Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Mike Mayock (03-15-19)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week, log Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event a chest of drawers, there's a storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch a rom com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just gotta scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the guy go insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Call gyco to see how affordable homeowners insurance can be broadcasting from the Mercedes men came. This is Dan Patrick made it to a mean Friday controversy with the meat Friday song to have that for you coming up here in a moment. We welcome you to the program seen. Paulie, fritzy? Mclovin. Yours truly here on the Dan Patrick show. We'll talk to the new raiders GM. Mike mayock? You'll join us in about fifteen minutes. Reggie Miller stops by Shaun O'Hara. Former giants offensive linemen and analyst for the NFL network will join the program as well. You can be part of the festivities. You can tweet at DP show. You can also Dallas up eight seven seven three DP show in our Email address. Dp Dan, Patrick dot com. Say good morning to our three hundred and sixty radio to Phillies around the country and also direct TV the audience network. That's channel two thirty nine Zion. Williamson is back and back in a big way after missing five games with that knee injury came back against Syracuse last night in the ACC tournament merely went thirteen of thirteen from the floor twenty nine points in the win. It's been a while since college basketball has had a singular star like this. And last night was must see TV if your college basketball fan or sports fan threw down a thunder is right handed dunk in the opening minutes of the game. It was on from there. He hid inside shots outside shots. Played good d- dominated the glass and. Probably showed us again while he'll be the number one pick in the NBA draft. But you know, that's down the road this month, we get to enjoy him playing college basketball, which he clearly loves being part of this Duke team. They have a great chance to make a run. It's March in everybody's watching Zion Williamson, but in the coming weeks that spotlight gets a little brighter. We'll see if he's able to get a little bigger and his team a little more consistent. I still have issues with this team. You know is great Zion. Is they didn't blow out Syracuse RJ Barrett's, very good talent. But I have issues with some of the other role players here and those three point shots. They're just not a great three point shooting team. Now, I know you can say here's the blueprint force them to shoot three pointers. It's not that easy because you have some inside you got some guys on the perimeter. Who were okay? And you have some big men who can get to the who. But if they can't or if somebody gets into foul trouble, then all of us. Sudden with this one in done in the March madness the NCAA tournament Duke is vulnerable. Now, everybody is Virginia last night. You know, you have one guard guy who was great and then Jerome who's not. You know, that's what happens these kids are inconsistent guns Asia got stunned by Saint Mary's it happens and somebody's gonna get knocked off early. It just feels like that's, you know, going to be the road we go down. Now, we're not going to be surprised anymore. Feels like and watching last night watching a lot of the basketball last night. You know, Texas Tech. I'm watching Texas Tech and go on wait a minute. Texas Tech supposed to be good, and they got knocked off by West Virginia. I know it's only conference tournaments, but this will happen one week in to the NCAA tournament. All right, mclovin. We'll have a poll question for us. This program is brought to you by the great, folks. At truecar truecar's got. Truecar certified dealers. And you know, what you're getting you know, what you're paying for. If you're ready to sell or trade in your car. Check out truecar true car cash offer not available in all areas. I mentioned that we have some controversy. We went from a field of thirty two with the traeger meet Friday songs, and then we were going to start the mosquito sixteen that would be coming up today as I came in today, the danettes did not want to talk about Zion Williamson or the fact that the raiders didn't show up to see Cuyler Murray or the giants may trade for Josh Rosen, or what are the giants doing getting golden Tate? Nothing like that. They wanted to talk about the controversy with beat Friday songs. Yes. Paulie, Dan, before we get to the songs in question was seen Okada will roll out momentarily. I cannot find my copy of the meet Friday bylaws, as you know, one of the founders of meet Friday as you I cannot find my copy of the by loss. So we have basically one question does the voting stand as is or do you as host and namesake of the Dan Patrick show have some type of veto power? Because member no matter what happens on the show, you could say it's my show. And that's what's going to happen. You can all you always have that chip. I can't do that. You cannot my will you will. You will not. I will not I subscribe to the Ryan Seacrest. Simon cowl. Approach to this. America speaks America's spoken. We've listened we listen to the songs, and we listen to their votes. Put your meat where your mouth is Seton O'Connor. What is the problem? I almost didn't even come in today. Wow. I can't think of time. I've been more upset about a loss tough that. Okay. The traitor advanced right translators. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That one had vocab, you know, actually, I think round one had about two hundred seventeen thousand votes. Okay. So people are invested in this and the one particular race that I was watching last night in the matter of about an hour. I think over four thousand people had voted just in that our because it was so close and people were going crazy. What is the battle in question? Well, I'll tell you who advanced. Okay. Okay. Mondays food dude as bland wins as to Thursday, please know tofu me Friday by me love matches seven seed, that's a seven seed. Yeah. And I love the cure cure is a great man one of my favorite. Okay. And that unfortunately, knocked off me cooking and smoky room the smell of sauce and me per few. I can't wait to take another by the taste goes on and on and on and on working hard to get my fill. Spirit. Stay dog won't right. It was like she do set down at the kitchen table and just rip that off stunts meat. Eating. Rare is feeling better. Yeah. That was tough tough to say goodbye. Okay. What else? Do you have it after that? I don't know that anything matters anymore. You pull this was an early favourite. I think this entry was in November and was considered a possible. One seed. Yeah, that was so there was a lot of controversy about that one being a two seat and not a one. But unfortunately, but you know, she could have been Christian hackenberg. That in a previous draft would have gone number one. The drew lock of this year's how close was the vote one hundred twenty one votes electoral college, no, no stone electoral college that was that's Emily in North Carolina. Who did that? Because her kids thought, it would be really funny, isn't it in? So damn Lee. I appreciate that. I appreciate the effort, and I feel bad for the kids. It's all about the kids. But, you know, America's spoken they need to know. This is how life is. Okay. It was. Apparently it was a rough day for two seeds because we had another seven over a to drink. Plays in the sausage. Joe in Michigan with American grill. Seven seed. You wanna take guess who that knocked off? Oh. Yeah. Okay. The people of spoke have Vinson Virginia. This is just an unbelievable upset. This is what I think I would hire him to perform when my daughters get married at the at the recept you may have to because he got a business, but I would do that my daughters are ready to get married anytime soon, but I thought that much of ints playing all of those instruments and now I love Tom petty. But this is greatest Mona Tom Petty's career posthumously. Now, the other one that we have we have one other upset these these. We have other upsets, but these were the closest and who was knocked off. Will these talking sports with his guys Dan's the man smoked chicken, delight smoking slow. I'd like to ask suck it back. Poor chicken wings, breaking the laws. Good anything. Don't believe is done. Just check the rings got an award. Wait. He got knocked off. Travis Travis got knocked off. By Ryan in Iowa. During Y. I was I. Nephew. Choose. Forgot how failed before the Schrader made me. All right. Okay. All right. So we're down to the mosquito sixteen and then we go to the elite eight AT and then the final four. Is this John legend, maybe feels I could be John legend near Yam polling is there. An MIT I t the meat invitations ornament loses can go home. Okay. I got a poll question for we take a break. Mike Mayock, the raiders GM will may coming on and Shaun O'Hara. How about who drafts Cuyler Murray? Giants raiders cardinals or other other. Okay spice you there. I think the raiders love him. I think the raiders love. I don't know if they'll get him. But also if the cardinals are they drafting him are they keeping him? Josh Rosen on the move a lot of questions here. I don't know if we're going to be supplied the answers by Mike Mayock, I'm curious why may aunt and Gruden didn't show up at Murray's pro day. The raiders did send representatives. We'll talk to Mike make your phone calls coming up more meet Friday songs as well. We'll take a break here. Thirteen after the hour. Dan, Patrick show. We live in a world where we have access to data that gives us more personal insights into who we are. And what's more personalized than your DNA? Right. I mean now we can turn to our genetics for personalized health traits and more and twenty three and me allows you to go beyond ancestry to excess more personalized insights about. It you based on your DNA. You get more than one hundred twenty five genetic reports things like the deep sleep report. Right. So if you've always suspected that you feel more sleepy than others after missing out on a night of sleep. 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More meet Friday songs as we have cut the field in half from thirty to meet Friday songs to sixteen as we inch closer to the final. Fork in Minneapolis. Eight seven seven three DP show, Email address DP, Dan, Patrick dot com. Mclovin. The poll question, then we'll get to Mike may on the raiders, okay? Who who is going to draft? Kyla murray? We have an addition to cardinals raiders giant dolphins or other. Okay. Let's bring in Mike Mayock, the raiders, Jim. Let me start with the poll question. Mike who do you think will draft Cuyler Murray that was clever? It's early. I thought I to get you on that. I mean, come on. I'm sitting here listening to. Your poll question, really? Okay. Am I gonna in? Then there was a day you were subtle. I just always. Okay. Can I talk to the analyst Mike Mayock for a moment? As opposed to the the GM, Mike may. That go on man. Okay. Have you learned a lie? I'm not a really good liar. Like, my kids say, I mean. The end of the at the end of the day collar Murray is just intriguing it's become such a quarterback driven leg. It seems like every year when I wasn't analyst. I felt like there were three or four quarterbacks that probably should have been mid to late first rounder for true value. And they all always got pushed up kind of into the top ten or top five. And I think it happens every year. And I think we're in the midst of I mean at this point year in March, you know, I think the quarterback thing becomes more and more conversation and collar Murray has got special talent Haskins has special talent from Ohio State kid from zoo has special talents. So yeah, I think all those guys are very intriguing should we care about height or lack thereof at that position. I think we're getting to the point, you know, drew Brees was always kind of a standard bearer. But russell. Wilson. And you know, you start watching the way the game is changed. We're we're we're getting more and more of the bread style offense from colleges, and I think, you know, you watch film McCollum Murray. The kids got a big arm bowl hops out of his hand. He seems to find passing lanes not many balls get knocked down. So you'll always have some concern about that. But I think the other burials that come into play for him you and John did not go to kinda Murray's pro day. What was the reason for that? John, and I were a little bit busy with free agency. Okay. Does the pro day matter that much to you to coaches to GM's? I think for for quarterbacks. I think you have to see him live. It doesn't have to be pro day. I think you have to see him throw the ball alive. It can certainly be during a season. It can be a lot of different places. But it's the one position where I think he can watch all the tape in the world, but you also have to at least see the ball live out of his hand. I've always believed that and and I think I always will we're talking to Mike Mayock the Oakland Raiders GM joining us Dan Patrick show. It's still tough to say that Mike. I mean, I'm proud. I'm happy for you. But it's Mike Mayock. I'm so you're saying Mike may on the NFL network. You'll be both household different. Take me through the end Tonio Brown trade. Can you can you take gimme some of the, you know, backroom dealings. The gory. Details here of how did you pull this off? And and you pulled off a great deal. Well. I mean K Kevin Colbert the GM from the Steelers been a friend for eighteen years. And you know, he, and I had talked for few weeks prior to the trade in and I told him we had no interest in trading one of our first round picks, and John and I've been unified on that front. And so I kept saying we're not interested. We're not interested. We're not interested. And then the buffalo thing fell through that Friday, and they reached that one of their guide reached out to John and John reached out to me, and I called Kevin and Kevin would you would you trade your too? And I said, no. But you know, we we might trade are three I think we'd go with our three and long story short. We came to an agreement on a three and a five and the hard part started after that to be honest with you. I mean, the hard part was it was contingent upon getting ABC signed to a new deal, and he had certain goals and parameters, and we get certain golden parameters the deal was on and off two or three different times. I went to bed Friday night that deals off and we got up Saturday morning and drew Rosenhaus credit. You knows how to put a deal together. I mean, he he's he's two nations. And you know, we went back and forth. I can't tell you how many times, and we moved a little name of the little and ultimately Antonio Brown became a rare. Yeah, I'm always curious about that that, you know, the best deal you can make sometimes when you can walk away from a deal or you give the impression I can walk away from this deal. Was that part of the strategy? I think you've always gotta. Be willing to walk away from a deal, and we went into it. And there was bottom line is again, John and I were unified on those three first round picks. So as as intriguing as they be was we were trying to build this team a certain way, but when he became available at a different level. It was kinda like listen, you know, we can change how we practice. We can change what we look like on Sunday, we can change. How teams have to defend us and for three and a five at that point. We were ready to say, okay. It looks like free agencies. Gotta change for us. And I mean, the funniest part was I barely have been out of his building and our own or Mark Davis asked John to come to Las Vegas for it for an event that Friday. And so we took our wives. We barely saw our wives. It was you know, we as Johnson. The press comes were basically, dating drew Rosenhaus. Antonio Brown that night on the phone and trying to make things happen. So it was pretty cool. And ultimately it worked out are you rebuilding. I I'm not sure how to define what the raiders are doing after you trade Kalou Mack, and you trade Amari Cooper. But then you bring in a b. Book. I wasn't here last year. So I can't speak for that. What I do know we're foreign twelve we added four really important starting players to our team if we haven't even talked about Trent Brown twenty five years old, and we think one of the dominating offending Lyman in this league tyrel Williams play for our division rival chargers. We're gonna pair him with a AB. Lamarcus Joyner are nipple flash safety. We think is special and again all those guys are young so people what could be and say, well, you know, Antonio Brown's gonna be thirty one years old. And I'm like, yeah. But dude, he travels with the nutritionist he traveled with his trainer. I've never seen a guy that that spends more time trying to make sure that he's gonna play for seven eight nine more years. And I thought the most telling comment he made in the press conference when he was asked about goals and ambitions outside of. Team gold. He said I'd like to catch Jerry Rice. And he believes it and I love that. He believes it. So I don't think his age is contrary to what we're trying to do as far as building a young powerful tough football team. You know when you look at personality, where do you stand? I doesn't strike me as gruden's of freight of that. But you know, when you're bringing in a big personality by into Neo Brown. What concerns if any do you have I look at the positive side of it. First of all the connection between him and Jon Gruden was amazing. I mean John John's connection with players. I mean, they wanna come play for Chucky. It's unbelievable. And the two of them giggling like little kids watching clips of Antonio Brown in his office after we signed it was just priceless. As far as you know, whatever happened in Pittsburgh. I mean, you know, that thing fell apart in the last year, and sometimes those things happen. I saw nothing. And again, I I've seen him practice and ten or fifteen times in my duties as a broadcaster in with trope Pennsylvania in in a hundred degree weather. Nobody practices harder. It's you know, you can say what you want about who he is. What is or you know, all I know is he wants the football any practices harder than anybody. He's potentially a hall of fame wide receiver. And again, he kinda changes what we do on offense. What do you talk about? What do you say to each other? I don't know that means well when you see him like non foot dude have any non-football conversations. I mean, he's all ball always on non football conversations, basically evolve around other teams football. I mean. Oh, yeah. What do you think? Arizona's going to do. What do you think of the move Denver? Hey, we got up who's on who's talk on your tap aboard. I'm like coach, you know, how you doing man. It's gonna sit would you be surprised of Arizona does not end up with customer. Dan, iran. I have no idea who's going to do what? And I and I mean that I mean it took Josh Rosen last year. All we can do is control what we can control. And we've got three picks in the first round. And we'd better be prepared for all eight of our picks. That's all I know final twenty seconds. Do you think you could take Gruden? Take them where you know on me. I know what you mean. Did I think we I think if you put us in a in a closed environment only one guy could get out. Yeah. It'd be pretty interesting. Do I like that? Hi, congrats on the job and the success. So far, it's going to be a fun ride. We appreciate your time as always Mike, Dan. Thank me. Good luck. That's Mike may on the raiders GM. I couldn't fool him. Couldn't get him to wait into. You. Didn't give us an answer on the poll question all of a sudden. Now, he's Mr. GM apple may act sixty but in very good shape. Yeah. Rangy and Jon Gruden fifty five we got. Grew. I think could lose a limit. He'd still bite you. He like, no, no hands. Feeding bite you to death. I think may act sneaky. Yeah. Yeah. I think he's sneaky like, I think I would know what I'm getting with Gruden. But may I'm not quite sure. And that's it's always the unknown that you have to fear currencies like a kinda guy. Headbutts people doesn't mind doing that. Yeah. He might have been a grappler in high school. He might have been a been a wrestler there. Yeah. Mclovin. What if they could just been like, I think the dolphins are completely random been great. Yeah. Or he just said, look, we're we're taking them. We're gonna get him. Don't tell anybody. Yeah. They they love Cuyler Murray. But how much does Zona love Cuyler Mary? The fact that nobody traded for Josh Rosen or was able to trade for Josh Rosen prior to free agency or during I mean, I so I'm trying to figure out the timing here. If you're AirAsia what are you waiting for? Now that free agency is settled now, you know, Nick foles going here. Joe flacco is going here case keenum's going here. Teddy Bridgewater staying here is now the time to trae Josh Rosen. We now know the giants are bringing ally. Manning back in ode L Beckham junior is gone. Are the giants going to bring in Josh Rosen? So just trying to understand the chess match that's going on here with Arizona and the rest of these teams that may need a quarterback could use a quarterback. Also, I don't know if you realize it's Jordy Nelson in AJ McCarron were released by the raiders Jordy released because they brought in and Tonio Brown. Maybe he was going to be released, but AJ McCarron and I couldn't help. But think remember when AJ McCarron four years ago was going to be he was traded to the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland Browns didn't get the paperwork in. They thought the Bengals were sending in the paperwork, just imagine. And I do think AJ McCarron can play in the league. Imagine if Cleveland soul progress with AJ McCarron is their quarterback. They thought that they may have something here. Then they would have taken Baker Mayfield. Like just just small things that happen in what they mean in a bigger picture AJ McCarron could be your starting quarterback in Cleveland, and they wouldn't be looking at Baker Mayfield last year. But Cleveland got the paperwork in late or Cleveland on Cincinnati was going to send in the paperwork, by the way, the Browns and Hugh Jackson were willing to give the Bengals more for AJ McCarron than the Niners gave the patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo. Yeah. Yep. On October two thousand seventeen the Bank. The Browns were too busy celebrating the agreed upon trade to send in the paperwork. The the Bengals did send in the trade paperwork. It was good to go. The Browns did not relate otherwise trade goes through and Jim McKiernan the Brown in theory as starting quarter. Yeah. Yeah. That was a big deal, and you know, Hugh Jackson loved AJ McCarron because he was with the Bengals as their offense coordinator, he knew what he had with AJ McCarron. Now AJ McCarron released by the by the raiders just Jordy Nelson end up with the Packers. It sorta makes sense. But I don't know. How old is shorting Elson thirty three thirty to check. Yeah. And I think he did. Okay. As with the raiders last year. Mclovin came on a little bit at the end of the season. Yeah. I mean with him it's always been health. So he's he's thirty three. Here are some numbers in the first twenty four hours of free agency, seventy nine deals, totally one point seven billion dollars, eight hundred forty two million guaranteed, and I was keeping an eye on what was going on with teddy Bridgewater was teddy going to leave the saints to go to the dolphins. Now, if you just said he's going to go from one place to another to be a backup quarterback, and he's not going to cost you sixteen to eighteen million dollars a year. But we're gonna let you compete for the job. Well, ted. He didn't want to go to Miami reportedly because he wanted that sixteen million dollars and the dolphins did the smart thing because I would let teddy Bridgewater compete for the starting job. I'm not handing him the starting job. You have Ron tannahill and maybe have him for one. More year. Maybe you make a trait. It makes more sense for the Miami Dolphins to make a trade for Josh Rosen with that rookie deal that he would be on. And then I've got some flexibility there. But also, I wonder is teddy going back to the saints because he has to because Miami wouldn't pony up. Or is he going back because he's been told a Druze gonna play one more year? Now, I'm trying to find that out because I think you can have the following scenario. And I have I'm not going on anything that I've been told yet. Drew Brees plays one more year. Sean Payton coach is one more year. Drew Brees retires. Maybe becomes an analyst Sean Payton ends up with the Dallas Cowboys. That's just just throwing that out there as something that I would keep an eye on because I've said all along I just kept thinking Sean Payton was going to somehow end up with Dallas Cowboys. I don't know of drew Brees. Drew Brees started to show some age and where at the end of last season. I didn't think he was certainly the second half of the season. I didn't think he was crisp. It'll I don't know where he's a health nut is well and in great shape, but I don't know if we're looking at a window of if I said isn't going to be three years or one year, I would probably lean towards one year, but it's still a good team Super Bowl contending team. It's hard to walk away from that in a magic what one more Super Bowl would have done to drew Brees legacy. It changes it dramatically. Really does. Poll question. Mclovin. You got updated results there. Okay. Who is going to draft kinda Murray and the choices being the raiders the giants. The cardinals the dolphins or other. Oh cardinals are leading raiders second right now who had the best week if I said Antonio Brown. Odell Beckham junior third Nick foles lady on bell. Who had the best week? Brown got guaranteed money, but he's going to the raiders. And with Pittsburgh. It's a better team. And he's got a better quarterback. They're in a better system to catch one hundred ten balls Odal Beckham, you leave New York you go to Cleveland, but you're going to a starved franchise. That's ready and willing enable you got a great nucleus there on offense. You got a quarterback coming off one of the better rookie seasons in NFL history. Nick foles gets out from Philadelphia underneath Carson Wentz. He gets paid gets paid a lot. And he goes to Jacksonville goes to Jacksonville not a lot of weapons there and the expectations. Are you better? Be pretty good here. Lady on bell. You left fifteen on the counter with the Steelers. You never made that up. You are refreshed ready to go didn't take the wear and tear of year. And now, you're awarded. The jets in a three year deal. So who had the best week? I'm going to go in Tonio Brown because he wanted guaranteed money. He orchestrated this out of Pittsburgh. And he goes to the raiders where he'll be, you know, maybe the face of the franchise along up to up until this point. He was the coach Jon Gruden. That's you know, you can sell that for only so long. Hey, come out and see our crappy team with a coach, you know, you want to see if there are people on the field who are worth watching. And that you believe in Odell Beckham going to Cleveland. See I look at the giants giants learned from the Steelers that you don't wanna situation that they ran into within Tonio Brown where you have to trade him. And I think the giants probably thought look we're not going anywhere. Although I don't understand the golden Tate deal like gin twenty three million guaranteed. If you're tanking then tank don't bring in and I know that they're not a lot of wide receivers. But Odell Beckham going to Cleveland, Nick foles. They all did. Well, I think viane with the jets we look at and go. Yeah. But he ended up with the jets and he lost fifteen million. So was it a great week? He I would leave it up to him to tell me because he if he thinks it's worth at for sitting out last year, and you go to the jets you go to the New York market, and you're making decent money. You know, he might look at himself as a winner. I probably go into Neo Brown. Yeah. Polling Nick foles six big winds to the starter gets him alight huge contract. If you know Nichols is not the guy that I would want. He's not. But but he had a great week. I just don't think he's every week. You know quarterback. He got a new he got fresh air. Cut is white probably said, hey, you know, got a press conference. He might get a haircut. Do you think she like combed it in the car? Got some Paul may put on their YoM, mclovin. Is it possible a year from now we look back at this and say, wow, we thought those guys had a good week, and they all ended up having a bad week because that has phrases where looks good. Yeah. Oh, absolutely. That's why when you grade these things like I'm grading it. Now, it's like grading draft. I can't grade you immediately. I have to grade you three years out. I think we all think Dell had might have the safest spot Lanny more than Tony because of all the risk with the rebuilding raters. I think we taught it I was saying that del feels like he's got the safest landing spot where the Browns are going to be good. But he didn't get paid didn't get a new contract. He's just got what I know. But, but he's I think is deals going to look like a bargain in a couple of years. That's why thought you have one of these great players. How many times do you get an del Beckham junior? How many times you get into new Brent like these are really special players, and I know that you can say well the system, you know, odeal might feel like God. Thank god. I got out of New York. And I got a thirty eight year old quarterback than a rookie coming in. At least. I get a guy who has proven as a rookie quarterback that he can be a great leader. And put up some good numbers. Yeah. Fritzy, it's easy to say for put the money aside without Dell. But I thought he jumped out as the one because he's going to be part of something that could be really special in the next couple years with Cleveland, even though it's going from New York to Cleveland and playing with Mayfield with that elites or the lead offense that looks like something really special could happen. He can be part of that almost on the ground level. We'll come up with our play of the day. Your phone calls. Are welcome. Reggie Miller will stop by also the former giants offensive lineman, the NFL network analyst, Shaun O'Hara will join us. I think he's scratching his head as well that they got rid of Odell Beckham junior the third. All right. We'll take a break and more meat. Friday songs were down to the misc-. Beat sixteen this trigger meet Friday. 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I watch a lot of North Carolina last night man their phone that is an uptempo team. They can shoot they Louisville wouldn't even get back on defense or they thought they were back on defense. Next thing, you know, North Carolina's got a layup or they got an open three. There was a moment during the game where Zion dunks. And then he's running back down the floor. And the Syracuse senior Frank Howard appears to put his foot out as if he's trying to trip Zion Williamson now when you're watching it when you watch it in slow motion. It doesn't look good. But if you watch it in regular speed, it feels a little different now. Do I feel like there's intent there that's hard to read into? But it certainly looks like Frank Howard's trying to trip Zion. Williamson I don't know why. But that you get that feeling. He didn't get cold for anything. But Jay Williams at halftime, a former Dookie when crazy he was like, those officials should get together. Huddle up and that guy should be suspended. He's you know, I'm like, okay. I don't know. If Jay reacted that vehemently when you had a situa-. Ration- with Grayson Allen a couple of times at two did you say they should huddle up. They should be suspended. And maybe Jay Williams. Did I don't know? But he went apoplexy last night at halftime over this. Look, we all want Zion Williamson to be healthy and play you know, it's for our own benefit. We want to be entertained. He's must see TV. We haven't had this singular star. In college basketball must see TV in a while. But I mean, let's don't overreact to this. You certainly got that feeling last night at halftime. Like, I should you know, be considering that they should be talking about this at halftime. I'm like. I don't know if they're going to do that j. Yeah polling. I watch this thing about one hundred times it looks like he gave a little foot out there. It's not the end of the world. But the result is so interesting commander Zion Wilson trips. Doesn't mean you're into that game. What is the lead today? All that. Right. I think we'd have to bring the teen out and put Frank Howard in people will go crazy. Yeah. I think we'd have to know what are you doing to my college bounce cable? Susan, yes. Frank howard. After the game said, I'm not gonna wait for years to get to the states to start tripping people, if your competitor, if you're a basketball player war, and it's a way of war and art of war, and I don't wanna win like that. If I got a trip people try to hurt people. He's a great kid. And you know, it's silly. I understand were an era of clicks, everybody gotta get clicked, but don't do that. Okay. The from outside looking in. If I do showed you and you and you knew nothing about Zion Williamson star power, and you didn't know anything about Frank Howard. If I said look at that. What do you think out now initially when I first saw it I thought no Zion. Didn't get tripped. Going to the hoop. Because I didn't notice it going back. It was on the way back from the dunk where I go, okay. It's one of those where you like sometimes you'll lean into somebody or nudge somebody, you know, it's not. Sometimes it'd be reactionary like doing. No, you're doing it. And I don't know. I don't know. Frank howard. I don't know why he would do this. It's early in the game. And then you're gonna try to trip Zion Williamson in slow motion. It looks a whole lot worse. Again. I've watched about sixty times Frank's our it's deathly comes out. And he does trip him attention on intentionally. But then as he's walking away Zion kinda stumbles a bit Frank Howard kind of puts his arm are like oh sorry. Dude. Kind of that like trying to help you. So it may have been an accident. He definitely played it off as if oh my bad as he sees Zion to a quick stumble. Okay. But sometimes you'll do that just to make up for the fact that you try to do so. Oh, oh, sorry about that. But you can't in this day and age, you can't get away with any of that from social media till all the cameras and everything if he would have gotten hurt or falling down they're going to look at that a million times, and they're gonna see every angle of this guy. He tried to trip. It did not oh you didn't. Oh, okay. I didn't. I didn't think there was anything intentionally you know, and he stuck his a weird movement with his foot there. But I didn't I didn't see that as he was trying to knock Zion over making fall. Well, we're movement by your foot as I on Williamson goes by side. I don't know. I just don't know what you gain k but we can't unified by the whole sports on Zion. Williamson the star of college basketball do kits hurt because he decided to stick his foot out there. Okay. It's going to be replayed befalls down. But Grayson Allen would do this, and you go why are you doing this everybody sees this? But he still did it even after the fact like he he got vilified, and then he did it again. And then again, so I don't know if he's not saying Grayson Allen. But you don't even grace Annella had to know what he was doing in the moment. But for Jay Williams to be like, you know, they should be suspending this guy and. I don't know Jason same thing about grace. Now, by the way, play of the day brought to you by Dollar Shave Club. Dollarshaveclub has everything you need to get ready in the morning. Dollar Shave Club starter set is just five dollars. Each few started said product ship at regular price. Get yours at dollarshaveclub dot com slash Patrick. We'll get your phone calls. Coming up. Controversial meet Friday songs. Big big shakeup at the top. Really, really surprising. Update. The results were now down to sixteen meet Friday songs. Will crown champion when we go to Minneapolis the side of the final four it'll be our final four coming up next hour, Shaun O'Hara. Former giants offense of Lima ne-. Not sure what the giants are doing. He's a analyst for the NFL network and Reggie Miller stops by as well. March madness upon us, and it's time to police your beds. All right. Let's get to join RJ bell on RJ bells. Green preview as he helps you fill out your bracket with his expert betting device. Smaller conference action Friday night. Should be able to get the winning advantage dominate the brackets downloading RJ bells dream preview every week on Todd cast one. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead I know everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance geiko. Projected increase in organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Now, the no. No chase Elliott here. 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Add the best wishes go out to the people of New Zealand e tweets forty nine innocent people have so senselessly died after the horrible massacre and the US stands by new-zealand for anything. We can do. Analysts of the flight recorders of the crashed. Ethiopian Airlines jet is underway. The New York Times reports that the pilot sounded panicked as he asked for permission to return the plane to the airport shortly after takeoff. I'm Rita Foley.

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