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You know empire and just go into many categories that she hasn't even scratched the surface and Andrews take on the family and that conversation exclusive to squad. These are remarkable women who are tremendous entrepreneurs who are surprisingly disciplined plus former yum brands. CEO isn't worried about the trade war people. Now you feel that those fears are overblown. People are optimistic about the future. And you know I think they should be. David Novak delivers an upbeat perspective on China. Plus a nice surprise Frangieh those stories and much more. Today's podcast I'm CNBC producer. Cameron in Costa. It's Tuesday November. Nineteen squad begins right now and enter by three to one enders. Good Morning. Welcome to squawk walks right here on. CNBC we're live at the Nasdaq market site in Times Square. I'm Andros organ along with Joe Kernan and Melissa I up today bad news for we work again. I've got some grim reaper. News on we work. We work problems. They continue to get worse New York attorney. General is now investigating. We work this corridor. Report report by Reuters the company confirming its been contacted by the AG's office and says it is cooperating. Sources say the probe is probably focused on. We works founder and former. Co Adam Newman. And whether he engaged in so-called self-dealing Newman bought properties. You remember and then leased them back to we work and then borrowed against his own stake in the company company. This isn't the first time that we work has come under scrutiny. From The New York Attorney General's office last year. It rolled back policy of requiring employees to sign non on compete agreements as part of settlement. The question is you're going to look at those transactions where he bought the real estate and then use them them and then effectively lease them back to we work. Does that represent self-dealing. Who was harmed? What happened by the way I've done some reporting around that historically and the two things I learned over time were one? It wasn't clear you actually made money doing it. Then he might have actually lost my. It's unclear that would matter right and to that at the time at least the rationale justification for the transactions were that effectively the they were trying to build out we work as quickly as possible and they were trying to get certain buildings again. We worked into certain buildings PARSIS showcase and other things at least that was the justification rationale now for it at the time whether you think that passes passes the smell test. I Dunno self-dealing. Then there's also that issue the trademark which never came to fruition because because he didn't end up selling the rights to the trademark. I do some more reporting around the trademark as well to try to understand is it. was there any rational basis for why you would charge the company a certain amount of money. It wasn't a licensing fee. You know it was gonna be six million dollar fee that you're going to effectively pay to acquire the the the the trademark and again depends which lawyers you wanNA listen to. I'm told that there was an argument. Being made at the time that there was a value value to the we trademark and that you couldn't just acquitted to the company because that would be its own for resulting. I don't know if I believe any of these things but I put him out there because that's what I know internally or at least some of the conversations around some of these things that don't necessarily pass the smell test or at least people look look at askance right. I mean Newman's out obviously so it's not as much of an issue from that standpoint but from a corporate governance standpoint and what the board allowed to happen that's a bigger Russian because the board is still there the brains you have to wonder what steps of the board take along the way to enable this to happen and is that a corporate Garnett's was this corporate governance issues. I hate to use the F word and I'm eat fraud. No meeting. Are People worried about accounting issues in the numbers came down very quickly. What was going on? I think these are the kinds of things that if you are if you're an AG somewhere. And you want to make a name for yourself or just Jamaican for yourself. You've just think after justice and you and you want to start looking into stuff you look through these headlines you think. Maybe there's something something in there we we may look back. We work as is one of those moments but normally it's in the public markets and you've got the poor retail investors. That are likely not happen. And it's really interesting this time did it's got this much publicity. It's really just the big fat cats get our second eating eating it. It's bad isn't it. It's it's we may end up talking about this years from now. Don't you think I'M GONNA get my billionaire. Tears Mug out Disney plus subscribers may want to consider changing their passwords multiple reports suggest that thousands of Disney plus accounts stolen by hackers and put for sale on the dark web which I thought was the next star wars sequel. But that's not that'd be a good name for it anyway. The hijacking happened mere hours after the services launched last Tuesday a report on ZD net. Found that hackers were accessing The accounts logging the users out and changing the email and password associated with the account. This was effective because many of the accounts were prepaid for a year or more Disney spokesperson told CNBC. The company takes the privacy and security of user data very seriously adding. There's no indication of a security breach on dizzy. How're how are you doing your passwords kids names or how what do you do? You really. Don't want to get into it because because we have to. Why would I want on a show? Yeah that's right you're right. We're on TV but we have to change it all the time. I have trouble coming up with. I really try to score really well on that measures how hard it is. Their studies disappointed strong disappointed. If I'm Eric Studies that show that all this changing is actually bad idea. Why because if you just create I have actually and there's been a number of research studies show no no? I haven't done the research myself that show the changing. The passwords constantly actually is worse rather than better because what ends up happening is more get out into the third. When I changed I write it down everywhere you know I got an oh? That's what that yellow posts. I probably shouldn't be saying yeah but in in other things if you get in you know what I'm thinking of giving out too but I forget what. It is used a password generator. The raiders are a pass Dash Lane. Just give you onto stuff random stuff attacked and you have big well if you think that the whole account gets your problem. Yeah you remember news you can use everyone in the audience double authentication two factor authentication for everything you do. Do you know what that is. I hope you I ended up in the world. You don't even use the tech leave. Leave me I've seen it because I forget what. Set the password again on half these things I got. I JUST WANNA make sure your double authenticated so it's not good that every single thing has a different password passwords either is that no. That's probably that's probably why nobody can't remember I'd get mixed. I don't even remember my username. That's why that's why you should just using the key chain thing on your apple phone or or one of these services. It's hard safer coming in these pills to improve your memory to try. That American Express is playing. Catch up with these MasterCard. A New Journal Report says the CAR Company is offering sign on bonuses to businesses who begin accepting accepting its cards and the amounts range from ten thousands of about four hundred fifty thousand dollars as of last year. Visa and mastercard were accepted in about one point three million more US locations occasions than AMEX internal sales targets to sign up new. Merchants have increased at a double-digit pace since two thousand sixteen incentives for businesses include discounted. Swipe fees one one of the biggest concerns for Small and medium retailers the Journal Report says sign on bonuses with no strings attached are nearly unheard of in the credit card business. Visa and Mastercard sometimes pay businesses businesses to start accepting their cards but usually to defray the cost of payment technology upgrade. Some I don't know if you read through the story. There were anecdotes in which it would take American Express Something on the order of six to seven years to make back the payments that they were offering to the merchants the incentive payments so they would offer somebody may ten thousand dollars but in some cases the amount of money that they can collect the three percents. It's such a small amount. They'll that to get to ten thousand dollars in terms of fees is remarkable people. So it's interesting as you as you start to look through their earnings reports and things like that to understand. Both their marketing costs now. I think they've actually taken some of their marketing. Spend down and and have moved some marketing. Spend money into this program. It's just like a soft line in their earnings report. We'll also we'll have to see what it is exactly. Let's go guests just won't shut up for Dr Apologies up next on Squawk pod together the bread together together. That would move things along. I think this could be good date night. Joe Andrew are planning a night out thanks to former yum brands. CEO David Novak. That's what kind of Tech Company does the world need today. One that applies applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise. Not just for some but for all with Ai. Blockchain and Quantum Technology Asia IBM is partnering with Clients to Develop Smart scalable technologies that help businesses work better together. Let's expect more from technology eighty. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT com slash. SMART to learn more. Welcome come back to slack tide. Good morning black box right here on CNBC. I'm Andrew Ross Sorkin along with Melissa leave this morning in for Becky quick in La talk about the state of the world say to leadership your ship state of of of our relationship with China with someone that that had some business over there. David Novak Former yum brands co founder Chairman Everton. CEO He's now founder and CEO of David Novak leadership and a CNBC contributor. It's good to have you here before we get started I want to. I've been watching Squawk box and Andrew. You've been going at it and you know I want to bring you together. I think that's really nice. I I I think so I I brought a few TACO Bell Kubo my way to say wow and three you get three. Don't talk talk about KFC KFC all badly to KFC for you. All right. He Played Pizza Hut. But what for me there. You go get these cards only work. If they go together I wanted to read together bread together. Something like that would move things along. I think this could be good. Yeah date night and we we trade now together I know I know you like Taco Bell. I'll get your mortgage likability Taco Bell. Though I do like Taco Bell together section all right got it in three hours a day and no. We're good I think my swat you know. The question is how much is on each car. You're going to have to find out because it's got a little like a scratch gotta read read the fine print but you know you don't see Congress sitting across from each other talking things Out I mean we could. They could learn from this. I agree the NBA. Deal for me. It highlighted a almost in a microcosm all of the issues with. It's very important. They have six hundred million NBA fans. We'd love to just the one hundred percent behind the protest for freedom and democracy but we really are very important trading partner for yum brands. It was a very important trading partner too so you you would've had to think about tweeting something that when you when you were. I don't think I would have you. Would you have tweeted support for the Hong Kong protest. I would have attended my business. I thank you tend to your business. I think business people should focus on business and leave the politics to everybody else and I think that's the that's the real learning but we can't decouple from China China can we. I think China is a country that we need to. We need to have a relationship. LONG-TERM I mean. We've got our struggles right now. But that's GonNa work out and when it works out it's going to create more economic benefit for the entire world including the United States. So I in my mind. It's just a a matter of time before things are worked out and but the politics you know China's going to run their country the way how they want to run their country and the United States is going to run away. HOW WE WE WANNA run ours? You're on that's the way it should be. I think and hopefully the two can come together and deal with the big issues. You know what's going on. Obviously how many other board. How many boards are you sitting just on one board which one comcast board? which is? You're you're the current company. Yeah Yeah that's a hell of a guy thing so to actions at the top there. We'll talk about. Where do we go up? And so overall the state of of business in the United States right now with the input you have for everybody. I'm talking to Phil's bullish. I haven't talked to a negative person and the long is that good or bad that the good I think people believe in this look at what happened with the market. I mean all these fears that had been whether it's politics politics whether it's the trade whether it's recession you pick the issue there's been more fierce than the last. It's like sex six months in September. They seem aim to kind of go away. And I think that people now feel feel that those fears are overblown. People are optimistic about the future and I think they should be retail retail. Everything ahead a bit but you know what you gotta look at the overall factors. I don't think that you drive the market down at might not you know who knows about the market. But you know Home Depot's powerhouse Company they've been having great results. They've got great leadership. Great store management. Glenn they'll come back. Every retailer has their ups and downs. I remember Warren Buffett. Telling me about retail says look. You're in a tough industry. You have your your ups and downs. Just tell people you're GonNa win in the long term. That's a home depot's going to do. That's what all the great brands do. I in the other things that you concern yourself with you do podcasts. Odd cast with leaders. You'd like to spread a lot of the the basic tenants of leadership around to create good leaders that that make the world a better place that sort of your goal in something you think that is not done in office where you call purposeful recognition and that is with us. You didn't really stay. Both are greater anything. I thought that was you know. I thought that might be something. You would say that this needs to work. You're both essential your incredible employees right. That's your your deal full recognition. I look I don't know about you but if you look at companies you look at trainings. Everybody teaches people people how to sell more. Everybody teaches people finance for the nonfinancial. Exactly but there. There's no. There's no training that I know of that. Really focus solely on on recognition yet. The two reasons why people leave company says they don't get along with their boss and they don't feel like they're appreciated in those are those are linked. So what I've done is I've created a leadership. Program Digital Leadership Program called purposeful recognition which really talks about how to do recognition recognition. Isn't something that's willy. Nilly recognition considered to be earned and but people need out need to know how to earn it in their companies and I think the best way to use recognition is to reinforce the cultural behaviors that that you know. WE'RE GONNA drive results so if you think about the news business you know if you're good at getting that first story. You WanNa be innovative if you're good at really knowing your subject so that when people come on you can really interview people effectively and and really get the best out of them. If you don't don't throw people just to softball you throw in the really the provocative question you know then you come in if those are behaviors you know that drives the great performance then whoever you work for. I think that's what they ought to be recognized before. Because you're going to get more of it and that's what I think. Recognition is really powerful at. It's really reinforcing the behaviors that will drive the cultural behaviors. That you know that are GonNa Drive Your Business and I spent most of my time really focused on the culture because I knew if I got the work environment right everything would basically fall in place and I don't think enough companies really do that and there's nobody teaching recognition and. That's what that's what I'm doing and I've got a great master class that I'm really proud of this hour and five minutes of content and it takes actually about two hours to do self reflection to figure out how you can do recommendations. That's right for you simple. Why don't managers do more of it? What's what's the reason that take one zero? It's common sense you know. It's just not that common people people literally don't do the things that are sometimes the easiest easiest to do. How hard is it to say thank you I think to most powerful words in business and it's just you know what recognition does says? You're watching they can hand indeed cards. We're fortunate here. We're fortunate because we have Max Myers who gives us the past. Yes yes yes he does. He's very good. Well that's good. That's you know that's a and a lot more motivating than having somebody who doesn't give anything right and a lot of people go to work. I believe or not eighty two percent of people believe they don't get recognition from their supervisor. Exactly why why is the choir. I hear you all right. Can we return to then. It's more management stuff. Great run yeah anytime okay. Good David thanks. Stick around ask questions. Underhand Dan Softball. He gets no gas. Kim Do I ask you under with me. Live mad at me been pretty tough on me. That's why I brought you the Kooky. Ah Is a good that I'm not make up your mind. I like it okay. Could you do next on Squawk Pot. The matriarch of the Kardashian Empire Kris Jenner. Keep try to keep up with her. Andrew is anyway. Does she know why mom Lamad Kris. Jenner calls into squawk box and joe gets an official introduction that conversation and Andrews thoughts on the Kardashian Jenner Empire. You get the sense insecure watching you know keeping up with the Kardashians that this family is partying but trust me. There's no way that that could actually be true. Given all of the work that they're doing exclusively podcast back after this either. I think. Welcome back to squawk way play. Finally the interview you've been waiting for Kris Jenner me. Eric and mom manager or monitor behind behind the Kardashian Jenner Empire that empire has a combined six hundred million followers on instagram and on Monday billionaire. Youngster Kylie Jenner owner brought in six hundred million dollars in a deal to sell a majority stake in her cosmetics company to cody a publicly traded beauty brand and a conversation. We had it just for this podcast. I asked Andrew all about it. You have spent some time with this family. What are your takeaways about? The KARDASHIAN Jenner Empire are and the people behind it you know. I think that the family as a family business is vastly underappreciated and it's evident clearly in the one point two billion dollar valuation valuation that was just given to Kylie's business but these are remarkable women who are tremendous entrepreneurs who are. I was surprisingly really disciplined. That was the thing that I came away with. Just how much thought goes into the strategy of the various businesses into the marketing into literally early the the the details of what image. They're going to post on instagram. And the timing of that image and who they want to do business with and who they don't want to do do business with them and these people are working twenty four seven You know you get the sense. If you're watching you know keeping up with the Kardashians that this family is partying but trust trust me. There's no way that that could actually be true. Given all of the work that they're doing and the social media piece of all of this. You mentioned how deliberate they are with their posts and who they choose to partner with. Is this kind of template for the next generation of billionaires or millionaires. Even we'll see you know I put a. I put the question to Kim. Actually a couple weeks ago at deal book about whether the family could have the dominance that they do today if they didn't have the original linear TV piece of the entertainment show a fragmented media world in a social media world. Could've you created this today. I I think there was some magic of US starting on TV and really building up an audience and then the magic of timing of being around at the same time that social media was created. I think there was just like a a hit with the TV and then a hit with social media. And I think the jury is a little bit out on that. I think the power of TV and when this family sort of came up in terms of the timing was really quite crucial I think both component of TV and then married with the social media pieces. What really gave them this sort of national national if not global resonance I think today it actually much more difficult much more complicated having said that you know the funny thing is Kim was telling me that that you know Kylie was gonNA ensure this new product tomorrow she would do it strictly on social media? She wouldn't even think about LINEAR TV. Whereas Kim said you know if she he was doing something she would go on Falun and she would go on all these other? TV shows and try to really promote In addition to the social media P.. So I think there's a generational divide to to how they approach it and demographics that they sell so that's the that's the other thing I mean this family. If you really think about all of the daughters they they it's completely segmented. They captured different Demo for each group. And in that way while to some degree they all compete with each other They've all managed managed and really Kris. Jenner has done this remarkably to actually be able to all stay in lanes and be able to develop grow businesses that way. Chris hinted that she spoke with Kim. About this In the future of skims and all of Kim's products is this the beginning of something way bigger. I would not be surprised. Not so much to see the entire empire consolidate but to see the family partner with classic traditional private equity and other kinds of larger publicly traded businesses to actually scale these companies. Because these fancy you know this family has taken them Pretty far on their own but to get to sort of escape velocity may ultimately need more capital and I could see more partnerships like this. Here's thank you and Kris Jenner on squawk box joining us right now exclusive interview and her squawk box debut is Kris Jenner. CEO of Jenner Communications. Chris Thank thank you for calling in this morning. Thank you good morning and waking up early. So it's funny because you're not talk last week or maybe even right before we talked on stage you had said something big might be coming. I imagine this is it. You would made some references to private equity so tell us how did this. How did this deal come to pass? How did it happen? Well you know we Yesterday was a really big deal for day for Kylie and our team of Kylie cosmetics and truly a moment for our family family to be proud at. You know it's Kinda crystallization of all of our work but also a moment to just look forward to be really excited about the future and I think the goal is to just keep building Kylie's existing beauty business into a global powerhouse brand. That's the vision and we. We decided to partner with cody because they share the same vision that we do in building this into a huge thing. And it's you know we dream big and and this. There's something were so excited about. How much of this was about building the business? Meaning what you thought cody could do to increase the scale and scope of this globally. And how much of this is a little bit of taking some money off the table. I know that you're still going to own a colleague on a huge percentage of the business right well that was really important to Kylie because this is her baby and this is her dream and it wasn't about just you know building something we've been in business just a few years and so oh proud of what she's built and she's so excited about the partnership but at the same time you know. This is her dream is to build this beauty. You Know Empire Fire and just go into many categories that she hasn't even scratched the surface you know. She launched skin this year. And she's really excited about that. And that's been a huge wjr success for her and and look forward to working with cody to develop more categories and going into other areas of the beauty business and that's very area exciting and she feels like this is where she belongs. This is where her passion is and she really wants to use her creative side to develop her her her brand and this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She talks about it all the time. Twenty years from now she sees herself doing this and maybe passing it down to her daughter joke and I just thought of a of just sort of a philosophical question a lot of people that come billionaires ars. Let's say or or become incredibly wealthy. They become reclusive. And I'm just wondering. Would there ever come a time. Where the card actions would become not a media family not not someone that has a reality? TV Show but just purely business people and just run the business business and just stay out of the public eye. And just I mean could you see that or is it a media pieces so integral I mean it is integral someday it might not be as integral so is it integral to the business or do you just like being out there. Well I think that you know we enjoy what we're doing. We have a very successful television television show. And almost two hundred countries around the world and that really does Expand you know the global reach for us for sure but we really enjoy what we're doing and we've been doing it now for over a decade. We're about to start shooting season. Nineteen in a couple of months and we're finishing up eighteen now and it's what we do. We love working together as a family and I think that we enjoy so much all the creative the things we do all the brands we work on. All the different categories were able to expand in and I think that because We enjoy success process at some of these things that It really does reflect on the other family members so when somebody like if Kylie who had a exciting citing day yesterday her family and her brother and sisters are so excited for her and that just really expands the reach of all of the kids. It kind of you know now. Is this Blanket across the whole family. And I'm just really proud of them so Chris the other question was going to ask is do now that you have this relationship with cody. Could you imagine Agean either selling pieces of the other businesses by any of the other Any of your other daughters. I'm thinking of the K.. K. W. Business. That CAM has or skimmed Kim's eventually and effectively consolidating the whole empire with a private equity arm. If you will well. I think there's always that possibility you know as ah the businesses grow. I think that the focus for the kids isn't always about you. Know growing it And just just to sell it. I think that they really. You are so passionate about what they're doing for example. You mentioned Kim skims. I mean I can't think of a better match than Kim and her skin's business because she's just dreamed about this for a decade. You know thought about developing something like this thought about creating a business like this and she's done it and she lives it breathes it and I watch her every single day. Try to you know. Create something even better. You know And it's really exciting so I think that it's the whole process of what they're going through and learning you know they're all still so young. I think about myself and when I was that age and have the ability ready to be so creative and and have the The tools to be able to build these things and I think it's very exciting for them and I think could if they do grow the business and they're able to sell something and and and and keep You know having a hand in it that that's kind of the ideal situation -Tuation Chris you've just done such an amazing job building brands and also you know building a family business. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with family businesses. Do you have. What's what's your secret to keeping everybody aligned and together and having that Positive belief in each other. Well you know I get asked that question. I should a lot and I think that we really truly like each other and really get along well and we spend a lot of time together and I think the key is probably probably communication. I think that The ability to really I was on the phone last night with Kim for quite a while. Just you know talking about her her businesses and what's next and on and on and I think I do that a lot with the girls and I think just really communicating about what they really WanNa do with their lives and you know I have ten grandchildren. So that's really exciting and we spend a lot of time together with the kids and I'm just really blessed to have this big huge family and there's a lot of joy makes Dan with all the business mixed in with the filming mix. It's kind of the perfect storm. So I'm I'm I'm really lucky. Lucky but I think communication would be the word that you know. How whatever that means to you and and just being able to Remember to to enjoy the really sweet times and the family moments and it's not all just about business. That's very important advice Chris. I'm wondering when you're building a brand and is there a particular social media platform that you think is most effective in thinking about using that platform. Do you think about the other things that the a platform might. Now come. Come under fire for such as privacy concerns or using consumer data. Does that ever enter the equation. Well I think you no. I have a really great digital team that we try to Focus on what works best. For what brand. And what kind of spread our social media out amongst different platforms but There's a lot of changes all the time. For example when we first we started shooting keeping up with the Kardashians there was barely twitter. I remember Ryan seacrest. You know I said this to you guys earlier Last week and he called me and and so you know you might want to tell him about this thing called twitter. She's GonNa love it so and then you know. There wasn't even instagram at that time. So I think being able to adapt to do new and different platforms at like. Now there's tick talk and there's you know all these different things I think that The privacy part of it is you know. Obviously I've said this very vocally you know concerning and And there's different aspects of social media that you know any US might not be real happy about but then there's that side of it that's so amazing and just see you know the the kids ability to go out there and use it for it just positive things and I'll obviously for business works really well for us. So it's been such an amazing asset for my family. So how many phone calls did you get yesterday from other private equity firms that now want to buy other other Kardashian Jenner business. Well you know girl doesn't talk about everything I knew I knew your answer I hope I hope you collect a ten percent on this deal. Is that how this works Well you know I've told you that before. Listen she's she's She's really lucky to be in the position she's at and we work hard and I just WANNA continue to help. The girls do whatever it is to you know just focus on what is their dreams are and that makes me really happy. I think anytime a mom is able to see the success of of her daughters autres At this level and have them be really great people with great hearts and be super focused. I'm just super proud. Chris WanNa thank you. I just want to say and during the commercial. Break this family. And these women are the most disciplined businesspeople remarkable thing and I got to see in person and just spending time with them on the phone and other things. But it's it's it's it's almost under under appreciated. Sort of what what. They're really doing here because it is. It's a genuine. It's genuine in business and we probably should. DVR This this show. I know it's early out there but I mean and become a really faithful squawk box viewer for the entire family. I think that I'm just going to set it on on recording. Chris thank you so very much for Sir. Thank you Chris. That sounded sincere. I think there's a chance show chance. What a hell of a deal what do you think? Get at this million dollars. Plus they have created control. It's amazing two hundred and seventy million followers. The brands nothing the companies nothing without her involvement all men so if they pick up the cash you still control the company now never would never not do the reality show because it's so synergistic so what you might have have the opportunity if it ever got him but it seems to play into all its social media. It's the camera around but wait a minute you you do every day. That's the chauffeur today. On our rundown tomorrow it's game time Becky's down interview with the CEO of Gaming Company activision Blizzard squawk box hosted by Joe Kernan Becky quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin Weekday Mornings on. CNBC six am eastern to get the smartest takes and analysis cyst from our TV. Show right into your ears. Subscribe to Swap Fahd wherever you get your podcast and we'll meet you back here tomorrow. We're they guys. What kind of Tech Company does the world need today? One that applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise. Not It just for some but for all with AI blockchain and quantum technology IBM is partnering with Clients to Develop Smart Scalable available technologies that help businesses worked better together. Let's expect more from technology. Let's put smart to work visit I._B._M.. Dot Com slash smart to learn more.

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