Episode 65 - GUESTS Daisy and Chrissy - Junior Giants, Chicken Tenders and Talent Show


We just wrapped up with daisy in chrissy from the junior giants. They came on. They talked all about the junior giants program. How they love the giants and we even talked about a little bit of ballpark food. There oracle park and around. They are chicken tender experts or so. They say they talk about. What's the proper breading. how should it be cooked. And how much chicken should be inside with at all about him. Including what scooby doo character they are. What's the perfect ratio for trail. Mix and are you flying driving or taking the train. we also went deep into are grab bag. Answer some weird questions since week which spice girl you've taken with us that the pirate question elway the pirate question all right. We'll stick around for this episode. It was a fun. One is episode sixty five Welcome to episode sixty five with a spivey special podcast one more than sixty four and we did it as they were saying. We couldn't do one more than sixty or believed him. Around helena chance i. We had a fun episode lineup. Today we've got two guests today. That is very true. We got the g the sequel as we call them. We have daisy end chrissy. Welcome to the show awhile. Since they're having us we're excited. Have you guys on the show joining us through from zoom all the way from san francisco. What factors go all right. So let's enough about us. They've heard sixty four times you to introduce yourselves unless there's a little bit about you. The spivey brothers are always here but who is joining them today. Who is who is sit back. And let's find out together with get to know your guest to go all right everyone. I'm chrissie cam. Larry born and raised in roseville calif I am the youngest records. And i went to st. Mary's college of california majored in kitchen. And somehow along on. The way led me to the san francisco giants and Giants coordinator for the giants community fund. That's that's the intro. I love it could be on a game. Show this one hi. I'm daisy tonight. Oh these dotto. I grew up in singers heights. California replace I also went to saint. Mary's gaels kills big big fan I'm a four three teacher and part time. I work with the giants As a regional master with the june drains program based small morals. We'll get into it. How small really is it. How do you guys know. Each other is a question. We have a pretty fun story. Yeah so do you want to start with your perspective on all come in so i went to casper high school. Tv has hand. We knew that one. And i had a really good teacher. All four years With a program. How avid which happens to be chrissy. Sister yes shout out to melissa yes So i meant chrissy mice. Sophomore year of high school. Her your freshman year. It was early pressure. Maybe your junior year it does matter. It doesn't matter really early on. And i remember okay and melissa always say Chrissy would be your friend. Like you and chris Totally hit it off But we didn't go the same went to oakmont. Yeah so when. I went to also when i went to st mary's Chrissy was thinking about applying similar. Melissa reached out to me inside in christie. Stay with you in your dorm as you can look at the college so she did and we did hit it off and the rest is history now but now we're officially god. Sisters daisy guy confirmed about prize and all that jazz at saint. Mary's in my sister was responser. And she's my godmother to so now we're god so and people think are related like even my own family on my dad's side we're cousins side so part of the fan. Yeah often i can. You guys confused all the time we know each other pretty well so basically what you're telling me is arranged friendship and then it just happened to work out now. I never thought about it that way but it worked out you know. This arrangement looks good years later. We're still here so it's rare. It happens in the us say jr. but i'm just really happy. We got set up our it. Let's let's get moving into some of our weird. Get to know your guests questions more than just like what's your name as into school. We want to really get to know you wanna find out what is your spirit. Animal mine would be adult thin like they're like playful funds like water agree. You have cell phone energy. I went back and forth on this one by as of recent especially since we're like inside. I think i'm a little kitchen. Because i like to find the sunny spot in my living room and dislike gonna take out your kitten like a like a dog cat. I really like younger. Sister survived. And i think that's just light that makes sense specific. It was good. She showed her work. That's all accounts. Spirit animal now. I'm not sure if you guys follow that closely on social media. But i did post a picture of zach spirit animal. The day and i was delivering a package in their. This huge just garfield size cat at the didn't want to go up to the door and take the package so instead. I took a pitcher Zach i said finally i found your spiritual so i put it on social media so you can see what i was talking about betsy that the cat looked back. It was really fun. Yeah it didn't like it walk because it was too for that but that's that's fine. I think that's why it made me think of you. Somebody keeps feeding it and was true. He's living the life. He's getting fed just delivery after delivery. It's a different kind of question. Spirit animals kind of our goto. We've got some really good answers on that. But this one you have a handful of trail mix you have ten pieces. I did a lot of research this week. And that's about. The average size is about ten pieces. In one handful what is your ratio of peanut raisin and eminem the perfect handful bite me. I really sweet. So i'd have to be half eminem. Cz yes so five pieces them and nego- go three peanuts to combo. Yeah i'm the type of person who leaves all the eminem's roommate go with and nine of an ems in one reason because i'm allergic to peanut. Also allergic yeah. That's my answer twitter. Go this is trail me why even say one raisin like raisins and it changes the texture a little bit you know i would take a bag of 'em's the answer to that. Yeah i think daisy was actually really close to the correct answer. But it's gonna be a distinct answer to this. Yeah you gotta go. It's four peanuts for eminem's in two raisins. Because you have to have the crunch with both the peanuts and eminem's have make sure you have a perfect amount of salt that mixes in with it. And then you had to have the kind of chewy with raisins. that kind of gives it a little fruity zing at the end fruit zinc looking to raise a lot of zine pep. I really thought that one yeah. I don't write it in the notes if i don't have an answer for it. Yeah he only writes down questions that he has a clever answer for got them. All in the satchel ready to go Get to know you guys all right and this is another weird try question. I have a lot of questions about this question. Are you gonna fly drive or take the train. how are you getting where you're gone fly. I agree like flying. Young people don't. But i feel like it means you're going somewhere fun. Yeah i'm definitely flying. I love planes and heights. Does not everyone can agree to that one but it feels like a special occasion. When you're flying when i go. I just had a lot of questions. We're are we going to ask. Flying like oakland was might answer. Always if you have to ask. you can't afford it. Just pick your mode of transportation. I think train would be the most fun. I think that would be the most fun too. Depending on how far it could be like. Oh are going to like paris. I don't think i want to take the train. I think. I wanna take the plane. But i think that one's the most likely to turn into a murder mystery. I think the best both important part in any travel now feel like they don't have to go through security. Feel like i can actually look at the window recognized something other than like but you do have to gerland. Train long-term train i have. They wouldn't true. I just picture of wild west like jumping on a train jumping off my horse. Yeah just you're jumping in with your little. This check you. How does not as thorough but jump on the train with a horse. They're still gonna check. I think he can get more hammered on a train. Though than any of the other ones too i feel. There's gotta be a string car. The altitude cured with the planes yet really only giving you those little tiny airplane byles boost and i think they're going to check you if you're hammered on the plane. They don't like they're going to be upset. You're hammered on a train. They might let you be the conductor. No rules on train. I'm not sure if that's try wanting to be a conductor. Think the question is trying. I don't know anything about train. Travel conduct first job ever. I did run train so toy trains. Or like i weren't johnson cruel pizza company and i worked in the arcade and i actually did run a train so my first job was ever was a conductor. Yeah i pushed a ride. I remember when that happened. It was a big deal. That was like a win there for my sixth grade. Graduation now is the place thousand place. I forget how young you are. Sorry for dayton us over here okay. This one's a little deeper executive. You ask this one all right. What's one thing you always wanted to learn to do but never have Beyond your podcast. No check Ardiden i think skateboard. I've always wanted to learn how to skateboard in like when i was younger. I was really girly. Coordinator uncoordinated still am stealing But i've always wanted to learn. Never have a good one. Could escape. I would injure myself. I can't see you had escaped park. But you could do it. I believe in you. Yeah calment skateboard like. You're at a skate park. You're not cool if we're helmet coolness. Up in your pants christie. Would you got. I would love to learn how to speak italian or maltese. Some both i think that'd be cool or like the intricate side of photography semi amateur by would love to go pro so try. I'd like to play the bass. Yeah that's pretty classic troy would just be the best bass player like it would be all about me. I'd be slapping it up slapping down all around. I'd basically be the guy earth wind and fire while he's pretty good. He's sets a high bar. Tyra said hi. I mean. I'm never gonna learn but you could do like a great. You could play bass in like a movie like as an extra. We don't actually have to play it kinda like on that thing you do when they go they do like the chimps members around like that. Random yo- Well you can you explain what you mean. You didn't follow like weird thread from a weird movie. You ever seen that movie that thing you do have heard of it. But i've never seen it will then you wouldn't get the reference. We're gonna move that you have anything for that one. I wanna learn another language. Which one i don't know maybe like a made up language. Maybe like it's like a star wars language from something completely. Useless game of thrones. Don't they have on the earth rack year. I i wanna speak to threaten just on the one off chance that i meet another person that speaks in that i can like listen in on them. Legged nail salon yet Like a fan fiction nail salon fictional place. Yeah i mean there's so many good ideas come together right now. I don't know where to put on all right. So we're newish to tiktok. We did do the bus a challenge. But i'm chrissie go. You haven't seen our tiktok. Phages amazing Chrissy i seen a couple of your videos in things suggestions. Who does your choreography. And are you paula abdul. What's funny is that my friend. Mary rose from saint. Mary's away says that i'd give her a lot of kuala abdul energy. So exactly in person told me it's like the collapse drinking own not at all. So i like most of america downloaded tiktok at the very start of the pandemic And it has consumed a lot of my My free time Especially when i was like quarantining by myself in services goes on like you know what else is there to do and my friends would just tag me in dance videos. Seven dance background. I just learned the choreography from there and perform and i like putting on like certain filter so it looks like i have a whole dance troupe behind me but it's really me But actually deleted currently to his not on my phone and deleted it for a little bit better. Human but tiktok is great. You can learn a lot from tiktok like teacher chalk. now's really cool. I learned a lot of like cool. Recipe's off there. There's lots of things learn it. It's so time consuming. Because the four you page will i customize it so like yours would be all about like food in sports and whatnot but the other cubs fan. Yeah talking about whatever had cut in. Pay cuts up the problem with tiktok. We've talked about it on some of the other episodes you just get lost. You like what just happened. I'm playing zombie soccer for two hours. I we'll get on tiktok. And i'll watch like one video like my wife will postpone or like oh that was fun and then just the next one just starts just goes and goes and like. It's one thirty to go to bed. Had that just happen. Will they started this new thing on tiktok that if you're on there for like so long that'll it'll send you a like an automatic video. They'll be like you've been on tiktok for awhile. I think it's time to go to bed and relax thing through to those the other night. Wow that's like the equivalent of the netflix. Are you still watching this. Yes i m netflix. Shut up. I wanna watch another season. You don't tell zach how to live his life all right. He does what he wants. All right last one. Forget to know your guest. Which scooby doo character are you guys. Would say yeah. I had a crowd source on this line. I asked my college friends in my brother and they both said vilma for me too. I feel like. I'm a cross between like velma on scooby a little bit of fun in there now or not is. Are you have an answering. I thought just be one of the villains. I don't know which one i feel like that. You're like a creepy abandoned library owner. That sounds right. i think so My dr threat nail salon language were come handy Really that i think a part shaggy part valme. I really like sandwiches so that would be shaggy do. But i think. I'll be the one the figuring out the clues especially on mike. The fortieth episode is like. I'm pretty sure that's not a ghost guys. We did this thirty nine other times than it was. It was the guy from the first scene of the show every single time. We ran into this guy all right so we got to know our guests a lot more than i thought. I knew you guys a lot better than i just learned so much about you guys so happy for that Let's take a short break in guys mentioned you both part of the junior giants organization and will go into sports. Today's episode is presented by clarks. Clark story began almost two hundred years ago. When cyrus and james clark made a slipper from sheepskin. I love sheepskin. I need to. It should be on everything at the time. It was groundbreaking a combination of invention and craftsmanship. The remained at the heart of what clarkston from the very beginning. Clark's always thought differently. Brilliant ideas are. what set. clark's apart. We're teaming up with clark's and pod go to bring you up to thirty percent off on select items. Hopefully these sheepskin boots. I love sheepskin including the iconic clarks desert. Boot desert desert sid desert. Okay that would have been better. America the desert those. Maybe i should get some of these boots. They look so good on you so check out. The thirty percent on select items including the iconic clerks developed boot. Pago dot co slash. Clark's that's pod. Go dot co slash. Clark's get your boots today. Sports with the spivey brothers cubs or good get the ball to big country. Generic soccer take all right. That's enough. i'm out of breath all right this week. I sports job. We're going be talking about the junior giants. Won't you guys tell me a little bit about it. Sure so the giants community fund is the five one three nonprofit of san francisco giants and our flagship program is junior rants. And it's free non-competitive coed baseball and softball for kids and underserved communities and we're all over. We have leagues Across california nevada and oregon and we serve about twenty four thousand kids annually. So yeah prequel program with an awesome program. Now let's go to the end and just see the conclusion but let's talk about the beginning of the junior guys program for the two of you. How all begin to begins yes. Troy likes to call me i the. Oj you are actually started in college. I was studying abroad and My savings account was fast. So i needed a A summer job. Until i was looking at our college job board. And i just happened to come across giants program and I got interviewed and our boss. Shot up to bailey. Woo was like the worst. Starting a new league in citrus heights. You grew up in jersey is like i think you would be a really good fit. You're gonna have this. Boston troy And i came back from sending abroad and started right away and metro roy and we Have newly and it was quite the time. Show let me preferences a little bit too. I had just reference. It's like when you pick what you really So i had just started with sunrise parks and rec so this was the first league i hit actually run and is the first time that we had done it in a while. I think it'd been five or six years since decide to run the programs yoga. Yeah so mainly oh We're just going at this thing blind and we blink. I think we have like three hundred fifty kids or something like that. Something pretty big. I think we almost had four hundred. 'cause i remember our boss was like i did not expect you guys to have this like we ran outta stuff because we didn't have enough for everybody so we're trying to get through this program. Neither of us know what's going on after carrying most of the load for most of the season You let me finish. Daisy got really tired of doing everything. So feel troy's at new shanghai deceit in chinese food all day all day law. So yeah we we made our way through it was it was pretty fun and we definitely learned a lot. How did you feel about the season. So i can was great. I mean choice sat at his desk. Ally might wanna basketball play. Lot of just like standing around Looks good but it did look good. Because i did all the work. So but it was very sexy. won't be. We ran a good league. But this is at the time. Where chrissy and i are also becoming a lot closer Went to blue nami one day and daisy was like so you know. I'm working for the giants this summer. White and you know as giants fan. I think the end goal is always to try to work for the front office. Okay and so. I was immediately interested in. I had a wreck background. I had worked for the city of roseville and so dc said next year. I'm going to be moving to the concord league you should take by slot in citrus heights yet down. So the next spring. I went to oracle park and interviewed with baileigh erode and me the job on the spot because i'm reminded of daisy daisy. Two point. oh she's like at your hired will worked for. Yeah i think. I butchered that interview And so then. I was a scientists suggest heights. wasn't add blind this time. No but here i am. I like have that a student mentality. i'm like suit home working for the summer. And i walk into the office in troy dishes reclined in his seat. Like this nolan crissier just bright eyed and a. it took me like a couple of times with troy. I think jake was in office to to figure out their violent para got it. The next time. I came into the office. I walk in and like we. We're betting on to see how many minutes early you would be. Gotta who won one. Always say you're going to be like two minutes late. we're up early. Bet it we we had. I think he might have the file somewhere where we kept it so vile now if he did know But you know like the easy. I was an independent worker with no. We learned a lot of responsibility of like how to handle things on her own side of do like three jobs yourself. Essentially so to be fair. I mean a lot of name shaming on right here because it was a free program that we ran your giants also. I don't think i'm not sure if you because mentioned is a free program that these parks and recreations. They put together. So i couldn't usually a lot a lot of my hours because of my boss. Tgi todd gordon. He we had so many other. You know paid programs. That actually made the district money that i had to put a lot of my hours outweigh. So the hours. I was allotted. Wasn't that many. So i did my best to help the ladies out but they both were stars. I can see by the junior. Giants kept him on this. Kick nicest thing you know. He wasn't looking directly at you. My brother wink. Roy wasn't all that bad. I mean on saturday game days. He would bring a lake the hash browns from mcdonalds breakfasts remember like more shoes. I mean really. I know. I don't really mcdonald's but it was good and The last day of my season we hit the the the storage unit and she popped out and we made her do inventories What is it. Like to work for the giants. Now i know Daisy just does it you know in the summertime but chrissy can you speak to how it is working for a professional organization warrant shirt so i always say you know people ask what like what the giants i'd say working. I work with the best people in the business. And that's definitely the best part of the job. I mean yes. It's very cool to have offices at oracle park but Like our whole team work long hours but they make it fun and we're in the fun business and It's cool that our work goes towards the community rather than you know the players on the field which they're they're great but It's more mission based so that's so cool But there's there's perks. Thera- perks turks. So i gotta get stories yet. Yeah so my part of my role is coordinating in pre covid coordinating events for the kids to come to the ballpark And one event is the buster posey's glove giveaway and posey gives out thousand gloves to giants and we were running short on time one year. I think this is a twenty nineteen thousand nineteen an r. m. c. fell through and the before i call beijing like hey So do you want to. 'em sierra at the ballpark is like her. Not really thinking bunch of it slash what we were doing and so i get their crissy's like i made your script like here. It is remember reading through in a mike. I'm asking questions. I'm john clyde lewis so all the kids are going to be sitting in the stems and like put you on top of the talk of the doug doubt and like. Here's the mike at gosawx at like. She had the whole sound system of the ballpark on her face. And we have a video of it will have to send it to you. The whole crowd at thousand complicates screaming at the top of their lungs during a t shirt. Toss yeah it was it was it was. It's my daisy yes month. So what is the coolest thing you think you guys have. Been a part of being with the giants. 'cause i know as a commissioner while you guys really were but as the having the title didn't go on the field for a couple games Be rod as as you guys like. The caller has hooked up with some pretty awesome tickets where we sat a sweet one time for a cubs game and then she got us playoff tickets for cubs game and she's done some pretty cool things for me just being friends with her. But what are the. Somethings working for the giants that you guys have done. That's the most memorable So my intern year. So right after. I was embassador insights. I got pulled up into the front office as an intern. And i think this was like two months into my internship. I get a text about ten days before big play ball fundraiser. That we have every year and it was are awesome executive director sue. She said hey you know. We talked with our team. Would you be cool to share. You know your indices and report video that you need of citrus heights at the luncheon chelsea great and she's like okay Buster posey's going to introduce you. Is that cool. What what rewind dance with lucille. That's part of your job and so i said sure. Of course it's kind of like you know. I didn't know what to expect. It's a thousand guests. It's like all of the the giants for office really all the players. The coaches and you know senior in college up on stage next buster. Posey he says name twice was great day. And then i got to talk about such as aids and show the video of all of the kiddos from that summer that i dislike filmed on my iphone that year. So that is by far one of the coolest as my life and it all you know as part of the job but I always go back to that day. Have anything Mine's not as cool But one year Were short on fifty fifty raffles sellers so the giants jez raffle at the game and half the proceeds go to the fan. And i got to work actually playoff game versus the cubs and i got to talk to this group and they have flown out from chicago. And i basically like trick them into buying tickets for Fifty fifty raffles her life. It's for a good cause as they're Paying me someone hits like care. I wanna see was a grand slam if not a big to for the giants gave them the league in day. Were just so upset with me. That story especially here. Rub it in the the playoff game. I went to was the one game the cups loss to the giants that year which happened to be two thousand sixteen when the cubs actually went on won the world series so it was a pretty good year even though i went to a lost. They're in the playoffs. That comes to you of the giants zero percent negative negative forty percent after. You guys aren't booed him back. I do whisper. I mean. I didn't wear my world series champion dodger shirt at respect but i did wear the normal amount of dodger stuff that where we should've worn out it for now so we giant. Have you guys run into through your time. I don't know how often you is there. One giant that really sticks out as like the nicest coolest. I know there are some of them that are really into the junior giants funding than some of that aren't as involved. Which one would you say is your favorite. I ran into a one hundred percents before it was really nice. Said hi To almost new the scooter. But no you help. That wasn't event though with he date stephanie. On four house so they do I also see matt. Cain he's really nice to got introduced him at a commissioners event on we chatted for bit. I think that one. It wasn't an early as he might have been. I think actually yes cremate. Yeah actually no it was. Yeah it would have been there the one right after One of my favorite players. I've met. He's no longer with the giants but conley he came and was a special guest. That are willie. mccovey luncheon. And i i was helping out bailey. That's bailey's event and i had to go downstairs hop into nick's car helping park because he didn't know how lot a you know work because it usually park in the third slot men help block them back up to the event and he was super nice. Saudi let me my hunting gear like For some reason that always sticks out of my head he was very down to earth and cool guy but also gabe kaplan. I know it's not a player but Our new manager is awesome. A he also came to the willie mack About one week into his new job with the diane's an he stayed At that event and met every single family that was in attendance in states like an hour past win. We asked him to and he always you know bend over backwards to help out the giants community fund in him. This coaching staff created like at home home produce videos for the kids during the pandemic and he's helped out a lot. Yeah one last question before we moved to our favorite. Talk about ballpark food How has the covid pandemic really affected the junior giants. Because i know at least when i watch you guys do all the work. It was in person. Yeah the kids had go. There was coaches. They got the different prizes for doing certain things on each of the week health and a snack food or whatever the other ones were. obviously i paid Good attention but how. How is it different this past year. And how's it going to be different in this upcoming year this summer. Yeah that's a great question. So you know march fifteenth. I think was the first day we worked at home. And we our whole team hit the ground running including the regional staff. I mean the regionals were on early last year and we and matter of about four to six weeks took her entire program into the virtual setting and launch junior giants at home and so they were zoomed practices run by our investor team and they met twice a week. We did presley four seasons so sixteen weeks total of programming and We reached about twelve thousand kids in four different countries. Twenty four states Those coaching videos came in handy. Like coach enacting was dieting on her bed at her place with a sock ball on teaching. The kids like drills. They could just do in your own home And it was great to see the kids on the screen and know that they still had a resource through us. Yeah i think at at that time to kids were just so just like thriving for like wanting some sort of movement interaction so it was cool that they got to still have like a team And someone kind of leading them through some activity so that was pretty. They were really excited. Yeah and we were able to keep our you know. We partnered with americorps for the first time last year. And so we we're able to keep ninety ambassador on our team in employees Our whole team worked really hard so this year you know in twenty twenty one will definitely be bringing back junior giants at home or developing a four week spring training That will be virtual or also hoping that we get some kids back on the field if it's safe to do so so it's going to be league by league. They'll have to make the call and they saw no state regulations in what that's looking like that will we're hopeful that with some safety precautions we can get the kids back on the field awesome. That's awesome you can run the program. Virtually instill help out some of those kids. That are looking for something to do at home. I'm looking for anything to do at home. Let you not junior. But you are a little giants. So i think that's like so we're really close. Yeah that'd be part of your. We don't know that word me so pass out videos. i'm in. We do have some recipe videos. Make smoothies for kids. yes so sunday. The rescue smoothies. We won the food. I'm hungry can't say things like that. So we're into quick break and we're gonna come back with food court files right. It's time for the food. Cook all right this week for food court files. We're talking about food some baseball season. I'm getting excited. Buy me some peanuts and cracker. jack's. I honestly don't care if you ever come back. So 'cause they'll be gone because he'll eat them all the cracker jack's or like everything in general just the stadium. Okay all right let's Let's start with chicken. Tenders chicken tenders. Mrs chicken tender herself check a chicken tender fan. So i heard you went basically every place in america bay area. Yes and then you tried all the chicken tenders and just give us the results of your chicken tender run on why like a top three chicken tender bottom three chicken. Tender top three would be oracle arena. Which is no longer thing But the warriors old stadium really good chicken tenders second would be oracle park. Oracle's downtown new tickets. That's what oracle is actually known for search chicken tenders breading software and chicken henderson would The tough one. I wanna say the river cats had a pretty good woman. I had ever cats. Chicken tenders gets is up there. So what are you looking for in a chicken tender. I want to know what the grading curve for. This is so if we can really judge your top three or not for just get a go everywhere else okay. The breading is really important. Oh yeah like how much or how little they put on. I think that's really cooking. I've a lot of burt. Chicken tenders life in. They are the worst about that. I when i when i went to the eighties stadium there were so you feel like i didn't get accurate Call yeah yeah. 'cause there were Temperature and then the chicken itself chicken like the quality of chicken. You can't have like two chewier to ringing in the breading. If it's too hard to buy into kate that it's gotta be a little moist. Good bread on the outside but it needs to be a good amount of chicken in the middle to catch catches be all breading. Yeah is there a preference for anything to dip your chip chicken tenders in beg ranch birth more. I like ranch. My son calls a bomb. He loved dab on that data triplets ranch on everything that i do. I put it on my Pasta i put it on mc pizza. I'm just kind of puts it in his coffees where i don't drink veges drink ranch. How many chicken dinners. Do you think you could eat one sitting daisy well. What's the size like talking like normal size big side like little like i need range here if you have to ask the size. I don't even want to hear your answer. Got reaction davey gut reaction not nine good round number zach twenty to allow drown too. I think it just depends on the season I think i could go for a season. Yeah like you could eat more in the fall. I've always been a big fall. Chicken tender twenty five. I think i could. I could get a quarter down challenge. It sounds like our next youtube video. We advocate contenders even still about that chili dog off. Or i don't know if you've seen it. We next eight five chili dogs and we tied race. We got it down to slowing both move at the same time. We was such waste time. And then we try to do a show right after l. out your stomach degrade show though show was all right. So what is the best food to eat oracle park. Are there any secret spots. Nobody knows about kris okay. So even before. I worked for the giants. I love orlando's Behind the bleachers. You get a chargeable would recommend. It's like a caribbean Label off in a church able It's a lot of like it's rice beans chicken and like caribbean flavored veggies and salsa. It's great But on like the other side. I mean you can't go to oracle park and not get aguirre daily sunday yeah you like staples that much. I've talked to loves the crab sam. I'm not a crab guy. But i think the crab sandwich last semester. Do you like it i did. It was really definitely anything though. I will get whatever. Is the weird thing at the ballpark. That i couldn't get anywhere else. He's like a billy goat. Well oracle park is known for their food. And there's a lot of san francisco staples so if you go in line behind the bleachers and there's like clam chowder and then there's the crops sandwiches and another line and you can stand in any single one Those an an order any of that food you don't have to be in the clam chowder to get the clam chowder because everyone or Craps yeah the Line is always really long but three windows down. You can still get a crappy in. There's usually not align their. Yeah that's a secret it's a it's a hack all the people that listen to our show they're going to be now you Amend what else is good. I would say in the field club. There's really good taco spot Tucked away in the right corner. We go there a couple of different times honor. Yeah so insider i know. I'm not sure if it since you been in there chrissy but when the giants her on a winning streak the giants bring in food each day that there on that wind. Chagos it over three or five. I can't rover three eight. And it's called on a roll and so we have like honor roll celebrations to keep the rally going and usually yes. Snacks are involved provided by. Hr time i was like last time office or you there. I was in the office day. Isn't i happened to be there when we got cream sandwiches. I think yeah. They're big on ice cream because usually it's like in the middle of the summer. Yeah what is the best thing they've ever brought in like. Oh you might not have been there in their heyday when they actually i. They weren't as elaborate cream sandwiches. I mean you can't really be. I'm a big ice cream. Cookie weeks scale so yeah. That was really good. I think that's the best one but other than that like the only other like exclusive. Eating experience for employees would be press tiny song game days. If you're working you can go up to press dining and their breakfasts sampling. Great bailey is a huge fan of the bacon bailey. If you're listening we miss the bacon to don't worry a reback soon Have like french toast. So what's your favorite place to eat around oracle park if you're not gonna be eaten inside which you guys probably do more often than not. Because they're in their work in. But is there a place outside oracle park that you guys like to dip your toes into So twenty first amendment is great. It's down the block a little bit. And they have taught tros so tater caught nachos that been actually really great to be there new So whenever we have staff lunches over there we get a couple for for the table right. Have you ever been to the american grilled cheese kitchen. Because every time my wife and i go to a game we park we walk up to there. We get ourselves a random grilled cheese come back to the game. Have you guys been to actually only been once and it was together yeah. We went together. Grilled cheese tomato soup class condo Get one outlandish ones for mac and cheese. Isn't there a mac and cheese one. The one i guess. Like mac and cheese on your cheese think we shared that one and maybe a classic it was it was a while ago. I haven't been in a while. I mean i have even been back to the office since last marcus. What i think that could be ever been there. I have not that sound like something you would enjoy. I would enjoy that. Yes get like a like. What's the most outlandish fun they have their. I knew anything with mac and cheese on it. You're gonna get it. will you probably like. I have my own our wall for this girl cheese. I think that's what you do. So a hollow paying proper one. Oh out you know what i just thought. I've got to spark social a lot. Yeah if he goes behind the ballpark and pass like the parking spots Morrisseau in like mission bay. They have an outdoor food truck. Kind of space. Very san francisco but It's an awesome place to hang out The sangria they have great like pokey bowls. Have you eaten the. There's like an is that the new outside places like right in the parking lot there just past the bridge now so they closed at thousand called the yard So it's not that so you have to walk a couple blocks back but have you. Have you ever eaten at the yard before foreclosed high that a couple of tracks right there. Well i think that's all. We got ballpark food. That's plenty. I know we've discussed it a little bit before but we appreciate the insights you know if we ever get to go back to a giants game oracle parker even any place. Anytime soon would be awesome. I'm hoping sometime this year to who's who knows. I don't try to get my hopes up anymore. Absolute all right. Let's take a quick break. We'll get a little weird. We'll come back with you like the sweet taste of mountain dew. Do you like your vodka to be both inexpensive and flavored like melons. Then we got a beverage for you. From the minds of the host of the wildly popular podcast that shares. Its name we bring you the spivey special one part mountain dew three to four parts brunettes watermelon vodka one hundred percent fund. Drink one at your next party or at three. Am playing halo three. Please enjoy responsible. Grand all right. Let's get into pat. I we're going to start with my first question in this. Is the secret question spooky right. You're given super secret. Government clearance obviously in a room with a computer with a search engine. You get one hour. What's the first thing that you search for. What do you want to find out about. The first that came to mind was who assassinated jfk. Whoa that's a good start. It's a good song. I would like snell the conspiracy theories about it here. I don't even know if you could. Google search. This cure for cancer of is not like what if there is like secret davis they do have. Yeah that's like the missing component to the puzzle with a couple of minutes. He got like fifty five minutes left or other things. That's a good first one. I would want to know what really is in area. Fifty one there actually. Is the aliens or anything like that. That's why would start not go to the moon eccentrics about you i think i would start with I'd want to know everything. They found out about mar far because they feel like they're hiding something mars. We can't land rover like we've had like twenty three missions to mars where they either have satellites or something that landed on the planet. And if we're not getting all the pictures why didn't know that they take so long for them to get back like the one that just landed won't come back to earth in for another ten years rain. Yeah so like this sample that the rover just collected is not going to be back till twenty thirty one they won't be able to dissect what's going on. Ovid according teen. Taft will you gals wants to start with your grab bag question. I liked that question as a deep thought. Yeah that's a really good question. okay. I'm gonna go first so we've got inspired by your past episodes in just like on the topic of food ballpark food. So say you're kind of in life or death situation. She said insane. And in order to live you either have to eat a whole bottle of nannies ketchup or mustard. Which one are you choosing. I think that's an easy question for me. I think like we think a little bit differently. I think To have the same. I think we're gonna go catch up. Daga mustard really such a bad. Why hate mustard. So that's probably why. I would go catch up. Maybe i'd chug it down. You know with a little mayo you know just get a little schuylkill Helps the catch. Go occurred but i think ketchups to save is sweeter than mustard. So it's too much sugar. Yeah i would get do you. Patch up what about you chrissy. I didn't know i was going to have to answer this question at Probably catch up. She had thought those safest but thinking about it. I just hate mustard. So i wouldn't go mustard mayo. It's disgusting. Why known would pick may are out of those three no depends the jar size. I guess it depends on. How much mustard ketchup feel like the mayonnaise would have to be the smallest one for that to even be an option. Yeah would have to be like a couple spoonfuls. Even that could eat mayonnaise. Life depended on it. Looks like you've eaten a couple things right. They will alert. That's this energy. Drinking are acid chunk of a spoon. Spoon her yes. Yeah next one all right. You're watching and some wine For somebody else and they pull you into a talent show and you have five seconds to come up with a talent to on this town. Show what is your talent or like. You're the newsman park. A crowd is gathering in anticipation. And they mistake you for part of the cast in your shoved onto stage. I'd probably just start danson. I think it just depends like what kind of amusement park. I'd get the vibe of where i'm at you know it's like a hoedown i might have to see. I mean i might have to go country. you know. Countries smith to check out our talk. I'm on their singing. Country like an opera. Yeah price you gotta do. You gotta do what you gotta do. You know took a really good fake italian. Yeah always have pay let. Let's let's all olive garden. No bread sticks. oh that's earlier breadsticks at all. I think i would try. Stand up. I've just go for it. I don't think you can stand up accommodated. No i probably would to have a couple of sets already written. So i'd probably go with. That's the safest bet. Yeah and if you get booed off since part of the gig. Young giants for him. What would youtube go with. I'd go dancing. Yeah we're both on. Dan even as we just you know yeah. Yeah muscle memory routine from birth. There's no music going gonna start like popping and locking tap dancing. Yeah i can tap dance. Tap dance shoes. That's okay make any you could try. I would get like audience. Participation too late to do the whole bit for the buster. Posey glove giveaway you lucille. Where's lucille lucille. Us freeze dance like a a super elaborate. Like you pretend that you're a magician and you need help from the audience and you just grab like four people and place them in weird spots on the stage and then you just kind of walk off. That's what i do. I saw one of those visited like magician on one of those talent shows and he makes fun of magic. Basically he goes. Is this a picture of you. Hold some in front of him and it's a mere all right so i'm gonna try this. Grab bag thing out I haven't done it very well but this is gonna be elaborate. So you're gonna have to keep with my new pat out all right. So you're in a poor in your atta a bar slash tavern and it's called anchors so you're sitting in this anchor bar and in walk somebody with a treasure map okay. He handed you the map and he also says you're gonna get a boat he goes. You are going to have to go and find this treasure. But you can only bring one person with you and that person has to be one of these flavors of spices. What you have scary. Ginger baby posh. I can't think of the v eight depict take one of the spice girls with you on your treasured. One of the spice girls think little bit before sporty spice sporty. Spice that someone you would take with you. Do you have a reason for that yet. The show your work short. We're your teacher is like students that I would take her. Because i feel like we're going on new venture on a vo like some muscle like get through some stuff so like you come in handy undergo with posh spice because mary to the beckham right so she would have great resources you know. And she seems like an intelligent woman and you know maybe she brings the family along. You only get one person. Okay but you can. You know to shape a phone. She could face time. You know if you're out at sea. Like i'll just go with like she has the resources. Okay i like it zach. I think that's the right pick. I think pasha's the repick. 'cause i think she's the richest of all of them and i think she owns a yacht and i need to get to the church map place. No they gave you a boat. What kind of boat is that. That's the one you have to take. Don't worry about what the boat i wanna know. What kind of boat. It is so treasure hunt boat that you would take with a bunch of pirates but about how far away is it. I would say like three or four leagues like nine miles. Okay you could see it. I'm gonna go scary. And the reason. Why is i think she seen some things and i think if we run running to some pirates or you know some you know wildlife once. We made it to the island that we had to be on. I think that you'd be able to be really good with building shelter in finding food. And i just think did she seems like of the five. The one i'd want to hang out in relate to the most this yet the remember you have to hang out with this person on the on the trip strap. yeah. I think i would want to hang out with pasha. Maybe ginger would be fine or you'd be the most baby now baby doesn't know what's going on. She's like grab some of that. You're in the spice girls now. But i think she had a show or self the most. I think she would try. The hardest at the treasure map get has absolutely. She didn't come from baby like preteen and a heartbeat. Thank you finish this up with grab bag kind of. Take me off your weird questions. All why is it always nana boy band. It's a girl bands absolutely spicer around iconic all right. You're offered a magic potion. Why wouldn't i be the magic potion allows you to live. Five hundred years it also slows down your aging reverse Those down. So it would make the five hundred year like you're hundred age one fifth of the normal rate like opposite jack. Yes okay. yes adam of you. Seen that movie robin williams get before the spice came out before. They're born progress. Do you take the potion. do you wanna live tire. Five hundred. now we'll show you work. Is it love potion number nine or was it just makes me live longer. That's four okay. Girls you answer say no five hundred years is a really long time and everyone i would love to be know tasks are out. Say no i would say yes. Okay hi case you for new families. People heard years so your great great great great grandchildren jerry. Point so you like be in diapers to fifteen ash. We'll know starting now. Oh so. I get all right. Ty bari lived hundred sixty years approximately side be like one sixty one right now is every year is five years hop or i get five hundred more years at five hundred more years. Okay yeah i would probably do it like daisy said. I can find new friends new family. I wouldn't want to. I think it'd be hard now. But i mean i'd just used five years was really like one year to get over everything and then you know i would just move on learned a lot. Just think though if you were born in fifteen hundred you'd have to live a hundred years as someone between eighty and one hundred though. Why probably you don't have to worry about those last years. Usually i'm living to one hundred regardless. Yeah oh you you're gonna make it to five hundred. You're gonna live five hundred years. And the last hundred of them you'd be between the age of eighty and a hundred. That is a lot of candy crush knitting. I don't know if i could crochet that much as a lot of fishing though a lot of fishing most efficient matlock. i'd apple in five. Fifteen for best. Did not not i would not. I wouldn't watch everyone i know. Die and then do it like three more times. And i wouldn't want to be ninety years old for fifty years. That sounds terrible right answer. They're considering their question is a thinker. You don't like those. I like lady antebellum gonna take down. Destiny's child or your work type questions those are those are my speed not like also a listen to that one like i very. Don't think lady as gonna wiz. Who do you think's going to win. Does it show a hundred prefer. Everyone i've asked said this child. But i don't think you understand that there's two grown men playing three kids. He his hands in there too. And then the ladies. But i think the ladies would want to protect the kids that might get them in trouble early in the match. I'm taking two grown men over and the prime though beyond ceos probably a feisty michelle michelle's also precisely in kelly. I don't wanna do the lady in question okay. All right well. I think that's all we have for grab bag. Ladies of any other way that people can get more information about the giants. of course. yeah. So you can visit jared giants dot org for the latest from the community fund. Follow us on all social media. Instagram facebook twitter linkedin at giants community or at go. Jr giants you could follow us firstly at at christie underscore cam daisy underscore me. Three weiss. Crew is on on the facial. It's really easy to spell. Okay right jack. Working people follow us thinking. Follow us on all the social media's facebook instagram twitter and the old tiktok talk at spivey special. Check it out. It's going to be doing a fun dance this week. I don't know if that's true but if we're gonna let daisy in chrissy pick the dance troy's going to do this week in honor of their episodes. Yes some research. Let us know which funny should do. The only way. I'll do it is if one of you does it. And then i can do like the little duet so i can show how much i learn. Fair deal the episode. I'll start stretching now. You can also check us out on our web sites act. Which is spivey special. Podcasts dot com. Please like an rate. The show on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to. Podcasts really helps us out. Also zach your fat truly your fat later.

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