Order of the Nine Angles Pt. 2


due to the graphic nature of the secret societies actions. Listener discretion is advised. This episode contains descriptions of Murder Abuse, racist ideology, and sexual assault that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen something to note all of the groups covered on this show operate in secret the details included in this episode or based on extensive research, but ultimately can never be one hundred percent verified except by society members themselves. At Nine Thirty PM in May Twenty Twenty, the barracks were quiet most of the other US army grunts route enjoying a pleasant evening and Vicenza Italy but twenty two year old private Ethan Meltzer sat in his bunk, his laptop open before him. He pulled a documents stored in a hidden folder on his I cloud titled Harvest of the soldiers just having it on his computer could land him in prison after all it was a terrorist handbook for attacking American Army units distributed by Isis meltzer clicked on another file. This one had a series of satellite graph showing a military base in Turkey, MELTZER's units next assignment certain the documents were in order meltzer logged into an encrypted chat APP that he used to communicate with other members of the order of nine angles. As planned his own contact was waiting meltzer eagerly typed I, have the documents and I now know the date when my unit is transferring to Turkey. His contact replied, that's good. When it all goes down, this will be a full blown Heidi attack with mass casualties. You know there won't be any guarantee for your own safety. MELTZER. Responded then I would have died successfully causing another ten year war in the middle. East. Will definitely leave a mark on the world. Hi I'm Vanessa Richardson, on Greg Poulsen and this is secret societies spotify original from podcast. Every Thursday we examined history's most exclusive organizations from around the world and try to shine a light on these mysterious groups from the aluminum body to the order of nine angles we'll explore. Impact each secret society actually had on the world around them. This is our second episode on the order of nine angles a prominence satanist group based in the United Kingdom. Last week, we discussed how neo Nazi David Miot used his writings to shape the on a into a ritualistic murderous cult. This week will look at how my local organization evolved into a worldwide network with affiliate cells across Europe and north. America will also explore how members acted out the Owen as violent teachings in real life. We'll have all that and more coming up. Stay with us. This episode is brought to you by bio life plasma services. 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During this time my it also worked with right-wing paramilitary organizations. It was a way for him to put his theoretical teachings on violence into practical action. Before long association with these groups as well as with the O. N. A. got him into trouble in Nineteen eighty-four might was suspected of committing a ritual. Listrik. In. March that year a seventy, eight year old woman named Hilda Merle disappeared from her home in Shropshire police found her car abandoned on the road near her house and feared foul play a manhunt ensued. Three days later and investigators searched a wooded area near where authorities had found Merle's car. He was preparing to leave when he notices something lying in the brush up ahead it was a shoe nearby, lay a piece of tattered clothing. as he approached the items, the officer caught a glimpse of something narrow and white hidden beneath a large vine covered Bush. It was a human leg. Merle was naked from the waist down she'd been beaten and stabbed multiple times. The coroner determined that she had still been alive when her attacker tossed her into the underbrush left to the elements Merle died of hypothermia. Following her murder numerous conspiracy theories arose in the press moral had campaigned for nuclear disarmament and criticized the UK's support of nuclear power as a result. Many people believed that government agents had killed her to silence her. Her nephew, a retired Royal Navy intelligence officer named Robert Greene investigated. The case Green believed that the British counter intelligence service M I five was involved with his answer murder, but according to him, they hadn't acted alone. Instead, Green believed there was an occult element to the crimes. The killer had etched strange symbols on Merle's driveway. They'd also abducted her on the Spring Equinox March twenty first, and they'd left her body near an ancient lay line. laylines thought to be invisible links between important ancient sites and landmarks. Some people believe that these lines represent esoteric sources of energy. Some Pagans. Took this theory one step further asserting that Ley lines held the key to arcane knowledge that modern humans had lost. Green didn't think it was a coincidence that Merle was lying on a Ley line instead since the lines were part of a pagan belief system, he proposed that M I five had hired Satanists to kill his aunt. while. It sounded like an outlandish claim Greens accusation wasn't all that bizarre. In the mid nineteen, eighty s fear of satanic cults was at an all time. High people often attributed anything that hinted at the cult to devil worshippers. Green suggested that M I five agents had taken advantage of this fear to disguise their role in murals assassination. Perhaps, they'd hired Satanists to ritualistically murder mural at the sort of red herring if the public believed a cult was to blame, it would deflect attention away from the government. It's not clear of Greens. Investigations Cause Police to suspect Owen a founder David Maya to being the culprit but lived in the area and was a well known leader of a satanic cult and in the Owen. As Black Book of Satan volume three adherence are told his celebrate spring equinox with the ritual calling. According to some sources, the police eventually interviewed about the crime, but they could not prove that he had any involvement in the case though Miot walked free the Hilda Merle incident may have marked the first time the Owen a came onto the polices radar miot feared it wouldn't be the last. After his brush with law enforcement in Nineteen eighty-four might became paranoid not long after his interview he said to have disbanded the ONA chapters he led in England. Deciding more decentralized approach was safer. He began reworking his teachings encouraging practitioners to focus on studying the ways of the Owen A in isolation. In addition my it continued to write prolifically publishing new works about the O., N., A., and Neo Nazi philosophy. Perhaps worries about law enforcement also convinced him to quit the country for whatever the reason miot allegedly left England for some time to study Arabic and travel across Africa in search. Of New Tarik Knowledge in his absence, a new figure emerged as the Public Voice of the O. N. A.. Richard, moult was a musical composer and longtime member of the organization using the bombastic pin name Christos beast mold put his own unique stamp on the group through his writings. He quickly became the Owen as new spokesman calling himself the outer representative. As, for my head, he continued to advise the group and even returned to England though it's not known exactly when. He began focusing not on the society he'd founded but on Neo Nazi activities outside the Owen a for him, the sevenfold way was primarily lifestyle of violence and he intended to embody it. In Nineteen ninety-three Maya joined the violent Neo Nazi group called combat eighteen. The organization began as the security wing of the British National Party of Far Right Political Club. Combat Eighteen purpose was to protect members from anti-fascist protesters, but the group quickly took on a life of its own and split from the British National Party in Nineteen ninety-three shortly after my joined. With his ONA experience my, it quickly distinguished himself among combat eighteen members speaking at meetings and helping to develop the group's ideology. He spent the next few years writing literature for the organization including instructions on building homemade bombs. In the mid nineteen, ninety s might Penta pamphlet called a practical guide to Aaron Revolution. It was a handbook instructing readers on how to plot terrorist attacks. It became one of his first writings to be posted on the Internet with that the genie was out of the bottle and the violent instruction manual spread rapidly. Simultaneously, with Miot, releasing this powder keg combat eighteen was in the midst of a crisis. The head of the organization Charlie Sargent was sentenced to life in prison after he and a friend stabbed a member of a rival Neo Nazi faction to death. My it had been a loyal follower of sergeants. So after sergeants arrest might left combat eighteen and formed his own group called the National Socialist Movement, he immediately set about recruiting new members. However, it wouldn't be long before the law came for him to. According to one online source in Nineteen Ninety, eight detectives from Scotland Yard arrested my it. They claimed his online publications including a practical guide to area and revolution incited murder and racial hatred. Though the authorities eventually released my it, a massive cross-departmental investigation is said to have begun. Might appeared on the cover of the Anti Fascist magazine searchlight, but the caption, the most evil Nazi in Britain. This second major criminal inquiry must have scared him after being questioned in the Hilda Merle murder case he reportedly disbanded his ONA chapters this time my it resigned from his own group the National Socialist Movement after nearly a decade on the Neo Nazi movements frontlines, he decided it was time to return to his esoteric studies. But then in September of Nineteen Ninety Eight, he did something that no one saw coming. He converted to Islam. Coming. Up We'll explore miot sudden change of faith and how his violent writings encouraged three murders. podcasters you know the world can be chaotic and unpredictable. But how far would you go to turn the tides of favor and your direction? 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It's very name comes from the Arabic form of that word optimists that my it's change in faith was his way of rejecting his previous dedication to violence. But my it's true intentions quickly became apparent when he began writing track supporting Osama bin Laden in his terrorist crusade against the capitalist West. Despite, viewing Muslims as ethnically and racially inferior might saw radical Islam as a vehicle to reach his alternate pock Elliptic Vision for the future. He wanted Aryan superhumans to dominate the world and then colonize the galaxy. But before that could happen western capitalism had to be defeated. In practical terms might likely saw groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda as natural allies against his greatest enemy a capitalist Judeo Christian society. But even as he worked to create a new image for himself as a radical Muslim, my it's past writings on Aryan ism continued to haunt him. He had already been investigated for inciting racial hatred but in nineteen, ninety nine, he became entangled in yet another murder case. Over several weeks in April three, nail bombs exploded across London the blasts injured one, hundred, thirty, nine people and killed three including a pregnant woman. The first device detonated in a predominantly black neighborhood. The second went off in an area where many Asians lived and the third targeted London's Gay community. Police eventually arrested a twenty two year old named David Copeland for the Crime Copeland was a member of the National Socialist Movement. The group Maya had started in nineteen ninety seven on being questioned. He said his goal had been to start a race war. Investigators noticed immediately that Copeland's actions seemed to be directly inspired by the National Socialist Movement which was based on my it's philosophies on one of their web pages. They wrote that really war means creating tension and terror with an ethnic communities and damaging or destroying their property and their homes by firebombs and or explosive devices. Part of this involves attacking individuals and killing some of them. These incriminating words led police right to Maya door. He was questioned extensively during the investigation but my it denied knowing copeland or having anything to do with his bombing spree and ultimately police were unable to prove. He had any involvement in the attacks but that didn't stop a lot of people from believing he'd both known and Mentor D- Copeland. By this point my it was free to continue his pursuit of radical Islam and to start writing a new for the a though this remained a secret in the two thousands both Maya, and the Owen as. Roman Richard moult continued to be influential in the organization using the Internet to spread their work. The two could reach more potential members than they ever had before. In addition to recruiting people through the Internet, the ONA started for members among different subsets of society. One group, the a targeted were the so called below biens. This is what they termed artists, musicians and writers who they believed shared the O. N. AS SINISTER EGO. For example, many satanic death metal bands and their fans were below biens and thus ripe for recruiting. Owen a also targeted gang members might believe that like below begins these groups followed an ideology similar to the Owen as the society even went as far as claiming that a biker gang in Florida and a Hispanic group in New York, follow their teachings. The group's final allies were what they called the niners. These were individuals that followed the immoral teachings of the Owen and lived what they called an adversarial life. It's unclear if niners followed the magical aspects of the O. N. a. a similar group of recruits is called the drax who presumably obeyed Richard Molds Personal Drek in philosophy. In two, thousand, nine mult published a booklet called the directly. In Way it elaborated on existing Owen a beliefs and sought to prepare for Labor is, for quote, the return of the dark gods through image word and music. In addition to this artistic focus, the in way lighted the practical teachings of the organization including the art of calling it also focused on using violence antisocial behaviour to undermine Western society. The book was apparently a success as it turned out. The way was precisely what the Owen a needed to reach a whole new class of potential converts. Anyone who wanted to become a drek simply had to participate in a pledge ceremony either with others or alone at these events the new member stated I accept there is no law, no authority, no justice except the Drek and that calling is unnecessary act of life I believe in one guide are directly in law and in our right to rule mundane 's. After that the new initiate cut his thumb with a hunting knife and let the blood drip onto a piece of white paper. He then burned the piece of paper and said, I swear on my. Honor as DRAC that from this day forth, I will never surrender I will die fighting rather than submit to anyone and will always uphold the directly in code. Afterwards the DREK had to carry the hunting knife used in the ceremony at all times. Once they were officially initiated into the decks. Members were encouraged to create chaos terrorize people and defy public laws in the DREK way mult wrote we are sinister. We are a moral we are feral. We are a new sinister species, a new type of human being. In the book mold described anyone who is not drag as a mundane and encouraged violence against them he wrote that directs should treat Mondays as enemies disobey their laws and police and steal their wealth and resources. mult claimed that the worst type of mundane was a group. He called Homo Hubris because Owen a literature is vague and often contradictory in nature. It's not clear precisely who the Homo Hubris or supposed to be, but considering the ONA's ties to neo, Nazi, philosophy and Satanism, the word may refer to Jewish or Christian people. Multi argues that these people are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world directs are encouraged to use manipulate and is them. Molds teachings on the directly in way attracted new converts to Owen a philosophy by removing some of the black magic and satanic rituals from his hateful philosophy. He was able to reach extremists who might otherwise have dismissed the group as being too. Esoteric. In the last ten years numerous far right. Paramilitary groups have used Owen A and drek in literature to inspire their violent actions. One such group was a British Association called national. Action founded in two thousand thirteen. It only took three years for the government outlawed as a terrorist organization. Despite that national action remained active underground. That's how a far-right provocateur named Garin helm found. The group helm had gained notoriety in the British press after the assassination of liberal British politician Joe Cox. Cox had been an outspoken advocate for immigration and antifascism and was murdered by far right extremist in two thousand sixteen. In an undercover video, Helms stated that Cox a traitor to Jerez and deserve to be killed. This wasn't the first time helmed got in trouble for hate speech in two thousand fourteen after he threatened a different female politician with anti Semitic language on twitter investigators searched Helms home there they discovered his connection to national action and the Owen A. Helm had a photo of Hitler hanging above his fireplace. But below that on the mantle, he had another picture. It was a complex starlike figure with seven points and nine lines representing the sevenfold sinister way. In other words, it was the logo of the Owen A. According to hope not hate a British anti-racist group helm wasn't the only Owen a supporter among national actions, leaders, Ryan Fleming the head of a chapter in Yorkshire, was also a top figure in the Neo Nazi group. He'd made headlines in two thousand seventeen for raping a minor, his second sexual assault conviction in just six years. But the Owen as influence on national action was only the tip of the Neo Nazi iceberg. The society has also significantly influenced to other far right groups the Atom Waffen Division based in Florida and its British counterpart, the Sonnen Creek Division. According to hope not hate these groups published some of the most disturbing propagandists scene from the far right. In several decades the zone and creek is known for promoting rape torture and pedophilia through their documents and videos. And if that's not bad enough, these two off-shoot troops have also been implicated in multiple murders. Coming up, we'll explore how the ONA inspired a terrorist plot against the US military. This episode of secret societies is brought to you by. Safe simply safe was designed to be easy to use while protecting your whole home twenty, four seven, order it online with the click of a button when my box arrived, I was able to get started on it right away. I didn't have to wait around for a technician to install it or signing two year contracts. 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Those who are most risk right now and when you donate plasma bio life, you can earn up to six hundred dollars in your first month as a token of appreciation for your time. So please become a donor at bio life visit vile life plasma dot com to schedule an appointment. Now back to the story. In the early August the Owen a increased, its worldwide membership using the Internet and social media to reach and recruit initiates the total number of members remains unknown. Since then to Neo Nazi terrorist groups who were influenced by the a called the Atom Waffen Division and the zone and Creek Division have come to the attention of local authorities in both the US and the UK. The Atom Waffen Division was founded in Florida in two thousand fifteen. It was a fascist terrorist organization that wanted to destroy civilization and bring about racial cleansing by ending Western capitalist. Society. In addition to these Neo Nazi aims the atom often division followed satanic teachings of the Owen A. This wasn't surprising as according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The atom often division was steeped in the history of the American White Power Movement and Esoteric religions. The group published material with a small press that was run by one of its members. A man named Joshua Sutter Sutter also led the temple of blood which was a chapter of the Owen A. All these ties to the society meant that it didn't take long before the Atom Waffen division began following the ONA's as most deadly practice calling. In January two thousand eighteen authorities found a gay Jewish teenager named blazed Bernstein murdered in California with more than twenty stab wounds. Officers arrested a former classmate of Bernstein's named Samuel Woodward, and charged him with homicide. Investigators soon, discovered that Woodward was a member of a California chapter of the Atom Waffen Division. They believed that Owen A and Adam. Often teachings on antisemitism and calling drove Woodward to murder. Bernstein as a result authorities charged him with a hate crime in addition to murder. As up now the case is still pending, but it wasn't an isolated incident. Police have arrested numerous other members of the atom often division for various violent crimes. These transgressions ranged from weapon and drug charges to possession of child pornography, terrorist threats, and several murders. The group also inspired a sister society of violent extremists across the sea. By late two, thousand, eighteen, the atom Waffen divisions. Owen. A inspired brand of Neo Nazism spawned an English chapter called the zone and Creek. Division. The founders of the sonnen creek identified with the panic undercurrents in the Adam Kaufman and Owen Eighth LAFI. The also valued the violent teachings of draconian way which claimed that laws were inventions of the mundane 's therefore, practitioners were encouraged to be lawless. To that End Design Creek Division embraced crimes like Pedophilia and rape using encrypted APPs, and the dark web to spread their ideas. However, it wasn't these grievous crimes that pushed the group into the national consciousness. Instead Design Creek Division made headlines at England when they suggested that someone should assassinate Prince Harry. The group accused him of race mixing when he married Meghan Markle a biracial woman. Then they posted a photograph online showing Prince Harry with a gun to his head the caption read seal later race traitor. Unfortunately, this is fairly tame compared to the group's other publications. In the past the Zaanun Creek Division has also produced a video in which an apparently willing female participant was tortured and cut with a knife. In other posts, members have asserted that all police officers should be raped and killed. The Anti Fascist Group hope not hate stated some members of the Zone Creek Division have also carried out satanic fantasies allegations of rape and imprisonment against their own members are circulating. In two, thousand, nineteen, two teenage members of the group Michael Shoot Chuck and Oscar done Hausky were convicted of encouraging terrorism though he wasn't charged for shoe chuck also maintained a blog where he discussed child rape. For his part done Khoza rouse stated that it would be better to decapitate a child. Then let it become a liberal politician. He also said quote terror is the best political weapon because nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death. For All these reasons in February twenty twenty, the group became the Second Neo Nazi organization after national action that authorities banned in the UK. In addition to these groups, Lone Wolf individuals have also found inspiration in Owen writings in two thousand, nineteen, an unnamed sixteen year old Owen. A practitioner became the youngest person convicted for planning a terror attack in the UK. He used to journal to charters progress as he studied the Owen as teachings on personal transformation. His goal was to eliminate empathy for others and become in his words like the living dead. He plotted to attack places around his hometown and wanted to set fire to synagogues. He also sought bomb-making materials and professed admiration for Hitler. Thankfully police arrested the teenager for his online activities before he had a chance to carry out Anita's plans, he was convicted in early twenty twenty for his actions and sentenced to nearly seven years in prison. Similarly, in the spring of two, thousand, twenty, twenty, two year old US army private. Ethan Meltzer also attempted to put the ONA's teachings into practice. MELTZER. I became affiliated with the O. A in two thousand nineteen though exactly how he got involved is unknown. Besides consuming the group's literature, he also obtained an instruction manual produced by the terrorist group Isis called harvest of the soldiers. The booklet described how to perpetrate terror attacks against US military personnel. In April two thousand, twenty Meltzer learned that the army was transferring his unit from Italy to a base in Turkey, it was around that time that he began to plan an ambush on his own fellow soldiers. In numerous encrypted online discussions with a members meltzer laid out a plan to create a mass casualty incident against his own unit. He provided satellite maps of their base and Turkey with each building clearly labeled he also gave details about other soldiers, strength surveillance, and defensive capabilities. The plan involved the Owen A. Middleman meltzer provided the details to his contacts with the group and those people promised to pass it onto owen a affiliated jihadi extremists in the area meltzer also supposedly exchanged messages with a member of Al Qaeda. He intended to ensure that its contacts in the O. N. a understood how deadly serious he was. He acknowledged that he was willing to die but that he didn't WanNa throw his life away for nothing. He told them that he was expecting results. The case is still pending. So we don't know the full details of what happened, but we do know authorities closed in on Meltzer and arrested him in. June. Two Thousand Twenty once in custody he admitted to everything and proudly stated that was a traitor to the United States. He declared he had wanted to kill as many of his fellow soldiers as possible. His ultimate goal had been to start a war in the region like the A and the atom Waffen Division meltzer claimed he wanted to bring about social change through terrible violence. As we've seen in many of these horrible acts the ultimate goal of Owen, a followers to hasten the collapse of Western civilization and capitalism. They believed that the best way to do this is by spreading chaos and destruction. Once, the downfall of society has been achieved Owen practitioners then want to establish a white supremacist dominion. In their more esoteric teachings they profess that the West is under political and financial domination by the May genes, which is their code word for Jewish people. Once the O. A ended allies can overcome these forces as we covered last week. Then they believe in new leader called VENDEX will emerge. According to Owen a writings this messiah like figure will lead the renewed West to colonize the solar system and establish an Arian Bill. Lactic, empire. It makes for a disturbing picture of the future, but it's one that David Maya and the O. N. A. have been obsessed with bringing about. In the present through the terrible crimes of Neo Nazi groups and right wing extremists the O. N. A. and the directly in way have spread across the world and taken on a sinister life of their own. However while the Owen, a seems to enjoy more popularity than ever before it's founder David Miot has distanced himself of the group. He renounced his conversion to Islam around two thousand ten and publicly rejected all forms of extremism condemning his past writings and actions. He now spends his retirement following a personal philosophy called the newness way an alternative to the sevenfold sinister it preaches peace tolerance and compassion. But Journalists Nick Lulls of hope not hate cast doubt on my it's one hundred, eighty degree turn. He insisted that all of my its actions including conversion to Islam and his creation of the numerous way have all been part of a larger plan. lulls and others who have studied the Owen a pointed out that practitioners of the sevenfold way were encouraged to perform something called an insight as part of their personal transformation. Journey Lowell stated insight roles are a deliberate ploy to infiltrate, explore, and subvert other organizations and religions. He noted that Richard Moult also started to distance himself from the Owen A and started practicing Catholicism. But like my and his Islamic faith multiple renounced his conversion and began writing for the Owen a again. Religion Scholar Jacob see sent hold seconded Lowell Skepticism sent hold stated that while Anton Long David. Miot suspected alter ego claimed to have retired from the Owen. A long has continued to publish documents on various Owen a websites in recent years if it is Anton long as most experts suspect, then he clearly hasn't given up his role in the organization at all. Instead, his retirement and alleged change of heart might have been just another charade a part of a larger diabolical plan that has been emotion motion for over fifty years. Manipulation. Of others is a core philosophy of the Owen A to achieve this members are encouraged to lie Maya's longtime insistence that he is not Anton. Long is an example of this. So it's not hard to imagine that while he publicly as spouses piece, he's still working behind the scenes planning for the downfall of the West Meanwhile across the globe far right extremism is on the rise social upheavals and political showdowns have shaken society when religious studies, Professor Connell, Monette interviewed Owen a members Mo- net found them hopeful about the group's future. Thanks again, for tuning into secret societies will be back on Thursday with a new episode. You can find all episodes of secret societies and all of the podcast originals for free on spotify. We'll see you next time. Hang a horseshoe above your door, keep a rabbit's foot in your pocket and follow superstitions freons modifying listen every Wednesday for the surprising backstories to our most curious beliefs and thrilling tales that illuminate the mystical Irina some of our favorite superstitions.

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