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Hard in the police department side was. Hey Ramsey's did did not going to give up. That would be wrong. I want an answer to this primarily for the sake of my children in my grandchildren for twenty three years it is a crime that has gripped the world. A family tragedy almost unthinkable terrible in both detail and consequence the murder of Jon. benet Ramsey shocked the world. She was murdered at just six years old with the circumstances surrounding her death being nothing less than horrifying defying. The child beauty queen was found in the basement of her family home in Boulder Colorado eight hours. After she was reported missing her skull had been smashed and a garage placed around her neck. It remains unclear which proved fatal strangulation or the blow to her head. Investigators who have been focusing focusing on the family home of six year old murder victim. Jon Benet Ramsey have now issued search warrants. I'm a Paul that anyone would think that that John or I would be involved in such a hideous paying US crime. Welcome to the killing of Jon. Benet Ramsey the final all suspects. I'm your host Daniel Roby in this special behind the scenes preview episode you will be brought into the inner circle of the investigative team in a production meeting at the onset of the project. Along with Jon Benet father brother and close friends. Our production team have attempted to find answers to the brutal. Oh murder of the young beauty queen providing an unprecedented and extensive new investigation all in the hope to finally solve one of the most enduring murder order mysteries. The killing of Jon Benet Ramsey. The final suspects will delve into what is every parent's worst nightmare nightmare. Something that you hope never happens to your child. Specially in your own home yet happened to the ramseys twenty three years ago and still to this stay. The murder is unsolved. Here we join Executive Producers Dylan Howard and Matt sprouse as they discuss the Jon Benet case. What are we going to do to try and establish some some sort of finality? Some sort of conclusion for John Ramsey and his family. I think what's exciting about this. podcast is that we have this list. That was left behind by the lead investigator in the case his name was loose. Mit How did loose-knit get to be involved. In the KYW's so loose-knit it was a retired police detective in Colorado and he was brought out of retirement by the district attorney to help with the with the case early on and when he died he had. He had this list list of suspects that he'd been going through for two decades and he was able to cross off or rule out many of those suspects but he had at least ten ten suspects that he could never clear and that he was still pursuing. And now we have lose list and we'RE GONNA use that list to go after the final suspects of course Lew Smith commit before. His death vehemently believed that Jon Benet Ramsey was kill by an intruder and I guess that leads me to the point went many have suspected that John and patsy Ramsey modern Bain responsible for the killing of their daughter. Obviously audience subscribe to that. I have covered this case for a decade and a few weeks ago flew out to where John presently lives in small town in Utah. This is a man in his seventies who remains shattered by the circumstances of his daughter's what is death and how it came to be and in some ways. He blames himself yeah. I was surprised within the first couple of minutes. I realized this guy didn't kill his daughter. He's not covering up for someone who killed his daughter. He's a guy who has been through hell and has found a way to continue living and continue to find answers for his daughter who spending money on DNA. Testing testing of Suspects that cross his mind and we went through this list of suspects and he was blown away at the rate such that we had done. But he said something that so heartbreaking he said to me that Jonbenet was killed because of him and he meant that he believes she was targeted or targeted because of circumstance in small town called Colorado way he just sold his business into a significant company that obviously giving millions and millions of dollars so someone of being jealous of his success and it was a controversial controversial company was a controversial company and it was built by Lockheed Martin yes and it might have pissed off people to the point that that they took out these highness action. Yeah and that's the first time I had ever heard that theory but it makes sense and then he said to me. I live every night knowing that my daughter was killed likely because of me and that broke my heart. Yep Yeah and I think you can see in his eyes that he's he's come to peaceful place but also a place where he before he dies. I think he's seventy five and he said before he dies. He needs to get these answers for his children and his grandchildren He knows that it's too late to get justice in some ways for Jon Jon Benet because someone has has gotten away with this for twenty three years but at least he can go to his grave knowing that he found answers for his family Matt. You you have assembled the team. What are we going to find out who on these people and what is relevant to the case share will? Let's start with Doug on genie. I think he's probably the most important point person we can bring in he's an investigative reporter worked with CBS. For Years Doug Guinea has produced more hours on this case than any other investigative reporter for TV and so he is going to be our man on the ground he knows everybody attached to this case including clued family. He has a trust an institutional knowledge. I think it's important that we talk to him because he provides an insight like no one else Doug thanks very much for joining us on this behind the scenes episode firstly. I want to ask you this. Why are we still fascinated with these kayce? 'cause it's unsolved because there's still a large group of people who think that the parents are responsible for Johnny's death or someone in the family and here's the other big group of people who think that intruder broke into that home on Christmas evening and wrote a ransom note and killed a six year old girl in it remains unsolved in at at the time I think maybe because of the the beauty pageant videos it went national and back then we didn't call it viral but it went viral and it remains viral. This is a story that everyone thinks they know. But the killing of Jon Benet the final suspects as a story. They I don't because we have access to lose smits archives essentially we're going to be taking listeners into a whole new investigation and investigation that has a very lofty goal in mind and that is to try and solve this case. How important importance loose Smith Information? It's critical it's so important. I mean this is the guy who even on his deathbed Ed was telling family members names of suspects that he wanted checked out. He spent a good part of his latter years both breath when he was working for the district attorney in Boulder and then after he'd left there and was retired from any active police force but continue due to investigate this case and compiled a list of suspects. Some pretty scary people on that list. Do you tell us a little bit. About how lose spreadsheet was organized. It's just not random He didn't write down his thoughts of how he organized it in any detail but there are a lot of names on that list a lot of names and he prioritized and he also was looking at had. DNA been taken had they cooperated. Had anybody spoken to these people anybody. Anybody investigated these people a lot of time. The answers was no no one had spoken to these people not the DA's office not the police department not the boulder police and he prioritized the names on these he's lists and we are looking at some of the top priorities on his list. Unfortunately in life he ran out of time. We have the benefit ahead of time. This list really is the Kedah cracking the case. Is it fair to say that the killer's name is almost certainly written on that spreadsheet. I think it's fair to say that the killer's name is on that spreadsheet. Uh Whoever said it's all about the journey probably never traveled during the holidays. 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On this case and people started to pay attention. She wondered if it was an intruder and or if it was the family members over time she came to know Lou Smit and others involved in the investigation and believe that intruder was responsible for it and has overtime collected a great deal of material. I think of her as the Encyclopedia of this case Doug. What was your first initiation to her? I first initiation was in nineteen ninety eight. She had been named by a professor at an Ivy League school as a possible suspect. In the case he had done some analysis of her writings and had come to the conclusion the very very very wrong conclusion that she was somehow a suspect in the case in we learned of this as I was doing a series of stories. He's on the case and I met with her for the first time in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in Boulder Colorado and she told me in her story and we did her story sense then. I have used as a resource over the years. Time and time In time again and I too have traveled to her hometown and I to have set either in her whole or in a hotel room or the library uptown and looked at listened to and watched the things she's collected and it's remarkable what she's collected so not not only was she not the murderer but she became like you said the encyclopedia and Lou Smit would actually call her to fact check. Isn't that right and and John Ramsey still does. Yeah over that time you know a a blogger who's a bit anonymous at times and you wonder right I mean are they straight are they bending things are they twisting facts to a certain advantage. She she is a straight shooter. She's collected what she's collected from sources all over the country and people send her things. It's remarkable remarkable. What she gets in the mail and she tells you about it? She trusts you. loose-knit trusted her and they engaged in numerous conversations over the years and she visited him in Colorado and he trusted her. He trusted her so much that he add this valuable list of suspects and he gave her access to those to a spreadsheet. And that's what we're working with. Well I think it is finally time to on mosque jonassen. Let's give her a call Jamieson. I am isn't show. We know all the facts. The ramseys have been accused of this murder. Burke Ramsey has been falsely accused of this murder. There it was a witch hunt surrounding in my view John and Patsy Ramsey. But we're in a unique position. Now Jameson it's two two thousand and nineteen and we have access to new enhancements in technology. Dan Is it's very important in this case. Why is it? There is no innocent explanation or any foreign mail. DNA to be found on her body for on her clothes under her nails and especially not co mingled old with the blood spots from the sexual assault that were found in her panties. There's no innocent explanation for that. DNA to be in any of those places places. It does not belong to anybody in her family which means that someone who sexually assaulted her that day left their DNA there and it's important to find that person and it's also important to know that he nineteen ninety-six not only was Technology Bailey available to properly testimony of saint or. I suspect that mistakes by the ball deep payday meant it simply wasn't used to its full capabilities and now with the advantage and enhancements of DNA technology that we saw with the Golden State Killa and how that unsolved case this was solved. We're really in a unique position. We're in a great position because we know that there's more. DNA evidence that needs to be tested and what still needs to be tested in this case for DNA. Okay some of the items that were taken as evidence were sent to boaty and they sent them. I'm back and didn't test them. And they those items need to be brought back to the lab and retested using the better knowledge that we have. Are we going to get asked. But how are we going to get access to those well. One Way. We're not gonNA physically get a hold of these items which could include fluid. The garage The handled it was used as under garage. Which of course someone's hand was on? So why wouldn't you test that. We're not go and physically get a hold of that but loose Smith has a daughter and daughter along with some of his former colleagues are are trying to get those items tested. They sit with the Boulder Police Department. They are trying to pressure the Boulder Police Department into doing the right thing and getting goes critical items critical pieces of evidence tested. But why why were. They not tested twenty years ago. That's sounds crazy. It's a murder scene. They found enough. DNA to know that someone outside of the family was there and they have five more pieces of evidence that could have been tested and they just didn't do it. Oh that's that's an easy answer. They know who did it they gotten DNA back and the rams and family my good fit the foreign DNA. That was Jon Benet panties that stop anybody from believing that the family did it. No and they're they hit the information from the District Attorney's Office the Boulder Police Department at the report saying that. DNA belong to a foreign person person and they didn't tell the district attorney's office. They did not tell Smith they did not tell anyone. They hit that secret for months and months and months launch in to me. That's criminal in itself and I understand. I understand back then when they would probably embarrassed and they've already pointed the finger at the family and they they couldn't Sort of on. Go down that path but it seems like now there'd be a whole new group of people at the Boulder Police Department at at the DA's office. Why this minute let me? Just let me just say what everyone should be saying. If Lou Smith spreadsheet exists why why is the Boulder Police Department. Not doing what we're doing we're podcast producers. And we're left to do the research that they won't do. They told told me number one. They have other cases new cases and vital cases that they feel they can do better work on and and that's their priority number two the funding. They've spent so much money on the Ramsey case. They really don't have that much money three they. They don't feel that they can properly ever get a conviction in this case even if they find intruder they're always intruders lawyers gonNA stab Ab. They said the RAMSEYS did it. And so they don't feel that they'll be able to get an addiction. So why bother the thing that you need to note is the same people that have not solved this case. Twenty two years are the same people in charge same elites that were there day one day to day fifty day one hundred are still there in charts so they must have been like in their twenty like they must have just been starting their career back in ninety six ninety seven this you know. They hadn't been a murder in boulder. Oh to Colorado of a kid like this that will foreign to how to deal with these type of crowd a few days after the murder they bring in John Andrew Ramsay Ramsey. That was John Benitez older brother. He was a sophomore at the University of Colorado at the time they bring him into the Boulder police station. They put him in a room and he is hoping that now. The police are going to solve the murder. Sister to police officers come immune. He's sitting in the chair. They sit down. They hand him their cards. Their business cards police business cards one card. It says auto theft one card says narcotics. 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That this podcast sees in many ways the father and sons crew sign an attempt to try and find answers to the brutal murder of their daughter and sister. He's the lesser known brother in this case Berko Veasley seemingly has the high profile as he was falsely accused. What can you tell me about John Andrew? Why he's Bane in the background? And how you and Matt and I want to ask Matt is able to convince him to participate in the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects. Let me tell you what I know about John. Andrew Ramsay he grew up in Atlanta. He was a child Born born in John Ramsey's first marriage and it was John Andrew and his older sister. Beth John Ramsey's he's daughter. Beth unfortunately died in an automobile accident in Michigan many many years ago so that left John Andrew and his mom Tom in Atlanta. When John Ramsey took a job in boulder and they were divorced by them John John Andrew decided once he graduated from high school to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder and did go there so he was living in Boulder? When all of this happened As a at that point as a sophomore at the University of Colorado and as I said he expected the police to do their job he understood that a family is often in early suspect in the case which is everyone everyone knows is what happens and he knew that would happen but he knew that his family had done anything wrong at not killed a family member and you expected the police to do the right thing. He stayed however in the background. John Andrew is not the only sibling of the Ramsey family. Suffering from this was tragedy. He had a sister he had two older sisters Beck who died in a car accident and Melinda Melinda had a boyfriend Stuart Stewart and she had spent that Christmas with Christmas Eve and everything with Stuart in Atlanta Sheen. Gene Jenny Andrew. We're headed Christmas now. She's since married. Stewart and Has a family and to protect her children. Do not have the Ramsey name. She has remained quiet. I mean she has suffered. She has heard enough. She lost her baby sister. She watched her father and stepmother. They're accused she is hurt and she has remained by Pacini Andrew his sided. Now it's time to come out when I met with him. The first time He was almost apologetic to even think that he could have a voice in this story he said for years. He's always thought of this as a tragedy that happened to do Jon Benet but then secondly to patsy and John and Burke and he felt like he was outside of that circle And and I think it's taken him this long to realise that his voice may be the most important voice now because he was his brother and he does want to see the truth. Come out and he's just far enough removed that he he doesn't have where it can't be perceived that he has an agenda other than finding who killed his sister. It's been more than two decades of Hell Hell for John. Andrew Ramsay. He's participation in this. podcast proves one thing this is not a retelling of a very very tragic and sad story. It is as we promised to John and John Andrew an active investigation of the case. Not only that. We're very confident that this will be the most comprehensive investigation conducted since the flawed investigation from the Bulb payday now team when I want no stone unturned or no laid on followed I personally talk to one. Man Montero Doug Monteiro is the best investigator that I know. Monteiro has agreed to participate in this. And he's a veteran reporter here in the a New York newspaper saying Montero. What do we need to do as part of this investigation? We need to physically track. Some of these suspects down Get in their faces and confront them and see if during heated questioning that they at any point it will provide us with some sort of an answer as to whether they are responsible for this young girl's death and we need to get DNA Friday. You do that in the field and by field. I may not investigating ties the best way to do that is by conducting long hours of stakeouts waiting being for them to either drop cigarette on the floor or throw a cup of coffee into the garbage. Can it's really undercover detective. Work you and I have talked Montero about not just the names of the suspects but the categories they fall in like they're part of the pageant seeing the beauty pageants seeing. They were photographers. They did some John Benitez photography the other children photography in that group. Remember we they. What are the kinds of people were finding but are the crimes rhymes that some of these people have been accused of or convicted of? There is a pattern of behavior in a lot of these suspects that we're looking at Particularly a a few of them who were pageant photographers that have subsequently been arrested for some form of child pornography. Okay so Doug Watson step first step is to get on an airplane in Golden Colorado specifically the go-to boulder older and to check out. Knock on doors. Some of these suspects that are in boulder. Some of these suspects are another parts of Colorado bill and knock on their doors and also speak to the Ramseys to both John Ramsey and John Andrew Ramsay. I must say team. I think we're are in a unique position. He had find some answers with loose. Smith's list of suspects you all the team that put together the resources available to us and the advances in technology. Crucially for the Ramseys we are going to be able to either rule in and or rule out certain suspects and that is a giant step forward in unequipped. What the ball to pay day says a cult sky's not actively investigating it from the very beginning when the FBI did get called? They said that a child of six. It doesn't make how many enemies child of six of made the killing of Jon Benet. The final suspects is going to be partly procedural part murder mystery. Each episode will be a real life real time search for the truth and no one will escape scrutiny as we attempt to put right one of the modern ages most monstrous wrongs join us. And listen to the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects narrated by me. Danielle Robie as we answer her enduring question. Who Killed Jon Benet Ramsey? The killing of Jon Benet. The final suspects is hosted by means Danielle Rowe Bay executive produced by Dylan Howard and Matt sprouse and is a production of broaden water studios and endeavor audio executive producers also include. Tom freestone Doug Genie. Susan Bennett James. Robertson Andy Tillett the series written by Dominic Button reporting by Doug Doc Monteiro. The series is mixed and engineered by Sean Kravis and Sam Ada. There is so much more to this story. And you don't WanNa Miss Anything. I can assure you subscribe. Subscribe to the killing of Jon. Benet the final suspects wherever you get podcasts.

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