Ep 87: Finding the Good in the Bad --COVID19 with Dr, Jeff Gardere


Hey y'all this is culture soup where Texas culture and business collide. It's a podcast at spoons up. Everything hot from social media. I'm your host El Michelle Smith and each episode. We bring you some of the most notable and not yet notable thought leaders in Tech Business and culture. You was twenty twenty in fact. It was just about a month ago about the time that I joined tick. Tock you know the social media platform that's pretty much the happiest place. On the Internet. People dance people lip sync people. Make you laugh. People make you smile. Sometimes people show other emotions but generally. That's what it is. It's a little bit Rachid. It's a little bit fun. It can be very informative well after joining. Take top learning the culture even submitting. Some tick tock of my own. There was a certain. Take top that jumped out at me just last week. It was video of people in Italy on their balconies in their apartments. Singing a Riana Song. You know blink. Better get my money. You know. That's all right anyway. They were singing all in unison. All in English despite the fact that probably not all been spoke English but it wasn't so much the song they were seeing although it was quite a proud moment to see black culture this dominating the world especially during a crisis and talking about Covert Nineteen Aka Corona virus. These people I read were all sequestered in their homes. Self quarantined because the country is lot down because virus is taken hole in spreads so quickly and so many have lost. Their lives is interesting to see how people adapt during a crisis and no doubt all of us have felt the impact of Corona virus around the globe. Even around the corner. And it's change. You know I talk about change happening. Two ways it's either thrust upon us or we take the reins we initiated. This was changed. That happened to us that was thrust upon the entire world and it's sad because people are losing their lives. People are dying. People are getting sick but on the other hand. There's a lot of good coming from corona virus it really is all a matter of mindset as an executive in business coach in life coach and make it my business to make sure that people own their happy because no one else does and it's the only way we can be resilient through tough times. I talked to Dr Hernandez Babari last week and we talked about globalism impact on the spread of this pandemic. This week I have another friend. You've heard him here before. Dr Jeff Gardir America's psychologist. He's GonNa talk to us about how to keep our mind right during unprecedented times. A fear and uncertainty without further ado. I want to reintroduce to you my friend. America's psychologists Dr Jeff Gardir. Hey everybody I'm so excited to have America psychologist me my dear friend for more than it does here. Beer from New York City. Says I'm doing well just really glad to be with you in these extraordinary times That we are experiencing our entire applecart bid toppled over. I am so sorry that we have to go through this. Kovic nineteen pandemic. I am so sorry for all the people who are ill or may die from this route but I do hope that we don't let this tragedy be something that has not changed us a fundamentally in how we must march on into the future in a much stronger way than than the way that we're going into this we've got to come out of this rabbit hole even stronger even better as a society as individuals in our relationships. Absolutely Jeff in you know what it's important to keep perspective because so many of us like you and I. We have first world problems when it comes to this. Right Allie have to do is keep to ourselves. Wash your hands right right other. People don't have it that way whether you're more elderly if you have underlying conditions if you're poor and may have access to things rocking from home that's right our access to even hand sanitizer writing if you're living on the street and then you're exposed to other illnesses. That may put you at risk for the corona virus. Right so you know. Many of us are trying to keep it light light hearted. But it's good to keep in mind that even as we try to get a chuckle here in the air. This is a serious thing. Look there are a lot of people who are now hunkered down who have self isolating self quarantined and just as you said Michelle. Have all of the creature comforts but and they're learning how to interact with their families again had to be with one another day coming in and spending time with one another for example all my children are coming on except for the one in South Korea. Yet I leave it there right. Your she's there and she's doing absolutely five South Korea's done so much better than we have here amock with their testing and salt but I think the bottom line is even though we want people to do better even though we want them to try to be comfortable even though we want them to be safe. Never lose sight of the people who on the front lines just as you said? The immuno compromised the elderly the people in poverty the people living on the streets. It's not just the virus that may decimate them but what we're seeing as to. What's going on now with this recession that we're in knowing freefalling falling economy. It's crazy but you know what that note what you say. We have a culture moment yet. Let's do the most obvious. Hashtag trending there at least two of them. One is corona virus the other is cove in nineteen. Jeff how do we keep our minds? This is heavy. It is happy and so there was an old country. Song Mrs Way before your time since. I'm so much older than you. It's called I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden right. There's gotTa be a Little Rain Sometimes. So we've been very privileged in the United States. Most of us not have to deal with Ongoing wars with ongoing on You know Starvation with other diseases and so on their societies in countries that deal with that every day. And how we have to step into the reality of twenty twenty that no one is immune from that if we take care of everyone else who has less than us than it's going to touch all of us as that's how we keep our sanity that it's only been a matter of time that we've been able to escape the realities of the ups and downs of what can happen as far as our environment or as wars as far as famine and as far as disease and was still blessed that we're able to talk about it in the Rocking about it now. Absolutely absolutely you know it's interesting. You raised that because last week I had another done ruin a PhD doctor of Media and Communications. And he was talking about the impact of globalization. And how that really does impact this pandemic in that. Your point exactly. We're all connected in theory. Is that whatever happens in another country will ultimately have some kind of impact. That's in your own that's right and that's right answer. Look outside of yourselves Ourselves and this whole idea what what is political system been under this leadership it has been tribalism and tribalism at working and so I'm seeing communities that have never talked before sides. That never talked before people who've never talked before because of race or religion. Whatever the case may be they are now talking to another. They are now communicating with one another and we even see for the first time. The logjam has been broken in Washington. Where the the Republicans and the Democrats are actually cooperating on it. Absolutely you know what my folks in the faith based industry would say is like a guy hit reset and we're having to do exactly what you say we are realizing we're all in this together. I think one of my favorite things on social media which is one of those things is keeping US connected despite. All of this is watching on TIC TAC on instagram. Where the people of Italy or out there singing the Riyan attune. They're all quarantine in their apartments. But they're all singing together and guess what we're hearing a mayor. This year's this is what we call the human spirit and this is why we're still on the planet as this particular species because we continue to habituate and we We adjust and we conquer and we keep moving forward. And so. That's what when this story is written on this Coq au Vin nineteen pandemic The warning that we've been given from the Creator that we have to come together. It's like a movie now. I know you don't remember this one. And they did. A remake was called the day the Earth stood. Still where you know. This robot came from another planet stood right in the center of Washington and all of these faction all these warring factions. Had to come together in order to deal with the situation and it was really about was that robot was sent to tell people. Hey you all better get it together or you all going to perish and that this. Hoven nineteen is about. We better get it together. We better get out. Wigs on tight. We bet minds right. Yes we will not sure bye. I just got word out of my graduation requirements for my certification as an executive in personal coach pitch. But it's a good lead up to say that I've been in contact with a lot of people over the last several days as Cova even more crucial offering free services to one of the things that I have been doing for. Small businesses in also leaders in the workplace is a share with them strategies on how to shift their mindsets to think on the positive. Because you know my. Coaching is based in positive. Psychology of course don't have the same credentials that she was a psychologist. We are very different. But what kind of swimming in the same lane. Absolutely varied in diversified versu- fide. Approach in the different specialties. In order to get to where we are going. That's what was saying about covert nineteen. We can't have same getting in everything we do. We have to bring all the voices together in order to get the solution so you know. Of course I'm so very proud of you in everything that you've accomplished including this latest accomplishment but I can tell you audience this ain't just for you if the next naps the next the next the next and that's what it really is all about living and learning. You know the first ten of heavy is there to say about that. Well I did. That's what will learnings from Kobe. Nineteen to be grateful for the things that we do have to be grateful for our resources. Yeah we may go into a supermarket and the shells may be empty on a couple of items but guess what you're in the supermarket. The supermarket is open. I remember in you know at some points in Russia and some other countries where people would go into supermarkets. And there'd be maybe five six seven eight irons so the fact is that we are resilient Here in the United States who are resilient in the world. We've got to help one. Another people been able to stock up and even those haven't been able to stock up. We're going to find a way to help them. So we must be grateful for families. We must be grateful to our friends. We must be grateful for the simple fact that we are now finally coming together. No matter what the divider in cheese has done even he has the now bring us together because he knows hate and division. Ain't the way isn't that trip. He's act bring people together to conquer covert nineteen yet his. Hey his hand was forced orange and you just hands happened wars. Why God right? Yes absolutely absolutely is a beautiful thing so I understand that. We are all responsible for our extra happiness. So what do we do as individuals to get too happy during the time that is full of uncertainty? Well I think we must never forget in these times the importance of learning to love the importance of learning how to keep love and the importance of the human connection not just loving partners but also loving all of those around us and giving that helping hand. And here's here's the thing people who are south isolating self quarantining who may have to stay in shelter. We're doing all of this for the greater good when this just for our own health or that of our grandparents or those around us source sick would doing it for the salon viable of society and for woman and man behind shop. Eat things doing things. Not just for us but unselfishly for all of society. That's what that's why we're going hard at this thing the way that we are absolutely you know. I keep referring to the latest star wars movie. I don't know if you've seen it but towards the end there there's a great word where it says. The trick of the evil side is to trickle into thinking that we're alone that will isolated. And how can we end up in that mindset by feeding all the negative energy even the the news and information that we see? How can that put us in a place where well it all depends on the mindset that we have I can absolutely tell you that there are some people who live on Cable News. For example able news is their friend yet. But they're resilient enough that they can look at that many many hours a day and be educated by it no matter what they're getting it from Rhyan. Msnbc Fox News whatever the case may be but there are other people who can only take so much and proposed people. I say look you know if you if you if that news brings you down. If you feel that you're getting negativities from it and you're not getting enlightenment than turn it off as Teddy pendergraph said when he said turn off the lights each asset turned it off got took me over and over and over again so I thanks a lot. So what are they wanting to know from? You know. It's really interesting and I brought this up with a couple of folks one of them being Album Manager Janelle farewells. Yes she's the best and she loves proud of you but we're also proud of your incredible success but no no. It's it's it's it's it's real and you know had guess I do just not to. Their face are that being said but the important thing is you know in what I learned. It's just you know for a long time. Under the trump administration. Everything has been politics in TV. So a lot of people like you and I you as a motivator As a life coach myself as a psychologist a lot of people. I know they didn't call on US anymore. They didn't want to know what we thought. Even though I always knew all of it was psychological anyway because we're dealing with nothing but the insanity of the politics and what it was turning people into so now all of a sudden the veil has been lifted on our leaders the emperor's with no clothes on now being seen you know tribalism is now falling apart Power of virus and now people are going back to what's going on in our minds so now all of a sudden the phone never stops. Ringing and people want knowledge they want enlightenment. They WanNa know how things happen and so I really do hope that we have the right answers for them. Not The answers that they want to hear not the answers that we wanna give but staying in the reality of the true answer. -solutely well you know what the other thing I want to talk about. I called my therapist probably a couple weeks ago in a you know. I do check in every once in a while you know. Mental health is important for everybody right now so just when I did cove in nineteen was making its move on the United States and she did something that I'd never expect you to do but I'm so glad she did it because she her office is way up North Almost Oklahoma from my home in Home Office. And I'm going to send you a link because I have a hip certified or approved platform that we need to use this a lot like zone which blew my mind because of course zoom is in my arsenal. I You sky the time. I have some other state of the art things that allow me to do everything just like this just like talking to you and Bradley. We're seeing practicing medical professionals and counselors and therapists also using these platforms. Are you using it? More and more I I've always been using it and Some of the ones that now on not hip compliant are actually in. You have to check. With the American Psychological Association American Psychiatric Association But are actually now getting a waiver with regard to hypocr compliance because people need to talk and so everything is pretty much been thrown out the window. But I think it really is important for us. Understand that we've gotTA check in with people folks have pre existing mental health conditions. Really need to stay in therapy. They stay on their medications because even though we may think. Wow this is fascinating. What's going on the stress you can cut it with? It's it's real and you know those of us who are practicing gratitude and we're being resilient and doing all of that every once in a while you get this like Whoa. What in the world is going on? This is well. Let me tell you what's going on. Let me let me tell you how crazy right down my wife. Who's a starfish you know? What a starfish is like okay? That's a person when they sleep in the bed. I want you to touch them. They spread out like skaarfish touch them. You wake them up the APP sleep issues and so on okay. Homegirl has been spooning with me. Every night are bless her and you know. Hey Don't you know I'm a starfish now. I know you spoke to her right back. Yes I like. Ooh You draw closer to your loved ones. I have been keeping my little girl. So close to me at Lenny more by the way. She's so tall but she's still got a little abyan or you know in fact that's my purchase. Pumpkin and I need her to know that she's during all this craziness going into the world because it is very hard to shield this information from your kids especially when their schools are shutting down. Well so what's so interesting? Is that all of a sudden With the school shutting down. I think it's important that we keep as much as possible. A routine for our kids make sure they still wake up at the same time that they would have gone to school and we should do the same thing for those of us. Who are yes get dress. It's not just about you. Know WALKING AROUND AND PAJAMAS. That's GonNa make you lazy. You can wear loose clothing but get grass. Make sure you take a shower in the morning. Don't believe end of the day if you worked out earlier. Make sure you work out at home. Bust out those hundred sit ups and push ups. I'm hitting Peleton by the way when we're all done you would please the buttering set you up. And that's why the screaming achieve and more But you know this is. We've gotTA maintain the routine. We'VE GOTTA maintain a self discipline now that the kids are home and make sure that they do their homework. And I have kids now. Who FOR THE LONGEST? Time didn't want to be anywhere around me. Let me show you something. Hey y'all all of a sudden he parks itself next to me. He hasn't done that in ten years. These are these are very unprecedented times. Yes absolutely and I know we haven't seen this in my lifetime. I don't think my parents are seen in either. We have not but this is what's going to bring out true character and this as Winston Churchill said this has got to be our finest hour with regard to caring for one another doctor Jeff garp year. It has been amazing as always. Thank you so much. Come onto the show and I can't wait to talk to you agents. Are we gonna see you around on television in the next few days? Where can we see? You know who knows? I don't really care you know what's important to me. People like you giving information and helping all of us. It's not been about me. It's never been about me. It really is about people like you. The new generation just grabbing that dawn and running within so so proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll be going to the retirement home soon. I'm still going to be so we don't know held one hundred and five. Who knows I'm close to it? Don't get me where they can find. Okay they can go to a doctor. Jeff Gardir DOT COM D. R. J. E. F. G. A. R. D. E. R. DOT COM. I don't even know my twitter at Dhaka. Jeff Yard dear as a whole bunch of stuff out there but if you go into Google put my name in then you'll find the infamous Jeff Garcia and all the platform. It's really funny when people call me and say Ooh I found you on social media or value on TV. And I'll say really and you still want their with talk. I'm surprised you not running the other way. Everybody Palm who is about a lot of humor. I appreciate. You radiate you Michelle. We'll talk to hold the family guy. God bless America. Awesome Conversation with Dr Jeff Garcia Dear. America's politics now together all sorts of content for my community in light of a corona virus. When you do is go to my website L. Michelle Smith Dot Com and you will see an icon of me the scroll down and standing near Tampa and and it says yourself cope in nineteen look for that. Click on him okay. There's an article there. It has links to all sorts of resources. Not just for professionals. It's for anybody it's life it's business and it is career in leadership. Coaching all in one place. And you'RE GONNA see links to not just this podcast because I'll make sure this is linked to but you're gonNA find last week's podcast. You'll find a special message for me. I wouldn't live last Friday for instagram community. He will also find seven questions to keep moving your business forward for small business owners and also for entrepreneurs and you will also find that. I'm doing for Re coaching on Friday. There are a few more slots left if you want to join in. Click on this package. I'm telling you in there is also a place for you to book your appointment. Thirty minutes one on one with me by phone and we will get you moving forward and unstuck in this time of uncertainty and fear that we're calling dynamic. I hope all well stay. Well check on your neighbors check on your family and let's pull together because you know what at the end of the day all to find us. Online at the culture seems dot com on instagram and twitter at the culture soup and on facebook at the Culture Soup. Podcast until next week. The coaches you park. As the reduction of no communication the culture sue PODCAST is a registered trademark of no silos communications. L L C.

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