"FREE" Education


Public or free education. A not so free waste of time. My stance on free education. I not free. Nothing is free is someone like, oh, I don't know this fucking guy, or any other shithead politician tells you sell tina's free run away, screaming. He's getting ready to steal more money from you second. I'm not seeing much return on investment. Did you know we throw away four times more money than we did forty years ago on education? How come with that kind of money being jetted into the system? And that's just the federal government. I'm not even counting. The individual state lotteries property, taxes and holy shit. Those stupid fricken Thon raiders, the shitty fifteen dollar pizzas, and a forty dollar rolls trash bags, get more more kids keep getting left behind answer the return on investment was never the goal. Did you know that over a million income? Uncowed students have to take the remedial courses just to just to qualify to get into college. These are courses the students should have passed in high school. You know, the classes that we as taxpayers already paid for two point five billion dollars wasted. Bravo, free education conclusion. The United States spends more money on education than any other country on the planet. So why are there thirty two million Americans? Yes. Americans that can't read or write. I have heard parents blame teachers, I've heard teachers blamed parents. Honestly, I think they're both right. I have no kids. But this topic of affects me, also my money goes to your kid's education. More importantly, your kids are the future of my country. So, yes, I do care about the education system. I hope that you will continue to follow these posted this week as I give you my answers to the big schooling problem. Please can share. Thank you.

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