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Why I'm So Excited About Esports and the Minnesota Rokkr


And what is up March twenty six. Finally I am coming through to Edmonton. It hasn't been this cronk since Gretzky was on the Ice Edmonton Edmonton Canada March. Twenty six me given the keynote Cuna with you. The State of the Union of Entrepreneurship Marketing and business information below. I I hope to see you there. This is the Gary v Audio experience. What's up podcast on this episode? Gary assist now Cheddar E. Sports I talk about the new call of Duty League opener last weekend and is undefeated Minnesota rocker team. Make sure to hit him up or leave review and I hope you enjoy everyone. This is Aaron aside from generating sports to explain and our Gary Vader. You hear the First Holiday Home San and obviously obviously rockers. They won yesterday. How is the seat F first win the first match that season? You know. I've I've never been in the position. I was in last night which I've been such a hardcore sports fan my whole life but to actually be an owner and I was wildly nervous. Yeah I I actually right before the match started I was like man. I wish we didn't have the first homestand because because I don't mind losing I really don't I it's a process but with all the buildup and your home to lose your home opener and the Gr- listen. I'm in the space now. The guerrillas had a lot of like I have a good organization. But it's there's definitely been a lot of chatter on social like they're disorganized practising enough and then they get off to that hot start and I'm like okay. This is really bad. I love boxing foxing and always affected by when the kid goes back to their hometown and lose the fight in the hometown. It's like this moment in boxing that I think a lot what about and so when we were down to go before they got disqualified made one one. I don't know if we can curse on Cheddar but I was like son son of a gun. We're going to be boxer that loses in their hometown. So how does it feel to be frank and transparent a relief exciting leading but way more importantly that competitive DNA in the macro like the fact that I'm GonNa Watch this video of you and I thirty nine on your shoe now and be like. Oh my God. Look at the humble beginnings of this league the now is selling one hundred fifty thousand tickets in a minute to the world to the championship match. Which I already know history's always of being written? It is that we found out today about the a partnership deal with Google and Youtube and this was kind of like a shocker to many of the Gabor's because obviously which is the leading shoe platform right now and now. We're certainly the lives of like facebook and Youtube and even mixer coming into the whole Streaming battles and as someone who has capitalized in an elevator in terms of content on Youtube. How do you see this? Partnership kind of elevate on-call Duty League but then also I guess as a platform competing with the likes of like a twitch rich. I think it's a great question you know obviously with overwatch and other Ninjas a personality I think for the hardcore gaining community no question twitch and I'm gonNA enormous twitch ban is an incredible platform was obviously very much in the mix mix as the as the home for the screaming. You know to me if you're paying attention even a little bit. I'm sure for you. You're setting up the broad question to the audience but it wasn't Ashok like if you're just if you're even a little in those are probably the two places you would've guessed it could have ended up all right so you know. How do I think about it? I think if if you're the hardest core and you've grown up in the last five to seven years in east sports there's probably a little bit part of you that saying like it should be on twitch if you're you're an entrepreneur and you're in it you're saying yourself okay. Youtube is so broad. It if it's making this real L. investment it's going to do things that broadens the audience. There are going to be millions of people who have no idea what call of duty East sports or any of this is that are going to stumble on this content on Youtube in the next year. That is gonNA build awareness. My intuition I was not involved in any of the negotiations. I myself you found out as soon as I did. I knew what was going on but I'm speaking like a social commentator. I always go with broad. You know even when I do my stuff. I'm always thinking brought the first time ever decided to television show. It was for apple's show with you know playing with the APPS. Even though it stayed stayed with an apple music it was apple. The potential for global broad was there. I always go broad. Especially when something's new the exposure matters twitches is like the SPA Gamers know how to find that Karen in Iowa or Alberta or for Shanghai probably not Carol There is going to stumble on this platform through youtube more likely than twitch at this point not not to undermine twitch Ken will become into be very frank. I expect flexes and Hulu Wonder Medias and if you are an entertainment demint media conglomerate and you're not paying attention to sports streaming. You're making a humongous mistake. So you know I was there in Silicon Valley I was there. I'm going through in sports cards. I'm very passionate sports cards right now. The Oh Jeez of anything even though I was more. Og than those. Oh Jeez in sports discard because I did as a kid. They're always scared like a new band. Follow Band and then they get big and you get mad because they sold out now. They're just going through the progression. I think I think what you'll see is the hardest core fans of this sport will realize how good of a deal this is. Because it's GonNa rise everything and make it better in a lot of ways while I know if you're a hippie or in the streets you're always mad at anything that scales up I how do I think it's going to impact it. I think it's GonNa make more sports fans which I think will trickle down to impact everybody. In a positive way period of the story McCarthy's people was that yet youtube in terms of its interface. It's not quite appealing towards certain gamers yet but it's easier user interface for the Cairns of the world's the Josh is kind kind of stumbled upon the content comma. It's technology company that can build the technology that will make the best hardcore gamers and let toddling in happened between slaughter pan sixty three and Sally Pins Nine Hundred Sixty Four Aka. The hardcore fan can get what they want. The broad market can get what they you want and it's exactly right. What what what it needs to do to make the experience better for hardcore gamers a lot easier than it is for twitch Tabah trillion people on the platform tomorrow indeed? So let's talk about growth over. All right obviously eastwards grocery. I've I've watched as of you. Talking talking about the investment specifically why invested with rocker end the call dirty pro league versus other leagues right in terms of. Just you're someone who doesn't get in something something unless you're really into it. You're really researching etc.. On from from an investment standpoint the financial valuation of eastwards in terms of return on investment investment isn't quite there yet right right When do you feel like it will get to a certain point in terms of its trajectory to the point where like you may see value is now necessary value but you may be able to get enough profit and return or you go by the jets? Do you see that it will get to the point where the Financial Valuation from Eastwards Leagues or teams actually exceed those of the NBA NFL. And etc I think there's a potential that may happen now. I think there's fragmentation in these sports that we don't see in the NBA basketball humongous but there's one NBA. American MM football is humongous. But there's one bell. Baseball is humongous but there's one mlb east sports is a whole like those video game. Playing competitively is actually actually GONNA be bigger than all three of those things may be combined but there may be thirty nine titles and leagues play out which then may create it the fact that they can never get the value of those leagues. It's all GonNa be on supply and demand the reason the NBA and the NFL and the MLB were there at is because of the TV rights trickling down the streaming rights to get to such a number. But that could happen. And so uh-huh I can tell you this I would be on the ground shocked and I can't wait to play these videos in twenty years and say that I was wrong and if these franchisees are not valued far greater than they are right now. This is a game of. Do you understand which game there's GonNa be. Zelda and Super Mario vs which game is going to be kid ICARUS right or even Mega Man Aka for video game. People Bull. I had to decide that I thought that call of duty would be a game that people play twenty one years from now versus what happened into do got it. That's the bet nine. Eleven twelve thirteen years ago I do was for night. Doom was call of duty doody doom was league of legends. Overwatch dooms not winning right now. If call of duty isn't one of the biggest games in sixteen years. This investment will lose if it is an evergreen game like Zelda might keep using that intendo helps. It's like there's been titles that always transfer when I was a kid kit that Chris was as big as area for that six months. That's the game I keep playing. Is it Mary who is the decision. Went into call duty as I've decided it's Mareo I win big if I'm right I lose big if if it's kindergarten well in addition to the fragmentation to the one thing that we're seeing in east sports as well is that obviously they have their heart fan base but it's the segmenting Audiences and still appeal to your car fans while Bray in new New Fans in the sense like for example. They went over yesterday in the first matches went over the rules when it comes our point etc on the stream you saw certain individuals who are fans are like. Why are you showing this? We already know and so there are various this competitive. You'll appreciate this. That is such a non event. Explain why back to your point. There needs to be. We have such discreet. Technology isn't that television nineteen eighty-four that would have been the case yeah we as a league the platforms platforms have to realize let's create an AB telecast. Let's create. I mean I feel the same way about American football. I really no football. So when they're going through by Tony Romo is exploding on the scene. Everybody he's going deeper. How does he know? But I need that stuff because I watch a lot of football but when my dad got into a fifteen years ago like this is a punt and so to the hardcore fans right we need. I think we should argue that. We should have a hard core and a casual of broadcast and the hardcore fans should did not see here to rules. The hardcore fans should get into the subtleties of the skit. Y SKIN IS GONNA come out tomorrow or the or the patch that came out or the back story of a new player or the historic documentary. On Hector going from optic to you know huntsman. Work with you and I think technology lets us do that whereas television did not. I also think that part of that too is the the cultural component as well for example right. Every I love new John I I love that. He's building his platform. He made a comment about a drake as an artist making gaming cool. He's definitely helped making cool now. But I also think there's this historical and cultural component to it where you have the lights of the Wu Tang clan and def jam fight for New York that whole series and even people like Lupe fiasco. That was very much involved in in the scene gene and I feel like there is a cool year on year. You're just awesome. You're being really smart right now. I'm sorry to interrupt. You should what you're saying you're right I mean like I I will never forget when I don't remember who it was but to your point in two thousand and three or four. I saw top fifteen rapper. Where like a Super Mario Hoodie and that was like I was like what you know to your point? Yeah I mean when you think about mortal Kombat Tang things of that nature yes. I think you're right and I think for Ninja. He's such a young kid. Tyler such a young kid you know look. That was such a moment it was it. I will always be a moment. It's really it was I mean it was. I been watching the spamming when Justin TV became twitch I was paying attention and was like okay like but no question I when Ashton Kutcher join twitter and said he would race race. CNN to a million followers. I'd been on twitter for years. It was when I talked about. Twitter has made it when when you know. Dj Khallid had his moment on the water. But the jet Ski. Thank you Iraq on snapchat. That was the next our or day when I made my first content of statutes here now. Even though I've been paying attention for eighteen months heavily when drake went on that stream the the next day I made my piece of content saying like each sports is in a different place now four nights in a different place now ninjas replace now even though I've been watching that space for a long sometime I think that's right but to your point it's always been there in different ways so how does how is it that we can kind of convey that message or ad that cultural component component in the historic component. Because there's a lot of adult. They see Ninja Ninja. But they don't know some back stories of some of the particulars. I like where you're going. I please lease out. You know like this is going to run and people are going to leave comments of like well. What about when this person mentioned Mike? Tyson's punch out one thousand nine hundred eighty in one thousand nine hundred excuse me in hip hop and then some kids going to read that and be like Oh. This really has been around that long. Yeah you understand. I think a lot of times when one's passionate about something they they get anxious to make sure people know and I always tell people the truth wins. You just got to give it time to breathe. Yeah definitely I mean. That's something I've been trying to do due integrating that culture component and bring artists onto Cheddar eastwards. That are passionate about this. That they don't even know if you go and follow seven hundred people that are cool it just use the word culture or Kulik whether tipoff whether it's athletes whether Edm. Let's go different spaces whether skateboarding surfers. That looked very very different than south side Atlanta hip hop artists. But like play them all out if you follow eight hundred of the top people people that are. Let's just use instagram instagram. As the current establishment that are crushing on that including women like Ama- Chamberlain or things that nature if you follow all them and you watch all their stories yes and you watch it for a month in evidently of that eight hundred one hundred thirty seven of them will put out some sort of reference or show you that they're playing video games so it's it's already happened yet. It's already happened like I can't wait for home stands next year because this year her things were rushed as they should be in a new league or streaming. He'll just got done. The League is getting used to it. All team owners getting used to it. We're going to have our stuff together for next year and I promise you. Next year's home stands are going to have fifty to five hundred people in the world had these events and people are GonNa know because it already happened. Yeah I mean also with the new home stand concert. That's something that is new especially even for E. Sports and we're seeing now judicial. Sports is this kind of brings some structure and four matic into the scene a little bit of a switch. You're very big on talk new. Obviously with the the news that they're going to getting into gaming with their teams Sutantyo. What are your thoughts on that smart? It's cultural and culture right. Tick Tock has the attention of enormous amount of eight to twenty eight year olds right now. I'm not in Minnesota wearing this rocker Smith sweater letter from health. No this is. This is unbelievable pillar of culture to the day guy and so I I knew that as rising both boats will be good for you. Sports will be good particularly simple enough submit off and then in addition to that you know with with your investments in the league are you also potentially looking at gaming because and I know what you're saying especially when it comes to demographic in US you own it you're learning anymore about China and some of the other markets overseas mobile gaming is something that's massive over especially in South Korea and China and yeah so But you know it's something that started to grow and blossom here in the United States on component and is quite large to begin with yet. Like when you start throwing in certain games into to the mix I mean. The numbers are staggering in the US. Yeah I mean look this is just this is how I roll. It's all of this oxygen. My Oxygen Sogen as a human is. I want to know what people are doing. And then sometimes I get involved because it's noble important to me. Sometimes I get involved as a consumer of it but because of my DNA an enormous amount of times I get involved as an entrepreneur because I enjoy it I enjoy the sport of business and so of course especially when you look at the female demographics when you look at the lack of barrier entry into it I look at an all time I mean. I spent and uncomfortable amount of time paying attention to candy crush to angry birds. I analyzed hundreds tens of hours of of what people were doing not watching people play it watching what people are saying about it. Why did they like Farmville right? If you read my book the thank you economy in two thousand ten. Can I talk about virtual currency that people will spend real life money on things that are digital in essence. I mean the amount of money kids are spending on touquet okay and maddened packs skins like it happened. It was obvious to me because I already because I'm a genius because people already a little bit doing it for power ups then I'm always watching you are only So the last question. I actually is more of an advice. I WANNA ask Ashok so as someone who is obviously doing broadcasting eastwards and gaming for me being the scene there's already experts is sorry Cassius and commentators and one of the things I've been kind of paid in for myself is better section of eastward scheming and culture will and that's that's something that like one passionate about. I used to work in music. Media used to work in traditional sports and so for me. It's been kind of an interesting jury. It's the laundry and I know it's challenging just because what we talked about where it's like the segmentation where like call duty super call duty or they're super overwatch. By in terms of those those cultural conversations whether is diversity inclusion or whether hip hop etc that stuff is actually taking time in terms of people be interested in the content to you. You you know to me just as a question back to you were jamming. I feel that call of duty is far more culture oriented than overwatch. What do you think like I I see far more? NBA Players football players artists. Putting out there call of duty kind of content than overwatch. Yes I do see that I think that the overwatch like for that specific game entitled They have a little bit of. There's this kind of like a a struggle that they have in the sense that they are a lead. That's pretty much salvage the United States but they also have a lot of players are from overseas and there's marketing disconnect special commuter visualize Asia right but even with the conversations of like culture. I think for me back. The one thing I've been trying to figure out on the sense is how why and hi befalling your your method of just putting it out but I'm really also just trying to figure out how to the WHO about. Here's how about authenticity reversed create a visual. What do I mean by that? Authenticity reverse creative visual instead of trying to bill. Bring call of duty to debate. Watch if Meghan stallion likes call of duty got it map it all of it very much much. The same for me like I will never reach out to anybody nor be receptive if they aren't interested in entrepreneurship but if they are then I'm in now what's great about hip hop as somebody who loves it. Is that a lot of them have so much entrepreneurial. DNA athletes it's too because the nature of urban life in the streets leads to entrepreneurial DNA. Yeah I would. I know joke if we were just like best friends and doing in this together and being like we care about this I would spend eight hundred hours trying to figure out every single person in the culture that likes it then reach out to them then create content around it because it's authentic right. It's kind of like while leg with wrestling. I love wrestling and I want more culture wrestling. It has to start with Wa because he actually loves it. Got It I got it. I can't go convince little keyed to come to a wrestling match with me. You understand snap it then create the content as we. Today's podcast. I WANNA give a huge shout out to the people you know. It's so funny. People that leave reviews and written reviews of this podcast on Apple spotify and all the other platforms just mean the world to me. You've taken an extra thirteen to nine thousand five seconds to show love and also give context the people of why. This is a worthwhile podcast so I appreciate that so much and even more fun because I think we all love a little cosigner shoutout or a little awareness I'm I'M GONNA have the team. Give a couple of shouts daily on our favorite reviews so dean. Take it away which we're favorites this week. Thank you very much Gary. Today's interviews. Listen in and better than reading a book written in by Ea Dot Murph and Becca Lynn. Nine seven nine say listen get inspired and motivated and go do. That's what happens to me when I listen. I appreciate all your advice and help Gary and secondly always playing this podcast on my drive and there's never week that goes by override. Don't take away knowledge or assault piece piece of advice from Gary. Thank you for your content. Thank you both so much riding in and remember keep leaving reviews because yours could be next.

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