RAW Recap & Dave's Shocking DNA Results


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There's even a fair air tracker that I'll do the work and notify you when it's the right time the by so go ahead be cheap. CHECKOUT CHEAPO AIR DOT com today it is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full so Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius xm him fight Nation Channel. One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open podcast. This is David Greco on today's episode. WWe He w e hall of Famer Bully. Ray and I get into Monday night raw from last night the last raw before. TLC On Sunday. We get into Seth rollins and his is beat down of Kevin Owens and more importantly the Promo to the WWe universe. Oh so we get into the start of Monday night. Raw with Lana Rousseff rousseff. And lastly in that love triangle coming to an end with the divorce between Lana and Russa also we find out the breaking news that I'm I'm not Italian. Believe it or not. You gotTA listen to this edition of busted open podcast. Let's get back to Monday night raw from last night. That's interesting I mean. I think a couple of interesting segments with Seth Rollins last night we see him again with Kevin. Owens Owens and Kevin Owens is convinced that he has aol pay in his back pocket. He says it's not true. There's no allegiance there. But then bales on Kevin Owens once once again and then you have Kevin Owens in the back looking for ao pay and then fines in the back of what he believes is there suv. Is Seth rollins in the Black Hoodie with the attack with the pipe on Kevin Owens. I thought a really convincing. beatdown of Kevin's Owens. Last night from Seth Rollins Matt and you know bully. I've been very critical of Seth rollins about that. He's lacked emotion. He's lack of Greg. Miss the smile from ear to ear just does not fit. His persona does not fit him. What I've been seeing from him? Especially what I saw from Seth. Seth rollins last night man. I think that fits them like a glove and I love what. I'm seeing right now. When he turned around in the chair in in the back of that Van I thought it was going to be emperor? Palpitation I actually have no if you look at my twitter. I actually tweeted Emperor Zimbabwe I doubt it Pal Petit. I tweeted out a picture of pepe. I put it out there. Go to my twitter David. Greco one dear God were star Wars Fan ever. I love the reveal because it was star. Wars asking obviously star. Wars is on the tip of everybody's Tong with the release last guy work coming up. December twentieth can't wait. Got My tickets last skywalker. Thank God the rise of sky. Wa- So I say last Guy Walker he did. Yeah my by it rises skywalker. I liked to reveal. I liked what they did last night and I hated it all in the same breath really. Why Yeah I despise them? mm-hmm why because why I gotTa tell me you got a smile on your face. Why because it was so damned good and they pulled the trigger so so damn quick because they felt the need to? Because the whole seth baby face experiment just completely fell on its face. It's interesting quick. Really Quick I agree with what you're saying and I was actually talking about it outs mets before. This show like he made made the reference of like. Why didn't they let this go on a little bit longer? Doesn't make any sense and I said because it's obvious they need this match for Tlc but as of right now here we are Tuesday morning. There is no confirmed match at TLC. With Kevin Owens and Seth rollins so I have a feeling and you probably don't even need it for TLC anyway you already have pretty stacked card as it is. Why why pull the trigger so quick? If you're not I if you're not gonNA use it for your monthly pay per view why not let it extend a little bit longer with the way I think is a wrestler and as a creative person in the wrestling business is I have one reason why they should not have a match at TLC. What do you think my answer is going to be Dave? It should be a match that should be built for for a bigger pay per view. You got curb stomped on the concrete. That's a hell of a Finnish at tight finish head driven into the concrete in Crete. That should be sold for a while. Yeah you shouldn't be coming back at the end of the week. I'm sorry takes away from the finishes and I know I'm talking out on my ass here because things aren't sold like they used to be sold and get it. You know we want. Our baby faces to be Uber. Ultra strong becky lynch gets put through a table last night and you see her kind of walking away as the segment ended. You know. There's no reason why you couldn't stay there laying in the table writhing in pain or even on your knees writhing in pain. I didn't need to see becky. Get their feet. After getting put through a table it takes away the credibility ability of the table. And I don't need to see. Kevin Owens wrestled this Sunday after getting curb stomped on the concrete. Let's sell that. Let's make it a big big deal. Let's say that Kevin has head injuries. Something going on. He's got to be checked out. Maybe his jaw is shattered. Maybe his noses busted but the reason in I hated the angle and I I don't eat the angle because of anybody that was in it or for what they've done. I hated it because they felt the need to pull the trigger so quickly they needed had to get the AARP and rollins together show quickly. There could have been so many twists and turns within this angle. I liked the way they had set the tone for the entire angle. With with Owens calling out rollins week after week saying you guys are together you guys together. I would love to swerve in there. I would've loved swerve where one week you thought. Kevin Owens had seth rollins dead to rights and said I know what was Yussef and then it was somebody completely different different. That happened to be in the same place the AO P. was and it wasn't them a- It reminded me of the movie forty eight hours to and I know this is going to be a really obscure one for a Lotta people but the threat of that movie was nick. Nolte is the baby face. Cop and Eddie Murphy is trying to help them find and you know who the killer is. or who are the he'll is and there's so many twists and turns because they're looking for this guy called I think is the ice man and then when he gets to the end of the movie Nick Nolte finds out that the the ice man was actually his partner in the police force. So that that's where I would have loved to have seen them gone with this storyline. A Bunch Punch of twists and turns. And then we get the big reveal from Seth but because the second experiment as baby face didn't go well and because they felt the need to get these guys on the same page show quickly. I believe they pull the trigger on putting them together so quickly. Yeah so that's what I hate it. I hate it the fact that they felt the need to do it. Now give me just give me one or two weeks or swerves. Just take me on a little bit of an adventure. I don't feel I didn't feel like I got enough of an adventure with this story line because they really didn't kind of distract you to make you ever think that it wasn't seth rollins like you're right if they gave you a couple of hints of other people that may be a go in when that van door opens a SUV door back door opens. It could be anybody. Maybe it's maybe have three or four different people in mind but once you saw who was sitting there even though you couldn't see him at first you knew it was seth rollins so I totally fully agree with you now when it comes to curb stomp. Maybe they are going to sell it for awhile because like I said as of right now there is no confirmed match between those two and that was the go home show on Monday night raw so unless they announce it on social media. I don't think you're gonNA see that match here at Ti. And if that's that's the case then why not extend the story. Do you agree or disagree with my psychology when it comes to the curb stomp yes. Of course I mean and it's it's funny 'cause Franken's a Falco actually message me last night after Becky went through that table and it said exactly what you just said you know. That's supposed to be devastating enough that she's like banged up in the back. Why have her get up almost immediately after going through that table and walk in through the back why not have for still in pain on the ground while you go to commercial? I don't I don't understand why you ever get up and get on. Her feet doesn't make any sense to me. To put it in perspective. I would not even got up and got to my feet. I would have sold forever. That's what you do you sell sell sell. How do you get something over? You sell it all. I knew last night that was that the the insane elbow from the top rope through a table caused Becky Lynch to sell for twenty seconds before she got to her feet. I'm sorry in the world of table matches coaches and table bumps that I come from you sell a table a lot longer than that. I understand. MAYBE THEY WANNA keep that ultra-super-critical ability on Becky and she. He could have did that selling on her knees. I don't have a problem with becky writhing in pain on her knees face up so the camera can see her face and see. See the pain that she's in but getting up and walking away big deal. I guess that Table Buck didn't mean Shit. Michael you're hearing catch busted open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm fight nation in a one fifty six four on demand with the series Xm APP. I think a very good Promo Oma by seth rollins last night bully so now. Can I get some kind of acknowledgement or apology from you on. All of myself rollins defending week after week after week. No absolutely not. Because it's founded it's unfounded. Sure it is. No it's is not you've been burying seth forever now. I know his reasons. Well bully if I'm watching a football team lose weekend and week out. Yes I'm going I just say hey you got to make some changes here to win the game and then when they finally win the game. I'm going to give them a compliment. I'm going to say great job. You WanNa game that's what happened here with Cetera there weeks leagues e mail and now he did an amazing job on the Mike. Seth was doing the best he can with the material that was given to him the material cereal that was given to him and that he was talking about was not resonating with you. The effort was there from seth with everyone bully with that. I'm just nice talking to you right now and I don't I know talking to everybody but this is why I believe that. The killing of Seth was unfair when it came to his promos and why I defended him. Listen is an. I've been saying forever seth. He'll seth ROLLINS IS A. He'll okay everything about him his tone his inflection his swagger. His his look. He's he's he's a he'll he'll all day long that every once in a while maybe can be a baby face when the time is right if you have the right opponent Allah obrock listener. But that didn't even for turning full-blown okay. I thought seth was off the charts last night. Kay Promo is great and the reason promos great is it was real. They're taking everything that's going on within the world of social media and making it real To the to quotes that stand out to me is what is GonNa be good enough for you. You people he. He's basically saying I've done everything you've asked me to do. But you continue to shit on me. What's your problem? Aren't you ever going to be happy. And what are we talking about on the show are. WWe Fans ever happy. No the only time they seem to be happy is when they're complaining about something something so they've taken what's happening reality and they spun it and they spun it into more reality and then I love the and then I love the quote of turns your fiction into fact all this. That's pure social media all of this fiction going on about seth rollins. What or anything? Negative that people WANNA say fine. You WanNa talk all this shit about me. You want to say all these negative things about me. Great now I'm going to make it a reality for all of you turn it back throw it in your face now. I'm going to be the version of myself that I want to be. I'm going to have these two big bastards next to me and now you'll just have to deal deal with whatever I give you. And it was amazing on the Mike and Honestly it was a great follow up to what we had just seen like. You said that's pretty brutal. Curb stomp on Kevin owns owens. The Pre pre pretty realistic to me man. I mean I was a great segment and the follow it up with him talking to the wwe universe like he did and like you said with realism. Because there's probably a point when all this stuff was going on a bully that seth was probably looking at himself and saying I don't get it like what am I missing here. IBP somebody the unbeatable. Beast I beat them twice to win that. WWE Universal Championship was like you always only say. What are you like in your wrestling? You like realism in your wrestling and narrow as a lot of realism on the microphone for Seth Rollins last night. I love the alignment of the ALPA. Seth do wonders for the Aarp as far as getting them in the spotlight where they need to be. This is going to be it. Great little I push for them They remind me of the it was either the two brothers or the two who cousins in breaking bad remember deep into the seasons and breaking bad we got those too bad ass. You never saw breaking. You are in the in the dictionary next to epic fail. There's a picture of you. I saw break into electric blue but I never saw breaking here. God how you haven't seen Seinfeld you haven't seen breaking bad. What is wrong with you seriously that help help? Did you see break into electric much better than breaking come bad break it. Too much better than breaking bad. Was that the third movie. I didn't see terrible ozone. Hold nothing to Walter. White Walter White would have got turbo An ozone high out of their minds but they would have won that breaking contest at the end of the movie. Little option. You ever have a moment in your life where you actually wore break-dancing pants pants today. Yes you did did you wear it does yes. I did yes epic. Oh like you did like you didn't wear painting by size if I wore parachute pants and have to be a parachute when you when you went to try and the pair of pants regular pants regular parachute which way parachute pants were the absolute worst panic deposit. They ripped immediately after you put them on. Couldn't do anything embarrass you. But I digress. What was I talking about how you're talking about breaking bad the the Aarp remind me of those too bad ass cousins from baking breaking bad who just stone cold killers? And it's GonNa work. Because yes I I see the fingerprints on the act. I know WHO's behind the act I don't have to know nobody has to tell me who's behind the AO P.. I know exactly who's behind the AARP. I know exactly. WHO's behind this story line and it will work? That's it but again doesn't it have to have an outcome. And when I say that I mean a championship title at the end of the day if Seth Ron's is talking about beating brock listener twice to win that championship. Somehow somehow some way this new personality in this character of Seth rollins dark and deep character. Seth Ron's where he's showing that passion and emotion. Russian isn't the next logical step after he gets revenge on the people that wrong is winning that championship not for the WWe universe but for himself. Listen how how much more of brock listener the Shudo. He'll can you handle. We've that's all we've you've seen let's see how many more credible baby faces can they possibly feed two brock leser. Who you're you're you're you kind of empty the tank exactly and if the person behind the AO P.? And Seth rollins storyline is the same person doing all the talking for brock listener. I'm sure that person person has a really really great story in mind that I probably know what his story is. Because this story is my story. And he listens to the show and Blah Blah Blah. Okay acquaint back doc. ID five minutes. Listen it's time to. It's time to have somebody finally beat the shit out of Brock Leser. It's time for brock listener to be put in in a compromised position which we have never ever seen him before. Because we don't have a lot of other stuff for him and the Eo P.. And Seth rollins. This can be those guys. Listen three guys putting down brock listener is credible. Aarp beating the shit at a brock leser and then a couple of curb. stomps from Seth is. He's credible go after that diver. Kick your lights go after anything and everything that they have not gone after before with brock listener. And there's your story. And and now when Seth Beats Brock and gets that championship back people will actually pay money and be emotionally invested in brock to see brock walk beat chef series. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But but you don't. You can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars. Just go to serious dot com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new series exempt streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. We saw leading up to. TLC On Sunday the divorce bullying is sad as it is. It never like to see two people get divorced the divorce between Alana and Rousseff. I liked it I liked. The segment was entertaining to me. I laughed I enjoyed it. I'm I'm watching it through the soap opera is there's a place for it on the show because there's nothing else like it on the show man. She question if if you you don't like pineapple on your paycheck right now but if one hundred people go to the pizzeria and order pineapple pizza the pineapple pizza must be over right. Yes yes but you just don't like I just like going out to the old twitter machine. Jake says once again the Lana rousseff storyline line has the most youtube views the day after anyone who says they doesn't like it is in the minority so an entire three hour Monday night raw where they take clips of it and they throw it up on youtube all of the things that we thought was great. The the the the seth turn the a Ah Becky versus the Kabuki Warriors. We're GonNa talk about Ray and Aj soon of all the things on that show last night. Why are more people watching? The Lana Roussev Bobby Angle on YouTube. It's what it's what people are talking about. I it's it's it's a conversation starter. I think from weakened a week out people WANNA figure out and find out what's going on next to the point people go to Youtube. They're doing it for two reasons. One they WANNA watch the segment again or more likely. They didn't watch role last night. But the segment they're most interested in finding out. What happened is Lana Donna and rousseff? The proof is in the pudding and as I said at the beginning of this show. I'm not a fan of it. It's not my cup of tea. But how can I hate on something like you said that that seems to be very popular with the rest of the WWe universe numbers. Don't lie and these three especially roussev has gotten rotten this angle over and to me Lana has become that annoying shrieking Vickie Guerrero s Keel that you just WanNa see things happened there. I don't WanNa see Lama get put through a table. That's not what I want to see. I WanNa see Lanka taken away in handcuffs. I WanNa see Lana wearing almost you know like I like the dress she was wearing last week you know have to skimp and scammer out of the arena watts. He's in handcuffs. I think that's her getting her. It's I think anything that we can do that humiliating to her. Where if you know? She got a bucket of water dumped on her head. Those the things that I'd rather see happen to. Lana where Rousseff can laugh at her. I don't WanNa see any physical harm. Come to Lana. Although I would put through a table yeah you would. Now let me ask ask you about the placement. Do you think a segment that long and it is kind of like a soap operas. Storyline is the started. A show the right place to put dad segment. Well well I liked it. I thought it was different and interesting because it was soap opera. Do we had had somebody just call in the guy from Nebraska. I think it was who said that. He turned off the show immediately because it opened the door. Open the show up what I'd love to Z.. Tomorrow is the quarter hour breakdown. I'd love to see what the first quarter hour rating was for raw and then the second quarter our rating. Did they have a lot of years and then lose viewers or did they have a lot of using gain viewers. It'd be interesting to see and then again you're going up against Monday night football And a a rivalry between the eagles and the giants that a division title is on the you know pretty close to being on the line. So it's a pretty important game you know what the ratings will be in general. I don't really put a lot of stock into that because I think wrestling fans are wrestling fans and they're going to watch regardless but for that fringe fan. It's interesting to find out if they're gonNA watch that segment also if you're involved in that segment it's probably a segment that you have to watch play out weekend and and we got out as well because like you said it's like a soap opera so you can't miss a week and it seems like people don't WanNa miss a week of this storyline and for those people who hate this story line I would venture to say and I'm not speaking for them but I'm GonNa go out on a limb here I hope it's a strong limb get my parachute pants out. Yeah I think people hated this angle from week. One because of the gratuituous making out between Lama and Bobby and they're not allowing themselves to now. Now be entertained by it. It's almost like the way the world we live in today especially politics. You know like if I say I dislike this person in politics or I just just like the other person that's it. Nobody's going to get me to change my mind because if I changed my mind. People think that that's a sign of weakness. No it's not. It's not a sign of weakness if you change and your mind it's a sign of you being actually smart and open minded to something whether it's politics or entertainment wrestling like at the beginning. When I saw the you know the over the top making out between the two I was like this doesn't fit? Why are they doing this right this very moment? But it seems like the more they get away from the gratuitous due to his sexuality. The more I like it. Because it's relatable we all know somebody that's been through some kind of situation liked Lama rousseff and Bobby Lashley if not happening to ourselves. Yeah and I've never been through that but I'm just saying well and I and I hope to never be through. I think most people have. Here's the thing you hear that Velvet. Maybe one day while we're on a guest. I'm hoping two thousand and twenty one but bullying seriously like I've kind of been judging it from week to week and there's some weeks I haven't liked in some weeks. I have some weeks. I haven't been entertained in some weeks. I have not been entertained. But here's the thing that I look at from last night. I didn't think it was the best segment to start the show and I thought it went on way too long but again like I said I have to judge it by judge anything you and I could be on a topic that I don't agree should be a topic on the show and you do and I see a lot of people people calling in or I see a lot of social media action. Well you know what I'm wrong because obviously people like people seem to like it not only with the ratings not only with the fan reaction in the arena but also now with the youtube views. This is definitely a story and this is what I will say about what I've liked in general with Monday day-night raw over the last four to five weeks is there is a threat to every show. There hasn't been one show in these last couple of weeks that it's like a standalone show. Show it really ends with a bit of a cliffhanger that makes you wanNA tune in to the next week now next week first of all I wanNA tune into the pay per view. That's number one and I definitely WanNa find out what's going to happen coming out of the pay per view because they got me you know whether you like it or not with Lana rousseff and Lashley. They have they have me with Becky and Charlotte. And the Kabuki warriors unburned. I thought they made a star last night with Bertha with that win over Andrade And I love what they're doing without Alastair Black and Murphy those are there have been times bullied. We've talked about Monday night raw and we've said there's really nothing that's grabbing us. There's really nothing that makes. She wanted tune in next week. I just aimed four or five different angles on that show. That makes me want to tune into the next week and they prove to you that when a a certain set of eyes are on the product or a certain person is holding the pencil in their hand. We're getting a different product more enjoyable product. Maybe not more enjoyable from the segments that we're actually getting but more enjoyable because there's a story line laced throughout the show like I said Charlotte Becky Kabuki warriors areas loved that thread throughout the show. We got a little bit here. We got a little bit here. It's kind of like what when you sit down and you watch any kind of show where this superheroes going through this through this problem the Nisar Heroes going through this problem and the two superheroes meet up at the end to take care of the problem. You have stories that are running parallel. That finally crossed back over. And that's what we got with Charlotte and Becky in the warriors. Listen Charlotte last week. Loss to the Kabuki Warriors. So now she's basically trying to tell becky like hey you know you think you really do this all on your own. Because I couldn't and I'm a better than you and he's like I got this Charlotte Psyche. Sure Yeah and then becky gets her ass handed to her good good good handicap match put through a table. Doctor wants to put the ice on her. She's like no I don't want to. Is there. Come Charlotte tries to give her is she doesn't want the ice and then later on Charlotte. Yeah after that down she did. The is just the ice storm just the fact that the ice was there. Those are the little things that I always talk about that. Make me enjoy a segment. The fact that the ice was that was a little little piece of the story. Throughout all the segments and again it adds to Becky's attitude and adds to the story and and I love what they're doing to in the last corps said about the squash matches. I I love the squash matches now. I don't WanNa see three hours of squash matches. But they're not doing that but again end to enhance certain talent and instead of them using other towns where you're going to get that fifty fifty booking you know that from weakened and week out I think it's better to use used those squash matches to highlight certain wrestlers. And I think it's working on Monday night raw and then you mentioned the story you know what you got a good story which Charlotte and Becky but also also you've got a great match with Becky Kabuki Warriors. A match. That was over thirteen minutes Umberto and Andrade was over eleven minutes Ramos Stereo and AJ styles was over fourteen minutes. You're getting not only little threads of a storyline weakened and week out but you're getting very good to great matches on Monday night raw and and there's a time where most matches you saw Monday night roller three or four minutes now. Our getting thirteen fourteen fifteen minutes matches on Monday night raw. Listen for somebody WHO's complained a lot about raw and on this show we've had a segment called raw rehab. I can't complain the last couple of months when it comes to this show. Now one of the enhancement matches that scout three last night where the war machine always called the more machine. Yeah I get it Viking Raiders Blah Blah Blah but their match against the street providence. That was a match assigned for the war machine to get the war machine over on the street. Prophets did a great job in their role and it was a good tag team match. It was exciting. It was fun all all that but what they did. Last night was very very smart. Despite the fact that the prophets lost their match by the end of the night they'd still gotten over in the people's eyes is with their SNL segment which. I have a funny feeling that you probably did not like would I be right. It didn't really connect with me. I didn't really find ended all that. Funny I mean but I love the I will say this really before you move on. I love the idea of it. I think if they put a little more time and a little more creativity into the riding of that segment. I think that could be something. That's a home run because I think we all agree. That streep office are highly entertaining. They're phenomenal so so I think if they put a little more time and effort into that segment it could be a home run I thought the SNL segment was very entertaining and it accomplished. Its the number one job it made you forget or not care that. The profits lost their match to the to the war raiders. Good match somebody had to lose the prophets lost but now they're showing you the entertainment end of the prophets which means everything to the wwe. The entertainment factor and there was one online in their pop. Me So big. That I laughed out loud. I popped out loud when they were talking about the fiend. And then one I think it was Montanez Ford said and speaking of monsters with mood swings. And then they transitioned into Lana. Yeah that was funny as hell like. I laughed out loud so I thought they did a great job. They have great chemistry together. Hopefully they allow allow them to You know right some of their own stuff because I think these guys have it within them to be witty on their own but I liked the segment. Nice Nice Mike. What you're hearing catch Bessette Open live Monday through Saturday from nine? AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or On demand with the series. XM APP. You said something that down now is not true. What did I say I found out? You found out something you just said to me. You just said something to me when it came to the Inter Milan and Milan. You said something to me that I found out is not true. I did a DNA nate test and found out. It's not true. Well you WanNa tell me what's not true. I'm not Italian. What are you a lot of other shit like I got not Italian Ryan grab one of our sponsors on the Busted Open podcast which everybody should be listening to even if you listen to the show for three hours. Why not listened to the podcast as well just is by at the podcast starring Carey with you? One of our sponsors is and says three D. N. A. so I did a DNA test. And I found out that I am not Italian. L. All my relatives and everything surround Italy but are not actually in Italy Discussed Ziada. I had no idea what that means because I'm not Italian. It means you're a disgrace. Everybody who listens to the show whose Italian that just heard me say discrepancy including the girl is popping huge huge right now by the way. It's not my fault I what are you what are you. I'm a town that my father is from is on the border order of Switzerland and Italy. I always grew up thinking that my father came here. When he was five spoke Italian my whole family spoke Italian but but the town that they were from was right on the border of Italy and Switzerland but he was what he was born on that other side? So yeah I'm I got Suissa. Listen to me I got Greek. Emmy my name McGregor. It's Greek God a lot going on. I think about a move this shows. Is those movies where you think. You're somebody like this is my mom and dad and you find out later on in life that they're not your mom and dad and you WanNa go find mind your mom and now I'm going to have to go to swim Lewis out Suzanne who aw poor Violeta thought. She was getting a manly Italian and she got a Swede notes. It's almo Swiss. It's now like that song by superstar long where he's screaming. I don't know who I know who I am. I have why can't waste holding is bullshit but I don't think it is. I can't wait till guards. Put your face on a box. Swiss miss you know what you do I. I feel you would have some sympathy. I just found out that who who I thought I was for forty eight years. I'm not sympathy for you. Do you have no. You don't have a sympathetic bone in your body for you. Absolutely not not after. which is why I like Swiss cheese so much now? I know why it's so true whenever I go to a Deli and they asked what kind of Jesus I want it I never said I always said we don't even know you now I it's not moot. Terrell as a Muslim Fidel what I said I'm not the Talian so I I'm not Italian. I always always wanted older my cheese. I said Oh they will give me one holes I went. Oh where the holes I want. All of my ways by all my tastes Jay's disgusting disgusting I always wondered why I like the the meatballs Swiss Swiss maples more now I know why does a Swedish meatballs from Sweden. Well it's not Swiss meatballs from Switzerland. Listen meaner I'm not shocked at your from Switzerland. You're neutral you ride the fence if you look at the map I don't want to surround it'll I showed it to gabby right. Gabby so percentage of everything. What's the percentages? What are you most of mostly full of Shit? I guess yeah this whole time. What are you like look at this? I'm GONNA show you the map I we're on the Radio Duh. Uh I can't look why you see a map of Italy where all my answers around Italy. I think that what are you. You're from Czechoslovakia Slovakia from everywhere. Yeah my mom's mostly checklist Violeta know about all this gas. She's happy about it. I don't know happy about it like happy about it. She's like I don't know I don't know I think it's false advertising. She thought she was getting an Italian man. And she's got a Swiss man. Talent Stashes Ara era style Italian stallion. That's what she thought. She thought she was GonNa Talk. He's gotTa Swiss Miss. That might be be the light of the day bully. That's that might be the line today. I have no identity anymore. I'm Komo lost cupid laws. I haven't I'm gonNA find Ogden Avenue. She wait she's got a guy from Switzerland likes six zero but she got a guy from Switzerland come on desire was the last time he's had a win. I win every day. I'm gonNA find Dave like after the show walking the streets of New York with his hands in his pockets kicking dirt like am. I GonNa wear like those little wooden shoes that slot. Thank you. You're taking you're taking elements of all these different countries and throwing it. You are just like one you know you are a one track mind guy one track. Mind I I'm really hungry. I want ham and cheese Swiss cheese. That's what I Awadh for lunch about God to the Italian I'm not gonNA angelenos anymore for lunch. Going to the sweet going Span Deli. rootedly wouldn't leave Dave. You're he who you're GonNa Start Iota is that is that what they do. That's why you like Yodel so much I love you. I say there's little bits and pieces from bypass that are now coming together. Let me hear Yodel Jodel. Wow every dog within five miles just turned earned a ted. Let me put you and I have a one track mind. We need to question Moore things now Dave. This puts a lot of things about you into question. Are you even from New Jersey now. I know mom jurors home holy not. I'm Jersey Yeah but you're not Italian but that everybody from Jersey Italian. I think you're wrong thing. Nobody from Jersey a Swiss. Here's the thing here's the thing. My father for for the first six years of his life spoke Italian all my uncles on his side. Speak Italian you know what Don Liberec is not Swiss Donald Records Italian. At least we got one lick record and the House will we can count on. Oh He's done that. Don Don the Michael. You're hearing catch busted open. Live the Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Bite Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. XM APP do you you did. Did you say the breakdown of the percentages of things that you are like like how much percent what's the number. One percent of thing you all all right seventy-three percent eastern European. So basically. You're a slavic. Yeah and then sixteen percent German five percent. Greek three percent English three percent French so you have zero Italian. It's I just showed you like is there a is there a window. Can you see a window right now. From where you are. We're in a radio studio window close to the studio. I mean there's a window to see looks out into a hallway not outside. Take a step outside the window. Why what are you what are you trying to? You sold me on a fake bail. Beg Good you told me when the show started. Yeah man you know. I'm Italian to Blah Blah Blah. We're GONNA have a great time. And he's not not. Even one percent. Italian gave her starting to lose subscribers Polish chimed in and said that's it I'm canceling my Sirius. Xm subscription the only reason. I listened because Dave and bully are Italian and now Dave is a Swiss miss some out. Wow that's that's prejudicing. Swiss girl is probably going to leave the show too. She's she she's a she's an Italian. Listen I'm trying the silver lining that means. You're not Italian. Im You weren't chosen for a reason and we have absolutely no relation to each other very kind of better. Don't you think he's he's not I am because like my father always say we were Italian. He said he was from a town. Called Cuomo in northern Italy that was near the Swiss border her and my my father's been gone for over twenty years so I can't go and ask them unless we have some kind of like unless Alex brings g board or something like that. Yeah let's say onto the OUIJA board. Call Your Dad. I mean that's the only way right. What was Your Dad's first name Don Donald Don Donald it was Donald Donald Look Record? That was my dad's name. We all win. We all went to high school in the same place we went to Don Bosco. We went to Don Bosco. My brother's his name is Don by Dad's name is Don we all went to Don Bosco. soundlink Marisa Tomei. My father was a mechanic. My uncle was a mechanic my tree uncles on my mother's mother's side so mechanics. Well look at this new bomb Turks at your opposed or you should be shame like what I see poser. I did the ancestry. This is what they told me. I'm Eastern European. Yeah there's no country composer Sir I cannot believe you are Swiss wait European. So does that mean. You got a little Poland you I guess so uh-huh so Violeta married a fellow pole I guess so. Maybe that was the attraction after all. Wow I can't believe we're actually. I'm getting killed. Why how can I get killed on this? Not Knowing where I'm from. I need sympathy again. The only family I have now is the busted in opening a new bomb Turk. Who said that called me a poser? You're my cousin. You should love me more than that. We're family new new new bomb Turk. We're family family now. Listening to you say I need sympathy from the nation holy chasing the hug I need sympathy and if I'm eastern European and I like Soccer Walker isn't it I'm Jay Farner. You should know the difference between Inter Milan. I'm I I may Italian anymore. I should've took the day off. I need to find myself I need. I need a break. I have to go I. One of those I gotta be like that Corey Guy that the on the road who wrote on the Road Carolina. I'm like I gotta be like a Karaoke. I gotta go on a mission. Listen to find my roots. Where are we dave just made? A Jack Kerouac reference posted. Only one that I might. He only one. I read that book after you graduated graduated. You wanted to know did it's just a it's just a obscure reference to make on this time now. Eighteen again now I got. I'm a forty eight. I'm eighteen. I gotTa Find Myself I gotTa get in my car and I gotta just drive drive to Eastern Europe and find who you are. I guess I guess I gotTa Follow Follow this map. I gotta go all these villages around the boot around Italy. I gotta go to all these villages and find who my true family is. Because right now I don't I know if I could depend on my bus open family. 'cause killing me. I mean Tom Adler seems to be on my side uncle. Tom Adler that's nice. Giuseppi says something in Italian. I'm just happy I'm outta tally. In Victor Says Breaking News League Records Not Italian. He's all Swiss the cheese and some guy named victor cousin. Victor Cousin Victor Not Vinnie Jones. Basically Basically Giuseppi set your disowned. And you're a disgrace. God why I wonder what Uncle Cadarache stinks of this whole thing he'll be chiming in show. Yeah cousin double say a cousin. Christina cousin Stephen Pennsylvania I got cousins all over the place. Maybe they made a mistake. Not Don't make mistakes screwed. How do you feel about your new identity? Had you know what my cousin wait. My cousin just texted me because Doug known just said and he said that this is no big deal just from here on out now yourself from parts unknown. That's IT I do. I always love my cousin and now even more because cousin dug makes a great point from here on out. I'm David Greco from parts unknown own. I'm part I'm from. I'm like the missing link. I'm from parts unknown. You're the question. Mark is amazing. Wow should should more I got some people have already thought I was. Maybe I am the question. I don't know anything anymore. I'm for parts unknown. How does it feel to know? Hi Here's the thing I'm going to get into the car. Just drive around the block. Continuously drive can go in circles and circles because I have nowhere to go have no arrogance drive around in circles all day gas and then when they run out of gas or walk around circles chance you get home and she packed up the whole allows. Nah No she wanted that she loves me Curt David I still love you even though you should. I don't know if I'm just it's just a bunch of like colors around Italy. You're so you're everything but Italian. Yeah pretty much pretty much. Italian zero personality gave out this percentages Italian zero. Wow parts unknown from part. Now people are saying. I'm the guy that did that thing. That's on the price is right. The climbs up the mountain speak your cousin's. It was a cousin. Joe Tweeden one of my favorite games on prices right the mountain climbing the you know what that was my favorite too. Now I know why thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine A._M.. To noon eastern on Sirius X._M. by nation channel 156 busted open podcast.

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