What Happens After Shark Tank with Be Fit Food CEO, Kate Save


From Los Immediate is building a Unicorn, the show exploring what it takes to build a big global business I'm Chris Lawson. Food companies are everywhere. There's delivery companies like ubereats chains like McDonalds Dominos, and of course you're traditional family restaurants, but once you've eaten all that great food does also companies that specialize in helping. You shed a few kilos and today on the show. We're speaking with Kate Save CEO and Co founder of beef. It Food, a company which specializes in providing scientifically-backed meals for rapid white loss cake. Cake joined US via zoom for our very first building a Unicorn live event, and she has a fascinating Jenny that even involved in appearance on shock tank, which completely changed the trajectory of their business. Kate is a Dietitian and clinical exercise physiologist, and through seeing thousands of patients along with her co founder. Bariatric surgeon Dr. Jeff Diaper realized. There was a problem that needed to be solved. What the improper practices I guess nearly thirteen years I still be made amongst slow to twenty patients Jack and I am across that I didn't just need the advice to get started. Actually made the products that help him get stopped may weight loss journey as well. You know there's a lot of different companies that kind of kind of approaching this area. A lot of people really struggle with their weight loss journeys So, what is it about it food that makes you different from all of the other services that are out there. Oh Yes, our point of difference, each quite extreme I guess because we started out as clinicians, we never set out with a business mindset to actually build a food company, and we actually went to the providers amount, same woodbine food that we knew that Australians needed to be APP against dot and say sorry. We looked to find a company that would do what we couldn't find it. So at that stage We ended up buying. We teach up her lot converting it into A. And for the first couple of years we had five staff only kitchen than myself running the business hot of it, and all of the free nineteen services that we provide with rich initia- business grew. We recognized that it really wasn't just full rapid white, which was sort of a founding reason for the company to give people that Keillor's to wake sorta white keep stops. It was more than that so at products that she'll go for twelve vegetables me, which is good building a healthy got micro by iron, and assigns really kicked evolving showing that if you could build a really healthy Guston, not As labeet girls so sustained that white off because it's actually the microbes in the Gosto, responsible proud to certain extent. The showing the MA studying sway, they put my base mass nothing mass, and they don't fake transfer Angel- For Math nast within Mass Boston and the thing masks The speed even aging assign amounts accrued in the same types of food, and that was really I guess exciting crosses. Because we recognize it got the sleep I think when we talk about the gas Brian Connection, it's not justice, connection to hunger and fullness in energy, but it's also a happiness comes from the Gos- Said Ninety percent about Serotonin these actually produced in the garden. Well, sorry, we recognize that feared wasn't jest solution for. Changing your wife or your health than dumb eight maximum. You feel happy. It's how you feel about Nacelle. And of course your health is well. Take grew up on the Mornington peninsula just out of Melbourne and describes himself as a curious and adventurous child. She's spend time with their friends exploring the Bush and getting lost twelve, riding their bikes, and even from a young age. Kate says she was always interested in food, my passion for Food and help family. It started early Endo, I. Actually a child had down really horrible. Tummy hikes that I used to get never find the answer. Semi's the hospital. Humi Pepperdine Send Me Harm for the first twenty is in our life, and it wasn't until I'm really independent. GOING TO UNI had COBB. At least the comic huge problem would also Miami and. When I was twenty, they found what I thought was a Chima and they put me in for -mergency surgery. It turned out to be benign, but are the caused as other Forever, hold these annoying tummy. I can dumb that me really interested in nutrition because I knew that it was what I was doing was affecting me. The doctors actually didn't believe me. A time told me it was I lactose intolerant I had dumb. A reason to get out of school in the night plus student loved school. My parents need that watch end I will start otherwise dairy so I'd never eaten lactose later and I just need a rule to it. That was my passion Sean and obviously that passion for you turned turned into. You know wanting to study to become a dietician and shoe that as as a career path and was that. From from all you know. All of that kind of personal experience was that. Really what kind of likes? To to take that Ford as a career. I guess when a kid centering so the tendency and are the teachers site to us. When he saw me made a stop thinking subjects which unique WanNa Gory Suen. I had no idea and I was absolutely stunned. What I read today announced just thinking on. Do I aim high like try to moral? Do something like that? And it was actually my best friend at the time interim it's. I can't believe you don't know what to do. You love food. You've got to do something which food now back to good idea announced so passionate about it saying you're the easy and. I guess on strong studying nutrition. What recognized is that? You know the power of exercise to improve health and particularly Ryan Health, and so I studied nutrition dot Dietitian than I went back, and did a master's in clinic lakes in size physiology, and I'm willing to let a bat on I. Guess it the Brian and the link between the guts and the Brian and exercise units. No, that sort of thing, as well I always remember at school smiling unsecured than ever stop smiling. I wonder why kit smiling must feel the thirtyish. So? Yeah, that that was my study career nothing. It was just a friend of mine. He pointed out that it was something. That I always talk that lockton enjoy Tenet. Just say like a natural progression for me. And when you, you know you leave university, and you go out and you stop practicing as a as a Dietitian like during that period of your life, did you? Do you ever have? Any idea, you might become an entrepreneur that you might sort of go out on your own and start a business. When I was in your Lebanon, she won Lee scholarship at school to go in down. Stay on campus from university. Who three-day? Was At. The and that far Graham was unbelievable, so it was for the top one percent of the. Sisters and story or something like that and when World Weistein at Uni I actually put his lecture theatre made us watch this movie yet. That won't Disney. I've never heard the word on trump, no before Chile's Marivi and I decided the near limit I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I had no idea what offense Walt Disney had a little humbling. Chin created. And my goal was to change the welding. Some Wang like for Disney did Mike. We'll have the. 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Over one hundred million dollars in legal fees, and for a limited time, listeners of ash show, you can save up to forty percent on legal plans. Visit low path DOT COM DOT EDU slash Unicorn to grab your exclusive listener, Oughta that's law path dot. COM DADA use slash Unicorn to say forty percent on your legal plans. Law Path DOT COM dot. Slash Unicorn. From a young age, Kate Save you. That wanted to change the world. She worked seven casual jobs during school. And by the time she was twenty had saved enough money to buy a house. By the time she was twenty one. She had three. K. clearly had a level of drive that many twenty one year olds would never have had, and that's the kind of drive that it takes to be a great entrepreneur following university. Kate started working as a Dietitian and soon noticed a significant problem that needed to be solved, although initially had no intention of starting a food business. Sorry Jeff work together own my. Maiden case before we started thinking about We're thinking about me the within the first five years working together about. Nearby actually drenched that way would create a food company sorry. Jeff's white male search unser he basically says patients and some fine timeless surgery that will help them always white, whether that's gastric band gastric sleeve gastric. State and our does and Clemmie Su or base able were banks. Wipe me surgery on bars and shakes dots which I absolutely heightened with a passion. I just thought. How could you take someone to lose weight and be healthy, but stopped him on chocolate chocolate chocolate Shite Sir something completely out official and. Investigated More Gloria and gold standard in the world was a synthetic files and shakes, and I can just say these huge problem that we were setting up a long-term file. Short term success was surgery, but for about two years some people start to Reagan white now could years a Lotta. People Starts Reagan. White went to a Lotta white so particularly when. all saying able from anywhere from starving permit the IB kilos to two hundred and forty yards this my heavy f Scott and down I think when people lose all the slight ahead this huge amount. And but in it starts coming back again E. IT's own luck yards Brian. It's all about A lot psychology behind it, but I also believe when you're losing the whites without using crew Disa- first medicine. We actually changing your eating and learning. What your body! Needs you, not GonNa have that long term success. No matter what medication. What surgery? What supplement she tight. It's just never going to be sustainable. Sorry I said to Jeff. I don't want to do with balls and shakes anymore. I I. Can don't Meal Plan. So Kate started giving out recipes to clients to help them with their weight loss ahead of surgery, the were designed to help by police weight, and also do things like shrink live to make an operation less risky. And she was doing this by focusing on a low calorie diet clients with seeing success on the meal plans, but many were looking for a quick alternative that didn't involve a lot of preparation. Sorry, that was the point when I decided with no one else got a Mike. The fruit believing this enough it on my professional find the way and not knowing anything about commissioner peaches for production, Hasek of madly researching and studying and Yeah, that me I discovered that. The was spice. I wanted to Bainian after a couple years after about two years, actually gave up private consulting side estate. I still have fat company, Piquionne or physical health nutrition. Sorry, we serve a stray private hospitals in ten medical centers than we provide paper with the advice, sang lead for healthy living nutrition, but we aren't sell food there and the reason I quit the. News Kazakh Shell really. Click did that I knew I had a product that would work white loss, but I couldn't sell it to people that were paying me for advice and then tell them to buy. My product is well, and it was actually a client of mine who confronted me one day and I'd only saying he wants to end on the way the chronic. He asked me about this brochure that was sitting there about screwed company, and I never really talked about it to patients, but I thought. He picked it up. I'll tell him what they all that, but I didn't sites my company, so he drove down to basic ferried and Yasa girl, who was working there time reese companies since she said Hawks Kite sites and he lost it. He's a canyon the next time and setback with these arms Half Hope. What is going on? What's what am I? John to the sky? He just he would hardly talk. Get anything out being. End In the end he goes. Do you want some business advice? Business I into business title when I remember thinking hostages disappear if I could just rolling a gripe, a call Ben Right now I would I would choose at. And he said it to me. You need through. Declare your interest in this business. Who put down Barshop and I say pop? He goes on Wednesday last week and you didn't tell me this job business at I bought food there that this is a conflict of interest, and from that dipoto out so guilty and sorry conflicted that I was doing the wrong thing, so that the I gave up my practicing. Practicing men because I decided will ahead solution for people and I wanted to help them with the food, and you know my team can do they support, but I wanted to make sure that people had access to these food, and he's turned out to be at business main tool to me and turned out to be one of the best things I've e but at. The turning points made a guard, the oil, nothing and that was in shock tag colts. Something that I'm interested in, and you mentioned early early on in the show. Was that you'll I? Kind of commercial kitchen was a fish and chip shop that you bought. Can can you tell me a little bit about that And when you were kind of looking around spaces like wh? Why efficient chip shop like what made that? Kind of decision to be able to access a commercial kitchen. Well look the honest. In the first few months we actually either shed kitchen spikes that the grew so quickly that we start about taking. We started taking too much. SPICING shed kitchen to the point where we got kicked out so then we had to find somewhere else. We shared east, but we heads the by had. Some, we had the payers, not sheets. Stabbings are the Latham. We were getting bigger running out a story. Sorry, then we would just on desperate to find another Ki Chan and we knew that we couldn't afford united that five hundred thousand two couple million dollars to actually. I have Chen sorry. My best friend's husband's actually within hospitality timely. I'm stumping Himeji lack. Butcher shop and old. How old something? Let's just got some structure there with some? Cool rains and extract the fans and. All the things that we would me that I just made the know about for these commercial kitchen, and so he came across the species missile. In time. I believe it with asylum for mighty in. Or something like that, so it was quite inexpensive. Compared where everything we've moved, ask. Any liens that actually the basis accords Dan. We go for dull, and we got to take everything within the walls of be species. will pretty siding when we did out. Until we found that actually were extract friends didn't were, and the place was a dirty filthy mix. It was an absolute horrible horrible clients to. Set maybe really passionate to renovate it to get it into working order, and we did have to spend a lotta money to get it up and running, but we actually had our own spice, and certainly won't listen actually going out and buying. Fully fitted that initially channel nuts enough to get a stoppage. Having having your own space can for many businesses. Like give them a form of identity. was that was that kind of the situation? Few is well like having your own space meant that you are on the map like you're a legitimate business now yeah I. Guess because we're only selling online and initially we're actually selling fruit to our current patients. The white will stations men the DIETITIAN patients, so no one knew we existed we just a website. We didn't know Radicchio or a CMO or anything like that digital thin. Sorry we reading just a website and nothing else and a handful of flies that we designed this sense. It wasn't until we had a store that we could professor sign up and Hulu. Cradle back then was. Basic food. It was Bariatric, essential, so Bariatric, manning obesity and essential for White Wall and Peyton Statin to find that by highlighted that nine, because when they cool a bag or a box of food, chained up in it, said Bariatric on quite a for people, so we took back the Bayan Leeann Created Bay, and then we would have people going to be and I didn't like healthier it'll the you know the word, so we went. We speak food because I want to be healthier, so that was have quotas and today. And it was at this point a couple of us into the business. That Cayton Jeff decided to take their business on shock tank. As many people will know shock tank off his entrepreneurs, the chance to put themselves out there in front of some of the best investments around to try and secure investment. The some the tank eats them alive, but the others they walk out with agreements and positive media coverage will change their business forever and for Kate. Jeff that's exactly what happened. Sorry look. We actually applied for shark tank. The Yup try and we got through to the end to be rounds and I said to my car found the surge. Beating she gone time running out of money, and we both foot IRA hundred outdoors H in business at least points and dumb. He said look I think it's really bad for reputation. It's quite dangerous on TV the shots. Bs and they might with television said. And saw cool down, and then the following year as you can imagine, we've poured hundreds of thousands more Dulles to these NASA and not a cent with INVA- going to come out of it and why we were running it, but possess clinicians to us the only thing that Madel which was to help April get food. They needed at Alex then. Their expense because we really just wanted to change their lives and give them. They screwed that we knew. Would do that and we. We knew how much April were willing to I and the. All sorry every time we sold crude Wayne Parma. Lost more money and I the only person that I married that. Surround. As a famous for leading the Time! I thought I. Wanted a out founder and I read today Nelson Sand I'm just absolutely gobsmacked by her journey, and what she down Swinestein ahead of. Get on, chunks. And Sausage to my Fan Reagan I'm GonNa. Do it run out of money I? Don Add any money stage, but I'm going to run this murmur. You'RE GONNA. Find a someone. Ten Helpless Romley Sly Profitable Beats Nest Ben. Charity helping pay better so. That's what I detail at the time with surge on will come Dante Bates too dangerous. My reputation and I thought nothing to lose I. Lose all my Murray Anyway or I'll lose my reputation, my money, but eight away. Those a chance, something could be guiding sorry. I decided to really prepare ourselves to go onto shock types. Six about three months and I watched Abriendo shock. mine wrote down every question ever asked here in the city and. Everything that I could about the business hours running and I think that this alarm. Helps Major Abedin. He's necessarily. And are. Now flying you manatt before and you know you get there at eleven. o'clock at Ni- zoster with the hotel faces the next morning. than we arrive and. You, actually don't know what's going on. Haven't really spoken to anyone you. All you know is at some point. You'RE GONNA. Walk those doors onto the red carpet, and there's going to be caught shocks, and that legally what happen a sit down. The cameraman said to him hats hammer these doors on on the set, and he goes there. What doors huge huge Any license out looking as going backwards bang, he smashes into the doors. non-flight gone this. Is a bad start, sorry. Sorry the DOE wasn't Standing near the cameras are on on shots the. Looking down speaking to each other making, you feel really uncomfortable without scraped ebay. Down I've been four shutouts in fifteen minutes absolutely real with every business question imaginable and I had it together pretty well and many neon unity all you actually but too often as one from Japan a month in state facts. And said. Would you like to make my program? But he came to see he's actually at Quebec. On come out. Yeah, my said we WANNA make him so I put him out and they grew jet for about fifteen minutes, so sorry and down. Bennett was fine a long time, and I knew in my mind that I'm there for Jimmy Sorry? My gut feeling just went. Darn thing that anything else Sarah offering a cody on all of these said stave has incredible skills in tech at immuno would hugely handy for an online business. My doctor just said sneak car with Jimmy the something she's got. Her in and that will healthy baby to at a business. That's what we need. Be Fit food walked out of the shark tank with an offer from Janine. The founder of boost Jesus for three hundred thousand dollars made up of a two hundred thousand dollar investment and a one hundred thousand. In exchange for thirty three point three percent of the company. And for food business going onto shock tank. You probably couldn't have gotten a better deal. But that's only stage one. Securing an investment in the tank doesn't mean you're going to actually save the money once. Filming is over through diligence and Kate. That process took an excruciating amount of time. Let's rewind to filming shot at your high fiving in the end. You think you've got these investment on line. Where do we get the checks from someone subject in awfully guard? Nine now. So you? Diligence went curve at a yeah, so we got no money for a very very long time. And we told that the show was to go to ask filmed in November. Two Thousand Sixteen and we got told it was Kinda guy to AA. One of the Said's inning. January February two thousand seventeen, and it didn't, and then we got told her Aaron March we will get money when sweat and just gave it hit getting pushed and pushed out pushed out. He'd signed on to Hawaii in terms of beaten state. Great Unilateral. Tell anyone that you've been on shops ankle. What happens Angie dark at the money yet? You're preparing for when these actually going to. Are you going to sell more? Trudy have to be prepared. So the main time I'd hide production manager and a much big out a handful more found papering maintains to make sure that we had a lot of food on hand. Handle ready to go, but. Ready Guard buttons every day every week, and to catch a yeah before white sweat. Sorry. We actually did a lot more cashing that year. China prepared for something that we thought actually may nearby. And I guess we hadn't got investment at this stage. As sorry, it was really hard slunk going from filming and having United Them exhibit, riding positive experience to these wising guy. WILL ANYTHING CHANGE OR was that just a drain? Did Not ever really has I am I still in the same reality. But the program eventually met to weigh in August of twenty seventeen, and the response was unlike anything. The company was prepared for and right after this break beef it food has to do with rapid shark tank fueled Greis. I JUST WANNA. Take a moment to tell you about how I came to start loss media. I was sitting in my journalism job thinking about the future of the media and all the discussions that I was having, and I realized they will all centered around podcasts. So I decided to go all in, and that's when the stress really began. Because suddenly I knew that I was studying this thing this business but I didn't know how I didn't come from the business world and I certainly wasn't a lawyer, so needed to think about whether I needed to be a sole trader partnership whether I needed to incorporate a company. I decided to eventually incorporate A. Then I had to think about things like shareholder agreement, employees, agreements, privacy, policies, terms and conditions, and it can be really stressful because if you don't come from that world. Don't exactly know what you're doing. And every found has to go through this process. Now, there are many ways you can do this one. You could go and hire a lawyer, but that can add up and become really expensive, or you can use low fat. Low Path is not a law firm. 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Beef it food appeared on shock, tanking August of twenty seventeen, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, almost as soon as the show Ed, thousands of people started flocking to their website in volumes that the company just wasn't perpetual, unfortunately, though our website crashed, and it crushed every minute every four minutes every hour, if day and every week thereafter for six months, so we snuck story quite a few hundred thousand liens of Villa's of Samuel's. Eat once an absolute nightmare because we didn't know anything about the check behind website, we obviously have built it. We had someone help us. We fast, and we learn how to show. Go dancing to stop selling sheep. We had nothing. We earn the had what I was eight hundred boxes. Worth record white. Folks bulks obey rapid fruits. And the production manager loopy. Why after gone to Aaron? How long it in a tight you to catch up to Michael screwed lack seek flakes or something, and he's like Oh, I didn't actually Michael, the food online carbon and he got his. All I know you said you wanted hundred boxes that on trying to save you money so i. only made two hundred because I just didn't think anyone than a by it and I was like you're kidding. Kidding me so the next morning I turned it. We got the second retail side. At least point. These warehouse stored over trees and align about Mamata 'cause at front people getting out. This trucks is people that are forming from to the boxes. Agreed that a boat last night, so we can. Two minutes of the building are penny. Every scary could freed The building was gone. So you're from that point on one-star. T. E.. I actually went from a team of five people to sixty thousand people and. That's what it took to service. Something of this magnitude than. By no means did we do it well, but we just did it and Sorry. I always get asked questions about the high side of things have are who to Harare knows like Fannie inner if I could some vastly for like one, basically sorry I walk through the door now looking for work. And what did I need them to do anything we have a seven point reminds absolutely ringing like crazy, and fortunately I've actually high. The Cold Center is a backup should something at route to find mines, and by had thirty five coins across Australia in lawful finds it as well. Sorry. The problem was at the end of every day when I took a few hundred Michigan Mayday Malcolm Chris to us. We couldn't actually one of our seven fines without someone being on the other end, so we can never return. Anybody's because there's always a new one the other. Sorry needless to say it was a disaster. We break it all on. Me had to rebuild scratch in that party stash. Probably fish six months was really just absolutely destroy bright. The business someone had radioed systems one by one into. We're obviously talking about about being able to scale a business rapidly and you are. Food Business and food inherently has a lot of logistics around it. And you know it can. It can restrict the ability to scale rapidly. It's not the same as being you know an online service where you can just fire up a few more service, and suddenly you will you know your website is available? You know or your services available in another country with a food businesses, a lot of logistics get. Can you tell me about the steps that you have to go through to actually get a meal delivered to someone's Dole. All outside of I guess actually producing the coming up with the rest ceasing ingredients costing out work away. Producing packaging labeling it. Would we have agreed company that could actually deliver after Why end we initially delivered the food fresh. We found it too much about health. Risks of the Papal Went Tori memory relating food. Cease it still safe in our ten hour right? And when they go on and to be honest, nobody actually knows that question owens tasting. That proved sorry I decided that we should be sat. Phrasing afraid because it preserves the integrity, the food, the day of and more importantly, the good bacteria and bad bacteria grow so in my opinion, it's actually better for the microbiome. And each is fresh it's never gonna be tinged is old when Anyway and so we find a in Korea that the challenge to stop quick. And then we wanted to stand rage so initially we only delivered across Victoria, but Was a national TV show. We have people all across the style of wanting very so we very quickly expanded to new. South Wales Queensland, Been Stack Style Ya and wins obviously Victoria where we started, so it was a case of really finding a logistics had that had the I? Guess the quality of service that we made it and dumb, only accreditations that also had that h remove Korean companies about five or six times. Now I've been elastic seach news for those raisins. Tomato important thing is the food get sick. Citing a need tended order and that the customers happy, so you know. They're very important part for process. Now you obviously had significant momentum coming coming out of the shock tank. And you know when that Ed your business was growing rapidly, and you said for the next six months. You you kind of like dealing with issues around scaling that but. You know once once. There's a bit of time between win. The show has ED. You Know How do you actually go about maintaining momentum because you? You have continued to grow exponentially as a business so? Like. How have you thought about maintaining that momentum so that you can continue your growth? I guess in because it's always came from the signing flights. It's at passion. Enabling the first few years, we grew one hundred percent in your neighborhood shopping, and then when thank FM. We had huge growth still managed to do one hundred percent. Right near on you. There are the. Records. Might Vision is huge. If it's to change the health, ninety percent of Australians health latent fit, then that's a big mission, and we may be able to reach of households and I guess every opportunity that if they are bare, every opportunity to about or deliberate nutrition educational deliver the message on. Anyone that I can help offering free nutrition. DIETITIANS AFFORD I'm ban. An speak for my team when I say writing old team where they have blade in station, and we genuinely want to help take shape, better health and feel happier and. At what the company's abound, so the mentioned means That pay. It on such that if you feel really good about something in, you feel really healthy and happy having you give that to someone else said I feel that energy, and then you find backward the night bicoastal onto someone else. Since Shark tank beef it. Food has continued to grow rapidly. They now turnover more than eight million dollars in sales, and they have plans to scale internationally. Obviously Kovic has disrupted business sector in some way and Kate that meant pivoting their offerings to hope cater for the needs. Customers have right now. The website twenty twenty cents business estimates. That something missing, Sam I guess really started therein trae months ago. What Wade found is when people with food hoarding in one. Wayward, relayed the sort of food that you hold that insane that we were nutritionally completely refers. We had long shelf lives, so we actually started offering paper instead of white. Offering just healthy meal bundles that we nutritionally from flight a good for immunity. Sorry MOM WANNA strategy was meal, bundle and help site sell bulk meals mount. We found that people really starting to feel that financial strain, so he people had gone out, and Donald is spending in the first month, and then fooling backing the second Ma, so am strategy for that wants to offer free home delivery, and this was also points when some of the major. Issues. Times agree, and we would orch late. Sorry, it meant a people could get a food very quickly and it was. Guarantee does well unlike some of the GIS. Sorry. That was beneficial for us and then the third month. listening to customers them with what we call Bait Faisal, says about four and a half thousand paper in that group armaments, and they're extremely active, and we really gauge what the community! It's feeling and. How impacting them through the conversations that happen on that channel that only the. What we found is that mine's paper were feeling really really ordinary age too much. Their own theory advan drinking too much alcohol ahead. Nerve retains weren't getting answers, not end. It was a little comfort. Foods as well started wasteful that I. Guess as a cry for help to help them. Kindly, their is, so we started on challenge. That telling actually started, we recruited in Riot Stan run first of. Its biggest challenge, sorry fast are the twenty eight days taking just leave and bree nothing else breakfast lunch in snacks, available, little private route and train hunger than study eight people in that group at the moment, and they're extremely active posting every day. They're doing well they before five dollars, they weekly weigh ins and updates and i. absolutely love rating it because you hear. The must heart wrenching stories about how something's happening. Someone's life that who wants them to gain all? They will sign. What's going on the end Nancy? control again I feel empowered and they getting unbelievable results, so I think had fakery challenge on average able lost around six seven kilos on average in renowned lost twelve, will something key allies in the twenty eight days and this time around the. Yard that results are pretty astounding. Sorry are really really a- of. Linemen and my own cremation shown by the twenty eight. Sorry excited to celebrate with them. Now Understand that as a business you have you have plans for international expansion in the future? Can you talk to me about like? What's that going to look like when you're? You're expanding food business internationally, and what will be some of the challenges that you have to overcome. To be able to do that and also. Do you have any countries in mind? WHAT WOULD BE I. Agree Got Trademarks for the USC U K, N China I'm worried simply as well. Look for me. It's probably starting with the US just without the. Language barriers in the are basically epidemic card there. And they've very. True, alternative health, spank, nutrition and food. I think they the first entree we'd really will ask have had towards straying up next force regain working with the CEA. Siro was well sorry. Buddy certainly on the onset of dykes, yes, Coronas obviously upset. Some revolve planning, but that's that'd be first on the Honda and obviously it's such a big country through in this many paypal, the timber share and seventy lives to be changed. and then I the China Review Hi. Depending on, you know he really has to be a matter of timing and when her won't Landon Crews Maureen Recipro-. Everything that you've achieved with beef it food so far. And All the success that you've had but still you've got a Janney ahead of you, I mean. How do you feel at this moment in time? Like? How do you feel about how everything is going? To be honest. It feels like with still rod. Jess started the starting line because the began. The only thing that I'll stop is when I. Different to the hell, mistrial and Two young Keats, and I would hate to think that my children grow up with the current feliks around food and deicing. Synthetic, crude oil than prospered convenience that we leave in on that. I can have any impact We're working with the state. environment were. Trying governments to really be able to change the why paypal sacred food should be saying as for that's medicine, because if us I, and you may not need the medicine which are full side effects anyway, sorry. Will escape going down that off until we get there. Building a Unicorn is a loss in media production. You can find out more about the show and get episode transcripts at our website building a Unicorn Dot, com. This episode of building a Unicorn was hosted, edited and scripted by May Christopher Lawson production assistance by James Parkinson. A theme music comes from Nick Buchanan at Artwork is by Andrew. Neil list. This is the last episode of season two of building a Unicorn and we're taking a break where we work on some new episodes season three, but don't worry. We're not going away for very long. We'll be. Be Back again really soon with some new interviews with some amazing entrepreneurs, and if you've got any suggestions for guests that we should feature building a Unicorn, send them to Unicorn at Lawson. Dot Media, you can also find us on facebook and twitter. Just search for build a Unicorn and I'm at Christopher Lawson thanks much for joining us this season on building a Unicorn I'll speak to again soon.

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