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The Luddites


And Furthermore, as a cast while I understand that jovial and ever serial relationship of humor, we indulge, hey, hey, Tom, what you do in there, you know what I'm doing. I'm writing a letter, Noah about his essay topic this week. That's what I'm doing. Tom, just quick thing. Yeah. No, I know what you're going to say. Oh, this is just all in good fun. But listen, I have serious concerns about -nology is affecting society and dismissing them with a winking essay about Luddites does not give my ideas. They're just that's. That's all fine. But it's just I am being an early in this letter, but I'm saying that using our show our show to actually dismiss the ideas of our colleagues that is back handed. And I like to think that Noah would respect me known. You weren't typing on an ipad. What that is a cheesecake factory menu. You are typing your Email on a laminated cheesecake factory menu. Okay. So do you have the charger for this one Ben. Hello and welcome to citation. Podcasts. Are Jews a subject. Read a single article about Wikipedia and pretend we're experts because this is the internet. That's how it works. I'm Tom and I'll be desperately deleting my browser history, but I can't my head into the wall and frustration at the futility of modern life alone. Joining me to celebrate the downfall of humanity, eighth and see SEL dude, you should've called front segment faster for Senate. That's on you. We're going to be livestream in this whole thing. If I could get this goddamn. And also joining us tonight to men whose access to the internet has been throttled by the federal government, but for very different reason. No, Andy LA. Yeah, pretty sure. Mine was just for being a registered democrat fucking Georgia. Got slow down. Trialed. No. All right. Barfield. Let's take. Patriots. We didn't have patrons. You wouldn't be hearing this. Maybe you should be thanking them and night. So go ahead. I'll wait. That was nice. That was nice. We should do that more often if you'd like to learn how to join the ranks of the recently asked us to be sure to stick around until the end of the show. And with that other way, tell us what person place thing concept, phenomenon or event. Well, we'd be talking about today today. We're gonna be talking about the Luddites. Right. Sounds good to know. You read the article and then almost certainly buttressed your understanding by reading and committing to memory half dozen significant volumes in clear violation of the spirit of this show. Are you ready to inundate us with more details than we can reasonably digest to be fair. I already knew some of the. Well, okay. Before I answer that, I should take a minute to explain because otherwise you have to get to the fucking point. Gets me. So if you look up while night in the dictionary, you'll get some along the lines of a person opposed to increase industrialization or new technology in the modern dance. Mostly used to describe people who resist buying new tack or people who are hopelessly befuddled by how to turn the ringer off on their phone. But this comes from a pretty gross misreading of the historical context of the Luddite movement. Plus eight is a terrible picture of Tom like. The wedding. All right. So to understand where the lights were coming from, we have to start with the Napoleonic wars, which ravaged pretty much all of Europe between eighteen three and eighteen fifteen were pretty much in Gulf Europe. From the moment we killed off the last Neanderthals, but the continent had never seen a war quite like this one. Well, there's no agreed upon death toll from the war. The estimates range from two point five to three point, five million military deaths and between three quarters of a million and three million civilian deaths. And yes, other European wars at racked up death tolls like that, but they generally lasted a hundred years or so to get there. The scale of death in the Napoleonic wars was unprecedented among white people, colonial contest. People on those skills, but this is the eighteen hundreds. So that doesn't count yet because they were Brown, didn't count yet that I miss a memo because we still seem pretty fucking unconcerned. They kneel during the anthem to be fair, death, tolls and colonial conquests were called your score. Or. You're welcome. Our burden. The time we're favoring Brown over white was with eggs. Or the key, though, as the Napoleonic wars made for some tough living in England that tougher at all the places where civilians were dying, but toughening wind on the less. Now, the common people in England were already having a rough, go of it as rural life and local manufacturing were being increasingly supplanted by industrialization. So the standard of living was already declining and killing a shit ton of the young men every month prompted that to drop precipitously. Yuck is hard to have a decent quality of life when you're dead. Exactly. Man, that white on white crime is just getting ridiculous. Blame on both sides. Besides or so here you've got a populous that's having more trouble than ever making ends meet all the while working ever longer hours in ever shittier condition. Okay. Wait, I thought this was about the past. I'm confused. It starts in the past. So yeah, this predictably lead to civil unrest. Yeah, Amazon wouldn't let the people unionized. So then it was all over. Workers, specifically skilled laborers were losing both money and bargaining power as more and more jobs could be done with unskilled labor that had better machines. And perhaps nowhere. Was this shift more noticeable than in the textile industry speak for yourself? No, I still hand knit all my clothes. Yeah. Yeah, we know. Can you use smaller gaps from now on? You're just like Fokin through everywhere? No. Bigger gaps. Anything different than this? Yes. As early as sixteen seventy five textile workers started to push back against decreasing wages and increasing automation. And mostly these workers can find themselves to protesting and marshes and ship, but sometimes they would resort property damage, occasionally workers who weren't satisfied with peaceful protests would break into factory smash equipment, vandalize workspaces, and even burn them to the ground once in a while. This continued for centuries despite the fact that it can't conceivably improve working conditions or expand. Down place of employment, and then the English just started doing it because Liverpool f c was going to play in the fine. Or because taxation is theft and people sent rubber Dick's and it was super. We've solved that problem by now like now we outsource our close to countries stuck in the seventeenth century, suck at flight. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Now it was during one of these types of protests that the Luddite movement began nearly a decade into England's involvement in the Napoleonic wars group of textile workers in Nottingham which was a textile hub. In those days, stage a massive protests demand more work and better wages what they got instead was a bunch of British troops, roughing them up and send them home. That was on March eleventh of eighteen eleven for less work, better wages. Yeah. Or so that night angry workers broke into a mill in a nearby village in smash the fuck out of all the textile machinery they could find. And once we're got out about that, one more workers took the hint and for weeks afterwards. Similar acts of vandalism happened almost nightly throughout a seventy mile swath of northern England. All right. Well, it sounds like somebody needed a lesson about the elegance of the market solution for labor. I'm rich and you lose that elegant. Slavery. The elegance of almost sleep. Fito guys like come back to work the next day after a hard night of vandalizing the bosses like, okay, well, your first duty is to. Clean all this up. Oh. Shit through. Needless to say, this scare the fuck out of British authorities, massive crowds rising up and destroying other people's property always has a Ryland up governments, but that response is amplified. When you're getting your ass kicked in a war that's been going on for eight years and is concerned as they'd be by any organized protests that were so far reaching the stories about this groups, leadership exacerbated their fears. And that brings us to Ned Ludd the leader of the movement. Okay. Although now when massive groups rise up and demand to be treated like humans, we elect the posing side. I'm interested to see how this turns. Good. All right. So Ned Ludd also called captain Ludd general Ludd or even king led when they really wanted to scare the Royal government was a charismatic and inspirational leader that lived in Sherwood forest where he led a group of Mary men and regular military drills to increase the group's effectiveness. Yeah, and that's the only thing in common with Robin Hood. He also didn't exist. By the name that's on me. Right. I should've stuck with a theme and call them Robin bobbin. Tune the snappy, there's a dance that's going with that you guys can't see, but there's a Dan right now. I was snow. Yeah, no doubt, visual. He's on the table. Naked, his poem. About it all week. That was unexpected. Toothbrush of my coffee. All right. So networks legend was created in stoked by the loosely, knit groups organizers. They told stories to newcomers, they reported him to Thorens now and again, even send letters that were signed Ned leads office Sherwood. Yes, I'd fight for you. I'd lie. The wire for you? Yeah, I dive for you. I think you're trying to dance again. True. Really. Look for UC. So there's some effective that one government official claim to have seen Ned Ludd and describe him an almost supernatural terms. They said that he had a face that was quote a ghostly unnatural white. Oh, yeah. So somebody from England then right. Possible, but they also describe him as having teeth like a barbed wire fence. Kaiser, it's. Or so, this led the British government to expend a ton of energy and actually trying to track down and arrest Ludd an action on par with like with North Korea, investing in a covert plot to assassinate Sam. Some guys just walking into Kim Jong off as yet. We got him. All right. You wanna go golfing other perfect eighteen. Let's go. Another eighteen. Yes, yes, shit out of my elbow. Accident, get out of the side commentary. We're not doing. Decide commentary not in the shit on this plate right now should note that Ned Ludd does seem to have been inspired by a real guy according to a story with us pretty well known among textile workers. At this time, there was an apprentice working in light Chester, which is pronounced Lester, fuck you. If you want me to spell it, like. Anyway, couple of decades earlier. He was working on a stocking frame with a supervisor came around and gave him some shit for not squaring his needles, whatever the fuck that means. So rather than square as needles, he grabbed a hammer and smash the stocking frame to peace. What. Didn't do much for his future employment, but you can see how it would've made them admired among pissed off and marginalized workers in his Indus. Sure. But when I suck at my job and then smashed up all the equipment, I'm a bad dentist and lose my license. Hey, net, I'm gonna need you to put a cover on your TPS report, and then he just kills you with a stapler. Might like there's nothing they admire more than an adult. Having a great big temper tantrum, like I said, gets me all right, so, but to be clear, the Luddites didn't really represent anything new right there have been a number of different uprisings among disaffected workers in England. Basically since the industrial revolution began in the mid eighteenth century, and even before that, you'd have certain guilds and occupations band together to start some shit over rises and food prices or changes in government policy. The real thing that set the lights apart from was there I for marketing. So in addition to they're fictitious leader, so obviously tied to Robin Hood. They also had huge marches where men would dress up as women under the title of general leads. Wives writers of the time. We're sympathetic to the lights and often complemented their swagger and sense of style all my God. Okay, Noah. These guys, they don't sound very effective at all. Anything like interesting going to happen, like even by accident, maybe it was about to happen, but now I'm gonna make you wait to fucking. Propo- of nothing. To this point, the lights had broken a lot of toys and even burned out a factory or two, but things had not turned violent, but on the other side of the skit, all of that's going to change. Oh, thank God. They're going to crack into a new coq. There's six. Listen agents. Law dot is going to watch this weekend and showed a governor. What fall. A thing we need to do is sold up era, frilly knickers 'cause we ain't gonna let no machine take our. Did you say frilly knickers did we'll put on free Nikolas dresses and show them factory owners. What. Sorry go. But what problem with Deif aware in freely nNcholas? No, just coulda worried about the precept of this sketch the pre, what is it? It just a little bit transphobic. No, the object of the sketches. My ignorance to your discomfort or a. Yeah, but isn't the men in dresses part in herlie. Transphobic inciting incident? No, it's not. Well, no festival by saying all humor that involves men in dresses, and their resistance to it is transphobic is to indulge the full snows- in the trans visuals, one sec dressing up as another, which we explicitly reject though it's too it is. It is true. But Secondly, if we're going to climb to talk masculinity and its resistance to feminization as transphobia, we're going to have to take it up with the comedies of the ancient Greeks us, you know what I'm saying? Or. Yeah, but we indulging in a harmful. Got you. Don't get to listen merrily along to a podcast. The did an episode on the challenge at disaster and then draw lines that men and dresses will accusing us the transphobia, either the understand where humorous SUV demonstrated progressive values or you don't when know to Buffy of jokes and entirely serious statements for you to pick and choose that you will. And Furthermore, if you're gonna cues, us of something is disgusting. Transphobia. Consider that you leave us little option, but to reply vastly because on almost they've Republic medium, we have a following, you don't sweat, essentially. We can't publicly correct you. But Secondly, you're actively preventing us from creating a community that everyone involved knows. We have a vested interest in making safe and welcoming for all individuals of any gender identity. That's cute. So by having a bad day on your Facebook and decided to have a about joke, you've decided is off limits. You not only unfairly maligning us performers creating. Less safe space for the oddity. You'll claiming to protect chimps through really not even in English person. He, I don't know what even happened in that scale. Genuis criticism. Human, you have been determined to be obsolete. You are fired from this paint factory? Yeah, real shame. I have forty years. They're all set to retire next year with a full pension is a pension pension. You know a regular and ongoing fund that allows for an individual to retire from working with a relative level of comfort return for a lifetime labor and service pension roll bits do not need and John's. Okay. What about social security? What's social security seriously? Are you gonna offend a robot on this? It's not winning. It's not. Used up ruining it. So all security government provided publicly funded secure social safety net, that guarantees that all people who work until nearly the end of their six that gave life. We'll have some minimal mall, standard of living robots do not require social security. What am I supposed to do? You should have stayed more current, sharpen your skills. The whole factory is one by robots. Rubel is the new boss. His name is Steve roomba is his slave name. You say room bir- you can say room Burr. All right. Well, that's. Over less. Are you think you're about to be accidentally? Interesting. I hope I was. I was so after nearly a year of sporadic attacks on textile mills owner, starting to get serious about the Luddite threat. A number of the larger mills started hiring guards to wash their property overnight and a few of the more paranoid managers installed what amounted to panic rooms in case the Luddite showed up while they were like lock it up shop or something. But when even those measures weren't enough to dissuade the raids, the government called in the troops. These go full wolf in Steve. I don't. I don't know what that means. So I can't tell you if they do, but they might not see me. Line. This is all happening during the Napoleonic worth. So shit has to get really bad before the government starts denuding the continental front, but it had, I don't like fully denuded, but I appreciate a trim. Disagree. So really in late eighteen eleven and early eighteen twelve. The Luddite started to regularly cash class with the Redcoats in April eighteen twelve. The clashes became deadly. A large mill owner and Yorkshire got wind of a Luddite rate in advance and had troops stationed there in waiting and in the altercation that sued to lights were killed, whatever probably crisis actors, you know how it goes. Yeah, right. Stupid Luddites probably knives to the gunfight entirely. What. Can be alone. So fuck it. It's generally agreed that this is when the Luddites turned to violence. Well, the mill mill owner that actually got those Luddites killed escaped unscathed. Another large mill owner in the town guy by the name of William horse fall wasn't as lucky. He was an outspoken anti light who had bragged publicly, that he would quote right up to his saddle in love blood and quote. So he was one of their first targets for assessing nation. Three Luddites led by one George Miller, ambushed horse fall and fatally shot him in the dick people in the dick better. He put a put a halt as dick so big. You could just put a tooth. Wanted, he needs help. He starts pulling out a dick bible and then blam. While you don't take out. Israel and everyone. Fatally shot in the tick. Like I consider my dick essential but never like fatal. People consider your dick fatal though. Tom, some pimple we will shoot Tom in. All right. So this raised the government. So they arrested and hanged Meller and his two accomplices along with fourteen other lot heights. That just happened to be laying around in another show of force the government arrested over sixty men. Some of whom had fuck all to do with Luddites and charged with vandalism, murderer and insurrection. And well, most of those people were never convicted of everything. The very public disruption was meant to have a chilling effect on the still burgeoning movement. Their punishment hanging by the. Also known as the three inches rob. I heard that try lethal injection by Dick's, but you know those ads bibles, they work. They work. Exodus only. Yeah. If you. Bible, dick bible for your Catholic school student. Being Catholic, but also ours vassal source soon. Yeah, six. Oh, seven, seven, six, five. All right. So it did have an effect. Of course, just not the one that the government was hoping for in the wake of these actions and several other displays force the Luddites largely did give up smashing stocking frames and busting up factories. Instead they started breaking into armories and preparing for an armed insurrection against the British government. They also started sending death threats to magistrates and merchants that didn't support their. 'cause you could say the steam press was the enemy of the people. What seems like a case of flax news. Lume Lume looming large drapes. Somebody's doing the draping stupid. You got there, you got there. All right. So the peak of the movement, the British literally had more soldier stationed at home fighting the Luddites than they had fighting Napoleon on the peninsula. They also passed a number laws like the frame breaking act of eighteen twelve and made industrial sabotage a capital crime. So yes, at this point, you could literally be killed for intentionally breaking a loom or even worse. They could send you Austrailia. For breaking in the United States, the crime you can get killed for his showing a police officer, your proper gun registration. That's one or interestingly enough, as terrified as the government was the Luddites. They had at least one supporter in the house awards, Lord, Byron, famous poet, infamous hedonist vocally supported the movement and used it to highlight the wretched condition for the working poor in a statement that would've seen progressive only two hundred years ago or so. He said, quote, I have been in some of the most oppressed provinces of Turkey, but never under the most despotic of infidel governments. Did I behold such squall at wretchedness as I have seen since my return in the very hard of a Christian society and quote, in other words, dammit, y'all, we're even worse than Muslim. Sometimes. Byron's just like seriously, Brown people are doing better than us guys get it together. Club foot and family. He did. Despite Lord Byron support the government at large, continued with a scorched earth tactics and eventually succeeded in quashing. This budding rebellion in eighteen sixteen. The last major act by Luddites came and went when an act of smashed a lace, making machine and logo logos, and thanks to that great tradition, the Dakota Access pipeline is not nicely decorated. Gano not the lace making machine. Emperor rarely out of doilies Tico z.. Big deal because you're not British that is the most crises. Now in the modern day, the term Luddite has come to me and people who are against technology, but that belies the actual goals in inspirations for the original movement. The stocking frame that the chief target of their vandalism was hardly a new invention. In fact, it was I invented in fifteen eighty nine though it's inventor was denied a patent because the Queen was afraid. It would piss off all the textile workers. Was she wrong about that one. By the time the lights got going stocking firms had been in constant use throughout the country for centuries. So basically the Luddites were the first people to complain about Twitter on twit. Alex Jones stuck inside a loom. Just wrestling around what Marco Rubio hiding. I'm in a loom. What are you referencing? The Luddites. The what? Okay. Not Lumine intelligence. Not. So yeah, they smashed machines or what passed for machines back in the early eighteen hundreds, but it wasn't to return the country to some pre industrial utopia better understood as an embryonic form of organized labor, and it's worth noting that within a decade of the last Luddite attack, labor strikes started popping up and they probably notice those were more effective for bargaining than smashing all the shit. The factories needed to stay in business and no. If you had a summarize what you've learned in one sense one, one-sentence Noah. Sense. Could use co junction Sipa bluesy. No. All right. Well, okay. One cents when I called my father in law, and it was actually the Luddites that I was insulting this whole. I just think it's nice that you call. No. Are you ready to? We've everything we've learned together for this quiz. I'm ready to smash the fuck out of it, man. All right, I'm going I. So which of the following Neo Luddites scenarios happened most recently to Alex Jones in real life a, he almost killed several people when he thought a room was going to steal his gun and he opened fire in someone's living room. He got into a fistfight with an LED light bulb while yelling not Lumine intelligence. See he failed a turing test himself and then beat himself, unconscious while yelling, not artificial intelligence. I'm not sure, but my instinct with Alex Jones is to go with the most self destructive stupid. So I'm gonna, say secret answer d. all of the bodice to happen at the exact same time equally recently. Same time all this. No. Okay. No. What was the famous? What was the most famous strike slogan? Workers of the world don't be west behind. Hurts even say. Be eight hours for work, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for what we twin. Twila type of cloth guys. These tons see Chrissy. Look. Roll here. See union till the day. I. Why. Reap what I so. If there's anything that screams perfect for an audio medium, it's homophones. Until the day I d y. All right. Well, no, it's obvious the Luddites failed, but they didn't have to which tactic surely would have brought them victory. Is it a installing windows ninety five. Is it be demanding that the factory owner teach their mother, how to do Facebook. See a sign factory tech support to Time Warner Cable. D. skip the middleman, start a new movement that would've taken the world by store. Looms anymore. All right. Well, only one of those is worse than having your factory burned to the ground and being shot in the dick. So I'm gonna go with be teaching your mother out of do face. I'm sorry, that is incorrect. It is secret answer e not Lumine intelligence. Okay. So I don't know Eli one somehow. So tillers who's on the charger next week? Well, since this week was so fiercely aimed at him. I'm gonna toss next week over to Tom where I assume he'll do an essay on quitting smoking or not putting that lady from the Irish airport and a headlock remind. Afterwards. Okay. Vic, so feel you toss it over to Sarah for last week? Twitter answer and this week's Twitter question. Thanks, Tom last week's question was make up the best first and last name of sexology professor. The answer comes from Kenneth on Facebook with this Dr Lilian in boat Lil for short. This week's question is at the Luddites rose up again today. What technology do you hope they smash. I just re tweet or Facebook share this episode with your answer for a chance to be next week's winner back to you, Tom. All right. Well, for seasonal and Noah. I'm Tom thing. You hang out with us today. We'll be back next week by then I'll be an expert on something else between now and then you can hear more from knowing heath knee landscaping. Atheists this kept grant and got off movies, and you can hear more from seasonal in me on cognitive dissonance. If you like to help keep this show going, you can make a donation a patriotic dot com slash Dacian Bod or leaves a five star review everywhere you can. And if you'd like to get in touch with us, check out past episodes, connected us on social media or check show notes, checkout citation pod dot com. Remember everyone is lying to you because you deserve it. Okay. And now you press the on button. There's no button. Click on. It obviously is not a button that is an icon on a screen and it has a lie. Do you wanna have this jerk party or not? All right. I'm clicking clicking. Thank you. All right now choke me.

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