Caught Offside: MLS Is Back and EPL continues


KABADDI. Yes hold upside. Basement inside of my. Jury is home and from an apartment in Brooklyn and who? Jj Benny what's up? Goodman however you heard a bit of did today. Sure did we'll talk about that in a SEC. We should tell people i. Lots of EPL action yesterday today. Talk about all that. Tottenham players fighting it. Right there in front of us on the Field Christian Pulisic, continuing to do so many great things for Chelsea it's making an American soccer fan who usually hates Chelsea feel very conflicted inside watching their games mls is about to be back as they tell you in the name of the tournament, and the less is back. We're GONNA talk with stepping over sorrow, who is down there for ESPN he's. He's inside the bubble. We're GONNA talk with him about everything going on down there what it's been like what the reaction to FC Dallas and their departure was live. What it's been like for Nashville. Who are now kind of going through a similar situation to Dallas? Although they're still in tournament, there's a lot to talk about. We'll do our own soccer like actual soccer conversation about mls back. And Red Cards man-of-the-match is back as well so There's there's really a lot to get to on this podcast I'm very excited about it. Steph join us in a few minutes be. I had a weird day today. So like you know we talked about. We'd actually didn't mention it on the last podcast, but I had my my sister's wedding and it was, it was great. You know is kind of like. Obviously, it was different. Not The wedding that they were planning to have they were planning on having a conventional wedding with a lot of people in friends and at a reception hall, and all that stuff and Corona viruses obviously made it, so that's not the case, and so I wound up officiating it, and I was really happy with with how everything went. Really it was. It was a great time, but my wife and I in the aftermath of it. No! It was the first time that we had kind of like. Open ourselves up. We have been like we been on strip lockdown. We have been militant with how we've handled ourselves during this, so I I'm where we were like opened up to like twenty people and whoever they've been. You Know Pailin around with or whatever like who knows. How big are circle just got in this one event and so after. I don't know people like in our head or what? We didn't have fevers, but little bit a sore throat, real really tired. Again probably nothing probably allergies, but we were just like you know what there's a testing site right near us it's it's free to go. It's super convenient. It's a drive through. We were like. Let's just make an appointment and we'll just go, so we did today. I would say a couple of things about it. for anyone that has not gotten it done. like I said it is easy like I at least here in New York because I think calmed down in terms of people who who have corona virus I think they have it I don't want to speak for other parts of the country that are going through it in a bad way right now. We just drove right in, did it? One thing about it. It was actually more uncomfortable than what I was expecting. That thing is up there man like. and. They keep it up there for six seconds in each nostril. It was true uncomfortable. It's even worse when you showed up without any pants or this is. This is your nose. Right Oh misinformation. But I will say this though it felt like I. Did everything wrong when I got there? Well I pulled up, and immediately I roll the window down, and there was a minor freak out from the woman who came to my car. No windows up windows up I, said Oh my God. Like I'm sorry. I don't want to do anything wrong here. It all feels very official and serious. The entered the car via the tailpipe. So windows windows up was afterwards I was. was there a sign that I see that? But whatever so then that was the first checkpoint, and then already now on nervous because I'm. I'm kind of over one. And so then I pull into the second checkpoint where they actually conduct the tests, and so I'm sitting there and you know you and I. JJ! Talk all the time about our appreciation of history. And so I'm not trying to not saying this to trivialize anything. I'm actually saying this to kind of like. Explain myself a little bit. When I was sitting there in this tent, waiting for this kind of like the the history of the moment were in sort, hit me and I was like you know here. We are like this people in. If you you've seen et before right, you know the end of et like the people in those kinds of suits. They're all around. US suits like this. This is surreal moment in in American. Life in global life, and like Jack and Luke. My kids are going to be learning about this in school in ten years fifteen years. Whatever it is, and so I was like you know what I kind of want to document this, so put up the phone very nonchalant. Click picture on second freakout. Excuse me sir, sir. What. What Oh my God what? There's no flash. Photography, here, you need to delete that photo immediately and I saw I. Right away got rid of it and I was just like how many more things can I screw up? This, is so you? You're going to have a swab. Stuck up your nose. Right check if you've got a disease. And you think you're Louis through. Like I'm not trying to on journalist out there like you're you're you're ridiculous, but I didn't see any signs to suggest that you shouldn't is a commonly known thing. I don't know so. I felt like just like completely butchered it. I felt so bad as I left that like these doctors like the last thing they probably want is like. Their lives have been so difficult having to do this day in day out and put themselves at risk. Here's this buffoon. Roland is windows down. He's taking pictures and like an afterward when she came over to. Uh, she's like. Is this your first test and I was like? Yeah, we we kind of circle up a little bit at a wedding and afterwards. Afterwards Amanda was sorry. Sorry you said like that volunteered that I went wedding and our circles were opened up a bit and afterwards Amanda was like. Why would you tell them that? That is probably the last thing that they want to hear. The people are doing and I will let it dry. He's more another buffoon who can't stick by the rules. I know, but I try to justify as. As being like wool. You're right, but I'm also hopefully. She heard me say that thought. Oh, well, these people are very responsible. They attended a wedding and the first thing they did afterwards was come. Get a test to make sure they don't have it in spread it to more people, so I think I could salvage that one, but after I left, I just felt so bad handled everything wrong. Hopefully. Obviously, we don't have it. I don't think we do it was. A hope you tell the truth to Jack and Luke, the time comes. What was the? What was the pandemic like of Twenty Twenty? What was it like getting tested Papa and I hope you honestly go well, son. It was as most things are in my life. Kind of awkward. and. I- bungled every step of along the way and a little bit embarrassing, too. So yeah, so that's that was my day today. But should we get into some of the some of the soccer there? I think we should do that. Yeah, so we're GONNA. Talk with a for officer a moment. WHO's down in the Orlando bubble before we get to that? MLS is back. We are on the eve of its return. By the time you're listening to this, it may have already returned. I guess we'll start with the not so fun parts. Look you kind of have to call. The tournament is not off to a great start from multiple angles obviously FC, Dallas. Being forced out of the tournament, due to an excessive number of positive tests now Nashville as C.. is kind of dealing with a similar situation, not to the extent. Of FC Dallas, they're still in the tournament, but their opening match against Chicago has been postponed. You have. Some key players who will not be taking part most notably, it's now been confirmed. We've kind of been talking about it for weeks now as if it was like common knowledge, but it's now been confirmed no Carlos Villa in the tournament for L. AFC and then Jj. Just before we went on, I was reading. One of our favorite guys rally phillips. Who's now with L.. AFC. He was on the sports bubble podcast. I don't know if you saw this quote from him, but he was talking about the tournament going on with the current climate global pandemic climate. That's going on in the US simultaneously and he says I. Don't really care how I come across here because it's no secret to me. I just think it's a little bit stupid. If I'm being honest, I just think we could have waited like the rest of the League's and you train until you're able to play and that's it. He said he goes on here I'll read a little bit more from him. He said you've taken us all to a place now in a bubble where you gotta stay in your room away from your families, you know some people got some real. Some real life issues you know to deal with and just got a go and leave your family for how long you know but I guess money talks my friend. and. I can't criticize him because it is an issue that I kinda brought up. On our last podcast, was this idea of are we sure were ready to be doing this. I still don't know the answer to that. It doesn't matter. Here, we go full steam ahead, but he raises no. I think his points that he raises valid. Of course they're violent Andrew I was reading an article today about. Sports and the idea of a bubble, and this was from April sixteenth. You can't think of it as airtight said Dr William Schaffner Vanderbilt University professor, who an expert in preventative medicine and infectious diseases because it won't be. Right so it's not possible to do this. In an airtight environment in totally safe environment, and it's definitely not possible to do it in a country that last week hit fifty thousand daily infections. Like we have not made the progress, we needed to make for Anne this to happen. With the kind of safety unsurety we would want. But what are we supposed to do? Like I think. I will I honestly believe. D- potato twelve and said was was right the other day on Sports Center. If you look at this country's approach, it's being in terms of reopening being state by state thing so how are we expected to have teams coming from across the country into a bubble who have gone through acquiring a an isolation situation, a social distancing situation that is absolutely equal together and come into this bubble. The same there was no. There was no countrywide. Universal approach to this, and what are we getting? We're getting pockets on on hot spots. In different states, and some states are further on than others and some states are way behind. and. That's just the way it is like we. We know we never set ourselves centers of up to be in a position to have sports back, but we're going to have them well. We're GONNA plow ahead. And that's it. Yeah, and look. It's all those fair like I keep wanting to compare the various sports restarts in the United States to what we've seen with the Bundesliga premier. League and we'll talk more specifically about the Premier League's restart when we get out of the match later in the show. But you really can't. You can't make the comparison like the United States. It's just such a big sprawling country. Like. It's just I. Guess for whatever reason it's just been tough to demand every part of the country to be at the same place in terms of their handle on this virus as There has been an attempt to demand. Everybody. Do the same thing that's also. Nettle Euro here, we. Are and we have some choices to make, and it looks as if we're going to go ahead and I I do understand the sentiments of Bradley Wright Phillips. But MLS. Staring at a billion dollars of lost this season anyway, and there's no point saying otherwise what he said is true. Money Matters, and they want to play the tournament. They want to have football on the field this summer, and that's what we're gonNA have starting tomorrow. I'll tell you what let's take a super quick break when we come back on the other side of it Stephan for sorrow will join us from the bubble sounds like bio dome right? Don't you picture like Paulie shore? Stephen, Baldwin to be down there. Just like hanging out like biosphere three What? I'm wearing a paulie shore shark right now to be honest with you what does that? He just the kind of thing. He wearing a Hawaiian shirt common. Guess so I. Don't really remember what he wears I. Think about it often, but it escapes me. At any rate will be back in a moment stephon. Sorrow from the bubble in Orlando will join us to kind of give us a feel what it's like down there. Don't go anywhere. America is ready to get back to work, but to win in the new economy. You need every advantage to succeed. SMART companies run on next by Oracle. 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We're talking about last, so let's actually go to the bubble. And talk with somebody. WHO's they're Kinda? Give us like the boots on the ground. Feel for how it's all been so go to Steffano sorrow. FROM ESPN WHO joins US number definite. What's up, man? How are you well? Okay, complain. We're working hard and and definitely a crazy and surreal environment that none of us ever experienced, but but we're good. Actually I've heard there renaming sportscenter to Stephanos Center. Is that true? Is what it feels like nowadays, no, no question and it's funny. Right as we were going from from the Times of quarantine, where and tons of no sports where you know. Our job is to be sportscenter. We're sports at our reporters and I was on sports in probably three times I'll last four months and just in day one I was on sportscenter five times in the day, so in one day I made up three months. Oh, it's. Definitely a crazy time man. You mentioned how the field down. There is somewhat surreal. We'll get to that set, but I guess I want to start with with like the most important topic, and that is everybody's health. I saw Noni says that he feels same inside the bubble, do you? I, do We were talking with this group by producer and my cameraman editor here that we felt safe. Since being here, we it's it's masks. At all times the only time I take up a maximum in my room or when I'm on TV and besides that I mean it's it's not. The masks have to be on at all times. There is cited for social distancing. There is set at hand sanitizer everywhere. You Go I do feel that. The Protocols put in place are are here to make the safest possible and I don't feel unsafe and I think that if you're following the rules of doing the right things and keeping your distance, and and really just being careful who you come in contact with. I feel almost safer inside. Here of all was being tested every single every other day. than have at home. The one of the grocery store are going. Anywhere at this point. The mood of the players. If you can judge it from from what you see, how would you describe it right now? So the players I understand why there is a little more anxiety amongst the players. Now I do feel. That's changed over the last couple of days when they've seen that FC, DALLAS They were able to contain. All all the positives as a grew amongst at teen, they're able to contain it to the team. Natural the same thing they're having their issues with five posits has four inclusive tests, but they're containing it and I think that with the League doing that. You're seeing players be a lot more. You know kind of a sigh of relief. If you will and now just focusing on on getting on the field, but the players are the ones that I think would be even more risk than than us, right. We don't come very close to them. Where in the same hallways, we make sure to keep distance from the players. The last thing we need is is ESPN reporter contaminates player, and he can't be on the field, and then we don't want that but they're the ones that traveling pods. Pods are they try to keep themselves to only their own teammates There are rules for ELA for the elevator. Know they don't want any. Clare's opposite teams in the elevator as well as when I'm in an elevator. They don't want players elevator so being very careful with that. They're the ones that are more at risk because they're. The ones that are traveling in positive ones are closer together and one against it. It's going to be very difficult to stop the spread amongst their own teammates. Stepping on I heard you use the word relief they're off. was that in reference to FC Dallas curious what the player reaction was to the announced that they were going to be leading. The tournament was relief was a shock was was Chris. Appointment. How was that news received? Amongst the players. Or amongst everybody down there media from other teams, I would assume the FC Dallas players were probably disappointed, but what about the product? Curious? What? The reaction was like the lease other teams that we're going to have to be playing against them. Yeah, I mean I think that there is. I think it kind of just feeling bad for the team. That can't be here to play and not being able to play a look as far as see Dallas because they're their players I think they're happy that this is the situation now. They're stuck here. They're still here. They're not going to be leaving here. Until those players that tested positive comeback with two negative tests at least two negative tests, so they're gonNA be. Be Stuck your for at least a little bit longer I did have a chance to speak to Gonzales. Head coach, Messy, Dallas that maybe a couple of hours ago, and he told me that look like soccer wasn't even on their minds. At this point their solo goal was to really try to get guys to recover and the health and safety of their players in the one coach. Who's WHO's sick and As far as their reaction I think there is relief that they're out of the situation now that off to worry about getting having to get on the field, all they're worrying about is trying to get home There's a lot of other coaches and teams that just really feel for them. Kind of just say the right things. As far as you know, we feel for you guys were here. We need to focus on us and continue to do the things that we need to do so. We don't end up in that situation. Steph. I've a question about something that I think the Bundesliga and the primarily. And LALITA got away with was the fact that for the viewer it was still the same stadium. When you come and watch the game, you could tell it with James's park or Old Trafford or wherever How visually is this tournament? GonNa look. At definitely going to be different. I will tell you this. It's GonNa be a unique viewing experience at the very least for for casual I mean I know that you guys will be watching I know that the diehard fans are gonNA. Be Watching no matter what but I feel like you for the casual viewer. We're GONNA. Have a lot of resources that we don't usually have four soccer broadcasts on ESPN and in reality on any network just Kim, one is going to have twenty cameras think about that twenty cameras for broadcast your views and perspectives that you don't usually have. There's going to be microphones embedded in the fields so the at the. The center. Circle Dobie in two microphones in the ground catching all the audio that's coming. You'll have to grow to microphones embedded in the ground in front of each of the technical areas. Thankfully, there's going to be a delay because there's going to be a lot of words that aren't allowed on national. TV But I think it's GonNa. Add a very cool perspective that now. Yes, there's not going to be a the stands rather than a Lotta virtual silence around the pitch there is not virtual Israel sign and ads around the which you would see at any normal stadium in the United States or in Europe. But I think it's going. Be a cool perspective at cool view of something where. All the resources that maybe they've wanted to use on soccer and football broadcasts that they're just not able to because of the of the environment and the stadium itself. They're going to be able to do that now and I. Think just going to be a very cool viewing experience I mean that we're not used to. Steph I wanted to ask you about you. Kind of mentioned in passing before. I wanted to go slightly deeper on the situation with Nashville saw. Their matching in Chicago has been postponed. Five players testing positive I was wondering if you'd give us a the latest on their situation and be. Can you make it clear to us kind of once, and for all if you know our players testing positive? After arriving at the bubble. Acquires, mingling, and somehow passing it within their. Is that what they're kind of Justin so? short answer is no All of the tests that have arrived and they perform contact tracing after the positive tests all the positive tests, the initial ones are all off of the plane upon arrival. We all be tested encouraging for twenty four hours, and those five positive tested natural got. We're all of them were upon arrival, so the first test that they took and then immediately quarantine. Now there's also four inconclusive tests with national, and that's why they're performing more additional testing league is said that they're going to really evaluate their participation in the tournament moving forward, depending on what happens with that additional testing. I mean that's what we all with Nashville they are. There are quarantined as well. The players who have tested positive have an isolated another wing of the hotel and the players the rest of the traveling party for national is also quarantine in their own rooms, just has had abundance of caution right because we they don't WanNa have that incubation period where they might not test positive and all of a sudden they do test positive. Then they've been walking around the hotel infecting everyone, so it goes back to what we were saying It's all about the protocols following the positive tests and they they do feel comfortable with how those protocols are working. And being able to confine it, and contain it to to the certain players that have already tested positive. I was listening to Bruce. Arena's speak just before we recorded this, and he was talking about not so much covid nineteen, his musical learn, but the heat and humidity. How bad is it down there? It's and I'm a I'm a Miami native, so I'm used to this weather, but I'll tell you what it is bad. It is Johnny degrees, his ninety percent humidity, and those nine am. Games are going to be brutal They're going to be brutal for everybody but look I've talked to players about it and talked to coach about it and you know. They're gonNA probably probably. GonNa be seeing to drink breaks rather than the one that we've been seeing in the premier league in the other leagues around the. Around Europe but Yeah I mean it's. It's something that they're is also why. The Nashville game is getting postponed wise. Some of the other Games have been postponed. They need to allow these teams time to train in. This weather was a lot of these players aren't used to this I mean they're not used to playing this type of heat this type of humidity, so it's almost an fair advantage of you. Allow San Jose has been here. Here, for twelve days already, and they've been able to train. You know. I mean how many times you've trained sometimes twice a day in the they're you know what I mean in Toronto? Just arrived yesterday in Vancouver just arrived yesterday. So that's why the need to postpone these games because they have to give him sufficient training time in this ridiculously hot weather. One thing I was kind of wondering about so this bubble atmosphere I got one of your report the other day where you kind of describe the field area as eerie in some ways and hearing it discredited has a very like Black Mirror. Feel to it I, interpreted the setting, and I'm just wondering amongst all that. are in the sense that layers are excited like A. is there a feeling of all right? Let's go. Let's go in this thing now. Does that exist in the bubble now. Yes, I think that the eerie feeling was really at the beginning. We got here the day that we got your excuse me the day before the FC Dallas News broke. The original six positive tests broke I feel like at that point. There was only about seven teams here and it was See a whole lot movement people not knowing exactly where to go what to do whether interact with or not to interact, and it was just kind of an off feeling I remember walking into the Hotel Dune. I walked into the hotel on a kind of looked around. I know was in the right place because there was a driver that was set. We couldn't even rent cars to drive to the hotel. We there was a driver set for us to be a shuttled over here and it was kind of walked in and looking around like. Find the right spot like this this. And it was and I think that that was how he then the news broke with that see Dallas had the players. Really nervous at this point, we actually were talking with Chris wanted allow ski when the news broke, and we Kinda told Chris. What Alaska about the news and they were the San Jose earthquakes were scheduled to go a mini golf outing I believe which is on the property, the canceled that and the quarantine themselves in the room and he saw everybody go in. There was nobody around the hotel for about a day and a half elway Now we're seeing kind of what. was happening national in the fact that is contained and day from games now you're seeing that enthusiast now you're seeing that energy, and that will just wanting to get out on the pitch and do what they love, and that also has come with captains and coaches, making sure that their players are doing the right thing and following the protocol, so they don't get sick and they can do what they love. Is it your sense that once we? It's just a case of getting this tournament started and once the ball gets rolling. It's going to be frank. And I know talking with people here I think that. Wednesday's the hurdle. Right at Wednesday's day-to-day. Just need to get past and. Again, does that say that there's not gonna be any more positive tests? Of course you can't just. You cannot predict that, but. I think that once they get the ball rolling and they get that first game going and we can. They can get him a little bit of a momentum going as far as houses tournaments going to go I feel like. And of course, if they stay save, this'll be something that hopefully will be in the rear premier, and they can continue to focus on the football. We continue to focus on on the Games. which is what we all want to do. Right I mean I I was at the end of the day on a report reports about sports that I've been reporting about ninety eight last week, so I'm excited to start talking soccer and I'm glad that you bring that up. Because I wanted to end on that actually get. Caught from you. Go I mean obviously. There's Tournament GonNa. Look a little bit different in terms of personnel. No, Carlos Neyla obviously no. Joseph Martinez It feels a little upper grads. With those players not being here the format being what it is to to you kind of like. Who Do you have your eye on for this tournament as who we should proceed to be the favorites? Yeah, I mean it's it's. It's difficult. Just because I think there's going to be rough, no matter what I think we've seen it. In the other leagues in Europe I've seen they've begun You've seen kind of players being a hundred percent and taking a little bit to get their legs under them. I do think that there is the league tournament is up for grabs, but I do expect there to be teams that are gonna Kinda shine, and and I do my opinion. One of the favorites might be NYC AFC I think they have a squads prepared for this type of tournament I think that they've quietly kind of under the radar become one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference and I believe that they are. are set up with their talent and with their leadership, and with their new coach right Elliott who's been who's even the too short games in the two games that we saw were very impressive. I think that that's a team that you're gonNA have to watch the east. and in the western conference I mean without difficult to to go with la of see even though they're still the betting favourite in Vegas. I'm going to PICK SEATTLE SEATTLE or their experienced, and and coming off of their tournament and winning. They're winning the MOLEST Cup. I think it's GonNa be. I think they're the team. That is most prepared to coverage which meant like this. Do you know take the punches thrown and be able to deliver some of those blows when when they need to good stuff man, we look forward to seeing more of your ordering on sportscenter. And hopefully we'll be able to catch up again as this term and actually progresses stuff to actually. Yeah, let's do it. We'll do it again. Our thanks to Steffano great information from down there Hopefully, he stays safe. Hopefully, everyone does hopefully like I asked about the excitement level. They're like this is meant to be fun. Yeah, I hope that that does return like I look at what's the point of it well. is the point but like. That's what you want this like. I've been genuinely excited as frustrating. His Tottenham matches at times like in the lead up to their games I've been so starved for sports for soccer I've been I've been truly excited for Tom you have I have really have honestly. Until the game. And then you're like. unexcited for playing this. Thursday I'm excited for the north. London Darby like I. DON'T EVEN! Like. Them to game happens in its yeah, but like not that the excitement matters and I just hope that that feeling like. I, think once. I think once what the heck was. That wouldn't ask your sirens. People are buzzing your this is believable. This is just unprofessional of no idea. What the highest order! Yeah! I know! I'm in an apartment in Brooklyn. That's how we tease the show. Andrew and sometimes things get real in Brooklyn Adler. Somebody ordered someone's someone's Bonar door to get in some kind of a deliveryman. Believable and I'm not responsible for the sirens outside. Good Lord. This is just not professors, not a professional. It's not professional I've lost my train of thought, but these are the times we live in. This is the new normal. All right here we go. Like we talked about a moment ago. We want to at least discuss a little bit of the tournament and like the soccer that we're about to see that we said is is the fun part so let's do that I've got a few questions here. We'll go over them. and hopefully we'll have you at least somewhat ready kind of a crash. Course into the MLS is back cup. And I wanted to ask you. I. Don't really have much of an answer to this, but I'm curious if you do so this tournament, this is all just like so different. And it's going to be so quick like. But it's, but we're also told that this matters. This is a trophy and the teams. Everybody wants to win. This could any coach who's like conceivably on the hot seat coming into the season. Could any coach actually lose their job with a bad showing in this tournament Andrew went back and forth on this one so so we got to realize that you know. The points accrue during this tournament in the group stage will carry on. We believe into the regular season that they're gonNA. Try and start off culminating with MLS COBB so so conceivably a bad run this. And then abide run in your regular season. I, think could get you fired, but this tournament on its own after not being able to be with your players for the last four months almost limited training in this really intense month-long tournament in with all the things that go with it in terms of the social isolation in terms of just how weird it's going to be. Like that will be outraged to sack. A manager just based on that I. Don't think they could you have to be right like? To me would feel very cruel and unfair for this to be I. Mean if the if you have a manager on the hot seat. I think it's fair if you're if it's a good team who underachieve here. I think it's fair for it to be a strike against the manager, and like if they continue to struggle during the season, you know this this is fair game to be used like. When he sits down with the sporting director of being like look, you underperformed back tournament like I. I think that's okay but I can't imagine. If like Atlanta goes out in the group stage. They're like Franklin. Have a seat. You're gone like no, no, not like that. That's is silliness. I could not imagine that so I. Think you're I, think you're you're right on that I was also. This is another thing that we talked about Steph a little bit. And I know you've been on this big time in terms of the setting in which these Games are taking you. So I was curious for you specifically on this one when you're watching these games, how long do you think it's going to take for you? To feel normal watching one of these games played. It actually it shouldn't take that long. We've kind of had that running with the Bundesliga the primarily with no find so we figured that one out and watching NWS. L. Challenge COP. Is a pretty good way to kind of hold on yourself and get yourself ready for what looks like a training ground scenario, but is actually competitive games once you see a few games Andrew. Once once you you get into the rhythm of of having no fans, and also your surrounds the people who've played fee. On most of the fief as you can night, there's like a stadium training site. That's just got the pitch, and sometimes you can put a hedge around. Are Whatever and you play on that an people who've seen that can can get something of an idea what this is going to look I, actually think. If. You get stuck into the tournament. USA Right I'm invested in. This is you should? I'm watching the nine? AM's I'm really I'M GONNA plan my day around watching MLS COOP ARE MLS is back on your hair. Call at that. No, the MLS is back. Tournament. How dare I even mentioned the cup? You'll get in on a very quick. You really will sign. are able to adapt, I agree. Like Any one of us. I feel like I've turned on ESPN NEW ORLEANS ACC network or any one of these insieme college soccer game today played in a not so different environment as the some of what you're going to be seeing with this so. Yeah it's it's weird, but I think it'll normalize for people. Quick look if I turn on my TV and I see. The gridiron imposed upon the pitch, and I see like home of the of the of the braves or something like that like a high school thing I then I would obviously be quite upset, but this is going to look like a proper soccer field. You know when you switch on the college games and you're like I'm excited to see this and you're like Oh. That's disappointing. There's an own. Never asked for that right, but This is going to look good. Yeah, one thing by the way kind of semi related so. Early on in like the pandemic when people were working from home for the first time, and and all that stuff, I saw a stat. where? Apparently there's an actual like. Quantity that you can place to how long it takes for a human being to to feel. To adapt to an abnormal situation if they're if they're in it every day, you wanNA guess how long it takes. Three three days four days. I was told three. What I saw was three weeks out. For some for something abnormal for you to adapt to it, and it feel normal if you're if you're immersed in it for three weeks, then that thing will become normal. I've I've become accustomed to the shape of your head. Version. Quick probably took about three weeks. No would your hair right now? It's it's it's not regular. Actually I don't know people. People really seem to have a problem with it. People are offended by appearance. It's it's kind of unnerving for me. Because I, kind of grown to enjoy this hair. I've never had my hair this long, but it looks fine. It's just it looks like it takes some kind of holding down. If you know what it means some of strong product, there's nothing. I don't know people's reaction to it. Heads I can tell you it hasn't hasn't been pleasant and quite. Frankly, it's kind of affected my my confidence and self esteem. All right here we go now Kinda more into like the meat and bones here Jj. I know everyone obviously wants to win. This like that's a given, but can you. I hope this makes sense. Can you think of a team that you think would like really want to win this? Well, I've I've combined that in a typically I can't answer strict question I've kind of combined it into two things I think. I think the San. Jose earthquakes would absolutely love to win this tournament and I also think that I would love them to win this tournament because they've got. You know they've got some history in MLS and the last few seasons have have not been great a really like the appointment of Matteis Meda and like his old school approach to preseason like he probably enjoys this this right now I mean. If there wasn't a pandemic, he'd have them. In the Andes Mountains doing like oxygen training, our our altitude training, or whatever it is I. I like his unique ideas like. He's old. Are I mean? Is this even old school going absolute man for man? When you don't have the ball? He just seems like a guy. Apart in this league and I know it wasn't a great introduction life. Last season was pretty open down, but but I would absolutely think that they as a as a franchise as an organization that has like this good history in s going back to the start that they would love absolutely love. To be you know? To be a cup winner here and and it might be tournament that actually suits an uber fit team a team that can handle the humidity. I've also got I know I'm returning to a theme on this podcast of late, but Chris Wanda Hausky. Imagine the ice. Of the S on this tournament for for a solid month. Wando heads into the final as top score in the tournament. It's extra time. It's one one. The ball falls to him into six hundred bucks. Let it. Go Man! No, he know what I'm saying is this time it's set up for him for redemption. That will be redemption. All will be forgotten, okay? But. I hope that he does succeed I like the guy but man. This is like four straight weeks. We brought up this this poor guy in that moment against Belgium unbelievable. He's GonNa have the eyes of the nation on him again Andrew So. All right well. Here's who I went with Jj. NYC AFC would really really love to win this boy they would like. Let's just look at at their recent. There will their whole histories recent history, but like let's look at their history last year eastern conference number one seed out in the conference semifinals OSC, two, thousand, eighteen, third in the east out in the conference, Semis, two thousand, seventeen, the two seed out in the conference semi to Columbus Twenty, sixteen again. The two seat obliterated seven nil on aggregate by Toronto in the Conference Sonny's. They're always good, but they're never for whatever reason quite good enough. To get past that second round, especially obviously tournament format. And remember last season against. Toronto at City Field, OH? What a disaster! The way the collapse laid on and Who Was it made that Taco I'm trying to was a matter. Morita. I can't even remember who made attack. Oh absolutely dreadful and Toronto scored the penalty and. Did Yeah. It was it was completely and utterly gut wrenching for them, and you know the thing with them in particular is. Why I think this, you know it feels like Stephanos, said there's a win ability here four NYC AFC them specifically as a team that could be built for this. There's a lot of cohesion in terms of players coming back from last year's top seed in the Eastern Conference, yes, it is a new manager Ronnie daily, but you'll. Maybe this break helps them in. A in in terms of him well. Maybe I don't know we'll see. We know like you know, but here's the other thing you know. They've always lived in this in this Red Bull Shadow. Know both in terms of history, and in terms of general success against one another. But like what a feeling it would be for them to get some silverware here a winnable tournament and you know there's their cross city. Rivals are still it's still alluded them for so long and NYC. There's a chance here that they could do it. I think I just on many levels this would be. This would be just something that they would love to have so yeah, and why CFC. Are I wasn't. I wasn't being ignorant by saying you know run ideas had all this time and you know to to sync with his team, I. I know I know what you're saying. But I was listening to Bruce Today and Bruce has just changed my mind on that. He said one of the big challenges is these guys will have played no meaningful games. In solon it. We don't know what we're going to get. That is true unlikely, said the weather. How fit they are? You're right like there are variables here. That are are like what if you know? A bear goes down like early in the tournament like it's hard to account for stuff like that and sadly guys are probably going to get hurt. That's that is a given. That's a given a normal season, but like this one. It feels like it's going to be even. Of a storyline, so yes, having said that all of our predictions here are are nonsense. Take the grain of salt for whatever they're worth but we thought it would still be fun to talk soccer here's your next one JJ. GimMe a team or player whatever you want that. You had a bad feeling about such a mean question. I'm going to go to Groupie. It's Atlanta Cincinnati red bows and Columbus. And FC Cincinnati, just stand out like a sore thumb looking at the group in terms of just a managers, every other manager. Frank Board Atlanta at the red, bulls Chris Armas Columbus. They have got their. Established coaches coaches with a lot of spirit experience MLS. And here we are in Cincinnati with Yep stom-. WHO's appointed joining upon Democ? and. I noise being appointed. He's been appointed because pretty I actually think he was treated unfairly at reading I thought I thought he did a really good job there. He's appointed also because this is a team that leaks goals and he's GonNa. Look to organize things. and He needs everything to Gel, he's had very little time with the squad, and he's Coleman with. I think the weakest squad in Groupie Comfortably I. Think those teams every other team so much better I. don't see how they don't take a hammering a really. Don't know if maybe if Allen Kruse hits the ground running bowl. You'RE GONNA you're. GonNa look at the new sign. Instead he's got, and they need to Gel to but Andrew ship goals last season. They'RE GONNA ship goals in this tournament, too I think I. Think they're going to struggle and it's going to be. Look. It brings the whole group collective together, but I just don't see them doing anything right now. In this tournament. FREE APP style. Yeah I I'M NOT GONNA. Argue with you on that. They would be on my list as well for me. Here I'M NOT GONNA. Take the the L. AFC bait. Even, though without fail. I still think that they're loaded. They should be one of the favorites still in my mind. I'm not GonNa Take the Atlantic nodded FC Bait even though there without Joseph Martinez after his torn ACL I, still think they're loaded in their own right, and should be considered one of the favorites in the East but I am GonNa. Go low hanging fruit, and I'm looking at you Vancouver. Oh ooh Yeah on the back of too bad seasons last year in particular. They're mad at your Marco Santos. He's been in charge of the club thirty eight games. He's won just nine of them, so already were coming from a point of this may not go great for us. And then FC Dallas drops out of the competition. In their group and you think Oh, well, who knows maybe that could wind up being some kind of escape route out of the group and into the knockout stage. But then Jj log on ESPN AFC, earlier today and you see this news that five Vancouver players will not be participating in this tournament and it's not just any players. It's bree them. In particular Lucas Cavaliers Tucson rickets and Fredy Montero. Those are three crucial players to a team that is already not. that. Highly Thought of mass bad. Yeah, so certainly reasons for for concern. is going to be trying I was going to try and be clever with you. Andrew and say that day of of the teams in MLS. Vancouver have the youngest average age at twenty four point one. Let's the average squatted, and in the heat and humidity and the games coming thick and fast. A tournament style at that would suit them, but. No. Losing quality players does not suit anybody. I curious to look up whether or not. Age is actually a factor in terms of injury rate. Like outlook, obviously a guy who's in his upper thirties, I would think is no. But like a team, whose average age is twenty, four versus a team, whose average age is twenty, six or twenty seven light? Do actually think that that makes a difference I. Don't know I. Think I would doubt between twenty four and twenty seven, so the the average young average age is twenty four point one that's Vancouver and then the elder statesman, which is not old in Portland is twenty seven point to it, I don't think it makes that much of a difference in there, but I think individually players above. To Twenty eight twenty nine mark. Not that there become more injury prone in kind of a regular week to week scenario. Where you've got games like this Komen common fast, I think maybe. Maybe with a high volume games, injuries become more of a problem I. Know a guy who I can ask about that though. What you do that I will ask him and I will report back. Sounds like a plan? All right and then one more here for you the opposite of the one we just asking me a team or player that you have a good feeling about. Again I just can't answer question in straight fashion at all. I've gone with a coach hundred. That's fine. If. Anybody knows what it's like to be a player in a tournament and win. And people are gonNA. Be Shocked that I'm going to say this, but it's teary on re. And Montreal the impact were showing signs of life owner anri before cova stroke I think when it comes in there much to my surprise, but will bolster that midfield. You've got maximum. Arruti and boy in an attack. Maybe this Montreal team will be equipped to execute on the break, because certainly what we saw in Concacaf Champions League and in the opening games of MLS was that didn't have a lot of the ball Likud contain, and they were really good on the break. Maybe they can surprise some people again. I'm looking at their average age twenty five point five. Maybe this means nothing, but they should have legs in the heat. I just have a funny feeling about Montreal and I think maybe short. Monthlong tournament I think it might suit on rate unlike they weren't. They weren't great. They had the loss to Olympia at home in the catch Z. I know they weren't perfect, but they were better than I thought they'd be. And maybe he can get something out of them, and they'll be be a surprise. They've got the Darby game with Toronto. The group as well. That's going to be interesting I. I'm going to give on break because I have not been impressed by with him as a coach. At Monaco, obviously, he had a job with the Belgian national team as a as a selector and assistant manager boat. Yeah I'M GONNA. Give them a break I. Think maybe they can do something well above. Indeed. I'll tell you what jj our Canadian. Listeners are really going to enjoy this podcast because we just advan hoover. Now you just add Montreal the team that I have a good feeling about we'll stay in. Canada will actually stay in that group and I go with Toronto City. Because I still believe that are one of the most talented clubs in the league now they have a healthy Michael Bradley back as half of our audience rolls, there is, but he is good player i. don't care what anyone says. Across this great land phones that are tuned to caught offside have been thrown out the car window. I don't care I. Will I will die on this hill that he is a is still a good player. You know r.i.p are mentioned. Whatever man. But he had ankle surgery wasn't expected to be ready for much of the season, but now with this delay. He will be ready for this oh Bradley's back. The question mark is potentially on. Josie outdoor. Greg Vanney said it seems like they're going. I saw the term load management being used Greg Vanney said that outdoors, not going to be ready for the first game. After only pretty much just recently rejoining training after coming out of the mandatory quarantine flying back into candidate, he had been allowed to train separately in Florida. And then when he rejoined team mandatory fourteen day quarantine period when you go from the US into Canada, so he only got back to train with the team. I think on July third so the turnaround especially for him a guy who you know, he's dealt with his fair share of injuries at all ages So you know they? They do have to be careful with him, but I think you know I think. Danny is kind of playing the long game here with Josie scene. I think they know that they're good I. think they know that they have what it takes. Get Out of the group, and then once they do that. You know presumably Josie will enter the mixed fresh ready to go. And look at the rest of the team at one hundred put swallow. It was one of the revelations of the League last year. Incredible talent I guess the question Mark Right now is Oslo. Piazzi designated player. Probably GonNa, be playing on the right kind then tucks inside a little bit. He's dealt with a number of injuries in recent years, but if he's healthy. He could be this kind of next difference maker that it seems like Toronto always has one in the tank. And who knows maybe we exit this tournament with it being him so I. Don't know I kinda. I don't know if they'd be my pick to win it all, but I I got a good feeling about Toronto FC well. You've laid out the case quite wonderfully for the my friend. May I? Ask You a question before we get out of the MLS section of our full podcast? Of course, we never picked our group of death. Yeah you're right. That's a good question. Let me pull up all the do have one. I'm GONNA pull I. Don't have the. I'll pick up my phone right now. Because it kind of jumped out to me, I can see people looking at say groupie Atlanta Cincinnati, Red Bulls and Columbus Group death, but I think there's like. I think group F. has that group of death now I agree with you careless, Vail, not being involved with L.. AFC diminishes them, but not to the point where they are in a relevancy. It's the IT's L. AFC the galaxy. Houston and Portland isn't that note. Isn't that Group D? Is it. No I have I've Down Group D as ourselves sporting KC COLORADO MINNESOTA. Maybe I'm on some. Some fraud website here that has them listed incorrectly, but either way though whatever the letter is off. But I I would agree. I would agree. Thanks long-awaited. Hang on, hang on, hang on Oh. Yeah, maybe the group is the same sorry group Group D then. I'm looking at the website one website. Has It listed as a D. So okay? D-? What Ever Group has AFC L. Galaxy? Portland and Houston dining dot is my my group of my group of death. That's definitely it. It. Certainly not the only difficult one, no I would also I would also suggest I think group B. which we have touched on Montreal Toronto DC and New England. I think that one could be difficult as well Some of the dynamics of these groups like group F, Seattle San Jose Vancouver, just three teams, but then you look at group with six. It's. It all feels a little bit strange kind of just like. Okay, let's just get to the knockout portion of the tournament and by-pass this sort of. Clunky, confusing group stage a little bit. We are in the Nether Zone. Andrew, yeah be are, but I think I think you're pretty much right. Group E.. O.'s also. Cincinnati I think will be the the bottom dweller of that group, but boy that that battle there between Atlanta Columbus and the red bull staff could be really interesting. Columbus got better during the offseason season. Lucas Celerion. That's interested in Atlanta. Maybe maybe these teams feel like Atlanta is a little bit ripe for the taking with. Joseph Martinez not there with Julian Wrestle gone, so. That one that's an interesting group to that's intriguing. I didn't I didn't listen to the podcast myself, but I saw it noted on twitter that the extra time. Guys you MLS podcast Those guys had red bulls finishing in the bottom of Groupie really really below Cincinnati. Yes. Which? Might be over excitement on the Cincinnati signings and the new manager bounce from Yup sh Tom. But I can't see it I think the Red Bulls, even when they're average like their their ability to confound, and they've also got like whereas Cincinnati I don't know what their identity is except leaking goals. The Red Bull is definitely have. An identity as a team. Going back years. From manager to manager. That's fairly consistent, but it's GonNa. Be Interesting. Yeah, well here we go all right I'm feeling good. I'm feeling ready. I'm excited you can catch all this on. ESPN, family of networks. And we'll obviously be talking all about it. As the tournament goes along I'll tell you what another quick break. 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This is very indepth company jargon, but we're using new podcasting software, or whatever so I don't know I hope all this hope everything comes to comes off sounding the way it's supposed to sound is what I apologize. If if everything is a mess, maybe make some better. Maybe speaking of which I meant to tell you something, you'll be very happy about this, and so we're our listeners that have been sending me angry. Tweets I think I'm getting A. A microphone. Jj so this is going to be and I think it's a quality of microphone that that is GonNa, make you sound like you're on an analog phone line. You make me sick. You wouldn't take my recommendation, so we have the same microphone. You have to try him one up me well to be honest, I think it's I think my wife has to get one for her job, so I'm going to just mooch and use it also so. I When I bought that microphone, I was like just get another one for Andrew. You should've but I thought it would be overbearing of me in the relationship. When has that ever stopped you with with an opinion of me or just like your general way that you handle me? No that doesn't sound like you at all. Times all right here we go. EP L. Let's start jj earlier today, Chelsea. They bounced back from the West hand debacle with a three nil over WOFFORD. And then they followed it up today with a a really really enjoyable game win over Crystal Palace boy I thought crystal. Palace we're GONNA score the end of that game hitting the inside of the post deep in stoppage time. It just felt like the if that game was like three minutes longer, it felt like they scored two more goals. They felt terrible for him. When it ended. A couple of things we'll get to pull a second. The first goal that Chelsea scored, this'll be quick. so willion takes it. Beats. Gary Hill goes down with a look to be a hamstring injury and he you know he plays it into. Olivier Giroud taps home Chelsea. GO UP ONE NIL and. I wasn't really watching it with volume, so I couldn't quite tell, but it appeared the Crystal Palace. Players were really really angry with William for continuing to play there. And I. Just thought have got to be kidding me like. They are deep attack. He is basically in the eighteen yard box, and there's no one really between him and the keeper, and also it's not like William Soul. Him Go over Williams gone past him. You know it's not it's right, right? It's It was never going to be the wonderful moment of Paulo Kanye catching the ball and pointing at a at the prone goalkeeper on the ground and saying hey, hey, guys, come on. Some things are bigger than football. It's never gonNA be that right. Yeah, and also to not only was he passed, but even if he saw hot at the corner of his eye, go down. To know that this is a serious injury guy. You know what I don't think it was. Even I don't think it was even brought up in the Post Macho. Only anyone talked about it. I'm kind of just making this into. An issue when you know what it is Andrew, it's just like you're. Just conceded. What watch the reaction of all players when they've just conceded, not all players, but manny players are looking around for a scapegoat, or they're looking around for a way out. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right, and in fairness to Crystal Palace I didn't hear a peep about it afterwards. I think it was just kind of like obligatory light, making gestures, and hoping maybe that'll come back in their favor later. Then the second goal happened. Oh my God Kristen Pula said so I even feel like as somebody who who has watched. I feel like pretty much his whole career. I even feel like from his standards with the US men's national team where even now starting to see a different? Cure set like this. He's he I think he's the best player on the team, and it's not like Clinton with Fulham. This is top four contending Champions League, place Chelsea and he every time. He touches the ball. The word that I keep hearing that we've always heard referred to him, but now you're really seeing it directs always pushing play forward all immediately he comes on the ball and defenders are on their heels. They are scared of this guy. I mean this is. He is turning heads, JJ. This is not just like American fans losing their minds over an American player playing well. This is a guy who is catching the I. I gotTa believe of Fans in England offense around the world with how he's been playing since this restart. Dot Goal to me was very interesting and I just WanNa I. Just WanNa. Break it down for people because. It's so good in its execution that when he's taken on the last defender who was either ward or Macarthur. I don't know who it was, so he gets the ball to the left. Inside the penalty box and the best thing he does Andrew his one of the most difficult things to do. He shuffles the ball onto his weaker left for, but what he does. Is the shuffle the the way he slides it onto his onto his left foot. Is One part of a two parent almost singular motion because when he shuffles onto his left foot, there's no massive backswing. He gets the shot off really quickly, really fast with huge power, and it's flashed past the goalkeeper. In record time, so the the defender is completely put off by the quick touch onto the left and he doesn't have a chance to recover. The goalkeeper review have a chance to get set, even though it's on that right on site and the ball is passed him in an instant. There's no back swing nothing. It was absolutely brilliant. Now it's funny. I was watching it and I was screaming. What a great goal! And then I heard Ian Darke, who was on commentary for bt? Sport in dark, said always near later on on the repay said he's nearly ripped the net off. He's hit it so hard Sola backswing on the week or site nother thing that's interesting for me was. They had been doubling opened him in that first half. It'd be MacArthur Ward. But at that moment that D. Player who was sitting in who really should have read that ball across tried to get back and help was Wilfred Zyppah. Winfrey's I wanted nothing to do with it nothing. He didn't even make an attempt at a run to get back. So was purely sick, isolated one V one in the box and as Frank Lampard notes here the big thing about Christian. Pulisic now for him at least is that he's added end-product. Goals from Christian pulisic tonight just highly pull. Together To play, is he proving to be in this? Re still tries to. pull him because he's got great talent. and. earlier in the. Digital conditions hadn't really had a bright and early in the season. Tight rope. I really well for us, and now he's. He's not his game on another level, not just in Harissa gone by paper products in know if you look around at the top. Tacking implies in the boat goes. To Win Games. and. He's doing that so I'm delighted with. I think it's pretty clear what was missing early on. I was happy with his performances, I. He was contributing but Lampard. Really wants stop player. I think Lampard, Andrew, going WANNA front three. However, he formulates that that's GonNa. Score goals ally Liverpool are in that mold, so it's going to be Puta, sick verner. And someone else and goals are what's going to be the key metric for Lampert from what I gather. They're also straight after that was funny. He's just scored and he's. He's on a run again and he takes. He takes on. WHO's defending now skips pasajes. Zach wants nothing to do with it. And you just see Joel awards face. Joe Award is on not again fit. And he goes password and war. Just hack some down. Just tax them dome. Because at that point, there was nothing left to do when he's running in space was an interesting point that That was made by WHO's ex Chelsea pair that I'm always quoting He's a Oh. My God my blanking on his name. Oh for God's sake is ridiculous. Pat Nevin Evan was saying that now. What's happening with? Pulitzer is that he's he's running players and he's running outpace. And that is just that's such. A devastating thing is not getting the ball stationary. He is doing what hazard was doing and going at defenders outpace. It's a nightmare. It's an absolute nightmare for them. Yes, you can tell this guy. We've seen it the last couple of weeks. This guy's going to draw a lot of penalties because he's just he's. What can you do? What can you do those scenarios? The best you can try and do is to jockey and show him insight so angry your body, so you're bringing them into field into traffic. That's the best you can do and even there. He still very dangerous. It's. A player like Beulah sick in this form for defenders is a nightmare. To be honest with you, joy war did the right thing. Try, and boom early try and put them off a bit. Yeah. I guess so I. Mean This Guy Right now? It's a goal or an assist or drawn penalty. It's every game now. This is as American fan. This is truly truly fun to watch before we get before we get off this Yeah, the would free. scored. Like it's a brilliant strike from about. Twenty five yards out, absolutely leathers it, but we're looking at this Chelsea team going forward Andrew and I know maybe this goal isn't the best example, but it certainly an example kappa a Rita Bala got just. Diving under the ball. The ball is is coming very centrally, and he tries to dive to his left and Pam it. Over the bar with his right didn't get anywhere near the ball. He's diving under the flight of the ball. And you can see Andrew why Chelsea signed Willie Caballero for another season. Yeah, although I've Seen Caballero do that to wasn't a copy Arrow in net for the Christian Erickson goal that will look almost exactly like that. The margin the situation Chelsea are no with sorts inexpensive goalkeeper. What was it seventy million the pit firm? Another I mean he hasn't been good any his shot percentage. His percentage shot saved is not good. And even in Games you just watch them in your like. Don't fancy him right now. I I don't disagree. Certainly let's see. Let's go through some of these quickly now. Tottenham Everton yesterday, not a ton to say about the actual game itself. It was first half was okay. Second half was was a bit of a tough watch. the winning goal comes on an own goal. The only thing I'll say about that. I feel like we put some kind of jinx on Michael Keane like right after we said how good he's been lately. Now known anything wrong, but like no one wants to see their name up their own goal in defeat, right? That's a bad feeling, and I feel partly responsible the other thing though. So on for Tottenham on watching that the Everton game, and especially in the first half I like what they did, and it's what led to the goal because it's what they didn't do against Sheffield United when Sheffield united packed in tight against Tottenham. Pass it around. Pass it around playing across its repelled by Sheffield Defense, and that was the whole game. At least it seemed like a- against Everton they came up with this mentality of we're going to try to at least fire shots on net, and even if they don't each the net, you don't know what kind of bounce it can take like even before the own goal. Immediately before that happened, I forget who it was son, somebody took a shot, and it took an awkward deflection. Maybe it was lucas more, and it got Kinda got bounced back out, and then that's what leads to the shot that created the own goal so sometimes I think just just do that like even if shots are getting blocked, you don't always know which way the ball's GonNa roll rather than just continuously watching one ball after another one cross after another get knocked clear try something different, a kind of wished the Tottenham had at least try that again Sheffield United, and they did it against Everton, and got them the goal that won the game. But, that's not even really. The story the story after this one. Was the son Hugo loyalties coming together at the half and I think it was particularly jarring to see. Because it's two guys that I think are are viewed as pretty affable figures within. The Tottenham World I mean son is just like one of the most Smiley footballers you see and Hugo, reese longtime captain. It's just you know he's fiery, but I don't know it's not really a side of. That I've seen before. I texted you afterwards I'm like okay like I don't even know how to feel about this, so I need your help. Did son do anything so egregious from from the clips that we saw that would have led to Hugo Luiz acting that way and I and I kind of qualified my message to you by saying I. Ask you this knowing anything that's going on behind the scenes. And then what? You're what your response was essentially what? My response was it. Look did sawn bust a gut to get back, not really, but he kind kinda passed him on. It wasn't like there was nobody tracking. I think it was came went with them. A little bit on the shot flashed wide. It was the kind of thing you could mention. In the locker room, it did not require public and immediate anger from lorries right, which is what I thought, too, and then Josie, Marino spoke. Here's. He said a lot, but here's. I guess what I pulled out to be kind of the most important part of his quote on this incident, he said quote. It is beautiful. Probably it is a consequence of our meetings. You want to blame somebody for that. It's me. I was critical. My boys because they are not in my opinion, critical enough of each other. After I heard that I thought. That is peak Marino. WHO's just like watching his players fight? And he's just sitting there like clapping and applauding and cheering it on. It's like boy fights and arrested development when like when George blue is like cheering on videotaping as his funds, Kelly sunscreen each other but like. But then I kinda thought more about and I was like you know what if we are going to get this manager a chance. He does need to be able to instill his kind of culture, and if he believes that there needs to be more on field accountability, because what if we all said about Tottenham over the past? Few months several months. They've they've looked lifeless. There's this feeling on there on the field that it's almost like guys don't care that. They're going through the motions and Marino is not. He's just not going to accept that for better or worse, and maybe this is a situation where you would say it's for worse but you know what like I think. I think generally okay with it, and and part of that is also not just wanted to see more fire from this club that we hadn't seen, but it's also the way that sun and the reason themselves handled it because these guys have been there. They've been through the wars with this club together. They know each other I'm sure extremely well. What did they? Do? You need caught the glimpse of them coming out of the tunnel at halftime. Halftime they gave each other Hog Sun smiles. They're good after the game what happens. The camera catches Hugo race goes right up to sun and picks them up and gives them like a bear. Hug like I think they're good. I think there is an incident, maybe it should have been public, but whatever their manager is seemingly encouraging the stuff Larissa's the captain. He wants to set that tone even if overreacted, he's trying to show some fire so. I know, call me a spurs home. Call Me Josie Marino fan boy in this specific incident, but after Kinda gathering more more context on it I'm fine with it. Look I. Don't think there's a whole lot in it. I was just a little bit surprised. It happened on the field to be honest and it was. In a game that was dreadful. Even Marino said it was not it was not pretty to watch, nor was it a great performance, by Spurs, but after the defeat to Sheffield united where so many things went wrong. It was good to get three points. Nothing else to say if it happens again. then. It will become noteworthy otherwise I I would agree with while Craig, Burley says this thing happens all the time regularly and training sessions regularly behind the scenes. The only thing was that we got to see this time. That's it end off Yup policy. Jj Manchester United they blast. Pass, reeling born who are really in a bad way I think one of the emerging storylines of this restart in addition to Christian Pulisic. It's gotTa be Mason Greenwood, and and what he's done for them and I. Just wonder argue buying right now what you're seeing from him as a long solution as a as a marquee striker for this club. Yeah very much, so I absolutely am His ability get good shots on goal. Andrew his movement. The way links in with this team. He's an absolute fine for united and. Look definitely. You want to see more of You know their last stretch. Games have being how how should we put a comfortable for united to kind of get into a rhythm, but that site I mean there was money times prior to this where they weren't in a rhythm where they were playing teams, they should be beaten and they look really poor. He looks great, and he's part of a of an emerging from three and united are really really lucky It's interesting what all going to social how to say. About. You know in the context of. I mean he didn't name check Holland himself. But like in Ogden's pace mark writes Brochure Dortmund eventually won the race for Holland but the emergence of the eight year old Greenwood as one of Europe's hottest showing striker's means united may not be so dismayed. And, this is what soldier said. We didn't find the right one outside of our club. When asked about missing all when he was asked about missing out on Holland, he did you did say specifically, but we know have mason and that kind of says. It says a lot about the the confidence that there is into club about what this this player can achieve and look watching him. I'm very impressed. I spoke to a Liverpool fan over the weekend. and. Not Worry, but with disappointment. United of look, really good over the last few games is like Yep. Those those players look under. It before Andrew. Him Never, mind design and Bruno Fernandez the players that have committed to the ranks in the club right now Rashford. Greenwood's and while obviously they signed marcial. was you know he hasn't always been a hit? It looks good. Yeah, it does that Mark Ogden PC reference. It was really good. What was eye opening to me? was how we talked about this guy who has been identified like Sir Alex Ferguson a couple years ago. I think it was was talking about this guy as being someone to keep an eye on. I took this out of the the peace. Specifically Moggie said sources have told ESPN. That's soul. Shire was so convinced by greenwood who was seventeen? When social arrive as manager? He felt he could offload role Maluku and Alexis Sanchez enhance young striker the chance to stake his claim for a place in the first team I. Mean What an impression he must have made. If at seventeen years old Lukaku Gone Sanchez gone. We've got a seventeen year old. Who's never done anything at this level, but I believe. Believe so much in that guy that I think we can get rid of some of these high priced strikers I mean. Yeah, if if you remember Alexis answers was planned for Manchester United that what that was not that was not a hard decision to make and moving onto any one was better than that Lukaku, obviously maybe a little bit harder, not Sanchez. Yeah, it's. It's going well for a kit. That's for sure. A couple of quick ones here Arsenal in Leicester City one one. Today? It goes arsenals goal was. When they're right in attack. It looks good. You know we haven't seen a ton of Sabinas the season because of his injury, but he played in a great ball. All yeah, great ball to soccer, who now also looks like a great player? He plays it in to a Balmy Yang. I mean suddenly. We've always said Arsenal. Attack are going to be a dangerous team and they are showing it right now. Absolutely. Water disappointing result in the end. If you watch that first half Andrew, okay Lester. Had A goal ruled out that I taught woo was possibly legit, but outside of that that first half in particular and maybe twenty minutes of the second-half. Arsenal should have been ahead. They should have been home and hosed looked like. Dare say at Arsenal of old and the ball from Tobias Zaka hugged Asaka absolutely brilliant, a sinus contract which we talked about. Yeah, and they are desperate to get so bias to to to work out an extension to stay at the club, and our Ted is working on that wounded and used all You'll notice material gone doozy, not in the squad again. Apparently conducive, he has not trained with the first team. Squad saints, the Brighton, away match the to defeat at Brighton. And doesn't matter if he's considered a young talent are. Ted is done Woodham. And his look into move him on that I didn't say I. Talk. Talking doozy will be a part of our Ted has plans at least in the short term. And? That's not the case now they're. They're desperate to get to offload according to the. Paper's yeah and a good win for them over the weekend against wolves, top fourteen huge loss for for wolves, but yeah are making. Making Wolves game tomorrow, even more important Yup, and then one more here. I don't have really anything to say about it. Manchester City. I'll just shrug my shoulders. They lose to Southampton on a crazy goal. chipping the keeper from how many yards out when you say that was like thirty five forty something like that, but like you look at Man, city, Seventy four percent possession, twenty six shots, and just nothing to show for What did you know John was really interesting. The person to deliver the bollocking to are not to be Adams to Zintchenko after he gave the ball away in the lead up to that goal after he wasn't sharp of turning and playing, the past was not pep Guardiola, but rather writing starling. Sterling tore into Janko afterwards like talk about asking for responsibility on the pitch. I mean marina would that was beautiful, too? You're not kidding. Finish. What's that I was such a great finish that that was my favorite goal of the weekend the way. The ways just caught. The ball is perfect and put that little bit of Carolina Lovely Goal Yeah. We've had some like considering. People have said that the Games haven't been great out of the restart. I would say we've had some really good individual goals. Since play resumed. What's been your favorite? That one that you just said is definitely up there Some of the others now I'm drawing a blank I mean. CZAJA's from today would be up there. You might say that was more on a keeper, but watching it in real time it was one of those like scream out loud moments. Might Mine is nettles volley versus West Ham. Okay, that was all that was also great. When I also thought then she'll wells. That was nice yeah. Any of any of Liverpool's four against Downton we're just beauties YEP Let's take another quick break. When we come back. It is the it is the return Jj of Red Card and man of the match very excited about this. You can forward to it. Don't go anywhere. Oh back now offside DJ. Let's go right into it. Red Card tweet tweet. Can I go I, hear you man, so we were just talking about Chelsea meant to bring this up on our last podcast and I didn't saw. Bring it up now. Jj. Those new kits. Those new kits I don't. I don't like him, and IT'S A. It's a shame. Today was our our first look at the their away kit, and I actually really like the color of the away kit for Chelsea but I can't put my finger on what it is, but for some reason that number three on the front. Just like I don't know. It just seems weird to me. I guess it only works for Marcus Alonzo, but like it just seems it seems odd and I don't mean to like. Take a shot at the company. It's Three UK telecommunications company, yeah and they sponsored the Irish national team, which is the only national team? That sells their Jersey with a shirt sponsor I bet. You love that I know you. We want to hear something. I've got this lovely. The you're the Umbro Euro Two Thousand Sixteen Ireland. Jersey is just beautiful, and I bought us. And this big plastic three in the middle of the chest, so I'm taking it to a Taylor to have it removed. Look at it anymore. It's an once. I saw it on. Chelsea Jersey. That was it. Yeah, I didn't like it. Either Chris Wright wrote a little bit about the kit for ESPN. AFC said. The new kid is inspired by London's proud history of fine tailoring with a subtle herringbone design, helping to emphasize the blues bold new sponsor logo West Ham were on it. They they tweeted from their team account. Three huge points get in. There seemed like there was an emphasis on the three I have a feeling. They won't be the last team to do that So, yeah, I'll give them this reading a little more bad at football London and they said they said there that the kid is made from one hundred percent recycled materials, including love that good and recycled plastic bottles so I don't. I don't mind the kids. It's. The kit sponsors just. kind of throws it out of whack. Yeah, by the way when I was looking this up a couple of other kids that have leaked. That I'M GONNA. Just tell people to Google, because actually pretty Nice I xe away. Check it out. It's different kind of cool and also. Manchester United's Home Jersey. There's something like there's like this subtle connor leg. Even describe it. When you look at it, you'll see I. I kinda like their Jersey to. You're talking about the gray. I xe away. Yeah, it's gorgeous domesticated. It's the kid of the season. It's wonderful. So there you go where you got. My required Lots Yours Patrick was sent off for biting late on in a loss at Lecce. That Delta massive blow to their title hopes defender Patriots was shown a straight red card for biting. Lech is Giulio dotty. On the arm injury time Philippi. Say CDL has scored five minute opener for the visitors but Kumara back. Headed in Filippo. Falco's crossed eleven level it up on thirty minutes and struggling. Lecce completed the turnaround after halftime as defender Fabio Lucianne headed in from a corner now. That should have been that in terms of. Syria? Ambitions but in a bit of a cracker today. Milan AC Milan. That is you four two at the San Zero? So the standings right? No mean it's still the seven points equal on games. Matches played thirty one games played it seventy five points to sixty eight. Laps Your Cam the break? They were kind of hoping that they would be the team that could maybe. Run Juventus close, but it hasn't really worked out that way. They've lost at Let me. See who they've lost that. They've lost a Atalanta and Milan, so it's Kinda dented their hopes, but maybe there's a lifeline, even though they lost today. Maybe there is a lifeline and we may yet have a tight race. Andrew although. Nah probably not sell glazed it I. Don't know that doesn't yeah I'm trying to get excited Bush. Keep trying Let's see now man-of-the-match. Let's see so I I went with this Jj there were a lot of nerves. We talked about this before when play resumed in the premier league like were they really ready? Kinda like what we're grappling with here with MLS while the latest round of testing for coronavirus, in England with the Premier League, specifically came back yesterday, one, one, thousand, nine, hundred and seventy three tests were conducted zero zero positives now no I. Don't know if that's luck. I don't know if it's players and teams doing the right thing I don't know if it's England as a whole doing the right things, but the bottom line is this on the most important thing. When it was announced that the League was coming back was everyone's health, and so with these latest results we can at least feel good about the protocols that have been put into place and the decision that was made to resume plane I. Mean Remember. We're talking about guys like routines. Sterling Danny rose. Guys were openly concerned about their health and kind of being thrust into this and not sure if they were ready so this this has to be viewed as as it has encouraging extremely encouraging what I would say though to this is, don't get cocky like. Don't let this this positive result. Change your behavior. Unfortunately. I feel like that's sometimes. It's human nature. People get a little careless They think everything's fine. I mean we're not necessarily out of the woods yet. so just kind of keep doing what you're doing, you know hopefully the focus remains on soccer rather than the risks of the soccer players being out there, so that's all that I was like. Wow, that's that is A. That is a good story that is very. It's a great story on I'd love to think that it's just the rigor of the primarily testing and the social distancing that they've. That? They've done around the project restart. That's really helped those figures to be unbelievably good because. I don't know. Maybe it's still if we can apply in in society, of course it stuff, we can apply in society that can continue to to. To you know, fight this this disease. What do you have? Your member genial Yup lip for Olympic. Yeah, you do. Yeah, he's talked. In the video game. His, free kicks. Yeah, I mean thinking might be the best free kick taker I've ever seen. Like he was he was unbelievably accurate. He's up there with your. What a statement to throw out there at the end of the podcast. I'm trying to think now a pure low. Pure does up. There Beckham is certainly over the top. In higher up there I. Think who else would be up there. I'd have to I'd have to think more about that, but when I think about your Janina I, think about those free kicks anyway. He's been talking to Seattle. Rebelo in The Guardian Andrew and he's been talking about a lot of the the issues that are going on. In football right now in terms of players speaking out about site issues, and there's just some interesting thoughts. He has about the black lives movement, and how it's being such, a racism has been such an issue in in Brazil, and he gets very emotional in this piece I will tweet out the link to the Guardian piece, but our conversation turns to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on the twenty. Twenty fifth of May and the black lives matter movement more than half the Brazilian population devices black, and the country has had several cases similar to that of floyd including Yao Federal. A fourteen year old boy killed by Brazilian police in June are Aga- Felix was only eight years old when he was shot in the back by police and the Real Favila in September twenty nineteen, she led her died. This is a genial speaking now this is a clear racism. A confirmation of the kind of violent politics. We have had an country at the moment. How was it possible for an eight year old child to be shot by police like happened last year in the complex the Alamo. How is it possible to live after that unbelievable? Look at George, Floyd. He couldn't breathe. He is a human being I can't imagine how to police can do that. It's racism and very very sad. No Janina is the Director of sport at Olympic Legionnaire Right, now and I just read his words, and he actually has to stop during the interview the. Tiago Rabelo says how Janina gets really. Emotional and Christ, but the point about it is as our ever been a time where players current players pass players, people involved in football have ever spoken out so much on social issues. I don't think I've ever heard it before now. Fort while all the same kind of enclosed environment it's amazing, and it's it's I think when it's the biggest is the biggest cultural movement in the world is to think people talk about the most, and surely surely something good can come from people of influence in football, talking about these issues I hope so certainly hope so at least awareness. Yeah, I'll tell you why. Let's take one more break. We'll come back after that and wrap things up. Don't go anywhere. Back now, Z. Wind it down. CAUGHT OFFSIDE JJ one year ago today. Guesses. No but happened A couple of things actually the US. Women defeated the Netherlands to knelt. World Cup. That was a year ago today. WHOA chime flies, which means that was also the same day of the Gold Cup final that the remember the morning. You have the US women. World Cup final in and I hung out all day and then watch the Gold Cup final at night. That was like a an eighteen hours a day of like that was a good day. Well, yeah, the ending wasn't great, but the women winning the World Cup that day was awesome and didn't. Didn't we catch the Copa America final? Oh yeah, that's right. That was also between. One day. That was something. Like hearing that? It's the one year anniversary I was thinking back about that like the legacy of that women's team. I know a lot of people talk about their brashness, and all that I think for me in the end. The thing that like here. We are a year later. What I think about most I think. It's kind of what I talk about that same day Roosevelt. Like I really feel like we have this new. Superstar like truly world-class superstar. That's going to be this unbelievable player for years to come and I thought it was Kinda like L. coordinated that day. She scored one of the two goals. And here we are year later. I feel like she's. Just love watching her play. I'm going to watch the Challenge Cup is well. Underrated never talked about she super-quick. Yes, she ghosts! Players runabout Pulitzer running up there players. Roosevelt is the exact same thing. And one other thing I wanted to mention this was Kinda. My like man of the match, honorable mention, but I just say now bar Munich four to over Beyer, Leverkusen to win the German Cup. This team is a force right now. This is this is crazy. This unbeaten streak that they're on. Soon enough domestic plays GONNA die down and we'll have the champions. League just thrown back at us and I wonder you know. We've said for a lot of the season that we really are having a hard time. Identifying the true Champions League, favorites Barcelona. Have you know haven't looked on it at times like I, wonder. Maybe it's maybe it's Byron like maybe that team right now the way they're playing leading. Unbelievable Funds Davies we've talked about. It? I think it's dumb right now. Byron aren't such a role. It's hard to believe Andrew that on the second of November. Twenty nineteen earlier in the season they got battered five one by Eintracht Frankfurt. Like? Destroyed that must have been the low point. And then Hansi flick is come in and. Just the way they play Andrew. It's. The hardest thing you're talking to this morning and the hardest thing he said for manager to do is to comb in an changed the style of play. Implement your style of play and still be competitive matches with the players. You've got just dealing with what you had. Changed the direction of a team whilst also being competitive games, Hansie Flick has done that. It's been amazing. It really has yeah so there. You go man. What a show! Oh! My God we covered really covered a lot today. Our thanks to Steph sorrow will continue to be in such with him throughout the throughout the tournament and it gets underway. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun man. Hey! This was fun, and and if you feel if you feel, you need covert nineteen test. Don't let Andrews bumbling puts you off. Go get one now if anything I feel like I've provided. Like a warnings, everyone, no pictures keep the windows down until somebody specifically tells you to roll them or keep them up until somebody tells you to roll them down, letting employees will be the country's punching bag all the guy who takes all the WHO takes all of all of this. Just so you all know what to do. That's right on. Always wear pants. Oh yeah, well. That's that is a given. That is a given. Hey, this was fun man to you I. Say circulator from boy. Ticker! offsides soccer podcast. 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