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11/26: Waiver Wire - Another Loaded Week! Also, Lamar Jackson! (Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from CBS. Sports got email us at fantasy football at CBS. I dot Com in the waiver wire here some combination of anti well. This is a waiver wire show show. But how do you not lead with Lavar Jackson. He is just incredible. Welcome to the Tuesday edition of Fantasy football today. A lot of guys pick up this week. Some really good quarterback match-up Sam Darnold Ryan Tannehill doesn't necessarily have a great match up but he's Ryan Tannehill doesn't even matter. Nick foles does have a great sir. We'll talk about running backs wide receivers tight as Jack. Doyle could get a big bump in targets now sterling Shepard Darius slate and could get a big bump targets everything you need to know for the waiver wire Good Morning David. Jamie Lamar Jackson. OMG Oh yeah. He's outstanding and every time I watch him play. I think think how incredible he is and I think about how dumb I feel for saying. Well you better watch out. He might not stay healthy. I don't how good of a thrower he is. And the those were words that I actually said in July and August and feel like a total. He'll about it and at the same time. I Have Lamar Jackson in the league. Were it was an auction. Legal got tried to beat him up so you would be three so heath would bid three neither of you bid three. I got him at two. I'm going to the plan. Lamar Jackson quarterback in that league. Well I did I mean that. That's the case with most quarterbacks that aren't ranked in the top two or three and then he actually I think in most I posted a poll last night. I would do draft Lamar Jackson first overall next year. Almost eight thousand votes. What do you think the results are? Adam I actually saw it and it inspired me to do a different twitter poll. But I I I'll I'll I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen this poll. I'm going to say I'M GONNA have some faith in our audience in that. Only a third of them said they would take him in the first round. Thirty three percent said yes. Sixty seven percents. So at least I got that right about all right now on the right track. When should Lamar Jackson be drafted next season? I did it this morning. Only fifteen hundred votes top six pick. Pick seven through twelve a round one round two or round three or later. I am stunned. That thirty percent said round three or later for Lamar Jackson. Thirty seven percent said round to to sixteen percent said sixteen top six pick and eighteen percent said rounds round one pick seven through twelve. Which is kind of what I thought would win and honestly I think I I think he's a first round pick like for me and that's crazy? 'cause I know none of us ever pick quarterbacks that early but he's just so good now he's averaging right now. In six point per passing touchdown league basically exactly what very close to what mahomes average last year. And it's so hard to repeat and we we could talk about this for five minutes so we'll save it for a different shell so we can get to the waiver wire but I just think it's amazing what he's doing where we did want to see you how people valued him. I was surprised that thirty percent people around three or later. He's not GonNa make it that law but have no. He'll be dropped in the first round on average next year I mean MOMS was so in their last three games. Sorry their last three games. Six point per passing touchdown leagues. Lamar Jackson has scored one hundred and twenty two fantasy points. Jared Goff has scored eleven fantasy points so awesome. One of those guys is has one hundred million dollar contract. Yeah yeah no one's going to break the bank try the. DSP for the Ravens was only started in sixty six percent of leagues. It's almost universally adversely own five huge games in a row at Seattle New England at Cincinnati. Houston at the Rams Four. Good offense. Well I don't know about the rams but you know that they have been unstoppable. This team right now is clearly If not the best one of the best damn how can we flex their game on Sunday against the forty. Now they can't unfortunately it's a it's it's probably the best game of the season right now. you know you look at this first off. Lamar Jackson won the last night. You know 'cause Russell Wilson while he won the game he didn't play very well against the eagles and so Unless there's a total collapse from Lamar Jackson down the stretch he's the MVP of the of the NFL The big the big turnaround for this team has been a defense. You know the the trade to get Marcus Peters and getting Jimmy Smith back and just what that secondary looks like now and You know it it's GonNa be fun to see if they can get home field advantage because if not going into Foxborough for the chamber game that's works out. He's probably still give the edge the Patriots but you can't look at any team in comparison to the Ravens right now and say say that. There's a better team. San Francisco's been fantastic. You know you could still make the case for New England and that defense but I mean with what this team looks like on. Both sides of the ball is just unbelievable. How they've how they've come on of late and they're they're hitting stride if if they stay healthy no one's beating them it's over and they're going to destroy San Francisco this week? No one's got the answer for how to solve this offense and it's it's hard to solve it because they just fundamentally so good running. The ball and scheming passes for Jackson. I'd love to see bill bell check yet. Another crack at them. That game would be in Foxborough and of Julian. Edelman doesn't fumble that ball you know. Oh the Patriots had to go in there and win. You're assuming it's in Foxboro Foxboro right now into foxborough right now so yeah you never know they still have some tough games left the the Patriots that is i. I would just hope that. In their playoff run the ravens will get a first round bye and then hopefully they play mahomes and then hopefully they play the Patriots and and Roger Goodell is going to be swimming in a bed of buddy because this is just going to be a ratings boy. Even if it's even if it's chiefs patriots you know you went to. Yeah well He. He tweeted something can we. Can we get to the final four and see Jackson Brady Mahomes and Watson and I said you've spelled tannehill wrong all right tannahill. Let's get to the waiver wire priorities by the way apple podcast review mailbag tomorrow. If you have questions about the Thursday Thursday Games. Don't wake those questions they should they take a little bit of time to show up on itunes or apple podcast so leave us a nice review and asked her questions. We're going going to preview. All three of the Thanksgiving Games on the Wednesday show so and by the way normal programming week for us or recording on Thursday morning recording on Friday morning and No most normal week web mail bag and everything also the facebook giveaway this week. The player thankful for. That's very nice player. Thankful for will get a t shirt. You're on the fantasy football today. facebook page if you have the best one will pick it at the end of the week. Top priorities who are they. Who are the top priorities? This week you guys on waivers. It's a it's an interesting week of players that are still available. Just on the cusp of the guys that we typically talk about Jonathan Williams. If he's still out there you have to go pick them up and and clearly really we saw last week. What he's capable of doing as the Marlon Mac replacement and macktaz already been ruled out for week thirteen? If you're just talking about running backs I think you've got to pick up Rashad Penny and just see what happens is there after Kris Carson fumbled again Penny had his breakout game of of this season you know how p Carroll is he's GonNa make it an open competition for this week and we'll see if penny you sort of pushes Carson to the title. But I'd be surprised that happens. But still you WanNa have penny on your roster. And then there's just a slew of receivers that can be starters for you this week we They're better off as number three guys. But you know Dede Westbrook and the way that he's been playing certainly targets obviously the two guys for the giants with gold not being there He'll call Beasley has has certainly played well and has a good Opportunity Brown and Just the way that Ryan tannehill throwing the ball so there there's a lot of like good mid range options You know the two running backs I think at the top opera. Probably the two you want to gravitate toward. And then there's the quarterbacks and Sam Darnold and Ryan Tannehill and they think darnold right now might be the start of the week for week. Number Thirteen should be awesome match of form and he's been employees great. What about Jack Doyle at tight end is he a priority He's a priority. He's not my favorite because Ryan Griffin is still available But you know oh you're still talking about a team. We had this conversation yesterday. They don't throw the ball so much you know. So I think if you're looking at it in the guys in the same range I would rather have Gerald Everett for the one week situation against the cardinals then Jack Doyle maybe for the next few weeks I'd rather just stream it like that and I mean that just if I can only pick up one of the two right I take the shot on the cardinals. Matchup versus the potential long-term appeal though. I think he's going to be fine. I think he's got top ten. I agree ability. Rest away right. The volume is just not there for this team. And I think that's the concern is is. You'RE GONNA see enough targets to be consistently successful. I I like him as the top tight end to go get I I. You know. I've been on Ryan Griffin for a couple of weeks now but doyle has this great opportunity with Eric. Hebron gone to be the main tied in there and if you're tired streaming he's a tight end that theoretically should be your starter under the rest of the way. Yeah Jack Doyle couple years ago before they got Eric Hebron was a top ten tight end and he was second in the NFL and catches and in his career career. He catches seventy-five percent right about seventy five percent of his targets. He's very good at that at his catch rates really good so he's should be better. NPR But the other thing to factor after in here. Is that in the red zone. Eric Iran leads the team in red zone target. If you missed it by the way Eric Brown is out for the season. He's on our so Jack Doyle fifty six percent on own. I think the key actually. I'm hoping it's going to benefit T. Y.. Hilton get a little bit more red zone work there. But they're going to have to throw bronze touchdown guy so there have have to throw some other guys there are. Maybe it's Jack Doyle who is facing Tennessee. And they've allowed the seventh. Most fantasy points tight ends this year. You know they faced hooper. Calcium all seen hunter Henry so that's contributed to it and then the next week toils got Tampa Bay and they've allowed the second most fantasy points tight end so he's got good matchups Ryan Griffin does too. So you can go after those guys. Jay Mentioned Dede Westbrook. The buccaneers have allowed either seventy or more yards to multiple wide receivers or or a touchdown catch to multiple wide receivers in every game since week. One so weak one. They didn't every game since then. Too wide receivers. If either had seventy yards or a touchdown that's incredible and we'll talk about the giants guys. I don't think you mentioned Benny Snell. How how does he compare with Jonathan Williams and Rashad Penny so I would put him as the third running back to pick up James Conor don sound like he's GonNa come back but would are you being. He doesn't sit this way this week right this week. Yeah I'm sorry this week so I think you're looking at it. As it's pretty clear that they've wanted to use a lead rusher in conjunction with Jalen Samuels and obviously as we saw last week Dan Samuels was a little bit of a non factor. you brought this up Adam. I think it was either on the radio show or one of our shows last week about White and he. He played a role. So it's going to be three guys potentially touching the ball so I think that is the upside for snow but as long as James Connor is out and again. That's the expectation for this week. You're probably looking at fifteen carries and in an offense is going to try and be as conservative as possible and let their defense and you know kicking game probably win the game I don't think it's a it's a bad idea to pick ups now but I would. I would certainly put him behind Williams and penny. I put them behind Williams but not penny we can get into this now or later. Adam it's up to you. Yeah let's do it so so it's kind of interesting because you know especially if you're talking about Fab I don't know how relevant Fab conversation is right now. If you've got win to get in the playoffs you gotta spend it. But I'm just worried that reshad pennies going to be a waste because I I understand my goodness if he does just get the job job you could be talking about a top five ten running back. But if he doesn't that's that's that's the if they're not spoiling you're taking a chance on and I feel like I feel like we've fallen for the Rishaad penny trap at least twice already in his career and every time we fall for an up here. Here's the guy he's got great talent. Look you just made a great play. Chris Carson ends up roaring back in playing. Well I get that. They're going to use penny more. They're saying it now but as soon as he gets in there and he's got six or seven carries and they go under four yards per carry. It's going to be right right back Chris Carson. I don't know how much patients they have at this point. It's been good again. He may not see the field. I I know but at the same time you pick up a shot Ben. Carson has been fumbling like like every other game all season long and he continues to see Penny Penny. Had the injury concern. You know during the season so I think the fact that he had the big game in at the same point of Carson having yet another fumble and so you're you're talking about Ben Smell may be good for this week and maybe Is is is the better not maybe is the better play for this week. But differ shot penny takes over. He's a League winner. And so it just depends. I think what you need for your fantasy team if any is the lead guy for the the seahawks because Chris Carson can't hold onto the football they're gonNa Bench Ranch Chris Carson than lean on Rishaad Penny and. This is a much better offense. And he's a much better talent than Benny Smell. So I I'd rather take chances on the guy who could be a league winner as opposed to a guy that can just plug and play for this this week so it just comes down to what if Chris Carson obviously penny goes out of Jonathan Williams practically. Because you want to go and get that guy on your team and I think you said it best if you need a running back this week smells the answer. I'm I would take snell ahead of any if I'm choosing between the two of them so you take snow ahead of Penny okay. Okay but but let's hold on I. I should say this if I if I don't need a running back this week and I'm just I'm headed toward the to the playoffs and got got that roster spot open at the end of my bench shirt you speculate on penny and you spend the Fab to do it right. I I like smell better and we thirteen. You don't necessarily if you're picking up Rashad Penny you. Don't pick him up to start him this week. Let's be clear right. You pick them up the stash and see what have you you you you will unless unless we we get reports that he's going to be the lead guy if that's the case then then he's better than Jonathan Williams right now. Jonathan Okay so so let's say you're all the the all these running backs four running backs around waivers both scarborough Jonathan Williams Benny Snell and and Rashad Penny. How would you prioritize them was put this out there? Williams won by far. There's there's nobody close then again comes down to what you need. If you need somebody for this week I would say scarborough abro should be second smell third and fourth. I agree and if you're looking long term I think it's Williams still ahead of scarborough and penny penny ahead of Snell if it's strictly long-term you don't have to have a running back immediately. Do you fear with Jonathan Williams. Liam's that Jordan Wilkins could get more work as he was only used on special teams last week. Plus he's got Tennessee this week then Tampa Bay New Orleans. We know those are tough matchups. And you've got more than Mac may be coming back. Are there any concerns. Jonathan Williams elite running back. He's sixty percent. Oh and he absolutely needs to be on at all leaks. I think he proved but in the in the game last week that he's their main back I think if he had struggled. And maybe you would have seen more of Jordan Wilkins but the fact that they gave him as much work as he got you know. They didn't even give Wilkins and opportunity touch touch the ball. Just to sort of take the load off of Williams. I mean this is what this team is. This is my concern with doyle is that this is what this team is. They're just going to be ultra conservative. Live in China. Run the ball as much as they can. And they're not trusting Jacoby percents and make a lot of plays and so you know if you're talking about a a running back I forget what the amount of carries they had against Jacksonville. But it was. You know almost thirty and then you come back the next week and you have over thirty carries that's just shows you what this offenses three straight games for sat that throwing twenty four twenty five passes not including the game in which he got hurt so Jonathan Williams is a major priority. Sam Darnold is going to be a major priority. Nick Foles as a great matchup Ryan. Tannehill has it's been awesome And let's Let's see what else we got here. FAB I don't know again. I'm not sure how much we're talking to. Liam every scenario is different. If you're this is it for you. You know you're six and six and this is the win that gets you in the playoffs. Who cares spend it all and then you just sort of figure out obviously if you have zero dollar but that's a different story but or if you see me don't zero dollar bits but you know I think you just talking about you gotTa Win and and so you don't get to take it with you spend yeah Just over one. I don't know how much time we're going to spend on the Sunday night and Monday night games. I'd like to talk about them but this is such an important waiver wire weak and I want to look ahead to two other weeks as as well so let me. Just give a few more priorities that need to be said just in case I forget I often do Austin Hooper. Ingram are mostly owned but they could be available in your leagues are about eighty eight percent. Owned Hooper is our chance who plays this week. He's a Thursday game. Doesn't sound like it. You know I think had they won you you know and and see if they could play out the string and went out not that they're gonNA make the playoffs but That might have changed some things but the fact that they said last week that he could have practiced on Thursday. This was at the beginning of last week. I'm GONNA guess that he's not far away from playing but the Thursday game does doesn't help And Evan Ingram has pretty good match ups going forward as well so you might. I WANNA pick him up. I think the Eagles talked about this on yesterday's show. If you didn't listen to yesterday's show you should. At least check out with Dr David Chow had to say I asked him about to talk about Loa. I ask them about injury-prone players. We had really good injury conversations and then me will increase towers Wilkerson towers and I we talked about. DST's that will help you win right now and throughout the playoffs the eagles are playing great. And they've got the dolphins giants and Redskins in their next three games. So that's a big priority as well the jets the St is playing really well and they've got good match-ups coming up at least in their next two games but the eagles the T for me at least will be prioritizing if I don't love above Love my defense and also good time to get your handcuffs. It's also a good time to get butcher box all right. This is great stuff butcher box. 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They have free range chicken. They've got all different types of stuff. It's it's one hundred percent grass-fed finished beef. Free Range Organic chicken. I should say heritage pork wild Alaskan Salmon Sugar Nitrate Free Bacon. It's just great stuff. It's delicious so go to butcher. Box Dot com slash FT or enter F- FDA checkout and again get twenty bucks off your first box and get eight free stakes butcher box dot com slash F F T or were F. F. T. at checkout who've made a lot of stuff going on here. Let's take a look at the key injuries that we need to know about. I'll try to go through these as quickly as possible. Any any dolphins GonNa Start for the Bengals. He's an option against the jets. This week right. Andy Dalton really. Wasn't that bad before he got benched at least for fantasy pine every kid kept he's an option in. DFS Too because his prices super cheap. He won't have to do much to give you good value so if you like a lot of players that running back and wide receiver. Andy Dalton should be your quarterback twenty Twenty fancy points and three of his last four starts before getting benched in the jets. I know they did well last week against our car but they had just been awful in their previous five games. So it's better. There's five inches one hundred percent plane better but the the hope would be is that All of a sudden eight degrees ankle feels better because his buddy is back as back my again. So It IT'S A. It's a fun little scenario to play out if in fact being comes back That would hurt the jets. DSP for this week. Obviously I think it hurts to begin with if dolphins thank you I had the jets top-five before this move and so now they're just outside. Yeah I did look than the they were good. The bengals were a good matchup. People with antidote playing but yeah Devon Hodges is probably GonNa Start for Pittsburgh haven't heard official announcement there drew lock could start for Denver Carson Wentz Bruce Bruce hand no big deal twain houses. Play a wrist injury. No big deal Esta Dr Chow. Botha's yesterday we won't get Marlin MAC this week. James Connor Unlikely to play Matt Leflore said he needs to get the ball to Aaron Jones. More Lucia McCoy's out of the concussion protocol. Do we know if Damian Williams will be ready for this week. They didn't say anything. Ask Andy Reid and saving yesterday. I didn't see anything reported but It's probably a good thing you know. They're typically when Read first of the media usually goes through the Angeles and so the fact that I don't think anything was reported about Williams is a good sign. He no he left last his last game with a rib injury But also there by it seemed like they were just going to be cautious with either injuries. Stories given the setup in Mexico City tyreek hill seemed like he could've come back in with a hamstring problem and Williams. You know again not knowing the severity of it. Hopefully it's fine but I think it's still worth investing in McCoy or Daryl Williams just in case because we don't hear anything on Tuesday that somebody that could be illegal wing winner for you As we saw in that game against against the chargers both Both running back successful. Okay so let's see what else we gotta run. And that's the thing with the chiefs like if you see the Shawn McCoy out there. And you knew Damian. Williams is out same with Daryl Williams. They probably be must die. But you know we. We just don't know right now. Hopefully we get an update before you have to make your waiver claims Jordan Howard Day to day with a shoulder injury. Still don't know if you'll be bad older right. Yep that's what I said right shoulder right yeah right sure shoulder sure what. What do you mean? It's a Stinger that's a shoulder isn't it or is that an I mean technically. Yeah sure there are pretty close right shoulder right there MHM Chase Edmunds. Expected to play. Kaylynn Balaj was going to continue to start from Miami. That's great news devante Freeman. Dr Chow was not super optimistic That's pretty much it for the noteworthy running backs at wide receiver. Julio Jones does have a shoulder injury gotta keep that in mind. They have a short week. Andy Reid optimistic optimistic about tyreek Hill. Aj Greens today. Golden Tate is in the concussion protocol. Hunter Renfro will be out for a while with a broken rib. He might enter punctured lung. He might be out for for the season. Does that make it easier to drop. Derek Carr yet. I mean the schedules. The stretch of good games for Derek are ended against Jetson ended before the jets game. Apparently because he didn't play well net The hopefully this helps Darren Waller's Value Rebounds Anti Roy Williams Sarah Williams has not had a red zone target. Since he came back from the injury he had six in his first four games he has not had one tyrod Williams in his last five games. I find that to be amazing and a lot of them have gone to Hunter Renfro. So that could help Tyrrell's well Jordan Mathews released by the Eagles. He actually played ninety six percent of the snaps last week. Maybe that means alshon jeffery or Google Galore could be coming back at Miami Juju expecting him. What do you think it's hard to say at this point? You know I I would hope I wonder if the knee is worse than probably the concussion. Just because you know Johnson Johnson was able to clear the concussion protocol. You hope that you do does as well well. And then we'll see if the knee is Is there was an embrace last week. It's not a good sign. Okay Adam feeling. What do we think any idea? I'm going to guess he comes back. But it's it's one that you WANNA keep an eye on because if you're looking at the tight ends car Rudolph has been awesome without feeling on the field. Did he still be good with feeling back. Maybe but just the way. The season has unfolded. Rudolph was terrible before feeling started getting banged up and that game against Detroit and then since then he's just been basically a must start titan. We haven't been treating that way but the performances spoken to that and okay. That's so Cortlandt Sutton I see with an ankle injury as that Just the day to day thing or I think it's day to day yoga okay. He might not even practice on Wednesday because of it but he should be. Were expecting them to play. Infants the game against Buffalo. So just keeping. He's probably just discouraged. took water to catches on target. He's he's He's John Brown circuit twenty eighteen. Oh Jeez well. This was his first really bad game. Record set no he just misses Joe. flacco Mrs Oh okay. I see David Giokoo status uncertain for this week and let's Delaney Walker same thing Jacob Hollister. There's a foot issue but we expect him to play as of now and that's GonNa be it for the injuries. So let's talk about the waiver wire here and usually we do priorities now and go deeper later or let's just do it all just do. Do the waiver wire and start with quarterbacks so what are we got Jamie. Who are the top quarterbacks? I think there's probably I could say three to four pretty exciting options on waivers. What do you think? I didn't just exciting options. I think there's four potential starters for you but the the two exciting options. I mean. Sam Sam Darnold. You know we said for weeks. Look at the schedule. Look at the opportunities in front of him. And and the dolphins game should have been better obviously with Ryan Griffin touchdown that he didn't didn't get but then since then at least twenty more fantasy points against Washington the giants and Oakland with the last two being fantastic performances. Niece still has some good games in front of him. You know this weekend than Miami again. So there's a chance for him to be. I haven't ranked in my top five. I think there's a there's a lot of upside for Sam Darnold and so hopefully takes advantage of the game against Cincinnati Ryan. Tannehill is spend a monster Heath said yesterday I I didn't go back and double check this. But I'm assuming it's right that since he's taken over as a starter the last five games. There's only one fantasy quarterback better than him. And that's the Jackson so that five game stretch he's just been a star and it's not an easy match up you said this. But the last two quarterbacks that the colts have faced of each scored twenty one or more points though I think he has an opportunity to to keep it going and then you know Dalton Falls Good matchups and will they will. They take advantage advantage of it. did Tampa. Bay's defense turned the corner last week. Oh no no I agree with you. I I agree with you but you know they did a good job against Matt. Ryan and the Falcons and you know just reading some things you know. Sometimes addition by subtraction. You know getting rid of Hargraves. They feel like some of the younger players in the second there have have stepped up a little bit. tolsey falls obviously is not played. Well so that's what you have to sort of you know sort of gauge that with is can't he have success this week in what should be a good situation for him. That's what you're you know. Sort of have to hope on Hofer if you trust them yeah and for the Jaguars. They've been blown out three straight games. They're playing horribly. Oy and Jacksonville quarterback don't forty seven to forty eight passes forty seven or forty passes in three straight games foles twice and Menchu once so and only one of those has been good and good being twenty one points right man. She was bad definitely not by design. That's just the way that the games have gone for Jackson. Yeah You know marrone marrone Doug marrone basically had to say that Nick foles is still a starter you wonder if he has another bad first half. Do they bench him for mint you. It's just such a juicy. UC matchup. I mean so you said you have darnold top-five where do you have nick foles this week. falls top fifteen ish inside the top twenty. I don't I don't loved the setup for him despite the good match. I'm starting went ahead of Nipples this week. Oh I'm starting to set of John Watson this week lowered Shawn Watson got nothing it's winces at thank. You still start to Shawn Watson. Well I don't know do you. I mean you still start. Of course conditions will be better. Yeah Yeah I mean whence do you need this you know this is a relevant conversation. I'm expecting outside of his act. That's the thing I'm expecting. I mean the fact that he was closed last week and that they just made the to cut Jordan Mathews. I think that tells you that one of them will be back and most likely it's going to be shown to potentially both so Even without Sean I think Carson Wentz says twenty five points points on the table. I don't think Deshaun Watson is GONNA get their guys other than Darnold when we look at Dalton we look at will go tannahill Dalton and foles and Dave are those the other you know if you had a top four but it also be darnold Tannahill. foles her It might top four among quarterbacks involve those guys Darnold Tannehill Olds Dalton okay. How many of them are you starting ahead of? Let's say Dak Prescott and Josh Allen who face each other on Thanksgiving the only one. I'm starting ahead of Dak darnold. But I'll start darnold and tannehill over Josh Allen Okay. Okay good to know so go DONALD DONALD OVER ALLEN BY GO ELEANOR channel. All right so again. It's darnold whose only fifty one percent owned and he is facing the bengals this week and then the dolphins next week Tannehill has the colts who haven't given up more than twenty two fantasy points to a quarterback since week three that includes the Shawn Watson twice and Patrick Mahomes botanic has had good games against teams that currently ranked eighth and twelfth against quarterbacks. You know he's had like the chargers and the panthers head games against them and he's doing on low passing volume. Yeah he's also Alexa. Run for thirty seven yards or more than three. Yeah it's base. He's just finding ways to make plays. It's it's really great to see. Dalton has the jets. Nick foles has the box now. If you can't get those guys you're deeper league. Will Actually Daniel Jones is owned in a lot of leagues. But the the packers on one thing. I couldn't believe last night looking at the numbers. The packers pass defense. It hasn't necessarily shown up in fantasy points because they allow the seven fantasy. Seventh fewest fantasy points to quarterbacks but last five games opposing quarterback throwing for two hundred ninety yards per game against the packers nine point two yards per attempt attempts and four of the five teams. That faced them have had quarterback ratings. Oakland had two quarterbacks but quarterback ratings of one hundred seven or better and. They didn't face really really good. quarterbacks either is crazy 'cause they face Matt Moore instead of a homes so I don't know about Daniel Jones this week but weeks. Fifteen and sixteen is Miami in Washington. They can't run the ball they want to throw him in there. trubisky's got the lions. I was going to bring up trubisky. Yeah as possible either fifth guy. Yeah right I wouldn't want him to be your first or second guy that would make me sick. But he's got at least twenty fantasy points into his last three games match against Detroit is going to be really good for him. Hopefully he's Aker acker enough to have a sixty percent completion rate and he's done that enough this year and he's running a little bit more on the AD. One of those games was against Detroit. It was you know three games ago. You had twenty four points against them. How many attempts in that game? Twenty three twenty four points on twenty three pass tips. That's what you're the lion the you're not looking at a great player but you're also not looking at a great defense and Trey flowers last week's game and so we'll see if he's able to come back on a short week which would impact the pass rush but but trubisky has shown that no not. Really they're pasteurized has been well. That's what I'm saying is pretty much all year if you're looking at a A scenario of you're stuck then he's not like I'd start him over set you know just in terms of somebody who's been a starter and somebody that I had ranked as a top ten guy last week so so I think trubisky's got a higher ceiling than than Jacoby does all right Kyle Allen and Ryan Fitzpatrick maybe you could use them in Super Flex Leagues Allen Has Washington and Fitzpatrick. Eric gets the Eagles and they just. They've been so good against quarterbacks And let's talk about quarterbacks at drop real quick and then move onto running backs we talked. Derek Carr you can get rid of do you view like Jacoby set at all this week or is he more of a drop. He says he's six percent. Okay could you. You've seen enough of what again this offenses and he's just not throwing the ball enough and having enough success we'll see. I think there's going to be a big game for t y Hilton but I don't think it's necessarily mutual. Respect goes over twenty points and for what it's worth no more Eric Hebron ron so that's not necessarily a problem in the red zone as much as a problem for big plays because Hebron was used in that regard they'd find matchups form and he'd have a bunch of fifteen plus shared Bass's this Philip rivers. You use drop. Ninety percent owned Philip Rivers at Denver. This week I want to try and make some sort of case for four points against Denver the first time teams met and he was better. Yeah you can't you can't use them. I WanNa see if dedrick. I think it's over. I think it's over. I do WANNA see if Denver still a tough match-up because it's like like the last two weeks they haven't really been as good so we shall see but I'm not saying I'm starting Philip Rivers. It's really more just looking at schedules. and seeing who has denver later in the year and then Matt Ryan. I don't WanNa drop them. You guys if you need to pick up like I if I only have one roster spot to play with. I'm dropping him for Darnold or Tannehill. It's true yeah if you have to start someone this leak. Yeah but I think we'd rather hold onto him. Hope he gets hooper back. It's Freeman back and could be good in their in your post fantasy Hennessy. postseason identity saints are GonNa Smash them this week though. I mean after losing to them in their building. Then they've got Carolina there at San Francisco Jacksonville at home in week. Sixteen O could. They've got Tampa Bay in Tampa Bay in week. Seventeen th our Dowa. Yeah Hey let's do something real quick here just in case people you know you have of a forty minute commute and you're not gonna get to hear the entire show Rapid Fire Give me the top three or four each position remaining. And then we'll get into it after after that so start with running back. I mean we've already talked about that but give it to us again. Williams Rashad Penny Benny Snell and then one of the chiefs guys. Depending anyone who's available to you McCoy or Darwin's I'd throw he mustered in there at the end chiefs guys. I would take chase edmunds over. He moster outcome because just in case. He's the second guy behind Kenyan drake to. Yeah and we already said Rashad Penny. You would be caught a lower if you need someone for this week all right wide receiver cancel. It'll be third and and you'd still take him ahead of almost anybody else I mean he's GonNa he's GonNa probably be the first guy added just because of ownership percentage so. Just keep that in mind both Garbo by the way seventy one percent over also be a priority Wide Receivers for me it's It's Dede Westbrook Sterling Shepherd and Darius late and I just think you know one of the two giants guys as a chance to play well if not both. Aj Brown would be right after them and then coldly. This is just for this week. I've got DD. I James Washington second Cole Beasley third. I'm not thinking long term with receivers at all because as you can find receiver off the waiver wire which we think that there's a league winner among the receivers. What about we ever cobb Randall Cobb as well as playing sports arts and three straight games? I mean there really isn't like one standout guy above the rest because you you look at all these guys like I. I could sit here and tell you that Russel Gage gauge could still be the best guy. NPR after what we saw last week it filled or set moms newer out. Once again you can look at Nikiel Harrier or Jacoby Myers. Those guys could easily be one of the top guys. If tyreek are- killers out Michael Hartmann could be the best guy you know. So there's a bunch of guys that are sort of in the same range. I mean Robbie. Anderson has scored in two straight games. Then he gets the bengals this week. I'd recommend stashing Hartman for the fantasy playoffs. If you have tyreek Hill to have that element of the chiefs offense look at look at what Anthony Miller is done the last two weeks. Now Taylor Gabriel's Israel's our yep yeah and you could definitely handcuff wide receivers. It's we never really talk about it but it's not A. This is the time of the year to do it. Yeah titans. I'm going doyle I because I think he's got long term potential and then after that it's for now it's Kyle Rudolph Second Ryan Griffin Third Irv Smith after that David Joke. Who after that but things will change of Adam dealings healthy if reports come out that Cena joke? WHO's GonNa play but doyle is still still gonNA be my Numero Uno at tied-in Griffin's one for me and it's not close A very good second option would be Gerald ever just because the match up against the cardinals. I think he's GonNa score because every every tight end scores against the cardinals and then I'd put Jack Doyle third filed by Rudolf Fourth and then Jacob Hollister's they'll fifth he should've touchdown last week. Yeah and He's he's just I've been playing very well A rare misfire from Russell Wilson on that play. DSP's Eagles by far number one and they've got not long term potential like Adam talked about early number two they get Washington. Packers get Daniel Jones. I think they're gonNA go after them and their passports gets back at it and then I put the chargers fourth talking about Brandon Allen or drew lock has not look good And Their Game James Back so it'd be a great situation for that pass fresh with Bosa and Ingram probably sacking the Broncos quarterback twenty five time. You Must Love Andy Dalton this week I must love Andy Dalton this week to not outta the jets on your as dst to go to these four. This is actually a good everyone on this list except Philly I'm not looking at the jets coming enough one game where Derek Carr had his receivers all over the place you know. It's three games though. I'm looking at a bengals offense. That's been inept I think they're going to be fired up. Though I really do I I think you know getting any dawn back. You Know Joe. Missile fired up yesterday on twitter. He was so excited about it. I think better look the this is a really strong week for streaming. DST's that's that's the thing like the true those five teams that we mentioned okay. Eagles Panthers Packers chargers jets all pretty good. Titans are always solid their forty one percent honest. Good Week so I don't know that it needs to be a huge priority for you unless you're looking ahead and you WANNA get the eagles 'cause they have three good matchups in a row so that's there has knock in one team all year that has had just a flat out bad game as dst against the giants so like even games where the giants scored a lot of points. DSD's have done on at least fine so the packers could be nice fallback option because they've been playing horribly but this is such a good matchup against this turnover. Sounds like this is a week where you shouldn't spend spend any fab on a DSP established. I mean very little to make the exception for the eagles because like I said I think they could win but how much five. Yeah This is this is it for you. You spend what you guys been. Sure win but I think you know I. I don't think I'll ever spend more than like five bucks on a DSP out of one hundred dollar budget original budget right yeah they feel like the DSP to go get right now. 'cause they could be in your lineup for the next three weeks no question and absolutely crushing it kickers and then. IDP real quick. The kickers would be crosby. Jake Elliott Zinc Gonzales and Mike Badgley and and Yeah I've got a long list of DSP's ESP's or IBP's rather. I'll go through them quickly. Defensive Line Eric Armstead Max Crosby Mad Max Crosby Marcus Colston Golden. I'm sorry with the with the giants. Let's linebackers James Burgess with the jets Devon white with the bucks. Aj Johnson with the broncos Matt Milano with the bills. Devendra Campbell with the Falcons. And then maybe Oh Jerry Davis I should throw in Jer- Davis linebackers while he's been playing better. The last couple of games. Jamal Deen is should be your top defensive back to go get ever since the bucks looks made him a starter double digit points every single week. Trey flowers is another one. This is trey flowers with Seattle. Not Trey flowers with Detroit and finally Marcus. Marcus Peters rare for a cornerback to have good numbers in ninety p. But he's been getting the job done with Baltimore. I think he can keep it up. All right I'm going to tell you about seek we're gonNA switch over to our podcast audio studio here but the ever feel like ticketing websites. Just they don't care about the customer experience they may get into the event difficult on purpose. It's not seek. The customer satisfaction is Great. The reviews their over fifty thousand five-star reviews for seek. And I can tell you I'm one of those reviewers this this is a great product and you can get ten bucks off your first purchase with the Promo Code. F F T on seatgeek. Okay just make it so easy you search for an event on the seek APP APP seek brings in tickets from all over. The web displays the tickets on an interactive seat map grades the tickets based on value. You get to see the best values you get to see the lowest prices you get to see the full price with all the fees if you change your settings for that I just I think it's such a great great APP. I was blown away the first time I used it because just so much easier than anything I've ever used by tickets so next time you need to go to an event if it's sports of his concerts of its comedy if it's theater if you want guaranteed tickets okay okay. Every purchases fully guaranteed. You have to use the seekie SEATGEEK APP. Excuse me or go to seek DOT COM. The Promo Code is F. F T save ten bucks off your first purchase. Promo code is F F on SCEKIC. All right let's get into running backs in just a few seconds to take a quick break running backs. Luckily we've covered most of this so I I don't think we're going to talk anymore about scarborough and Williams and penny and Snell the Shawn McCoy. All right let me say hypothetical. If I told you Damian Williams were out this week where would the Shawmut coined era Williams be on your priority list. Leshan would be second for me behind Jonathan Williams Daryl Williams might be right behind him okay. Great and airwaves is kind of on my list anyway but toward the bottom that he's for deeper. He's he's a stash deeper leaks so then other guys before we get to the deeper leagues we got Tariq Cohen who could be available. Now he's seventy seventy nine percent Oh to me that means he's owned every Pr League and non PBR. Not so much. The lion's give up a third most receiving yards per game to running backs ex Cohen himself. Had Four for twenty three and a touchdown receiving against the lions this Torri Cohen a starter in even non PR. This week. He's getting more involved lately. No deeper deeper flex baby okay equally flex but NPR eleven point six games. It's hard to overlook that and and all right if you need a running back and the and the guys that we've been talking about are not available though. Benny Snell was only ten percent of League so his ownership presents can shoot up chase Edmunds I have to ask this. I'm sorry Benny Snow. What do you expect this week against Cleveland with Connor? LIKELY OUT CLEVELAND. Actually this is so strange. Five straight games without a running back getting double digit carries against Cleveland. Only one game in their last six where running back said double double digits in non. Pr Fantasy points carries like. NOBODY'S GETTING CARRIES AGAINST CLEVELAND. So it's hard to evaluate their run defense lately so how good of a start has many snell going to be this week. He's he's not a great start he's Affleck's okay all right. That's partially because we have no more bye weeks. It's not a big week of injuries at the position without having a capable replacement and what I mean by that is MAC is out but Williams is basically Mac you know and so then you look at the rest of the injuries. You know devante Freeman hopefully coming back anyway. Healthy Jordan Howard has a direct replacement. That's probably just as good so so as of right now ranking miles sanders ahead of Benny snow. Oh yeah by a long way okay. Obviously there could change. The power comes back so running backs and deeper leaks chase. EDMUNDS REHIM MOSTER J I I. He had six carries last week. Naim hines Patrika layered for the dolphins and care th white a Yeah I mean. He had six carries for forty three yards of Cincinnati. He's right he got. He got game going for Pittsburgh and then Ben Smell took over later Alright so so a chase Edmunds Jamie. You kind of Said you. You'd rather have him that I think most. Yeah I mean map does expected to return this week. That's something that at. At least I saw that he could return Sunday. So you know most is basically dependent on Brita being out. He's not the lead guy there edmonds. I don't know what they're gonNa do with the cardinals. I be shocked. Kenya Drake's not the lead guy but then who second will be a desert David Johnson. It'll be Biden's now I would expect that to be the case right. Oh the last game. We saw for the cardinals. They didn't give a second guy touches because David Johnson Guinea opportunities to touch the ball. So what does that mean but they clearly like edmonds. Men's they obviously like Kenyan drake. So will they just share the ball with those two guys. There's no starter among this group. But should something happen to drake with Edmunds. Now be the the next man up for the cardinals over David Johnson. Now okay none of these guys really picking up as as starts but I think you look at the forty niners backfield and I gave this stat on yesterday's today show. I have listened in his last. Four Games Tevin. Coleman has forty four carries. Four of them have gone for more than five yards. It's one of them has gone for more than eleven yards. He has really been bad for four straight games and that was after he destroyed the panthers. Moster it looks like he's shut out of a cannon every time he touches the ball yeah and then Brita over five yards per carry this year so like I don't if if you own Kevin Coleman and you're relying on him first of all you should be playing the waiver wire this week if you can. But who's the best back back to get there. If you own Coleman or if you just WANNA speculate is it mostly Brita. I would imagine that a breed is healthy. He'll he'll be in a good position to be potentially their number one guy. It's every stop with how they use them when you come off the game last week Sunday night against the packers. Is that a win. For Coleman no no although he looks great eleven eleven yard run that was the cheapest touchdown he ran for half already got pushed for a yard half Yup. It just looks terrible but but it is nice to see if the goal line work. That's always thinks saving his value right. Now it's also is yards per carry is where it is. I just told you enough already. Four carries in his last wargames short yardage work. I mean that's going to hurt anybody's arthritic and he's GonNa Stink this week against Baltimore. Yeah and that's the other thing in Baltimore so I don't think we ought to start. I guess is is he a top twenty four running back. This week is that I have Kareem Hunt Ronald Jones ranked ahead of him in PR. Okay other running backs peyton barber. La- ah we know what he is. But he's got eleven carries into his last three games. He scores sometimes Jordan Wilkins. I Love Ronald Jones this week. Against the Jaguars. They're running terrible. Qadri Olson as a touchdown in two straight games. That's it all right wide receivers so this is the position. I think we've talked about so. Let's get into it first of all if you see Deebo Samuel and willful or underway rewire their seventy nine. Seventy eight percent owned. They've got dreadful. Matchups depots got the ravens and he only had two targets last week week and will fuller didn't have great match against the colts and he had one hundred forty yards. But now it's New England. So do you pick them up deebo and fuller and absolutely fuller. Sorry it's New England that has denver the following week. The Nice thing about fuller's that he's got a teammate who draws tougher coverage than he gets and it prove last week that he's right back in the swing of things and he's capable of catching deep balls and I think you almost have to start him as at least Affleck's every week not this week. Yeah No uh-huh good this week even against not you don't have I've got thirty. And my rankings. Yeah he's a barely inside. My top forty is going to be a bad day for the Texas passing. I'm GonNa Guess Yes someone look it up right. Now I'm GonNa Guess the Patriots up the fewest forty plus yard pass plays in the NFL on probably twenty plus yard as well. Lay Own. The Texans You're right they really do so other wide receivers who are in that range. Aj Green and Mohamed Sanu. How interested would you be picking up? Agent Grena Muhammad Sununu seventy percent on I can't pick up. Aj until I know if he's playing or not here but if you have an open about the play with it's not a bad thing This is an interest is that just from Stefan Gilmore We're talking about the that game. Savan Gilmore in two games against the Andre Hopkins since twenty seventeen. What would you get this? Total yards is in those Hopkins yardage or cowards. Gilmore allowed to Hopkins. I'M GONNA guess. Eighty four hop gilmore versus Hopkins. There are one on one match. Oh thirty five. Eighty five yards and talk. I changed my guests. I had eighty four nine targets six catches eighty five yards. Got One interception one pass break up and one pass interference penalty. I believe he was also good against him when he was in Buffalo. Yeah it'd be essays it's GonNa be it's GonNa be rough options. Where do you have hopkins rank this week? I think I put him at twenty five a by the way the Patriots give up these third fewest twenty yard with asked ways and the second fewest forty plus yard pass. Plays back to the waiver. Wire Dede Westbrook westbrook fifty eight percent own. He had nine targets last week. He had six targets the week before. I can't say he's doing a whole lot with it. But the matchup is just so tasty. I gave that stat about the books. They give a good game too wide receivers every single week Sterling Shepard Daria Slayton shepherded nine targets slayton had seven Slayton was much better This is all about golden tape being out of gold take clears the concussion protocol. I don't know how you'll feel about them. But the the the packers give the most being passed plays in the NFL. And I do. I wonder if that's more of dairy Slayton's thing I mean he's definitely more of the Downfield guy but shepherd could could do like a Deebo Samuel catch and run. But I don't know like do you are excited about Shepard and Slayton. This is not a great way shepherd. Yes yeah as excited I mean. There's the targets up for shepherd and that's something I think you look at and say okay. This could be another opportunity. Formed with the fact that Golden. Tate's out so they're absolutely worth investing. He's actually. I'd be shocked if he didn't have five or more catches because that's basically what he does every week five catches last weekend right no yards on top of fifty. Yes so if there's no ingram and there's no tate right. Yeah it's shepherd actually might be really good fifty-six pr maybe more so AJ Brown here has yards in five games. Tannahill sixty four eleven eighty one seventeen one thirty five so every time we buy into Brown he earns you. I know people are going to be hesitant there But he's you know he's been doing better Kobe's Lee Philip door set James Washington Randall. COBB Dave any names there that juices flowing no nothing. That gets my shoelaces flowing. But I do think that James Washington if there's still no Juju has has a chance to have a couple of big plays we've seen them have big plays. I think. Three of the last four games. He's had a catch released twenty yards and he seems to be building confidence. Let's and I. I hate the quarterback change. It's gone from an ugly passer even uglier one with Devlin but I still can buy into him. Maybe having a floor worth ten points I think when you look at the Rancho Okay Randall cobb like does he have the best game of a Dallas wide receiver this week. Yeah he might be the best one right playing in the slot revenge game he revenge Reggie Answer Beasley. But I'm sure Cup or second. I got confused between the you know. Randall COBB. He had a really bad buffalo chicken sandwich when a week and he is going to take it out on the buffalo bills but here I looked at seven to eight targets. I think in four straight games and looked at all the wide receivers that had right exactly seventy eight targets against the bills and here were their. Pr Fantasy points. Five seven seven twelve and three so not good. But that's really that doesn't really mean but what is it. What are the slot receivers do 'cause that's that's where you look for Kyw? Nobody's done well against them. Really very few devante Parker is one of the only ones they give. The second fewest was points. The wide receivers. The bears are next week for COBB. They give up the third fewest but the Patriots give up the fewest and he had eighty six yards. Pete did have a fifty nine yard catch. Didn't do more than that. Yep he's not anywhere close to my favorite receiver to pick up off waivers this week. You're you'll go after DD. I'll go after James Washington before him. Cole Beasley Sterling Shepard. Aj Jake Brown. Those guys are ahead of him. I think when you look at the deeper targets wide receiver the deeper leagues more exciting. Not like not that. You're starting them over them. But Hey we got some good options. Russell gauge who had eight catches last week. We have Robbie Anderson who Jamie said Scott touchdown straight games and gets the BENGALS. Anthony Miller twenty targets in his last two games. And now Taylor Gabriel's out and he's at Detroit. I mean that's actually pretty sneaky not even see. That's a good one. Anthony Miller Jacoby the football and he hasn't scored yet this year her and you've got to hope that those targets day up form so I'm not that excited over Anthony. I'd be shocked to the targets. Yeah Chris Conley Twenty Tara Seventeen targets in his last two games. And he's facing the Bucks Allen hearns Greg Ward for the Eagles. So yeah there's some some pretty solid options actions here. If Julio Jones doesn't play I mean Russell gauge it'd be great even if Julio Plays Russell Gauge to the key for gauge is whether or not hooper urge devante Freeman comeback and. If they're out than gauges that extension of the run game because he's a short area target okay and obviously tyree kills out then Nicole Hardman he was pretty good in. He scored seven or more non. PPO fantasy points eleven more PR fantasy points in three or four games without without tyreek Hill when he gets the raiders. Cool who who's your favorite patriots wide receiver to pick up this week. They honestly all four of them other than could be on waivers. It depends ends. You need if you're looking ahead. I think set a summation does not available because I think he gets thrown back as the as the second. Okay all right but then I go harry I go Myers next. I would take Myers over Harry but both of them could be off my team by the end of the week. I got one more sleeper to throw out Auden Tate with Andy Dalton back against the jets could be although targets that Madonna firm. You Know Eric since the one that's sort of past them a little bit the last month. Maybe that's the sleeper. You meant to say now. Well I thought maybe it was more of a dolphin versus Finlay thing but I know Erikson was starting to play well with Dolphin there. So yeah maybe Tight ends ends. Remember Hooper and Ingram could be available Dallas Goddard sixty six percent owned so we said earlier that Ryan Griffin is our favorite for Jamie Jack Doyle for Dave how about God or compared to those two behind us behind them. Yeah I mean especially if Jeffrey's back but still there's an awful yeah the Dolphins Ryan Griffin had held onto that touchdown the dolphins would have allowed a touchdown in three straight games before last week When I don't even remember who they play the browns okay so Ryan Griffin Gerald Everett? So do we have faith in any of the rams. I know we're not gonNA talk about this game we're GONNA run out of time who fa than any of the rams. This week in his juicy matchup actually think. They've bounced back and play ball just because Arizona so bad that pencil okay. So think they're in shambles defensively. They've got a pass rush. That's a problem for Jared Goff but I've the track record gets tight end speaks for itself. And that's why you buy Everett think we've spoken enough about Jack Doyle. Oh He's got two good match-ups coming up he's got the red zone target leader of the team out for the year and he was a top ten. Pr Tight End. Two seasons ago before the anger in you brought acquisition Karl. Rudolf has scored five touchdown catches in his last four games. And it's it's obviously depending they're not feeling but man the seahawks stink against tight ends. They allow the fifth most fantasy points. Too tight ends. I wonder if Rudolph good even with the one there what he think i. I prefer to go with him. If Phelan's out Oh sure you know that it's he's feeling is another legit red zone target. That takes Rudolph away and Rudolf Office. Basically with with deal implying he's touchdown her bust IDA. Let me go through the list again and tell me. At what point do we stop. Having good options sounds that we are excited to start. God Her Griffin Everett Doyle. And were there. You sure Rudolf would be their feelings. That's true that's true okay. All right cool Rudolph Jacob HOLLISTER AGAINST MINNESOTA. They've been pretty good against titans. David Joke who has a very good schedule. Aw like you could pick him up as a stash maybe at Pittsburgh Cincinnati at Arizona. Next three weeks you absolutely should. We don't know what his role will be. But it could be worth the gamble. The Laney Walker could be back this week. No offense knew he was going to struggle last week but Yeah I don't know anything about fantasy against the chargers You'll get a lot of targets in probably not. I'm I'm just I'm not excited about it. Kazuki she appoints for targets in your league the Mike Ezekie sort his first. NFL touchdown last week. He's playing he's playing better. It's a it's an interesting matchup not a great one but you know how star scored last week. We'll see they. They're searching for that second guy you know to help Devante Parker on her and scored last tweak and Sorta so it's just one of those situations where he's at the bottom of the guys that you could turn to if you're stuck this week and then really. This is not the crazy but cadence Smith for the giants. You got six targets. He caught a touchdown at the bears. The only seventeen yards but yeah five catches on six started cadence. Agent Smith faces the packers. And they're just I say it every week there just really bad against Titans AGR- yeah that's a good one well it's Jamie's not mine but But Yeah Canaan Smith is not a crazy tight end stream or this week unless read Alison. Come back or obviously if Evan Ingram comes back right that's the only risky run but Like if if if I should probably switch the order I just put him there with the idea of those guys potentially returning but if you tell me that Ingram and Ellison her out I would put him One two three four as the six guy behind Griffin Everett Doyle Rudolph and Hauser and God. I would start him. Mobile Rudolph at aliens back got her to. I know you're not including him but he's because he's just over the threshold but got it over Canaan Smith Right. I probably would yeah. I'd start auto over Kate Smith and ESPN EAGLES. Panthers Packers chargers jets. Are you starting them over the ravens over. The niners liners over the Patriots over the bills over the niners for sure I'd start the Eagles and panthers over the Ravens the the Patriots The Ravens are number one the se this week their plan to I know it's crazy but yeah like if you own the niners view on the Patriots the the bills at Dallas that they're probably not going to Dallas has really good against the. Yeah you can do these. One of these streamers Mason crosby. Jake Elliott Gonzales. Mike Badgley Dave Dave all those. IDP's if we have just a few minutes. I'll take a look at players that we could consider dropping. Didn't get a chance to talk about that. Well Jared Goff. If you're discouraged where do you have jared Goff this week in this match up against the cardinals or fifteen I certainly would you draw right. Would you drop Tom Brady at Houston Kansas City and at Cincinnati next week is he droppable. Yes I Sina on what based on I want to have him for those other matchups. I don't totally hate Brady. This week is just not my top Jalen Samuels. He's droppable in smaller not PBR. Lease things drop across James White a non smaller non PR lease Carlos Hyde droppable and smaller leaks ten teams or less. He's Joplin on almost all PR pr. Yeah but you could see them writing him a little bit this week. He's good running back. Depth Duke Johnson droppable Java will people Brian Hill totally our. Here's a drop Royce Freeman What do you think if you WANNA WANNA hang up until Lindsey? Because of. When's he got hurt ending? Yeah carries last week. Darius guys and Adrian Peterson Peterson Drop Wide Hole. Same Curtis Samuel. I think he's I think he's. Would you drop Greg Olsen for these streaming titles. Yes love you guys talk to. You thought you guys on Thursday for Thanksgiving feast East a special Thanksgiving episodes not religious thanksgiving. We'll have he'd been on tomorrow for day Jamie. I'm Adam AH LA.

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