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Welcome back to the rest in culture, folks, and one of you for being here today. And as always if you wanna reach us, you can reach us arrested culture radar at g mail dot com. Got an interesting show lined up for you. We're gonna talk about the latest numbers on kids separated from their parents. Roles are going to talk about the FBI just crack Coen's encrypted messages on his blackberry. Well, Trump hate to BUSTER balloon here. But you really don't make my dreams. Come true. Not really. Quite the opposite. In folks. I wanna thank you for the listen again today, and that music is from of course, the song you make my dreams come true in its from the phillix Phillips FOX band, and you can find the Phillips box band and the entire clip of this song on YouTube. So look them up, but Trump you don't really make my dreams. Come true. But if I didn't give them constructive criticism. I think it's constructive, right? I mean, I'm not Saint he's got a big caboose or anything like that. Or you know, talking down. I try to keep it constructive. But if I didn't do that. I mean who else would I mean, really the Republicans? Look the other way it is all except the ones that are leaving. And you know, who they are. We're talking about Senator corker Jeff flake and John McCain. But interestingly enough folks today Paul Ryan, who's also packed his bags as we know not seeking reelection today. Paul Ryan just admitted that he is not comfortable with zero tolerance Trump policy that leads to parents and children being separated. And he said today that legislation is necessary. Presumably to stop the practice of declaring immigrants, even those seeking. Silence from being declared criminals, and by declaring them criminals, which as we know allows immigration officials to separate the parents from the minors, declare them criminals, and then you're you're just dealing with animals at that point. Right. Anything goes what you've declared them criminals for seeking asylum. Well, we know it's wrong. And I I swear it so wrong that this inhumane treatment is it's going to run folks against Donald Trump in the long-term. He's not going to win this method of his immigration battle the way that he's carrying this out anyone with a heart in a conscience. In empathy doesn't want immigration done this way. And it's gonna hurt 'em. It's gonna hurt him in the long run. If you're listening, Donald you heard it here. But did you hear today folks that the count of kids separated from their parents now totals two thousand two thousand kids? Well. That's just criminal folks. And that's how you turn it. And that's how you're I mean, really if you wanna think about it. That's how you turn people into future terrorists. Trump must know the recipe here because when you diabolically separate kids from their parents knowing that chances of reunification are slim to none that they'll ever see their parents again, you wounded you've basically wounded these kids at a very early age in without parents or a similar support structure. These psychologically wounded kids. They're gonna face. Uphill battle in life. I mean, I'm not telling you anything different. Like, I said before we've all been kids and to be separated from your parents. I mean, psychologically wounded, and I'm just saying folks that tell you create the conditions the very conditions where these kids are gonna turn to gangs life, a crime or worse. We've always been taught that you should treat people how you want to be treated, and if the shoe were on the other foot, folks, I wonder I wonder how they would feel about it you give respect and you get respect. It's it's not complicated. Well, it so easy to become numb to all of this. I mean, we hear at the news day in day out. But these are real lives that are affected in not justified for the the next day or two for for life. These are real lives that are being affected here. And. For me. There's so much Donald Trump. Does they keeps me burning from within? You know, the just the the anger that I feel that this show is a way that I can sit down and I can spread the gospel. If you will on what he's doing and why it's wrong why it's wrong. And just today on morning, Joe. I don't know if you saw today but on morning, Joe, Joe Scarborough, he lit that flame in my heart again when he compared the methods used by Trump's degration policy to the Nazis, and I just wanna say, absolutely. I mean, Joe you're spot on. This is something that the Nazis. Did we know they did this they separated families, and then they gassed them to death because? This immigration tactic. That Donald Trump is is doing right now this immigration tactic, which he thinks is I mean, and he said that it's basically trying to dissuade them from coming into our borders in applying for a silent. Even this tactic has more in common with the Nazi regime than it has with our country. The United States of America such keep pushing that Joe we need more pushback and evidently the White House. Here's it. They're complaining about what you've said. But it's kind of they hear it. It's in one side LT other type of hearing. And you know, you just really make my dreams come true, folks. Donald trump. I mean, oh, well, I mean it just it's endless. It's just endless. But hang on there. I'm going to be right back with something else. Well, folks. Whoops. I don't know if you heard about this. But Michael Cohen is going to earn the nickname of flipper. That's I'm gonna have to call him flipper. Remember that show that was on TV? Wow. Flipper flipper flipper. What a show. They called him flipper. Well. We'll lives in a world full of wonder and old Michael Cohen here. I've got some interesting stuff today. You know, the FBI just recovered seven hundred thirty one pages of messages and calls from Michael, Coen's blackberry. That's that's a lot. And I'm sure there's going to be more coming out. This is coming to us from Gizmodo dot com. And other reporter is AJ Dellinger this came out today June fifteenth, and the article goes into say that the F B, I just got its hands on a whole lot of Michael Coen's encrypted communications in a letter submitted Friday today, the United States attorney's office revealed that it obtained a treasure trove of messages and call logs from a blackberry that belonged to Michael to president Donald Trump's personal attorney. In according to the letter, the FBI they were able to recover seven hundred thirty one pages worth of conversations from encrypted messaging services. And evidently, he was using something. What's app? What's app in another one called signal. Which it submitted to be reviewed as evidence the FBI did. And the agency was also able to reconstruct sixteen pages of documents that were discovered in shredding machine. When it executed that search warrant all the way back in April sixteen pages, somebody painstakingly put those back together. Oh my gosh. What patience? What patience? It would take. Wealthy FBI has still attempting to extract information from a second black berry that was taken during the sweep of Cohen's home, his office and hotel room and the US attorney's office didn't provider nest minutes to how much more information may be coming from that device, but it did note in the letter to the judge was Kimba Wood that it recovered approximately three hundred fifteen megabytes of data from one blackberry. And the government was advised that the FBI's original electronic extraction of data from telephones did not capture content related to encrypted messaging application. Such as what's happened signal. The letter stated, but the FBI is now they got it. They give enough time. The FBI come up with it. And that's evidently, exactly what they've done and the information recovered from the blackberry was handed over to Cohen and his team of attorneys on Friday today. And he'll be given until June twenty fifth to review all of those materials and claimed protected status on any of the messages protected status client, attorney privilege that kind of thing and those claims will be reviewed by the special master Barbara Jones, who is retired judge that's been assigned the case. So the FBI's latest recovery adds to the already massive pile of data collected from Cohen's devices and iphones in an ipad, a total of two hundred ninety one thousand items were collected from those devices, and it just goes on and on and folks in a wet if that's not enough on Thursday yesterday. Michael Cohen asked to California judge to issue a gag order against Michael avenue. Audie who we know is stormy Daniels lawyer because Michael Cohen claimed that it was depriving him his talk. Michael app. Noughties talk on all these different shows was depriving him of his right to a fair trial make him stop it. And meanwhile, today Trump said that Michael Cohen isn't his personal lawyer anymore, and he's not spoken to my goal and a very long time. And that he Donald Trump had done nothing wrong as we know he says that every chance he gets. But Trump did say that he always liked Michael. And that is sort of a kiss blown from afar. Michael cohen. But is that to be enough to keep Michael from flipping? I always liked Michael Donald Trump said I always liked Michael is that going to be enough to keep Michael Cohen from flipping. Well factor this in folks when we're talking about Michael Cohen flipping up to now Coen's three man legal team that he's got current reviewing the information the FBI gleaned from rating his home his apartment and his office part of these legal bills from this three man legal team. And sometimes even at work guys on the team, depending on what data they're looking at. It's all well, not all of it's being paid. But a large portion of its being paid by the Trump family in according to a New York Times article on June thirteenth Cohen is disputing payment to these lawyers, and he plans on firing these lawyers after they wrap up the review of data from the FBI raid. And again, this was eight boxes of paper. Now, we're up to about thirty cell phones. According to the New York Times, thirty cell phones. God. I've said this before I mean, you don't have thirty cellphones. If if you're just doing your daily business, it's hard to have thirty cell phones. I mean, you don't have thirty cellphones unless you're up to no good. No good. An addition to that he's got pads and computers. And as we just learned today that also clues encrypted communications from the blackberry that were just cracked. Oh, boy, it's really going to we're going to see some stuff here shortly. I think for Michael Cohen. But what grade timing? Really? I mean, if he's gonna flip. If Michael Cohen is going to flip. He fires the Trump paid attorneys. He cuts that line, you know. And then, you know, then he flips. It. Sure feels like it. I mean, it sounds like it's going that way. I mean, what a bombshell that would be what of bond show. My gosh. Oh, well, hang right in there. I've got some more stuff coming right up. Well, Donald Trump. If you're wondering what I'm doing here. I'm just kind of club clubbing down some of my green tea glove in that down in normally it's it's normally coffee, but again, this is a little bit later. It's getting later. So it's green tea, but Trump head a really busy week last week. I mean, he was spinning round round here nonstop he he started off with trashing the G seven our allies. And did you catch all of that? Oh my gosh. I've never seen such drama why on the drama. Why does he have to be so dramatic? I mean, I don't get it. Why all the drama? I mean, come out here to the mid west Donald Trump, and we'll show you how to tone that drama down. We don't do drama out here. For the most part. Do you have that dramatic Senator Stephen King? God don't get me. Started. But oh my gosh. The G seven trashed the meeting. He basically trashed the meeting. And. Then you've got his advisor Larry cudlow last Sunday. He accused the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of undermining the US and its allies with common city made at the g seven summit Kudlow said it was betrayal. And that's what he said on the state of the union and even Trump then lashed out at Trudeau for what he said were false statements had a news conference in said, the US would not endure endorse the g seven communique. A joint communique from all the nations he would not endorse it. We're not going to do it just because it would traduced said, and it's kind of on clear, which of Trudeau statements. Trump was calling false. We do know that Trudeau said in the news conference Saturday that Canada will move forward with retalitary retaliatory measures on July first in response to the Trump administration's decision to impose tariffs on steel aluminum imports from Canada, the European Union along with Mexico. So they're gonna move forward. Here we go. They're going to move forward with their version of the retaliation. And just and said just introduce said that I've made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish in doing. But it's something that we absolutely will. Do Canadians were polite were reasonable, but we're also not going to be pushed around. In with that my friends. That's exactly why in how trade wars don't work. They become a tit for tat scenario with each side, ramping up the rhetoric, and the trade were escalates and consumers always lose and the Donald Trump. These consumers are voters when you make them lose. They're not gonna forget it even angle Merckel of Germany said on last Sunday night, we won't allow ourselves to be ripped off again. And again, we will act to. You know, trade wars American consumers, they're gonna end up paying more for goods, and they're not going to forget it. When I go to the polls American farmers lose because the tariffs are too high and raise the prices of their products, and therefore they make their products too expensive. It's a lose lose situation. Folks were hitting right in that direction. Just like the Titanic. Everybody loses in a trade war. So that statement from Justin Trudeau is all it took to get these kind of statements from. Trump's administration, you know, his advisors and one of the statements was Trudeau did a great disservice to the whole G seven. He really kind of stabbed us in the back Kudlow said, and then cut low went off, and and you know, unfortunately, he had a heart attack shortly thereafter, he's still kicking. But just about blew a gasket. Then you've got another one. That's not enough. I'm not even bringing up Rudy Giuliani that but you've got Peter Navarro who's Trump's trade advisor? I think he's a nutcase. He directed a series of stinks. Stinging comments at Trudeau on Fox News Sunday life Sunday. And he said, can you believe what he said there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages and bad faith diplomacy with president Donald J Trump and then tries to stab them in the back on the way out the door. Yeah. So Trump trashes the g seven meeting in at the same time Russia in China, folks. They're meeting at the same time, and they're basically slapping each other's backs on Hello west and their allies or enter freefall. And folks, I think at this moment there, right? I mean. The allies. Basically, it's it you can call it a free fall, and according to axios dot com while the g seven meeting was being trashed by Donald Trump Chinese leaders sheaths Jinping and Putin from Russia met Beijing, and we're having a big laugh about how the west and their allies are in freefall, according to axios. Both Putin in z are surprised and shocked by the repetitive of the US decline. And Russia and China are looking to take advantage of the Trump lead mayhem. It's that bad, folks. Our worst nightmares of Trump dissolving are friendships forged over one hundred years. It's all coming true. And then as we know Trump went on to meet with Kim Jong UN of North Korea. But if I may I second here folks, if I can just assume the personality of Donald Trump. And although it was great. I just have to say L, though, it was great that he at least Trump's at least sat down with Kim Jong Hoon. I will say that. But if I can assume. The personality of Donald Trump. What would John l- Trump have said if Obama had done this? What would he have set? Trump would have criticized the whole meeting with Kim Jong own as a nothing burger with. No beef remember going back. I mean, some of you may not remember or have been around during this time for him. But if you remember back the late eighties. Those those ads for Wendy's those ads when they had Clara Pelter looking at a big fat bun. In nothing was there. I mean, she saying where's the beef? Remember that wears leaf. Yeah. Donald trump. Where's the beef? What the heck? I mean, the whole agreement lack substance it was full of holes on any verification of denuclearizing North Korea. And basic, basically so full of holes that it won't hold any water. I mean, if there's anything to clap about it's basically just that the two are simply talking. Yeah. That's good. But it that's it. I'm sorry. But that meeting was yesterday's news. We're going to bang on Scott Pruitt next. He's coming right up. Just hang on their Scott Pruitt. I'ma bang on you something fierce. Yeah. Scott Pruitt, you making my dreams come true too. And I don't know if you saw it. This is a new report from the New York Times today June fifteenth. And. Kind of an interesting, you know, it just never ends. It just never ends with this guy. I mean, how much is it gonna take Donald Trump? How much how much more are you going to have to hear about Scott Pruitt? And you keep looking the other way yourself on everything that he's done how much more is it gonna take? Well, according to the New York Times today, June fifteenth senior staffers at the PA frequently felt pressured by Scott Pruitt to help and personal matters in obtained special favors for his family with one staff for noting that Pruitt has a clear sense of entitlement about the perks. He should get as cabinet member. He feels entitled to this DS, folks. And here's the list, there's three things from the New York Times. The first one is Mr. Pruitt shortly after taking the EPA job. He reached out to the former speaker of the Virginia house of delegates seeking help for his daughter. Mckenna. In securing admission to the university of Virginia law school of law. William hell, the former speaker. Appears on Mr. Pruitt's IPE official, by the way EPA calendar. And he confirmed in an interview that he was approached by Mr. Pruitt and subsequently wrote a letter to the school's dean on the daughters behalf nasty. I mean, just pulling strings all over the place just because he can't I mean how much more. And number two. Scott Pruitt was getting his daughter an internship at the White House. An internship at the White House. Good night. In separately. At least three EPA staff. Members were dispatched to help miss put obtain a somber a summer internship at the White House. The both current and former staff members have said and Kevin chimps ski who was Mr. Pruitt's deputy chief of staff for operations until February when he was fired recalled a conversation last year when Mr. Pruitt instructed him and other top aides to see what you can do see what you can do about getting an internship for my daughter, which is by the way, highly competitive and prize post in Washington and surprise miss pro was selected as an intern last summer. The third point tickets to sporting events and FaceTime with players beforehand. Mr. Pruitt also had a staff include various sporting events in his schedule which included bring his considerable considerable EPA security detail with them the current and former aides have said among the sporting events helped arrange for Pruitt among the sporting events that aids helped arrange for Mr. Pruitt to attend were to Washington nationals baseball games, including one on July fifth when they negotiated access for Mr. Pruitt to the team's batting practice before scheduled matchup with the New York Mets, according to e mails obtained by the Sierra Club. Thanks for taking my call this morning, if we could range for administrator Pruitt to come to batting practice before July fifth game that would be wonderful Madeline Morris than an EPA aide wrote an Email to the nationals vice president for. For community engagement, Gregory McCarthy that would be wonderful in general, the what Scott Pruitt's doing here folks in general. He's trying to leave the lifestyle of a person whose net worth is many multiples of his he's he's about as should be, you know, just middle class. I mean when you look at it. He's just simply middle class. But he's trying to lift lifestyle will the person who's net worth as many multiples of his according to aides who spoke to the times Pruitt told them that he expected a certain standard of living. I can to a wealthier Trump cabinet members gave the impression that he saw them as footsoldiers achieving that lifestyle. The problem here is that is noted in the article was that he's not a billionaire. But he thinks he is. He thinks he has, you know, it's just it's just itchy. I mean, no matter which way I look at Scott Pruitt. It's revolting. You know, it's it just turns your stomach in all Republicans. They they just seem to look the other way. They just look the other way like they've always been doing. They just stick their head in the sand. Go ahead and do that if you must, but it's not going to end until some Republican stand up and say they've had enough of Scott, Pruitt and deem him to be fired demand him to be fired. I mean, he he needs to go. And folks, here's another great deed that Scott Pruitt is doing right now. And this would came out just yesterday. And Scott Pruitt is putting a legal proposal on Trump's desk. Actually, he did that day. He put a proposal on Trump's desk to date at your manically skill back Obama's regulations on water pollution, and you know, it just continues. If it's got Obama's name on it till matter, how common sense it is without even looking at it. They just wanted to go, and here's one that he just put on Trump's desk today to scale back Obama era regulations on water pollution. In folks, this is a significant rollback in both size and scope in on Monday. This coming Monday, look for this one. Scott Pruitt is expected to publish another major change. And he plans to gut Obama's rule to reduce client warming pollution. It's going to be a rule to reduce climate warming pollution from vehicle tail pipes. And you could look for that bombshell coming out on Monday. Well, well done you little toad Scott Pruitt well done. Oh my gosh. Kind of reminds me of the three stooges you know, what you know, better than that. Scott pruitt. Do I know? Yeah. Get ahead of here. We'll folks I'm gonna leave you on a good note. We've actually got I don't know if you saw this this came out actually on June six, and I've been meaning to kind of throw this out there, but something something encouraging here, and this is coming to us from Melissa Healy wrote this article from the Los Angeles Times, and it's called a cancer breakthrough. That is encouraging and it's cold immunotherapy many of you know, what that is in its writting patients of advanced breast cancer. And I'm just going to give you the pertinent bits of this article here, and you can look it up more detail if you'd like, but in the all all hands I'll effort to harness the powers of the immune system to fight cancer. Scientists have reported that a new approach has eliminated all evidence of advanced stage breast cancer in a forty nine year old woman who had run out of treatment options only forty nine years old. The patients complete durable cancer regression Fulda single infusion a single infusion of her own immune cells, which were painstakingly chosen for their ability to recognize fight her tumors. And then expanded into an army of nearly one hundred billion identical cells. So they found the ones that were fighting her tumor, and they expand those into a hundred billion identical sells more than three years later. The patient whose name is Judy Perkins is not only alive, but she seemingly cancer-free according to a report published last Monday in the journal nature medicine. And she says, I've definitely hit the jackpot here. Judy Perkins said yes, you have Judy aim. We're happy happy that you have. And I hope this holds a lot of promise for a lot of folks out there. It's about time. It's about damn time. And Judy is a retired engineer from port Saint, Lucie, Florida. Not too far from where I'm from down in West Palm Beach, and she's out there. They shore in a kayak. She's having a great time and she's smiling, and she's cancer free. So let's hope this is something folks that you know, we can point to to save some lives. We've all lost somebody from from cancer. No doubt. Maybe this is something that's gonna turn the pages. Interesting stuff. Well, folks, again, I wanna thank you for listening to us here, and again, we'll be back here shortly. And again, this is the you make my dreams come true cover, and it's from the Philip FOX band, you can find him on you. Who? Sorry, YouTube you can find them on you. Thanks for listening. And again, you can reach us arrest and culture. Radar g mill dot com. And I wanna thank you for listening. My name is Frank ever sold. The look for you next time.

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