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Omari Hardwick- Ghost vs Ghost Part 1


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one. I've never blake. Blade goes ever opposite of what Ti set when origination of the show was upon me. And I registered courtney did but not necessarily have ghost as a doting loving father so yes he might not be by your standard or your radar and Chen or barometer. That of what your fathers Bob is but related. Everything's relative to that which he does and other negative like him. That day is a very very nasty. Some mass. Stay Sandwich which no one will watch the fucking show. If he wasn't a guess what wanted to biggest cry points I have as Omari the highest JETRO plane. concreting goals is that he is a pretty fucking solid Bob. Nick I like to say enough that you can have empathy for him particularly locally when Teresa's death puffing rabidly crazy I gotta drop thirty thousand Mike. I'm a diverse individuals. All of this sheet is. What is your family? Mitch is Your Lady. I'm all others on a beach. Oh a kiss showgirl took my keys and then I show up believe march is all real real. This is the expedition I am dropped. The following experience has not changed risk compensation stores expressed on this podcast. Meant to be an expression of purpose and truth. This show entitled properly. Expeditiously is a free exchange of ideas and opinion with no judgment no preconceived beliefs in no fear. You're occurs to share your thoughts and ask questions as long because is done with respect. We believe it is through true love and respect for others that we will have an opportunity to change the world. Speak Truth to power. And we're GONNA do that sure to turn now. This is expedition your whole Ti. Pete Cindy coming to the next episode expeditiously slid this week is an individual who I call personal upon them mind. That chairs happens the star on the network stars. Hit Show Paolo. Aw He portrays the man that you all love to hate. He's critically acclaimed as an actor over now poet. A former superstar college athlete a man who takes this craft beer seriously. Please welcome to the show. Mr Amari heart was up. Yes also known as James Instinct. Patrick also known as Ghost deca just can't go. I was a one clifton. Harrison will naess naess closer to the police. When I didn't have my license available? Say Man Listen. All of the above manages adjust. Welcome my homie. Omar it to the show love or big man thank you. We also have my brother. motherfucking like no other K.. To miss the black and red hailing from MISSISSIPPI MEMPHIS ONUMA vogue. I know from Mississippi Memphis motherfucker Mississippi and for me it also Hustle Gang Zone trains leads maybe okay so now we all know. Will we know you as an actor and you know. Most people don't know you as an athlete but what I would like to know because some some people may be confused about where you're could you please to everybody where you hail from and how it is shaped you into being being the person you are today absolutely great point. I am from a hail out of the various steam southeast parts of Atlanta China is from the South Western part of rain from the debt. The cab have desks in Brooklyn. Okay but dekalb county seat is Nichole easy. Thought I was from New York where you do have like you have like a universal tone to you. You know what I'm saying. Maybe you get you get you got to care you. Taxicab knows serves in which you get you get around pippen. Yeah Yeah you got just so host. Diggers Noah Oh you from. We know that you know what I'm saying. I know what you play ball and everything you play ball with the KFI right now. Okay football scholarship. I went all the way to a high school. No Mara's Mares as fuck his dad forty five minutes way remember them all what use are wheel in there with the people of ways. He's out there with the white people baby back digging them saying Kaplan snapping you roll okay net net will mayors has screw. Who would wish list chapel? NAPPING that's section eight if I ever heard it. Iraq ended the game best over there. Hey man there's no telling food stamps on that corner. If I've ever known any Cola in America and it's still you know what is the one area to me. Even the area with it took grew up in this. They're trying to gentrify that area. Where you up? Oh Man oh shit being gentrification but ain't roads Keisha and last you ain't nine participate in the dude was going on and I say Whoa let me help initiate you I need to get into blender because you right next to the mother fucker fruit and ice baby. You dig. What I'm saying now I think I know the answer to this but I want to hear your voice what was the role this dementia success and indicated that you were good at this sheet here called act after after football because like an athlete? I so after that. What told you you were good at acting? I mean you know. I'd be remiss if I the first job which was a spike Lee Movie First Job Spike Lee movie called Sucker Free City. What I've never heard of that but I do? ooh Anthony Mackie okay. Why crowder who ended up on a man? Apart he ended Abune Amenabar mackey obviously been went on to do eight mile with him. I would those cats in every city of San Fran in a projects that OJ Simpson was rated G.. Role is failed over the wire okay. We're supposed to be showtimes version okay. So this was a series. Yeah and okay got you only because basically series Dingo after after the originals series. Is it first. And then spikes their folk you show whatever spike suits spike TV for the name because it was his name it was all by Viacom time was owned by Viacom man one time seven even episodes and in April this at one time for the pro black era of the mead nine one. Let's say two times by Johnson Donaldson Spike for show. I mean Sell out the spike for all his legendary contributions to coach you all of his mini mini eh pivotal films that he's directed written produced all of the above. But when I'm saying is all of our predecessors from the mid nineties in particular it didn't take normal the fuck and shoot those with the first like own your own sheet you know fight back against the system anti establishment back when prints cat when he wrote slave on his face. Spike was in net. Devlin you dig with understand and I you know I was a kid man. I might have been twelve thirteen years old. Right and Shit on phase was big deities getting money with the focus. The so upset about until I got old old enough to say. Oh these motherfuckers. Taking money from Rob Rob is ironic. Because you say I would say I think that road at obviously made Amari a household name Boohoo in our country. The abroad was that of ghost but ironically prior to that when I was in this movie that became St Co Classic car. Next Day air. Yes we might get ups. That was the movie to me. Then would hair. Yeah you know what it was. It was because in that movie the and I actually that Tallapiedra sheet was what I saw girl. Yeh On joint with next they Thought I get it now because what was happening as you heard people saying you heard people saying Dan stowed a movie and in reality Bro. Very comfortable with that title for a long time to it will be like a young tip Harris coming onto we saw. Where your featured Biggie or one hundred three thousand dollar hammers and let's say tip is what Andrea Biggie and and then tips versus just kind of fucking yeah you talking about like life swagger like a song like that? Yeah Okay Yeah I can imagine that I. I can imagine that ordinarily scared. Yeah sure I can imagine that a few times over I guess it happened and you know for for those of I know hip hop than Ti. Is You know a definite definite entry into the Music Hall of fame and you will be but at this point in my career. You know what I'm doing next year. That's what it was felt like everywhere I went people like you really are forced to be reckoned with with his acting. I think that was determined for me was it was shabu and really. If you WANNA do mathematics on it on paper it would it. Would it would be feasible to say that. The precursor to ghost is Chappel. He definitely is apprentice. He was a dog. I you know. He didn't seem as dangerous. Though no goes is a different thing goes does does more mean dangerous to himself today asking show. He's the most complex. Bro Live here's a complex. Do this Bro. 'cause I always get this. I get this question a lot of times. I just WANNA I wanNA know this if there was to be a ghost versus ghost yeah Owen Owen to know. Oh No no do I talk about how many powers goes versus takers goals. Only okay so right so keep going so kicked so keep deep so first of all keep the real goes you talk about. The real goes a lot and keep him out and keep the real goes outright. I would like to okay. Cool this keep him out of it because he's GonNa kill both of us he will kill. You will kill both of us. We talk about styles. P you're gonNA take you about and we're gonNA take you about if he's the first Gulf awesome we take and kill outright we take goes down coup or if it's just goes face killer see now now see the thing is like you. You don't say no ghost as Ghost's face killed no you can't do you say the whole name. Yeah Yeah you. Can you know saying real ghost offices like mathematics thanks. You don't ever Call Malcolm X. Malcolm X. C. and Tippin. I've talked about that but let me see which one do you think I just wanted to know it. which goes do you think would be more treacherous? Because they're both equally current meaning differently conniving different have different levels of treachery due to them. I feel like with that last word. You said dastardly. Wowed with our best married ghosted net have a family which me has listed Lewis so great point when there is someone. I'm who has a child who on power who reminds me of certain at granules of tips goes in straight play Timmy. He has granules of chips. Goes Okay where I feel like ghost ghost ghost from power right. I just think goes eight steps ahead of everyone. And even when he's not he kind of is different. It's yes he is he is on his show. It is the phenomena show man I can't I can't speak enough about how you feel. And the risk cast man. All of you guys have done a phenomenal job. Now we're GONNA get on into the shit that you know the mother Burgers who you know chair me in because when I say I have an opportunity to sit down with you people we friends you know they don't know we had conversations out Eh Say I have opportunity to Amar heart and we're going to talk about whatever I won't talk about. What should I say? And they say. Ask that motherfucker. Why he passed much that Bitch Angela net for his Dow auto? No not like you. You did for this and they got broke down in the shower. They totally forgotten this out with more for my daughter crying like a bitch on the this man Kosei so visit. That's a great point. Lee Makes Lisi saying that memes is what people follow as opposed and going to resonate President Bill with you keep. Oh Damn look it she she she probably never get your career. Goddamn jets owner. Thank you know what I'm saying. I think they should remember that. I didn't write this. Modify this fair but you know you go to you you got the load now don't UK. Okay tell you did make your words come out you know. What are you reading? Goes to take his shit about ghost. Ghost woody name and you don't even so so I have another question now. This is the way from entertainment away from power and this is me talking to Mari who would three people that you listen to the most and why you're very easily. The mother of my children super super bright very very connected to God and probably the real ghost of my family who very very very easily her as number one now most of our conversations I I end up feeling like I'm walking away learning something that I haven't necessarily been challenged to learn prior. I don't learn a lot from the average man particularly around my age. Goodness dope thing to meet someone who expand that which I think. I have a pretty good outlook Outlook on life perspective. I don't mean laymen that expanded so I would definitely throw you in that. That's why we talked the way we do. That's incredibly insightful rightful in our appreciate that considering how much bullshit I've told you over the years it works couches much bullshit. I didn't hear you are telling me you listening to this bullshit. I told you all this and then I would say say. That's a great thing. I think my GRANDPA's broder passed on. You dig what I'm saying. It was the shit. I WanNa hear my grandpa rope. DADS should I want to rely Granddad and it's both of one one call me. Chilly Lee knows this. I like Chili. One call a desolate. That's the bank here. Name say cheerlead it does a bank in Chile. Call me boots. I do ever saw an album called Chili boots. I do put them together. I did. I Commute Shanley boot. So this system like a cartoon character when you put both of them names together to sound like a coup last. I got like a cartoon character off the Boondocks and Chile boots. Hit the GRANDPA's both of them. Just because you know what tip I think about being from Savannah Georgia grow and two black men. They're both made it to ninety one years of age. Oh so all the shit that they dealt with civil rights and all the shit that justices as as man during that time to deal with I I remember getting pulled over by cops when I first moved. La of living in south central fifty. Second Budlong. But I was in New York I just got cut from trial for the League. I I remember trying to explain to my GRANDPA's high felt and there wasn't really an epidemic of the cops pulled the trigger on young brothers but definitely you felt uh that that was coming all felt like it was coming and I remember being put two hundred pounds back data that way onto the tattoos and all that and they were like you you know put like seven cops and some of the black ops one word and it was a Chinese putting flashlight on me and said he's like four shades lighted and the suspect. Lift them up so I tried to get their badges and name was horrible so I went and I told my grandpa and both of them to Boafo Malate and I was just thinking and I remember thinking I will realize they did not want to give respect you trauma. It was really. It wouldn't know satisfy handcuffs. I don't know grandma nuts but you know what was ironic is that this shots will fight it to a large level of confidence in oneself that I realize carried and in different ways than a lot of the brothers that were my age. A look at my life now and I go. That confidence has been gasoline for me. So that was a weird shot to the when it's a good ego and it's still. Sometimes you know you know sometimes strangling ego early on good bad Strangled it even more. The really grandfather is not the cops who will say this right. Come on you got miles to go and it really is hard to not really think about them when you ask that question I mean I say for me Bro. Man and I don't listen. No motherfucking in by. Do you remember that one. Do you listen to him. You told me was it was it was it was it to to toot. Oh my goodness my cousin to Alejandro Morgan Deep Alejandro. Moya Org how busy I remember you saying in this but how is it though whenever you larva proceed Braille family like. How do you figure out the person person to listen to? Whenever the wristband that came from you know what I mean like? You didn't respond. Oh right right well when you change the tax bracket now. Let's get this thing to dad before I even became Keva. You Know He. He died like right when I'm serious. It was draft. Maybe right before. I'm serious drought. But he was the person who and hand told me and showed me the way I was going to bat. Things wasn't going to yield the benefits. Did I was trying to assume. That's the point. I just made the point in terms of answering tips question because I said tip it was one of the people but I listen to him so much that the storytelling to stood out to me right because when you hard headed as smart as a very interesting thing when you add the the bread went into it as he's point is he pointed out he won bread when you add to bread went into it I get your point things. A great point tip is changed. The tax tax bracket for his founded on another level of first person. Actually make the dollar make sense in the way they did. He is prior to becoming net to impart wisdom as the morning. There may tip tip talk on my podcast tips it. Yeah I was fucking hit it. Nowhere fast man. Listen in to all my plan and listen no matter how horrible and mistakingly wrong and this plan may have been found out. Wow on seven years probation. Found out now the girlfriend at the time who had just broken up with was pregnant. So imagine having a girlfriend that you've had and you know. Imagine issue middle school sweetheart and the person that you say the prisoners. I taste steaks with Vera Vera. Person Devere first person to first person and that relationship you had roles course well he made it all the way up into high school a now year. You're sixteen seventeen eighteen being years and now you know women mature faster than boys and now she has an opportunity to get out there and now you hello. I'm saying now I'm seventeen. And she's with nineteen think and she's in you know she. He danced and Industry Club. She and jazz the tease you say so now. I'm trying to you know Joe Go. Oh has don't gain probation and got a girlfriend badge thing in Jay Z's S. T. arraigning running club thin Kokai was working jazz. It's easy cool runnings now so you know what I mean I was still. They couldn't him a ticket. They couldn't him no. That was rude Beck in the date if you had a girl in the club that was yogurt or they could not not that. Let you in that motherfucker room. That's the only time they didn't have. They called you if your girl was in My girl eighteen sixteen. That was in. You saying it goosebumps. Yeah Kuhlman with little coming back. So Lou Jazz a-this goosebumps when I was sixteen goosebumps saying so will I was sixteen years. Old Knee steamroll do jail or Mac boney all all of us will be demo for none of us owner of the widow. None of us are not beginning here. Like I'm here to see store honey. And you know the security go back and forth back and forth with me but once they go in there and I man he goal in them and they go you have to because if you don't let him in she's she's GonNa leave out and so they let us out every time out I mean and that she they're like me Ed ed time in my life. Imagine me being there and of course. I'm sure she l. kinds of do's and rent Kansas guys and all kinds of opportunities. You know at a certain point town like this man. I can't do it again. You know just mind ain't going allow me to focus on what I need to focus on you. Yeah no so I just got to do my thing you know. And we agreed we separate and Lo and behold a week later pregnant sheesh. Okay well now that limit it out of my other options in. I have to NAD have here. I into the frozen lake of distribution. Take you say st has strong. Monique yields and so from that point. My cousin to who had you know man to use that will he d domain coming distribution with his thing and to the one who told me I was tripping and you know saying I didn't listen then but now I can see exactly would see what he meant so he would be another. That'd be my uncle Quentin road. Yeah my mom's brother. Uncle Coin Okay so to quit. I really listened to nobody Bro. That's my problem. Listen to your kids. They are edgy. y'All were ambassador Andrew Young or were if he told me some of this relationship start winning. Never Yeah I mean. They're probably wanted only mental as I say I have. I mean ambassador. The young proudly J. A. Ross I listened to listen to Jay. Yeah Yeah Yeah okay. So ambassador. Young Ambassador Young probably be my third so that would be my my my cousin. Alejandro two more confused with not to be confused with two. Although to date introduced me to Tom Soup but not to be confused. Alejandro toot Morgan. That is the first person. quit my my uncle. And that's the article that was about you on the books school. Yeah he's Taylor. Who did that will be ten years in the came home in we you know start building housing together? Although I have another uncle named man who he does is my uncle who are like if I got a barrier body that I'm GONNA come in. You know saying lose moves a lot. That's why can't listen to him. He's going to feed the part of my spirit. That is yeah that is instead goes as an aqua passed on in my life name Kinney man man man you know what blow. I'm fortunate enough to have both land with me. Yeah but Quinn Man. Does my those you know if I could split down the middle I had me a father amongst the two of you probably split down the middle probably in many ways maybe now I am probably quint an man straight down Camila mixed in with my dad 'cause I got a Lotta my daddy got shot on mine too. But she and New York right absolutely Gordon here in New York. Okay so this is okay this just so we can get them. Keep people the following this so we got one hundred two we got quint and then We got a humble ambassador. Andrew Young Not a bad goes. That's my three and I don't know why I like you know because all of these three people have such. It's different approaches. What what caused me to listen to ambassador Yo on one thing and to listen to my uncle coin on another screen kid who's an activist and wants to give back and and you have an entrepreneur's spirit and so everybody that you named that combination you a street kid who wants to give back likes black people and you have an entrepreneurial royal spirit and you don't like to beat anybody drum but yourself so the combination of all three of those people might not be a bad thing? How did you do in school or should essays school period public but you play but because you play football us in private spoonful but I did good? Hey what's going on man to Ti hairs here. And I won't everyone in your family. Everyone at your job. Every person we run into to subscribe to expeditiously take me it's exclusively. Oh Apple podcast and when you invite them to subscribe. Please don't forget to leave out the most important fact of the metal if you listen to this show and subscribe to it quite frankly. You'll look better so I did you. I know you're not ready for this. And the expedition. Sheriff continue the House. Private school versus Public School. Private School is a lot more a lot. More regimented felt like the discipline. Was that which I guess too. You know you WANNA only one that I can talk to anytime at night. Only I talked to you late at night lazy but I'm never questioned the clock doc when I reach out to test you shouldn't I'm up I'll times but you know Mario's it's a rarity that a lot of people are like that so I don't know the question I don't feel like I'm offending tip. I might feel like offending you of you. Would you found I keep out. No no no no I pick up the phone. Let's say was going what's going on. Okay I'll call you back a hang up so it's not a lot of people in my life that I feel like a battery that I get translate talks about that like mom by on a battery that I feel like the private school did DISAPP- Liberal football football brought a lot of play. Basketball Played Baseball Games. As with Plato off reports the football brought a level. Because you deal you know what I'm dealing with so much pain. The pain in his eighty motherfuckers on the field basketball. You can steal me and tip me you go ballgame. You can walk away debating whether to people. The reason that the Lakers won five in a row. What Golden State? Or whatever you can say. Oh you can't game where he might foul. I don't who I allo Allo. I'm not an early limits as so I had no childhood. I'm telling you I didn't. I'm telling you let me I'll tell you why didn't my entire childhood was filled with me figuring out how to get rich. You use now understanding understanding. y'All will play sports. y'All will teams and she was figuring out. How does he get read entrepreneurial sphere? I'm listening from selling selling selling candy. You want only Senate candidate. He was a starter jackets. Yes that's see. I started in Fourth of Great Selling Candy by the time I made the sixth grade. That's when people start changing classes we started going to genome elm and shit so for one people already knew who I will. First of all when you distribute anything that everybody bad knees you get to know everyone. Yes thank you understand. Like girls came to me dead. Dead One blow Papa. Date ambush it had to happen. We wouldn't blow proper day quarter day. Were about one blow Papa Day just like just like girl that went into nil but the head to head anyone blow top and they came to me to get it. You know what I'm saying and I didn't really really care about the money. fucking Corn Cam by Lima exactly. But this one girl can can introduce me into the next people in the net people so it was a networking type of thing and so I developed a skill for networking working learning. Who Does what which is ironic? Because I knew relate in goes what position shows blended only if they only differ seals. I ain't no fucking coach one about telling me what do you call my own place. You have others. You have brothers wondering why your play calling was foia riding a bike up and down the street as you point. There was no coach. That was a little Lehto that was later on but what I'm trying to say. It was other people. People might. Hey in organized sports where people my age were looking for guidance. This horse course we are and I was your age and people come was guiding people. That's what I'm saying. Nats discredit because right. Now you put a basketball in my hand you know I do listen we it. Ain't my pain you saying. Listen I focus my time energy and attention to distributions Gingrich Gingrich. Here I remember watching Regis lifestyles. The derision fame was Robin Leach episode. Each which was the episode. Did you watch sports at all or didn't even watch it. I watched I watched it. I watched it but I did. Alight memorize motherfuckers names stat shit. Like until I got older but what I would say lifestyles a Richard Famous Robin Leach. It was the episode with him. And Eddie Murphy. I remember them. Remember walking them rant month boy in wherever walking around the house limitation him. I said my grandmother's House and my cousin showings room because that's what the TV wolves and handled TV in my room wrong west TV and showroom. And I cried. Watching unhappy is because I was looking around the house and I'm looking at this month food. I'm looking at the that the first time I realized we use pope and understand we will pull into the this. Is How motherfucker Eddie Murphy. Zo put yet a bowling alley in a fucking everything motherfucker everything the mother fucking month collector hotel he walked in. He walked you at the back of the busy looked like the four seasons in Beverly Hills so I washed it and debt debt moment. I said Oh we got to get to and from that moment. Oh I didn't give a fuck about nurse but make it blended period family on that your plan fuck no business. They couldn't they didn't understand what was going through and they couldn't get them told me how to get way am right now. None of them could so so. That's why I can't blame them for sport. I can hear the baseball. I can't shoot a basketball. I catch a football football football. I guess and I can stop them for catching food. Like football. Might be my best. You know what I'm saying. He can he stop you from Muffin. Casual catching the football. It was simply a quarterback. Can you all linebackers this safety independent like I could play live back in the violent quarterback. No you don't need no more pounds on me any back. No size Unicorn beat big knicks. BEFO would have been a in a in spades as thing now just people have below so middle school you play okay. Only man school. I couldn't listen to the coach. I want disciplined enough. I made made. I Made Basketball team high school my neighbor year. So how you said Eh. Practice won't come so you regained. My apartment's up I was you. Yeah no it was. She was taking me away from our man. Look many was my mission bag in my mom pat the projects us off welfare hours right because you got athletes who get entangled daddy in New York. It was rocking Wendy Rocket Yay. Yeah me and my dad was Amelia Bro and in the Canadians and me and him have fill out so my life was all about. I'm going to be just as good as hill and I'm a showing in own where I could shown is money own wagon shows. I get paid. I can't be no broke. Nigga China look at my dad it despicable respect this sheet so I got to give me some paper you dig them saying and that with my life was like AAC since I was fucking ten years old Pirie that it was a bat gained some money. My Dad Me and my dad had a mother fucking knock down drag got augument when I was I was fucking nine. He was fifty nine. Initially it was a back me going going to my grandma to show me my bank book my granddaddy. Excuse me season season not it. Was He really that massive possible fifty years older than you. A my dad was fifty years older than me absolutely different. Ah Mahmoud twenty-two Mama had me talk to my mom had me twenty two and POPs fiesty fifty and and the thing fast four fifty nine. This NIGGA had a unreal serious discussion with me about telling my grandmom. Show me my bank book. Because he had social security checks that he was sending to my grandmom so saying in lieu of child support Zim saying he meet no motherfucking social security judy cheeks. So you just sensible grandma him up for me he like you know. Tell your grandma to show you the bank book to see what you get eight. Have a discussion with me. I'm nine years old. I WANNA superbowl. What are you saying? I'll get it at all all right but these discussions he's having with me. So what made you feel like you did John Puerta kind of conversations. No any positive positive. I did not have no motherfucker childhood. I mean listen man I have children now and I see now how much children are with their mothers and how I am like you know what I mean and how the grandparents and I notice Kashid none of this shit for me I would love for you. L. Folks don't get paid man but guess what this way. I'm way dam disaster for Graham way that people got now say you know. How does he doing motherfucker? I did it because I've been thinking about this nine years old. It should have been instilled in me. That was your discipline that was your they will get paid. Get nigger fuck that Shit motherfucker get get paid and I think that you know that contributed to it contributed a lot to who I was in how I turned out. Now I'm GonNa tell you something a lot of people don't know this but you name it hasn't meaning could you please explain language and name. Is that what it means. By definition so Mario Ama are not fused with the young cats often. A name now a. m. a. r. i.. Amari Omari which I'm known by most of the closest friends of Mine Tippin Chazli included as Oh me. Most High. The highest God the highest Latif like the male version version of the Great Queen Latifah. Latif means gentle gentle spirit so god the highest gentle spirit got the highest justice. Fear now there to know Bro. People don't ask me now so have different now. How does that shape impact the main you are today though? I definitely had an old so like you and so having that also equally think that is is interesting because if you if you didn't have that childhood to what I love about you enjoy shout at heart and everybody in this room we still don't care. Yeah everyone is rumble. Probably agree with me. Tip is a child at heart last time. Big Kid at heart. So you might have been voided charter. But that doesn't mean that you boy to childlike spirit right equally had a childlike spirit. And it created a reality for me that I found those moments. Where people could say is edgy? Izzo was that have bad temperature kid and I was angry and I had a lot of natural and I really don't think that you could ever make anything in life without pain and anger and sometimes mortgages born anger you equally had moments with me where you sort gentle side of me. That child like spirit in me and so I think that definitely the middle name definitely formed at Middle Side of who I am maybe that inside of but that age man that chip on my shoulder whatever Able to implement into my life experiences but also the characters definitely come from the desire to be how great if not the greatest fucking great. You just gotTa be great so you said yes that's it. And so if it was the highest as a definition which which is really dope to feel like I learned very early that it wasn't about me looking left right and making in making this decision to be higher higher or the highest in the room but it was one of the things of of looking in the mirror going. I want to be the highest so Mari this right the biggest fucking and Okeechobee. Unequally a battle with it at times about like what does that mean for young a grownup indicator and then going back to the fucking neighborhood and here we go and then you think you brand new because you bigger. Because you're doing this doing that like it was really interesting. The blonde hair. Did you actually go outside when you came home from private. So I'm here. We went outside saying order. Okay rally to the way past. The streetlights was always in trouble. Biggest trouble had consistency of trouble was that of not not abiding by the streetlight rules and getting home late from private school while the weather piles of homework where added on. Maybe why did not Glaus side wants to homework became as accidentally did home or head to tip. I would've flunked out of the fucking school different about but definitely the highest in terms. What you were on? The guy wasn't really that man limitations was trying to be the highest at at wherever. You're at school assign you but big about it. I'm obviously as you can remember several projects here but who reports assignments. I mean I was pretty break it. I got a photographic memory so that aid it I can remember I know but he would have had to the discipline of having white man. Listen I wouldn't even look this is. This is what I remember of this of Moscow last week career. Komo you'd still be. You took where we talk. You said Oh I started with I was you will smart yes first of all you are smart. Yeah don't tell me is you didn't have moments in school where you're rocking out and talk to budge Reno. Yes he was he was finding that was elementary school. Okay I was four point. -O Elementary Mitch. School I was four point. Oh and elements now. Well listen this a masking. My brother-in-law the Academy of you know it is net foundations. You don't care you asked me about my name. No that's a foundation clip for me. 'cause you got my pops name you know that the world of that for this my pop's name right someone me so me in tip have fathers. What the same fucking name name is? Clifford yeah very close to another Clifford. He goes by the name of method man. So close post to Clifford's that are equally powerful differently. Powerful method tip differently power into deep show. You said take close to the cliff. I'm close close close to the cliff. View Shit the fuck. Oh Man say absolutely well. I Know Clifton and it was a mechanic. Ground now snapping privacy. Take you said you've now trying to slash you. Make it out to that moment. Where you learn about the housing situation in Your Neighborhood There Rear Jew as a kid that raise you up and you get in where you fit in and then some make that analogous analogous to getting into a private school in maintaining it mega? Look what you maintain what you go into these worlds. That people don't expect you to win. And guess what I can in here. I can't correlate school with that though. I'm say I'm GonNa tell you. Hi always straight going forward with as but I don't know how and I didn't want to engage with no I didn't step summit. It was terrible. Guess what I want to hear this. I think I think I can speak to it just the B.. And because if I if I let him speak with a single means gene she lucie that way go look hey unhappier about public school for Black for young black boys. Well Yeah but even more so I feel one as you guys are really good point. I feel like it's conditioning. US In preparing US create. I didn't understand it till I made my way to prison. But also what I feel is Public School is there to break the spirit and kill the confidence of young black boy copses schools now just is. There is a key to confidence a young black boy. That's have got to see that movie. Skin directed net. But WHOA. That's the park movie. He been asking me to see that she s the movie tonight. It was a yeah. He'd been asked me to see what you're saying right now. Iran in Nate Parker Man. They're fucking. CAA believe it was when I was looking at another movie that I was looking to make an acquisition acquire the rights to but but he was there and he was like yeah. I got this new movie. You gotta see it. And I've been texting back and forth with them. That's your move. Something tells me this is. I've been hearing from different places like that. This is going to be pretty fucking big. You got to win a fucking award netted a matter still never matter yes you choose. Thanks for listening to expeditiously with me. CIP Don't forget to subscribe at podcasts and podcasts pears born and raised and you plead expeditiously producer Engineer Casey Voice.

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