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Snacktime: Diablo and Classic Culkin


The endless thread is sponsored by express v._p._n. Offering protection from cyber criminals with just a click enjoy the internet without being snooped on or having personal personal data stolen protector online activity today and find out how you can get three months free with a one year package at express v._p._n. Dot com slash thread thread. That's e. x. P. r. e. s. s. v._p._n. Dot com slash thread produced by the i lab at w._b._z. Boston can you hear my bag. Take quite loudly. Yes all right. Welcome to endless thread snack time where we kick back freaking snack and tell each other stories we find on reddit in-between a regular hard core core e._t. Episodes ameri. I got a little snack for you. You you do yeah okay already. Are you a metal head no well. This'll be interesting then so i want you to listen to this song and tell me when it came out nineteen seventy okay well this to me would suggest maybe a slight light lack of metal fluency. That's because listening to this song. I mean this is the thing you're not entirely wrong long at least according to mysterious posts on the internet but most people would listen to this song and say this song came out after nineteen eighty-five and supposedly the song that we just heard a little bit of came out in nineteen seventy three and this is weird and kind of crazy because you and i probably know <hes> much more from the nineteen seventies kind of proto metal that sounds announce a lot more like this kid <music> that was black sabbath into the void oy that's on came out. I believe in nineteen seventy one. Maybe so this is what's weird. I'm i'm gonna read you this comment and this comes from the r._b._i. Or read it bureau of investigation sub reddit community. The comments has a came across the song awhile ago and searched around the internet attempting to find its source course it doesn't come up whenever i use services like shem and when i look up the name of the band and the supposed name of the demo it only leads to links links to youtube videos a last f._m. Page which includes the following description one of the first metal bands from the philippines. I guess the band is called. Diablo formed sometime in the early nineteen seventies and often regarded as forgotten godfathers of the metal genre genre formed by young cult fanatics morrison who cheetah eldridge yokoyama who they released one known demo. Oh called hooligans sumba in nineteen seventy-five played a few shocking gigs before vanishing into obscurity some say <hes> <hes> that <hes> one of these people was arrested and sentenced to life in prison in one thousand nine hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred eighty two for killing three people and critically wounding eight others. There's at a bar oh my god. The last known lineup of this band is ben diablo on vocals k. Hey which seemed appropriate now once i found this story jesus callen say on guitar massias guitar our bang kay on bass in meta limb nah langat on drums. I can't find any resources. This is on the internet to corroborate. This music in question is surely not from nineteen seventy-three unless the band was unbelievably ahead of their time. This is like unsolved but a lot of users point to some interesting things first of all there are a lot of metal bands that kind of makeup this mythology about themselves right so and so kill the guy so metal medal right and there's apparently a few different versions of this story if you dig around online including the murder part which suggests maybe it's not true <hes> so maybe it's like a weird kind of marketing campaign or something another person points out that it looks like the first mentions of this band band on the internet or from twenty twelve in that this is right around the same time that this movie about the band death from detroit at enough you've ever never heard of that. Band band game advent this ban death from detroit. <hes> had this movie come out about them. They became more widely known as kind of like a inventing genres of music back decades before they were actually things. Nobody was making music like that. In seventy three black brothers from detroit michigan and so the makes one commenter think there's a good possibility of someone hearing about <hes> the death story or seeing that movie and then trying to recreate needed as a hoax with a filipino mellow metal band so that's one possibility just to play diablo's advocate as it were another person on this past. A red editor named vampire queen despair appropriate in yet. Yeah says i wouldn't immediately discount it being real just because it accidentally invented the genre if it is seventies detroit punk band death did that too so it's not unheard of to be so early to the party that it screws you over. It's not likely but don't assume that that makes makes it impossible in just a second example of this this rhetoric comments of like i accidentally invented genre the band crow crow magnin accidentally invented old school industrial music back in nineteen sixty nine with apparently a song or record called caledonia <hes> much as i would like it to be a very clever marketing scheme. I think it's only in hindsight when you go back and listen to an album bomb a decade or two later that you say wow. This person was really ahead of their time musically yeah that's fair i mean i like you want it to be a marketing getting hoax. You don't really want. I wanted to be real yeah. I wanted to be real but i i am admittedly delighted at the ways. People use the internet internet in ways that i just would never think to do so i do and i don't okay well. I guess you know listeners. Let us know where you think think wended that band music actually come out and do you believe the possibility that this filipino ban invented metal before metal was metal diablo diablo emory today. I learned that you don't have a super a clear understanding of what a v._p._n. Is correct you know what it stands for vanquish posers to the nether world well if by posers you mean cyber criminals. Yes yes virtual. Private networks do a lot of things and express v._p._n. Secures an anonymous your internet browsing by encrypting your data and hiding your public i._p. Address i p just getting seriously though express v._p._n. Protection takes just one click to turn on. Can you can even use it while you're surfing public wifi and it costs less than seven bucks rouge month. Protect your activity today for a year starting with three months. Free go to express v._p._n. Dot com slash thread that is e. X. p. r. e. s. v. p. n. Dot com slash thread. Wanna learn more say with me express v._p._n. Dot com slash thread happy anonymous browsing fellow nerds so then. I have a snack for you. Okay i was homesick. Yesterday i was he's home alone in fact which has to do with my store being macaulay culkin's story is going to be a macaulay culkin's love it. It keeps so this post actually comes from these standup comedy sub read it. We just hilarious because stand up comedy as we know is my nightmare. <hes> this was posted by user who goes by buttons bows with z's at the end very hanging buttons bows yes okay and the post reads beginning in twenty thirteen comedians brett davis and sally burton nick have hosted a monthly simply old comedy showcase titled the macaulay culkin show now ben this. This show has nothing to do with macaulay culkin lookin says last night this happened okay so this is macaulay culkin coming on stage to randomly randomly the star trek next generation theme song. He comes out in a cloud of smoke. He's like parading around the stage kind of doing a little catwalk. He's wearing a shirt that says macaulay culkin with an arrow pointing up to his head and the audience is going crazy but it also brad davis and sally burton nick the hosts of this comedy showcase are going crazy because they're like oh my god it's macaulay culkin on our stage at the macaulay culkin's show and the audience is just losing their mind macaulay culkin and welcome to the macaulay culkin's show finally yeah. I can't believe it. It's epic music yeah the whole. The whole thing is pretty epic. They've been doing this show since two thousand thirteen so that's six years going strong. This was actually part of what they call. So <hes> the macaulay culkin's shows six annual summer comedy fest and it turns out i was on the big question that i wanted to know is did macaulay culkin just show show up unannounced this no way no way he told him well when you see brett davis and sally burton faces in the video they look shocked shocked like brett falls to his knees. He picks up sally and twirls around. Everyone is freaking out. <hes> i reached out to brett davis it turns out that they had actually had this in the works for almost a year trying to talk and so this has been a surprise to some people in the audience but it was not a surprise to them as delighted sounded. I like this because they played the long game. Yeah yeah like they're like listen. We'll just keep doing it and eventually it's going to get back to them and maybe he'll show up yeah and this is exactly the type of thing that macaulay culkin for anyone who has been following doing his work lately. This is so up his alley. It's up his alley to have a show named the macaulay culkin's show that has nothing to do with macaulay culkin but also like like for him to show up here is just perfectly macaulay culkin and i feel like last classic kalkin classic kalkin <hes> there was some great great comments on this post one why not read it or one why not said and now i'd like to invite you all to my alde comedy showcase titled the bill gates gave me a billion dollars show cased bill. You want to show up and make that happen. Someone else had something that i think is like really on point. This is always up. Dank trunks is their username. They say there's a line by a woman in madman in reference to a very rich very sophisticated yet very masculine man and his youth in which she says something to the effect of him behaving like a character in in his own novel. This is the only way i can express how i believe. Mr culkin is acting these days which is green. He's just i if if you have not been following him. I did a little bit of digging. He's been in a couple movies recently. A couple of t._v. Shows those kinds of things but he also raziq huge celebrity. You did not do any digging into google then. I was trying to find out what he's done recently and are you in the library out her okay. Let's just quiz you. Let's see if you are up on what macaulay culkin is up to these days. He's definitely not i haven't done. I haven't even looked at dirt. Let alone done some digging. Are you familiar with pizza underground. This sounds vaguely familiar autumn. Oh okay well because you didn't do your macaulay. Culkin research pizza underground is the pizza themed velvet underground a tribute band by macaulay culkin and recorded in his own house and have a little idea. I have a little sample here of one of the songs that they recorded in a medley. They turned these days into cheese days <music> she he this is why that one redder just nailed it and saying that like he's the star of his own movie he's he picks and chooses his projects so that they are just perfectly macaulay culkin and he can't be anyone but himself and i love. He's gotta keep a closer classic kalkin classic culkin. That's right all right. Also i wanna do a little bit of an update emery. Okay you may remember in our last snacktime episode. I told the story of this mysterious sound a camper heard in kind in the middle of new hampshire. I just wanna like shout a couple of the people who responded to us and we got an email from chelsea. Chelsea says hi there. I just listened to your podcast bit about the noise. In andover i live in new hampshire sure right on a small dam and that sounds a lot like the noise of water level adjustment being made they have large mechanical parts that squeal l. and grown and make the worst noises in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's like an elephant blowing a rusty trombone and by the way don't google rusty trombone unless you're not at work. I believe there is a dam in andover that could be the culprit. She says i'm sure you can contact one of the hundreds words of fisheries biologists in new hampshire to verify. Thank you chelsea chelsea thank you i am not yet in touch with <unk> a fishery but i did get in touch with the city of handover the town of andover i sent them the sound and they're super jazzed and they are trying to search out an answer for us so we may hear in a future episode from the town of andover. We also get a message about this weird sound on reddit. This is from a user named gio shwe d._o. Shula gio shua so this person says i i once <hes> in the the title of the messages or the subject is into the woods sound theory. I once spent an afternoon diving down. The rabbit hole hole of a phenomenon called the hum which reminds me a bit of the weird noise in the latest snacktime episode and this person links to <hes> some <hes> a video of this. I think it's up in canada. Ultimately the sound from this video was the noise of freight trains shunting which is apparently slowing slowing and changing direction so we responded more like wow this is cool. This could could be a whole episode in itself and gio showa got back and said. I started digging into it again. In some other internet people have called them skype guide trumpets or gabriel's trumpet for very revelations reasons which makes sense seeing that if my memory serves me right i stumbled across ask the stuff when i was reading about some doomsday cult as one does nice message joshua so either. It's it's gabriel's those trumpet or maybe it's someone making an adjustment on damn like a water level adjustment with the damn or maybe it's some elephants blowing on a rusty trump. I like that theory anyway. Listeners please give us all of your theories on that weird heavy metal band and and macaulay culkin. Give us all your theories on kalkin special thanks to brett davis sally burt nick and frank flaherty at the bell house for letting letting us use audio from the mccully kokin shows summer comedy fest. I only wish i had been in the audience to see mccauley's guest appearance but i hope the catch the show oh sometime okay. That's it for snack time this week. We'll be back next week with a full episode also by the way we got a message from somebody named jamie moody eh and jamie said can are slash stickers exchange club get a mention we are connected to our slash free stickers which just reached over thirty thousand subscribers route so if you're into sticker exchanges head over to stickers exchange club check it out and end. We'll talk to you next week.

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