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Jack Gilbert Graham


Explicit content is found in this episode so listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to the true crime. Fan Club. Podcast. I'm your host Laney. Greed often brings out the worst in people the desire for riches and a good life can make seemingly stable people act irrationally. The opportunity to personally gain during the commission of a typically blue collar crime like insurance fraud is something that Jack Gilbert Graham couldn't resist so when it came to his mother daisy. He knew he could collect a significant amount of life insurance money. In the event of her death Jack came up with eventful plot to murder her. And anyone else. That was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This kind of story is something we have covered before a child that murders apparent however. This story is much more disturbing because this troubled young man. Jack Graham didn't merely arrange to have his mother killed for insurance money. No this deranged individual built a time bomb wrapped it up as a Christmas present and placed it and his mom's luggage bombing the plane. She and forty four other innocent people were on okay on the show. Deziel Dora Walker was born on March. Ninth Nineteen O two and Buena Vista Colorado to Gilbert and Deborah Wasserman. Gobert was a judge and easy lived in the country and grew up as a tomboy spending her days outside fishing and writing then all changed in nineteen sixteen when the family moved to Denver. When daisy was just fourteen and that is where she graduated from High School on January twenty. Six nineteen twenty one daisy. Mary Tom Gallagher. Two years later in Nineteen twenty-three. They had a daughter named Helen. The couple later divorced although the reason why is unknown. Deasy married again this time. To William Graham on December Sixteenth Nineteen twenty nine and Golden Colorado. William was thirty years older than daisy on January. Twenty Third Nineteen thirty two. She gave birth to John Gilbert Graham and then called him Jack as a nickname. Unfortunately William died some time between nineteen thirty five or nineteen thirty seven as reported by various sources although the cause is unknown the death of William Left Daisy and a very tough spot. She was a single mother of two children and she was destitute. She took up a job at the phone company and her mother would help her. Look after Jack. Unfortunately Daisy's mother passed away in nineteen thirty eight so DC handsome really hard decisions to make. She enrolled her daughter. Helen and a college prep school and sent shock to Clayton College. Which was an orphanage in those days? Orphanages would accept children that lost either both parents or their father. A report from Clinton College stated quote. Jack is very unhappy and depressed at times has trouble getting along with other children and adults. He is careless with other people's possessions. He clamours for undue attention and is rebellious. When not given it he feels. His mother does not love him because he was put in the institution. Deasy married her third husband. John King who went by the name Earl February seventeenth nineteen forty one in Salt Lake City. Utah Earl was a wealthy rancher and even though daisy had the money she did not get Jack. Out of the orphanage. Jack went to school in Denver but only completed the ninth grade. His teachers described him as having a fine mind and had generally high grades but his personal and social adjustments were very poor in nineteen forty seven. When Jack was fifteen he moved to Alaska he worked construction and stayed in the state until nineteen forty eight and nineteen forty eight. Jack enlisted in the coastguard in Seattle Washington. He served in the Coast Guard until January. Nineteen forty nine when he went awol or absent without leave for sixty three days. However Jacksonville received an honorable discharge he was not discharged because of going awol but rather for fraudulently enlisting at the age of sixteen. When he was released he had the rank of motormen third class. After the Coast Guard Jack went back to Alaska to work construction and then as a heavy duty equipment and mechanic unfortunately he was no stranger to the police in March nineteen fifty one while working as a payroll clerk at a manufacturing Business Jacksonville Bank checks and then filled out. Forty two of them for a hundred dollars. Each Jack forged the company owners signature on the checks and then he cash them at several different Denver locations in total. He stole about forty two hundred dollars in cash which is approximately forty. Two thousand dollars today. He immediately bought himself a two thousand dollar convertible. Which would have been worth twenty thousand dollars today and immediately left? Denver in September nineteen fifty one he was bootlegging alcohol in Lubbock Texas. When police went to arrest Jack he hopped in his car and drove off. He ran a roadblock firing shots at the police officers. After being captured Jack was sentenced to sixty days in jail and once he served his time he was sent back to Denver to face charges. For the forty two forged checks he was ultimately found guilty of that crime as well and sentenced to five years probation. Finally he realized it was time to turn his life around. Jack earned his high school diploma when he passed the entrance exams at Denver University and was admitted as a student but he only attended for a year while at the university. Jack met Gloria the couple dated and eventually got married on June fourteenth nineteen fifty three. The couple had two children. Alan and Suzanne at the time of the bombing. Alan was twenty months. Old and Suzanne was nine months old in October of nineteen fifty four. Jack Stepfather Earl died from heart disease earls estate combined with daisies father's estate who passed away two years prior left easy with about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars or one point five million dollars today after earls death. Dc brought Jack back into her life. She offered to buy his family a house in Denver but on the condition that she be able to live with them and they accepted the agreement was at daisy would live with a couple until her death in the spring of Nineteen fifty-five DC bought property and built a drive in restaurant. She called it crown a drive in and served hot dogs. Hamburgers ice creams and many other things. Jack left his job as a mechanic to work as a manager at the drive in in May nineteen fifty five the windows to the drive in received considerable damage from vandals a few months later in September there was an explosion and fire at the drive in Jan claim to fire. Examiner found that someone had disconnected a gas line connection when the gas reached the water heaters pilot light. The explosion occurred. There was also three dollars missing from the cash register and some furniture was broken in all there was about twelve hundred dollars in damage undeterred. Daisy opened another drive in restaurant. This time and steamboat springs Colorado. She called this one. Dairy King Business was so good that Jack was able to buy himself a new truck however on July. Twenty six nineteen fifty. Five Jack's new vehicle was hit by a train later in October of Nineteen fifty-five Jacksonville United Airlines plane crash in Wyoming which sparked an idea. He thought he could murder his mother. By causing plane crash to create such scenario he would need a way to be confident that the plane would crash which meant he would need to bomb it. Jack's friend helped him build this bomb. The friend Carl showed him how to make a bomb and Jack did a test and upon success he was ready to execute his master plan. He purchased a necessary materials and built a second bomb. A November first nineteen fifty-five daisy was flying to Alaska. When Jack put the bomb in her suitcase there are some conflicting reports on. How Exactly Jack? Got The bomb present into daisy's bag but regardless of how he did it. Jack did manage to get the bomb into her luggage. Once they got to the airport Jack dropped off his wife and son as well as daisy at the airport terminal and then he went to park the car. He took daisy suitcase out of the car and set the timer on the bomb for ninety minutes. Jackson tension was for plane to explode over the medicine. Bow Mountains so that it wouldn't be discovered until the snow melted. What Jack failed to account for is that airplanes rarely take off and land precisely on time and this flight was no exception. The plane was delayed by about twenty two minutes throwing his time. Line completely off. Jack made up an excuse to take the suitcase inside to the check in counter where the luggage was weighed before being placed into the belly of the plane. The bag was overweight. So easy had a pay a fee. The mom only fourteen pounds so the luggage was going to be overweight regardless of whether it was inside after seeing his mother off. Jack stopped off at a vending machine and paid dollar fifty for thirty seven thousand five hundred dollar insurance policy for daisy naming himself as the sole beneficiary during this period in history. Many people were wary of flying so travelers frequently bought travel insurance which was so popular that vending machines selling insurance plans were installed in the airports United Airlines flight. Six twenty nine was a DC six B plane the Typically hold from fifty to a hundred and two people depending on the exact model. There was a flight daily between New York City and Seattle Washington with stops in Chicago Illinois Denver Colorado and Portland Oregon on November first. The plane landed in Denver about eleven minutes late. Because of ground delays. The aircraft was revealed in checked over per regulations but no maintenance was needed. There were thirty nine passengers and five flight crew on board the flight. The plane departed at six fifty two PM from Stapleton Airport and Denver Colorado heading for a stop in Portland Oregon before continuing to its eventual destination and Alaska. Approximately eleven minutes. After the plane took off it crashed into a sugar beet farm near Longmont Colorado which was nearly thirty nine miles from the airport. Each of the passengers aboard died instantly as the plane exploded in the air horrifically bodies began to fall from the sky with most landing on their back which meant that many of the faces weren't damaged beyond recognition and they mostly retained their fingers and hands minutes after the explosion. The longmont police departments phone started ringing off the hooks. Thousands of people rushed to the tragic scene mini staying to help search for bodies and otherwise assists in any way possible. I'm going to pause a case right here so you can hear a word from our sponsors better. Health has been my Go-to for only therapy for the last year. I deal with depression and anxiety so having someone at my fingertips to talk to. You has helped me immensely help. Assess as your needs and matches you with your own license professional therapist. Like I said you can log in anytime and send a message to your counselor. You'll definitely get timely and thoughtful responses and you can even schedule weekly video or phone sessions. Better help wants you to start living a happier life today. So join me. And the over. Five hundred thousand. People taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experience professional visit. Better HELP DOT COM SLASH T. Cfc for ten percent off your first month that's better help DOT COM SLASH T. Cfc for ten percent off your first month. The flames and embers took nearly three days to burn out completely. Firefighters worked tirelessly trying to put out the blazes and police. Investigators work the scene as best. They could trying to collect all possible evidence. There was a national guard. Armory in the nearby town called Greeley and bodies were taken there from the crash site as the armory acted as a temporary morgue experts from the F. B. I. were sent out to collect fingerprints. Although by the time they arrived about nine crash victims were already. Id Bhai family or friends or by some other form of identification. The other thirty five bodies were eventually fingerprinted and identified by the FBI. Hundreds of potential witnesses were interviewed between November. Second and fifth about anything they saw or heard the police talk to anyone. They could find within an approximate one. Hundred and forty mile radius around the crash site of those several hundred. Almost forty witnesses were able to provide some information that proved to be useful. A visual examination of the scene was conducted between November second through the seventh and it was discovered. The pieces of the airplane were seen as far as six miles from the actual crash site. The tail of the plane was severed from the front end and was found almost two miles away. The mid section of the aircraft was scattered everywhere but the engines nose remained virtually intact United Airlines conducted an internal investigation reviewing all parts and of the plane and why it came apart. The way it did there were about five pieces of sheet metal found at the scene. They couldn't be identified as parts of the aircraft or even as part of the cargo. The pieces were burned with sit like material covering them. One piece had blue letters. Spelling H. O. And it was otherwise colored red. The other piece was identified as part of a hotshot six volt battery which is what police determined was used to detonate the bomb. The chief of investigations of the Civil Aeronautics Board made a statement on November seventh saying that the FBI was invited to begin an official criminal investigation on November Eighth. The FBI opened its investigation. Assigning various agents to several different tasks such as interviewing witnesses tracing cargo mail and luggage and searching the wreckage for baggage and personal belongings during the investigation the FBI collected many different statements which led them to conclude that the plane blew up with an explosion so intense that the force of it was felt on the ground fire streaked from the sky and a flare that was left behind on the plane also exploded but when the aircraft hit the land created a second explosion there was an airport control operator who witnessed the horrific event and when he saw what happened he radio to all nearby planes and was able to deduce which plane exploded when only one failed to report back. An abundance of evidence was found. Wreckage was everywhere because so much of the aircraft was found. The FBI was able to recreate the layout of the plane to determine if there was some sort of flammable material on the plane or if something more nefarious was going on all of the passengers as well as a flight crew were investigated along with all of their baggage. Furthermore Life Insurance Policies were reviewed because they were so easy to purchase at the airport directly the investigation quickly led them to a passenger named daisy king. As a looked into days they discover that there were three life insurance policies. Taken out all of which were payable to different children but what stood out. Was that two plans. Were a modest six thousand two hundred and fifty four her sister and her daughter that would be equivalent to around sixty thousand dollars today but the policy for her son. Jack was a whopping thirty. Seven thousand five hundred dollars or approximately three hundred and sixty thousand dollars by today's standards intrigued. Investigators dug deeper into the relationship between daisy and her son Jack. They knew they were on to something as came across. Jack's criminal background the FBI case began to zero in on Jack. As it was discovered that he was possibly embezzling from his mother's business and even stood to gain a large inheritance in the event of her death on November tenth. Jack was brought in for questioning and he was pretty direct initially telling about his upbringing but stopping short of confessing to the vandalism at the family businesses. He admitted that there was an explosion. At one of the stores but again didn't claim any wrongdoing. He also agreed that there was an accident with his truck but had an immediate excuse with that incident to saying the car stalled on the train tracks and was hit by a train. Jack was able to describe what his mother's travel plans were and could even explain what her luggage look like. He made a point to let them know that she had ammunition with her while traveling because she was planning to hunt and Alaska. Jack's wife Gloria was interviewed by investigators on November eleventh. She told them about her life with Jack and what she knew of his life growing up. Gloria also admitted that she knew what daisies luggage. Look like but denied anyone else. Putting something in Ed or packing anything for her. She told police sat. Jack gave daisy a Christmas present before she left for her trip but that he didn't pack a for her also on November Eleventh. Several objects relatives and neighbors were interviewed and told police about a present. Jack was insistent on getting to daisy before her trip. As well as Jack's odd behavior when he heard about the plane crash police brought several pieces of daisies luggage into their office and contacted Jack in Gloria asking them to come in to clean items belonging to his mother. They let Gloria leave but asks Jack to stay to look at some more things. He agreed and stayed. They begin to ask him about the present. He wanted his mother to have before she left. They wanted to know why was so important that she got it right before she left. Why couldn't he just mail it? He didn't have much to offer. In the way of answers. He describes his day of taking daisy to the airport with his family but didn't give any other information the same day November thirteenth. The investigators went to the Graham home to verify some statements. They side didn't seem to match up the house. Property and even the cars were searched and police found a ton of circumstantial evidence such as a copy of the insurance policy. He purchased the day of the flight and Mail to himself. And some pieces of bomb-making equipment that matched items found at the crash scene after a time of interrogation by the police. Jack was starting to breakdown talking about his mother and how she was always upset with him and shortly after that he confessed to bombing the plane with his mother on it. He wanted to kill her to get the insurance money. He signed a statement to that effect and was promptly arrested. Jack was charged federally with sabotage on November fourteenth. The maximum penalty for airplane sabotage was only ten years because there was no law on the books about blowing up aircraft because of this the case was transferred back to the Lower State Court to charge Jack with the murder of daisy king. His Mother Jack was lucky in the sense that he was only charged with daisies murder. He killed a total of forty four individuals that were innocent of the terrible punishment Jack inflicted on them were. Jack Wasn't so lucky. Was that despite only being charged with one murder. He was still eligible for the death penalty. And that was just what the Colorado prosecutors were going to seek for Justice. Jack was charged with murder in Colorado on November seventeenth and. He pleaded not guilty because of insanity while he was awaiting trial. The police continue to investigate Jack. They brought in his half sister. Helen who had a lot to say she spoke of Jack's abusive tendencies towards his wife and the violence he displayed. She admitted it made her extremely uncomfortable and she was even scared of him anytime. A murder. Defendant claims insanity. A psychiatrist will evaluate that person to determine if they are mentally sound to stand trial meaning. Can they participate in their defense? And do they understand the consequences of their actions? Jack was evaluated and determined to be fit for trial in a surprising turn of events. He dropped the insanity part of his plea in December of nineteen fifty five and therefore was pleading not guilty however he attempted suicide by hanging while he was in jail on February tenth nineteen fifty six and was subsequently sent to a psychiatric ward where he began to confess even more to his crimes not just to the bombing but other insurance crimes he committed. His trial began on April twenty third nineteen fifty-six the case was an absolute media circus. Especially for that time in history hundreds or waiting to gain entry to the courtroom to watch the proceedings. The prosecutors delivered a detailed case with much evidence. And the defense base their argument on some technicalities. Such as Jack's rights not being read correctly all though they were Jack did not testify at his trial. The jury only deliberated for a little over an hour and on May fifth they delivered a verdict of guilty on May Fifteenth. Jack was sentenced to the death penalty for murdering his mother less than a year later on June. Eleventh Nineteen fifty seven. Jack was executed. His spinal words were quote. Everybody pays their way and takes their chances. That's just the way it goes. His last supper consisted of a steak dinner with ice cream dessert although he only the ice cream and gave the rest of his meal to other prisoners the gas chamber claimed his life at eight. Oh Eight PM after just twelve minutes. Jack's wife Gloria and her children went back to her maiden name until she remarried. She passed away in nineteen ninety two. The Sun she produced with Jack Allen was married in nineteen seventy six but then fell off the grid and has since been presumed dead their daughter. Suzanne is a nurse helping to Provide Comfort to those in their time of need while there isn't time to get into depth about each victim that was on that doomed flight. We will briefly touch on a few James Fitzpatrick the second and his mother. Helen were flying to see her husband who was in the army and she wanted to give him some time with his new baby. Boy who was only fourteen months old. Layla McLean was the eldest passenger at eighty one years old. She was flying from Connecticut to Portland. James and Sarah Dory were flying to Portland Oregon to see their son. It was Sarah's first and only Flight Patricia and Gerald Limpkey were vacationing couple. That was going to Portland. It was Patricia. I after flight to and it was sadly her only one as well. Jesse sizemore was an airman second class. Who was returning to base in Alaska from a brief leave? Errol's Stan stat was a nutrition doctor working for the United States Public Health Service. And it was that job that pleased him on his final flight as he was going to give a lecture at Oregon State College Sally. Scofield was an off duty airline stewardess. Who was planning to marry a pilot leader year another couple Ralph and mini van. Vallon were aboard traveling for a genealogy project. They were doing there. Were five crew members including captain Lee h hall. Who was only thirty nine years old when he died doing what he loved. Other crew members include first officer Donald White Flight Engineer. Samuel Arthur Stewardess Peggy Lou headquartered in stewardess champion Heinz one life was purposely taken in exchange for forty four other innocent ones forty four precious beautiful limestone died and a genuinely unimaginable and horrific manner. If there's any small comfort in this tragedy it sat. There were forty four people to comfort each other in their final moments to try and make those last moments. Just a little less scary and frightening the madman who stole those innocent lives paid with his own and while the loss of life is always something to mourn at least Jank. Graham paid his debt to society. Okay Fan club members as I conclude this episode. My one question to you is. How will you sleep tonight? Thank you for listening if you enjoyed this episode. Please be surely as a positive review on Apple podcasts. Or your podcast player of choice. It really does help us out. You can find us on most social media platforms twitter at T- CFC pod facebook dot com slash t CFC podcast. You can also find us on Instagram at true crime. Fan Club pod and of course our website is true crime fan club dot com. If you have an episode request send us an Email T. CFC pod Angie Mel dot com. This episode was co written by Mary. Cole and Britney Martinez researched by Haley Gray content editing by Brittany Martinez produced by the best in the business. Meco had we talk of dreams. Check him out on twitter at we talk of dreams or we talk of dreams Dot Com. And I'm your host leaney.

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