As Good Place As It Gets


This fall on the CW, a new hero will rise a football player. From Greg Berlanti producer of mega hits like Riverdale and black lightning. You're going to see the new CW show all American. This fall, Wednesday, October tenth, inspired by a true story. All American is about Spencer James, a talented high school football player who gets recruited to play in Beverly Hills in what's sure to be his breakout role up and comer. Daniel Ezra shows major chops playing l. a. born and raised, Spencer James, especially considering Daniel is a Brit. The Brits are coming. Betas can do whatever they the British or come. There's no such thing as watching a TV show anymore and not discovering that half the Castro British very strange tade digs crushes it as Beverly Hills, high coach, Billy Baker and the entire cast is hot. It's action packed on every level. This might be the teen drama. You're looking for care of a teen drunk, hot teens, doing hot teen stuff. This has sports drama, crime, drama, highschool, drama, love drama. Family drama, baby, mamas, rom album. No more drama. That's the series premiere of all American on Wednesday, October tenth on the CW we're, I'm sure there will be plenty of, hey, Theresa in the Ansari. Welcome to a spooky episode of heath. They're all spooky. It's October, it's Colleen. Almost Louis. How can I tell you? I walked in this morning and Louis complimented my outfit, and you know why? It's one of my fall look, oh my God, I being why. I am. I am. Which is why you liked it so much? Yes. Well, let's just say something. I mean, do you not think October's a tragic time when white people try to wear orange? I mean, it's just a sad. Picture me an orange already crying. I mean, if we didn't like things because white people ruin them. There'd be nothing truly task it. We'd be down to like plant life. Anyway, it's October. It is fall and other than care turning outlooks Cardi b. is, wow. I know first of all care complimented Cardi stylist on Instagram and president Carter Colin Carter is his name. He is serving. Hardy has been looking unbelievable lately, and I think maybe it's if it were me, I would think as she gets more and more wild, she's just going to look better and better, say refined and refined queens from Canada, and she sorta starts to act crazier, maybe balance at all out. Kurdi debuted her blonde platinum hair on Monday morning as you turned herself into the New York police department for reportedly ordering an attack a to bartenders at a New York strip club because she thinks one of them slept with offset. It's actually kind of impressive that no one really heard much about. This case until she showed up at court, which is just because she's making news and so many other ways. This only fell by the wayside. Also Kirby makes me miss behind the music. Like, do you remember like Lisa left eye Lopez being like much talked about burning that house down throughout the sneaker. Sneakers in the tub and lit them? Yes. Cardi b. would get an episode of behind the music and just kill it be like, well, I did have to, unfortunately slap that bartender that one time. Yes. Next, you know, she leads I, I wish we could have heard what she said in court. Oh, yeah. I I want to see like the broach she warned court. I just want like I want there to be a whole production assists in court, or was she just turning? I don't know. I don't know how that works. I don't know you going for a mugshot. I don't know. It's been years since I've worked in law enforce her mugshot. We should have seen her mugshot though. It would've looked incredible z. I know they do. They let conga talk on the fucking about Cardi. B.'s mugshot. That is what the people really want to see. Yeah, not this frost Nixon show with Harvey Levin and Kanye really wanna see the new Roxie sorry, Harvey Levin, Harvey love it. Oh my God. I'll save my slams for later in the. Yes, we all of the new Roxie Hart of New York City. Yes. Oh, I saw that that was a cute comment of yours. Thank you. What I was trying to say it on the show. Don't follow me. That's what. Oh God. Well, that's what this podcast will come just IRA, repeating his tweets, right? That's where she does. You and your little jokes occasionally about sweaters and Christy Turlington or whoever. Alright, I haven't made a joke. Christy Turlington efforts. Fine, whatever. Okay. Anyway, later in the show we will be joined by a very special guest varies. One Caras top white women and someone I've loved for years. And so in Lewis has never heard of Kristen bell from the good place and the upcoming Veronica Mars reboot and most popular animated film of all time, frozen. How crazy is that? Well, guys, it's why she's on the list. Yeah. Yeah, frozen. And we're slowly working our way through all of my favorite white women. I was just saying to care, wouldn't it be crazy if the one woman on her list we couldn't get would be her teacher who's just like I'm a private person. Tell me when you're to dub queens. We'll be right back. This weekend at bridge CARA, and I decided that we are not going to mention a certain rapper by name anymore short. So we're tired of him. I'm tired of having takes it sucks. What did we settle appalling? We were. We were trying to think of a code word. I used it as an example. As I was pitching this idea, I said, orange, we say orange, but if you have a, if we have a better. With Frank ocean. Unfortunately, I don't want to besmirch. We just need a different word that we're going to call him spoon. We can call him keyboard under the fuck, but we're not saying we're not saying the name. Mr. Curtis, you. We could say Mr. crashing who anything, as long as we remind people that he is associated with her. Kris Jenner tries to play these games anyway. Mr. Kardashian came back to torture as he had again, it all started when he subbed in for Arianna 'Grande are SNL this weekend, and he had some rapper named little. I'm old. What is a little pup? It's I know him because I know people that work with him. But yeah. Is he that person who wait? Is he the person that had that song with Chris Brown where he switched places? Yes, he nothing that's. That's right. Pumpad Gucci gang. Oh, saw. Yeah. And and he was forgiven. So he shot a gun in his house. Once those are the low pump highlights, I don't think so. I think it went off his mom was there because he's like seventeen or some shit like that. His second amendment. Right gara-. That sounds like a good Wicky. That one. Well, they perform their track. I love it in Fiji water and Perrier inspired out. Kindergarten graduation, like the kind of you know, silly. I love it. What does it have to do with water? They mentioned water or something in the lyrics for a split. Second, if I'm. Yeah, I just remember waking up to this Email. The CARA said about this performance and I saw a photo of Conde looking like he was a Perrier bottle. I closed my phone and I went back to. Do you think you were high? I did what the fuck is happening should have thrown your phone into the ocean. If your phone had peaked at that moment, it shouldn't have given you that image. I don't. I don't have a home in Malibu. I'll get on it shocked by phone into the. The ocean, West Hollywood. Well, I'm just saying by the way we're already being generous calling it a performance because what they did was Bob, I mean, like what was the corio that was actually occurring there corio that is a kind word as described. Derek Hough was not in charge of this. No victims of zoom could get. And then it somehow got worse. So after that, he closed out the show with one of his trademark political rant and hin- maga- hat in a maga- hat a mega hat that he redesigns guide. I know to look more fashionable, let's say a hat. Yeah, same this, like those people who wear the Sheikh confederate fly. Designed by Ralph Lauren. He said that he was still being about his twenty twenty presidential run. He talked about being bullied by SNL cast members for wanting to wear his maga- hat. He said that the profit really showed him showed him up taking fathers out of their homes to promote welfare. I know. I don't know. I don't know. I first of all reports came that like no one bullied him. Nobody had also, you could hear people booing guess people will hand and we know about this rant because Chris rock Instagram the entire thing. I love how bullying is probably just they noticed he was sucking. That's my favorite thing is. I mean, I'm not addressing you go back and actually listen to the rant because God help you. But the you watch the guys in the background who are like standing there, probably like don't fuck with the hat, but, okay, let's see. And you see them, they're sort in the beginning. They're nodding their nodding, and you just see them like stop moving and it flooding over them that they are. On television and like everyone sees them standing behind this man as you saying this and the dread in their faces. It's just over darting like Felix the cat people go God, who do I turn to? Yeah, and I think I also saw one of the cast members tweeted something like I was on stage for that shit like they were all like, wasn't me all the black people were like, I wasn't. There wasn't me. I want to talk about the fact that he was even on SNL I why? Because if you recall last week Lorne, Michaels, did some sort of interview where he talked about the fact that Arianna 'Grande was originally supposed to perform, but then he rude leaves and that she had to pull out for quote emotional reasons and that luckily Connie was there to pick up the flag. First of all, bending is always ready. Awesome steps hitting like no matter what. Like what we had no choice. We had to book Konya west rate that is. Yes. At any rate. It's like we had a cancellation going on it and it was going very well. I'll see you were airing out are integral news business. We all know that she's had a lot. She was in like a fucking terrorist attack. Like a year ago, her ex boyfriend just died. She was groped on national camera. Like let's give her a break. We know she's going through shit. You didn't need to be like she was feeling emotional. She couldn't. She couldn't come to work now is fucking stupid. And then, yeah, the idea that Connie as the only one buck all of us, we can't stop doing it. Free, I mean isn't literally if you told. Art. Sanders is alive though. Richard was right there short. I'm told any artist would you like to perform during the first episode of the new season of Saturday Night Live? Everyone would say us to that evidently. So yes to that. Everybody's fucking friends with Lorne Michaels to you're telling me Paul, Simon can't like, you know, get away from ADP hill for two seconds and gun on stage and play the box or whatever the fuck you does. I say that affectionately puzzle ring Cardi back again, whatever. Well, blunt Adams driver pay play those songs from inside and Davis. I don't care if she was busy beaten up stripping. Later Mr. Kardashian posted a photo of him in his maga- hat on Twitter and Instagram with the caption. This represents good and America becoming whole. Again, we will no longer outsource to other countries. We built factories here in America and create jobs. We will provide jaws for all who are free from prisons as we. Abolish the thirteenth made in China that had his made in China. His statement later say he didn't mean to say, abolish the thirteenth amendment, you know, the one which ended slavery. He said the thirteenth amendment not has now the thirteenth amendment is slavery in disguise meaning it never ended. We are the solution that he. Read that again. The thirteenth amendment is slavery in disguise dot dot dot meaning. It never ended. So the amendment that ended, slavery was actually a smokescreen to, yes. Intact. Oh, and only owe the maga- hat, right? Can free. He thinks the words of the thirteenth amendments, trying to trick him so it didn't. We we're still slaves. That's what he's trying to say. Move over page master. We're still we're still slaves. That's what he's saying. That's what he's trying to say. Let's because it would have been a lot easier to do say we're still slaves, wouldn't. It seems like a choice. We're also choosing these lead by the way. Also, again, very elementary point here, and it's gonna come up again when we talk about Lindsay, but just this is a mentally unwell person. It's just you don't think so. Here's the thing. This is what I do not like, and I really, really hate this. He probably does have mental health issues. We know that however, conflicting this bullshit. Oh, no. I think even bringing it up in that like it's and he himself has has been like, I'm not saying this because of that. I'm saying, I believe that we did say I'm fresh off on the unlike off, like I'm back in the gym working out. I think I think I think bringing it up is a way of and I'm not saying that's what you were doing. But I think people often bring it up as a way to sort of forgive it or just say, well, this is why he saying those things and it's like to me, they're completely separate because there are plenty of fucking people with all sorts of other legitimate mental health issues who don't say, stupid ignorant. Bullshit like this plenty of and also most of them almost all of them to be fair and people get behind what he says, the Candice Owens or whatever. Like into it to me, I, I know, isn't it shocking that I said, let's talk about Bergen. Let's talk about other candice's. I'll take Indus Cameron. I don't care. He just he he, this is his dumb ass talking, especially when he's talking about like, Saint thirteenth AMAN. He doesn't. He doesn't know anything. You literally doesn't know what he's talking about and he's choosing. To put himself in these positions where he can go on camera and say, stupid shit like this all the time, his in his family, his team, there's a whole bunch of people who letting him do this all the time where the focus Kris, Jenner share her fucking spend. Golly Yass is putting her hands in everyone else's life and her family, and she doesn't have any time to fucking control him. Network, do you think she's like writing the news ticker, like typing it all out. It's like a source close to the videos, right? Chris, the fact that no one has stopped him in particular, none of the Kardashians or Kris Jenner. It makes me think that they're sort of okay with what he's saying. Like the idea that they can't like horse game that she was unfazed sitting watching it. She Instagram'd the other day, a photo of her and gay about like, you know, we're still in love whatever. She will always ryver man. So it's like you, they are. They are by not doing anything and not say anything. Like I think Kim once was like, I out on her, Hillary. That's the extent to what she said anything against what has really been doing. And so to me and like George of Americans did it didn't work. Also, how do you feel about Lana del Rey? Stepping in with that Instagram comment basically read him to fill being like you relate to Trump's megalomania probably and it sucks for the culture that you're into him basically. And it was like, I don't know her to be somebody who is a clap back type figure. So it was refreshing in a way it was weird seeing though it's like it's not like Lana del Rey was Emo cash shooting gem. Why? Why that? Why comment? Now this, this also this weird thing where like it's sort of the Chris brownie thing where white celebrities loved to hop in with like a black celebrity is doing something crazy, and I'm not saying we shouldn't critique Mr. Kardashian and his Magar hat. But it's like a lot of other celebrities and musicians are out here, join crazy shifts, but they only seem to want to combat on cotton. It's like Jaap talent. Bill. Cosby is anything where he was always going down Bill Cosby, who is a. Fucking monster, and I'm glad he's going to prison, but I was like, you haven't mentioned anything else about any other, the many men who have committed sexual assault and Hollywood. You haven't really seen to express a great deal concern for the victims of sexual assault in. You're really, really going in on him and it just is weird and like it is you see certain people jumping in where I'm like was, was you're talking to Rosanne, how did you? Where was your? Where was your engineering comment for the comment that I actually liked on Instagram. Me. Doc? Fucking eight. Oh, no, I did. I did. Uncle Tom mega and he said, make your music. Great. Again. If you had told me ten years ago, five years ago between snoop and Kanye, who would have the correct political outlook right now, I'm, I'm not sure that it would have been. I think I would have been wrong thing would have been wrong on that one snoot in California and smoking weed heating bother. Nobody is he's hosting the jokers wild or whatever. He's having a good time. We could talk about many of the other things Mr. Kardashian said, but out even think we have the time. He said he was calling Colin cavern. Right to the White House. Talk about throwing phones into the ocean Collins like you cannot reach me right now. I mean, I, I don't need Colin hanging out with Conde. I need Colin voting in the midterms, but that's a, that's a whole other story. He's also talking about his new album called Yanti and how we out of puns without yet record in Africa. You know what he said. He said the place known is Africa, yes. Again, words are conspiring against. They told me it was Africa in this episode of San Diego, but I can't prove it. And so I checked the soil myself. I'm gonna go and bring my kids and we're going to cook. I don't know what that has to do with anything, and we're going to set the microphones up and record nature. Look, what the fuck are you talking about? You can get nature. Sounds just on tunes right now. You don't need to collect the continent. She Africa. Are you going continent? Man, if a huge, an enormous guy damn. Tenant, where are you going? Saint Africa, generally people as a note. So I'm saying Africa when you're going to the entire fucking continent. Does it specify? You know, he is from every continent Africa for one like raven, God. Oh, oh, wow. I forgot all about it was his slave name and he was going to start going by gay, Connie, Julian name. That's an important fact. I don't even know also, this was apparently gonna be headlining Coachella Jesse. Justin Timberlake. I have never been so excited to not spend money. I think we're done talking about this. I also ever. Yes forever. I would like to seal in tone and never discuss have also I didn't mean a slender. You YouTube? It was just a joke. Oh, I love you to love you too. I love you too one time about you too mysterious ways. We're back Lindsey, low Han kidnapping children. Spotify heard of it. When an ad man, you are. Barking your some things were meant for each other fries and milkshakes sell fees and duck face and now keep it in Spotify. Yes. The same at that has millions of songs now also has thousands of podcasts on Spotify. You can listen to all of your favorite shows and discover new ones. You can listen to keep it. You can discover keep it and only keep keep anything else on Spotify to discreet subscribe to ours search for keep it tap, follow and get every new episode delivered to you. I don't know how you're not already listening to keep it on Spotify, but if you are not wasn't what care said podcasts on Spotify the streaming right now, but you should always listen to keep it right. We want to encourage you to do what you want, but do the finger already doing which is listening to this her off that Meghan Trainor song in place kief it ratified. But also if you're listening right now, you're listening to keep it. I think you're doing a good job. What we told you are hope it's on Spotify. So once he lo Han who was in Moscow of all places where she needs to be, if I had to pick one place, found herself back in the headlines this weekend. This was another thing that I woke up care sending me. I saw it at a mmediately wetback Lindsey posted in a sense, deleted video, Instagram on Friday night herself. Getting out of a car and approaching a family that she identifies as Syrian refugees in need of help. She tried to offer. One of the children are a stay at a hotel where he could watch a movie and then she criticized the mother for not letting the children come with her at all. So to say, you should not have them on the floor. You should be a hard working woman and you should be doing what you can for your children. So they have a better life. Basically, they tried to get away from this bench and only accused them a trafficking, the children in what like era. But she the family was ruining Arabic culture at don't fuck with Pakistan. And then she tried to kidnap one of the kids, and then that lady puncture out savage. To perfect human interaction. What the fuck. I mean, there's no answers. I mean, I mean, we've been down such a crazy with Lindsay and let the last seven rungs on her journey have made made less sense than the la-. I didn't think she'd do anything crazier than Georgia rule. But here we. I don't it. She's in Moscow. She literally villain for kidnapping attempts. This is how you throw a party in Moscow bit like her life never makes sense. It never. I never understood why she is where she is. I thought she was still in making those filming her reality TV show. She has a reality show. She has a show called like where she's at least Vander pump. She has a club in Mykonos right there, filming it for MTV. No. And there was a name of her recently dancing where she kept like for heavy around the DJ's like this is how you throw a party in Mykonos bitch. Do you remember when she became a spokesperson for lawyer dot com? Do I have since learned provides no legal services like the name might suggest, but rather it pairs people with lawyers. So you'd be like, I'm Cardi b. I threw a shoe at Nicki Menaj and they'd say, like, here's a lawyer who can help you? And Lindsey Lohan was the spokesperson for that organization. By the way, I can also just picture Cardi b. saying exactly that. Exactly that. Yeah, through issue. Here, here's the thing. Do you know what I kind of miss the before? Twitter and social media where you could have reasonable doubts about how Zanier celebrity was like I miss when you would just hear kind of reports that Sean young had done something bizarre that you know, I don't Margot. Kidder had crawled through a Bush or something, but not confirmed. Hit or murdered someone and remember that. I don't know what you're just saying. There was a time when you could be like, who knows if they're actually doing a, you know, zany now it's like this woman provided her own video evidence in real time on her Facebook page or something. So now it's just now I'm thinking about how zany she is also, why is she alone? Someone who should never be alone ever. Someone should always at all times be with Lindsay Lohan. If Oprah can't help you. I forgot about that. It our own producer, Karen worked on that. Oprah, you need to cut the bullshit if I'm not mistaken. That was the line. So what does the truth. God that was so rough. Not want to be rhetoric literally having PTSD right now. From here. She also she were orange in that big interview with Oprah on that show right. Wow. Awesome to saying Lindsay. Lohan has like Michael, my complexion. I would not wear orange. The thing with her too, and I know this is she sort of developed the weird British accent a few years ago. British is kind. Yeah, whatever. It's the IRA. I will not be expanded over here. Mugging me off. I mean, I don't know which is where it should be honest, but and then now she has some sort of. I didn't understand what she was saying the way she was speaking. Why does she speak Arabic or what she's speaking Arabic. I don't know who are not doing this. Lisa Shebir the rest of the mean girls cast. Let's keep up with them doing. It would actually love a Tina Fey sit down off the record. Hey girl. Yeah. What the hell? Tuna KOMO keeper, Tina the I mean, and I don't. I don't expect you to explain what happened to Lindsey, but I just would like to hear your thoughts, give us a look. I mean blinked. Yeah. If you think once he's not. Okay. That she was like, all good here does Lindsay still tax, Tina Fey. Do you think. She does tweet well, you know, she's like the Nikky blond ski in that way. She waited anybody, but I just wonder if Tina Fey sometimes wakes up in the morning to fifteen texts from Lindsey. She's like. Help me back to Kimmy Schmidt. Unanswerable questions. I Lindsay Lohan is now there's been so much that I forget everything. I forgot that she defended Harvey Weinstein, toll Georgina Chapman. She shouldn't left her husband like she just opens her me too movement briefly. Yeah, I just I, it's, it's especially in a world where there is frankly more interesting, crazy shit happening on our Leib Lindsay. I'm like, you would really, you're not really bringing it enough for me like this was crazy. Yes. The the kidney attempted kidnapping on camera was one thing, but like her other antics, I'm just like, oh, we already have Zulia banks. I don't know. Like there's only so much we can process. You're not really bringing me enough to care outside of this. I'm a little sick of her is like a camp object of affection to just feel like she. She gets brought up all the time by like the kind of quote, unquote, pop culture fans who say the words hot mess million times a day and are just so like. Christian Syrian alone? No, no. He brought us the words mass. I'm not. I'm not criticizing the originator, but I'm just like I'm just sick of like, I don't get that much like happiness out of watching someone be. I mean, we just talked about Mr. Kardashian being what's watching someone be like, indecipherable I can't deal with it. Yeah, it's like watching Mariah Carey. Deliver ice cream on TRL on a loop. Yes, it's unsettled. We really thought that would be the most craziest celebrity would ever be at one point and now it's like, what universe are we in kidnapping children? What's next? What's next where your people helpfully? Nothing is nets. Yeah, clear the schedule go back to two two more your dot com. Go back from lawyer dot com to get administrative assistant, Oprah, insulin, Email, maybe. Maybe her garden. Maybe I on at this point. On the fixed my just everything beyond my life. Right. On her own Keefer. Lindsey. Now she's going to call you. Tweedy you call right now. Anyway, when we're back Kristen Val. Keira, more than ever. Lewis makes us anxious and we struggled a sleep and we're really feeling the impact of stress in the studio. I don't know what you're going to do. That's why I'm starting to wake up to the idea of taking care of my mind of, please don't using calm the number one out for sleep, meditation and relaxation. It was even named apples 2017 app of the year. 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Listeners can get twenty five percent off a comb premium subscription at Combe dot com. Slash keep it did include unlimited access to all of comes amazing content get started today at com dot com. Slash keep it. That's c. a. l. dot COM slash keep it. And we're back. I'm like, crying. I can't really this happening. Kristie bells, air cry because we're going to talk about political comedy. Oh, that too. Yes. No, I mean, I'll start actually weeping in. Yes, Kristen bell is here. She is sitting right next to us. Hello. Thanks for having me view. I, I love you right back at you. Lovely feeling. Did you know we did? We did something a few weeks ago where I made a list of my favorite white women. And you were on it. You are you're. Yeah, of course. I saw it. You're in good company. I think I I, it was so flattered, I don't know why or how I made it or was even on your radar. But it was, I'm not gonna lie felt great. No, not modesty. I was like, yes, what did I do so I can do it more. Yeah. You were alongside people like Christine, Barinski and Elizabeth Warren, like people who should be installed on mountain, Mount Olympus like, so just congrats among the guy. I'm again, I'm not gonna lie. It feels great and I don't understand it, but I. All right. So I guess we'll just get into the south and you can join us. I love to political comedy as an ounce bat. Let's true. And Matt, Damon guest starred as Brett Cavanaugh. Usually optimist. I'm a keg is half full kind of guy. What. From the munsters on this committee makes me one of puke and nut from beer. We enjoy the call delta. Well, I'll say this. I mean, it was the first sketch of the season, so I expect it to be one way longer than the average sketch. So I was being, yes, it was the movie, Ben Hur. Plus I would say it was sort of run of the mill for SNL like, oh, they had a stunt casting. They brought back some old cast members. Did they give Rachel enough to do not for me, I thought the best part of it was actually eighty Bryant as Rachel Mitchell because they they had to take on that character that was unexpected. Like I flew here on south west. I don't know what I'm doing. That was like a cute move for her, but otherwise I thought it was just kind of like a little longest. Okay. Have you been following the Brad Kavanagh? Yes. And in fact, I caught up mostly last night by watching John Oliver, and that sketch, which I'm very glad I did because then today. But I was I was in New York last week 'cause I spoke at the UN general assembly. So I actually had that day of like just being concerned with something else. And I was very grateful for it in like a self care way of like, I don't know if I can watch this whole debacle because I know that it's not going to go the way I wanted to go since then I've seen a bunch of clips and I actually thought it was pretty funny. I mean, first of all, let's start with the fact that Matt Damon's hair was on point. That was a great look of breath, Kavanagh's hair and like just to think about all the people like look at your whole room, like how many people go into this. I was like, try to acknowledge that whoever did his hair. It was like, 'cause brek having a has like a weird shaped whatever topiary artist like was in charge of that. It's it's, it's a specific shape and they did it. You know, it was excellent. And then I also like really I really laughed when they may held up the huge heads shot of alyssum Melissa. That was so funny that were you also invited by Dianne Feinstein? No, no, no, no, no, no, fewer. She wanted a packed house of, I guess. I mean, I guess I, I don't know what good I I would have done there. 'cause like I can just watch it on TV and then I can still tuck my kids in. So I've I didn't. I didn't feel the need to be there, but I'm glad people are, you know, taking a fierce interest in it. I actually found it pretty funny. But I think the thing for me is I have such dread constantly, and I feel like. That's the thing with SNL on the political comedy where like when it was Sarah Palin, it was like, this is goofy and funny what a nut because I think we were like, oh, she's not actually going to be the vice president. And now I'm like, oh, this may actually be on the supreme court, and I find it a little hard to like laugh at that, and but that's just me like I know that like others and it's good to it's good to find some sort of like laughter, Android, but I'm like, ha ha accept. This won't be funny when he's bring court Justice, right, right. I agree. But I also like I, I'm sort of an an optimist to a fault and naively so, but I do. I still believe in a hero. I think that there will be someone or some people that that fix it. I think it's gonna get dark as it has gotten for a while because yeah, it's hard to watch a a funny comedy sketch and go like that man thinks he owns my vagina. Really uncomfortable to think that he can make rules about my body, which is what he wants to do, but then I just somebody's going to swoop in they do. I like I believe that that goodness guides people. And I said, we're going to find someone, yeah, someone's gonna fix it whole thing, the whole everything. Everything? Yeah. Were you speaking at the UN assembly about? I am the global advocate for the women's peace and humanitarian fund, which is like very interesting to me because it's the first of its kind. It's the first time that the that it's not like aboard in another country making rules about a country in crisis. It's a fund that was set up based on this like measure called thirteen twenty five. That was passed twelve or thirteen years ago to give more opportunities to women because the UN looked at numbers and one percent of funding trickles down global funding trickles down to women's organizations, which I mean, I always say like, clearly women are not the only solution, but they're like death. Definitely more than one percent of the solution. Semaine one though. No, I'm fine. So what they do is the structure of, you know, you get all I was basically like just begging all these embassador in like the, you know, prime minister of Ireland for more money, but the fund it takes local women's organisations in the on the ground in countries in crisis. So like in Iraq in Burundi in in Bangladesh and they take local women's organisations, say, what's your idea to fix your community? Then they fund it. Then they give you tech training managerial training capacity training to run your organization, your local nonprofit, and then if successful and you start to feed everybody or you start to get everyone healthcare jobs, they franchise that idea. So it's not a global board making decisions about a country in crisis. It's taking ideas and I'm such a believer in grassroots. I don't. I don't think it's the most appropriate thing to make decisions about someone else's problem. You gotta talk to them and see what they need? Yes. So their goal is to raise forty million dollars by twenty twenty and. Their current. We're currently five different countries, but there's crisis countries. There's a need in twenty four. So we're just trying to up it and see how many local women we can help help themselves in their communities. So you're doing things. I am that's Radyr than anything I will ever to. So congrats. Do you think because you're on a show called the good place? Do you think it's trickled into? I better do good things. So people don't think this is like false advertising? No, because I have been always been good half a lot of preoccupied about how to be a better person since I've been five years old, like I was born with it. And then to a degree that it's like sometimes not healthy, it's like. And it's definitely like I have to remind myself not to let it get into ego because I've been in the philanthropy space for twenty years, and there's I've never seen bigger egos than in the philanthropy space. I'm the first to admit that, but I do think it's now as an adult feels more like a responsibility. Like the reason I wanted to do the good places because I am actually like obsessed with like, how do we share earth like earth is a really hard place to be alone. Let alone with like billions of people. However, however, many people are here now. So I think I learned all that stuff about the women's peace and humanitarian front fund from the UN people who created it and just gave me phone call after phone call of lesson after lesson about what they do. But my responsibility comes in the fact that if I can get the attention of an eighteen year old by doing something goofy, which is like what I've made my career out of doing, then I have a responsibility to grab that person's ear and say, do you know there are a really cool thing. You can be concerned about and it can be enlightening, and it can be fun and it doesn't have to be negative, like the current political climate like, or you can fight for other people, and that's really cool. So bringing bigger ideas that aren't necessarily like sexy ideas to people who wouldn't normally care. I feel is like when I put my head on the pillow is definitely my responsibility. It's goes in the face of a lot of what we talk about on the show. You know the fact that some people are like celebrities shouldn't. Yeah, should stay in their lane and not talk about politics. I'm not a citizen because I have a job that makes you laugh like I'm no, I'm no longer. I'm stripped of my citizenship. That's ridiculous. If you loved Trump, they would have you on Fox News every night. Yeah, exactly. And you know, everyone's allowed to have opinions and I'm raising two girls right now that I'm teaching to have opinions or rather dare I say, I'm not teaching them to have opinions. I'm not cutting down their opinions at an early age. I'm not breaking them and Gaskin them to stand in line and being sort of a, you know, a more stricter parent. I'm allowing them to just like sit with all their opinions so that when they grow up, they know that that's okay to have their born with a ton of opinions. I'm just trying not to break them. There is a man recently who said to me, you have too many opinions like I was saying something he was like, where you have a lot of opinions that conversation did not go well for him. I think as we as. But also. Yeah. I know, but really all that to say more women with opinions is really yet. Will you know what like I always look to Glennon Doyle? Do you know the writer? Glenn, Doyle? I mean, she's like, I appreciate her wisdom so much and she went. This applies to this because when asked why she cries. So often she says, it's the same reason. I laughed so often because I'm paying attention and I think you have a lot of opinions if you're paying attention. Right. One of my favorite things about you this actually dovetails with what you said. But like specifically on both Ronca Mars and the good place you play somebody who like grounds very heightened set of circumstances and it like it's a credit to you as an actress that people like relate to you in these weird fucking shows that have like, you know, a terrible murders or they have arts, and you know the good place which is in like a crazy pseudo paradise. Is it ever daunting as a celebrity to be so relatable. Is it daunting know if feels correct. I don't want to get to a place where I feel like I'm not a a human being like every single person I pass on the street because like I sometimes when I'm in my head and I'm like, walking down the street or driving, and I'll see a group of people, and it will just occur to me and kind of like make my brain short-circuit. I'm like every single one of those people has fights with their parents. Every single one of them has a favorite color a favorite ice cream foods. They hate. Some of them can handle salon through. Some of them can like. And I'm like, oh my God. I'm not the only one who feels like I have all this stuff. You know, that makes me me like everybody feels that way. And I think it's recognizing the inherent value in everybody that makes me want like I want to be one of us. I like being human very much and I don't think that me liking being human should like, you know, negate someone else's ability to be just as important. I didn't answer your question. Remember what it was something about Veronica Martin, but I heard a piece of information about Veronica Mars. The Lewis now we're talking about before that is very thrilling. We'll, you know, one of the new writers for the reboot, of course. I know all the news. There's a very tall, man. Yeah, we're talking about. We're talking about crazy bar. I'm going to be a writer on the reboot. Doesn't that sound like an SNL sketches where like who's? But apparently and I said, rob Thomas, our creator told me about it, and I didn't know if he was joking because he's already funny, but he was like Kristen, he's an amazing writer. He apparently he's been writing for all books. Yeah, an an for like op EDS and stuff. He's written all sorts of things. And in the writing community, he's very well respected because he has like a crazy creative voice and rob was like, I really wanted to see his specs. Sent his material over any hired him, and I think it's amazing. I'm actually worried like he could step on you. I mean, he's just like nine hundred dollars purse. Yeah, Provence fast fast. I think of all the fun photos you get to take because your knees. Yeah. And then he's standing there. Yes days also. He really got me through my first pregnancy, my first labor because he was on a show called anybody splash. Maybe it was diving show Kareem, Abdul, Jabbar. It was amazing. It was like Drake, bell Kareem, Abdul-Jabbar Anderson. We Anderson who like that was a little for me because like every like Louis got tens all around every time he dived, which was a whole nother thing, but everybody had to like learn how to be a professional diver, and it was nuts because that's so hard and you decide to watch him and like the first one, someone like broke their ankle, which I'm not even sure how that's possible. And when I went into labor, I was we were sitting at right after I got my epidurals ABS. I was sitting in the bed in the next thirty, three hours of my life for labor, and we were like only splashes on tonight. All my perfect, and we just turned it and watch like a marathon of like three episodes of cream, Abdul, Jabbar vein. Yeah, he works really hard on that show a fan of Ronca Mars for. So I've heard, which is so I'm glad it's coming back. It's right. Yeah, me too story. You did sweetheart. When the movie was coming out that I mean, this show will be very different from the movie, but the movies like we wanted to win obliga- Shen to fulfill all the fans fantasies, you know. And it was very much like literally rob says, he's like, I had to start with how do I get Veronica to punch the most popular girl in school in the face and then write backwards because that's what because the fans funded it, you have an obligation to give they want. But in this one, it's going to basically be a much more adult world and it'll be Veronica and the other characters living as adult. So it'll be different but aren't donate however much money too. I don't respect paid to his degree more not going to charge you. This title. I couldn't agree more more favor. Yeah. And Chris, Lowell, what a sweetheart? What's it like to just you're playing a character Dan, you? I played Veronica Mars about fifteen years ago now. Yeah. I mean like to live with that character in your head for that long as it like intimidating to have to add new dimensions to her a little bit. But no, I'll just I'll truly. Like my research, I'll just re watch the series and remember how she feels about everything specifically because I think I know like she, I definitely feel like I know who she is and in, but I'll rewatch it. And then I just the thing I'm most excited about is like we always say she's a hero without a Cape and I just, I think the world needs that right now. I think that there was a time. My husband always says there was a time. You know, couple years ago whenever we love to root for the anti hero. 'cause everything felt a little safer and like Walter white was awesome and breaking bad was awesome. And now I think that's scary. I think it's scary. I think you wanna see someone who's fighting for goodness, who's fighting for the underdog because that's what we need right now. Like for our hearts in entertainment dirt, that and I really enjoy the good places. Well, it just makes you feel good about being a human being. Yeah, so hard to be human being and it makes you laugh at it to, you know, speaking of good place, we have a game for you. Oh, God. It's called good place, bad class, cheese. We're gonna listen, nice. I send everything to the good place for her. No way you're sending all these things. Okay. So we'll decide whether these things along in the good place or the bad place, and we're going to start the clock now. Okay. Drinking red wine on the beach. Oh, Doug good place. If you like red wine and the beach, brilliant people who come to a full stop to make a right turn. Ooh, then you're like, I can't send grandparents to the bad. By the way, no good place for safety. Oat, milk. Oh, good place. I guess because if people like it, everything is subjective friends who make the switch to androids I'm on an Android or Mark. Nice, but I've always been on an Android Cardi b.'s missing shoe. I don't know what that is. Nikki Moniz here you. No, you can't throw shoes at people. Get a timeout. Chokers. Oh, if you love it, it's in your good place. If you hate it like you hate when people are on their bluetooth and it's in your bad place. Sorry himself had no, you're doing well, this season fall, oh, best place. Oh my gosh, this is an ongoing fight. We're having on the show. Paul. In orange. There's also just like just walk. Wet leaves her to wet. We live in LA there. No wet leaves. Here's the idea of them. Where'd you grow up suburbs. Chicago, probably a beautiful fall foliage not. I don't. I don't know about this because I grew up in Detroit and I walk. I love the fall is great because it's like it's, I mean, you don't. Do you not like Halloween? No, not really. I don't. You know what? I really don't want you to school. For me, we take your, it's how Weiner so fun. I just feel like if I want to dress slutty, that's what the slump summer is for. Okay. Point taken. You don't like going back to school. That's a good. That's a good point. Right? It's also just the worst part of school. Like I'm not a big homecoming dance. Thank you. Look, I think I look best in the fall like I'm not sweaty. My hair is doing what I told the outfits. You're not under a bunch of layer, your fresh. You're just put this wardrobe together. Can put jackets on in a way. It's perfect. Yeah, that's a look, a little nicer over cone spot. I just bought a trenchcoat because I'm in the trench wearing community and they look so stupid in LA like I'm never going to get to wear it. No, not. Now trenches are very in now think so. They'll even those trenches that are made like all out of like just silky material really digging. That's what it is. It's very, like silky military to walk around with your come in the matrix. He has interesting. You don't like fall and you don't like that smell even being from Chicago, like like, I go back to Detroit and I like smell the smells like going to the cider mill and stuff. I'm John Irving book or something. I, I like colors. I'm just I just I. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I get that, but isn't that why I mean, isn't that really why earth is so fun because there's all these like different diverse opinions and people can like different seasons and we can all resp- look at us having a beautiful Raisman. I'm on the fence about her personally. Thank you so much for being here. Kristan. Oh, keep ruling. People should watch the good place on NBC Thursday nights, and when we're back, keep it. And we're back. With once again, like two weeks in a row. This is the second favourite part of the. Now we have Natasha last week who kill that. We had Kristen Leslie Cuco bit. Our other guests start breaking right. How can we go back to John laws? It I know after this. Anyway, it's keep it and Keira with your, keep it Mike, keep it is to the upcoming interactive episode of black, mirror black marriages show on net flicks about scary dystopia in technology things and also lesbian romance that Tim and I really enjoyed black mirror. Although I did have to stop because I was getting scared because it felt too much like the world I'm currently living in, but they announced that in the new season of black mirror. There will be a choose your own adventure episode. Viewers will choose the story line and make the decisions. They'll determine the next course of events for the characters. I feel like I'm already living in a distortion nightmare. I don't need to watch an episode of black mirror and get even more into it in more immersed and whatever terrifying shit inevitably that episode is going to be about. I'm scared enough as is I live in a dystopia and choose your own adventure that's everyday everyday day. My life now is exactly that I don't need to watch it on my couch with my net flicks. I am fine. We're good. We're good. Just just make the TV just make the TV. I don't wanna be pulled into it anymore. This is my escape and I just, I just don't need it. I'm stressed out already. This feels stressful. I don't like having to do work when I'm watching television. You know, I'm like, you guys do it. That's what you paid for. Make it already make the decisions. But mostly I just I'm already terrified and I don't. I don't need to feel more so also when it comes to watching TV, I'm already stressed up by having to make one choice of a TV show. There's so much TV out there. Don't make me make choices with the. The only interactive TV show I want to see is love island. And you have one speed now and it's that fucking I'm sorry. I am forty episodes and I come out stop. What is this. Out isn't a forty episode aired nightly during the summer in the UK, and then they would have a recap episode each week. So at aired for it sixty episodes, maybe that's television. I need because I, I really loved the first couple of seasons of black mirror. And then I one point I was like, oh, no, this this might happen. Oh God, this is happening. This literally feels like this is happening right now. That's why I prefer like the sand Judah payroll ones. Like I like the romance episodes. I love to nose dive. Oh, that's a good. That's my favorite one. But yeah, it's just I mean, legitimately block Mary started scary. Like I had been watching it in two thousand sixteen and then Donald Trump was elected, and I was like, oh, God, no, I got. I gotta just watch the office for the forty fifth time. Also, I still have not seen the San juniper episode and I have lied to so many gay people. And then I hide behind my vodka soda until they go away because you hate the l l g BT q.. Oh, you figured it out. I'm not. I'm not the one who like exclusively listens to lesbian music. She's. Good attended a read maybe next time, sweetie. What's your fucking keeping? I don't mean to be a continuous down about fall, but mighty not Well, I, I think it is fun for me. Keep it is to fans of the movie hocus. Pocus guys. It's shitty. Oh, I'm sorry. Here's the problem with this movie. Here's problem with this movie if it were head shaking right now by the way they're quaking, isn't it? If the movie were actually about the three witches, it would be a great movie, but it's really about these damn kids in there like trick or treating adventure. So that's nothing. No. What Lewis. You a, you're gonna call me anti rubber John it today, because I fucking agree. I hate. Moving, it's trash. Is a bad fucking movie. I'm trying to people talking about it every fucking Halloween. It's not good. It's not don't wanna hocus pocus to. And by the way, those kids, it's by the way. It's not even quotable. There are like two quotes from Bette midler that are fine. You want to see a Bette midler movie. You go see me. I love you. Go see for the boys, whatever. Sarah, Jessica Parker go watch LA story. There's a show she was on sex in the city. Kathy Jimmy, we have sister act and she is wonderful on the children's show for children. If everybody who was into hocus pocus would just be twice as into Addams family values. The world would be a better place. And by the way NFL in Villiers you got your delicate Houston, Joan, Cusack, and Christine Baranowski who was on the white lady list. I think you all are confused because you're grown men that show is for children. Charles yield you're in eight isn't appropriate. Delightful movie. I'm not surprised. Adult men are not enjoying hocus pocus. Well, it was not made for them. Well, you better go to BuzzFeed dot com. Right now we're adult men are sitting around talking about it right now in forever. First of all, hocus poses came out when we were children did not like it. Then also, I think that movie is kind of inappropriate for kids. They make a lot of sex jokes, totally. These and Gary Marshall. It being creeping Chiltern on watching it. Oh, God. Bad movie. Plenty of other great Halloween, movies. I remember some, the fourth will not be watching. You just said they were great Halloween movies, which makes you sound like you think Halloween is. Okay. If you think they're great, Halloween, movies. I don't mean to tolerate. I don't mean to give any credibility to the horror community. I don't like you guys either including you IRA what's horror fans need to beat quiet, that's for next week IRA. What's your keep at this week? My keep it is for this messy, rich, white people feud going on between the trumps and Gavin Newsom. I live in now at this is goven Newsom are California gubernatorial candidate favorite hair gel purchaser, you know his ex wife, Kimberly. I don't know how to pronounce Guilfoil, right, Kimberly, Jabber, jaw is now dating. Donald Trump junior l. that's, that's his ex wife us really a now. Trump gets constantly talking about Gavin Newsom that rallies attacking him and I can't help, but think it's him trying to be helpful to done junior because Gavin is his sons, new girlfriend's ex husband that Fox News dead. I lady, yes, her. She's giving interviews now to about how she broke up with Kevin Newsome because he like was getting too far left for her. And you know, it's also because of a reported affair, but we have to get into that. I do have to say both Gavin Newsom end Donald Trump junior style, their hair at the exact same way. It's kind of like when Nicole Kidman moved on from Tom Cruise to Keith urban, it's like, well, you just pick the same silhouette in bay but taller? Yes. What he's like? Five, four and a half. And Tom Cruise is five. Four is is Keith Olbermann short to a t. doesn't seem tall, maybe it's the cowboy boots. Yeah, right. Anyway, this is I don't even to like denigrate like dynasty or Dallas. This is this is some Wendy dang shifts. Yes, this is a Wendy. Dang is incredible. Let's be clear. She's terrible, but purely in credit peerless and unbelievable. And I'm so afraid of her. But I, I really like, no, she's got. She's got some experts. Some General Hospital shit. Trump is. Trump is tweeting about Trump is at his rallies, calling out Gavin new. So he's like, heard about this guy running for governor in California and gather Newsom keeps tweeting at Trump to responding. I need everyone shut the fuck up and is so gross as Gavin. This is beneath you. The others, entire family. Everyone is above Donald what your x wife grow or just like this. All of this. If you you wanna be your politician. You want to be the governor of California, like tweeting at Donald Trump is so far beneath you over this petty bullshit. Like what are you doing? And it's always that thing was like, hey, at real Donald Trump won a clear, but it's like he's going to sensibly respond the ill, right? Yeah, he doesn't. Even at people back ever. Right guys don't be stupid. Never at. We only people from American history x. Anyway, that's my keep. I didn't know about this and I'm not. I'm not thrilled. I saw. I saw Gavin, Newsom 's name again. There are so many things happening at all time. I saw like I saw FCC on Moscow's like what's happening. There is the Pavin Aw stuff. I saw Gavin Newsom and I was like, this is not a can't. It can't click are are just mostly ignored because I can never remember how to pronounce his ex wife vase night when Kimberly master of disguise. Like, what is it. There's like a y foil. I interviewed Gavin Newsom in college. That is a swamp man. I'll say. University of Iowa, go hawk is. I left my school of really can't stand. You. Also horror movies are great. Jamie Lee, Curtis, Halloween, I'll I'll reeling bat note that I'm excited. No, you don't have to tell me start Jamie Lee stars born. Did you call it. That's your take Bradley Cooper kills her. I mean that that window soon I just want another Luca ju- hey, I just wanted to know if you if that's not straight out of out of a horror movie. Bradley bottle that, yeah. Okay. I don't know how we can top this episode next week, but we'll try. We'll just read hocus pocus. We. Gruden leave to the ceiling and a great glass elevator that. Yeah, that's a good buck roll the witches, a much better movie than hocus pocus. Jolt to Huston ripping off the face. That's too indelicate. Houston mentions this episode. I win. We'll see you next week.

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