Thursday, November 28th, 2019


Good Morning Leo. Today's Thursday November twenty two thousand nineteen the moon soon Venus and series and capricorn. Try nearness at three degrees Torres. All eyes will be on you today. Make sure you're to give them a show. This is Leo today. A park cast original. Let's let's begin your day. Fun and productivity are not mutually exclusive in fact others will likely marvel at how easily easily you find this balance today. Get set to show the world how it's done a forward thinking tourists might find your fun approach especially actually refreshing. Perhaps there's a way you can team up now. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships use. Your Day begins on a bright as the moon connects with Sunny Jupiter. You won't have trouble finding fun with the people you love amongst later on when the moon contacts Venus in down to Earth Capricorn practical tasks like attending to chores. Might be your our priority to do lists or fine. Just leave time for friends after your work is done. Consider the work accu- do and your career attract attention by proposing a forward thinking idea. You'll be a trendsetter as passionate. Venus syncs syncs with innovative urine. It serves you well to look for ways to put a fresh spin on what you do. And it's an excellent time to employ unconventional and channel strategies to get ahead Leo. Today we'll be back tomorrow to learn more or about your horoscope Visitcalifornia psychics and connect today horoscope. Today is a podcast original.

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