them at many bottles events but you're not, he's in charge of the shipping. I'm. Ready to ship. Stainless. And my gene bet hit me and do me up make sure it's a group chat. You can do that on instagram or you can do you know cell phone. Number. and. Let's get those addresses and get sent out mass. So you can be wearing your patriotic only exclusive can't buy that no way. No. Way. We going out to Izzy in Oklahoma would've? Coach. Good Morning Good Morning Mario you ready get the cardio. Ready Brother. I'm ready I ran a three this morning, and then I got to work out a schedule for six PM owner I'm sorry. Ping my map, my fitness. I see that you ram watching. Tell me you ran my. Why you? Friendly. He don't want somebody. He don't want anybody. This is a Nike. US. Is he not as he if you went nobody You Ain't doing. Nobody wants. To See what I'll tell you what my unguarded I'm GonNa take a picture of me on the Emmy. no-shirt Photoshop. On looking like. This. To, save it. Keep them guessing keep. Out, of Saint, a beauty contest coach away tells. You Ain't tell them. You're saying beauty contests. By. We're a ace. Let me let me mccollum and toxic quick. Keep coming from. Francis Francis started watching boxing the day after he joined TV. He said that the. pay-per-view would be four hundred and some odd thousand, and now he's saying this ESPN won't get three million come mom and art. That's my call. Wanted to grow I wanted it to happen. I did I did yes. I'll take that one. I'll cross that what I wanted to support the girl go. Oh, I can't wait to get out there now. So you could check out these gloves man Louis sent me grow Luis. Rivera Lewis Yeah River. These are the best gloves I've ever worn on my hands and worked out with ever. Now I will admit I have put on some raise sparring glows that were really comfortable but I didn't working them. You Know I. Just tried to mind I had him on for maybe a couple of minutes but these are I mean I've never felt like a glove was custom made for me like I have really short arm. So when I wear sixteen I, mean they come down to the elbow most Text the say your going die them gloves. BIKING NON fucking with. Your Mayo Question Messing with junkies spicing it up whereas. Where's the training footage? Where's the spark were? You gotTA PAY A and. He put his footage out where you're. At. Time. More volumes. Counties boys are here Mario. Work on. Dictate when I when when I was ruled. By. Put, as much as he put out. Was Sparring now you put put. What did he put? It was a total of two minutes maybe where's your minute? I'm where's the but why are you waiting to? Week seven and Shit because because I can do that no, you can't. Opponents supposedly I had to put it. I'm not going to argue with you because you you think, I'm doing it as a personal thing but there's other people in the border was community like DR Congo who have been find an paid they're fine for submits Marin footage late listen it's about safety and can't bend the rules because you're a host Keam is entitled to see what you can do with. That's how real bossy works but we Salt afterward. I I was I wanNA put footage out. Okay. So I have my footage out then you said Okay but you said mix it up with a little bit of. What I did write it was a complete one eighty from what I had originally done, which was a blog style type of thing but that's no problem I mean. I'll do it today I. don't give a fuck. It was right now. Waiting for well, I had edited out. I had edited three different spots together and I wanted to take one piece out that. Become. Ready for you, may we we all talking you trying to get you up on? Like having meteoric mini mid he's done this in two different leagues in the UK and Queensberry and white collar and you know. It's about safety. See You. You have that footage whether it's two minutes or one minute or thirty seconds you lying tell me you didn't show you a trainer. You can't line some of you haven't watched it. He hasn't gotten that opportunity. Jerry. Exactly. So. It's unfair. Unfair. We are not hammered. That's fine but not signed to hold it back. To hold it bag at you but I also have to say that for potentially New People these are the rules we need not only he but we need to see that we're matchmaking you properly I don't WanNa have a situation on my hands you put it on your show me your sparring and you will complete novice that I'm like Oh this. is both smoke I can't put. We've seen sparring footage from me before like you saying this is for team and that's fine. I, understand I. Know. I. Don't remember seeing sparring. Honestly. I've only really seen power should I mean I can send you the same smart that I I sent. You said, you'll remember it like that I mean s put an exclamation point on it and outlook on saying my old sparring that I had sent you. Send that. I would blows one with. That or remember Maheshwari Nice sent where hit. With the body shot he went down like fake that you. He's Yoda's duties Nice. Nice you. Listened honestly I remember let's just leave it there. I honestly don't I'm not I'm not commissioned most say and you'll remember. But I. said that right now police. was like Yo. It's fucking took a dive, right? Send right now honestly I do not remember and I'm not trying to play you or make you look bad. So please look. As. Emoji send it right now. Why never seen that I would assume let me. Let me. Got Some. Power Manda look. For, somebody, said, hey, that's share. You go on the bag and like Mario. Team but but but there's no sparring so like going. On the bag don't really mean you can stop king but speaking. Baby Boom. What the drain. Good Morning. Going on man he's GonNa. Tell you what they do in board award. He going to get that fine. You see you see Mario with the position you're. Doing Your coaching staff going to get a fine or your coaches you and do know how because I'm Albina. Won't Be Licensing Board awards. I was trying to be nice for. Each show. and Talking Shit, what I'm saying is he showed me footage listen all the whole reason why did for no score now is looked really bad against the tall. Really. Bad. It was the worst. Honestly it shook my confidence. It took me like a full week to get back in my head space didn't WANNA show. John. Knows, you L.. Listen. You're, GonNa get your full conversation is you want to make this clear that that was the whole point was like I was never gonna put that shit out and when I saw him, put out the South Wash. It I say, you know what? Out of respect I`Ma put out a little bit of that footage, but I'm not GONNA lie. It's very hard to find fifteen seconds of me. You know showcasing any sort of skill I it was it was a trade you should have put that out. So been a throwaway like look here he a bum and now you come back with. What am I doing giving him a blueprint showing him what I can do against the the longer Guy Listen Listen listen. To. Show. Do but you're sparring it's mandatory war but isn't isn't. Crawford doesn't have the ability to look at every single early hat. Sure I did not. Ability. Yeah but that's what the scorn is important. You Miss. The whole point I was trying to say, you missed the whole panel we did we did duck in SPA. What would you? Do me will have a word another WANNA. Ever again is he do me do you have your license revoked if this man no put up that spun and pay that fine. Team I'm sorry. Francis Wigwam Bridge listen. Using paper you numbers regular TV number in America man it's it's not uncommon millions of us with with fights that are is heavy publicizes this one got. The Promo behind it this fight. So I think three million is light work especially on big ESPN like I don't I don't know how big ESPN is enough like Toronto but here minutes every bar you go through every barbershop who are now working at a asking by working on. TV, the TV's here ESPN. I it's. It's. It's it's our sports Mecca Man. So I don't think three million users. Is Ridiculous at all I think that's light work for this fight man because of all the publicity behind there on the biggest shows sportscenter I, take notes everywhere. So I think remains light for this. Honestly but that's my car. Call Ky-ko Lucon here. You Man I hear you. Baltimore's October. Twenty four is going down at the home of former cruiserweight champion Steve U. S. s cannon hand the main the not fury down with one lethal dangerous right hand live in front of war million American watching fans. Meanwhile. Francis says we can't do four million with Teo and basile who fury back then. In America and WHO THE HELL in America new Steve kind of Ham who was a cruiserweight champ In the you know all his like overseas. He he was. It was the cruiserweight division back. Then he was forced to have to fight overseas and stuff I. Let me see if there's any supercharge the number to call in one four to five, five, six, nine, fifty to forty, one press one time voice shipping right here on the wizard of people hotline. I WANNA say shy route sue. Motto Oh Shit. The Fabrio non is that Boston? He. Sound. Michigan. His hand. Francis I'll see no Jamaica saw. Why. Why did you make? You know. With it's Already rallying. Gene. Don't Ghana Mastermind Dominica. Look at my my name is Mark Dome Mytalk. Head. You know that's young. That's a definitely over there. As. Part, you know my Thong. Chair. That was JD in Texas. Okay. You said five zero nine. No No. No. I'm talking about who signed up the Patriots Oh shit. His name is my phone. Five Oh nine so I think I will not be Boston. which really make sense. You know why? Just because you'd be building up. Langa you got. The Rica. Who called for instance just started watching boxing go. He's Outta here y'all shut out the BC joining the crew again la you. Right. All right. Yeah we're having. My. Man. I N G Marr he can win and the. F. Martin. Boomerang. Border wars participant former pro fighter. He's one in one in board awards only lost committee power pound globally recognizes number one. Number two by the way you see how that works. Right? They say, let's talk a lot of Shit. I'm pound for pound number two they say talk a lot of Shit about boxing. I'm top seven amongst the entire community you see. The data you see how got, and that's when we got the data. Those lies don't be right I'm saying. But. Let me go out to jd who I'm hoping is GonNa Fight and border wars. December fifth. Dallas. On the eve of. Earl versus. Danny Garcia? Hopefully, we can get the return jd I know he's working his way to a rematch with. Midi and know the DON now. I'll fight. Anyone Fernandez wants a rematch with J. D. so I know jd wants to look at other things I don't know which direction he's going. DUCA fight is all I'm saying I. But let's go out to. Texas. Jay. Thanks. A. Yoyo. What what else? What else? On Listen I didn't get to make my pig pro- last night on for really just pick I WANNA make I'm calling with with female man I think he's going to do it man I think he's gone. This is one of them. Five minutes like right before the opening bell. Right. Right before the opening. Nobody really knows what the fuck happen in this fight. So if I Can get them butterflies right before but I'M Again, man I think I. Think he had enough skill to. You know. He. Got Skill and Powell man I think that'd be just kill. Any Day even though it has a. Skill but listen fuck that. Yo came to lay back Mario if pending sex is all day man king way through laid back back. I think he's GonNa. Fight backed hit me up on our team vanity, am We talked about this. Yoga I got you. Jay Actually was planning to reach out it wasn't no. You still had the same number not but yeah, I hit you up. I, hit you up my g you'll real quick from coach Myers. He says, Mario never talk about your weakness on air with your opponent listening sane. You did bad. It's sparring tall guys when Keane is tall is telling. Yes. Yeah. Them off only being on this fucking showing. The set Mario Right listen listen I'm going to be real and that's why I'm GonNa Save. My Ship Front guarded I've a lot of stuff to say and a lot of points to make but I'm gonNA save it for unguarded I just feel like doing that show already to be honest with you but He's I. Know What it is. Not. Fired Oh. This is built in like I know people talk that Shit right you know what? I'm not own God. In. Excess whiskers get some damn sparring set in I. got you. For the. Next one. So love better. Next big supermax Mix Mario with that. Amal Anat disbarring. Sipping. He puts miles. Yeah. Aircrew says keen better. Put some respect on orioles named Joe Stand up taxes stand You know to be honest with you. The guy that I had told Jerry I was GONNA fight was Eric Not because we had planned to fight or anything like that. But I remember at the last border wars Eric's he wouldn't mind a fighting me and Dow was a weight that I wanted to work down to cruise said some things that I'm not going to repeat in the border wars chat about his weight right now so is probably not doable but I feel like. I feel like I would learn. I, Dunno. I feel like cruises such a good matchup I feel like he's a guy who is a real I would be like a real time I'm not not a real test but Kim is Owen Oleg I am Y-. Pass key. Oh Oh. Saying. I gotTA fight before I. Even knew there was a border wars and I Still worry that means. Crimes. Walk, crews. Do I still want cruise you still want cruise. Yeah, yeah. No because I don't even think we we. We would be able to work out a weight class I'm GonNa say that schiffer unguarded but I don't think the way class. Cruise you. Unguarded I'm GONNA, throw it out there. I'm out there. We talking about right now we talk about female saying he wishes the does does a minimum of three million I'm a door out there. He might have the strongest most popular unguarded I've ever seen I mean the man brought in hundreds of dollars and super chats he had dozens of callers and dozens of questions I'll know champ you might not allowed to get off your chest but who's the Assad for real? You was talking Shit earlier I mean Kim got people he. Ain't fair I can't get brought. We had a pandemic you see top rank doing seated venues like. A. and. We're going to do in guarded right now. All sorts which. supercharged. Cannabis cove. Cannabis Cove I put seven hundred on Te'o. For my Latino brothers and that's why see. So Yard Twenty, two, hundred, zero, right they're printing them bells home to the city and Yo- nest I'm Dominican too. Sammy Sosa style before you know for he got all for charity went on Jackson on us. Israel Awebber y'all boxing fans. Question Mark. It's called rope with dope team warrior. No, I'll not Mario could deal with the most he's a mortgage, shut it down starting. Yeah. We can't fucking like he's Mad Emotional Fight with emotionally you're going. To turn this into unguarded. Or we're going to wait. guarded. Comedy Oh. Come on. throwing. Out of Control, a Kim hit me up marijuana shut the show I. Mean Marijuana Extend this show because he no, he can't do better numbers than me on unguarded. Continue. So everybody already hear. You you're. Saying. He's saying you don't believe they're gonNA come back on your own Mario. Wait. Oh man he's still did this event ladies and gentlemen the main event man this especially obvious. Did you watch unguarded for? King. So, you see that he was laughing at. Me I. Mean you're your footage, right? Sure. That's crazy. I've seen a power right hook champ. Stop jumping like when you you? Up and then you jumping into the way you're supposed to get out of the way you jump in that way to the left and I don't even like the jumping because that could mess up your balance. If somebody hits you, you know what I'm saying is told the keep got some power we don't with the bricks Mario Mario. Got Power Trudeau. Era. Say. that. So far it that's what don't. Say Nothing, that's. For. Building. We Build. Let me see that. See me going out to some super chats here. Let's see what the people talking about. Oh. That's the wrong REFACE CISCO HIT. Two. Oh y'all don't forget. We gotta own demand show immediately after this. I know my co-host don't even know because that's what I do I got so much shit going on but stainless he paid for on demand show he wants to do another listening party I a stainless man I need you to be around because I feel like you still ain't semi to songs. I feel like you're still send to songs but superjet, we stopped that cannabis cove, right? No? No. No. We right. We watch what plays in sports. You, tips, I got you four lessons to fifty. Mario's trained by former champion title contender Jerry Bill Montas. The biggest name to ever come out of CORPUS CHRISTI WHEN WE'RE TALKING? Boxing. This respect nobody lightly. Nobody lightly chill chizzy big supermax with the supercharge says this Mario under the my banner. Leave. Questions what Mario's undermined banner leave questions unguarded I hear you I know let me see if they. Let me see if anybody's even drop them a question because Kean Kean had me working overtime I was I thought you said. I said they usually Fizi minutes my man super. She already know who came is because we you know we we know each other. Let's just put it that way. You don't need to put everything out there but that being said, it was just like them I. Know he was Pa- I'd say I ain't. No, he was that popular. Got Mad, supersized people calling in mean King. He brought it in. He brought it in listen we got Dan to man also going to be doing his at twelve thirty. Then we got Anthony Queen city cold we're going to be doing his interview of unguarded at five thirty and then we got Mario at one thirty plus we've got to listen and watch party right after this show. Did we even got beating the odds with TV be at seven PM? All Day. Bv India. So here we go with teams right a found it. We were looking for. How many questions he had I mean that's he just doesn't. Look like he he has some questions from Oh that's what I was looking see. I got confused. I'm like that. Question. Because Kema. Keep Awesome secret. Eisai. Shift. Talking to a Saab. Why are you looking for that super chat from Bonn Boxing Mario Estimation, how are you the as side when you ran from previous work Ooh Day. But you see. Don't don't feel to Eisai. Interview saying Joe. The still don't want to do the fight in New, York because he said that you know that's my that's my house that the I I'm going to have the fans on my side. But everybody in boxing we'll say the basile is the a side, right? He got his argument. and. Maybe that can't be argued all depends who's really the Tikka sellers the is it the dude doing twenty, hundred and mgm offer. Was it the door in a casino? Butts in seats I don't know I'm just saying. Food, thoughtful. For thought, I think somebody said. Counter. Counter. Punch let me see here. a refresh on that soup shed. So let me see. Let me see. J. Matt New Orleans. What's going on. Champ. Bitches in the sport total disrespect cares. Dome. Thing if you do. Stay away. From I'm telling one. Hundred. million. Hello. Perfect. I couldn't help. Tomo some Texas on US than Dallas. You can hop on the Trail Ryan. Off Tracks. With my row teamed up with team izzy. Team busy team Max whatever y'all want y'all put the whole band over the Bahrain got known for Kim Man I. Hope show up I, hope. Renamed. Broken after this fight. That's. My two cents. I jame thanks for calling in Just. WanNa tell you. Francis, I got a text from the producer says that he has an article that states that ESPN default is. was factored in and the average for that fight was actually three point one average. SUPPOSEDLY HIGHEST ESPN boxing rating since the mid nineties. So yes, there you go. Facts are coming in. All right. All right. All right. We go on out to Adrian in Wisconsin what's going on chip just listening. I'm here I'm here. I talk to his brother. is the everything concerned? I. Mean I want. To win and I think if he's GonNa win he's GonNa win by the fifth round if he doesn't take care of by the fifth round to be honest with you, I think he'll either lose on points or he'll get mentally frustrated if he lets take off with a plight and as far as views. France just started watching box a little bit ago he doesn't know his work through some up on that a little bit. All right. All right. Yes Sir We're. Going out. To. Brandon Cincinnati Talk to me. INTRO. Cable supposed to send you might throw man I gotta get onto the dream gotTA. He worked in May, he working. Yeah Oh. Yeah. I don't get much making Frederick. Light you. Press because you. Can Man I love to make us. Daily Jamaican women but yeah. You want doing research before your point you just be talking sometimes. You. No. Longer does. Bumblebee doing great numbers on National Regular TV man he did over two million s it, and then you look at the instagram followers zoo got a million followers I mean big fish oil. Million is he probably a guy is drunk? But Yeah I. Think the Lomas Go win the pikes. Got Him winning a decision I don't think it's done because people making the same. Yeah. To. My. Mind off complaint with you. Bring the price. The Punch. Line loan. I'm glad in fade that out. Akemi out. This is not a copyright. Free Hope. Try and get shut down and shit with that sound very much like the migos and listen to them dues. Was it. Now, I was wrong. I Francis. Thanks for nothin. Yo. We going on and enter Lou right here. Say. Say. Going on. Injured? Lou. Here we go. Kids. Yes. A year owner two years. On the Boise of. A. Place. Target elway. Check. In. Dislike. Boston. Here we got. ringers pound for pound from six to the UK. Spend two pounds here. The Counter Punch a call if you go around here. We'll talk box. The ground. By the way king. that. You make clear. Fuck. You have pain. We can agree to disagree at least Brady Silver Freud and you embedded in me. On it, run it run funding world champion world tour. World Sunday. It's okay. You can meet this have led to be smart patriotic. Asked me a couple of is pull my. Next. Question that you don't even push it thumbs spots set a message brought to the awards taking less don't give you to took down. The. PIT But though we're Sony will the Real Clear Tequila night conversation with as knowledgeable. Rituals Chris the last month the boat smoke for you to. Get a bank like a right check with so. Like a Mike Check. Of the Commission Lacoste. No Star in a circle. Texas. We started the over here that Peach I'm the caller, the year I make ball. Talk splitting. PITCHFORK JP from beyond till. The ring. The Skill Michael Women these left inside the kids? Continue will employees win tough enough hoping to the body to knock him out with. beat. Up Time. We know. We can do. Awesome. Stop. Sign Keystone. Xl. Body Boxing Knowledge. Like stonewalling. In the number. With ME I. Was the color of the year but that skype shuttled give respect the forefront as a boxing. Stone Bowl with homeroom another dimension think nick you can't. Wait to pitch train abate scared of a fight tread lightly J. J. showed. Lights what wants got Gary, Russell Stage always that. Bush heads Brennan Assistant. Net. He never dog smoking to slap. Punch statement simple Joe with King. Google's they'll get that lunch. Jersey were. Starving reviewing. To make. Bucks in. Oh. That was. Bad Mix. I can't wait on the phone. No. Not, great? All Is Not a mess not the versus Lou I heard the original that don't look that that someone messed. Wait a mistake real quick. What was that last line? You Spit? They made a mistake. Eli last line though he's he's too much voice not enough I mean it was a lot. That was wrong. Some of the AD lives was in front of the verse they messed that up I didn't know that what was that last line though tell me I, don't even know what you're talking about. Crawford Line is it they calling me the Crawford? It's he or would you say? Avian. Lives little, Damn, I'm mad as Hell Stylus. Stainless said. You got. That any. Sway always working hard work dedication recipient, but NAH. Nah No. Oh I'm going to. Lead slow without Chit. Crazy. Get Jay and Ryan. Talk. See. was and then I'll fight week. My was saying. was. Shaking. Mine. Air. Thank colors you way you need work early but not work if you get what I'm saying, let's say that. So I got lomo. Saying I tell you why later got most of I was like Francis to you three million it's possible. Low bringing. Ukraine. T. O. Rien got down Honduras plus the Hispanics. Then you got your casualty, you got to hardcore. So three Megan possible my mind all Mario. So words of encouragement guy because you can even tell on the show confidence in low bro pressure either due to. GonNa. Make diamonds or going to bust a pipe. So peak which one you WANNA be it's nicer gets asked Ryan flying mine. You understand I'm a y'all Cornell, let me oaklawn adult does everybody go on for? Team eight nine against me because I don't know pry. But I was talking with you Mario. So you see my energy give me Energy Baber jazzing ranks line might be counted. Reagan. Sway Shoddy. Mario. Only, your he's back. He's back next. You gotTa People Riding With you and I feel you good but you gotta remember something. They showed you. They give you a stats in two point. One million was one of the averages for for Paco versus Horn Greg. Yeah. Okay. Cool. So if I go is such a great fighter would one million. Followers and so on and so forth and Lopez go. Why didn't they say five million views a minimum of five. If, if it's so easy for us, it hit three million views right and they just go to five. Why? Why? Why did he go lower than what pack your own Horn did four years ago? That's why don't will go to that number. It understand on it. Everybody's got believe what they believe. I'M GONNA stand on my skirt. Let's see because guess what you're going to have to eat crow it doesn't happen now that's a fact. You got him 'cause. He had I I think he said he had one but I don't see anything. Persona. Know sweats no sweat. Sweats, it looks like. Crews. Nothing, before crews Eric I love. Mario. WHO's in Texas says crews versus Mario or keen for December. Let's do it. So he wants the winner he made. He. In, the border where I didn't WanNa say nothing you know we made that rule. Or the wars, chat With that Shit. Out How I love it. Now we do that. He do. He's got. He's got the you know what I'm saying he's a border war veteran. He could do that medicinal four. Oh, seven Mario getting. Stop. Florida runs over Ruins Mario. Yo. Dan Mario you know it's like that though everybody wants you to lose as a host. Chan. You gotta you gotTa be made whether that's why your name money may embarks in bars. You gotTA adapt that into this they wanna see you win. I mean, they don't WanNa. See you when they want to see you lose. So you gotta to keep winning. I. Guarded on guard got big superman, he says. Matt intro. F- Akeem on Mario's behalf. Oh. Texas coming through for the boy. Peter Gaming. Disavow. Green. Building this Dr Regional. Sit down. Sit down. You you would not be. Coming through for Texas I. Hear You. Let's see. Let's see. Let's see. morrow, you wasn't here for this box and say Mario, how are you the Eisai when you ran from previous work team, Keam or day? Eric cruise comes back and says keen buys fans with Free Intros. Coming for team. Up. Here, making people intros to give fans I U I U team team. We got Miami Kid Jada says Yo. Te'o will make history Saturday put some respect on the kid's name. Many people will. Oh, this kid in apology after. Saturday night. Amen we'll find out how true that is. Looks like we got boomerang from me would. Show so You know to to talk about that track net. That's what we needed to do man that's why you know and it's it's probably got to be mixed down but we need the data on that. You know what I'm saying now battle bars you know you'd better stay away from each You know what I'm saying but you know that's facts I didn't even know J. T. jumped on each jumped on some bathroom make that joint. That's. That's going to be one of my. I can't wait to download that joint man. It's just like you know what? I'm saying some case slay you know what I mean slack their me doing this one very, very much very much good justice. But look I mean 'cause 'cause the border it didn't team as a side. Because Listen Mario nobody don't WANNA. See you do that you. Mystery screw nobody don't WanNa. See you lose just look in the seat pending now they don't. WanNa see. Clinton feed. We'll see tendency. If. It's like boom somebody was talking about yeah. Don't bounce. You throw the hook that the tendency. So people see tendencies and they go against you because of the tendency if you personalize it and use it to motivate you find but you're gonNA find yourself you. You can't take everything personal people see tendencies and they make a judgement they see one fighter and they see something. So you spend time talking about footy. You I. Listen that's what I told. Chemo his Boorda was unguarded episode. It's like. Mario Ain't new Mario's fighting every call of the doubts him every call it a think he ducked that doesn't know the real reason. He couldn't be at border wars everybody the continuous. Everyone continuously you know paint some in this certain narrative and it's like that's who is fighting came as just the body is going. I WanNa make it very clear to okay and this is why I keep saying tune into unguarded I don't I don't want to waste. Okay This is my job like y'all don't understand that like sometimes I feel like. This is my job ness expect something from me. When we get on Air, he expects me to be you know prepared. He expects me to have done the research he expects me to you know to be a professional right so I don't WanNa waste much. Airtime on my personal stuff and I don't get mad like none of this stuff is made me angry at all. But what I'm saying is that there has not been one time yet dust far that I have talked Abou my fight coming up in the manner that represents me. You know what I'm saying people can say whatever the fuck they want right now and that's cool. I'm good with that. This is the show this for Y'all I mean for us we're community but this for y'all but unguarded that's for me Boorda wars he came can be say whatever I don't give a fuck which I want to say he's Ace Ibiza he could be one of the fuck you wants to. Ice and that's for me. I told this I wanNA fight I told this I'm coming out the twenty fourth. Follow. Hud's of me tell them. Whatever ACE IBIZA I don't give a fuck because at the end, it don't matter. Only one person gets their hand race. In Regard is so get my very rave. It's Harry. unfiltered feelings about even San. We might go right at the makers 'cause 'cause 'cause stainless answering in and I don't think that was the final version. Those levels were everywhere not out to big supermax Texas. Daddy. Disavow. Big Green. Davis. Sit down. Sit down. You would. You would not be. A Mario just know that the jeff from Nova Scotia who doesn't row which when boxing bars in picks and Rica over you all the time 'cause Vk, the the man he's Ryan with he called into kimes unguarded embalmed this how you was about the stop them to kimes and nobody and everybody's going. M. Listen. We got the fans corner says, thank you Mario. I didn't fast corners actually lids low so he must be saying thank you because that's what he wanted to do. Stain on your square shoddy just rang slang. Let's go. We go on out to WHO's up WHO's WHO's Looking Lie J. Matt. What are. You, you played a interest on counter-punches Nah. No I played it the first time so that I gotta do it again, right? Okay. All right. Let me let me get my time I. A Maru set set the style face. You know man knocking Oh. I bet you felt empowered send up there giving that little speech and stuff like that. Go Work on the midst learn how to extend those punches and stuff like that. But his okay. Get your confidence up. You want people you feeling you're corner because when you get in that rain, you gotta fight for yourself and all that stuff that people talking it can't do nothing for you on squats on weights you've been turned in them videos that does nothing for boxing you will guess watching it though. Aid? That does. Not Work Out. So I think this low gave you the option. To get in there and get after them. Do you got the tank for that? Because, we got the tank, the move he was running. The Moro. Okay Hey it's cool. You could be heightening onto my call man also reselling the fat with. With all his or read all respect the to you I. Do want him to win. I don't think. He can outsmart chang-chol I like I say, I know he has the power to stop them tangle but I don't think he can put the punches together. That's gone home. Patrol the dictate the pace of the fight I. Couldn't. I. Call. Out To that went when he talked more broad. Than me as funny because I didn't feel no type of way but obviously, you felt some type of way by my spiel whatever you WANNA call it. So you say hey. Yeah that's what I'm saying like I didn't no type away. Something very specific from me in I can't control that they had you went ahead and they don't WanNa. See You win don't believe team I mean don't believe I mean down want to see you when they wanna see you and that's why you gotta work all to prove them wrong. and. I, don't think he's lying or nothing like that. I think that he just it's a misunderstanding from him. You know what? I'm saying like he maybe that's how he really feels. But that's not how it really is what I'm saying Jay Mack has never wanted me to win and nothing on this. You know what I'm saying boxing bars every time is always A real one his brother would vote. Jamie has you know what I'm saying always wanted to lose so. That's what is way. Don't bother me. Even greater chance. That's why there's going to be even greatest. You know you look at J. Mac and say I, told you. I told you you gotta be Tov Excuses Tonight Roy. You gotTa Tell Jake that like any. Doubt. About that now. That man which mean you keep coming with Joe Mar you'll have you been doing. Have you been doing body work scheme closed body? Did you? Did, you see him on a bag you just wear. Them. Nights all day. What did you talk about? You know we got coach Rivera he says, Mario Voyage not not whoever Is Laugh out loud joke. Have Fun. I guess he meant to say knockout whoever it is but all good coach Rivera going for you a Dan. That's split. Coach Rivera is actually the brother of kimes coach out in Florida we believe we believe we believe. myron rocking listen man your former co host rockaways Jimbo you'll Kim got that you make five man you got a rocket yachties man I apologize for coming down song. Four they not related. We're going down to Florida. He rock with Kim. Hey by need liked the video subscribe. To the practices club and enjoying paycheck office some but France. Man. If you mentioned pandemic on Free TV for high quality unification, it ain't no scenario that you're gonNA understand what we're talking about that. Also, you're going to stick to that John Pascal numbers and everything you know and I got Loma and of course you know fo- seven me and king sons have went to the same Jim. We don't been in the same room too many times. So of course, I'm going we're four, seven and Man Good Luck. Good luck black. You're going to need it Mario I'm this going to be Mireille drainage. Super Chephren big Supermix. Rodrigez. WHO's really under more pressure though they say it's Mario. But what happens if team loses? Will he get banished from the background who? Live up to that expectation Mario he got the pressure live up to the expectation I wanted to hold this ruin guard hold the public old. They tried to call came as Sabah book who, who, really getting all the super chests you know what I'm saying hold the don't go nowhere machine brother Matt Yeah machine-gun Matt says. Hope do me don't duck Saturday and Sunday Hashtag? No Moss Chanko Hashtag welcome to the Matrix. Dumi has on do we did go mia ever since I was talking to pick live? OUT TO MY G. What up. was, good good morning good morning. Is. Damn. I'm signed thing that Mario three million. Yeah I gotta say I I I can see by doing the three million just because you look at what buds numbers have been on ESPN This is a better fight than anything that he's had so far I on that platform. So here's a crossing my fingers and hoping that it it becomes a great fight and we do get the three million views. So we can get some more boxing fans I have a question. Do you have on the TV store? The HOODIES, are they? With the reset but yes, they are available. On the TV store, hit me up and I will send you a direct link to make it simpler but they are absolutely available both border. And I think we got update the Boorda was one but I can do that quickly because my say twenty nine. Like my Hoodie says twenty interim but yeah, there's definitely a Lotta hoodies up there Yes. So looks like we got a few super chaz coming in Mario you got that or need to get that. I. Got it. Oh, you got okay you WANNA. Go. Eat. So cool says Mario I'm rocking with you the long way. Who really the by the loss. Of leaders that does or does knows I before but this Ito coup it oh? Cool. You always been cool as long as I know you as long as I know you've been cool. So you stay in cool and we're doing this. Yo You know what I just thought about it. Should, I wear should wear my tank for unguarded and show everybody or save it. Take now you mean the actual fight fighting. Yeah. There's only one. Made for me. Is Dope. It's fire is fire. Our. Let's see here. Now the super check another. Super Chat. I'm Luis Rivera I help Alex Rivera with. Ellis. Tune to the fight October thirtieth on zone for that fight. Golden boy think Russia. Is GonNa be Ellis laughing my fien a off Yo That's right for that fight to. Yeah coach. Rivera. Had given us the You know he had. Let us know what was going on with the camp stuff heading into the decision and Yeah he's. He's very confident as as he should be I, think 'cause that's GonNa be a fun fight. No matter what though I think it's a good style matchup. Yes Sir all right Let me just refresh him. Make sure everything's good in the meantime if you haven't already done. So please hit that thumbs up and helps the visibility of the show helps us grow scan. Let us know you enjoy this content and remember we're going to go immediately Mario's pushing his up because since we can't do the listen party till. I. Talked to stainless. We're GONNA be doing Mario's unguarded immediately after this. So yeah. Let's go out to. Look in my. C.. P. Actually we hung up in the middle of my Genius Call I'm sorry my gym. If you WANNA finish up I, it seemed like we had a restart if not will go to. Cyp Are you? Are you going to talk Jimmy? That's a No. We do now. I was just saying that there's a possibility that they do do the three million just because of comparing it to. But other fights I can see them you know surpassing the three million mark but the last question I have for you was if the hoodies are available on the website yeah, yeah yeah. But let me know which one you. WanNa send you a direct link to navigate. But yeah, all the all the hoodies we have are on the website for sure. I'd rather perfect. Thank you. Missed the C. P., it's on you. What what what what Can I want to get Mario. Why. Don't you? Straight up. All the left or the right hooks to the head. At the mall if he a lot of also series shit, you are California. was made you squad. ducking healthy I. don't mean duct defy I mean tape build that power boom-boom. County does give you some advice taking lead and I wanna tell you something about nerves. When you would underdog beat the dog don't be under. The cat is timid a dog vision. They caught underdog for a reason you go up in a fight you go up in their like buster Douglas if you fight like Daniel Jacobs triple. You will lose the fight. Damn saying APETIT y'all. Te'o at twenty years old so much heart and somebody. It's cool. But he's up in there with a do who is looked at as better than him. If he goes in there with them nerves, he's going to fight just like the others of the past you gotTa grow up in there with straight. The actually, it's funny that you brought that up because I there was something else I wanted to get some advice on based on like your coaching. What you do I don't know if you remember our brief conversation, we had about it It's along those lines I don't want to say anything about it because it is a little revealing but Yemane, we'll be great if we could hook up on skype on the back channel or an g or something just Just, I got a couple questions I it. Seeking advice from the backchat I. Don't think they're gonNA do a chance. I think that when you're a coach right like like like soup. Coach he's a coach thing and see why Pisa coach it's like. They're just bred to coach. You know what I'm saying like so so emily. Teacher. If you will real teacher, you will not deny knowledge based off alliances would just say. But that's what you open up. Just Gimme that. But we'll I'll talk to him. That's what you hope and they'll champion that that. His love for coaching will supersede alliances but we gotta understand that in boxing there are alliances even wit coaches and it's not even like no strategy nothing like that is very, very different when I'm GonNa ask them so supermax gave Cyp his boomer. UH, he's. Back Cyp. Listen I'm serious I commented Jim all the time I was going to him the other day and some do they the wrong way there was no. I WANNA, talk to Australia looking you fight like that. All get knocked out and it was all laughing I sound dictators did not want. The bag, right don't they tower when you are coach? Mario. Asked me it is my job just like a doctor Jarvis to help you when you're sick coaches up to help you when you're doing wrong. This is reality real. Live TV I hope everybody who needs that hill in this there's more you've got Debbie, very, very populist. I'm telling you. If you use that with their challenges, it is very possible you get to stop. It I'm I'm not saying you are got to do. You have to have to do that because it takes a real man to get up in their throw punch and it takes a do with heart to take the fun I don't know I don't like that. But I'm telling you from your from your make up from the athletic make from what I've seen you buy. Like Mike Tyson, who do you the pawsox boomtown and it's GonNa be off anybody to take a punch from a do come in that low actor. Wait at the stance. Now it's funny. He does say that right? I posted in the pre pro that that clip of Andy Ruiz training with Eric. Eric I'm thinking Andy Eddie resigning I'm thinking Eric cruise because he come in for both of you are but actually thinking about Eddie Reynosa who was training with Andy Ruis and they were doing that he had andy moving forward while simultaneously duck and hooks Camel Tena Asli. Landing Punches on the PAT. So you know he's got to cut the distance while the punches coming over. So Andy staying low did you see Mario? Yesterday but. Maybe, that's exactly what see what you're saying. You could exits and. Yeah that should looks like it would work if you I mean but look and he looks he looks like a little young Tyson way that he's on his side to side and he's ducking punches. I mean you you know you can only hope for that. But you know you know we went today. No. No let's go. Did or links, ladies, and gentlemen. He comes from. Danny busy I work champ no problem going out to rick and. What up? Oh. Oh. Why not? Those Rick, I'll be right back at you. I'm sorry I know just how to start. It was going on and out. was Go with. Full you know what we saw we talked to. Yeah. Yeah. Our seemed like the border wall fights on. It might be a solar eclipse black Sand with. I'm. GonNa Start. With the professional fights I. I May. I got the white. We'll winning that man I. got a winning that because I think just a little too early teal he got the town and he got the pile. Why wasn't it too early for Loma Loma has so much experience before even term. You know experience amateurs. Moment yet a whole year T. GotTa. Think about it everybody in the Olympics at the top aides. Going into approved. So He's been fighting on them type of guy like now I'm saying like we're. Yeah here. I give you that and that's you to look at it. The man who who t he'll photo that you really say he's going to go on Dominique your white man I mean who the Loma for fight when we thought he was going to be Gary Russell Landers Toledo. Is based off pack Elena are. We, seeing that we have seen. -Til yet that's coming. He destroyed Land Lido unlike unlike four. Lost US Alito his first title shot CMO. Destroyed Richard Komi his first title shot. So I mean it's totally different year one tried to do it two days but that it Ain t o four tried to you know look that's what it is. You took the elevator champ and you should the bed that's his problem I know when Teo stepped up he showed out he showed up but rick at l. what up was the Man. Yeah. The jazz off Tasmania pumped about this fight man I'm hearing about it from all sorts of people who don't know shit about boxing and Is Free has good everybody's pumped about I don't know who's GonNa Win I. I bought into it I. Guess I don't know the opponents well enough to really know you know young line old line big small I don't know I if fifty fifty that's why I'm pumped. Mario, enjoyed your training video man I sent you a message on instagram about it. But I don't know what kind of style you're going for what you're working on. You know that shoulder roll hands low slipping kind of styles now for everybody. Sometimes. Keeping your hands up back to the basic hands up and down let's go baby strap on the letter. Let's go hands up ten Dan. Let's go Mario. Out. Right, there Mario. Let's get this. Mario got people coming out. The would words. You're we. Aren't drive-by. Mode. y'All Steve We went to not. I was last night you it on Block Talk Steve Mixing it up going Stevens Chicago. What up? John Hey Daddy. Donald. Chicks. All Good Morning. I'm glad you played that intro man everybody out here jumping on Lomas jock like he TB. Matrix. DEALS GONNA put the Matrix to rushed to bed. Forget that he's A. He's a funny way notch in. Until. Is like he needs to be a one forty you know like. Struggling it down to one forty. That's how. It's GonNa be Alright Albany. On Sir, this went on say there's only say there's levels to this broadcasting in here in America I know some of the international audience they understand you got sprees, ESPN Azuma middle showtime at the bottom because it's a premium. You know ESPN is not real on keeps saying we're GONNA free your skin in is not free. Is Not like officer free. European kind of like swamp. So we're numbers, they're gonNA, do you know I? I don't really care. Towards the fire. But you know there's multiple despise the numbers. It's not free. Talk Espn comes with your basic cable package in a man it's. Like you have the cheapest version of cable and get it there in I mean, what are you guys can google go to the next call but you know we should be able to Google and get a number of how many homes there in how many millions of homes therein versus showtime and all those other ones you know I mean obviously the combination shaping boxer for ESPN yeah. It should be both I think you should do fox ESPN lights on ESPN. Are you saying Fox and you want me to see for Fox sports one also or no? No No. No need. He's comparing ESPN sports one. and. Trying to distinguish that Fox Fox and ESPN cannot be compared so By Google and how many homes ESPN is in versus how many homes Fox's in will know how true statement was we're going to go to stone bone book sale, Colorado what are your they ruined my Lonzo Ball Bone y'all listen I'm telling you that is not the listen. I'm fighting to get the real version you made the cut. Oh that's some bullshit man. Oh Man. Oh, man I saw good man we'll get it together. Hey. But I think. I'll be getting those a little earners reports stuff for the plus and all that, and this glass like eighty six, million homes have a access to ESPN, and they brought like the twelve million just straight SPN plus have over like twelve million subscribers along not even a package holders with the Disney plus and all of that. But just a standalone five, four, ninety nine is like twelve million plus just for ESPN plus. They got the money in and what? What, but EMBIID obidos. What two point or peaked like two eight I thought. It's two eight, right? Yeah like so damn. That's I mean that's the difference of two hundred thousand people to three million for fight that did really mean it wasn't a mandatory. That was a voluntary. It was a big number hawksbill was fine but nationally, it wasn't my audience is a giant FIFA Crawford it what you know so. I'm looking at just the anticipation. was going on sports right now, an access availability at some of the science people sanded discount do three million but take do like one or two million on pay per view. So you tell me. So he tells me. Pay GonNa do have are half the people he do half the audience on pay per view that disarm do. So if there's do three in then taper one point five or two million like slowly. San. That's do about five, hundred, thousand, three, hundred, thousand this new probably to average two, eight I. See a peak over three Francis. You can't just say that they're wrong for Santa's going to do less than pack up pack is a legend Hall of fame that beat that. Could. Right. Let's see is listening. All right. We're going spook King Bon what up. Doe. The vast. For the position like that you. Don't get rid of. Joe You. Hear me. Again Man I've been driving. Now, just tie your. So my energy's Kinda like low boy like I said, I'm aside for the fight y'all in. You know. Team female man but then lockdown dino lockdown do not as Christina. Facial. Jokes like are kept like I told everybody yard Yo- normally like wild rush into SAS. Either a blanket man for like an hour. To your fame. Just knock this out. Let's a shakeup. Shakeup the division Y'all saw pinks. I'm sending good energy positively momentum Bordman keep your head up. Were were. Super. Super. Chat on. Riga's people questioning Mario's heart, but I was here when he left. When he left last heard all that was said even by Wilder Mario still here where the other hosts at. Here. Unguarded rights. Met? That's May. He's he's a promoter for real. He's a promoter for real Texas promotions the. Best Decision I ever made. He. Doing the do of Old News. All right. So Looking like j MAC with his boomerang gain call. Joe Can you hear me. Perfect. A shoutout to supermax you supposed to win a week is in need. And you need to help them out. You gotTa give them the support you gotta give them flowers y'all got to give him get well codes all Bush y'all talking my I'm glad. He may be against him had confidence going get his ass knocked on the border woods. All YOU PEOPLE IN A. The. Thing I. Love. All the typing I'm not feeling hang 'cause I don't do shit like that I'm not no typer, the y'all be chat typing chats please whenever just show up tell me who you are. Tell me you feel some type of so I can express how I feel about you. I don't play that type in saying this and saying that, and now the cheek US talking about C., y. p. being on yours, why are you telling me anything I never told you anything? Why are you typing my name in the chat? I don't get that. Then you won't Cry Wolf when somebody get on your eyes then they won't come. She's a girl was staying goddamn place. Don't play with me. I don't play with nobody on here. Well big, Nick. You K- you his feelings after. Just a quick coal actually. Listen I wanted to run this by you. Would you think so I know you guys were talking on the show yesterday about pay per view for Garcia. Garcia Spence fire, and then obviously Dossier Philadelphia, and Luke Campbell being pay-per-view. What'd you think about the idea of both networks get into giver because obviously with a pandemic people can only do I've Aurora in it while it may be that some people can only do I aurora. So what but like if the network came to give almost off like So. For say like one, hundred, ten dollars you can get both both fights, and then either network shows networks five on the playback because then that way you can get. As many papers, you can robin and people having to our account for twenty five dollars for the or kind of seventy five dollars for that as well. You see what I'm saying. Yeah, you know actually that's kind of what the structure was like the Pacquiao Mayweather in terms of the playback in HBO and Showtime in the way they negotiated it was like they were going to do it a very specific way, and then play back was gonna come for one network and then the other I listen in theory theory. It's a great idea. Will they worked like that man? That's that's hard for me to believe that they would. They would come together like that. looks like back coach Myers said give it to. Who did you say? Let me read this. Sean, Coats Mars Give Boomerang. To King Eisai Talk. Young. What appreciate the coach Myers on your men ain't. Much to say. I had to say put in the work I had to put in. Nola. Mario have this time tomorrow who cellphones fans come out and get his moments long got that champ solar. Dan. I don't get his moment. Day. Me To have a moment. Do Really Really Really China I. Don't know. But Unguarded man media is going at eleven thirty with Mario's unguarded. We pushed it up. We pushed it up look at my week at. Bloom rang my gene. Not much to say manages which everybody gray weekend drew the fights looking forward to that on guarded. All right. All right. All right. Let me see you. Stone Bone. What what a? What a? Yeah Man. I'm very interested in his five man. Up I BELIEVE IS GONNA. Do some some some great numbers is is not like their device that we've been seeing are really been like like high level fights. This is like we might have had I think the highest level fight was would have been like Charl Rosario and that was a pay per view saw Magin if if they would've put both Charles on Fox. Maybe. UNGAR car maybe wasn't that good to me. But if they would've played ball to those Charles on Fox, they would did at least three million. That would have done twice. To nine English speaking is in August and Rommel's neither wondering well Ronald speak a little. English. But besides that that was nothing appealing and at one point something. I mean and alarm a James did what a million. So if you did a double D Charles on Fox and I may and. I think we close at three. We'll get closer to three Dan to to. Feel like the type of money that A. Difference between them putting up a fight on ESPN where people pay. To advertise all sports versus ABC where people pay the commercials are different types of commercials. It's not the same. So maybe it would have done bigger numbers. But for right now, how sports is set up no major the NFL Games are kind of iffy being canceled college force not plan the regular season. This is a perfect topic this fight to be offering TV and I spent big numbers and I'm expecting great numbers three point one let's do it. All. Right. That looks like. Every week we go to MR BBC and Seattle. I don't think so. The Washington? Mister He. Win. Nine. I don't care what? Mr The see maybe. Club. Sir. Off was up. Tiffy more winning I never really thought of them doing three million. I can see one point five to keep it real. And Yeah. That's my call now. Let's see WHO's up next. We went to buy A. went to bomb boxing today. And I don't remember going to buy either if we didn't. Know. If not one, right. Okay we didn't go for. You, guys. Hear me we do. Stick with my prediction still got TNC I. Think he's GonNa get Aloma. Thickness I think is boxing underrated and he does have good feet. We're GONNA see tomorrow night I. Think he's GonNa catch the Matrix I think he's GonNa Damage say seven or eight. From the sleep but Not GotTa rock with my brethren sale get it done and as far as the this team Mario Man. What I said, but you know, go few Mario keep doing what you do and. Then, they're pick they're working man I'm looking forward to watching so. I mean how? Good the Sebok comeback see that's the true Mexican enemies like Damn I can't leave my bedroom out there to dry I think I think he's Mexican anyway. So knee would up. Cincinnati. When you scheduling your interview, Dr. Talk, we're going out to Sony One more time just listening hard at work. Right, we're going to do real nausea tick the number one. Pick Him League winner every single week sense. It started all hail the queen what's going on? Past ness absolutely pitched right now. My name out for no good reason Geno what it wasn't started with the Wisconsin's. J. J., wack. I. So by comment section, I typed it with question marks said it's cold out here. You'll on me. So people were being mean to you I, called it out, and then you can will come and what call me out for real. You WanNa find a girl for real and you even have a good reason and the funny side is the guy ever made the comment you do call him out. meow. Honestly this is just unbelievable, but I understand your friends have CYP right? So I am not surprised you know. That so yeah Kim calling my name. A good reason I makes you happy. Actually. the person, the the the those two, those two nicknames originated a super chat that came out like an hour ago. So Jay Mack has to counter-punches. Look now. I just read the comment I didn't see debate I've been on DVD's he's a troll he guy he came back here on skype he would not come face to face. He will not talk shit he talks he just types it apologize to you twice you can compare as you can make this make that nobody called. You say I WANNA fight a grab hold people accountable to the day save I. See something. About me, I'm going to respond to. That I don't do that I. Don't do that back and forth you can call it what you want. You pay to narrative I, apologize to you twice in a chat where started it, and I'm apologizing to you on air which I had to pay my money to apologize. So make what you WANNA. Make I saw you type it. That's all. If you ha- if you didn't have a why did you respond? Why did you repeat it if you didn't want it to be. Taking a certain way when y'all get on their type and shit people see certain things see the thing about it is nobody holds y'all countable because you can say what you want to say but I will hold y'all accountable stop playing with me. This is for anybody stop playing with me. I don't play with nobody back here because nobody city should face nobody will say you will tight and make jokes I don't play them type of games I'm not type person fucking play with. Okay. We'll saw people who saw. Early. In the morning careful with Veg- gentlemen saw good Cyp. Of counterpunch. Your for one, the one I was the one who let him know what was said that? Yes, be our from. New. York. Matters. Yasser. In his check and you're the in your things about people don't even talk to you. Literally, I kept talking boxing and people will say negative things to me I don't even know I e the mission now, the chick you did it again, you always try to instigate trae we got trained say getting the same way you did we ought chain the backlog she took it she she took her medicine you did the same thing you want the kitchen to the way nobody knows about it. Do you re tweeted that is replete retype people do it all the time they reach and somebody else said to get working to Dobie kind of bird rescue troops. Now's counterpunch. Okay seems you guys know how to read messages in Tech. Works when you put a word in with question marks Mitch often what does this thing? So when I put the words, whiskas which I guess they were referring to Mario's whiskas and Jane Wack at the time I didn't even know what? I. But what what I put in a question marks and then with a follow comment commander said. It's called out here. y'All mean, do you know what that means? My point who Ryan I this is, that's mean you don't talk about people like that. But no, I have to come here and explain issue because obviously you don't understand English when I get him maybe it's because African accent and when I type type of an African accent. So you probably don't understand that's what it means. Jay. Mac Anyway, I accept your apology. You know we're all good. No. I just want to make it clear when I retired question mark, it was asking a question that's what people do when shorten sentences in the chuck section. Cincinnati counterparts. Speaking to women I was watching the. Video. At a nice list slim. She's the host and someone what's her name again? Name. Use, the host, the Sandberg. Bro. She worked for zone. Now TBB's steppingstone man we give opportunities. Brand. Only get. Public is out. On the town. Did you own? rested. Make. A printer. You know what? I didn't a I think brandon has a love hate relationship would be. Solicitor any brandon like Dr Not a Dr I want to say that but but Brandon Love Brandon, love him some females at the wrong with that he would. He would take any one of us out. To put to put to put a few million so well. Let's see I'M A-. She got an the I can help with that Chan? Not Know got a girl no Damn Brandon. Win. No I'm just saying I can help them with your name, an instrument him him instagram stalking ain't got nothing to do with his girlfriend listen. Did Brandon win the Piccoli Oh Yeah. So you've got the funds to man, I, mean, you know what my whiskers as they say and I might. Point you. In the right direction, we're going to one in the be x. what up. Just listening while going once. Twice. Right, what up one? Not found just lifting right brother. We're going to address across the line. You'll goodman what what I? Just WanNa, talk about. The much right. Now, your man if I do think allow this before by think, is even not more now with the prescription. Both foam was debt is gonNA put him out. He's GonNa Retire on the stool I'd say nine from he's GonNa put him out too much You'll, to elite. Is going to go that direction. You'll. Lo. Mas GonNa have no mercy on him. You know. I don't think he's GonNa take some deep woods like he said. He. was going to happen nine from. Give no matter what happens man listen the respect that he gets from me yeah. In recent history I wouldn't showed in its no-one else. You know the guy went go through straight on. Cutting. So coach media will co host on Thursdays and Sundays in obviously in charge of the fantasy pick 'em league with committee members Info Joe and Steve Says Ness. Tell them how? Everybody was at the appreciation I went Amblin didn't shoot they shot it was only cash weasley who took a chance. So here you know easy always trying to do his thing we're going out to JP. Colorado year. Again. Shoutout Niger for beaten up unique is every week in his pick 'em league. I'm not into picking league. Are usually what say I don't lose the girls but she seemed to be beaten y'all up. Pretty good. So I'm not getting in. So I don't. You know I mean. My Dog, my dog. Z. Y. P. J. Mac y'all in a lose. Lose situation. Lose lose situation trying to argue with a female man leaving Stand up guys though I messed with. anytime you're going into a fight in my experience and you're saying one guy is going to knock the other outlets how he wins and can't out and you can't vision him winning a boxing match never works. That's why I'm taking Lama Janko because most people say that FEMA will win by knockout in elite level fights that rarely ever happens. We all know that that's fat that's my call. All right. All right. All right. Let's check the. Woods. Oh Shit is it over? Davidian Boston. Buffalo Sauce. Buffalo. No. Longer Niagara Falls what a champ. Ness was good Mario, grandfather's I'm good I'm just. Just been just been listening Nice You know great show is always and yeah I don't know it's it's I'm excited is going to be a good fight. Teo is a nice. Can you know he? He is nice but I don't know I just feel like you know Lomas. You, know my has something to prove and showed a young man something. Let's see. You know if he could do it. I ain't GonNa be mad I just you know. And having all those. This is gonNA pretty sweet. See we necks if you can get a loan but I. Know I got. Other than that. I love the boxing voice and often get along. Transfer call and we a counterpunch from Steve Look for to make his board awards debut soon as well. Steve is Chicago. talked to us. I just WANNA say something hasn't hasn't Yoga and call it A. For like two years now yes. They something they've been calling his name they've been chasing. Her young kids chased a guy like that my walking this thing. Thanks for Mikey to they. Want to be. Like I ever see you know something man I tell these guys saying it's only. Call from two years ago. HIM FOR RAW Chasing Lois. A you get out. He got the ball. Can't man. People waiting for the he's GonNa Shine on telling you he's been waiting for this I'm. I love him. Cash. And I believe you are all I all I could counter was what you heard me say. So did Mikey Mikey said a lot of that stuff. Out here, not us because I wasn't falling for that Shit but. He had people really believe I will not much supermax bet on fight. Soup mix would you drop on that one? Mara would you would you drop? JOB ON AT ON SOME AWESOME I'm way for you bet on. You Ain't. You Ain't drop no money on that Mikey fight also may He Kinda Love Shit nothing zero that's true. Box Effect I did. True box you ain't you ain't a fool listen essay body. We outta here catch US immediately I'm talking immediately I'm talking like now we going now for Mario's piece. Pigs.

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