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EUs Blacklisting Of Ghana Over Money Laundering Breaches Flawed


You're listening to the news This time when Africa Business Radio the Ministry of Finance has described decision of the European Commission so blacklist Ghana over money laundering breaches as unfortunate. According to the Finance Minister. The methodology used by the European Commission was flawed as it failed so communicates with Ghana concerning shots comments. That needs to be improved. The European Commission on seventh may twenty twenty cited gone as one of the four African countries listed by the European Union for Money Laundering Britches. This boots the financial transactions of gone under great scrutiny. A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance said Ghana regressed a seven may twenty twenty publication other European Commission propose into the European Union parliament. Art Gone to its list of high risk that countries with strategic deficiencies in the anti money laundry. Then countering the financing off the Roberson regimes. And that wasn't news this diamond Africa Business Radio. You can continue this life online at. Www AFRICA BUSINESS RADIO DOT com or a mobile APP. Thank you for listening.

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