Badass Unscripted - Uncommon Does Not Mean Overdoing


Welcome everybody to another episode of bad ass unscripted when you boil it all down one. I'm trying to teach is being on common. Don't we all want that? Don't we all WANNA BE EXCEPTIONAL? The best at what we do is almost a little romance about the idea of being so dedicated above average. Not just natural talent. But I'm talking about commitment and will and strength excellence effectiveness. We all want to be great but when you encourage and promote people to be great to become more sometimes a little problem pops up and I'm guilty of this in the past to be sure you know what I still do it now. If you get me into something new I want to go straight to hero. Would it be right up there by the finish line? Yeah I WANNA go from where I am which is pretty much zero to hero to accomplish. I WANNA get right to great to this may happen to you when you start working with teams again avenue personally or the people around. You doesn't matter you need to notice it. Here's what it is is that some people will start doing too much. We all know that person right. They come into the office on Monday or Tuesday. They've created all these charts and procedures rules regulations. You tell the team to make your creed. And they come up with the Declaration of independence you suggest creating a definition a done and they come up with something seventeen pages long. They've even made an APP for it. It's kind of like when you start a new workout program and you're so desperate to see results are so desperate to get to that finished picture of you that you work out for you. Know eight hours a day. Now we all know intellectually. That's not going to work. So let me remind you today. That being uncommon doesn't mean overdoing it. It doesn't mean strenuous exertion. In fact what I want to drive home is that it's the opposite simple elegance. I spoke about it a long time ago. I call attention ruins. Everything and slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Take minimally effective steps agile. Leaving has the concept of the minimum viable product. The smallest increment of done stuff. That will work. You should take that approach to your development and your agile adoption and transformation journey as well. I would rather you take consistent. Small steps to becoming more agile than everyone blow their heads off trying to produce too much trying to get to perfection too quickly and I get it because when you first hear about it I mean it's inspiring right. If you talk about agile well you like other people up because it sounds like freedom. It sounds like excellent. It sounds like focusing on quality and focusing on people. Happy teams better stuff. Who Doesn't want that? Who Doesn't want to get there and who doesn't WanNa get there in a hurry but here's where I want you to fall back to what I always call. Grandma's wisdom slow and steady wins the race. Easy does it remember today. That mastery is a path. It's a journey. It's not a place. You can jump to improvements accrue slowly over time and we have to remember that today. But let's get frank for a second when you're in the team room. There's someone who's showing up in in your head. You're looking at them going. They're trying too hard who they try to impress. That's where you tend to see an overeagerness to get to the finish line now. But the reason why it's so important a culture this in people at the team level because eventually we WANNA communicate to product owners to management to executive to decision makers to champions. Is that? This doesn't radically change overnight. This is a progression toward excellence. When Agile fails what are we always say we always say? The executive layer wasn't ready was expecting results. Too Soon was looking for perfection out of the gate. Their expectations were too high. And they were unsupportive of the mechanics of Judy. The you have to respect and observe for to work well so the reason I want you to contemplate that overdoing. It is not how you get on. Common is because the sooner we start advertising that stance the easier. It will be to manage expectations in the future. And if anyone pushes back on that concept and says well if we're not gonNA see benefits at some point why bother? Why do this stakeholders have a right to see improvements? Don't they yeah? Of course they do remember i. Oh we say agile. Success depends on starting small fires. That other people are gonNA WANNA come to to get warm if you do small things well and you do it consistently if you're showing up weekly with tiny gains and tiny accomplishments and you make those. Gains of visible people will notice. You won't have to worry about disappointing people because your promises are not what you market your actions. Your outcomes in your achievement are but he tried to Overdo it in the beginning guys. Guess what you're going to blow a tire and there you be at the side of the road waving at traffic waiting for rescue to come so if you want to be on. Common take small consistent daily action and that's what you show to the world Argos Olympic. Because you crazy thanks for tuning in as always let me know how this works for you can reach out a bad ass. Agile DOT COM. You can find me on twitter at underscore agile and on Instagram at Bat. Agile but truly look forward to seeing you next time until them stay. Matt ASK AW.

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