Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: WWE Super Showdown Recap


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Everybody knows day Meltzer here wrestling observer radio, it is June eight two thousand nineteen figure four online dot com slash wrestling, observer dot com. A lot to get into in the first show about twenty-five. They're going to be doing over the next several days. This one unfortunately covering the W E super showdown, aren't you cited about this killing me here on a Friday to watch this show? It's just hadn't even know where to begin the show sucked, shocked the show sucked on a lot of levels. Yeah. Just all kinds of different ways, but. Yeah, oh sorry with the main event so Goldberg. Let's start with women the women's situation just because the women are truth. Got a nice flight. Nice long flight to our truth. I think filmed like was twenty seconds of like gender Mahal had to pretend to be asleep, and he had to pin them on the airplane. Yeah, yeah. So they did a the did that, that's all he did. He didn't even work in about a rural because to their credit. They realized that putting him in the battery would make absolutely no sense because everyone would have to pin him, and it would just be so. The could have like thought of this earlier and he wouldn't have had to take this flight, but we did. And then the women. They flew there and they were hoping to wrestle and the government, I don't understand. You know. But again, I'm not dealing with that government. So I mean I know they were told they were, they were told that it was going to be okay, and it was going back and forth and they couldn't advertise it because if they advertise and somehow, there was a snag. They'd look really, really bad. So for whatever reason obviously, they thought that they were going to get it done enough to fly Alexa, bliss Intel you over there, and the flew over there and not only would they not allowed to Russell with they were not allowed to be on show say that they're going to someday be able to wrestle anything. So. Yeah. That was what happened there. All right. Well, let's go back to this Goldberg thing. So Gobert, undertaker's the main event is the main event of the show final match on the show and they did not go two minutes. They went significantly longer and practically the very first thing that happened is Goldberg goes for a spear, and just like in that chronic match twenty years ago, he goes for spear, and he hits his head on the post he knocks himself out and he's a bleeding everywhere. And at that point like he's out of this match and the entertainment beats him up for a while and goes for the tombstone in in like one hundred percent of the incidents, don't listen to whole Cogan in one hundred percent of the cases undertaker protects opponent, and they do not land in their head. Well Goldberg is Kayode. I don't know what he was thinking. He stuck his head out. He landed right on his goddamn head on this tombstone thought he was dead. So he's down. And they keep going and Goldberg eventually makes a quick comeback. He goes. As for the jackhammer and like he's not in great shape undertaker's on great shape. It's one hundred degrees out there and he lifted dude up, and he brain bussers and writer new his head almost kills the entertainer undertaker's down Gobert stands up. He's waiting for the dude to get up, but undertaker's plan around in his head so they get up and they go for a spot, and they were supposed to do or versatile. And they both fall down on the mat annotate gets up choke. Slim's dude pins him and they get the hell out of there. These guys this a disaster. It was bad. Well, once they had the knockout, it's spell part, and that's just what happened on the choke slam Goldberg barely got up. And then there wasn't there. Another one, there was a tombstone attempt where they just both fell down. It's right before we do a reversal universal which, which is not an easy spot do and yeah, they just both fell down. The first whatever it was the first two minutes of this match or so we're actually pretty well done. I was thinking, like, man. This is not bad and Bill Goldberg showed up, Mike God that kind looked in great shape. I mean for his age and he didn't get word about this. It's not like he got for, for when I came back, but that, that one year when he had, like, I don't know he had a lot more time before when he was told about this that one before to get in shape as compared to this one, and then that other the whole run he pretty much knew. It's whatever October mania. So, you know, once you get there, you can stay in shape to degree, although he had hit the bad shoulder the entire time, which made it tough. But you know he looked good. I mean he looked great, you know, and the first couple of moves look good. And then it fell apart. So as what happened in its. I don't Gobert using very upset afterwards. The explained everybody had been knocked out and he wants to redeem himself for this performance. And I'm sure the entertainer does well and. You know what they're gonna do. But undertaker look very unhappy. Yeah, he'll undertake really. So it's couple of thoughts. Number one. Okay. As soon as this match was announced. A new undertaker was winning because, you know that's just how it is. And then when I watched thing on Friday, Tuesday should save Friday, whatever that it's Friday today. I watched it on Tuesday. It was like undertakers done. We, we know that we've seen, you know, his last couple of things and Bill. Really, he looked good. He came off good. And as soon as sought it's like, you know, Bill has to you know he's not gonna win. I know he's gonna lose Bill was twenty years younger like he'd be the guy so awesome. He was on that smackdown. Shell undoubtedly been the guy. In this day and age be hard because he he's, he's not in this day and age, you have to be able to Russell, and everything, and that would be twenty years younger. Yeah. But he was never that good as a as a, a restaurant he was good. He was good in limited. Roles ten tastic unlimited roles, but today you really you know like you can't have guy. Go in there into two minute three minute pay per view main events month after month after month and be the guy people would turn on him real quick. I mean, if you just, you know, just a look and everything sure, you know. And, and also, here's shifting think today if this is today, these guys don't know how to protect anyone, which will get to in a second with larceny. Because actually the law. The booking of, of undertaker Bill was exactly what I expected. I don't wanna say it's stupid it was. But you know, as soon as I saw the skit in the way, everything went down, and they actually got me, interested like you know, undertaker's done. I mean pills pretty much done too, but Bill Scott something, because he hasn't been around a lot. And the thing is you can do three minute Bill, Goldberg matches and everyone's happy because that's all we ever did when he was younger. So there's no you know why he had eight and a half minutes here. I have no earthly idea if he done three minutes. Even with the fact he was knocked out probably two minutes in, if they do not three minute match everybody becoming like how the blood this is just what a you know, they wouldn't say it was great if I mean, but it would be acceptable. You know, when they kept going because they were also they're also both old, and they're also both tired, and they're also both knocked out or one of them's knocked out. It was irresponsible of the company when Bill was clearly knocked out, and I mean it was very clear watching his legs when he hit that post even before the tombstone spot that he was. They should stop the match. I know you, it's like the worst 'cause it's like you know, you're, you have protocol and everything. When someone's knocked out you do that. But it's like this the main event on this, pay per view, and Bill, sure as hell didn't want quit. He freaked out over it. Because he's got that, you know bills got that mentality. You know, it's like he wants he wants to do it, but, you know, I mean that's what happened with Bryan Danielson that match with Randy Orton, if you remember and, you know, Brian nearly cutting a fight with triple, h I mean, real fistfight with triple h that's how bad it was. But, you know, in the end of the day with the benefit of hindsight, you know, in a lot of people were mad at triple h for stop in this match that Daniel Bryan was gonna win. And you know what I mean but he was. Apple h was a hundred percent right in that situation and Daniel Bryan, didn't like it. Because if it was triple h in the ring, he wouldn't have stopped because the guy in the rings never going to stop it. But it's kind of, like, you know, like, like everything they say about concussions and everything like this. They need to stop it, but they didn't. Okay. I get, you know it's, it's, it's a hard call to make in that situation. But it was the right call. It would have been the right call to just go in there and just go either tell them. Okay, just just beat him is beat him now it's going to suck but it's turned out it sucked worse because they kept going, but that's neither here nor there. But when I saw the thing on Tuesday. It was again. Like I said. You don't what I mean does not even a doubt in my mind that Bill has to win this match, just because undertaker is done, and they're still mileage and Bill, you know, when they first announced they didn't think that but it's so clear on Tuesday. There's like real mileage and Bill, whether it's Bill against large Sullivan, which now I wouldn't say that because obviously, that's ridiculous. It wasn't ridiculous twenty four hours ago. But today it right now it is. And you know, we're just whatever you know, Bill against any, any, any, he'll, you know, that just you can come in, and he can be that guy coming out of retirement to three times a year, granted, I know he didn't draw rating on, on Tuesday, but he still had it, you know, he really had it this hurt him, of course, but that didn't happen either. And I guess, you know, I I, I wasn't believing I didn't think for one split second Vince was going to change that finish. But I. Also new one hundred percent that, that, that was the right thing to do that. Bill should win the match and it's like amazing because we're in two thousand nineteen and the reason that Bill had to lose and the reason that, you know, no matter what happened on Tuesday. If you look at the future, and, like who's got more mileage left, it's clearly Bill, Bill looks, you know, he looks younger he talks younger. He just everything about it is because Bill Goldberg and they even said it was soon as, as soon as he comes out there and the announcers go, he risked, a face of WCW, he represents WCW and it's just like, oh my God. He's getting pinned cleaned. Should have won then on this show, I would ever it was. He should have won because he should have won because he has more mileage left of the two. But it was pointy at if ever there was a WCW event. This was it. Yeah. This was this was worse than most WWE. Vince, I mean, like I, I suppose like like this. This was one though. No. Really like like I'm getting kind of on the worried side. Maybe I'm a little late to the party on this one. I mean, I know I've been watching, I know the bookings bad and everything, but I always go like, that's not WW bad. It's not W back, and it wasn't quite like the real bad WCW. This is not as bad as Rousseau second run, because I'm watching Rousseau second run right now. But outside of Rousseau second run, this is bad as anything they ever did. But I mean, I'm you know, look, okay so bad. You know, it's bad crowd, and this and that and all that. But what I'm talking about. It's the actual booking. That's what I'm talking about. Yeah. The booking was was the booking was scary. Bad tonight, you know, between the Brock listener thing and the in the Lord Sullivan thing. I mean it's like that's WCW bat. I mean, I honestly think the Lord solvent thing was, I don't wanna say it's worse than Rousseau. But Susan it was over. It's like my God, I don't think Rousseau could have booked this bad. That's how bad it was really could've beaten. Lars. We wouldn't have they could they could hit him with the tequila bottle, and he could have beaten him, but they never did they never did that they never. They never had three job guys beat Goldberg. You know what I'm saying? If that is that's the equivalent. I mean they may have. You know. They never even put online straight guys beat whole Cogan including Billy Kidman in the wall. Yeah. But that was that was a different level incompetence and that was, you know, it's still Hoke HOGAN. They were trying to get people over hulk HOGAN wanted to work with the wall in thought there was money in them, because hope was still delusional about big is Billy Kidman thing was political thing, because ho Cogan said something so we wanted to prove he, he wanted to prove that, you know, he was business, so he put the guy over in a manner, which everyone knew was a joke, you know, because it wasn't like he put over Billy Kidman that I don't even want to get back in that daddy era. But that that was that's completely different. That wasn't. That was that was whole Cogan and his mentality at the time. This is this is something completely different. I mean, is it just this just boggled my mind, but the ASO the Goldberg match? So it ended up being amping disaster and undertake was pissed. And I'm sure Bill was real disappointed. I mean he's mad enough to where he was. I think the thing that got him also is I guess he must have seen enough of the social media, and I didn't really bothered him. That. People gloated at it. You know what I mean? And, you know, I mean that just because he he's hasn't been you know, he, he knows about other criticism. But I think the ideas I got knocked out, I had shitty match and it's like, okay, you know, I did it sucked. You know. But now, people are like happy about it. And it's like I think that, that is, you know, it's like that's really kind of bad. So that's you know. But that's just the real world too, unfortunately, but. Let's start of the be in the show because there's lots of talk about including the non-cash in for the fourth straight time. Okay. So beginning of these use on the revival and. You know, it was like, okay actually from from from from a technical wrestling standpoint. I wouldn't say they hit the. In some, I guess, technically they probably hit the best match on the show. I didn't really think it was that good. Because it was it was rushed. I mean they went right to the the big spots, but timing was perfect. I mean like you could really see how great these two teams are, but it wasn't a great match. It was an average match. And, you know the. The finish was let me see. Jimmy pinned. Dash wilder after a double super kick. So that was the that was the nice warm of match. All right. So the opening on the actual show, Seth Rollins Barron Corbin opener on the show. Seth has his ribs taped up and Corbin winter Kenny squeezed him. And he worked him over and Seth finally made a big comeback win for the curbstone Corbin hit a deep. Six Corbin got mad went to get a cheer. The rest said dude, you can't use a cheer, you'll get d- queued Cormon screamed at him. The ref screen back. Seth schoolboy him from behind and the ref counted. The pin this was all done to set up a rematch, which is infecting place in Tacoma. I will be there for the epoch rematch of Seth Rollins and Barron Corbin. What we rib on me. This wouldn't have been a depressing pay per view main event. It was, I guess, better than your average Romanche, but not much better. This getting lost far as like if they if they put this match on raw, this was better than what you would have gotten raw no way. You think that if Seth Rawls and baron Corbin wrestled on raw we better than this a lot better. Are you kidding? Same two guys. They'd have a better crowd reaction. The guys wouldn't be jet lagged, it would be way better this match. This match wasn't good at all. This was find out on pay per view. Oh, they'll, they'll be they'll, they'll beat them. Paper. This was the worst. Seth Ron sings match. I can ever remember. I've never seen. I, I don't remember the last time south wrong did a real match that I thought was three stars and under when this thing was over it's like Barron corbin's talented as hell because I really think Seth Rollins could wrestle like almost anyone in the business and just because he's so talented, he get three star match out of him. And he did not at all. It was even close this match wasn't this match was just the air. It was it was boring. Set this in a boring matches. I mean been as boring matches all fucking time parent. Gordon is boring matches a lot. But I need drags us down. This much was trying to. Work. And I even think Barron courtroom was trying to work. It just didn't work. We own and the crowd again. You know it's tough crowd. It was bad crowd. And but still, I mean, it was a boring match. I mean, granted compared to the rest of the show, I guess, if you rate it on a curve compared to the rest of the show was actually, one of the better matches but it fricken you know, it was it wasn't good at all. So Bronx music he'd has promised afterwards. He starts coming down to the ring. Paul goes to get in the ring he trips drops the briefcase Seth gives Brock low blow grabs a chair that brought brought down beat sale out of him. Begs him to cash in gives him a curb. Sump on the briefcase and leaves he jacked up rocks elbow. Some fierce with one of those chair shots. So then four times now everybody four times now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They burn that out some so and you know what I did think I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt. I thought you know what maybe? He'll cash in on Kofi and they actually will really give it to you like they promised. But I was wrong. This was the last we saw Brock was never seen again. Did you see the Dana stuff and everything the Brock, we talked about how he got a better off from WINS? Why he's not coming in. I mean it's not untrue. But it was at, you know, we can't Brock went to them and said, this is my this is my offer for Cormet. They saw the number. It's not a number that made sense to them giving them market right now. I mean, the number would have. I was thinking like underperform switch pay per views with this number makes sense. And it was touching go. I mean it was it was. It was higher than they would have liked had. They done the match with the with the number of mates sense. And, and it's it's not a lock I think it would have, but it's not a lock. I mean, it was a lot of money. But, you know, under these circumstances with that number makes sense. And the answer is no because things have changed, and so they made the right decision. But that's not you know, he he got a great number. I mean, did get a great number from Vince but it it you know, he could always take the money from fence and still do the one match. It's because they don't you know whatever he doesn't wanna say he, he got, you know. Brock wanted a certain number. And they didn't want it. And then he said he was retired and, you know, I mean, I guess you could say that I mean, it's what used to say all, you know, with George when George asked for a lot of money, George retired, George want to fight, and, you know, eventually, the fact is George did wanna fight, but he wanted to get paid a lot of money to fight, and eventually George fought. But yeah, I don't know. Dana, I saw I, I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of stuff. But his explanation of I think Aaron bronze draft him about whether they cut was Justin Wilson Elias Theodore, and it's mainly a studio. And Dane is answer was like, you know, because he likes the door had like a really good record. I have no idea way to cut at least like when they cut John, it's years ago. I knew exactly why you know, even though Dana said it was because, you know, his price was too high which was complete bullshit. I mean, but in this case, I have no idea why they cut him. But he's out there doing this speech about how we only want guys who you know. Okay. This guy's good. And he's won most of his matches and you'll see, but, you know, we, we need to keep this roster Phil. Because we only went guys with potential to be top-five division. And it's like what the fuck? It's like ninety percent of your roster has will never be top five eighty five percent will never be top five and you know, they'll never be top five. What does he? Talking about. I don't understand him. But that's another issue. I actually watch more of that. I, I, I know he did a long interview in and people are going like you got to, you got to talk about that interview that he did. But the only thing I saw was the Brock stuff and the allies stuff. So I have to watch more of that, I guess, after the show figure it out, but you know he it was it was amazing. You know, listening that, you know, I mean Danish chat, I don't know. I feel like you know he's. I guess I, I don't know. I stopped paying attention to him years ago, anyway. But it just feels like you know he. Amnesties checked out, but. You know, it's, you know that was some pretty bad explaining there. Fin Belen Andreotti for the intercontinental title. They worked their asses off, but this crowd was dead dead dead silent. They're even dead silent during the near falls of the finish on Friday, went for his double moon salt in got the knees up. They sort of miss out one up Ballard. The double foot stump in the back of the head on drudge kicked out still a dead crowd. And then Beller ended up hitting a top rope nineteen sixteen double foot-stomping got the pin. This was the definition of a match that would have been much better in front of a different crowd. Absolutely. This, this was this was the this would have been a this would have been a good match. Elsewhere. You know what it was still a good match. But yeah, I think it would have been it'd been a little better. Elsewhere, knows Alina bay. Of course and been valor was the demon. I don't know what the difference was in the sense of. You know, he got he got the entrance that. Didn't really matter that crowd. It was painted up. No. He worked hard on trying. They worked hard. But yeah, you know when this as far as the story where leads. Mrs to match, you know, it was it was a but yeah, it was the only thing on the on the show where I would say it felt like this could have been a good match somewhere else. Shane and Roman reigns. This sucked. Okay. So drew is out there with Shane, and he immediately distracts Roman and Shane goes to work, and Shane beat on him. Any beat on him. Any beat on him any beat on him. And he's profusely sweating. And he beats on EMI put some of the triangle, rains power bombs away. That, that triangle is watching the triangle. God, I swear you could probably teach me in in, I think in a week I wake an hour. Give me give me ten minutes. I can teach you a better triangle. I promise. You really surely I absolutely prom. I'm not sure ten minutes, but I promise you, I think the week of our week of our training. And I could do that smoother than that. And I soon as I thought it's like, come on. This is like you're, you're, you're finishing move. And I know it sucks. But come on. It's not that hard. I mean on a willing opponent, you know what I mean? I mean I'm not saying do it for real. But I'm saying just put it, it looked like it looked so bad. So he power bums his way free and Shane cuts them off again. And he beats on him. He'd be the power bomb was really good by the way, that's one good thing I can say about the match. I was cool compound bomb. He did it like all lower back, not even like like with his upper body, helping Roma says over the speier. She kicks him Roman punches him. Shane bunks into the ref ref issue. Drew flies in with the more Shane pins. Shane McMahon took ninety five percent of this match and one in the end over Roman reigns. This forty nine year old dude who sucks in the ring. Unreal I could not even believe this. I watched this. I watch during observer live with no sound. I'm kind of doing the show and I'm sort of watching it and in when it was over I was like did ruin rains. Do one move in this match. And I went back and watch it. And in fact, he did a few. He did like five moves, okay? But in this entire match Shane from start to finish dominated this match, and then beat the dude, and this is supposed to make me care about Roman reigns versus drew McIntyre, at the pay per view. Are you kidding me? Anything anything, it's like it's like I, I was watching this and it's like it's like never like like like you know he's their top guy for better for worse in their minds. He's their top guy and. It's almost like, okay he needs help. Anyway. You know, because he's not the kind of top guy that, look, he's not he's he'll never be that legendary top guy, I mean, ten years from now, they'll tell you that he was, you know, and all that, that he was, you know, the greatest of all time, and he was living legend, and all those things ten years from now, they'll, they'll tell you that he was. But he's not he's not, you know what I mean? There's there's legends. And then there's guys that are on top. I don't even think he's is much of a top guys. Brett was, you know, who was in their mind. Just transition guy between top guys and just kind of like they're to fault, top guys supposed to like a real top guide. They believed in, you know, Sean, you know, Sean was Sean was bad. You know, that that was just a bad situation and everything, Sean always said super super talent as Bret compared to Roman who's got telling us well, but. The, the whole deal here. It's like you had you book the top guy like this. This is just incompetence. You know, like you said, like, if he would've, like beat them, but no, no, he should not have lost this match under any circumstances. If Shane should have not have had that much offense under any circumstance either Shane could get that some heat spot because Druze distraction things like that. But Romans still, I mean, the idea is that Roman never gets to him that, you know, you're all frustrated, because, you know, Roman can kick his ass. But, but somehow it didn't happen. So you wanna see it again and Shane still has his heat for Roman to get at later. But it's like, no, no. You don't put the guy like that in this match and have him lose. You know, under you, you just you just you just don't it was just, you know, top guy ever mean could they couldn't? I couldn't. Imagine you, you putting you know, like hulk HOGAN or Bruno San Martino or anything like this. I know that they once wouldn't have Coachman beat Austin, they really did by the way. But that was also long after Austin was like, atop guy that was that wasn't during the prime years. But. Jesus christ. Yeah. This was bad booking and there's more. Look, I tell you what, we that's set thrones and Barron, corporate match was over. It's like did that make you is nothing there that may you want to see a rematch. Okay. They gave you that little out because the referee got involved in the finish. So that was the mentality will give you the out. So now we get to do a rematch but it's like. Yeah. But to set up a rematch, one exciting match and that was anything. But so it's like they, they're setting up from this, and there's more later but baron Corbin against, you know, Seth Rollins for the title, which after today, I would never want to see again. I didn't really want to anyway. But this made it worse, not better than they want to Roman reigns and drew, which very sought wrestlemainia and all they've done to set that up is tell me that Roman reigns. Is not a top guy anymore Andrews, drew. It's okay. I mean yeah it's okay to that match. But God Roman looked they put Roman. So for can stupidly. And that's all I can say in. It's not the end of the stupid booking. Now that brings us to lower Sullivan, salute house party. So it is now fischel with his first official match, they have taken away, as an x t ring entrance, which was a great part of the act. He just walks down the ramp kills these, dudes crowd is totally dead. Gets his mouth busted open in a match for the second time Lucia last time. It was his head. This was his mouth. Yes. Party makes a comeback. The running wild on LARs, LARs kills them. The still going on all three guys in attack. Lars in the ref calls for the Bill. I couldn't believe it. AD Q in a three on one match free three on one attack. I couldn't even make this up if I tried I this was, this was this seriously of all the stuff that's on that was on the show this to me was the worst. I mean because the letter taken Goldberg it's like shit happens. And that's it's, it's you know the there were that was different thing this as far as. You're sitting down in a room and planning this out on paper, and you're making your production meeting and everything like that. And you know, you're going like chains going to be Roman reigns. And it's like are you fucking kidding me? But then I'm sure everyone's going to go. Well, it's a boss of. And let's you know, we're gonna we're going to obviously it's like you know you pick your spots for a fight right? But this one it's like you got to choice is here and someone should said this to Vince, it's like two choices here. If we, if we just don't see anything in the sky or were just mad at the sky. And all this. Cut him sediment, and exte-, even beat him and take them off television, if we really don't want him, okay. We probably have should made that decision a couple of weeks ago. We probably should have figured this out before we brought him up either. We want. They were either. He's going to be a superstar in. We're gonna book him that way, or he's going to or it's sent back to annex t and get a more experience and then bring them up later when you can when he's even better or you want to do something with this guy like you did when he was going to be John seen at wrestlemainia. And if that's the case I mean, I didn't know the finish obviously this match. But I knew this was fuck up when they when I saw that they broke two minutes because, like, what he's needs to these guys in less than two minutes because he'd never wanted, just need sell because it's not helping him to sell at this point in the game. But he was he was selling hot. So it's like God, it's like they're fifty fifteen without even knowing what they're doing even though he's going to win their weakening him because all wins are not created equal, and then they do a frigging TQ finish. And then those guys chased him out of the ring and yeah, you got a little bit back because he, he beat them all up after the mass downplayed us this match win like six minutes. It goes to a disqualification a three on one attack. A three on one match. Ezekiel they triple team. The guy afterwards are beating the hell out of him. They go to leave there on the ramp, he makes his own comeback, and he goes, it need destroys them again. At that point, I'm furious because it's like well. Oh fuck. What the hell did you have them do anything to this guy for them? Exactly. If you're just gonna have him beat them up afterwards, like why did have to sit through him selling for these guys and these guys beating them up? And then he just beats them up again. Anyway, I just baffled, nobody. Here's the other thing too in that match was five minutes in that match. He didn't do like you have to set up in this situation. Number one, it should have been two minute match. And the other thing is in one spot, and he could certainly do it. You just figure out how it is where you picks up at least two of the guys at the same time in slams him or just some power move where you go. Ooh, with two of the guys, I don't know. You could do all three that might be difficult. But I'll bet you, I'll bet you that somebody there in that company could come up with a move, and he strong enough to where he can support those three guys or not that big. And just do one thing 'cause he's really he's a really strong guy. So to a power move. You know, the power moves are half gimmick anyway, but people don't know it. So do a fricken power move in some form that looks impressive. They didn't even do that. It's like the creative spot for him. He's just in their selling for sound for these sold. He should've sold one thing for these guys, maybe likely to a triple drop kicking steps backwards. And that's it. The one little show vulnerability. That's it. This guy's in his first match got to imagine like you bring like Kamal into a territory. And this is first match. You know what I mean? It's like fricken. Why why I was this wouldn't like watching this just upset me? Because it's like it's not like I'm emotionally invested in, if he does, well, or doesn't do well, but I am emotionally invested in the idea that you know, you took a you got embarrassed for him. And you didn't want to fire him, and you really some money in him and you find him so much money that now it's like it's going to take him a lot longer to pay this money back considering where he's going to be on these cards. And how over he is, you know because he's now because he's just a guy now and it's like the guy who looks like that either needs to be a star. You know, he should never be just a guy let alone. I mean, maybe in two years, he's gonna end up being just a guy because maybe doesn't make it maybe but you've assure you know, you're pretty much assuring yourself of it. Now, this was just this was this was the worst booking. You know, I mean, I guess the Roman reigns bookings close. But I think this was even worse than Roman reigns. Booking. This is just. Mind boggling, but it's, it's, you know the Roman reigns, like I said with Roman reigns. I could see in a production meeting sitting there. If I'm in this production meeting, and they're going through this, and it's like, I'm biting my teeth and going, like, okay this. I wanna scream. This is completely stupid, but it's the boss's son. And you got to save your fights, but with LARs, I can't imagine that. I mean, even if nobody likes the guy and I don't know if that's the case, shouldn't somebody go in there and just go Vince either. We're going to go with them or we're not. And if we're not fucking beat him just beat them. And if we're going to go with them have him just destroy these guys in two minutes, there's only two alternatives here. No, we're going to have him do a cue for no ungodly reason. We're going to go five minutes to expose that he's not a monster. We're not gonna have him. Do you know monster moves in the match to get him over? And then we're going to have a beat up all three guys after the match in totally uninspiring form. You know, like, and I'm sure they're sitting there going win, like, you know, like in two weeks, they're going to sit there and go like, when he comes out, God, why aren't people treating him like he's a monster? We've, you know, he looks look at how he looks and you so big, and these giant legs. And he's all this and that it's like, because you booked him you scripted him like like some moron. Absolute more unscripted that Tuesday interview. And then you come back with their probably blaming him for that interview and said, we a we got a hold back. He didn't do it on the interviews. Here's an guy alive except for like dusty Rhodes or or some oh, Joe who could have someone like that who could have pulled off that scripted made it work. That's not on him. Anyway. That's my Lord. Salvin rant. I'm like, they're just frigging you know, this, this is this is really like I this is like again, this is incompetence. This isn't just like okay it's a little bit about the old Vince, come on. Instance, behind the time the old Vince, the one thing, the old Vince knew how to do is for can dildo monsters for hulk HOGAN, and for Andre the giant and for everyone he knew how to do that. How do you forget like it's like a guy seriously? This is a guy who forgot how to ride a bike. It's not like you seventy three years old, and his knees are shot and he can't ride a bike he forgot how and he's been riding a bike for fifty years. I you know, it's like forgetting, how to type or something, you know what I mean. It's like this is like he's just completely and again, he's in a room with God knows how many people, I know all those forty writers, I know that thirty six of them or thirty of them, or whatever, have no grasp of booking monsters, and wrestling, or anything like that. But God, damn, I know that there's a bunch of the two and you know, I don't know what happened in that room. But my God I it was it was horrible. It's horrible. There went through. That's all I can say they were this relates into your match twenty five minutes. They just wrestled in wrestle the crowds dead. They did get into it there near the end. Will they got into it? When you kicked out of near falls because enough of more wrestling fans who who thought the arcade was cool in the pedigree, was cool, and they got to see it and the guys kicked out so that, that, that worked in the match was the kicking out of the finishes was not terrible match. But like it was boring shit is boring. And okay. So here here's here's the thing with this match and about. Trending when I, I had this thought because it was early and imaginative going much longer. But it was like twelve minutes in, I think, and this matches really boring him. And I was bored by about the six five six minute, Mark that just, you know, there's no he and they're going really slow, but it's like it's okay. I mean technically it's not like technically there's nothing wrong with it. It's just a wrong match for this crowd. So at first, it's like, okay, we don't got. No, you know, dot I you know, I mean, all of X great and everything, but it's, you know, it's like you, you to know how to, I don't wanna like get mad it he's the guy's really, really smart. All and Randy Orton fantastic wrestler. But, you know to me like a master wrestlers like RIC flair Terry funk, and they would have adapted even though RIC flair is not super versatile. Ric flair went to that show. Korea were nobody could get heat. Nobody could know the crowd like this. Maybe even worse because they, they knew nothing about wrestling. Where's this crowd had? You know, a percentage of these people these were fans most of them were, but percents were. And like when RIC flair went to Korea he, he got like the whole crowd going. I remember like Scott Norton went up to him afterwards. It goes. How did you do this? And he just kind of goes, well, I've been doing it a long time. I know what I'm doing, like they didn't adapt. They didn't change. It wasn't working, you know, at some point you'd go in there. And I know it's a pay per view and everything's timed out and my God. Why would you do twenty five and a half minutes on for this match anyway, especially here? But, you know, it's not the worst decision in the world. I mean it was bad. But but anyway, like the twelve minute, Mark. I'm sitting there going like this. These guys are. Both of them are the reverse kindle Miyahara, because Kim Johar's this guy who will do these thirty minute matches. And when it's over you go. There's no fricken way that match had to go fifteen minutes because he's so good at pacing. I mean he's absolutely incredible at it, I've never seen anyone like him, you know, and it's every time I see him because he's always doing these twenty five to thirty minute matches and they really are. But when it's, but it's like, wait a minute. This only feels like fifteen minutes. How does he you know, anyway, they're, they're the difference because this twenty five minutes, I swear to God in my mind. It's like this is longer than ninety minutes raw this match would never end and. It ended and Randy Orton one. And you know, whatever. Whoever wants fine if triple h would have one that's fine too. But it was just it was just really it was too long, and it was boring and the crowd wasn't into it. And, you know, the only thing that worked was kicking out of this finishers, which did work, and, you know, the last two minutes, or so they kind of got the crowd into it. Eclipse, gin winning the title from truth, and then truth beating him on an airplane at this point the show, I just could not handle this Corbin complained about the finish of the match and I swear to God in Saudi Arabia. He said hen role. Can you imagine? I imagine I- Stephanie and not made a dismemberment joke. I might say, you know, maybe it was just a poor choice awards didn't think about it. But after she made that comment. There's absolutely no way. This was a coincidence. Yeah. Maybe they were maybe they were mad about the women and that's their way of getting back. I don't know. But whatever I mean it was pretty as a pretty bad line. You know, like at this point, you know, are you really Barron, corbin's interview make you really excited wanna rematch with? Seth hell. No. Are you kidding me? Oh my God. Can you imagine? I can't wait until the pay per view buys come out for these next to pay per views, you know, I mean granted I know it's mostly network. But these numbers of God, it'd be like, trophyless Brian versus Lashley, day-to-day test of strength, Bron, did his corner to corner run he so slow now Lashley to power slam for a near fall. We had a chin lock here in this eight minute match and Bron random over outside Stroman hit a power slam Lashley kicked out there was a suplex on the ramp. And then Braun power slamming him. A second time got the pin. I mean just did nothing match a nothing match. It wasn't. Let me just see what it wrote for this. I didn't really have a problem with it. You know, it's like the yeah, I mean. That's I guess, the right way to put it, it was a below average match but, but not terribly below average didn't suck or anything. It's just. Like this matches on raw I would say price aid kind of sucked. But on this show again grading on a curve. It was just there. Next sub we had the Kingston, dove Ziglar match, which was a smackdown match fans were mildly into it. Ziglar hit an SOS for a near fall Kofi feed is trust fall off the post and dolph barely cut Amelia and right on his ass. Look, brutal and dull flat out Xavier with a super kick in so Xavier gave dolphin kick by the refs back. Kobe the trouble in paradise and pinned him. And this led to of all things. Dull Ziglar, complains, about outside interference, and he has demanded a cage match at the pay per view. Yeah. Because, you know, how cage matches have been of late. Remember that lasts cage match? We just had like win. Was it like the very last pay per view before this? Right. We had mizzen Shane McMahon. Yeah. This is like this is another thing. Now that now now here's another problem. Okay. Aside from the incompetence in the booking. When you one of the signs of a company that's law, you know, like lost it. And I've seen it over and over again is, when you have no ideas, you don't have any, you, you're, you're running out of steam, you can't figure out what will draw so you start going with cage matches all the time or gimmick matches all the time. And that's you know, again in and of itself. So there's cage match on the next show, and there was one in the last show. But it's the thing where it's like this is this is this is trouble now because it really shows that I mean, I know Vince lost confidence because if some of the moves he's made in the last couple of months at the old bits, wouldn't made which is basically listening to crowd, which we'd never do under previous circumstances on certain situations, but. Yeah. Just, you know again you you have a match. When this match was over. I mean, the match was this match was okay. You know it really wasn't. It was. It was quite the nice attempt at a match with a tough crowd wasn't good. But it was okay. But when it was over in, in Kingston pizza, it's like I'm done. I mean it wasn't any kind of controversy enough. And now you wanted to a cage match and having main event, your next pay per view. It's like come up with a better finish, please. You know, that means stomping grounds is either going to be made invented by Seth Rollins versus baron Corbin or, or dolph, Ziglar versus Kofi Kingston in a cage, and then the other big ones Roman. Neither of these are main events and the other one's Roman reigns. And drew McIntyre and for nothing you can't headline could headline with that. But there's nothing on the line. It's just a match, you know, get to other ones. And so then we got the other two. So we got Bailey and Alexa, lists which. Whatever it's a match and the other one is Becky Lynch bailing Alexa denounce for smackdown. No. That's on the mixed paper view. I could've sworn they said, no, no, no, no. It was, it was advertised today, they'd have chosen show and they said it before. No bailing. Alexa, bliss is on this unstoppable ground papers, the first match announced for it, and then the other one is lacy Evans, and Becky Lynch, which okay like. You know, Lacey Evans after that performance was Charlotte and I know that, you know, that was a bad night for both of them. And it won't be I'm sure they're match won't be anything like that. But that should have been assigned that. We gotta get lacy having some reps on the road. You know, I get Lacey Evans. Some twelve minute matches on how shows for couple months. But instead, we're gonna put her in a pay per view championship match against the, the most over person in our roster who's hanging by a thread, because ever since Rhonda left. She's hasn't had an opponent, and we just saw Charlotte, who's better than Becky have an incredibly terrible match with her. And now we're put Becky in that situation. I mean at least I mean I know that there's doing seen that match. I know it wasn't good. I don't need to see it again today. Forget they did match. They're acting like this is the first time encounter. Yeah. Now I just didn't last paper few, and they would have done it on this paper if you've probably if they were allowed to, but yeah, they well, they don't have any other women that they've been pushing. So, you know, I mean it was probably nyah can't come back fast enough in their minds. I'm guessing, but that's scary thought to. All right. Battle Royal the participants eight. Participatory there were a whole bunch of guys. They got him here for Achim Makita Zell. All polo crews Bo. Dell's, Brian Kendrick, buddy, Murphy, Cedric Alexander. Cesario chedda Gable. Curt Hawkins Curtis acts. Okay. So, so. I thought the check Abel's in the witness protection program he was here. Okay. Dash wilder drew Gulick Eric young, okay. It's a true Gulick was in there that I never noticed yet. Rohan heath Slater, Umberto Correo, I ever. Okay. So I've are. But I I've ever I. Okay. I've are anyways earned bear to Correo. So I didn't know he was in, then I sort of was glancing at one point, and there's to Correal, and then it gets thrown out and Rene young starts talking about what a good looking guy and it's like the guy just got eliminated. And this is what you come up with what a good looking guy, I just thought like. Those general hall Carleen. Anderson, Luke gallows mad hardy, Mike Canales Mojo rawley no way, Jose only lower kin. Okay. So Mike canals. I don't even remember ever being there. But I guess that's Otis raise our ricochet Robert rude, Rousseff Samir, seeing some oh Joe Scott Dawson Shelton Benjamin Shinsegei Takumura, sin Kara, Suu, Neil, seeing MS Titus O'Neil, Tony knees. Tucker xavier. Woods Zack Ryder and your winner. Mansour mansoor. Okay. So I actually did like except for like my Canales. I think I did figure out where everybody was not that, whatever. So they try to stay. They almost like this was an ungodly horrible battle Royal, there's fifty dudes in a twenty by twenty ring. They immediately start throwing people out, but not quick enough. Okay. So I, I didn't think there was any worship better than the other battery. I was just kinda there. I mean, yet, the beginning the rings crowd, and nobody can do anything and actually for five minutes when you just were watching bodies in the ring, and you didn't know what was going on. I didn't know what was going on. I'm just watching this going with the guys was a bad battle, Royal guys are flying out, left, and right. They're not even identifying guys when they get eliminated. Sometimes there on the screen and getting eliminated and go, hey, there's, you know. Bodell would not actually curse actually think. Right. And he go. Chris axles eliminate say it. You know, the others Carl Anderson phone on the floor. There's gallows and then you know about a minute later. Oh, because Manila made so they're having trouble keeping up, which is probably tough, you know, all things considered they probably should've told the announcers like the order of elimination just so when guys flew out there on the can't possibly had a scripted or limitation. No, the like everybody get the hell out of here quick. Yeah. Well they did. And I mean, the thing with this battle, Royal is there was there was no, like compared to, you know, the Awa battle, Royal was was had its flaws for sure. Okay. But it was a million times better than this. Because number one, there were showcased spots for all kinds of guys in that bad. A royal. You know what? I mean. Everyone got there, you know, I always say everyone, but the key people the key people who they pushing that showcase spots. Nobody gonna showcase spot here, except for man sewer went by winning. Everyone's. Just kind of there, a couple of times, Ali, I guess, would get these spots where he's hanging on a couple of other guys and then get back in, but essentially, it's just like nothing just nothing's going on, and then someone gets thrown out, and it just keeps going. And today, even tell you that man source even in the ring until about it was nearly until were six guys left to add, the final six are men sewer Samoa, Joe, all e drifter Cicilline ricochet, I'll eat men sewer toss Joe Cesario tossed. I'll lean ricochet monsoon Tulsa, sorrow. So it's down to on sewer in the drifter, and he had they had to win. Monsoonal Backdropped him over the top, and one fans did go crazy. They were happy for this jumping down. They went nuts. This was this was great for the home crowd. It makes so here, here's the thing. Okay. It's great for the home crowd, and I guess why not? But so as he now, going to be like, on the main raw kidding me. Of course not. So I mean, I guess they just did something for the hometown crowd, Jake good for them, usually they bury guys in their own. Yeah. I mean, like yeah. Why not? You know, it's like whoever one wasn't gonna matter anyway. And they made the crowd pop live. And everyone else watching all over the world is going to go out whatever, but they're getting paid, you know, it kept the Sheikh happy. You know, it's like if he was arresting fan, and he watched his show, you know, I would think that, you know, between that. And, and, you know, whatever it was that made them turn down those, those women, you know, it's like you can say what you want. But this relationship cannot be solid right now because that was an embarrassment. I mean, the not the show wasn't embarrassment. It's different kind of embarrassment, but they bring someone they bring those women over there. And then Nick some there's some communication problem that's not good there. But. But, you know, it's tons, and tons, and tons of money, and that's the whole key to this whole thing. So, yeah, you know, like kiss their ass and have Mansour go over and, and all be happy. And it was, you know, it was good for the crowd. So, you know, I mean just for storyline wise. It's just kind of, you know, but look, I I'm long past you know cohesive storylines. I mean we're long past like that. That that's a worry about that with the w and with new Japan pro wrestling, you know, when they don't have cohesive storylines here, that's just par for the course. And then we add the interdicted Goldberg main event, and that was your show so show, the show sucked on so many levels. I mean, the crowds were nowhere near full and I'm sure that's what giving away tons and tons of tickets. I felt like I mean there were very clearly a percentage of people because you. Here like this is awesome chance. There's even a see him punk chanting, Jim McMahon match, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. But these are all by chance there was no big chance the whole night, but you could tell that there are people who, whether it's through the internet, or whatever that you like have working knowledge of the company, and in some who are like, really big fans. So they were there, but they were, but you could also tell based on the, the chance and everything that they were very minor percentage of those there that it was just people there. And whatever they were just there, you know, to fill up, you know, half, whatever it was fill up or three quarters Philip stadium. Yeah. From what I've heard. I know there were people who went there, who had a good time for whatever. You know. But from the people that have been in contact with me, the general rule. I know one person told me they had a good time, and they were happy and a couple of others were just like this really sucked. You know, nobody, you know, basically, most of the people knew they shouldn't have gone, but they didn't. You know, you know how Kevin Owens did it actually was brought up to me. It's like how Kevin Owens did it shocked them because one thing, Daniel Bryan's top guy, and they already let them get away with it once. And, you know, he's still like you know, he's one of the highest paid guys there and Astra plaque and Sammy San where there calls those companies calls that wasn't there call, so they didn't go, but Kevin Owens was his call. And he's, he's, you know, he's a high guy, but, you know, people didn't think that that. You know he the guy like heaven owns could do that. And he did. But, you know, whatever. Most guys don't want to rock the boat. Some guys wanted, you know, wanted to go, but most like most didn't didn't think they should go, there was awfully long trip. One person told me that if it's up to him he'd never go back again, but it's not up to him. So it doesn't matter. And others were just like it's they there were people who vary much understood that the booking was horrible throughout so much of the show. There was a for the guys in the battle, Royal, it was like very much going through the motions because the whole thing was just thrown together. And there was no like I said, there was no showcase spots or anything like that. So people there were in, you know, kind of not a great mood that you're flying in there for this match. That can't be good. It's because there's no thoughts put into it. And you're just kinda there is a piece of meat and. You know, I'll probably hear more. You know, I think that I think I heard when, you know was was stopped in Brussels or somewhere. I don't know somewhere like on the way back. There was some city they stopped in, in the way back because that's when I started getting texts it's like all the same time. So, and it's and they're not home yet. And they're gonna end up you know, whether they're going to Fresno and Stockton. I almost I almost wanted to go to Stockton, Sunday. I'm not going to, but I almost want to just to kind of, like, you know, I don't know to see the jet lag is and everything like that. But they're probably be so happy that they're not there and they, you know, whatever. But anyway, so they're actually working Sunday. They're not getting, you know, they're flying straight into California, and then Rosin San Jose on Monday night, so of all places. So it's basically the WB story. I'm sure we'll hear I'm sure we'll hear a lot in the next thirty six to forty eight hours. About this trip. All right. Before we go. We got you have see in new Japan tomorrow. Yeah. Well, I'm, I'm mentally going with the idea. I'm watching new Japan as soon as I wake up Sunday morning. I'm not going to stay out even though it is dominion, it's like two shows, in a rose is tough UFC's good show. It's pay per view show. They're Anchalee hosts fighting on the on the ESPN, plus prelims so that you'll probably go in is three pre fights. I owe a lot of people don't know her. But she's good. The ESPN at eight Calvin Qatar and Ricardo lamas to good fighters. You know this should be a really good fight. Alexa, Grosso and Caroline Cal cabbage, which should be really good. Patron Mundos in algebra in sterling should be great. I mean you know that's that's a great matchup. The winner of this could be in line for title match if Grosso Cal cabbage. They're both a little bit too low and they're not going to be winners. Not going to be in a title match situation, Qatar could get pretty decent in the featherweights, if he could beat Llamas. And he, he might he might Muneo since sterling's. And find them looking forward to Nina answer often Tatyana Suarez Suarez with a win. I think should get a championship match at Jesse. Ika just drudge and answer off is a you know, coming off a big win. Suarez undefeated great wrestler marketable as hell. I don't know why they haven't done more with her. I remember she won alternate fighter, and then I saw her first fight. I was at her first fight, and she promo afterwards at the press conference, and it was just like it, it's like, you know, you remember going, if there's time I saw Gelson and talk, and I'm not comparing her Chelsea on, and she's nothing like shell son in any way, shape or form. But I remember the Chelsea which stood named me. And then, then I was at a show with Chelsea son, and he started doing a promo and it's like, oh my fucking God. This guy's a superstar. He's an incredible talker. So she is not shell son, but she is soon as I saw this woman, and she's dominant wrestler. She's a great wrestler, almost made the Olympic team in fact or stories fan. You know, she's got a great story. Tatyana Suarez was favourite to make the Olympic team. And she she got cancer. And that was it. She couldn't, and then she was done with sports, and then, you know she she, you know, recovered and she down the line just kind of started trying to do something for training. And she took him in may and because of a wrestling, and you know, she got real good at it and she's undefeated. And she looked she's look good in her last and you know and every fight. She's had, she's had some injuries and everything like that. But I mean as soon as I saw her it's like this is somebody to watch, and if she can win this fight, she could get championship fight. And I just think between her story. She's a great talker. She's good looking. I mean, she's, she's got real star qualities, here, then we got the pay per view blog, Ivan often tied to Lhasa, I always get a kick a tight to Vasso. I think he's. He reminds me of TOA NRA new pan. I think is they're both. They're both Maoris from New Zealand. I think, you know, Simone's whatever and really colorful and they got the, you know, they just got that fire and everything. So to Voss usually, usually, some really cool knockouts. So I think this should be good, Jimmy Rivera Peter yawn. We're gonna find out Peter yawn Peter yawn as impressed me every time I've seen him. But Jimmy Rivera is a hell of a fighter just right underneath championship level. So peon wins, you know, he's right up there. The next fight is could be an all time classic. If they're both at their best, which is Tony Ferguson against Donald Sironi. It's absolutely criminal. Donald's rone's fighting this fight after five round fight just a couple of weeks ago note, you know, no time to. He'll thirty six years old. I think and I mean Sironi is at his popularity peak right now, people love him. He's had the kid they've watched him for a decade, having grit. More than a decade having great fights fight the fight of the of the night over and over again. Best knockout best submission. He's got the all time record for bonuses in history. He's got the all time record for wins in histories of for can hall of fame guy who's again, at who's got charisma and he's at his popularity peak right now. And they're rushing him back. Ferguson. I don't know what to say. Tony Ferguson is one of the most exciting fighters. There is you also went through some really bad mental shit and I don't know, you know, again, I don't know what where he's at if he's if he is, if he is the old, Tony Ferguson against a healthy rested. Donald Sironi, this fight would be unreal. And it may still be but we've got. A question Mark in, in Ferguson. And again, we give a fight like Sironi head with Quincy even though he won the fight. He took damage was five round fight and just the training for a five round fight. You're at thirty six years old. You need a rest and you need a rest to heal up, and then you need to go back at it. You don't need to become back five weeks later. You know, it's like are they trying to this is like, really this is like booking where you can really see that they don't care about their fighters because there's not a lot, even if you're like completely cold and all this, and they're just numbers on a piece of paper, which very clearly in most in almost every case with juicy fighters. That's what they are. There are some guys where you're gonna take care of them because they're stars. And you you treat them like stars and Sironi would be very high in that list because again he's, he's one of those popularized on the roster. And when I saw that they're putting him right back five weeks at his age after that fight after that camp. I know Sironi wants because he's just looking for as much money as he can ensure a period of time as possible he loves to fight. But, you know, sometimes when you're running the company, you have to make decisions and yeah, this is a great fight and fans are going to like it. And all that, you know, on paper, they're gonna look in if you're like one of those guys who, who looks at the car and goes like, you know, I'm going to skip a lot of them. And maybe only watch the big ones, and you look at this, and you look at two main events and you go. This is skipped her. And then you see Saronic. It's ferguson. It's kind of, like, you know, I don't know if I want to miss this fight, because this could be special, and it could be so anyway, I just wish it was. Two months later in Sironi was where I knew Sironi was going to be at his best because again, if this fight is not great. If Saronic gets blown out in the fights, not great. It's you know, again thrown as being as hot as he is. They've just wasted it. This is really, you know, and they've done this before, but this is really short sighted, really short sighted, Valentina shift shaneco. Jessica, I for the flyweight title. I mean, Valentina should Valentina ship shaneco is one of the best women fighters, regardless of weight in this business. She's great. She's, I think she's going to be a dominant champion. Jessica is in her league. And I think that she should kickboxer way to win, but, you know it should be fine. And then Henry who'd on Marlin mariah's so Marlin mariah's has had a lot of. Really quick wins. He's looked absolutely fantastic. And most of his fights. And you'll see the only one he didn't look them in tastic in which was the son sows fight that he then reversed and beat him later. He this is the vacant bantamweight title. And you know, pseudo is coming off of a quick win over TJ Joel Shaw, who's a great fighter before that he beat Dmitry Johnson. Who's an all time great. He's on a roll is Olympic gold medalist. He can strike. He can wrestle I think that if mariah's I think mariah's has the edge early on. But I think that if it goes any length of time, I think the edge switches to pseudo, but it's a very intriguing fight that could be outstanding I am. Yeah. I mean, this is probably as far as card goes this, probably the one I'm looking forward to as much as almost anything all year. I mean, in sources, you know, marquee wise, pay per view buys wise, has trillion Ferguson may help it a lot. But, you know, I mean with the pay per view, being the way it is being on the ESPN plus and all that. It probably is going to be a big number. But you know if your guy who does to three shows a year, and I would I'd go for this one. I think the SPN fights, I think you spend two hours can be very entertaining and pay per view is up and down it looks like a really fun, pay per view card. So I'm looking forward to that. Then, of course, dominion, right after which will be probably even better. She's the press conference with the Jerko when Okada I have not. Okay. You know, it's, it's Jericho's, you know pain maker against rainmaker jerk will really put over that. He's done everything in the business. But he's never won the WB title, and he really wants to, to win this championship, and it's going to be interesting, Kevin Kelly. We had Kevin Kelly on last night. And you know, he really kind of brought up like this interesting match because. Even though Cada is, is extremely versatile in the one thing with Okada's is that like he's worked with you know, I mean between Tahoe she and sukey and j white, and, you know, you know, Cy sonata and all these guys that he's worked with, you know, on this last run through, they're also different he adapts, and he has, you know, obviously, you know before that with Kenya mega. He and you know, God knows how many others. Right. So he adopts coda Bucci, you know, is another one Osprey, he adapts to the guy always has a great match. I mean. When was the last time he didn't have a great match? I mean, you know, when, when, when the chips are down. I mean, I think there was maybe one match with evil. That was just really good. But it wasn't great. And that's coming off match with evil that was probably the one they had before, which was like the grace match of evils life. So he's like, Mr. versatility. But he's never wrestled anyone like Jerko. I mean, jerk goes a different kind of guy, it's not going to be super submission guy. It's not gonna be super athletic spots. It's not gonna be super technical psychology. You know, or a thing like with ha-. She is going to be a brawl, like, isn't had a real brawl. He's had fights with Suzuki, but that's like a different kind of a fight in Jericho fight in Jericho's, you know, again, you know, it should it's an interesting new style and Jerko has never as jerky ever. Wrestled anybody like Okada in his whole life. Even always wrestle everyone in the world. I'm trying to think I mean 'cause who'd be like is there. Anyone he's ever wrestled like that. Because omega Okada very different wrestlers. Like a great worker, boys. Wrestle every great work with last year. We talk about here like Okada. You know, we'll connoisseur unique wrestler. I mean yeah, he's wrestle every great worker in the world from Shawn Michaels to RIC flair to, you know, Kurt angle to AJ styles. You know, everyone baton hushing Okada pretty much. But, you know, Bucci, I guess, but. Okada's. It's just different. I I mean it's. You know I mean if you look at both guys and look at their track records, it's probably going to be a great match, but it's different match for both of them. So it's, it's, it's intriguing to watch Naito in a boo. She, you know, they, they were at the press conference that was actually a couple of hours ago and bushy, even kinda was like, you know, God, we've, you know, there's so many times it's like I think they both just want another opponent. But, you know, the problem with these two is they, they will have a really good match, but it's, it's, it's a self destructive match. I just hope that they don't go in that direction. If you watch some of those old Naito in a boo she matches there's, there's, they're scary stuff in their match, and I'm sure there will be again, and then we'll offspring dragon Lee which. You know, like, how can they possibly have a match Pete's Wednesday, but, you know, they're going to try and dragon Lee is so talented, you know, and we'll, we'll ospreys the best in the world right now. So that's going to be great Taichi and itchy. It's like you know, realized that, like, after the card we just saw somebody even brought up to this to me and goes, do you realize that Chi is going to have twice the match of anything? We saw. And he's Lee will because I've seen Taichi and he she wrestle, and she, you know, she can get a great match at of anyone, including Taichi. It's, it's so that's going to be a great match to. And then. Temple tongue Tang low and even NADA. You know, should be good evil honor a great great team. Tampa Thanh has a great wrestler. Tango low is okay. But Tim Tonga's is he's a great wrestler. He's a great athlete, but he's also hitting missing other ways. So, but like Tama Tonga in there with sonata and evil like it could be pretty good. This is not one hundred percent. Sure thing. Like, like we'll offspring dragon lease one hundred percent naitonal, boo. She is one hundred ninety nine percent because when we get hurt. So I say I'll with ninety percent because if one of them gets hurt early, and I certainly could see that happening. They may not have a super match Jerko and Okada probably will in some unique way, figure it out. But there's, there's different. And then, you know. Jon Moxley and show to know as an opener what a weird opener and Kukema. And she goes to cocky, I think I think jiman- Shingo target's gonna be great. I think that's going to be like second match on the show and it's going to be like, I think the people be with it, and I just think, you know, Takagi he's been on such a role and Kojima you know, obviously old and past his prime, but he can still go. You know, it's like I kind of wish it was the Ghada just because like Nagata, if it was the garden Shingo that would actually like seriously like if you can't for the best match on the entire show. Good. Whereas this one will just be really good. And it's the same basic shh thing, you know, it's like you want the gimmick is, it's Shingo against a good older heavyweight, that he can beat where he gained something by beating on his way up. And whether it's a means going, gee one, which I soon it does. That's the story but you can put in a God in the spot of Kajima, and you have the exact same story in a better match. So that's yet dominion, you know means show, the year candy for sure. The year last several years. And I would suspect that this will be the same. We're going to wrap it up for today. We'll be back with a bunch of shows Saturday, Sunday Monday, all sorts of stuff to talk about. So check it out front page, new server, all sorts great stuff. That's it. We'll talk to you again after awhile. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay. Hey, trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say, we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at you. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Right now. 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