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# 400 - Eugene Mirman & ME


Hey guys brand new podcast. Today's podcast is with Eugene Merman. Eugene is a comedian Brooklyn a very talented comedian. He is the the one of the voices on Bob's Burgers. I we do not talk about that. So if you're tuning in to hear about that you've tuned into the wrong fucking podcast. I've known of Eugene. For a long time we run in very different scenes. He is more like the New York now now not even New York is. It's a really interesting story. I saw a post of his on line about a new documentary that he shot called it. Was it started as a joke and it was really fascinating out of the names in it. I were names are familiar with some of the minute. Demetri Martin Michael Showalter Bobcat Goldthwait Mike for big Leah. And some I didn't know Some some some are just like very famous comedians. That I was like Oh my God. Kristy Scholes fucking awesome and so I wanted to watch movie. I did not know what I was in store for. I tweeted immediately and said Hey. Where can I find this? And he sent me a link and he said you know you can find on Itunes so I bought it on itunes or watched it and I mean within the moment where I sent out that tweet which was probably a week ago to the moment I finished watching it. I will. I was stuck to the screen. It's an amazing movie. It is a very. It's a very funny movie. A documentary because it has all these fantastic stand ups doing stand up on a festival. Eugene put together at the Bell House in Brooklyn so you see a lot of comedy. But then you realize that the underlying tone of this specialist more about About Life Eugene's relationship with his wife and her battle with breast cancer and her battle with with cancer in general and the raising of their son. Ali I think his his name Oliver and about life and about being a person and about struggle. And it's amazing. Amazing fucking movie that I implore all you will laugh. And if you're like me you're gonNA cry and if you're like me you're GonNa Fall in love with you gene I hope you enjoy this interview And that's all I got to say. I hope you enjoy this interview. Ladies and gentlemen without further Ado Eugene. Merman is did I love. The movie really really loved the movie. I loved it for so many reasons. You know it's it's a ver- off it's funny. It really is fucking hilarious. I mean who's the guy who's the guy that it tells the story about losing his father and his father going Laser Jon Glaser Don Glazer. Jog later garment. He I know who that is. He was a fucking really great story. yeah it really is. It really was a hilarious movie. Obviously at the end. I'm so sorry I'm really I'm so sorry for your lost. It I was. I will go started crying. I and I know you guys probably didn't expect that but So I want to get back to start about the festival itself. If you don't mind talking a little bit about that sure. Yeah so. What was the episode like to decide to do the festival you know? I can't remember. I think there was something happening in New York like some sort of festival and I can't remember what it was like meaning like not even a comic just something and it for whatever reason maybe jokingly think of doing a festival just called the Eugene Mervyn Comedy Festival and me and Julie who directed the movie and then also produce the festival and Mike bigly after a schober joking around and I said I was going to do The Eugene Mervyn Comedy Festival and you know in that was sort of like I was kidding and we weren't going to do it and then I think like days later. Julian like that would be pretty funny to do like. I wonder if that's like possible and union hall was opening this new space called Bell House. you know in whatever. It was at the time like months later and so over a period of weeks. I think we just decided to do it and tried to think of funny stuff you know. Kinda do silly shows and then it was this one off Thing that we thought we would do and we did like I feel like the Second. Last Day we were somewhere and ran into like a guy who had like a stretch limousine relate. Would you like to drive people back to the subway from its venue of like we? Are you for four hours or whatever and like we were just doing sort of weird silly stuff and then you know probably sometime like four months. After the first festival we were like. Oh should we do it again? That was pretty fun. And then we kind of you know kept adding things and doing silly stuff and I think also that first year Juliet she had been working on a show called wonder shosen. I think that's the show she was working on and she had met John OATES and so she asked him John Notes from my call notes exactly so she was the pay. Would you wanna be a special guest on this comedy? Show and doing and so. We had like the like John. Oates was our musical guests on like our last show of the first year and for the Basically two songs in some stories in between and for the first song everyone thought it was Fred Armenian and then in the middle there. That's that's drawn outside the federal notes singing the songs so we just sort of the spirit of all that like we just get kind of doing it year after year and then at some point Julie moved back to Massachusetts and then I did the same thing and it became clear that sort like producing a festival where at one point people could basically take the subway or a cab and be at Bell House and you know it was not a big deal like eventually it was like okay now like you're flying people in and putting them up and you know where the whole thing is just this sort of like I mean. It's very fun but it's also like a lot of work in kind of scrappy So it was like a lot and then as we moved it was like well. This feels like a little hard to do a festival in another city that we now have to travel to I'm curious I'm fascinated by what I will. I will call the alternative comedy scene. It's it is oddly. Enough is not the comedy I do. I would argue. I would argue. I would bury alsi but it's the comedy I enjoy watching. Probably I would say that to the passer by someone like say. I'LL SAY MY DAD. But my dad would just say funnies. Funny Bill. Burr is just as funny as say Jon Glaser. They're both the sterkel comics. But I think both you and I know that there is a difference. There is a the sort of. I think it's in a sense like music like in the sense of I mean you you lots of people like different genres of music but ultimately I kind of I mean I think the way it was always for me is. It's John Deadlines. I started in kind of the early date again. I was going to say it's like John. Prime versus Hank Williams Junior. Yeah versus a different like a psychedelic folk rock. I don't know that yeah. Yeah yeah matter like the idea that somebody was like. I only like ink. Floyd and if it's not in Floyd. I don't like it like that's crazy to me but I you know when I started doing comedy which was basically the early nineties You know a lot of liked like the like all the comedy clubs that existed in the eighties. I mean I was also just eighteen like you know a lot of them were winding down with only a handful surviving and I was in the sort of place in college and so I would just do stuff on stage and if it worked it became my act and if it didn't either change or got rid of it and sort of that ethos is what I kept doing. I mean instill do like where I'll just try thing and if it works great and if not whatever And so you know that to me is is what I think. A lot of people ended up. Doing you know in a lot of I think. A lot of people incorporate those things down I think if you also like go to like Edinburgh or go to the UK and places where like you know comic strip thousands and thousands of people. They do a lot of kind of stuff that's like not like solely you know. I guess jokes storytelling but still it's like even I'll do a lot of things that are like here's the setup. I wrote an angry letter and I bought an ad in a newspaper with my angry letter to town and fifty jokes. That I'm just I'm reading but it's fifty jokes in a row so like I don't know think of it as alternative or not. I don't think it matters much personally Like I think like Jim Gavin is just like an excellent standup was just like excellent jokes that he fits in just as much as anybody else. Same as burglar I think is A. I've said I saw him at the Tampa Improv. His Act doesn't change. Its stamp who they are. Yeah so I think it's just like at somebody's style. It's what they happen to be. I think you know maybe in the sort of transition of comedy clubs partially going away people moving more to theaters then spaces that are like you know mixed use than user music venues like. Yeah I guess I think at one point alternative sort of imply like implied spaces that are comedy clubs because his comedy clubs went out of business. People just had to find places to perform in ways to sort of relate In that kind of created a world and now. I think a lot of those people. Are you know as mainstream as anybody else? I think it's just like you know like Nirvana's a very popular band but people think of it as alternative music so whatever that is is like what you could say about any like Dmitry Martin or whatever a started started with Demetri. Martin made this same open together. Yeah how many clubby The it's So take me back to when you started. Because I didn't start until until I was twenty six forty seven now. I didn't start and then when I started I started in the art. Rooms like a salesroom. Surf reality. Yeah Luna collective unconscious like that's where I would. That's the only place I could ever get up and I really fucking bombed. I mean I was so bad and then and then. I got a job working the door at the Boston. Comedy Club and then kind of found my home. But we're curious because you've started at a very interesting time when before before me. Mid Nineties is when Janine was kind of coming up and like in Merrin night is already. I mean they were. I mean meaning like I was in college so I literally when I say started. I mean like I did a gun I mean. Know if there's a bringer shore and open mic like at a comedy club in Harvard Square and then I would perform it like coffee houses in college and you went to Emerson Right. I went to Hampshire College. I went to actually enter college where you could design your own major. So I designed a major of comedy and my like final project was a one hour. Stand up that I wrote and promoted and produced in you know like I faxed press releases. Two newspapers just did whatever I could to make it a thing and it and it worked out and I think that's where like a lot of the things I did. There are sort of ethos I took to a career of like trying to figure out you know always found it much easier to create my own space than try to break into what existed because all I really needed was an audience like all you just need. It is like forty people to show up to thing and you had a show. That's not is that the one of my best friends is a comedian Tom Saga and his his His his I remember being in a different path with him than him. Saying you don't need the club. You just need people to show up. Yeah I could not wrap my fucking head around that as I mean you could have either like I don't like a honestly however you make it in the ideal. Probably some version of boats is like what's fine. I mean my only goal was to do comedy in whatever way that's like a job full time and so the way I found it to be easier was to make my own things and to have my own shows and then you know and then doing some of those shows. Then through that I got a booking agent it was actually a music booking agent and so I did like a tour with modest mouse in Florida and that was not easy. Fucking live show. I've ever seen in my entire. Life is modest smells. I saw the greatest show. The greatest live show. I've ever fucking scene. I like to the point where I always said. What's your favorite live? Show do I so cold war kids and they suck so bad. They were a studio band. That did not move around onstage. All Sat Jerry's fucking modest. Mouse was so amazing. I WanNa talk to you about the band bubba is. You've opened my favorite bands ever but I want to go back to so so so when you started you started in college. What was your move to New York? What would I moved to Boston College? I went to Boston and then I did. Comedy there for a while and mean and Brendon Small Who did the show movies and met a lock lips? And that's also where I met Loren Bouchard who that doctor cats at the time and eventually made Bob's Burgers and before that Lucy daughter of the devil And so I moved to Boston and there you know I started doing. I started doing a weekly show like this place in Cambridge on Thursday nights at eleven pm. But it was. We did it for like nine. Ten eleven months and it was in a sense fairly successful but not as successful as eventually Like the the sort of Irish music show that replaced it but then I started comedy studio which at the time was in Harvard Square on the third floor of a Chinese restaurant and now in Somerville at like as its own club but I did a show there every week with Brendon. Small and Patrick Borelli Patrick now is a writer for for Fallon and has been for a long time So yeah we We we did that show and I you know there. I auditioned for Coenen several times over a period of years. And eventually there got like got a set on her own in. I did Aspen in two thousand. Maybe from from that from from Boston and Then I'd always kind of thought like maybe I'll get a job in New York and comedy and then I'll move in then. It became clearly. That is not a thing that would ever happen and then if. I really wanted to do comedy. I had to move to New York. Well New York early but I didn't really know La. And I'm not even sure if I might have just gotten a driver's license So I so yeah. I'm new to me then. I moved to New York after like three or four years in Boston. And where did you start going up in New York did you did you did you instinctually say let me find the places that are a tad bit offbeat or did you go fuck it Stand up New York I try I would do sets. I used to when I was in college. Good stand up New York to bring your shows That's where I first met Bobby. His Dale and eighty miles an exact Alvin akkas and I and I had read about Luna Lounge when I was still in college and went to see shows there and I would go to surf reality like I would take a trip from Boston. Like do a set. It surf reality like two or three ever. Whatever the hell it was you know and I would do those things that eventually when I first moved to Boston so when I moved to New York I had I had already done Conan an aspen. Which wasn't enough for anyone to like me but was enough to like maybe like do a set on some unraveling like sort of all chose that were pretty good and Patrick. Early had showed the Gershwin hotel and I would come and do that. It's not John. Is that the one where you had to walk up to five stairs in the back it was like a it was in the navy. It wasn't like a high flight but there was a hotel or hostel or something would like maybe like Lafrance. Kinsey get like from the French kids in there. And there's a yeah okay. Yes Oh so I would just do you know whatever I could in a way and then and then You know and then like through whatever. All those sorts of shows like I had a manager for a little while Marla Ratner who before she left management. She also worked with the Stella guys and I got onto their Fez show and then from that like toward with them a little bit and there were just like lots of little things where but all of it involved me trying to have like a ten minutes set that kills you know like I was trying to have a sad that you could you know like however weird or whatever it was no it was something that would essentially kill and then you could open for people or have a small spot on this show and do well. I'll tell you the three things that strike me right now and I think for anyone listening they should know. I've known who you are for probably fifteen eighteen years i. I don't think we've ever actually met an. We've never run into each other. But I've known who you are and and and I remember I love. I Love Your Standup I. Just it's just it really is Marcus to beat of its own drum but not out of. Here's what's here's what's striking me about you you're someone who has always kind of moved upwards but you don't look like a fucking networker you don't look like the typical handshake comic in the back of the room. Him and you need an opener. Hit me up. You don't look like that guy you and you're not that I know you're not actually not that guy and you're also was strikes me as that you've got. I didn't become passionate about stand up until I was doing it like meaning. Everyone told me I was funny. I tried it and then I was like. Oh fuck this is more than what I thought it was. Yeah and it's it's almost like you know getting into Viruses and then going. Oh Shit. There's all these viruses like like. Oh my God I didn't know about this and Demetri Martin was one. It really opened my eyes. I'm told me about a towel and Hedberg and I didn't know anything about that now obsessed and but but more importantly you also strike me as an this is something that has always escaped me as A. Who's just trying to get your ten minutes which we all were trying to get but I was. You're not you're not you. Never you never were doing it out of like. I want to be different. You're like Hey. This is the way my brain operates and this is all. I can make and I can't do it differently. Yeah that's the sort of like I did. I mean you know I've done a of tours opening for play the conchords and like the last time I did like now year and a half or two ago was in the UK like you know arenas like giant places. And I and I did some of that also here in the states and I remember doing a show In Chicago must have been like twelve thousand people or something and I did an interview and they were like well. What do you do like? What's the standup you do like on that? Show as opposed to like something like a club or something like that and I mean I was like oh I just youtubers playing venues that big but also like the idea that I have an act that kills for twelve thousand people and I refused to do it for three hundred. People is so absurd like I just. I have the stand up I have and I and and the truth is in a in a reasonable environment. Like once you're joke. Works works in most settings like would it work with like you know very drunk people who are angry. I don't know I try not to avoid the worst situation but a reasonable situation if you have a joke kind of works that works largely across venues and across spaces and you know the point. Is You develop a thing? That's funny like whenever anyone asked me for advice I just tell them like you should just be funny like I don't know I can't. I can think of so few people who have like forty five minutes to sixty minutes that kills. That aren't a professional comedian. You know what I mean like like who can get on stage and kill for forty five minutes and then isn't essentially a fulltime comic so so I feel like that should be the goal and everything else We'll come as long as you're like a pretty reasonable effective person not a lunatic and even that could be a bit of a lunatic. I loved watching Janine set I'm. I'm like the first in your movie. The first person I ever really kind of connected to comedic leagues. I didn't I never knew on. I never understood how to write a joke. I still have a hard time writing jokes. was Janine and I love. I watched her. She would say bomb in Montreal when one year and it was my favorite ever and I was like and she was so embarrassed by it and I went. That's what you do. That's why people like you like when she I mean her set in the film is really funny like she really really funny. She's really funny and I know that she doesn't think of herself as like a joke writer but like I I don't know I mean I. I think it's like I. I guess except for like she has set ups and punch lines and they kill any if it comes naturally to her like that's amazing but it's still set the that's the thing a lot of this stuff like it. It kills like it's very funny. Yeah oh I mean in some of it. Yes sometimes you watch somebody bomb and it's also very very funny. But nobody wasn't even. It wasn't even her bombing. It was just her doing crowd for an audience that was set up in a warehouse for a taping. That wasn't ready for comedy and she was fucking fantastic and loved it. That was there for comedy. Those people that came in to be on TV hoping they'd get on TV. It's at an audience. They weren't paying attention right. I love the unrest. She goes comedy's comedy's objective. Then she goes. No it's not so. When did when did that? What was the? What was the first group of comics you met hung out with? Became your tight Knit Group. And when did you guys kind of form? It seems like you have a great group of friends and like in comics. That are all in my opinion. The funniest human beings like a cross. It's very different to be a very funny guy on stage and be able to focus stool which I can do very well and then take that and make that humor into a television show or an animated series. I'm being serious. You could fuck like for twenty two minutes every week that make that show. That is oppressive. Tani. Tommy John Again. Tommy you know Tommy John Again of Yeah. Oh he is so fucking funny and he wrote a tweeted last night Right now there's a stool onstage going. Wait no one's bought me in a week. Yeah Well there was like Boston where I met like. You Know Jen Kirkman Brendon Small and Patrick Borelli and in various comics And then comics. Who'd come through Ron Lynch? Who had come to do like Dr Cats and stuff and then moved to New York and then some of those same people like Jenin. Patrick were in New York. And you know eventually met like Leo Allen and Demetri Martin and then also people who'd been doing comedy or much longer like like the Stella guys Leo Allen Made Me Spit Beer out of my mouth in in collective UNCON- which one did a Reverend Jen do any collective unconscious yeah? His joke was Do the day. My roommate called I walked into my roommate. Said you know this joke. Remain of not yet. Hey I'm gonNA fuck it up. It was the point was he. Goes I? I told you that your mom call right and he goes no. You didn't tell me your mom call my mom calling you know I did. She said that you're done at night. He goes a definitely remember that and he was like no. I did what I say. And he said you said Oh yeah I remember. That Leo Allen's a guy like like yourself that I know of like I'm a fan of I've known of my entire career but never met really just nice now largely Chevron stuff He did Nathan for you and is doing in another show that I'm sure is on high but Yeah so so that group and then there was also like Kristen. Schaal and Kurt Brown older men like you know I mean I think the Action Star Right Super Funny Stand. Up is brilliant. And he's he's incredible like we toured together at ton and yet kristen And then like I think a lot of us. Would you know why it's neck and just like over time you meet sort of more and more people and then you gravitate towards hang out with and work on stuff and there's also a lot of people like like Julie Smith who directed the film and produce the festival who originally met at Tinkle? Which was the show that David Rawson Entire Burien John. Benjamin did for for week for years at the Laurie side. And Julie Works at on that show with Lisa. Line gang who was at the time worked like NBC and then comedy central as like an executive and so like there were all these friendships that you would form with people who naturally gravitated towards to work with me. Yeah and so these. You still drink Yeah not but we ever ever big boozer I would say like. I drank a lot like in my in my twenties But I mean I have a kid now and I don't like don't go out and stop so I got two kids still fucking booze the I I haven't drank in twenty one days on this fucking quarantine but that's does for just because it's awkward me. The one Guy Drinking Jackie your house. Yeah so Now what were your parents like? Your parents are both Russian correct. Yeah and I am like I was born in Russia born in Russia. Move on your four yet. So I'm Amina obviously. I'm a huge tide Russia. So I'm curious. What was the where? Where did you move initially and where were you from? Initially I wanNA know everything I wanNA know fucking everything like who came. Why did you come like did your grandmother Com bligh so like we saw in You know basically. I was for like me. My brother and my parents immigrated to America older younger older older son. Jean or Zhenya is what my Russian name is and Or the formal is you've Guinea but One of my my uber drivers the beginning and we talk in Russian in the Karma Russians. Horrible but But I lost one of my favorite names beginning. Yeah so so. We came in the way you do. It is so Light you go from. I think like you get like you get permission. To leave. Russia there was like basically a window where like to appease America I think Russia was leading Jews out and so we were fortunate enough to be out of that sort of window and you go from Russia too. I think Australia for a few weeks. And then from there you move to a town in Italy for like four months five months and then eventually you go to America or whatever country like I think initially when we were leaving maybe the idea was that we would go to Israel but not really or like. Maybe that's like you need an invitation. So we had an invitation for my dad's sister to come and like reunite a family. But my mom's brother was in America and so we we ended up coming here However funny would be to be. Israel's greatest alternative comedian so we came here where we're from in Russia Moscow. Yeah and then and then and then we got and then we lived in Brighton for a year and a half and then moved to Lexus mess. Overcome would now. What was What this is before the wall? And this is like like seventy nine eighty. Seventy nine eighty get your. Do you have any memories of Russia? I don't remember Russia. I think actually the only memory I have In a sense is the smell of black currant because at some point I was like. Oh this is really familiar. And my mom's like we had like black currant like Bushes in in basically are DACA. Which was actually like I think Like basically built on it would have been like a swamp or mud. My grandmother figured out how to Lake Drain it. 'cause hearn my grandfather really engineers really and so. Your Dad was an engineer in rush night. My Dad was but my grandfather. My grandfather like built. I think he was an engineer for the army. I mean everybody. In communism works for it but he built. I think one of the two airports in Moscow still there and also maybe like a lot of lake big buildings there And my grandmother run ran like rubber production for Russia. While so your your family Obviously wasn't fans of Russia. They are right or were they thinking there were just a. It was a better opportunity to move here. I mean I think that it's in general. I mean like yeah I think. In general Jews and communism each in their own way from in Russia just was not great and so I think our phones were tapped. Like at some point by bomb was on the phone and as she was hanging up shelves. Didn't hurt a high-pitched what rewinding sound in the conversation she had just had like you know in high speed And that could have been anything from an accident or like a a way to scare somebody and I know that Like our home was searched because they thought my dad had books he wasn't allowed to have And I think those sorts of things together like freaked out my parents and they you know I think eventually decided that it would be better to come here. What was it? Were you aware of the transition that your parents had to go through now as an adult with child? Were you aware of the transition that your parents went to a kid going God? This must be tough for you. Just going like American. I mean as a Kid. I don't know if I fully understood and it was sort of the Cold War and it was sort of weird to be like Russian from the Cold War during the Cold War. But Guy Need I think to a degree. My parents doing that is kind of what made me think that doing something like stand up or like lake. Having a strange goal and attaining it is very reasonable. Like I think that they're like them. Moving in their thirties and forties to a new country and starting a completely new life with two children is is amazing like and I know lots of people do it and as I mean both of us can imagine especially on the things have shifted now but I can't imagine picking up my family and starting over and over. It's I'm always impressed by people like your father and your mother in from my perspective because I grew up straight American very much integrated White American. Very much privileged. So the idea that you would come from a different country not know the language and then go all right guys were up and running. Yeah Yeah so that so. I've always so I don't know I I can't recall to what degree I appreciated. Board didn't like the difficulty of that but I very much like have in the decades since being a kid I think I mean at the time it was like I was just trying to sort of survive Was it tough integrating into schools? Yeah I mean I think it I avi like when I entered first grade. I think the teacher was like who were the kindergarten enemy you like. I guess that we thought you guys were robots like man. You Guys had wooden soled shoes with like like really rough pants. Like I remember what the way they taught us about Russians yet so I so I mean I think. The teacher was like who went to school last year and I raised my hand was like I didn't I didn't live in one and everyone was like ooh this little kid. His accent is the enemy But like when I was in sixth grade I remember somebody blaming me Maybe third grade whatever it was like when when the Russians shot down the Korean airliner like everybody was like you shot down. This airplane killed all those people and like I really didn't like yes. You did So there's a lot of that a lot of like Tommy. I mean you know so there was. There was like a though after ten eleven years our which it was by like eleven twelve th grade a lot of that stuff dissipated but a decade of it does wear you down a bit So yeah it was. It was hard but we also move to a town that didn't have a ton of Russian people like we had some Russian friends. I think partially with the hope of assimilating. And you know I don't know like in a sense. I would say at work now like decades later but at the time it was it was it was hard. When did you lose your accent? I don't know I I have no idea the I also. I know that I started speaking English. Like there was a social worker. That would come and help and lakeshore of check on us and how we were doing. Progressing Leagues is when we are still in Brighton. And I think like six months into us being in America like she came all of a sudden I started speaking English to her and like everyone was like how do you know like I think I was just watching. Tv and learned English the way like a child. You know like going sense like how any like three year old weirdly can speak. Do you think you think any of that any of that will rub off on your parenting when you talk to your son and you go when I was your age. I was learning English for the first time. No no I feel like everybody has like whatever hardships they have and I don't think I would ever do nonstop to Mike. And I'm I'm a really shitty parent like I feel like I've just tried to get through it so maybe I don't know we'll see like once he's fourteen and he's like my like my cell phone and my Magic Cardo work then it'll be like okay now. You need to cut up his hand right now. He's yet he's three and a half. You're okay that's crazy that's when you move to from Russia's the a little bit yeah he's like a little younger but yeah wearing half a year. I'll be like you don't get it did you did you. Did you ever commiserate with your brother? How much older brother is six years older That sucks yeah. I mean we're very close now. I mean the time like you know he would be in like the next school and then like when I was sort of getting a height like high school or even junior high like he went to college mcnutt getting when I was young. Like eighth grade like he was heading out. So what were your what the growing up growing up. I Apologize I keep harping on this but I most fascinated by an and for lack of better words. I'll say an immigrant's journey like the and I think our best friends are Vietnamese. And our my wife's best friend and arguably one of my best friends is was was a straight up like how to take a ship here from Vietnam Nan. We shitting in a bucket and moved to Boston when Boston was overtly rate. Not Not that their love Boston but overtly radio stations yet is so. I'm always fascinated by the things. She season life or what? Her journey was a child because once again I think it's important for someone like myself who grew up without a ton of struggle to see what struggle was. What was the first band? You're like you're like Oh yeah this I'm GonNa go out and buy a tape or a CD earned. That was probably the Arrowsmith in Boston and a lot of the music I got was through my brother so it was like a lot of classic rock. I mean it's also funny because like at the time it's abandoned nine years old but if you're like twelve years old you know what I mean not even being? There's something really funny now to be like. Oh I was into this old band. That band started a handful of years ago and they took like a three year. Hiatus like you like you know so anyway. Yeah I think it was could have been areas but done with mirrors could have been might maybe before that I mean it might have been some of their earlier stuff actually J. Gals is mine. Okay Yarl's the first album juice. Newton like Juice Newton plan with queen of hearts that was like my song and then an J. Gals was the first tape. I bought like a went out and bought a tape husband. Frank gift though to Yeah. I had like a like a tape. That tape stuff. I think the radio which had like I thank God maybe money for nothing like van. Halen's May Be California girls and I think like maybe born in the USA. Like I think it was like three songs and had a tape of Russian folk music in lake. Mostly that's what I would listen to man when I was in Russia Learned a lot of Russian folk music on the guitar and really. Oh Yeah and I. It was one of my favorite things ever and I wish I. There's one song that was such a great fucking song. I wish I still remember to buy Dell Was Did your brother have a strong accent. Considering he was six years older. I mean as a kid. I don't really remember like right now. We don't really have accents. you talking rush into him. We talk in English. But when we're with like my parents or other people who like speak. Russian more than English speaking Russian. Or you're supposed to live. Yes Roy Nice in same same town. No they move to Newton but they're like in the same area. They left like they had a house in there like an apartment which is much easier. Did your dad drink. No not really seen like yeah. Yeah because I feel like every Russian Man. I knew drink hardest. Fuck I feel like I mean I mean. I'm sure that that is like like the others. It's a broad stroke of going like every day. I feel like the like my parents friends. Not particularly like not to say that like there wouldn't be like you know holidays and people would do. I mean there's like like what what I remember. Much more of his like people doing like small like not shots like the way you would think of it but like much smaller and a sense of like sort of doing toasts. There is a there. Were a twenty six dishes toasts that we used to do. I think it was like I was like all night long and it was just another one but there were real tiny. Yes but there's no bars in the town. I grew up in no one went to bars and like no one like Yeah I guess like I. I don't know I can't speak to it but but off hand. I don't think that that like that was never a thing for my parents are like their friends that I was aware of hander. Okay what So so before. When you met your wife you were living in New York correct. Yep Yes and she actually grew up in the town. I went to college in over. Yes but we met in New York. Yeah okay it was ever thought of moving to La. I mean in a sense. I'd say not really like meaning. I always kind of figured that I would stay in New York or potentially move back to Massachusetts We'd considered it in. You know it wouldn't have been possible but I think also like as she got sick. It seemed like that would no sense. It made much more sense to move on family But I in terms of a career like I. Could you know everything I wanted to do? I could do New York and now largely a lot of what I WANNA do. I can do in you know either. Somerville or here in Odd And so you know it's like I can recall. I record BOB's out of Boston from a studio we record in three cities at the same time where we're on live. We do a lot. Yeah so that's so we actually do it all together live. Yeah which is not a common way to make a TV show but it really so now who created who created that shows that Lauren Chard Bloomberg Chart. I keep I keep going back to John. Benjamin yes so. He's so he's I mean he's been in every project of Laurens Guy. Believe but Fascinating Dude. He's really really funny. But but like Lauren actually so when he created the show. We worked on this like eight minute demo for. I don't know two years or something like that like going to the studio recording and re recording and then like after literally like working on this thing for years learn collison was like it's been picked up like we're making at the time it was nine episodes may maybe thirteen. I forget And so we got picked up for a very small number of episodes and started. Started doing that. That's That's my daughter's My daughter loves it and I Y STI- sat down one day and I'm watching it and I go recognize these voices so I could go on and I'm like shut up. These are all the fucking comics. I Love Yeah. It's all largely stand ups. A lot of the guests often are to what was what were the projects you did the got away from you like meaning the ones that you did that your Goddamn it was so good and no one got it on. I mean the you know. I don't necessarily even look at it that way but You know I did a pilot for comedy central. That had a lot of really funny stuff that like it had become a TV show. I think would be. It would have been pretty funny on. Tv Show Do you feel like the industry has gotten you. I mean shirt meaning like even I get to make the things I make and then you know like I made a super weird album five years ago. But it's recoup so I don't know sure you know what I mean like. I feel like some of us some of us when we start you get put in a box of what they see you as and what and what they expect out of you and and and I always wondered like if you if you if guys like yourself John Benjamin Jon Glaser Dmitri. Get into a box of 'cause you are so original. You have forced into a box where you can't just bring in something. That is just really funny. It's gotta be like and then they all live in an eyebrow you know right well I feel like I do remember people very early on like in two thousand two thousand one being like. Oh you're funny but I have no idea what to do with you. But that's fine like they don't like everything ended up. You know so much like changed in terms of like the Internet and how much content there could be in the world and that you could make your own podcast again. I always found it easier to make my own things so it's not like I needed someone to be like okay. How can we make a show where you're like an off kilter neighbor? It's just more like now. I you know I am on various projects and a lot of it is also friends. Like Concorde's was that I met them in. They wrote me in as Eugene into their show and same with Glazer with somebody. Who was you know like a around doing a lot of stuff? And then when he made the show de located you know I played like a Hitman. This short little five minute demo and then it's sort of like developed in in the art of that show a lot of it. The whole time I watched song laser. Tell Their Story about his dad. I couldn't see his face because his hat gotta kept looking for a guy who the fuck is this. Yeah but yeah so so I think like I don't I mean yes people obviously get pigeonholed and I think if I was like auditioning for a lot of stuff in there was something I really really wanted. that I wasn't getting maybe that would be very frustrating. But like for me. I wanted to make the festival in a movie about it and I made pilots for stuff and wrote a book and done a lot of albums but I feel like a lot of the projects. I wanted to do disturbed projects I wanted to do with friends. And then if somebody wants the Caspian thing that sounds pretty good too but I also remember like doing you know you know being in New York. Doing stand up and being broken like doing auditioned for random. Sometimes it would work out like I was briefly in. I was in an episode of Third Watch. I think in the very first few years of being in New York and Like when I was I was temping still and then I got that But I remember doing some audition. It was like a commercial and audition was it was for some DVD game. That's how old it was a game that was on. Dvd's and the character. When I showed up when I looked at the sides the character was across. You're looking for a cross between Jack. Black and Robin Williams and I looked just like the musical genres endless characters. And I was just like this is like I can't believe I've taken like four hours or whatever it is delay. Come and be a part of this because there's just no version where this is. This is a terrible use of away from me to like make any money and so I think I and that was also coinciding with some of the things like touring stellar like doing shows where like when I went modest messin could make like a few hundred dollars a show like you know once once I could make enough to basically cover rent that. That was a big turning point for me. What was it like a Stella? By the way I was a huge fan of the state. Like Yeah I mean. Did you watch the state in College? I did I did. I watched the Collagen so when I started doing those shows and touring with them. That was incredible. That was silly. An eye toward a lot together. An e You know one of the producers of the movie and help guide US alive But yeah you met them. Were did you do you have? I get awestruck I get I get. I'm I'm starstruck by people. I can't help it. I am very now. I just did an interview Adam Sandler and I completely shut the bed like it really fucked it up but when you meet someone like the state and you're young and you just moved to New York and they and they like what you do. Dim was very very exciting. Yeah I remember that moment. Do you get off dig. It just depends I think largely fine I I sort of separate the two things but but but very excited I think it just depends. I don't yeah What's your favorite state? Sketch to remember. I I don't know if I remember like yeah I mean. I haven't seen it a very long time. But it was something I watched like religiously in college but that admittedly is I think like now. The mid nineties cod so far along it was like it was the first I would say. It was my. It was my introduction into comedy in that in that I did not. I did not find what comedy central was putting on Super Funny at the time a good. We'll the state was I think MTV than an was doing. Stand up at the time. And I didn't get that I didn't I didn't find found. Snl funny but it was like you know Sandler Farley. Of course I found the bunny. The state was the first thing where other people weren't laughing the room but I was dying and I understand why maybe they had a sketch about eating muppets. That was really funny. Oh yeah show me far away. That was like the scary. Muppet shows up the way quote every skates aid ever like he was like doing. What are we having for dinner tonight? Bill well we're having muppet wait. What muppet how do we get them up and he goes very easy? I'll show you. I'm having a hard time with my ABC's and in the window. Well I mean dude I it. Will it It was just one of those things and I met them. In Greece randomly We were backpacking through Europe. And I met David Wayne who to this day things. I played volleyball with him. I have no idea what he did with some guy that he played volleyball with. But man that guy left a dent on his psyche. He's like we'd lay volleyball together. Every fucking time of met David Wayne And then worked with Michael In Black Thomas landed and I I really haven't met many of them but worked with Jim Sharpe. Who was one of the? Epa's on that back in the day. And I just get down the Jim. Sharpe sent me like a whole catalogue of everything they had and I was like in fucking so what? Tell me about my other. Favorite one of my other favorite bucket bands modest mouse. What was it like touring with modest mouse? Will it was both? I mean you know it was. It was right before float on. It was like the tour preparing for slow down for like they. Were you know in a sense about the blow up It was open for them when I saw them. Did you open it? The was it at the Greek. No no no no so. This is probably before that like saying. It's like album hadn't released. We did something like eleven or twelve days in Florida and I usually have something like six or so. The shows were actually really fun. And then like three or four were higher than one or two or like what were were just like there was like one or two that were really difficult where like people were just like yelling and like kinda crazy not really hot but you know it was. It was pretty fun and it was. It was a lot of like trial by fire. Where like guy was you know I also had video and stuff? I kind of did a lot of things right. People won't yell at a funny video and I and I was right like I would do some stand up and show video and do some more show video and like it it. It ended up working out pretty pretty. Well it was pretty fun. They were very sweet Did you get a cocktail and watch the shows? Oh Yeah it was really fun. Yeah it was great and they were also like all like sort of two to five hundred CE clubs like it was all pretty small maybe closer four five or something but but yeah it was like this small tour to get ready for a bigger door and what inevitably was show really big album and so were you listening. I mean this sounds crazy. You listening to that album thereabouts. Release the route with their brains. He I mean that's what they were playing along with a bunch of other stuff. Yeah Glimmer Fun I mean. And that was all through an agent that the book them the time and then and was like she had actually she used to go to those tinkle shows and She was like one time to go. Do you WANNA open for the Shins. Barry Ballroom and this is like two thousand two or whatever it was and I was like yes. I would like to do that. Except the funny part ended up being like you know I wasn't listed so it was something like one or two vans opening and then the shins were supposed to go on at eleven and then instead I came out to ten minutes of stand up and people were like what the fuck is this and they were sort of idea land. Yeah and then like they were sort of heckling and then I was like then I think I said something like I can't believe I'm being heckled by people who could get beat up by Belen Sebastian. And that kind of really turned everyone and they were kind of okay like this is this is funny and they laughed and I probably also showed a video. You probably did like southern state of the show video and they're like all right that's fine So yeah and then from. There started working with her and did for a long time. She's really great really. Did you work with? I mean that was like a lot of what I toured in terms of like through her. But then there's like you know I mean unrelated to that you'll tango would do these Hanukkah shows that have comics on their shows and they also did They did a tour of What's it called? They did a tour of swing states with like different musical guests and comedic guests and so I did like a leg of that for like a week or two The the first album put out on the Seattle label. Suicide Squeeze I ended up what why album. I have that album. What album is absurd nightclub comedy? Have that in then. John Gray from Hurt it and he asked me if I wanted to choose than host. They're like they're sort of tour with him with cake. Gogol Bordello and Teagan and Sara Rogalla Gallon. Right emceed that tour but I would mostly like do stuff up front a little bit you know between the first and second band and then by the time like it was like cake was coming on. There was no like I couldn't do stand up like if I would go out. People would just chant cake and so I would just go out and introduce cake but but I could but you could do stand up front you know and there were things like that that like you would sort of learn as you did these things and then. I've done like I did a tour with Robyn Hitchcock which was more like a split Bell Because he's somebody that I really loved for a long time and you know occasionally and I've been other bands That I've done that. I've done stuff with. I don't do it nearly as much now because also it's it can be hard to do like it's by It can also but at the time also. It was really fun and helpful. You know I sort of the mind that you kind of take whatever opportunities you know you can and those were also a lot of pretty pretty fun towards. I also did a tour with Andrew Bird in that was really great because his audience was really lovely. Like we would be in kind of you know. Mid-size theaters sort of between one and two thousand people I would say and And his audiences were just really sweet. What was the tour you did with? Marin and Getler candler yeah. That was I think killer wanted to do the stand up tour. Stand up And so is the three of us. driving around with them at the time arguing who had who had tanked career more that was that was like every day was like five hours of them debating and now years later. It's obvious it was Kimbler your career you know. The one side of punishment is that he's really really successful now. More than funny is that he gets recognized The one thing I find fascinating and not to go but I think I think weakening I think fans make nauseous. The differentiation between what? I guess they would call Bro Comedy or what I do. I don't know what I don't know. What ALTERNATIVE COMEDY CALLS? We do. But there is a difference. You obviously you. I'm sure you know that there is two different scenes. Sure sure sure I mean. I know that there's lots of different scenes. Yeah but But I one of the things that I've always been a jealous is like just how enmeshed Scenes like the alternative scene. I guess I'll use that lack of better. Words is with music because man you you guys have just been dialed into like my favorite. Jeff tweedy has Fred Ormiston now. Obviously Fred Armentony Jeff. Tweedy have history like he also like. That's another band but also wilco. I remember when Wilco played like was the musical surprise guest on tinkle show and then eventually when they started solid sound they had Hodgman book. You know comedy and they have like this comedy components of it. I think it's just also a lot of people sort of liking each other. Is this gap. Basically a lot of it. I remember we might tour. Bus driver was Jeff tweets tour bus driver and he was on Gilmore in Congo Why don't we want and I call Jeff tweedy and see if he wants to come out to a show like. Nah He was like why so? I don't need my favorite musician to like me. I was like I think I'm GonNa Pass. And he was like for Real. I go yeah I know what comedy he likes and I don't do anything like it and I I mean I can't imagine him seeing me. Take my shirt off being like okay. All right you never know. But it's it's it's always been a fascinating fascinating component of like of. What was it Robin Wright Pan? Is that WHO? Who's WHO's the woman that sang one. One is the loan the Tom I don't know but I believe you I thank you. I just haven't did not know. She's she's big at Largo. She goes out and does. Largo all the time. And you like all. These great musicians have always been drawn to these comics. That I'm I'm big fan of his well but it's a I've always been like like the pounding drum going like went like when I would comment like hip hop guys are fans. Are the envy staying legs. He was that helpful. Sadly I'm past the point of needing anyone famous alike I was that was like my feather. My cap was to get like a famous fan when I was younger. I think approached his business very differently than you did. I think I'm where I'm now where you are where you were when you started meaning one when I started I wanted. I wanted to be accepted. I didn't I just wanted to be accepted. I think that was what was so difficult for me. Embraces like Surf Reality and collective unconscious was that I very quickly was not accepted and it was like I was the guy that was like like just looked at like I don't belong here and it was I would I would say I would argue it kind of was a strain on me and dimitris friendship. Because to me very quickly was accepted by everyone I mean. Want to say real quickly. He was on tour with somebody and I was an I felt like I was the friend hanging out and kind of keeping him back like I would go to the bar and hang out with them have beers and you could see Dmitri very quickly networking making friends and talking about other shows and I was just this other comic and I was like you know what I gotTa do my own thing. I can't just be going to open mics with guys. I got to be the guy that goes to open mics by myself. Like I can't be like bad. Wears where these guys going. I'm going to go with them. And and and it still berry you know frustratingly. I spent my time trying to get club owners to like me and doing funny bones and improves and trying to get approval through the industry and it was. I mean that's totally away to have career. I mean all I ever wanted is a career and so the way I did. It was the way that seemed to make the most sense in and also put the most control in my hand so like I didn't do that getting quiz game hundred control. Yes I guess for me. It was like getting on. Tv was hard but like making your own album with a small indie label and making your own website. And you know all these different things like that stuff you could control. You could make a video and put it online. Yes you know what I did. You know like in the late nineties and in early two thousands and when around because it was just like what can you do? And that's what I would do so it was. Just you know a lot of times people would be like. Oh you like we'd be like Oh you're playing like rock clubs because it's you know cooler something it'll be like. Yeah but also they pay way better than comedy clubs and you can do like one show instead of four like I completely understand that makes sense if you can get a hundred people come you know. Then you're in just a better place. Your split is just better And then you can kind of survive. So that's sort of a lot of what I was doing was basically whatever like made sense to sort of survivor a way to make money and also was enjoyable. Yeah I did not do that I did I. I was under the impression of if a tree. I think you looked at the careers. If a tree falls in the woods it's still falls and it doesn't matter if no one hears it it's still falling. Nfl I was like well. No people see it fall in order to know fell so I need the industry to approve of me and I need to book. Tv shows and pilots. And and I think I was. I was caught up in that so badly until I got until I lost everything and I was like I was like fuck it i. I'm the only one that's paying the mortgage here. I'm the only one that's on the only died in this house. I'm just going to do it. My own fucking way and I think that I mean if anyone's accomplishing to this I would definitely follow your path before following mine. I'm fucking both try for a decade. It'll be fine. The girl was Your Path. He was like he was a buck. The clubs I remember being like. Where are you getting this confidence from late? Even think like fucking clubs. I just think like if you like if that's where you're you know if if you're getting stage time like I remember people being like I already have. A low energy works that that I was like I like. I don't know what you're telling me. I just WanNa do comedy like so key. Words Smith is a sad. I think somebody said and I couldn't tell if they were actually maybe talking about. Dimitri already like they were like. I already have that like what I need is. And I wasn't even exactly that it was just sort of this odd thing and I think they were just like I don't get like I know you were on coney but I don't get how what you're doing comedy though like to me. I was like kind of doing setup punchline. Just a little weird or a little different I guess And you know it's it's it was also fine. I ended up finding my own path and I think that's just that was. It wasn't even that the other way wasn't possible. Like could I maybe developed the set? And maybe like broken through into some clubs or something like that like ostensibly but it matter like it was. I guess I just didn't think it mattered. And and in a sense that would bore out to be true. I wish I had. I wish I had hung out just a little longer. Dmitri and listen to people as opposed to try to heard that makes sense. Yeah that would also see till you got fined for you. So it's SORTA like I don't know whatever career like the goal is sort of to start doing comedy in ten to fifteen years later via comic and so I don't know whatever way you learn that Suzanne fine if you start in a sense young enough when you forty forty three forty five forty five yeah does so no I mean I'm I'm I'm. I've always been jealous of your hair. Thank you thank you. I always wanted wish. I wish I could just like clip it up but now greatest head of hair and it's got a great you're back corner always here always looks like you. Just yeah in the pandemic get mature haircut. Da Me so So what's next? What what what do you plan on doing next is a fan? I'm excited to see what you do. Next I mean I I plan to work on more like sort of projects with By friends that I made my last record with. And do maybe some like kids things and also just like more kind of You know weird audio projects and then also write a new our a standup as well as Working on an animated show with a few other friends I might try to do another book. I don't know like I right now. I'm literally just trying to get through the pandemic So so it's sort of you know I'm kind of trying to have my like life have ordered an a a bit of a routine then will focus more on comedy stuff. You Thousand Twenty Minute Fucking Dick. Show for you. So far it yeah. It's not it's not like the best best year but also I just like you have sort of get through it young right now. I'm just trying to get through it so it's not like there's anything I don't know I mean I have things I'd like to do. Things may be working on to try to create a semblance of like you know normalcy by So we'll see but yeah working on projects with friends which is largely what I do in general I I used to have a podcast with audible. That was really fun to do so I would like I might try to do a podcast again but again like years. Dan Line Am I try to help like Other comics put records and things like that so I don't know what will say I'd love to. I mean I know it's not I know that you probably a lot on your plate but I would love to hear podcasts by. I mean I would say you know the closest I've ever the closest I've ever gotten in my career to you know being where you were when you started where you said Fuck it. I'M GONNA do. This myself was. My podcast is one of the greatest things. I've ever I've ever done. I'd have three now. I've four technically but I love the do it yourself. Love that no one can take it away from you. I love and I wish that that I mean I feel like that is the one takeaway from this interview is like a wish. I had done that earlier a wish that I had like. I'm GonNa make this happen myself yet but you also like did. I mean yeah. Sure like it's just took me a long guests fucking time to go like oh I can make a video and then sell tickets through that video. Yeah yes it's true Are you are you parents? Say Are you by yourself now. I mean I do have I have a teen with my son and then Also like my nanny is at her own quarantined with her daughter. So she comes here to help like that's how I can do this so she comes. It comes during the week But yeah I'm like with a lot and I up with him every day and all that sort of thing So yeah it's very strange like you know all of a sudden you know you yet. It's strange becoming single badmin- all of a sudden being like Oh also now there's a pandemic like all the things you're going to. You thought you were going to do the sort of make it through this weird time. You now liked. Do any of that. You have to hide in your home with like as much like frozen chicken as you can. It's got Did I know that you said in the in the in the in the documentary? That nothing's off limits with comedy. What's the in in every now's the time when you should laugh the most? Wha What's The I joke? Have you written any jokes about being a single dad being by yourself? Don't know like I might have I. I like those at one point. Just trying to write down things that were happening ideas and stuff like that but I like haven't like I was going to do a show now like two weeks ago or something like that and that obviously got canceled is everything did So I think like I'll probably write jokes and write things about all this stuff you know as like whenever we're allowed to perform again. Saturday July or of either now or twenty twenty two or whatever sets Yeah I I've I've I'm panicking. When do you think when you think a fucking quarantines going I mean I think basically like it'll end when we can test enough people that we can control it and we can know who has it? Which includes testing People so I think right now like. Us testing like one hundred fifty thousand people in needs to be testing. Probably between five and seven hundred thousand. A day And I think once we can do that. Like there's no point in reopening anything. If like a week later the like will have to start over so we just need to like you know hoping that my son can go to school in September. I don't think like I duNNO SINGLE-PARENT. I'd be like this better fucking open is number. I mean like say they were to open. Schools back may fifteenth for a week. Like who the fuck is that for. Send somebody to school for five days to see if they can't get a virus Lake this'll end when everyone takes it seriously. And when the in basically when the government can test enough that we can isolate it and go like 'cause is right now like we're about to hit the peak like in her and hot spots but rural areas are just starting to get it and you know some like places like they don't have like to doctors get sick there fucked and and I think like that has to be dealt with in a serious way to save the save people and then that was my problem when people leaving. The city's was that you're going to a place that has one then later. Understand that you have a vacation home there but if you bring it from the city and in fact that area then your place has one ventilator so like now what's you need to stay put in New York where they have more things to kick take care of more people. I was my problem with it but I mean I. Yeah I don't know I think it's just like it depends on the people in like you know some people are immuno-compromised and like if they live in an elevator building like they should try to go and be with their parents like I don't I I. I don't I think like more than any of that. I think like you know the government needs to test enough people to control it so like you know. In two months ago we should have started making ventilators and now we should start today or yesterday. You know what I mean like nothing. Whatever mistakes have been made can't be avoided but like you know you could avoided disaster in June. And if you want to reopen the economy. You have to make sure that people aren't afraid to go to restaurants and the only way they will be afraid is if they don't think they'll kill their parents if they go. Yeah whatever you have to do for that as I think so. I don't know two or three months of this. And then hopefully it'll be under control and then it'll resurface in November and brief. You must fuck. August childers soon. I know you're you got a busy day what what did you What what are your I have to ask you and I know that these aren't like these are aren't on brand questions are you abiding guy. I mean yet meaning what I what I like like. Yes do I mean by now but I mean like I was curious will wasn't my first choice But I like I mean in general. Yeah I feel like I think that that The policies like he whatever you'll have like he'll nominate more reasonable Lakers court justices and judges and he'll take a pandemic seriously. Like ten percent of America will be out of a job because I think he would have listened to scientists and taking it seriously in January February. You know I think like kids won't be dying when they're like like in cages. Like like I think like there's just you know whatever you think of him or record. I just think like there's certain things that will just like environmental policy will will be better like it will be weak link. Will it be enough? I don't know but it will certainly be a move in the right direction. What a were you a Bernie guy originally no. I don't like as as someone for Russia like yes like but but I also think like the truth is I think like everyone has to have healthcare like I just don't know if like his solution for that solution that I think is best but I definitely think like everyone should have health care. I think like there needs to be a robot like the bank is showing that there needs to be a robust safety like. It can't be like this society can't survive off of GOFUNDME. These you know like we we need there needs to be a safety net. Though he wasn't like by choice I think like a lot of things he said. I think like he was very good at Fi- at pointing out serious problems but I don't know if his solutions were the ones that I think are necessarily the best but Yeah either way. I think all of it is significantly better than sort of What I think is like the huge failure of the federal government under trump. You know who's your. Who's your candidate? Elizabeth? Warren I yes. I like Warren I thought that she Took like like she's who I ended up. She's like voted for though. I also like Pete And I thought that she kind of took a lot of the I think she just had a smarter version a more effective version of some of the Of of a lot of the policies that I think Bert. If you think of her and Kate McKinnon video had come out two weeks earlier she would have been a presidential candidate. I don't think I mean meeting like I mean I think like I mean the funny truth of it is is like with all the people who you know Lake like a lot of Virginia. The person who brought out unslinging huge new numbers of voters was Biden. Like it's just sort of like whatever you think he is like like he's the one who inspired people like you know and I think that that's in a sense. Speaks for itself whether people like him or not like he's not who. I voted for but He he brought. He brought the voters. Now is there anything I left out in this interview. Obviously I would I would love I think many people never got the opportunity wife I would love. Maybe if there's a way that you could tell everyone about your your wife Katie. If you can. She seemed to be a big really. Really big part of your life and and in the movie. Obviously she's your wife but it's it it. It made me very angry. I was very angry at the end of your movie. I mean you know I think like she. You know in a sense. She was sort of like the strongest person I'd ever known she Shoot just so like resilient and we made a point of having as much sort of happiness as we could You know given everything And she just was such a sort of funny resilient ray person in its you know so weird and sad and it's weird and sad that like the movies out and she's not here and like you know but Also that was like kind of like you know. We knew that it would happen. It just kept always seeming months away or or more and then he achieved fight so she had she you know she basically she had had cancer like starting nine years ago. But then you know briefly for about a year didn't have it and then it came back and then once it came back for the last six years it was terminal but it was terminal with a lot of possible treatments. And she had done you know maybe fifteen or so different treatments in in about a year you know so now like a year in several months ago like you know November of I guess twenty nineteen or so Or no twenty eighteen November twenty eighteen or so her like her medicine. It stopped working and she was being switched to a new treatment and she had sort of said like. Do you think this is my last Christmas. And the doctors were like you know we You know odds are the it is your last Christmas. But we'll try to beat those dots and they did. They did beat those odds. She lived for another full year We got to do a lot of great things she got to spend. I'm with Ali Him. Becoming more of a person and like you know really interacting in all that And then she was on a new treatments. You know a year later and it again with these things it takes time so takes about the same amount of time to know if it's working as to know it's not working and they'd always said that you know once it seems like a treatment will hurt you shorten your life as opposed to lengthen your life. That's basically when you stop and so you know. That's that that like after she basically went into the hospital and she'd gone in a few times For various things and we were hoping that she could be made better and then get a new treatment but it was clear that like that sort of the symptoms we had were the disease not like side effects and something but again you know you're sort of doing your best buy So yeah I mean like I think just. She was just persevered. And was I don't know like Just so strong and interest like funny and just like it was her I it was. She was in the movie the perfect time at the perfect it. Didn't it didn't overwhelm or cut out. How funny the movie is. A movie is hilarious. I want everyone to go watch it because it is a hilarious movie about a group of comics that did their own thing and have been doing their own thing it despite whether or not the industry was paying attention or not. You guys like an and I think they have a primarily. I think everyone in there is a name. That's very recognizable but it's interesting to know that you guys would have done that. Had the industry not recognized it and and it's super inspiring as a comic. But it's fucking hilarious movie the stand up and it's great. The you working on your cancer cards is so fucking funny you you not you bombing with joke and I loved I loved when you tried your bailout. That had worked before. And you missed it because it was meant to be part of the joke like meaning. It wasn't it was just meant to be like that was thing but then the next time it seemed like it was. It was so funny that I was like. I'm pretty sure it's funny. I ate eventually. It's not in the movie but eventually turned that into one of the cards and it worked pretty. Well oh it but the fact that a comic Watching knows the oath shit. I've said something to early faulk. That's not and then you going back to her. My my part that I mean killed me was Katie and my wife were identical in the way they received a husband would bombed and it was like just like I mean I i. I fell in love with her in that movie and when she said that the candor she had when she said you know concern is that Ali won't remember who I am yet hall my God. It was It was an amazing amazing movie. Eugene and I wanNA thank you thank you. It's during that because I think a lot I know I. I don't know if I would've I think and by the way I don't know if I would be able to do what you're going through. I think I would be very angry and I might be drunk right now doing this. Podcast don't know I you know I mean. I think like you know everybody has to do what they have to do. Like I mean not that I'm recommending. You'd be very drunk. Podcast I just mean like I don't like I have to be here for me for my son in a sense we're both here for each other so I just can't like meaning like I have to make food. I can't like drop food ground angry about. I don't WANNA cut hotdogs. What off well. It's not good. I think like in a sense. He's as much here for be as I have for him like I. I think I think I think we're you know helping each other a lot. It's awesome man. Thank you so much taking the time to do this. I thank you very much for having me a dude. I've been a fan for a long time as bummed me out that we've never met or gotten to gain. This is all over. Maybe me Jeff tweedy could swing by one of your shows. Yeah beyond my wife goes what my wife Goes I. I'm really bad at interviewing people and so a lot of times. I'll just sit with my wife and Bangor like I'm talking to you g murmur. Like what do I want to say? She was like Whoa and she goes. What do you want ask him I go? I really WANNA ask him if his wife ever saw the machine story. It's like don't fucking ask him that. What the was the machine story? Perfect way to end this interview. The perfect way to end his interview She'd saw a lot of a Lotta sitcoms. We watched a ton of sitcoms over the last few years like like Mary Tyler Moore Rhoda. Newhart was what we were on. Yeah Watch it all the way through yeah family ties like basically every morning ju just plow through different sitcoms would start like now a few years ago with Dick Van Dyke as her like eight medication would kick in. And then we've watched all golden girls and so many nuts like sue. That's what we would watch Donna. It was very relaxing very nice way to start mornings. I'll take a warm blanket for. Yeah yes so. We started every morning with like basically going through some old Sitcom and watched a lot of them all. Well I appreciate you doing this man I'll let make sure spread the word about your movie. If you ever have anything to please feel free to think of me as a as a As a fax machine. Sure I'll definitely let you know in in a few years when we're allowed to make things again l. confidently let you know. I think aren't hearing you so much for having me on. This was great. This is really fun. Thank you what was. What was your expectation about? This would be like this. I didn't know I assumed it would be something like what it was. Okay you so fucking different than I am. You have no idea like I. My my brain is always five steps ahead of everything's always trying to like predict and you're just like in the moment like I thought it was gonna be like was. Yeah I mean but but if I would tell you if I didn't think that like meaning like I just thought it'd be a conversation with you asking global bustards joking around curiosity. Had you ever heard of me before? This interview I I would say like I. I think I've seen Like I think I've seen images and maybe I've seen. Actually some of your stand up like on instagram will Show just like these random clips or something if you go to the search so I think I've seen it but but I don't know much But but I do know that you believe you are a pro economic and that you're very nice very nice. That's all I that's all you need to know. I'll I'LL DIG DEEPER. You want you don't need to. It was good talking. We'd rather thank you so maybe you take care bye bye. This episode is brought to you by the machine.

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