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Dave. Can you hear me? I can hear you. You see me I can see. Can you, can you do all that stuff I can? I can hear I can see okay. I can I can't smell you. Sorry I, touch you. That's fine, is it? Do you need? The videos going up as a as a podcast video is not going up, but it helps me to engage. If all K okay because I. We keep our video. Just, let me know the audience. Go, Hey! Yeah Audio's audio's great okay perfect, man Kareem the beard, says seventy year old sage, but the hat says twenty year old Jurassic Park Fan trying to. Level it off, man, two different worlds top to bottom. Thank you, thanks guys for. Taking this time, I, really appreciate it. All! Thank you grow. Yeah Ali Hassan you. It's sunny outside, but you're in the West End. Did you get flooded out? No flooding that I heard about. Heavy heavy rains, heavy risk. Yeah! I was I just step out I. had the radio onto? Listen and. Apparently! There's if we go search on instagram. There's people in canoes. And some some guy's car floated away in the West End of Toronto Western wear. Black Creek and Ross a ship Kinda close to where I am best I was asking just GonNa Textile home for a second. Time I'll be like. Honey of the children floated away as the children. Should I wear headphones, BRO, or no? I just wear them so that I don't look like a ball last loser like you. Also you do that. Look and I'll do this slim. Does it doesn't matter like? Does it make the audio better or now? We can try. I'm I'm good. Good, okay. Yeah, yeah, you, you sound. You sound good so far Dave. You are in La. I am in Los Angeles, correct? How is that compared to New York? Like in what sense in in in Kovic since? Why would I was in your guy was in the. It was the height of it right? I. It was like the Hobbit so probably not as good I would say. I was in his good. We're sure. Are you as you're not. It seems that you were fearful in New York. You were like scared like legit scared. I was just taking the best precautions I like I like afraid I'll add anxiety of of obviously not contracting Coleman show I wasn't like shaking. Like I was still like enjoying my time in my apartment like I wasn't. Just anxiety but That was again. We know really no one still knows, but I mean. No one knew back then or a few months ago. How anything much about it I feel. That that they know anything now. And then here is just like you know just more space. You don't really run into a lot of people like you would have new. York I feel. Rowan about. This, this is not meant as disrespect but. Dave will feel anxiety on the best days, too. So I think in a strange way, Dave you're probably more prepared. For this kind of thing I met a friend today around ten AM. We went for a walk in the park together, and he said he never hoping Zion. His life and the pandemic has brought something out of him and the first thing. He has not seen his parents. He's in downtown Toronto. Their is not his elderly ailing parents. Fire Has Parkinson's disease father three or Or four times a week while he's not seen them since March and he goes I. Don't know man. My wife was like we need to go out candidate. We have to go I'm losing my mind, so he had to go, and he was on the patio and we were distant from people, but I'm watching. All these people around the sheet is starting to freak out so. I. Don't know in a way. Dave is better prepared than most of us. 'CAUSE exiled is like you've been rolling with anxiety since I. Don't know. You know your twenties or teens, maybe why? It kinda like the pandemic you know. Kinda, like all the tools you'll learn in. To get like, help your anxiety of like if you're OCD Kinda like you know, you're trying to are not raised them, but you trying to not do them so when the pandemic showed up and cove it you're. Like, those beliefs are like. Is it real doozy? I'm saying like all the things of washing your hands like fifty times. You like. I shouldn't be doing that in Kobe comes, and you're like man I should be watching my hands seventy. Gitai like me just doesn't reinforce your. It's like it box with your mind. Basically 'cause you're like. Wow, was what what's happening here like what you know the sanitizing. Groceries like a plays on your anxieties. She laid on him so people whenever facing. Zaidi before this is like I. Don't know it must. Take would probably like very I don't sucks for them in Allie. Said is not that I'm it's nothing. It's just like of dealt with it. So it's like okay. We're doing this again, but at another level. And the business of the both of you are in like you like live audiences is your bread and butter I know I know both of you have also. Done some stuff and television. We'll talk about that for sure but You know specifically not that. Everyone is sort of been impacted by this in different ways, but the both of you. You know the way you make monies by. Going in performing in front of live audiences. Solely, how how is that? I know you do some stuff with CBC. But how has that impacted? You know your state of mind. were. I mean properly fucked at the way to describe it, they were you know what? It's it's slowly coming back in weird ways, and you have to, and and I think this is an interesting conversation with Dave to have because. You Dave is not interested in zoom comedy shows. What I got into comedy for joy tonight. I connected with that in March and April it gets his domain. You're like this is all like. And as much as there is part of it, that sucks. You just try to find a way that your persona. Your comedy and your vibe can match you try to find a way where you can feel the most comfortable on the zoom shows, and now I'm doing a couple of drive in shows just for laughs. Driving Chosen Montreal at the end of the month I got invited to be part of that so now I have to do. Some zoom shows I need to get the words out. I need to remember the timing of some jokes. This is definitely not ideal. I know. How was psychos out there? Like a kind of like zoom more while you're a lunatic and you shouldn't be allowed in comedy clubs. Kidding may open, but in general it is all top when it's an adjustment and I think. It's it's taking time to figure out how to make this work for us I really love to. I know you're doing that. You're supposed to be on Torelli, but yeah. You're doing that thing later this month in Montreal. Excuse me this is going to be a big year. Yeah, you're probably. Right, but. But I'd be interested to get your thoughts on like. How do you perform in front of people in cars? That's that's. Like. Are Starting to do it. I think it's GonNa. Be Weird like I, think. I'M GONNA revert to my car personality. Somebody's GONNA hawk. It'd be like fuck you man. But meanwhile they were just honking like good joke. I'd be like I'm not used to. Not going to be used to. It's GonNa. Be a lot of what's your. Yeah, and so no one's going to know what to do with me and I'm not GonNa know what to do with them, but that's what it means to strange new world, but. you can't. There's no point in pining and longing for what was what was is isn't winning again. We don't know a lot of comics out. There think that their profits and they're like this is what's going to happen. This is what we need. This is how it's going to go down I'm like. Remember listening to you on anything. So I don't know. Why do you subject that none of us know anything about of course Surtee, Al Yeah Meeting the future not now now how to protect ourselves what we can do and you know, but a lot of people feel like they're they're. They're soothsayers and avoid voyeurs into the future I. Don't if anybody tells you. This is what's going to happen. I think you should suspicious immediately because I don't know how we know exactly what's going to happen. Completely unprecedented scenario. Dave, just finished watching season two of Romulus night. Nice Nice it is. It's not a comedy show anymore? It's like serious shit. It's like. They're a dare bitchy laugh at. But it is. It is some serious. Rami has knocked season two out of the park. Yeah I agree APP. I don't know I like that. It's not you know it i. like what I like what it is I, don't I don't? Like I. Don't know if it's a comedy anymore. I I don't know I think that's still to honest with you that you you know, you can watch it and take however feeling you take from it whether you're. You're like I think this is more serious you know. Or I think this is funny. So I think that's beautiful. Do not saying Atlanta's like that. Yeah! I don't know if it's set out I don't know personally infinity patio set it out to be. This thing is going to be like I just think it's. It's just oh, are the. To how people are going to receive it again? I don't know what's. His creative process obviously, but but as I was filming I was like Oh. This is much different than I. Season I think for the better. Yes. I think everything got elevated You know whether whether I was a part of the show or not. I would think that you know what I mean just like everyone's. Acting I feel like they're great like last season, but I think everyone kind of like. It just was on another level just. Reading the last, the last two episodes just floored me like went places. The second last episode went to a place that I did not. I have guessed what thieves is a touch on now. Not The old racist uncle who? Turned out to be gay like what where did that? From. I like how you give the spoiler. Dad this week this this. This TV shows we know forever. Berkeley. So that you don't ruin everything for. Yeah. Remedied even need to run. A year writing the show. Spoils. As you like it's been forever. I'm like no man in the May. We were like we're July's. Heads Point. Forever streaming world isn't. But no man I'm Guam at least you watched it dude! It's worse when somebody interviewing goes. Hey, man, it's a great show. How many episodes you watch! Not I saw the trailer. Would that happened to us once and I thought that was the funniest shit ever. Like the honesty, you gotta give them the points for that. This was unlike daytime last year was a press run in April. It was like a newscast knows news morning, check. Like I, don't know how the fuck like Romney kept it like. He's so professional about it I'll just like what did this. Why would you say that? Why. Why wouldn't you might as well just lied? I just saw the trailer Dude A. Love it my favorite. Kareem. David I, did WE? Terrorists are comedy to our West at every morning show, we will do always some wack ass thing. Is Always so weird. The whole morning for is so weird first of all, it's more minutes gone like this, but also every time it would be like. Next up. A Saskatoon. Teacher pleads guilty for child molestation, but I I'm. Dave Marash argue. A man. Pallet cleanser. Your things. Do you tell us a sports update? Like, it was just. Disgusting. Here Louis Bro. It's like not even cool is just like i. just think that whole format is hilarious aways like the whole news morning. Like this idea of like you. It's almost like the robotic and a half to be like you're like you're not getting. You're getting like you know. They can't be the full honest truth, but they're happy. Robots pattern the need. Happy Robots. Yeah, they're not gonNA. Pay Heavy metal, no first thing first thing in the morning. Guide so sorry I took away from your I. Think I ask a question? Sandbag your question. Go ahead, go ahead. No No, I was waiting for you. What I need to get your thoughts on Kanye West each of you. I you know to be honest with you. I, do not. Oh, I just don't care anymore. You know. His antics are like so many antics to keep up with them like a man. You know the I kind go in and out of listening to his music I. Listened to more of the old stuff. Yeah, it's like to me. It's like I, don't I? You exhausted me with your antics about that. I was just no word yet, so it's. Shifted Shenanigans. End Look to me. They are probably antics to you. They're like they're not to him. Probably I don't Wanna I'm not disrespecting him by saying antics. Just like don't know. Or I don't even care like you know. He's GONNA run for president. I'm like Sherman. The world's on fire. who like what it's like I don't I. DON'T WANNA put my energy in an ending anymore. If feels like with him like except for music if he puts out music, GONNA. Listen to it. Other than that I truly I truly don't. I'm like whatever man that is. itself is interesting though separating the art from the artist. James able to do that in cases on. Everybody's able to do that right? Donald Doing. It was tough when he was doing. The trump thing was tough there. It's because it's like. I remember college dropout was like so important like an essential. I loved I used to play. I think I had the CD and I used to drive across Detroit when I lived in Windsor to do open mics and comedy shows I got put it on, and it was almost like a soundtrack. It was like very motivating hills I was dope. He was like like the beats and everything about the vibe of that album was so big to me. I remember that moment on. Yes, so I it's. It's you know you get attached to these artists? So you're Kinda like so when like they don't really have a lineup with your views. You just kind of get frustrated, so it's hard to separate any like he doesn't have to not vote or like trump like I never. I. Don't have the same uses the all the time I like. Or anyone in general. It was just kind of fucked up. Where you're like damn, it dude. You may dark twisted fans. That's. What the fuck are you doing like it's? Interesting Cao's. You know one of the most insulting things that an entertainer or or an athlete in here is a man, just shut up and dance to shut up and dribble yea so incredibly offensive. because. It May. How come you? Dick headed your mother's? Forty years old with twenty dollars in your bank account. How come you have opinions about forty five things by Lebron James Yet. Smart man can have some opinions about a couple of different day. You know what I mean. It's reinvented. When you get the Kanye West M, and shut up and make music. It's like okay it. And it's not even Allie. It's like it's like I don't even like you can speak how he wants to speak. It was just like a thing of like like Danny. Because, you were like writing is wave and you're like all you got y. you gotta like this guy who I don't like like your immune. It's not even like I. Don't want him to not speak on politics and stuff. I think those kind of does when he was doing it in his music and re an an interview. It's just it didn't align with what you want it I like. You know what I'm saying, so it was. That's where my frustration was, but in the end. Who gives a fuck what I care or what I think? It's just like you know what I'm saying. It's like I'm not going to. A man if you don't know what he's saying, he says the new. Do you know what I'm saying to say? No for free to be like fuck you. Just feel. I. Times I love I love I love it though I'm not as close Davis you are, so you could. Wake. You give me a weight with your left I. Understand it God. Man I saw Kanye dependent Panam gains and that was it for me. I Guess Twenty Sixteen maybe. That go. I'm never gonNA. Let that go do what happened. I can't remember the name of the Canadian artist Serena Ryder Street. Her rider comes in great jobs. Yeah, big bull comes in. Delivers fantastic. Said pit bull delivers should get like one of those air horns. My GRANDPA cripple delivers. We'll get lot of hate, so that's why I think it's he's. US getting a ton of Haiti of back then within you watch this guy you're like many was in sync with his backup dancers. He Sang, perfectly gave a great amount of energy, and then Kenyon Carsoup to close it. It's just a triple triple billion and. He does exactly what they told him not to do. They don't use US our boards and don't go up past eight. He doesn't use their boards. He uses his own board soundboards. McGaw K. but don't go past eight. You'll blow. The speak of the speakers have these protective mechanisms? If they go to high to protect themselves, the turn off, the speakers will cut to self-preservation. Was He do full full everything folder like don't do that. Does it? Anyway blows the speakers turns on. The lights are just makes a huge spectacle, and he did it also that people people could be talking about him the next day house like look I know the game like half the Shit we do here is a real We see is real, but this is just ridiculous. It's like reindeer. You're corning lose. In. That feeling came back. I'm going to run for the president. United States you're according to loser. That's the baseline. He's a corny loser. And then also there's a there's a potential for damage. It makes it creates a a an arena where trump actually benefits from. That's real. Dangerous, but then I look at it like I, look at like when he says I want to run for president in America like M.. I Shaw like Deneen like like I am I. Am I shocked in America. Celebrity wants to. If anything. That's the normal for that. You know. New so that's why I that part. I'm like whatever dude? Yeah like yeah. You. Guys have talked a lot about your Your Your Dad's on on weeding terrorists. Anything Dave. You've even outside of that, show you've you've talked about your dead? I'm curious how your Dad's have. Have reacted over the past three four months. Being being in lockdown. Will my dad was was dead. He continued to be dead, So has A. Call that a reaction kind of neutral SORTA. Allie Allie House I was waiting for. These guys not going. GonNa just he's not going to just say hey, man. My father passed away. He's GonNa find a way to be like. Hey, man! My Dad's dead. Thanks to do basic research about you know what I had in. My life is Allie Allie couldn't let you just like yet to make the interviewer likes. I was. A man just by the way my dad's dead at the final way, not only to do a joke, but make you remember this for the rest of your life do. Did you guys hear that fit with. Bill Cosby and ability what what's that? What's that comedian that? Comedian. Norman. Did you hear that bit between McDonald and Bill Cosby Now? And I just watched this like you know because I've been watching a lot of a lot of McDonald and he was saying. He opened for Bill Cosby Norm MacDonald for Bill cosby one night. and. He was telling Bill Cosby that I'm I'm your fan might my dad's the biggest fan? And so bill gimmes number, so give A. Shit, my dad's. He didn't Tell Bill, but his dad had passed away already, so he just gave like a random number. Bill bill calls later on bill calls and doesn't manage a calls norm. Macdonald back and said. I think it gives a wrong number. Numbers right number. He's waiting for your call and norm. Macdonald never told bill that has passed away. That's such a norm on brand. Respond to it is. Not doing their research. On the alley. Joking, I'm joking. There's no. There's no reason for you to know that don't. But this play that his great you'd be wasn't there. Already is a bad time for. My Dad was a keen political observer, if not a participant. Whether. It was Pakistan or England or in toback in the province Quebec. Where I was raised, he was very much a civic minded socialists minded often voted for the end EPA, and then finally became liberal in his later years. just because he's like the. MVP losers don't stand a chance, I'm just GonNa vote for the vote. And you know some a supporter of the arts and supporter of us a teacher supporter of education all that so basically everything that is that the trump was pretty much against yeah or Doesn't doesn't have the the basic sense to to support or promote. That's what my dad stood for. So would have been a bad ugly John for my father for shift. Fair, Enough Dave. How's your dad been reacting to all this? Man, I don't know. He just taught he. He'll tell me he'll just be like watching CNN too much, so he'll when I was in new. York us Cam, telling me about the updates like it's bad there. He'll talk about trump. He goes disguised. faulk men in in in a in his accent. or He'll just tell me to like. Where Mass? What was funny is I had him on facetime. I was with Romney. Yousef and he loves Romney. Like. He's always at. He'll ask about him. He hugged him. So he goes to Romney on the vase on, he goes Amen Web to masks. Everyone else even in our family wear one man. For the talented. The towns again to. Get get to on. A Dora will. How did how did the two of you guys I meet? Dave Kane among Shia I think I met you in Montreal. At the comedy works I think Jeff's Joel has a guy. Who was a comedian? I don't think I can say is. The! I don't think if he does anymore. But Joshua was a guy who when Dave lived in. TORONTO, they used to run shows together so then I think Jeffrey's. I bathed come. We'll do a show now. I with Montreal. And so I had gotten in Jeff since he moved to. Montreal and Jeff Introduce the day I think. We just flew from there I think. Professionally I asked if I could host. We ate terrorists in these like. I guess you know very flattering, flattering way of Vulcan me walking me into the comedy. Commune Outlook Man I was. I was just having a good time. I think that I don't even like what I say. I guess. I was probably just like. You down if you're down down, yeah, okay, okay. That was the tone, but. Personally. We just started hanging and then I think the next time I met him I was like just stay at my buddies flakes my buddy June musician. You say that his place he he wrapped in his. Basement, studio, we. Ate, grilled cheese sandwiches together ahead of good times, not alley to be honest to be honest, even just in general like if I, if I thought you were whack like Skillset, wise, a Lotta Times I would not even tell someone like you know like. Hey, good job I just clock. That guy's good. That guy could do a good job. I I wasn't open of. Nina and maybe that's not a good thing, so long has a lot to do with your own insecurities, but that's a conversation. So I probably I knew you were good. I was just like I think. When you ask those again and to me, it wasn't like. It wasn't like a big deal. It's some I. Don't allow like I didn't hold it as like I'm like you know in an ego way of like Oh. You WanNa be on my show. Ever Oh, you're new, obviously a walk on stage and you're you're at the time. You were funny. You know what I mean. He's funny I. It's not GonNa I didn't think you were going to ruin the shell. Again do join join the team so low bar. He can walk onstage decently. Recently adopted a ruin the. Really Hot! Those those are hard to come by, are they? Yeah, yeah, you know that those are hard to come by. It's true. There's always some risk of the show that it ruins. How how long had you been doing the show Dave up until? Least started. Hosting it's I. Wanted I knew I think I started two, thousand, six or seven? And two, thousand, eight or nine, so you've been doing a year or two most. You've done one big show in A. Four Ajax was at the inaugural downtown Toronto. Sold out, and they added a second show, but it went. It was like the most. Lineup outside Yuk Yuks, downtown Toronto and at the time house, like like still like an amateur comic. I believe and I was like this is not so like you know. It was the most money I made in like one show. It was like I didn't expedient expected to sell out, it was an insect. Get a second show added. We were like. Even I think Mark Breslin at the time came upstairs he goes. We had to turn people away. For the first job decided to add a second show, but by then he had to get like eighty people away well, yeah, or something like that can't remember the numbers and we were just like. I remember being young and being like what when they handed me the money. I remember I didn't even I just add it like a guess. Blocking! And drove to Windsor I think the next day will my cousin. I just didn't know what to do. I went to my Parents House I. Just you know to do with I think it was like thousand callers. Shared! Somewhere for me. We were GONNA. Do it in. In Ottawa it like we're going to do it around the Yuck, Yuck is, but that's had a disagreement with the booker at the time and we never. We did do it in Ajax, but it didn't. I. Don't think it did as well. I don't think I forgot like the marketing I. Don't know how he say. The Booker at the time there was Middle Eastern and he thought he saw you heard about the show, and he brought it there, but it didn't. It didn't do as well as it was it was it was not it was Ajax it was. You're right. Sorry about that buddy. It just didn't do as well as the Toronto. Yes, those are the two you had done before you before we met up and then I just became the host for a bit, and that we would collect miscellaneous brown people along the way in the cities, performing it in it after a while we. Think the show. Just be me in day. I host Dave comes on on headlines and then last year he turned onto. It turned into host. Then I'm gonNA bring you on. And then I'll leave, and then I did that I bring him on, and then I'm about to leave and I think was Edmonton. Day Goes. Where are you going? To, be you? GotTa go with what I think he was feeling like. Don't leave me alone with these Allen I. No member. All we did Saskatoon I member and we had the we had your. Alley wasn't it wasn't really hosting US doing like thirty, so he was doing thirty minutes fought, and then I was doing a thirty or whatever right, but when he instituted. I think we were ripping and I just stayed. We stayed on. I stayed on. Are you stayed on? And we just did it a duo? And then we went to Calgary, and we did the same thing, and then admitted we did this I think he did ten minutes at the top. Yeah and it. was, it was gonna be me and there's going to be you. Come on. We would tell some stories about our travel, but in the end we just wound up staying together on stage for ninety minutes and. It was weird. We'd be just became a dual act very organically. No discussion about doing it that way to instill is the best one of the top five shows ever done in my life so that because that was the first time. You started riffing together. Nah that in the audience was just on fire themselves attuning. Hey, we're like man. Broadway theaters the best. The Guy who runs the Broadway Kirby does this festival is the best is his right hand. Man's any Matt, the best downstairs you'd go, there's a coffee filter. You open up the coffee filter. Their suit joints welcome to the Broadway theatre. You open the fridge. It's full of Beer Osborne. Is there like a green? Rome fit for artists? You know they really cheat you well, so you being respected, we get in the night before, so we spent the full twenty four hours in saskatoon, observing all kinds of weird shit, y'all the weather though it was. A man it was cold in like the sun in January only gets up late nine thirty into the Scott. Is Eight thirty nine. It's dark and it's called. You're like this is how people get jamming and depression is crazy member. The sorry, the I told you were gonNA. Tell them remember the poster. We saw the the most insane thing. We're just walking across the. Broadway Avenue and all that and see a poster with the word terrorist sign it and we all terrorists. That's school. No, it's another show how talking with terrorists what? is a different show with the word, so then on stage. We are like lenses men. There's another show. Happening right now. Talking with terrorists. As accessible, you understand how rare it is to have any show with the word terrorists who had to write and then are some giggling. The woman who was hosting that show was in our audience. We're like a year to steal from us. We got three nights. We only got one night. What are you? What are you trying to steal from While she's in the audience, people whose restaurants we aid in were in the audience is was like a real like a family feel it was amazing. It's by far again like I said it was the top prize. Done on. Yeah, we have a Fan April. Who is sort of followed us? Saints have been a huge supporter and That whole festival has been really kind to us as rolex like it's like. I'm so glad I got the share with you. Like, it was like I still. Didn't you know I still think about how there's like a? There's like a awesome photo to though we have I. don't know where I think. It's in my phone, but it's on the Internet future. It's a year standing and I'm my like I'm bent down and it was like shot. I think it. Yes, someone shot up from the graph. April even yeah, Oh okay and. It's so dope. The Not that Calgary and Edmonton, words a man. We just hit it like a high note. Right out. The Gate is Sitcom. The gods give you gifts. Sometimes you know, and they just they were. Gods out that night to spit out we. We did late forty minutes together before we started talking about material. It's just on the audience and about Saskatoon. You, didn't it was a lot of white people in the audience They were so with it like they were so like not like I felt like when we talked to him after that. White people will go to ethnic show and they'll just either. They'll ask them questions like you know what I mean like. They'll just come with some wack shit after you're like I'm like you should probably never came like at the engaged with you now after this, but these these guys. These people were member that they were on like one of the boss. Look twilight zone. Because you're going to saskatoon, why am forever will love? Saskatoon, it was none of the none of that. All Ali your from Pakistan I love Hamas you know none of that stuff. It was like she was not. By all was really really cool with they were. They were with it as they'd says the just. Fight, why did you guys decide to end it? I guess if they don't know that we terrorist yet. They're just never gonNA. Figure it out. You know they. They should be aware at this point. I just you know do I've done it for so long and not that I think I think I. Just I think myself an alley I feel are not passed it, I. Don't know that's a good word is just that. I don't feel the name for me. I originally did the name and I was like you know people I. Hear Era Middle Eastern people getting called terrorists, I would just hear it, and I go all May. Be Funny to do a show with that title in like Germany, and that was just as as a the idea in my head, but as I. You know time pass is. It's not like I. Don't want to say that. The title Got Hacky do that make like. Like I just was like I don't feel really attached to this as much anymore. I love working with Alli I. Think I think we both have grown and I, just personally just grown out of or lost like. Not Interest because I enjoyed getting on stage and recording the album and album. We had so much fun like I would get on stage again with Alli, do another show for sure but I think under that moniker idol title. I wanted to under that title I I just want. I think that's perfectly said even though it was like a meandering rig very tight, it's still perfectly said. You know when you start to sing. They restarted in the mid two, thousand, two thousand, you still in the shadows of. Of Nine Eleven. And nine eleven had a long shadow because the policies were just coming out in two, thousand, three, two, thousand, two, thousand and four that were connected the bureaucracy. You move slowly so some things like. You know you travel restrictions and other weird shapes, still in two, thousand, four, two, thousand, five were just becoming reality L.. Like after to the after nine eleven I was still able to travel freely, and then by two thousand, three, two, thousand, four, hundred, zero, having more trouble traffic. So it was it was something very very relevant when it started. And after a while you like I, don't want to be known as the person who not a terrorist or shits on terrorism. That should be obvious. She auden said I have no connection to that I should be obvious that it's not something I support you know especially a Ali Hassan is like a CNBC personality, but on the side bombmaker may be, it's not like it's clear that this is not something we connect with. The point was delivered. It was a good brand for a very long time. I think as you evolve as a comedian. There's other things you want to hit your your ride to. The matter more tool retie. It's like Allie to is like it's hard to for me why you know that it came out meandering. It's just like a heart. Put together in my mind and choosing the right words without like. Like? dissing something that I've been doing. You know when you say you outgrow it. It's just like you said it's like. It was almost it's not a timepiece, but our the emotions. I felt at the time, and then as you go I, think we've we've started other discussions and we've gone past that and we want to talk about other things, and also to is allies. Career is like you know he's doing his thing. It's like you know Keith can tour by himself and he should tour by himself. He should put that energy there as well and I WANNA put that. That energy there myself in investing myself. That was another reason shore think the last two years. We both proven that to ourselves as well and and Phil you know mid size small size for me mid-size for for for Dave and at theaters in the US. You can fill them on your all your own name as you say you should. It's time to stand on your own and not rely on a brand or whatever it is, you are the brand. Look you. Guys could have just stopped it, but he decided to do a final. Show. was that jest. For getting the recording out there. Or was it just gets together one last time and knock it out of the park. I mean you could. You could say your feeling if I just I love. I love this idea of. Legacy I'm older than they might think about legacy a lot. I think about what you leave. What is what what mark did you make on the world? What did you do you know so? The shows were great in. That is part of your legacy that to really cement something. Having filmed her to habit written. You don't like Muslim. interrupted. His show that I've been doing for the last four years. One of the proudest things for me is to have gotten the book. So Simon and Shuster The commissioner right Muslim interrupted in even if my kids are like man, that Guy Pretty quick to anger really had some issues that he never dealt with. A piece of Shit sometimes look this book. He left the legacy. He did something. What is mark on something? That's how I feel about terrorists filming it and capturing it like that you know this is part of our legacy man, and it should be remembered as something we did. Even though the jokes evolve, and we've evolved this people. We put something out there that no one could ever take away from this. I believe in that Earth. Strong Nice Alley. Those are all yeah I i. agree with everything Allie. Allie said and I think for me to was like we had such a fun time. We had such A. IT would be ashamed personally to not record it and I just thought we had the material you know as as a as a duo, and we had stories that we shared together on and off stage, so I was like you know. Let's put this together in Toronto. Let's cord it on Howland roar a label that mostly puts out I believe female Comedians, female comedians people of Color. It's just it's. It's the exact right label. Think that we should be with that. We should be around our our people especially now you know. Rather than be the tokenistic Brown guys on the label with mostly white people like you know, we're kind of among its label analysis door residents, all allison and I was speaking I was in the allison was in New York recording an album. I think for Bonnie McFarlane. out in New York so I was when we went for lunch and then I think i. A week later I brought the idea to Allie as like you know since we toward, let's record it and also I thought it'd be awesome to do a duo comedy. You don't have the two two comedians on, you know. Normally people just do themselves in record, and now might be a little bit different and I wanted to for for for me as well personally I. wanted it to time capsule like have it on your knee recording. Maybe you can make a record like an actual record in. And have it around me man, and then I can recall I can listen to it and just I still hearing it. I just remember that how fun that night was like. Even from the control always gets me of like how that? That intro is like our our chemistry in our energy together like a perfect. If anything else on that on that album that doesn't cement it that opening part cement. Say So. Yeah, it was such A. We got to see all our friends come out. Suppor and we've got to do it in a city that we love doing comedy. You'll have speak for myself. I'm pretty sure Allie of course of course so. Yeah so is there. Toronto or gone gone. Shit on the place that gave you your life. So Dave is they're going to be a physical record release or is? It could be digital well. No, it's going to go digital for sure on Friday on like hope, speeding platforms, but I just said this out loud now, so I'd have to talk. I'll talk to Ali and I. Do want to have like you know I know some connex have done it I. Think Arthur. Simeon did it and yeah. I'm interested in doing that. I think Ali would be too so sure. Sure Steph told is done that I'd probably ask them to see you know. How many should we prince? You know rather the full ten thousand out of the gate, and then I'm like honey. We need some space in the garage. some stuff. I gotTA WE GOTTA. We gotta get rid of our shirts that we have a box of. Admiral so my DVD's for eight years ago, those things. A lot of stuff take much space. Yeah, did you was it always planned to release it at this time? War was there because it's interesting because we've been talking. Around the world, but North American shore about race, and about race relations, and how we treat each other. Some curious if it was guys, time is never been better. To release this particular title while Dave, all was said to me, he goes man I'm not releasing southbound lentil. There's a pandemic and I'm civil strife in the end. With the black communities people can't general like man. We're it. Be waiting a long fucking time with this idiot and. Profit he watch dude five months from now like. I had one of those lamps. You know the old. We're. We're in a bunker I. T, and we had some random British people in the room. We didn't even know when I was like. It's GonNa Happen Dude. Never coming out because it seems like a lifetime ago. That you recorded it so seven, December and only December. Much, how you do time and distance but I feel like. Two days ago by EGO, fought moves been forty years. Shows out for fucking ages you may. Just snitched the entire season two because he thought around me, season two came out in nineteen, ninety, four or something I. Don't know your concept of time although skewed for. They can. Look at a calendar. Living in the same room since March Up Breath and look at calendars funded. Look at a calendar. satis nuts. I'm looking forward to this album. Very much because it was, it was a great night. It was it was. It was fantastic comedy. Even the openers that you guys had. We're. We're really really good. and. Then couple of months ago. You guys have released stuff on on instagram like some videos of the two of you in the park and stuff, yeah. That's hilarious. What what are you guys up to like in? Looking actively to work together and then your future. You moved away. With some distance between us, so it's GonNa be a little more difficult. But. I don't think. I. Don't think it's possible to to to sort of plan like future tours and stuff like that. All the dates I had for the spring of Twenty, twenty one. I've been pushed the fall twenty wants his. There's too much unpredictability there in UN's an. Unknown I think off on I. Think you've got a wreck is. So I ate on the. We can plan for anything like that, but I think he and I both have been at both had goals are still goals for. Getting back on stage I starting to write a new show that was connected to food, which is something I used to shop. And my goal was to be on the food network for many years, so I'm doing something that it's always needed to be done for sure I had to do this food show at some point, so I think we're working on our own personal projects, but there's no way they Mahajan I would work together again. Offer sure if we have we have. The chance comes for sure. That's my brother. So hundred percent that is awesome. Sorry to tell me what else are you? What else do you have coming up? In twenty twenty. The drive in shows that I already mentioned that one yet. Then there's also the drive in shows. That I mentioned that one more dimension Montreal, so did the right in. Should this I'm hosting? The Canada reads have been canceled in March and worship become by, but it's going to be in the twentieth to the twenty third of July. And then a few other various things here that have yet to be announced on the smallest scale, virtual events and and then I'm writing this book. Sort of a deadline in September, so we can have come out in September of next year and hopefully everything's cool in the fall of next year. Because sure you know, you want people out and about coming book signings you WANNA. Do shows actual book citing so. I'm basically just going to you know. EAT chips and do push ups until September twenty twenty. One And then hope for better. Better World when I come out of the bunker. Fair, Dave. What's happening with you? While you know interest, album, dude, July, ten all streaming platforms hundred percent. Get that I listen to it. Share it message us. Tell us how you feel. That's that's hundred. That's what I you know. I'm excited about and then A- podcast that I've been working out with co-hosts. feebles in an actual therapist, real professional therapist named Ben I'm. Working on for. For months and months we finally you know we're GONNA put it out hopefully. in July and we touch on topics in mental health. He! We have a professional on there. So this'll be embarrassed. Informative the ease there to guide us in that way, so it's called the beautifully anxious. There is an instagram handle on there, so you can go join, and beyond the lookout for actually love that name beautifully anxious is a great name, but I also love the fact that you had to say. He was a professional like four times. TIMES, I'd washable professional therapist, not the last guy who was a professional tattoo artists slash therapist turned out didn't really know that much about therapy. DISRAELI Walk Articles. That was a mistake, but this guy, actual credentials and everything will. We don't want anyone to be I I, didn't want to do a podcast where misinforming people, enfeeble, says well. My calls didn't want that, either, so an and we actually. As we recording I was learning a lot, so I would apply what he would talk about on there in my real life and through that. Odd Cast I started to see therapist through that his company so I. You know halfway through I think. Four or five episodes in I was like you know it's time for me to see a therapist, so it it did. It's done wonders for me personally in Mentally Azema, come out, and I'm the one you know. It's our podcast so I've always wanted to talk about these things I always wanted to to have an open discussion. Know you know. A lot of friends of mine family members, both through various a mental health issues and I think it's like when you start discussing it not just one one day of the year. You know how bell does that Bell Talk, which is fine I'm thinking like we have a through all Oh gosh. Gives me more mental health. Than any other fucking company this God, awful. Bro, Liangelo full of Shit Dave I don't want. Addiction only belt bell stinks. That's all lip service, but that show that you're doing giving your own commitment to therapy Anthony Bosa both the host, and then having a professional in their shows gonNa land hard and going to be helpful. to May many people I think Kareem when we talk about the evolve as Comedians as people. Yeah, we all start with the like Amen my Dick. FART jokes above, but there comes a time where you're like as a comedian with some some some level of following, there's some good I could do. I think this is a great example which particular. Thank you yeah I'm sure that's been really well. That is awesome. Listened guys. I am so appreciative of your time. Thank you so much for for spending the past hour with me. I really appreciate it and. We! Thank you, but also I want to say you know you give spoiler already, but look if you're going to watch, please watch season. Two of Romney on in Canada on craved Balas well stars. CREPE stars in an in Gaza. Hulu please just omit. Watch, season one as well if you habit for you know, also know the Kareem as soon as interviews over you are going to go in. Our album in just deliver every punch line of the jokes on the album. A few months before you do that, guys on the second joke ends. Or they're. His Dad was hiding in the closet. And what? It's a four minutes to get there. Buddy banks man. You let it breathe, but the album breeds. How many how many months and I give? December wait till Christmas and I going. To. Lead to. Thank you guys so much with them Thanksgiving take care. Role Right.

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