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Breakfast time thrillers: Aus. Open Finals catch-up feat. Djokovic topples Thiem for GS no.17; Kenin upsets Muguruza for maiden slam; Joe Salisbury captures first Men's Doubles title; Jamie Murray falls short in Mixed Doubles; Collect-a-set results


Put Data this gentlemen. Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the passing show. The tennis cost by fans four fans with Jolan Kim. Today we are going to be looking back on all the finals actions at the Australian. Open starting with COPQUIN MARGARITA. Thus is severe leading ladies singles. Final a final. I didn't think we were predicting that going into this. But after it we've got a new knee grand slam singles champion. We do indeed. Yeah I get an object this and I think even going into the final show. How many people were predicting cannon I think when it's a young maiden slam debut against a full winners slams informal rule anita waist side with experience so I think more people were signing the With me on this number and after the first day I thought Oh okay it might be playing sailing but Kevin does what she does best in she she just Level fought the everything and I just had achieved. Never give up. Never die like just ask the guy for Proved to be decisive factor. Mcgary just couldn't handle in the end. She was the one that Canon just came came through yet disaster that absolutely I think the the the turning point was in that third. Cy I think Moog Aretha was like love forty up. She was In earlier in earlier in in this I like to think it was a tool. And so here we go like. She's getting the Krisha break. Jesus shots alive in bed. Eight points serious. That was some serious pressure and she handled it expertly with. Yeah she hit like back. Double-handed backhand win it online. Another double handed down then. A four hundred down line It was it was like Marita mcgary for showed her expires. You she was playing those points really well but Kennywood just came up with the answers and for me it. That was the turning point that showed immigration. I'm can in you know I'm not going to be breaking. She kind of from their run. Run away and that was the decisive point and we now have a new. A new champion. Thinks she's the youngest Australian Open champion since Maria Sharapova back in two thousand and eight and yeah I think she she severi Phyllis competitor. I know there was talk in the build up around being a child prodigy. You know she was marked out to being a very talented individual from a young age. And is this. Is this Winning her maiden Grand Slam is. It's like icing on the cake. So she's fulfilled potential twenty years old. Yeah there was a lot easier when she was a child of her and I think she was hitting with Andy Roddick video with her and implies the speaker on the Internet video the One. I just watched the one for the tennis channel. Interviewer interviewing candidate about how a seven year old Kevin Lebron's return. Andy Roddick said it was really funny. 'cause I I think the Commentator was like expecting like some sort of hilarious like seven-year-old. Jerky SO VODSON. But she was like foot on Syria. Shot right here on call and I'm going to regardless of how quick it is yet. I I just think it's crazy that she could potentially be playing slices. Rates are linear and when she makes a comeback. Which would be quite funny but yet she was hailed as like Released videos and stuff when she was about seven eight but she's kind of got onto the radar. Can PEOPLE LIKE KATO GULF? And this not ready being so much attention on her not so much for spotlight. Most people probably wouldn't have name nine her name. It was a need this job loss charity that she kind of really made a name for us. Overspreads cushy I think the Kheibar but last year I was hey that she wanted ned in upstate. Serena wrote on Gary Sauce. Jewish seagull her People radar but I certainly wouldn't expect And I think she's quite unassuming like I don't think she should have won this naturally comfortable with a spot on. I think maybe that's why there hasn't been seen say much tension on her. But I just think that's probably held says she just gets on Nickel Plays a game. And that's what she's focused on. Which is good. Because even won't t much distraction to add an extra added pressure on me. Yeah it's not bad like a Bianca Andrei ask you sort of meteoric rise. It's been more soleus. She's pretty soon catching results. Beating Serena Williams at the French Open. I think she picked up scalps over Bharti soccer last year on the tour. It's been more of a steady and progressive rise and this is just kind of almost cementing. Thurber rise up the rankings. I think now shall enter into the top ten at number seven in the world and yet interestingly she will actually displace. I mean I think are idle as well as a rival Serena Williams As the top rank women in the US think they're playing Fed Cup Together I think that will be her next tournament but yeah I think it's been a you know it's not been one of those sort of out of nowhere rises and it's been a more kind of measured rise. I mean obviously she still got a lot further to go only twenty twenty one years old. I mean while number seven county reach world number one thing I think so. I think it said any possible. I think she could win. More SLABS AIn't no how how quickly that will happen. I think we've got to call Maidens Labrador. Save the last few days and I. I think it's dangerous too so it was ugly proclaims. When is the next big thing and I think yeah? I think Kevin is like a quietly. characters stay on that really shows the colgate. She's really like going forward in acts. You amazing but off. The guy think she's just quite. She seems quite common. Compare but hate. That doesn't change in the sentence of will. The attic media pressured our Going into Brennan Garo That can be difficult to deal with remains to be seen. What's going to happen because I think a light cannon an across the net? You've got someone like Gubbay mcgary. Third Canning doesn't look the most imposing on a tennis coal it. She look like Like physically you know. She's noticed tool as mcgary thorough You know she doesn't look as kind of Press have presence on the ten maybe as as you intimidating but having said that she's able to generate so much power from high ground strikes and it almost catches I think catches players off guard. And I think you know in the final McGrath was caught off guard by the fact that she can change the tempo whenever she wants in the rally and she can hit winners from different of see from different Different parts of the core and think it's not so surprising unexpectedness you get with you know with with cannon that makes us such a dangerous that dangerous person to to have to have. Is Your opponent as people be underestimating Harrisville? Now but you know I always get the sentence of bay. She seems a bit like shy on the coin in the sense of unity western cat quite low down. I always feel like she shot a high. Def ISOS something that maybe she you know. She should expressive as our nation's but I don't know I was. What was that? Yes she was trying not yes trying very hard not to solve doing a big brash way tonight maybe as a natural Iso Obeidi set aside. Inhale I've never met a A. That's just kind of the original goals so yet now that she's GonNa be now. She's a grand slam champion. Maybe Mace casual fans will would have had now. She's going to get more attention because I think most people would say she was to pasta to group Probably not recognized Starts Change now that she's she's She's one yet definitely and I think we've someone like Kenan yet. Almost the sky's the limit because she's twenty one years old. She's only she only going to get better. You know as long as she can say injury-free which you know we've not seen her take long time time pair off like someone like on Jessica in the you know. I think this season you know. She's really good. She's asleep already platform by winning the Australian Open and it'll be interesting to see how how she goes from that. Can she kind of transferred this to to the other offices I know she's won titles on on different surfaces. Oh be interesting to see you. Can she replicate the same sort of four monographs core? Can she replicate same sort of form on clay court? Because that will I think that will be a real test of whether she can stick in in the top ten so yeah but I went on just quickly a word on Muga ruether who again a player was unseeded. Going into the tournament bagels in the first round. I think she was carrying a viral linear illness. It was Kinda out for it. Felt like it was kind of set up the Migori of the crashes out in the first round but but yeah she I think she shot. Three ten wins I've lost fortnight to the final again. Very impressive performance think. She'll be a little bit disappointed. I mean I think she was because it has fades she off to she. I think you're drawing hotline to cry in your difficult so produce was at stall but I think she's rerate proud because obviously the Is being noticeable with with F? Oh man I feel like it at the end of the match you know. She can't auto double for was it was a shame that the match ended on a double fault and I did think. Oh maybe it's in his mind unit. How you know how terrible she was lost Jae Ready in comparison to the best school machine camper. Jeez because I think I think since about Mayo July loss Jason the end of the ACA. Need one I think six matches in. Obviously Israel sheet wasn't six in one tournament this year. It just goes to show like the off on the downs of overfull in her career. So I'm sure she's you know she's going to be back in the top twenty says. She shouldn't be unseated like the next slide on nightly form will continue. I'm sure it will because I think she'll be disappointed if this final but she seems like she's GonNa but I think we're gonNA see a southern drop again with conditional in her in core. Yeah and I think one of the one of the questions postmatch interview was around. You feel that you know you've you've come back and she was kind of saying well. I was I was so. Hey you know what was on the tour. But I didn't know for me it does. It does feel like mcgrew theory back in. You know she was away and she wasn't doing very well but we with performances which have been yeah have definitely been up and down but I feel like she is. She is back this season season. And hopefully yes. She can kind of continue chicken kind of continue replicating this form across like all of the tournaments that she plays in. Because I think if The biggest the biggest issue is. You know it's it's I would say. It is consistency and You know hopefully with someone like Martinez in a corner. Hopefully she can it be consistent across the grindstone's wti prime years Oh the events that she plays because you know she she could have been of you know we could have been talking about. Today is one as one slam away from ca from completing the sat so obviously got the talent the ability to play across all the different different surfaces but yeah I think should just be. She'll be a little bit disappointed the she wasn't able to kind of get the Australian Open on her resume. And we've also had the men's final as well between dominate team and Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic coming out the victor in a five-set thriller to win his Seventeenth Grand Slam championship eighth overall at the Australian truly remarkable but came. He was definitely made to work very hard for it. It felt like to be honest. I think he came back from two sets to one down. I think that was the first time in his career in a grand slam final. He's evident not it was. Yeah I saw that statistic and I was quite shocked actually because I just thought he would have been in seventy five would have been in that position but yeah I two sets to one down. It did seem like geography. Which was I didn't know possibly injured or ill he. The doctor came out into the cool and then John Fitch when off the core the end of I think it was the third set full folk a lot longer than normal and people weren't really sure if he was having treatment or if it was a medical timeout didn't know what was going on but he did he did seem a bit off. He didn't seem quite himself throughout the whole match to be caught on his bed. Just goes to show that despite team looking like he might actually be on for the win. Jovovich clawed his way back and and just kind of opt it for the last two sets and he. He's still unbeaten Australia. Name vitals and it just goes to show you like. He is best today but he didn't know found a way exotic shock serve. Clark against exactly he was getting uptight about that. The empire gave him a time violation for taking you to serve. And we know that rattles him and like just the timing of when the violation is given because we know they take this time serving. It seems like when the pie is to give it and yeah. Jovic was not pleased and Contro- controversial movement at the change of ends He. He went and tapped the the foot of the umpire which actually does cross the rules of the game. You're not supposed to touch the umpire. I think people people were saying that that could be construed as as physical interactional or aggression towards the Empire. Which would be. I think a twenty thousand dollar fine or something along those lines. I'm so he can. He can afford it but yeah I think during that match epton flood and he was. He was distracted by things wherever wherever it was a crowd wherever it was the umpire and dominate team. He's a he's a great competitor. And you know he'll be frustrated. Two sets to one up he would have wanted if it was a best of three set over He definitely he had his. He had his chances and I think given that he's one grandson before. I think you know listening to kind of his words afterwards. It just sounds like he's weather in a he lives in this era. The movement of the Big Three and a winning a Grand Slam in this era actually mean so much more to kind of achieve it with this kind of legends of the game like Novak Vat like Nidal and Federer it makes it that much sweeter But it also makes it that much harder as well. How his he? I think you know He. He gave a really good account of himself. I think he went break. He went he went break A breakdown in the fuss and he came back and you know he was economy showed his he shared his qualities that you know I will. I really liked to see I think. Yeah he He gave accounts and stuff. Yeah it was. Just be a bit frustrated. Couldn't do he was quiet. His best But neither was navy so I think team will be ruining it a bear in the sense that you could tell. Novak was rattled. Yeah like he said the crowd who a majority against him as we've seen we've seen that before but I think it's not just about that maybe today. So little of WHO Horrible Joke Richie. Not having a massive fan base like federal an adult. But I guess I think of the crowd is well. They wanted to see a fresh face. Winning a new champion team is a very likable guy. But yet knowing that you're on the other end is Russell. Maybe not quite physically one hundred said you know that is a real opportunity and if you compare it to how. Jovovich performed in the final against Rafa. Last year he hit. I think nine unforced errors over the whole match like he absolutely played just sensational. Novak was no own dot com form. Today I mean arguably Novak knows he can beat rougher fairly hardcore and these days whereas team you know having that really good kind recent head to head against navy can having beaten him twice at the French Open oversee probably a bit more of a mental challenge for Ark. Despite Novak going into this match you know as seven-time champion on the school but yeah I think you're correct about the significance of winning a grand slam in this era is pre one grandson in the big. Three era is probably the equivalent of maybe like three or four slams at a pre-opening big three. I if you want to call it kind of seen. This is the second consecutive slam. You know. Putin Medvedev really kind of push. The Dow to limit for five sets Australian Open teams pass Djokovic to the absolute limit. It feels like the guys outside of the big free sudden knocking knocking on the door. If you know if they get that Johnson in the grindstone final at the moment they still the not found that way just to get them just to get them over the you know just to get them over the line and I think you know know vacuous in his kind of acceptance is acceptance speech was Kinda just saying dominate team. Great competitively expect him to win multiple multiple Grand Slam titles. Would you agree with that all you? Why do you think he's best chances like is to be on his? He's excelled my expectations of him on a on hall at Australian Open. You know as as you know. Join a preview. Wasn't really expecting him to get to the final by still feel like Klay. I figured it does by well for him on a on a clay court. Yeah I think it does bode well at Roland Garros and everyone always said that would be the I lab and that he would win you know arguably he would be the second favorite to win. After rougher you'd probably put team above Jovovich full capturing Roldan Garros but I think he's he could be on for the. Us Open team. I mean if you think about the calendar Shave the Olympics and like an Jovic is obviously missing Olympic medal. So I imagine that's probably quite high up on his radar federal as well wanting that singles gold and eat a lot of lies be focused on the Olympics. Come the US Open. Will they will. They have sort of exhausted themselves. That could team. He's not actually playing the Olympics. Say I don't know if that was his wider game plan I N E C team winning at least a couple of times I think I think either Andy Bari. He had three slam finals. He lost before he ended up getting his first while he kind of that hurdle. You Know He. He went on to win several. So I certainly see team in that kind of position Like just at the moment behind the big three but being perhaps occupied with the one to to be more dominant when they take when they finally go. I mean that's kind of what you're paying for. The if you will the next cohort coming serious but I think feel like the big three I kind of. They're very reluctant to give up their Mandur ave surveys amongst themselves for most Grand Slams and I think that's added motivation and especially your bitch to finish that career with the most so that's the Up Anytime soon and I think you could see that stay with Joker Vinci. He was very defiant. Yes certainly I mean. I think he's now the first ever player in the two one Grand Slam title at one event in three different decades so it just shows you his longevity and his his ball on a on a hot core the Australian Open. These won a title. They're in the thousands. He's one touch there in the two thousand ten's and now he's wanting to talk to that in two thousand twenty so in just shows you yet they just GonNa that GonNa hold on to trophies as long as they can but yeah getting back to your point on kind of Andy Murray. It took him a few finals to really get to grips with what the Tosovsky is at hand to be. You know one of these legends of the game. You don't meet team as well as property in a in a similar situation tomorrow now. Were you twenty eighteen French Open. He didn't win sat in the final against the Dow loss year. French Open again yet she took the Delta four sets still lost a now a Melbourne He's taken Jovovich to five-set so you know he's learning all the time in in you can see that in in the school. He's taking one more set each time so I wonder if next time he gets a Grand Slam final. Will he actually now have enough experience and enough sort of a enough sort of experiences to to recollect to kind of channel his his focus because yeah it feels like now he he can win he can win and he told me he goes into ever including? Grand Slam can win Wimbledon when across cool. Wouldn't it be funny? If that was the first lobby wins. They strange things have happened. Yeah I think yes certainly. He's he's edging closer isn't hey with with every chief that he's he's had and we've got to remember the to defeat both Djokovic Nadal or two of the big three in in Assam is that one as well. It was the final of the two thousand fourteen against Rafeh. Rougher basically did is back in I think during the war of that match so automated question mark about that but I mean delport traded it back in two thousand nine USA Red Rafeh an federal. Say I think I think that's a really good point because it's like we can look in the history books and look at you know the final on the day but the reality is someone like Medvedev or will all team. The reality is that probably. She can have to come through to two of the three and to kind of do that. Turn around face one maybe in the semifinal then one in the final or whatever you know is a really you know if you can understand why you know the significance of winning a Grand Slam. Men's Grand Slam in this era must feel a lot sweeter. Because you're really having to kind of go if you probably go through some very very stern tests in consecutive rounds yes. Donna's probably feeling quite smug right now because he's currently in a special cover design but yeah I mean it was an entertaining match. I thought four hundred it probably would be Jovic and that but it would probably go four or five cents and it's interesting the way out. She have any sets that went to a tie. Break Ya teams being very dominant on tiebreak. In his last two matches say a Pepsi feet of just go tie-breaks he would have done it but Yeah it was. It was good fine. Oh actually just mentioned a for all collect. I think a lot of people who took all in all predictions challenge. Obviously we'd put down as one of the players and pretty much across the board. I think most people take him to. Wayland says big. At this point we do have a winner. That's Atom Day. I will be in touch with Adam about that at soon. So congratulations Adam and got four of six correct and that was three others that at three out of six correct as well so yeah. Thank you to everyone. Taking in that went. On the Game Novak Djokovic. Seventeen SEVENTEEN GRANDSON TALL. He is he. Is he going to overtake federal? Is he going to take the Dow the Dow Cardio Nineteen Federal on twenty? I D feel like it's a matter of time I will have to wait and see. Let's two doubles. Dow Jo- case we have a British Grand Slam champion in men's doubles. Which is very exciting at Joe J. Rey and he's fought Rajiv Rab won the men's doubles out straight in a bid on a pedic breakup. Go Find Latch Sappho a wrapped up in seventeen minutes. Fest Fest Grandson Tory tools. You think it's Rajiv Rams Fest. Men's doubles star show absolutely fantastic. Please surveys He's now in Britain's top batting. He's getting up to number four in the world and they've got a great twenty nineteen and it just took it all off all that hard work lost twelve months. Yeah I think they made the most stove. They made the most of your. I think you know we going. I feel like we're getting to the point. Where skying for his State of transition with Ben's doubles Bryan brothers. Aw An retiring off cusip. Next year. I think some of the more established teams. I think maybe this season will be starting to make way for the more up and coming paths and I think at the very front of that. List is Joe Salisbury and achieve Ram. Who you know. I think that that partnership started last year and it was you know was very successful in terms of capturing titles on the tour and again this is just another another step up with capturing fest we'll hopefully fest of many grandad titles. Interestingly on on Rajiv Ram as well I think victory must feel especially sweet for him because in terms of attempts before winning fest Grand Slam. Men's doubles title. Reggie is top of. That list is fifty eight attempts. I so I. I assume he's been in men's doubles competition. Grandson Fifty Times not won any of them and then learn. Behold gets Joe Salisbury and his is a in disguise. Yeah I mean and Rams says he five. Which for men's doubles is actually relatively young. I think a lot of the like you were saying. The established pairings on the tool all guessing on a bed for best expression so yet Brian's retiring in Heaven He's the weld that Lost Invest Roundtable in the next couple of years. Yet they knew how much longer that will be around save. She Joe is only twenty seventies. Go He's go a lot of time left on the double circuit. So hopefully he can. He can adult Add to this partnership keeps keeps going strong when they remain free from injury in can gave maybe lovely same but let's not get ahead of ourselves is just great to great to see them pick to head and I remember saying Jason was three years ago. I think when he was still kind of trying to to play singles basic Challenger while called and Yeah it's just a really nice to see. The transition is made as doubles in. It must be quite difficult decision to make. Because I'm sure if based tennis buys you expect to be buying singles any event she gets that point rethink well. If I'm going to survive on the tour I'm GonNa need some doubles because that's where I'm actually paps in more. Naturally a position to be in can have success. It's really nice that it's paid off in his. It's come three full him. Say Yeah a fantastic though and we always had a second Jane Laurie was in the mixed doubles final. With Bethany massive fans but frustratingly. They lost that one on on a match. Tiebreak ran away from them. Really in Mashhad record was ten. One to Bob critic. Nickel which he I think fits seeds. They came through yet. Very comfortable in that tiebreak restraining away. The end mashed everything. It wasn't a full set. Yeah I think it was very it was a very fluctuating. Match was both both teams. Had their moments I think. Matic sons and Jamie Murray will be disappointed because they won. They won the first set. And you would hope that they could have just kind of carried that through but you know obviously very very competitive and came through on the day. I think you know with Jamie Murray. It was interesting because I think if if he had won I think I think I saw a correct me. If I'm wrong king headlines around he could have become the most successful Grand Slam win partition British Grand Slam winner in terms of titles. Which I thought was quite which I thought was quite interesting. Given the number of mixed doubles and immense doubles titles. He has won Say you know we always get to a point where this it could be. There's a rivalry between your Jabari of CNN. And and his Ski I guess. In the men's doubles an Jerry. So's purpose it does feel like. Jamie Murray East. He can eat a great doubles player and is his legacy is going to be how well he has done. In doubles grand slams across hopefully inspire ridden in a future generations of doubles phase. Because if you're at the very top the doubles gay Fantastic I mean. They never get as much attention will prize. Money is combat tree is but I love watching doubles. I think things great. Especially if you'll aslam like in person yet by the second week just find a cool sit down comfortable and guessing absolute cracking matches at Wimbledon because Maratha matches in the doubles but interestingly bubble RICUCCI parties in name incorrectly By my check pronunciation relieves a lot to be desired but she she wanted to make several laws with Rajiv Rams I think she Saying the RAM decided not to compete in the next event. Which is where we just as well for. Jason of C. Paid off by vaccine just on the men's doubles as a British Group. A team that with Massive as she was young she doesn't she wins. Regard Survey Partner Yet she she said great great great policies and OSCE Had had he's got a mix was built see. This men's doubles am Ladies doubles as well which was a very one sided pacifists apprising regardless match considering it was the top cheese. Aids against each other but I'm Bob O. Shimla vich absolutely stool three the final sixty-six against seaway Shea and bubble streetscape on Friday night in pay that under the reef because that she the the heat force on Friday abby absolutely trump's the wobbles. Yeah it would be Yeah I am saying that. Step second time to aid Australia and Yeah I mean they both those teams of a row forces to be reckoned with. Uh Space Babble. Schmooze damage on the head to head. Happy Edgy. On the day. They were just much more impressive. Ceo Yeah. It is a shame that they have been natively pairings In just in terms of the Olympics you need of the country as ferrings all that house to explain it. Bet as they're going to have to split off in front of the Olympics But yeah let's let's look at some other is always joke. Oc had our hope is to finals of the weekend Maybe some some nice little results from the genius at Victoria Jimenez Suva from on Dora. She won the junior girls. Taito at putting Andrew on the map. Because I think she's the Best Grand Slam champion Fernando in any condition yes. She was playing and singing in the streets of St Col. Tease United chief aide. Thailand's Veronica Basha K. One in three sets against her and I think she's that she was the youngest player in junior venture Fourteen years old so it making history twice ready so yeah I think she. She trains She's Russian Martha speaks a hallway. Languages Yeah very interesting at Dura facts and then the men at the boys title was won by Harold Maya of France and not share. That was over French final because he was paying author. Kazue fell a French to win. Convey of light players Different at different ages. I think that the guys the guys that are coming up at the while yet. I guess this is just tested with two loss in French tennis. Absolutely yes and also. We had the wheelchair finals as well. So Ladies Doubles policies. If I'm saying this wrong you e- community Won Her third Australian Open. Wheelchair doubles title. We've Jordan widely To pick up her first chart fee Since becoming a mother say great. Great for them to be. It's been it's been great Australia appears to be a great success in the doubles for the Brits exactly I date Walli yet. She'll see with partner and they'd be your favorites Joe on Fido rhyming. Exactly yeah. Jody I'm what is yes fast. Titles in any given baths We will say had Devils with Alpha here in golden read at winning that while they beat the French top seeds who day in FIFA and that's actually their first doubles ground. The annoyingly in frustratingly in I actually I should Alpha Hewitt cannot cannot continue beyond this year because he's being towed by the I. T. F. His disability is not severe enough any Him to compete in so if he's in a wheelchair say he's in this grey in this grey zone where he can't compete. It is yes we'll say SAM. He called compete on his feet. Say the option to play tennis. But he said there's like no classification. That is what he finci now. They've changed the rules. Which is just ridiculous. I don't know how you can change Rustaveli when they've obviously been in place for the loss at an a however many years an easy twenty two you can t now. I mean other than if he can panel. It's just such a shame Hey I'm yeah I was. Yeah really got Saturday when I when I heard that as just on the singles while you Jay Jordan. What is on she also on the singles event beating vantage on Chinguetti Kannada won the men's singles? That's tense I face Japan. Chasing those absolutely kate up with the titans anatomy be golden reading the final say Yeah Amended. Alkyl says is made history in wheelchairs. Because he's won six straight airtime to lose Favor and Y- Novak Djokovic court called wheelchairs when it comes to to Melbourne because he's intrigued me dominant and I think she came onto. Cool A win. The trophy was presented to Dylan so that was a nice moment to say not out of kings of of labor arenas face at together so that was nice and I think that donating quote surprise running Shy Colds as well saying saying. Yeah Great Weekend Tennis Joe and I call it so whatever is so just flies by doesn't it? I think I think the airs before we were wondering who is this event even GonNa take place because of the smoke and it started on such kind of like on a negative note the you know the qualifying and the fact that they played through really bad levels of smoke and it's right they should have. I think they should have done more. Should have been more protection there. But since then I it's it's certainly delivered. Come the the main the main drawers and certainly over the last four night. We've seen some excellent excellent tennis and I even -joyed listening to our round-by-round coverage as well Of the starting with the passing shop if you have enjoyed Listening to US feel free to drop us a racing and If you're listening to us on eighteens of course you can subscribe to us elsewhere on spotify Google Perkasa wherever you listen to your puck us and if you want to see if you went to stay up to date in the tennis world make sure you follow us as well on social media at passing shot pod on facebook twitter and instagram but came. I think now I think we I mean we've got into overdrive in terms of types of gossip. The last two weeks. I think we can have a little bit of arrests but Yeah we will be back. I'm sure further down the road with some more some more content to keep you up to date on the tennis weld nothing. We've got an interview lund up as well but we will keep you up to date on that as well so yeah we got some interesting content in the pipeline so were lookout for that came any final words. It's time for holiday. I think Joe it's been spared tents now and I'm sure everyone who's being getting all hours of the day in Europe to watch. The tennis will be happy that they can gave the Sleep schedule in an retailing. Now and January's Which is another reason to celebrate. So yeah hey it will be a verdict. Garros before Yeah I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks of break and then we'll be back seat to cover the never ending tennis stool. Hey exactly but for now thanks for listening and goodbye.

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