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Take an auto random walk through hot topics in markets and finance. Listen to odd lots a weekly bloomberg podcast hosted by joe weisenthal and tracy alloway odd. Lots explores everything from how the seinfeld tv show can teach you about economics to why the federal reserve blundered by letting lehman brothers fail the odd. Lots podcast available every monday on the bloomberg terminal bloomberg dot com i tunes soundcloud and whatever app. You used to browse podcasts. Between twenty four hours a day at bloomberg dot com the bloomberg business app and bloomberg. Quick take this is bloomberg radio. This is bloomberg daybreak asia for this wednesday march tenth in hong kong tuesday march ninth in new york coming up this hour. The nasdaq rallies is us. Texas gem a group of hackers say. They've exposed security cam data from a silicon valley startup and the us and china is said to be in tokes full diplomatic meeting in china. Military leader suggests more military spending to prepare against the us biontech says potentially three billion doses and twenty twenty. Two royal family will investigate claims of racism in the monarchy. I'm ed baxter with global news. Both puerto way borussia dortmund moving on to the quarterfinals at the champions league. I'm dan schwartzman. I'll have that story more coming up in bloomberg sports. That's all straight ahead on bloomberg daybreak asia on bloomberg eleven three. Oh new york bloomberg ninety nine one washington. Dc bloomberg one zero six one boston. Bloomberg nine hundred san francisco sirius. Xm one nineteen and around the world on bloombergradio dot com and via the.

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