Movie Characters That Deserve Holiday Specials Like Deadpool - Mailbag


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It is your Sunday edition of collider mailbag on this wonderful thanksgiving weekend Roca, holiday, I did I lot I barely made it in here to do this. But hey thanksgiving is over you know, what time it is. Now, the weather outside is fried. Yeah. For Christmas music. I'm so excited. Sirius XM has like three stages year. I am jumping all over. I've been resisting listening to loud to thanksgiving. But every once in a while like, I come across it. So now, I'm excited. Let's do it full bore all day twenty four seven my parents, don't even wait until thanks. Oh, come November. That one of the Sirius XM stations is on in the house all the time. I'm kind of fine with it. I definitely got like a toe in the holiday cheer world. Let's go. I enjoy it. I enjoy it. And I enjoy thanksgiving with my family. I suspect they did have a good time. It was also my birthday on thanksgiving. So a double good time. Whatever that means that I mean, I hope you didn't forget to wish me. I remember now again. I love doing the background. We are before our heads spin wildly out of control. Let me remind you that this show does not only exist in video for tell everybody, you know, to listen to us on podcast one. And I tuned we are on the movie talk feed. So if you wanna take mail back on the go, that's how you do while you're driving. Now, we need to cover where you guys met your question or places Email melting gladder dot com, Twitter, Instagram Facebook that easy then questions in lake these five fine. People dead. You ready for number one? Let's do it. Here you first Witter question today comes from M w Mike eleven who writes, what was your first holiday movie? You remember seeing ever mine was the Santa Claus. It's a good question. And I will say because I'm an old school guy. It's a wonderful life was the first holiday movie that I can recall ever seeing. Yes, I saw those Rankin bass specials they did for Rudolph in the year that Santa Claus. But it's a wonderful life is the number one thing that my. My parents absolutely love that movie for what it symbolizes and what it talks about. So it's something I grew up on all the time. It was on every station back. Then when I was growing up, it didn't have exclusive rights to NBC. So you could watch it on one station literally changed the channel to another station using the knobs or the early remote controls, and it would be playing on that station as well. So it's a film that my mom and dad just absolutely love. So they schooled us on that film over and over and over again, you made me think I didn't put a Rudolph on my list. But actually that is probably one of the first ones and actually another one that isn't on my list. That's just coming to my now is also a Christmas story. Oh, yeah. Growing up, and for whatever reason my sister despises that movie. Like to the point where when we'll be home at my parents house during Christmas time, I'll put it on because I still enjoy watching it today, and she'll leave the room or demand that I shut it up. I don't know what she's not against it. But the the more prominent ones that are seared in my brain are home alone. I was very into home alone growing up watch it over and over and over and kind of dreamed of being left home alone. So I could try to be like Kevin. But thankfully that never happened. Also, I had a really really strong addiction to nightmare before Christmas to the point that when that movie hit theaters, I remember making my grandparents take me to see multiple times. I had the piano sheet music, even though I sucked a piano jingle all the way. It was a growing up. Classic for me to do you sell that one jingle away? I also had a little addiction to all. I want for Christmas because it had eaten Embry in it and a big crush on him. Choices. I think nowadays Elvis probably something only an people grow up on Christmas vacation is my of my generation as well. Kind of seeing that one home alone definitely qualify as for my experiences those, but we we get together every year, my friends, and I have a focus miss where we all get together. Yes. Actually know there's a lot of us get together in one house, and we may we bring food or we make food that morning everyone's in their PJ's, no showers, and then we watch the as if it's Christmas morning, and we watch Christmas movies all day together all the way until the night. Yeah. It's pretty cool. Love actually has broken in recently. So that's one of those ones we watch all the time is probably be with my family. We'll probably go to the movie theater. I think the maybe the Sunday before Christmas this year. That's when my whole family gets together. And we'd do a secret Santa's slash Hanukkah party. And we all just exchange gifts then to. Yeah. Let's cool. I'm role in town together. That's nice. That's look forward to it. You want to read question absolute. This one's from Twitter as well. From at secret fire pub, I don't want to know anything more about that what holiday movie plot specific not release date. Kooky improved by moving into a different holiday example, what if diehard is moved from a Christmas movie kind of to a fourth of July movie, which I think they kind of did what would that look like segment about love the show. I love this question. It's like a really use a Chaz meeting creative question. The first movie that came to mind is one that I already mentioned and it's nightmare before Christmas. Just because that movie is so heavily tied to Halloween and Christmas. But we know that that land has other holidays also. So it seems like such an easy thing. If they ever did wanna make another installment to just open the door up to another holiday, maybe. And speaking of a franchise that could open the door to other holidays trick or treat, you know, the movie. So trick or treat. I know. They did a bunch of shorts. And I think even a comic with Sam where they tapped into some other holidays too. But I love the idea of even if you do want to keep the horror spin on it bringing that to another holiday, maybe even finding out that, you know, it was Sam represents Halloween and some other creepy creature represents another holiday, and then the last one I have also I mentioned is what if home alone took place on Halloween your story, really literally right home ally plane. No. But I did it only because I was hosting Mary. I'm like, I got to come up with a horror one and home alone on Halloween just made so much sense. Because what if that whole movie is Kevin super afraid that someone all the way in and these sticky bandits called our actually banned the weapon are more horrific and scary and have more -bility to 'cause Kevin nightmares while he's stuck in his house the whole time. I think that would be. Interesting to explore you could completely do a horror movie out of home alone. So maybe this is the horror movie that brings us together. Oh, there you go. Like, yeah. You you're I think the horror genre is growing on you. Well, no, I think the horizontal has always been that's the misconception the horror. Genre has always been a part of my life. I've just been selective about the horror movies that I do see I'm not a fan of slasher films, negative statements about the John overall joke around about it. Yes. Thinking recently. Yes, I agree with you recently. There's been an elevation in the quality consistently in the quality in the writing in the production in the acting and in the overall end result of the films. So I've enjoyed this horror renaissance actually just because I'm curious now, what's your favorite movie of two thousand eighteen or at least what comes to mind, certainly comes to mind. I that's the number one. I've never I've been that scared at the quite some time the fact that I can't even look at the screen that scared me do that. All right next question for today is from Eric no Guerra oath three who writes with deadpool getting his own holiday movie what other fictional character doesn't necessarily have to be superhero related. Would you be curious to see get their own holiday movie or TV special? Thanks and keep up the great content. Well, look, the first thing that occurred to me was wouldn't it? Be funny. Hell boy had his own Holloway like Christmas special. I was in studio with because Ron Perlman was just unconsciously. I saw like oh thinking about hell boy. But it just occurred to me that would be so fun with all the different characters coming together on a on a Christmas. And what would what adventures they would get into because obviously some evil character would come in and mess with them, and they go on a whole 'nother thing, and it'd be a fantastic holiday movie with Christmas. The other one just kind of a little strange in my mind would be a holiday movie in the game of thrones universe. A Christmas with the Lancasters to me is just genius on so many levels because they can go in so many different directions with so many, interestingly weird and evil and conniving characters like Searcy and Tyrian and all the other Lancasters. It would be very interesting game of thrones came to mind, but for our next question, and I'm not now have spoil it. So the idea of celebrating a holiday with anybody. Game of thrones just brings me immediately to the red wedding where so many important people in the same room, something bad is gonna but for this question. I think we should get a slasher holiday special, and it could be along the lines of let's say a heart anthology like trick or treat where each conic slasher gets their own segment about celebrating celebrating thanksgiving or Christmas or something. I love that. Also, I like the idea of Carl from up getting his own Christmas special just because you know, I mean, obviously, they warmed his heart towards the end of the movie, but he's he's a little bit of a Grinch. Yeah. So I thought that would be interesting, and then Harry Potter. I'm actually kind of surprised we've never got any sort of Harry Potter Christmas special. Oh, yo where it's not just I mean the winter ball in the goblet of fire, but it was necessary. The Christmas holiday, even if they produced some original content and air during the actual holiday season or something. You're absolutely right. It would be great to see that. But you know in school you get sent home for Christmas. So they have to go back to their mobile at least airy has to go back to his muggle on Ogle and deal with that crap. So you don't necessarily have a Christmas adventure there because it'd be in the real world make it worse. So they decide screw it. Let's go on Christmas adventure, and then we've got holiday special, and they'll do that. Yeah. I thought so all right next up. You can read Twitter. Sorry, R J V G R J G ninety two opem saying that right? He writes if given the chance to celebrate thanksgiving with your family with any fictional characters. Your host who would it be thanksgiving with Tony stark at the vendors compound would be amazing. Let's be RV j g you would have anything with Tony stark at the edges. Compound would be a lot of fun. What's going on? I just started figuring you pronouncing that different way like just. There are. Vitre vs. You're like star. Something away. All right. Go ahead. Oh boy. So. I'm thinking specifically about the house that I wanna be and 'cause then that's the path RJ BG. Auspey? Jeez forgotten beaches. I I because I already brought this up on the show I want to celebrate the holidays in Hong courts because it's freaking beautiful. It's beautiful. The other thing that came to mind because have you ever been on a plane with the TV's on the plane, and like you're watching something that you want to be watching? But the person next to you is also watching something you want to be watching. So it's like you're watching and then you're like you're trying to side I and there and creep on their show too. So I was watching some football recently on my way back to LA from New York, the person next to me was watching Beetlejuice Beetlejuice is. So so good that is a movie that I can still thoroughly enjoy without the sound on which is basically what I was doing on the plane. But this question made me think I want to celebrate the holidays in that house at that dinner table with Beetlejuice kind of doing his thing and make an creepy that is my kind of holiday celebration the other people would want to celebrate it with the Gena Davis Alec Baldwin. Actors you want to celebrate it with bilges because you would mind the madcap hilarity, which is very funny because Perry is supremely organized supremely anal about cleansing Clinton being cleaned. But then you throw in this you throw it. But you like this Beetlejuice stuff which would throw everything in the disarray, his interesting dichotomy in Perry number, but I will say this Beetlejuice is a fantastic choice. Harry Potter is great. I love that idea of. Here's why have the wand here. But my choice is showing off your. I would say because no one's like in-space. I have always wanted. And I don't want to piss off in the Star Wars fans, but I've always wanted to Star Trek Christmas special there. I'm sure there's been a Star Trek episodes about Christmas that I can't recall right now, but a Star Trek Christmas special movie would be fantastic. But this idea is like what fictional character, which one is your host. I would want captain Kirk to host a thanksgiving meal. You know, why? Because he would remind me like old school family members that sit up there and tell you stories ad nauseam while not being aware of how much their monopolizing the conversation and just go on and on and on, and you would just be fascinated by the incredible stories, and he's as he got drunk on the eggnog, then the real truth would come out about his feelings about that crew. And that would be a blessed to be in presence of as you were saying that I don't know what the release schedule for them is. But wouldn't it be really smart to make one of those Star Trek discovery shorts a holiday all young? Yeah. Actually, really need to catch up on those before the season kicks off January, by the way. I wanna throw one story in you mentioned Beetlejuice, one of the saddest days of my life was when I'll dishes at Universal Studios to play Beetlejuice, and I didn't get past the second round of additions. I have questions. What do you have to do to audition way, you have to come up with a monologue that Beetlejuice would do not from the movie people? Make the mistake in come in with the movie, they don't want to see the movie because you're going to be improving the character of the whole time on when you're out there, guests, you improv everything. You mess with the guest there's parameters that you can't cross certain things you can't say, but it's Beetlejuice so people come in already with the knowledge that he's going to be a little grocer little more off a little more Bluey works blue. But no, no, no kind of like overt references to anything sexual or any cuss words, but you can come up with stuff. So I came up and did a whole monologue by I think it was about New York and go into a Yankees game as Beetlejuice what that would be like ensues oily out there and watch. I do all kinds of things. What do you do all kinds of stuff? But eventually I just didn't get past the second round. I think they I think my body type wasn't necessarily Beetlejuice because they were looking for like six foot tall lanky. Yeah. Yeah. Tall lanky? So even though he's got that like, many gut, but it's like, it's not an actual thing. So you put it on. So I didn't quite make cut the mustard there. But I really it was one of the sad moments of my additioning careers. Not getting that part because I really wanted. I got like the biggest kick out of that. I think it'd be a great Beetlejuice to be honest. Maybe maybe schmo down entrance. Oh now, maybe the evidence. Mass by ever retire. The law just do whatever I wanna do when I walk in. Maybe. We got one more to hit today. And it's from Lewis DP seventy nine who writes, if you're Santa Claus, which director or company, would you give them the budget to make any movie, honestly? And this is certainly once again, I won't crossing lines. But Denise Villeneuve is absolutely my number one favorite from director right now. Currently working everything he's done. I have thoroughly loved and gun back to and learned as still a student of film at my age. I'm still learning what these directors can do on screen and create and so for me than even a new taking over Star Wars having him do a Star Wars movie his way, I think it would have a lot more depth complexity. I think the storylines would be interesting to explore in the visuals would be off the charts. And so for me, that's what this idea of him taking over and doing a trilogy of films in the Star Wars universe directed by Denise Lenovo. Just excite me to no end, I wouldn't be opposed to that. But one of my answers that I wrote down happens to be giving gear Modell Toro, all the financing. He needs to make his own star. They wouldn't just a master of creative imaginative things in creatures. I feel like if he was at the helm of a Star Wars movie. We would see a really really rich world builds or maybe to further enrich the world that we already have the other thing that came to mind is so at first I started to think about directors. I that I really admire and what I would want them to make and then I kind of reverse it and thought about a movie, I really wanna see and no surprise here. It's freak and final destination. Six how have we not had another installment that that franchise? It's filing to me. He said its final they said, they said the final destination final destination four got five which I actually do like where five ended, but I still think that that idea is prime for more movies. And if I could choose. One director to give the sixth installment of that franchise to I think it would have to be drew Goddard between interests like he does with cabin in the woods. And just you could see that he understands the genre. He understands all those fun tropes. And that's something that comes through big time in those final destination kill sequences, but also just the complexity in the mystery that he so successfully just like chiefs big time in bad times at the El royale. I just love how he so intricately weaves all those characters and their stories together and final destination is usually about a group of people coming together because they happen to survive the opening tragedy in the movie, I just think he'd be so good with that franchise. A great one you bring up. I would thoroughly look forward to his final destination movie slash I wish that could have should I write a letter to send work to it. You've been nice. Okay. I'll try. Yes. I haven't been nice all year. And so as Dewey all right that not. This guy though, we need to establish that. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. So you're not even fighting. I've been totally naughty. Oh, boy, not really back. That's it. We're adding that isn't your Sunday edition of collider mailbag, a huge. Thank you guys for spending some of your holiday weekend with us. I hope you had a wonderful one. We will see you soon. 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