Is Jordan Morris the real MLS MVP? Plus, Higuain's banger & 2020's best signings


You're listening to stress I driven by continental you feel that. I feel a lot better bob extra me see. How I find out what's going on in the MLS maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To, try to cook up some great stuff you guys. Share from New York new. York. You are listening to extra time driven by continental from my apartment in bed. Stuy Brooklyn. I'm Andrew We'd be with my partners in Soccer David Gas, Charlie Davies Leagues Cup Shirt I WANNA come to downtown Brooklyn right now Dave Downtown Brooklyn. He's Downtown Jay Street. Whatever you WANNA, call it. Yeah I WANNA come there on a rip off of you and take it for myself. I wish I had that Liebscher it looks like I just take a red eye to Salt Lake City this year at to run to an airport it was a whole thing to earn this survey because. Shirt. The Pink, the Leaves Cup least got by. Miss you. We barely knew you. We barely back it'll be back stronger. I feel I feel that one day I will drop my league McKee's. Combination League and you better believe League Scott Carr that big show for you today a lot of games on Wednesday night. We will kind of make our way through them. Decide what topics matter maybe like I. Don't know his Jordan Morrison. In, decide which don't also talk about Him who's the worst team minimal s it's a competition. We will find out who that is also Dave you spoke to Kelvin Jones, the nucleus breast C.. Academy director give us a fifteen seconds cell and then we'll get into the show just talking about from a coaching point of view what's left to get more players at the level of Geoana and a Weston mckennie and what Columbus is doing as a small market to build players that can compete and we've seen from eight and Morris Sebastian Berhalter. In cates as so often talked to him we talked about access as well for coaches of different backgrounds, minorities, women, and just in general trying to get into coaching. So lots change but I think cove hasn't thrown everything off and there's a lot of excitement about what's been put in place over the last few years where it's going I'm sold we've been trying to Kelvin for a couple of weeks now. So happy we got him on this show. We're GONNA talk all equally the biggest signings of the year, but I I've been told. That we need to ask for ratings and reviews. PODCASTS and podcasters do and we almost never do that until I have a little story for you guys a request to our listeners out there which come from many backgrounds I was in New Jersey on a hike with my kid in my wife and some friends of ours hike is really not what we were on. We're on a nature walk where there were quote unquote ferry houses dropped in random places which are just like I dunno Dioramas the people decided to build and drop in the middle of the woods in Montclair New Jersey we bs a correct because then I went montclair and ask for a hike to go on. To Send be pictures of fairy houses. Yeah. was more like a fifteen minute walk with houses. Anyway. I was on this walk I was talking to my wife and somebody readily goes. Extra time. And maybe what are you doing here? New Jersey and it was a family decked out in red bull's year. We had a nice. And I I was talking to a believe the dad and I assume that he was the only extra time listener as like surely other people don't waste their time listening to our podcast twice a week all of a sudden the mom jumps in with some hot takes on the rebels and then the grandma jumps in on some hot to. One of the moments and Mindy says, did you pay them to say this? I impress my friends I said no, I did not. But now impressive I don't I don't think. Realistically speaking, but now the call is out there. DADS MOMS, GRANDMA'S GRANDPA's sons, daughters please rate us in review speaks I went and looked at our ratings and reviews. How did we dropped to a four point four and there are a lot of recent one stars and you might know why we have a lot of recent one stars. There's just ahead on some no longer a soccer show liberal garbage. This is not a political show stick the soccer more soccer less virtue signaling gotta say. I don't agree with any of you. Won Their use of the First Amendment right? Though I do I do the one that I will agree with one star from Alien Youth Number Three. Back in July was incoherent gibberish fair. Fair, fair. But if you can get a five star review and give us a nice give us a nice ride up. We will read them on the podcast and if you really roast us, we'll definitely read those. We have a phenomenal for the bag out. Perfect per like an all time. Great will soon enough. But Stock Soccer Gonzala gain. A. Producing Anders wrote in the rundown Gonzalo eguaveon quote finally delivers what Miami paid for finally is an interesting word choice there but he did bang in a free kick to win again a rebel arena for answer Miami. It was a beautiful free-kick yet some other nice moments in this game did Gonzala Guarini. Charlie finally deliver or is this just the beginning of much much more because at halftime that game his brother Federico was asked about that goal and he said Oh, there's a lot more to come don't worry about that. One hundred percent he's just getting going. My when you interim, he gets a goal like eguaveon he's going to produce. Its is just about his fitness and health. If if he's good to go, he's going to deliver an what I loved about his play with not only that goal it was. A was a greenies goal. It was his movement as the ball has played out to the right wing. He takes a peek. He sees Pellegrini. So he's aware that the back post is free and that's where Pellegrini. So He makes the near post run to pull that defender away. And most strikers when that balls played in, you trying play the ball because as a striker, you WanNa take a downturn shoot. He allows it to run by him knowing that Pellegrini's there for the tap in for the goal. So he's influencing game in. May many more ways than just finishing. So that's what I love to see from from a player of of his status in his brothers right? I. Think when he gets going, it's going to be scary and this is what he was always going to have to do. Because the chance creation isn't totally there yet with Miami and now with auto sorrow off of Mexico for a sizable amount of the future games, he's GonNa have to the center of everything not just finishing and so Charlie's point I. Think he's seeing that stepping into that role and I think he has the capability to do it in mls mean it's bigger than just finishing with him and I, think he's shown over the first three or four games, his presence, his gravity, all those things that make them better and tweenies. Goal goal line saving tackle right. Those are two players he brought in that immediately changed the outlook of a match that gets you really got you three points so. You can expect inner Miami to start climbing up the standings because once those two are justed bender stand how the team plays tendencies than just the leak quality competition. You know how players move and play I. Think this this team is only going to get better as we see the season unfold. One of them might have to play center back at some point. Out Solitaire. He probably because it's all hands on deck back then he was suspended I think that this damn. Yeah. I mean he'll come back get suspended again I mean it works. I way said after this that. Unless reminded him of Syria that there's the physicality aspect there's parts of the game that is used to, but you're right. Charlie I always thought. This would be what he would be. French Miami. This is he was for Juventus last year he wasn't the I'm the only The light I'm the goal score I'm the one he was the guy can sort of playing that complementary role popping up and good places fishing. When he was there, that's what he does. But really plans setup man a Lotta, the time for Bala or for Rinaldo or for others in it wasn't just passing it was his movement. It was his recognition of space like all of these things in the attacking half the field that he just can do without having to think about are things that you pay millions of dollars for and produce a major league soccer, and again I go back to Robbie Keane. Is Robbie on steroids and he's going to get up that level of production but this was a huge goal for him. He's not yet in the best signings of the year maybe next year if he's killing or gets into the playoffs and puts them on a run, he would be there But I think there are guys. We gotta look at who have done over the course of the entire crazy messed up wackier. That is Ben and give them that honor at this point as European window closed. Of course, mls I believe still open till October twenty nights though there are limitations obviously who can come in and out who is the best signing of twenty twenty for you guys I wrote the column I have my own opinion. I will save it till the end. Charlie, who is the best signing of this year so far I can throw out some names if you need him. Oh. These are the names and I don't think there's anyone else. Lucas Ron Freighter Columbus crew. You also have to look at the standings, his influence he's really changed. The Way Columbus crew can play allows Josse. A bit more freedom. You throw a Nagy and in this midfield is really complete it's Polybio. See another player who's come in as made a massive difference because he's another outlet, he's opponent can beat players on the dribble can score from distance. Carbon complimentary player for Piazzi gives them another option. So he he's been a good time but not at the level of Lucas. and then Allen Bellido for Sir s Casey when when he's gone when he's fit I, mean he he completely changes the Game James the wake skc can play he's up he's a he's a goal scorer, but he's also player who can control the game from from a striker position which is rare. It's a rare occasion when so and can come in slow the tempo down dictate the way you play. So with all that being said the Gel Paulo I guess has a slight. Don't just. Don't do it just for producer Anders. Differ produce around this. Okay. I'm going to go Zella around is is the right now probably the best signing of the year do you have any concerns? About the injuries this is now to lay offs for him. And in combination I would argue that he nagy the most influential important signings because I'm counting trades and signings as well. It's basically. It's a transfer within major league soccer as such. Does. It. Worry you at all. Does it Chink giving? Now, it is so okay. Switches the rules in. Yeah I. Sorry I didn't know I had VR here to check right? Are you concerned about that because they lost the Montreal it's not been as good as it was and Bernie's out for awhile but they lost Montreal, Nagy was not playing. Right now, Nagy changes the way S, Columbus crew plays because of his. Ability to get out of tough situations, you can play to him. He's GonNa break pressure he controls the tempo he's good on the dribble, and because he draws so many players out of position you're fleeing freeing Lucas around you're you're taking attention away from Josse RS playoff the defenders shoulders will make runs into spaces. So it's a combination of losing Nagy Ends Hillary on. So when they come back into the fold I, have no doubt this Columbus crew team is going to compete for an Moscow. Move and buy dog. I know this it's upgrades across the board. I'm always a dog. This. What's his name? I? Did Not know you had a Dunk Nala? No like. Right now. Oh the. Dogs Louder. Tease had her we got her in DC and she's barking because she's outside my office in. All right. So I, this a little differently charlie hit the right names and they're all the biggest signings. But in terms of best signing now and can leave because they don't have to hear me disagree with him. He's gotTa get his dog. He's gotTA. Get Nala. Getting cheap signing or signing in a right position or doing things on your cap. A little cat tied goes in the conversation for signing agreed. So Zeller, Allen was at the top of the list, the other three or four that I wanted to mention was Antonio Carlos because that was the position of need. Do you WANNA do do the fall lion king do the full line. Otherwise. You can watch listen to us on user which ever say either. So right and review, and you do all the other promotional aspects get that dog in the frame Charlie. Look at Antonio Carlos under my best team sightings are also Guy for your. But. You. Know I would say both of those. And I thought to get. Carlos. In a way in which they needed a back this year and that's what's restructured everything for them. I think and made people more confident and comfortable in what they've done I think Jose Martinez Guy who was fairly under the radar now is the best team in the league I thought he was on camera. In the conversation for signing were told when he signed that, he was going to spend more time with Philly to Philly the great. He is the best team in the league this year. He's better than Chara. Okay fine and who else he's better than. Is. Best. Stacking best. Arguable has these on like one. Hundred Fifty K.. I. Thought. He was a signing on fee not even that he's not even Tam. He's playing above the expectations, but he's not he's not in the conversation of best defense. Midfield is no mailbag Charlie. I. was in the conversation Charlie and Monday it was decided that he is. Part of the Monday show. These takes. Oh, my gosh. To go off on Charlie. Before. I first dog now it's the. Whole new person. Mondays. Flowing this whole segment, two pieces Charlie. All right continue last the last one I'm going to add, and this is going to go in a weird direction, but it has to be said Jose. For Minnesota, they lost the defender of the year at centre-back was the entire defense for them last year amylase goalkeeper of the year, which I have less value in and Jose. How would they four nothing as a RETREAD MLS guy? Has Been One of the biggest parts of the fact that they are one of the top four teams in the Western Conference, and he's been there starter centreback and their rob. I'm kind of a daughter on that one. But I will I will grant you that that was like a classic mls recycle move that when it was made, you're like this isn't GonNa work. He was batting Vancouver and he has been if not spectacular to certainly not spectacular solid enough to keep them at least in the in the playoffs right now I'm GonNa put this out there. Here's mind best signing of the year it's Walker Zimmerman. It's Walker Zimmerman for Nashville SC. They paid a lot of money for him, but he goes straight into that same sort of legacy of the trade for Minnesota. United. We have 'em hitting US up in the mailbox saying is Nashville the most boring human history. I. It possibly, four scoreless causes your two straight scoreless draws one midweek against Minnesota but they actually I think. UNBEKNOWNST to them or not handled the pandemic as an expansion team that knew they had some spending limits in the perfect wet they go out and build a foundation that transfers which is defensive solidity, which is a centreback best eleven possible defender of the year in his prime locked. In long term, they don't spend a ton of money on Tampa players that are hit or miss they don't have. A MARDI spacing, the Vedeno Demidov didn't sign A. and. So now they can make decisions like even even Kadi's on loan so they could move away from him. If that doesn't work out now, they still gotta find a way to score goals, but with Walker Zimmerman this team is a playoff seen. In their first year to have that sort of floor established like we're not gonNA go below this. Incredible. Signing in one you I never would have Yes. There's a lot of hand. Whereas Dax in when you on taxes to me, that's a big part of Walker. Zimmerman being as good as he is obviously I think Goya's been. Haas signing where it was like he had more quality but we didn't know where he was in his career hundred. K. For Guitar. But nothing more than I. Assure you. But how many how many flop Tam filters are out there like I'm trying to find good tam signings if you go through a wise and attempt signing because he was already in emily I agree. But they had to give up essentially the resources that they would have used on a team signing. That takes it above DAX is that he's younger and they extended. Yes. So they locked Dane long-term. So if you WANNA talk performance this year, you could arguably put them in the same category but the Zimmerman parts to we his that's your foundation now. Building around now you're building around that. That's everything to you. That's like that's your Northstar to steal something from. Your Minnesota's yet again yet again is he the defender I? Know we talked about Jonathan Mensah, but it seems like maybe Zimmerman is pushed his way into this conversation. I think he's done a good job of pointing his his name into the conversation and he's he's been a largely impactful for Nashville of really commanding presence great in the air his aerial duels strong. But I think Jonathan Mensah is the clear runaway with Defensive Mvp Defensive Player of the year. Mark. McKenzie on the shortlist yet in key would definitely be on the shortlist yeah. We did the radiology the last but are Behind that's the that's the all-talk defender of the year. It's a slightly just a very barely different lists. Let us know you think defender of the year. We did the Ozzy Lonzo de mid. We're GONNA talk more awards in the mailbox for one two, zero, six, zero s extra time in. Comics email is more your style Seattle sounders win mid week against ourselves. Jordan. Morris gets a goal before he even scored that goal. TUTA Rahman was all up in the mentions because we basically been crowning Alejandro MVP on this show. Certainly I've been beating that drum and he said guys, here's the full argument on why Jordan Morris is actually the MVP and major league soccer so far we kind of dismissed Morris as being part of a triumphant, maybe even A. Four horsemen sort of situation with robbery as of course, and then Nickelodeon who I think is always the MVP that team and then Joao Paulo who produce an honors will not stop. On about constantly, no matter what whether it's in the private shy as we do the show or otherwise you're sorta Rahman's argument is the best raw numbers again this was before Wednesday. Night when Jordan mortar goal fourteen nine PK goals scored or assisted that's top in the League one morning thing Tarot in Pozzuoli who were at thirteen the has the best goals plus assists in ninety average no PK's of any regular starter was Wales not even in. The top ten on that one Tutto says, he has the best underlying numbers. He's number one expected goal plus expected assists in ninety minutes at point eight one. That's pretty good. Wales as point six nine again before Wednesday he's never wanted goal is above replacement is number one in all of these categories, league stats, etc etc. Number one in his own team. So he is to Rahman says the MVP up the sounders and of the League. On the clearly the best team. Is Jordan Morris a realistic. Option for voters do think at the end of the year that people will look at this race if it Kinda continues on its same trajectory, which is both players being extremely productive in both of their teams Sanders in Toronto being basically the class of the League. Does Jordan. Morris have a chance. Could we see Jordan Morris when the Landon Donovan Mls Mvp, award he will get votes, he will not win. He will get votes because of his production and because Seattle will be the best team in the West and you'll look at it and say, well, who's GonNa earn from this team who is going to be in the conversation and it's going to be him. She will not win because of all the same reasons Suto put at. The End, he's not a DP. So his life is easier than poss- wella swallows playing on a field without Josie and without Michael Bradley, and he's keeping his team's performance here and while Jordan Morris phenomenally when Jordan Morris goes running down the middle of the field, there's a reason centreback set to follow Ribas there's a reason Nikola darrow's pulling numbers away. All of that quality makes his life easier that doesn't take away from the fact that he's performing at an insane level. And he's gotten better as a player and he deserves to be in the conversation, but it takes away from the fact that he will win the award. You won't win the award, but he has been You know a pleasure to watch this year with his impact changing the way he plays not being so predictable, just go being more alf he's coming inside combining hold up play. A lot of intangibles that are needed when you look at the national team, right? So he's I think he's really improved as a player and that's why I've said. Is Next step now is to go to Europe where he's pushed every single day to try and get the most out of them. That's why where I would like to see him now that I know that for some players, that's maybe not in your future, you don't feel comfortable being away from home, but I would love to see him go out there and get tested. So I'm with gossip as well as. You know really the MVP at the moment because of TSE's trajectory being without Josie being without Michael Bradley, dealing with you know some of those players being off the pitch but you being. Literally the center of attention and getting the best out of everybody getting the best out of Nola, getting the best out, of Paulo beauty really being the centerpiece on that CT TSE team. So on a team by the way, I can't go home and has played three other best teams in the League while Seattle's out here playing whoever they want who's outside the playoffs week after week gave Columbus Gabby Philly and he be I can't remember they didn't play Orlando so you beat those do. Because he assisted a goal so. and. The one thing I'd add on Jordan and everything. Charlie. Said is his finishing as well because when watch yesterday it got called back his first goal in the second minute. But it's a calm relaxed footed finish that he plays his past the goalkeeper and then the goal scores is the crash in the box one touch finished. They're two completely different goals and he claimed he cleanly finishes both them and I think it just shows the development in who he's become as a soccer player. Did we do the Paul from Houston? Email did you guys do it when I was gone on vacation upstate? Did you do the last show Charlie stated of joined Moore's wants to be the best player can possibly be to Europe does that same logic hold true for Landon Donovan and therefore chuck? L.. D. The best he could be we did. Or the now, I'll kind of. I agree with you guys I've been. I've been team as well because I think if you look at Morrison and persuade other being asked to do two very different things and as well as being asked to basically run the entire show and be the fulcrum of everything that they do in the attacking half of the field. If you just go look speaking of underlying numbers, you go look at touches productive touches, chance creating touches pass before the past touches in and around the team let's say just in the final third, it's was waylon and then it's the next person like. At sixty percent of what he's doing it's nowhere close. He is everything in the final third for Toronto FC in Toronto sees level is higher than I would have thought it could be without Josie being consistent. With them going back and as you said with them, just like living out of suitcases and being in the most uncomfortable possible situation as they can be with Covid Jordan? Moore's meanwhile I think is asked to be more complimentary. He can dominate because he's in all these positions where he's in either One v one situations or has the perfect player to claim that ball over the top or v Perfect pass cutback coming across the field or just ruined with. Pus. But Jordan Morris has been incredible this year I don't have an opinion on the Europe What I watched every one of those games sure show I would watch all of them and We will get to that more in the mailbox. Wasn't GonNa add if crew do finish atop the League in sports show and they do have still have the lowest goals against average Jonathan Mensah should be MVP. Standby that okay. With defensive brother, I like I like that take. All right NYC WE KINDA haven't talked about them hardly at all I'm GONNA. Be Honest. We've really ignored what's been going on your city, but they've got three straight wins. They got another one against DC and you can chop it up however you want right now but the bigness friend, Wi- CFC really is one of their GP's I wonder reaches on his way to save Rabiah on loan through twenty twenty two. There are some extenuating circumstances here is is pregnant I. Don't believe that he could see her be with her and I completely get that you need to be around your wife and you've got a baby on the way you need to be there to support her. So I guess that she's going to be able to be with him in Saudi Arabia. I would guess he's also get in the bag. Deer which That's important I. I maybe get a briefcase on fire. We've heard in Saudi Arabia Ribisi. The PG experience I would prefer my briefcase full of cash to not be on fire but your personal preference gender briefcase on fire full of cash the no briefcase fair. That's Farrell. Find a way to put it out Charlie. Apparently truly has to walk the dog. I don't know what's going on here. What do you think about this retreat to move the? Max Morales hurt. Embarrassed now. MS. Timing. So it's interesting. You say we don't. We haven't talked about it on my CFC right now their last four wins to against Cincinnati one against DC and one on the road at Miami. So not the best competition ever lost the TSE in the middle of that. So I think that's part of it and I also think Maxima, Morales is out her and you've sold your DP and retreats. To Saudi Arabia which I don't think changes the perception of your club this isn't Phillies L. Andbranch Aaronson because this is the future and it feels like we're treating them the same way they're treating themselves. Bright, if you're the middle of a playoff race, you've already lost your number ten. You've already lost your center forward. So you've moved MMA treats into those roles. You think he's playing well there, and then you just go off and sell them. That's kind of how NYC FCC's themselves. It feels like I don't know what the purpose is. What the end goal is issue they want win and MLS. Cup. Do they want to produce players? Do they want to bring players from Europe at young ages, produce them and sell them on I don't think there's a clear identity to what? NYC AFC is, and I think that's how fans observe them. I think that's how we've observed them, and so you look at them over the last better. It's not been fun. It's not been dome and echo stop and Vera as beacon. I think Ronnie dial definitely deserves a Mulligan on the year and I think we're GonNa talk about that and a little bit but this type of move continues to be then why CFC thing which is what is the purpose of this club and I think that makes it hard to really analyzed where they're going and what they've done well. Have you those fair I mean there are personal extenuating circumstances here one hundred. But what is but what is like what is the driving light for them? You know like what is the recruitment policy around? What are their goals based around? The hiring process when it comes to managers has been INS and outs INS and outs. Why was dome just like I can't do this anymore I gotta leave and let's say, for example, Pizza Martinez he was failed signing for Atlanta and they had an opportunity to get out of him has. been a failed signing. Are they making money that they're gonNA Reinvest into the club off the sale shorts? What's happening? I think they used them right battling. You know, put him in a position to succeed he he last. Three Games he had four goals is going back to back braces Before this last match, how do you out? How do you not figure he could be a a big part of the team you know being in the center of the Pech. By Ronnie. Distant value him at the end of the day you didn't you didn't like him for whatever reason didn't play didn't use the right way and therefore you never got the best automatically TSA he he's a quality player when he's fit in an engaged in the team, he has a lot to offer. You can go right and left left. You can shoot from distance combined good touches awareness a lot of those things that are. that. Don't come easy in this league. He was could have been a really quality signing and I don't think we saw the best of them is his Medina another guy in this sort of boat. Agai that was that was hyped came in pretty good transfer fee you're thinking okay. Maybe they're going to be among the teams that do the South American young glare flip and maybe it's part of city football group in what they're up to me. Now, I, would just at a lot of pressure would fall on him or at least expectation that he would have to produce for them to get moving forward I'm not exactly sure I. Think we're kind of scuffling with them. So if in west CFC fans if you're listening if you have an idea and I would say, yes, I'll give credit to the roster building general right. We, we don't know or have ideas of what they've hit on the big ones, but they've been able to bring in a jerry shoddy tenor guys like that who keep them at a high level but in the end, what is the final goal? How is this team trying to be built and I agree with you with Medina? Okay. The pure lampert thing wasn't who we are. This is what we're GonNa do now and Regina didn't hit himself. There's sometimes nothing you can do about that. Then the next signing is ever from Croatia and then you've got retreats a and Maxi and it's all over the map. And if that's fine if the end goal is just went MLS Cup. But then why you selling the treats and now going into a playoff run without Maxxie when as Charlie said, he has been the center of your attend. The question mark the personal side really comes into it and maybe their hand was forced in that sense. But you do wonder with the outlay is it was one of the record transfer is a major league soccer incoming like what was it like ten eleven million dollars right I. So yeah, I think it was Evan sixth or seventh big it was. A. It was a big outlay of money. So this is certainly not the way they wanted it to end, but we do that I always into retreats in his wife Ma Alright a better place as well. Is that personal stuff as we all know in this year any year it matters Dave I'm GonNa, give you an open floor Jeremy Boba see here. Up The galaxy the guy he Slapped up regularly sitting at the bottom of the western conference we'll talk about them with the worst human west Combo, but just get into a Jeremy. Am Oversea. Big. Oh Man Yeah. Yeah, it was a good one. So just so you now Jeremy a bogus he has taken zero free kicks in his MLS career standing over this on I. Think all of the announcers also said like Oh you know that this is Diego. Valeri and then he ripped sworn from the top of the box into the top left corner straight pass David Bingham's head. You don't even see it David Bingham and cable once again then he scores again in the second half they win six three I think with Jeremy. Abobo. See last week we have Gregg Berhalter on. And we talked about forward depth and he listed off his less than that doesn't mean that that's in you know ink and that doesn't mean that he didn't just forget his name, but he didn't mention Jeremy Bovis he did much mason toy. I don't know how Charlie related that was, but it did happen and so Jeremy Abobo see I think has played at a high level. He's done multiple positions center forward and again outline yesterday. Now he's doing it without Sebastian Blanco and keeping his team up at the top of the Western Conference yesterday was his sex. Second Consecutive, appearance. In all competitions, Debrosse Darlington Nagbe, these record for timbers for consecutive appearances. So he's consistent. It works on both sides of the ball. He's gotten better these dangerous center. And now he can take free kicks. So I think he's in the key he has to be in the conversation for national team at the center forward. Especially, if we end up in a situation where you have people that can only come from this side of the ocean and that side of the ocean separate camps is definitely, MLS will when he has to be talked about I think not at Jordan Morris's level. But in that conversation of most improved players and players who have really changed their game and I love Jeremy. Absence that they came in last some just got seem doing this thing. Well, that's why I hope he can play in the Olympics and in an outdated qualify because that'll be a great place for him to measure is quality against some of the world's best in his in his position and as well as the defenders in the world. So it would be a good measuring stick for Germany Bugsy and. For me, he has made all those improvements. He is really starting to develop and be more well rounded and understand the nuances of the position and we've seen them be effective on the wing. We've seen him be effective in the middle and I think to be the best striker. You can possibly be in the middle of the pitch you have to understand how to get make you know. I guess make the Space you know. Be Being area where you can really get on the end of things and be people on the job one V one and and be able to make great runs from the outside in and inside out and so I think for him He's really understood how they how to create space for others. I agree with all this big Fan Jeremy Above A. Big Fan of the freak blasts in just saying, Hey, I got the leg to put it straight pasture. Nagin. You can see the ball coming the wall is not blocking. You smack it was. It was a cool moment is a big win for the timbers and we're not gonna now we're not going to Belabor the Galaxy Madeline wrote a whole article. In the numbers behind it not gonNA. Do that though I will mention that eat my Guy Ethan Zubak's as more goals in less minutes this year than she read those two goals in five hundred, seventy, seven, I've got one in five, ninety, eight Niagara in a row with his first career thousand good. Now's a good hit was asked I was here for the Let's talk about something that our guy producer Phil in. Queens he is disavowing UTICA. These days I asked us he said, do any culture coaches get the mulligan treatment because of waves furiously in the air all of this. Are we giving mulligans to coaches right now or not? Yeah I think so. When you get when Jim Barrichello to? I would not. explain that dichotomy there. I think with with the players at his disposal. You would. You would imagine that he could figure out a style of play and in a way that they're an identity not just a Christian pavone show where you expect him to do everything one, be one and create in the attacking half. John? Dos Santos. Now, he's a player that is up for best defensive midfielder in this league. When you want to throw that in into. The Pie I think. Playing Games is part of the. Holiday Yeah could talk about that but production in two thousand twenty D is not better than Jose Martinez. He hasn't even play. When he has. Take you back how about this? Why would you give coaches mulligans in this year either of you Okay. So for instance, Macho and bacteria Anri give him a Mulligan yeah that team. Needs so many improvements so many upgrades. So many roster moves in you're just trying to make the most your situation conquer CAF champions league. They they were doing well in the be you're considering that the. Really had that much but they were getting results and then you you that throws a wrench into your plans you're derailed as far as the progress that you've made that competitions done the whole stoppage then trying to work on it, you have all these. Different. Rules in place because you're in. Canada so yes, to you know. There's just a lot that goes into it and I think he's just trying to make the most of this year try and figure out who he wants to keep for next year who he wants to move on from and boy on has really over the last three or four matches start to perform starting to show me something he hadn't done that since he's been in a Macho Impact Jersey. So if he can get the most out of boy on heading into next year, so you have an under. Of where you WanNa play him and you can build around him because that he can be a centerpiece I think I think Jarran Reed definitely deserves a Mulligan for this year I would I agree with you I would throw basically all the new coaches and in just say you didn't get a proper you had a plan. This is how we're going to build. Through, preseason this is how we're going to develop. An was the exact example of that it started defensive and they were cleaned defensively in Seattle. They were going to play five in the back and slowly start to build their ideas in possession, and then they didn't get to practice for six months and didn't get to play competitive game. So Tab Ramos goes on that list. Ref Rony. ISLA. Goes on that list. Who would you say Rafeh Vicky? Vicky Diego Alonzo and Gary Smith to Gary Smith's credit. He got his team in the playoffs right now but they've been hurt I also extend that a little too Robin Fraser and Freddy Gutierrez Goud Start Coaching last year but didn't get the time to implement their ideas. The ones who don't get a mulligans are the ones who have been around and I think there was already frustration obviously ben in his own category on this on but I think. Golota, but I think Golota, goes in that one as well where he's already been in La and there was already a level of frustration with the way the team played have improved since then and I guess materiel Maida goes in there as well. Just because you saw the flaws in what they wanted to do last year. And they still see those flaws. This year Marcus does probably not as well but by the way. Typical San Jose earthquakes, roller coaster lifestyle. Straight wins. Let's go they slapdown Vancouver. So that made me decide that they are not among the five words teams in MLS. So I went into the standings any team that has earned at least one point or less per game. This year can be in the running. Who is the worst team in MLS Charlie? WHO GETS that? Let's call it an honor. It's a it's a match between. DC. In Vancouver whitecaps for bottom of the barrel, it's those two. And I think at the moment DC takes the cake as the worst team in major league soccer because it seems to me that hope is gone. It is lost they. They're just going out there to you know receive a paycheck at this point because. I'm left astonished with the amount of talent that they have on this roster. You Have Julian Gristle, you had Edison Flora's who you played out of position. We even play style that basically allowed him to flourish. You had all Amaro you brought back and he's a proven goalscorer. In this league. He touches the ball may be three times, four times a match you have bill goal who's always been a a stand out in this league one of the better goalkeepers. Assab. Brianti were that was a reliable centre-back pairing if you know junior Moreno started in Copa. America. Last year yet just. It's been a disaster it is a disaster. From. Top to bottom so I don't know when you start to make changes whether it's now g wait till the end of the year but I think for the fan base for DC united they deserve a lot more they deserve a lot more for how dedicated they are for what they've given to this club what they've given to the area it's not acceptable and a lot of things have to change. Running here Dawson running here. Charlie made a spirited argument I don't think I I don't think anybody's going to beat that are legal ways. If you. If you WANNA make an argument, you know how to get at US please feel free to do. So quickly shouts shot at the Iowa Canola. Toronto's young man I think his eighth goal year body ING Andrew Farrell's audience, and recruit. Now, we on I R I submit his game. I said it was a foul. And I just WanNa say that I might have been. There was no pressure whatsoever in that I made that choice on my own volition so i. Look Riddle and he pushes I think Pharrell, has position in also one patrol Charlie Yeah let's say you you said it's a man's game. Yeah I say no foul I think Farrell's off. Center because he's running to try and stay in front of Atkin Nola, and then they both slow up for the ball and there's contact and Farrell goes down I don't think. I can only extend that arm and I don't think that it's an illegal action and then it's a pretty finish with the outside of the foot com as you like This is very simple. They're both going for the ball and Andrew Farrell starts in a deeper position. So heating ICAN essentially get to at first but I oh, canolas, I think into rabbit acceleration from step one to step three. Got Him in a position to John's with Andrew Farrell enhanced fighting which they both did is not a foul. That's one to Feral is upright in upright position like he was going to make a touch. There was no intentions run through and clear it out and I've been in training with Andrew Farrell where we've been in that position fifty fifty almost or I have a little slight edge or step on him, and he just clears me out not no questions asked the balls in the fiftieth seat in the Bleacher, right? Like okay. Well, done. Even if it is a foul, whatever you you know you're coming in with attention heart. This was the case where he thought I got the edge I have stepped. Didn't really think that. I I and all those that quick he caught up to him and then the full. Muscle the power that went into the the bump and the bump was commercial goes on on the back end of the show, the Brits a shoulder and Ferrell's momentum because he was upright. He takes the the ball like between his legs and trips and false is the momentum that took him down from the bump. And then like Goss said. It's on his right side so you would think, okay what are you going to do here? You can try and dribble home you're gonNA use your left foot and he caught metro off guard because it was a quick shot with the outside of his right foot to bend around him and it was a it's a classy finish an understated finish and I after watching I owe a number of times this year. He's really developed into something special. He has something different. And if if I am in the US national team Can't. I'm looking to bring him in because he offers something extremely different from Josse ours from from from a yes. He does extremely I know but I'm just saying I'm here to fight for Canada stop it. I. Oh, absolutely not. Different than any other striker in the pool, and so therefore, you want AOL Canola to start getting reps with these US men's Ashfield team because. I'm excited when I watch him play he's short to the ground goodspeed not not world class but good speed good acceleration strength and the intelligent runs the timing of the runs when you're playing with a Puello that's only gonNa make you that much better to be always be ready for various type of passes and so a very, very high on strikers that have something different and he's one of them it. Feels like a lot of the things aren't as does, but he's ten years younger. It isn't that he's already a little cleaner on the ball, and then he can come in and do some of the things that Josie is done. Well, Gavin needs to develop more but to Charlie's point, there are a few players in the striker pool that do something. Well, he can do multiple of those things well, which we had. Maybe. Like a complete player maybe a blessing it said this is we always want guys a healthy, but maybe a blessing for I o and for the US and Ashton bullet, Josie has been a little bit hurt. This year that he's got these opportunities nine goals says producing unders in the chat. It over thousand minutes just over. So that's good return. He has eight goals this year he live. So before this year. Like he's he's on form, but he's also a young guy you're expected to continue and expect maybe there's another couple jumps up that he can make shots the union big. Three. Zero. Winners. Seniors the best attacking player he's ever coached. The senior gotta go on this one Brennan Joy was easy win for the Union. That's why they need to rack up. Shout out to Houston Dynamo as well. Texas Darby Windows. Yeah I response about this for Houston, I thought they played really well, they've played well over the last few weeks but to we've had a conversation. About retreads and signings and this and that, and you've mentioned his name, a couple of times. But area lassiter creates the goal obviously mistake Santos but the early read of the play to get it into tariffs feet rather than to try and get to the online and pull it back creates the goal and he's been awesome for them at centre forward and out wide and. I think it just goes to our idea of he expectations of players at by and he was Atalay two and the galaxy really didn't know how to bridge a player from that level to the MLS level needing really get his opportunities and the team was bad when he did it goes out to Costa Rica and works on his trade and gets opportunities and finishes and. Coming back now I thought he was just going to be a squad player. I thought this was just we need numbers and he has been a difference maker for this team and he's going to be huge depending on what happens with Minolta's he's already filling in for release at times and I think he's going to be a guy that's going to be around Houston for awhile. Shot out to Winston read a Sporting Kansas City won a win for Kansas City Winston. Reid has basically been playing soccer essentially since. Two thousand seventeen eighteen it's been a long long winding road and that's how he ended up in. Kansas. City. He hasn't scored a goal since the twenty sixteen, seventeen season. So. You could see after he scored the goal I'm watching it just what's happening with my brother and I was like Mad Winston Reid. Felt this once oh congratulations, the Winston Reid forgetting that moment and I even waiting. The time continuing a legacy of great. Emma. Last New Zealand centrebacks Ryan Nelson. United and Ama- Last Cup starter Andrew Boyens the God. Wow. Good reference. That's a good name. Various. We're going to show up to the impacts Charlie I. Feel you already did the Bojan Shadow. I do and Lapa Line and has also been good I think. When you look at wingers in this League Lapa Line and has also something different. He's very direct. T. E. can score goals with both feet. I think when he's fit and healthy and confident is going to be really tough to deal with. So if if he can get going and they can keep him long-term and boy on those two pieces that you can really build off maybe mason. Maybe amazing. visit. Jones Columbus Crew Academy director the David earlier today I'll do almost predict sex present by MGM, we got six games you make your picks you've got your side wages. Well. So twelve choices to make every single week as you try to figure out, I don't know it's near impossible. I don't know how anybody does it. What will happen in major league soccer or game this week I'm GonNa make the executive. Decision. Elliott of Sea Seattle Seven PM EASTERN ESPN zone in Canada boozer picture. L. AFC or Seattle. What are you got? Moving up. I think for me, you have to sale if see just because they didn't play mid week. So they've got a chance to get fresh come into this game although they do lose Brian Rodriguez internationals Seattle. Rosy by the way. Yeah. So she goes. Missing pieces and they had to play mid week. So we'll bruins starter it. You don't have as much depth in those spots and I think fairly have see you've seen Bradley Art Phillips starts to come on over the last few games as movement alongside that Seattle backline leads to goals in my mind. So I, think this is a game where yell AFC right now needs to win four three this where they have that op potential so I'm picking. I'm going FC. It's a decent because starring. I'm going to Seattle sounder. Okay. Well, we'll talk. Do because Seattle was a little bit little bit heavy lagged. Wednesday and they played. A big guys, and so now they have to go and travel I believe away. and Go from there. So I think La has the edge just in rest of Wise. It's clear with Rosie gone and with. Seattle have I'M GOING TO PICK 'em In both both defenses have been suspect. So whether it's will bruin whether it's redesigned. Rudy is obviously is is lethal, but still it's not like you're battling the League's Best Defense L.. AFC. So I think when you have the Darrow when you have Dorn Morris you still these pieces that can really hurt you. I just believe that Seattle sounders They have this belief right now that they're they're meant to to win this year I think that they are confident and the defense is actually playing well so I'm going to go with Seattle sounders. I liked it. I liked it under says, this is why Charlie's is favorite hosts so you. Do I, drink producing. These Swedes they just they just want all the praise in the world. All right. Let's take a listen to this interview debuted with. It Right Well. See there as you pandering again. Kelvin Jones Columbus Curiously Academy. Director. Now it's time for at and T. Five G. Call to the field and an exciting a chance for me to nerd out about youth development and the future of soccer in America with Columbus Crew AC- Academies Director Elvin Jones, first of all congratulations a new title for you can evolve welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us. Yeah. Thanks for having me Still we're getting used to that title but no excited to be here. So let's go to your background a little bit. You played college at wake forest went through the pro ranks a little bit us molasses, and then worked as an academy director. I believe outside of the MLS circles before joining Columbus as a youth coach. What's your soccer background? How did you get here? You said that was forced to go to wake forest, play their four, and then after I graduated played in the US l. for four years five years couple of seasons with the Charleston battery, and then few years with the Richmond kickers back in Virginia It's where I'm from So they were always kind of a hometown team Stop playing owned nine in like most soccer players when their career's over and you spent twenty five years planning the game you kinda wondering what you want to do it your life So got into coaching you clubs in my hometown area was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to become a a directive. in a club about an hour and a half away from from my hometown was there for six years worked with when I got. There was a youth coach. When I finished I was a u seventeen u eighteen coach and work with just. From top to bottom boys and girls. So I've seen the whole spectrum been around for a while and most of my my time is Ben spent the back East in in Virginia so and then ended up here in two thousand seventeen. So, you have a great idea to or due to tell us about amyloidosis next because you've worked of outside the MLS structure and now inside at the time the DA of working with mls academies what is MLS next bring to the US and Canadian soccer youth seen, and what has what have you seen so far in the early start Yeah, it's it's. It's not much different in terms of the structure because it picks up where the DA left off But what is I think is unique about the structure of the League itself it it really wants to take on the list. It's the input from the non MLS clubs as the formation of what this league looks like They're seven working committees not only we just MLS, clubs would also not. MLS. Clubs that worked behind the scenes just to make sure that the landscape works well, not only for them but for Auckland's and Darryl and it's tough to kind of branch out what the interest of the League looks like. Now, because of covert and some of the ideas, the bigger overarching ideas of what this legal look like well, obviously take some time because his new but also. Take some time because we're dealing with the new normal meantime all the clubs in their local environments or are adapting and and communicating and moving forward Anita. Unprecedented Times is to make sure that we are also made for right direction, and of course, Govan, as you sat unprecedented throwing everything off but a lot of plans, a lot of change has been happening in US youth soccer donating. His Soccer Coaching and development over the last two years before they assume will hopefully go on after it as well. You mentioned being coaching director at your last academy where we at in terms of the development of coaching in the United States because it feels like if you look back twenty years and you look at the issued soccer has the wasn't high and fixed a lot of them with funding and. Competition but coaching and tactics are the last real big step. Yeah. Absolutely Still would that we've always go but we're moving in the right direction We were talking about this as the staff the other day it's it's the access to the game itself the only for kids that play, but also for coaches in the education and to give that access for coaches along the way is really really important whether we have the club or helping the local market or the education system is allowing those coaches that want to be in the system to get into the system, and I think sometimes the the burden of cost Doesn't allow those coaches that WANNA move up the ranks to move up in the ranks. So that's when clubs like us that have the staff that can go out and outreach educate. The local community gives only the kids that halfway to get to this market but also the coaches I think it's really important to show the coaches that just because you're at a level that you may not want to be at right now there's a pathway for you to to reach this level literally just talking to her you fourteen coach about fifteen minutes ago about this Sometimes it's who you know. They get you in the door and it's what you know that keeps you here. So it's important that along the way that you're still moving forward and educating yourself in how we can do that as a club is real important to help grow on the game only in our local community. But also you mentioned access and this is something we've talked about a lot of last few months and should have been talking about for last year's, which is opportunity for coaches of minority, black coaches especially in the MLS circles and women as well where we don't see enough of that Opportunity on the coaching side. Where do you see the false there and where can a clobbered emily or US soccer? Fillon. Yeah, you're spot on with that. Is Literally just talking to a fortune about it There's. It's access it's the monetary access that you can limit that burden a little bit to allow coaches to to to be in the system. Let's be honest the majority of coaching in this country that affects the majority of kids are our coaches that also have fulltime jobs and it's difficult to say, Hey, I stop my full time job for a week and go to coach education because my by fulltime job pays by pays my bills and these family So we gotta think outside of the box of how each and reach these communities around these communities coming to us So for us in our community, it's going to these clubs going to these environments going. Through maybe these lower income communities and like I said, giving a pathway to these coaches in educating them and not only the XS and os of out of cheat soccer. But also to mentor kids at the end of the day. That's what we are and at the end of the day at the younger ages, you want the kids to enjoy it and have fun. So how do you foster an environment to make sure the kids enjoyed it and have fun. So by the time they're thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, they're still involved in the game they love for the game and the hopefully by the time they get stay they've development only at soccer players, but there's also kids. Oh. No No, no I was GONNA say I want to shift to that soccer side though I love the mentor talk but we gotta get these guests. It'd be good on the field we're looking at do rain and West mckinney and all his success. One of the ideas I think that's more recently into US coaching circles is making sure everything has to do with the game and. You know not just going for runs but making sure that the ball's involved in all those things on the field tactically, what's changed in coaching Recently, what are you try to push wire? Where do we still have to go because it feels like for kids that get to Europe bats that last piece that Americans aren't equal at to a lot of parts of the world. Sure. And I guess you can break down just to to gain insight and and how the kids perceive it and see the game For us here, the club, it's what we do is all revolves around how the player interprets and use the game. So all the activities that we have, there's always some sort of decision that the player has to make boilers on the ball off the ball whether it's I. had time in space or on on time and space in one of the movements that are involved in that first and. Have Success in our game model. So to start big, there's gotta be an overall plan of how he play. Then distill it down into the individual decisions that the these eleven players have to make at the same time in coordination for the team to be successful. So then it breaks down into tactics and having defined tactics. I think the biggest thing for me coming from my previous environment into this environment is. The old environment is the XS and os of pitching. But how do you incorporate the XS and os teaching into tactics and it really is was apparent dot here that is deficient in those areas and had a lot to learn But I think part of it was the education that I had along the way that didn't necessarily focus on those things and I think that's kind of where the education system is is shifting is the fine and have these coaches these clubs having day model in which they looked to teach them and then. distilling down to find areas within that model that that helps develop team but also help the player literature and we've seen from Columbus. I know I cover the youth ranks JAKUP Cup. Every year some of the better soccer being played in Columbus. We've also now seen the success into the first team of Smash Berhalter in our Kedah and more players Morris as well coming through what do you make of what's been successful for Columbus, and when you look around the league at big cities like La and New York in Dallas out of Columbus Compete at the youth love. Or Yeah, overall players. Yeah. I would say that you we we've been a club the older ages you contend that we punch above our weight a smaller market compared to these other markets. The FC Dallas is the in my season and all these big markets but are older age teams the to compete because we look to develop those players that they can adapt within the game and not just necessarily play system they can play soccer and they can develop on and. Make decisions on the field you look at a Buba in Sebastian and in Aden that have obviously played well with in our in the economy, they've gone off to school and done well within those schools in and they come back and are doing well within within the first team in all three of those environments, your different all those environments pose an environment where the player has to happen to learn and fortunately for those guys, they've picked it up pretty quickly and we can be. More accent for how they transitioned from the youth to the pro game. In such a short period of time, you mentioned the going to college though it's been interesting that Columbus seems to have developed. The idea of you go to college for a semester. Then we see we bring you back maybe joined the pro ranks. You don't have a US team right now there's rumors of reserve leagues as well. What is the key to the bridge from academy to being a successful pro? Is it this college setup you guys have used or is there other ideas you've seen from around? The world that you want to implement. No. Absolutely there's we've been missing that gap for years but we been pleased with with the process We know college was part of the pathway for all of our own our kids because we have that gap to to to catch them against pros or adults, and their first taste of that was in college So we know that we're missing that pathway. So getting that second team and testing, these kids at age is along the way throughout hopefully consecutive years it gives us a clear picture where that players stands with in our environment and then gives us a better opportunity to gauge more. Consistently whether or not they're ready for that first thing jump or also know them to the right school in the right Environment also brings them back into the pathway. So having success, we navigate those past and putting those colleges and those kids coming out. We couldn't be happier for the product that's come out Now knowing that will hopefully have the second team with him the the near future to bridge that gap at an earlier age to test a matter earlier ain't by the time they graduate out of the Academy we have a more educated approach as to where they are in the game and then making the right decision for their futures. Do. You have an idea when you look and you coach I think he started with you twelve Columbus when you see the eleven and twelve year old juvenile who's GonNa go pro is it linear to the point yet where you say this is our guy this is the one where pushing through and they end up making it through. If somebody tells you that they should eleven year old that they know is going to be a pro I'll find that person right now but it's. Obviously the younger ages you can tell Talat. How that develops is. It's it's a crystal ball. You don't know What we are confident in the environment and the education soccer environment that we've created that will allow players to continue to grow along the right pathway. So Yes there players that you identify you. Develop high-potential. So you you make sure that you keep is the making sure they develop but you've also got those players that are to be late developers that at sixteen, Seventeen, eighteen maserpass that player that was dominated at eleven twelve and thirteen. So is making sure that you create a pathway not only for the players that you perceive to be the top players in the environment but also those players that you know have the potential and how do you successfully identified developed developers and put them on a pathway. To develop throughout the path that we have your economy. Okay. I'M GONNA. Let you go because you've got buyers to develop and good things to do but I wanna ask you one more before I. Let you go. We're all excited about the young players that have come through for us soccer. You've studied coach and you've studied youth development around the world for years. How close are we to other countries? Are we catching up? Is A golden generation? What's your take on the future for this in the US? I think the the players that have gone on to bigger things going to speak for themselves we are catching up I. I would say the world beware because the the system that we have in place or only coming more structured in a US to develop players So it's great for the game domestically it's great for the game nationally and it's great to. have these players being seeing and showcase at the highest level around the world that have come from environment like this that we can hang our hats on and say what we're doing is working We don't have the heritage that these other countries have We're developing our legacy but we're moving in the right direction and to see these kids succeed. It's it's something to hang our hat plug. But we are excited to keep watching Columbus has a lot to be proud of so far and under Calvin. Jones we expect to see a lot more over the coming years. Academy director bore the Columbus Crew. Kevin, thanks for taking the time to join US bill. Thank you appreciate it. Good Kelvin Jones awesome. Enjoyed that enjoyed that I mean I think that's one area that we maybe haven't touch as much as we should in this show, which is we always talk about player kids. We always talk about the young players that we like in the league that are getting opportunities at the first level. We haven't really dug into the academy side too much, and maybe this is the start of something you liked the interview if you want more data suggestion for who we should interview in this phase or anywhere else us know or one, zero, six, zero molasses it the mailbag the kind of the awards. Are. Coming we will do the official extra time kind of awards show after the end of the regular season because these are regular wards, and as you know, these are awards that are given to people that are not normally honored like there is no defensive midfielder award, major league soccer. There's no award for the outside backs. There's not warrant for super subs. If you're an American attack and Clare, you're probably getting stiff same thing with Canadians, we want to find ways to honor people don't get honored by the formal system. So we've asked you our listeners, the most creative ridiculous people in the world. to help us and we put it on twitter and we got a lot of new ones in my favorite was by far the mattdoyle over hyped random uconn. Graduate of the year. Would see we have a good one. This year as he really beat likes pro I. Still, producing players Why? I don't have one this year that he's been obsessed with. But if somebody out there can remember let us know Tom Boettger hit us up said the Mush assery. Like that. He Wouldn't be over hyped Newcastle. Tom boettger mustache of the year who says is exclusively Sasha questions domain. He will not hear any other nominees which I interpreted as Tom Boettger trying to advance an award that he could win. Really has the best mustache and Major League Soccer Otis Lions at us up Daniel Vega mistake prone player of the year one by Daniel. Vague I would assume I don't know Arianna has to be pushing on that one. Yeah producing hundreds and the we now I've been thinking about this for a while should we try to find a way to have like you know like VH1, used to do the I don't know the show where like the little. Thought bubbles would pop up. Should we let produce an honors be a part of the show by letting his chats? into the Youtube version or is that mainly but maybe but only when we talk about Seattle sounders related things because he's completely unbiased there, otherwise, I worry about bias another topics. That's fair David applegate who is a legend in these US soccer parts says the sneaky Pete Marino award, which is a throwback, a look that one up the most unlikely player to lead his team in scoring or the most unlikely player to have ten goals in a season. I really liked that one Michael cars came straight for pity Martinez his head with these Saudi underperforming DP award. Ton of money has been awful who the Saudis will drop a pilot cash for. Cape Straight for pity on that one and then we have some other ones that were the best animal encounter which clearly goes to be the murderous al in Miami this year. Pretty much a runaway. Any other animal is willing to be nominated in that category for fear of their lives uninsured. MILWAUKEE. Dave hit us up with a ton like the best ones. I think Dave. I, think this computer died. Now it's Not, didn't he was on fifteen percent and he was going to struggle to get through the got you loss. Service all of a sudden. We're what did your in? MILWAUKEE HIT US up with. Topics best positional switch of the year, which I think is a really good one. He has some examples frankie my demon Mahela. Vich Busey Oh to the six memo Rodriguez having infield homegrown player of the year. But I actually like his second version, which is the breakthrough homegrown of the year. ELSIA SUPERSUB, which we've talked about celebration crop of the year. So using an outside rocks, the US, a magic spray has to be magic and then trade of the year and he finishes out with Santa Fe's Cobra of the year. Is On. Some of these trade of the year that one doesn't get a lot of love 'cause like we were talking about signings, it must comes back to quote unquote. Incoming transfers people would call them link the big deals does. Not Sab is definitely one that we need to do just so that Charlie can talk about Anthony Ana to be honest with you. and then the I really do like the positions which the year and I think we just have to give that jungle caboose Yo for going back and forth back and forth and back and forth depending on the day. To. We just get to the roast. But we have any other ones visit dependent thing which is just Charlie's been wanting to complain about it for about forty five minutes is the defensive midfielder of the year Hank in Salt Lake. City says, how could you guys talk defensive midfielder year and not talk about Tiago Santos? At the base of Dallas's midfield and then jd in. Orlando says how you guys talked about defensive midfielder and I'm not talk about Orlando City Sebah Mendez Eros Alex both of them we did speak about haven't Mendez definitely been top five I would consider over our tear and Jose Martinez Charlie would you like to send an email or tweet detection Emma Dot Com and complain about this? I think I might. Bleed compose something live. And we are going to close on this. It is from the literal email was junk email at, ruth that that's where you go and says extra time stop it already I tune into your podcast here mls talk I don't care about all these players overseas especially if they haven't played in the MLS. If you WANNA start a podcast about European soccer go ahead and leave this one Tamil last players not a national team fan I'm an MLS fan. The US was playing another national team in the other had more MLS players. I'd be pulling for the other national first of all before we continue what a Unicor what what this is something that people would accuse us of dreaming up and inventing people would say you wrote this email to serve your own purposes complete with the junk e-mail and. Fans on opposing national teams bit like this is. But it's about to get really cold. He says I, remember Claudio Reyna applying for the national team and he was fine it was fine. For. His Kid 'cause he didn't play here in MLS and ask for his dad would've done for me lately you've destroyed Atlanta United he's not getting into that but everything that has happened is on his watch. Well, you know this is a good point actually. This is a solid point because the united in NYC AFC had some battles. United at the top of the top of the heap, and then once Claudio Reyna took over. He's right. Yeah. They've they've just fallen off me now it's. Men Now nick me a little while to come to the realization that he thinks Carlos bocanegra cloudy arena are the same I in or he thinks that climate really doesn't want. I mean Fook, do Geo ran wasn't analyst, Kademi? So technically a wasn't Emma's first team player but his. Contract animal as legacy player I. Mean we're not. So yeah let's just clean it up at the end in the way which is so in short, do you WANNA do European soccer podcast in which I can get plenty elsewhere started differ one but please focus on the MLS. On the podcast I also be molest throughout is also just really incredible sort of as as Jeff's I sort of think this is actually performance art that was more someone who like in tongue-in-cheek when and knew there was some different flags that we would respond to, and we would be like acting credulous when we heard Of Is. Awesome. He's enchanted chance the producer of the call up for those of you know that I stand by the way listen to cops to the COP and the movement I hear is working on some new episodes as well. So go subscribe to. very early days but amazing podcast. Big. Thanks to Calvin Jones for joining us. Thank you. Guys are hanging out big denial for making her debut. In general sal have a little competition I don't have kids and somehow I'll get the baby in the show as well. Thanks all you enjoy your weekend. Everybody we'll see on. Monday.

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