Chris Hughes' Case Against Facebook, Strikes on IPO Week, GoT vs Avengers


This episode is sponsored by try net. Your staff members aren't just employee's their lives are complicated. And so or their needs TriNet can help with big company benefit options, including for spouses and pets so you can attract and keep great people. Learn more at TriNet dot com. That's T R. I N E T dot com. Try net. Incredible starts here. Hi, everyone. This is pivot from the box media podcast network. I'm CARA Swisher. And this is Scott Galloway care. Where are you today? I'm in New York you were supposed to be here. There was a screw up on the schedule. I'm sorry who okay, but who screw up Carol? Usually you use your. Okay. Every week you. But in this case, I'm here in the studio. I was on time. I took a Red Eye in from Las Vegas rose at the Anthony Scaramucci salt conference. How was it was good? I saw John Kelly from afar he was in the green room with me an Jain dream. You know, I interviewed Mark Cuban. And and Steve case, and I interviewed Scott scooter Braun, which was really interesting. He's the manager for a lot of big musical acts like a Justin Bieber and Arianna Guerande a bunch of others. And it was interesting. It was it was it was interesting for me because I got to talk to those people. You know, Mitch people get richer. That's really pretty much the mood. I tell like, you know, they, you know, it's just was Jeff Sessions. Is there Chris Christie was there saying that opinions or not lies? That was a thing. Opinions that Trump has on our lives. And I was like well are lies opinions. No lies are lies. You. It's strange. They're all incredibly compromised in a way, that's really disgusting. Under the under the banner of it. Couldn't happen to a nicer group of guys. The hedge fund industry has actually been pretty much wrecked. The last three or four years because you have all of the returns have been aggregated to six or seven stocks, which we talk about ad nauseam. And nobody's gonna pay these guys to and twenty or two percent management fees and twenty percent of the upside to buy net flicks. So as a result their selection set of investments has been this cluster of companies that have underperformed. So as a result, all of these hedge funds have underperformed the last three to five years the best. We described the hedge fund industry is expensive, but bad, and you've seen this massive shift of capital out of active investing, the passive in a lot of the biggest names in the business are literally shadow of themselves just managing their own money now. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. So, you know, it's interesting. There was there's a lot of discussion where investments should go, you know, where and where it's going to go, and I think everyone was sort of spooked by the. Tariff wars, and they don't know where it's going with the White House. They also learn love with the economy. So it was it was an interesting time to be among all those very wealthy. But welcome back off the road. Same here in New York. We have to talk about what I saw and game at your suggestion. Okay. I took my aid my eleven year old boys and just to give you a sense of what I thought of the movie forty five minutes in. I asked him if they were. Okay. They said, yes. And I walked out planning to hit the bar. I go to I pick where there's a bar. I was so bored and halfway bar halfway to the bar. I realized way going to the bar going to the bar in the middle of a movie where your kids are in the theater, it's like one step behind putting them on the roof of the car and then driving away and a WalMart. And that's literally like child services. Eight and eleven. Yeah. That is a little. Yeah. I came back. I didn't hit the bar just to be clear. I came back. I wanted to ask is probably the cutoff. I literally I just don't get this. Don't tell you. Why don't you get? I'm asking people who are giving up their lives through our planet. Okay. Because you know, what CARA I'm very sensitive now after my book on love, you know, what I do sometimes care. I sometimes go up to a window. And I wish I wish to win. I say things like I wish I could spend more time together. And I don't even know why I'm speaking to. But I wish windows now, anyways, I want you to tell me what is the genius of this whole vendors genre. And then I'm going to tell you what I think that genius game of thrones us because they are different types of gene, or whatever I don't get Star Wars and Star Trek, it's not, you know, there's just a different more hopefulness than Star Trek. There's less of like servers is such a frigging bummer all the time. They're always losing like same thing with game of thrones is a bummer. There's never a good day. Like this last episode. I'm not gonna go into it. But once again, they win and then they lose like, it's just a. Say okay. So vendors vendor's more hopeful what the storytelling is at the special effects of the character development is the repartee among them. It is funny. I'll give you that. It has humor. It has much better humor than game with humor Thor. The whole Thor angle was really great. I love him. What angle other than a hot? What's the what's? But he was fat this time. And then of course, anytime captain marvel shows up with lesbian haircut. I'm all in. That's that's what I should ask for that's nurse. Simon. Delo, Barbara, and I pay sixty bucks for someone with tattoos to shave my head for seven minutes. I go I'm going give me the lesbian lesbian here. You don't have hair. It's not easy to have shaved head CARA. It's not easy, whatever. Okay. But is there hair there underneath that shave head care? It takes real effort to be mediocre looking. Do you have actual hair? You want us to cut all off? Or is it just your ball? Okay. So back to my favorite topic may little inside into Scott. So my best feature granted it's a low bar. Best feature used to be my hair in in grad school care. I had a pony used to be and then I was down count anymore. I was studying for my finance final. I thought I don't remember underlining all this text. And I realize oh my God. It's my hair, and I was losing my hair. So I just shaved it all off because I found out I could raise money at twenty to thirty percent higher valuations with a shaved head God. But I do have into actual things. Besides your search. So wait, my turn, you know game. Thrones works. Okay. Why the genius our game of thrones is a typically storytelling is one. Well, I have I noticed last week. Most storytelling is about a white guy. Who's redeemed and Jamie Lancaster was causing back today? His Jamie Lancaster goes back to sir said it's like oh my God. Jimmy, why are you leaving? I thought he I I literally was gonna sleep with brand of tar thir-, whatever. I don't want to spoil that but ad is like very awkward and hot at the same time. Which kind of describes every time I've had that'd be killing. Don't even say that don't even say that. But anyways, thank. For a fact that would be my guess where they have changed. The game. Literally is that typically storytelling in modern cinema is a white male protagonist becomes our hero, an OAS escapes death. And they build up these characters and you fall in love with the Princeton Norne who has not only hot and kicking ass door on your soaps, all my God. That guy's a movie star. Okay. Thank about if a lot believable. There's not believable. Don't shame me. This is to make your point. Give me my my point is fifty build up these incredible male protagonists and you buy into them. And you think oh my God. We're gonna have eight or nine seasons of this guy's spinoff cereal boxes. And then you know, what they do they kill them. And we've never seen bring in another white guy protagonists like, Jon snow. We'll never seen living along movie on. Let's just never seen. Lots of things. I think the big story today is Chris us one of the founders of Facebook. Would it was left the company? Let's be clear a longtime ago doing a big rollout. Like he was on NPR. He today show. He did a video for the times. He had at times editora- op Ed about how Facebook should be broken up. And it was pretty devastating. He really went there. He went for. Let's just say he summers, you know. Well, he essentially said what a lot of stuff I've been going on about. I think he's still everything from me. Now gesture care, I'm everybody you too. But this of the company this idea of break-up of the company, and I think one of the one of the, you know, there were so many lines in it that were just like do you have stating? There was one that said marks power is unprecedented and un-american it's time to break up Facebook. Whoa. On American like, I've we you and I have not gone on American. But, but he really was laying out sort of why it's dangerous, and why someone like Mark who's very nice, which he'd notes in the piece should not be having this much power. These unfirable, you know, the same kind of stuff we've been discussing. So what did you think of this? What do you think of this? He didn't say anything new, but it is a founder. Yeah. But this is I find that interesting point. Look anyone who promotes the obvious here. Like power corrupts this companies out of control. We've lost the script. It's killing small business. There hasn't been a single social network any prominence founded since two thousand eleven fastest growing parts of our economy. Whether it's searched whether it's mobile devices, whether it's e commerce are all dominated by one or two firms. That's just you just no that's not good for the economy. The engine of growth has always been small business. There used fifteen percent of businesses used to be less than a year old now it's eight percent. The number of new businesses being formed every year his cut in half since the Carter administration. Non competes, non solicits, all they do is just entrenched incumbents in again, another transfer of wealth from young people to baby boomers anyways agree with all of it. I think that things is sort of interesting here. And what I wanted to ask you guys like Roger McNamee? Now, Chris Hughes who made billions opt he's companies and are kind of the. Early winners sort of coming out as being against firms, and they get a lot of virtue points in respect in. My question is my question is, you know, that's what everybody hates about limousine. Liberals is we believe in sort of. Well, they think we believe in sort of. All right. I'm all for low taxes and market free economics until I get rich. And then I find my woke and my question is why do we really care what these guys think why is it important what they think because he was early and really lucky or is he just angry he sold his shares in two thousand and twelve weeks in twelve. Yeah. It's interesting. You know, that was a lot of people on line were saying like how dare he do this? And I think Roger has had that dog him for a while though. I have to say he keeps going like he doesn't stop double double triple. And he's he's involved is thought that's what's interesting about Roger I think it's interesting. I mean, obviously, this rollout was very calculated. And very interesting way. So I'm not clear what the I think is running for office is pretty well. I know he's not he's his husband is husband ran and lost. He tried. Big about it this guy. Try bought what did he by about the Atlantic? And it was a huge feeler. What do you know twenty nine year old wasn't respected by the newsroom Republican excuse me? And you basically got run out of town. Right. Well, yeah. Yeah. Essentially, he just didn't he decided to want to spend as much money as he thought. Maybe was I don't know. It just media is hard. Let's. Manchester. Yeah. So it it was just it was interesting nonetheless, it's getting George attention, especially among the media. It's like, whoa. One of the founders. You know, if people like Kevin system, come out and say Samir, the what's that founders who have said little things or they're you know, Kevin has now. But certainly it's very clear. Whereas happy that someone someone who's I've sold a bunch of companies to big companies. This is passion move along people always talk about the front, and that is that what how bad it is that if you can't kill it. You buy it in the fact that in every industry there's been a greater concentration of market share to the top two or three players. But what they don't focus enough on is the back end. And while I've signed confidentiality agreements, and I can't literally can't speak anything specific let me speak in general generalities. Imagine you're an entrepreneur that has a button company that's going. Well, and it isn't yet a threat to an incumbent maybe nipping at their heels, and they acquire you for a lot of money in the VC's, and the founders do really well, but in exchange for doing really, well, you have to sign a non compete that. Once you Liam you cannot compete with this company for several years. You're not you're not compete. You cannot solicit any of the previous employees. So what does that do to wages? What does that do to wages? If all of a sudden, there's fewer people who can hire people at that company. So what you have is a few people make a lot of money. They're willing to pay. For the company. That's the good news. The bad news is it really caught arises new business formation and also hamstrings wage growth. So everything we're doing everything we're allowing is really one thing. And that is how do we make the fifty year old baby boomer wealthier, or and and it it's really sort of a conspiracy between I think the people who already have land and young entrepreneurs. This is your things your jam is the money being transferred to old people. Well, everyone's adopted my break them up jam. That's no interesting. Okay. So you're having a new one. Got the idea that he has so much unchecked power. And I think that you know, we've talked about that in Chris talked about that. And he goes Mark is still the same person. I washed how his parents as they left our dorms common room at the beginning of his sophomore year of ourself more year. He's the same person who procrastinate studying for tests fell in love with his future wife while online line in the bathroom and a party or slept on a mattress on a floor and a small apartment years after he could have afforded much more. In other words, he's human that was his attempted. So how closely was also human. But it's also is very humanity. That makes his unchecked power so problematic. We'll look our corrupts. No, individual key component of our society is checks and balances because we recommend since. Yeah. Go ahead. No. I'm just saying he'll also throw them under the bus for obsessed with gross domination Mark use the word domination describe our early embellishes with no hint of irony or humility. Yeah. Now, it was it was it was everywhere there wasn't. There wasn't anything new. But it was a summary of everything. I don't think it real look at the end of the day is a lot of ships. It all comes down to one thing the deal Jay and the FTC have to do it the marines the park services and the coast guard, everyday do everyday they have to do their damn job enough of the old investors and the billionaires coming forward and discovering their principles after they cash out, you know, Lena, con congress, we ha- Elizabeth Warren somebody has to write legislation and propose action, and it probably needs to be the DOJ under William bar. Yeah. That'll happen. We need government intervention here. We have literally lost the script. They've got. It's a pretty easy one make them spin. What's up may make them spin Instagram the greatest regulatory failures of the last ten year? I mean there used to be the number of of FTC actions has literally gone down it just just dramatically over the last thirty years. There's really no, you know, big as beautiful in the eyes of the. Beautiful, but not maybe not so much. We'll see where it goes. But it's very it's going to cause a lot of link. This is going to be like Wofford days. Facebook cannot catch a frigging break Kinley. Jeez. Louise, they've been catching me they've been catching the mother of all breaks every day this company that should be speaking, which I'm gonna talk a little bit about the Uber. Uber lifts. Yes. Exactly. So I think a key component to building a big unicorn, which will ultimately have to create monopoly power. Oftentimes, destroy jobs, oftentimes, engage in predatory behavior. Monopolistic job destroying behavior, not competitive behavior. I think they all a key component for all of these companies aqui asset. If I run the borders who is our heat shield in that is who is so likeable, and so inspiring that they hold the wolves at the door longer than they should. So bomber gates not likeable. I think that's why the DOJ in on them and ninety nine instead of like two thousand and three or four after they probably would have built their own search engine and the ultimate I think the ultimate he'll heat shield of the last fifty years was Colin Powell who took a year anguish service honor integrity, and basically got in front of the UN and lied and waved a vile around and convinced a bunch of western democracies to make the greatest geopolitical catastrophic decision history that killed eight thousand Americans permanently injured thirty thousand and a half a million arrack ease in basically a fall come on. Okay. So next. Heat shield, number two Sheryl Sandberg. Fire. We're talking about Uber lift hold on we're on. Okay. So I'll bring it back. Bring it back. She's underpaid a billion dollars, basically stating off the wolves while the platforms weaponized right because everybody leaning a new heat shield Dharam Tarrico's for shy with the CEO Lubar because he is very very likable. Articulate, he's nice. I think has live integrity. I also think he looks like one of the the clip art images. Ethnically is ethnically ambiguous enhance them? It's like, he's handsome. But I don't know where he's from. Let's see you had me until you started on his legs. Listen to me, the work. Stop you think that he that they're getting away with step with the drivers. Are you talking about this before and these work stoppages, do you think they're gonna matter? This idea that they the driver should get more for businesses. Just. It's going to be good until they get the down those wages down in one thousand nine hundred eighty there were four hundred work stoppages in America last year. There were thirty year before that there were seven work stoppages have basically become the kind of privilege only the rich like Google who can walk out and say, we're angry about this. But now we're going to go back to making three hundred thousand dollars a year because in one thousand nine hundred one Reagan said, okay, air, traffic, controllers, you want to stop you work fine and firing her ass, and there's basically basically unions have been racked. It used to be twenty percent of American workers thirty years ago, we're union now it's ten percent, by the way in Ireland ninety percent in Germany. It's really I didn't all German company boards have to have union representatives of workers, basically occupied like half the seed. So in some capitals men, kicking the shit out a labor for the last thirty years in the US. What do we do? What goes on sick? What occurs. Well, when was the last time, this is what is so unusual about the the work stoppages at Uber. And lift when was the last I don't think I've ever heard of workers going on strike the week of. The IPO. This is like spouses not talking to each other or their parents the day before their wedding. And maybe that happens, but it's a bad sign. Yes. So this is supposed to be happy happy. I mean, you would think they're not getting they're getting there. Th there's problems of giving them shares. There is I was with when Mark as Mark Cuban about this is going to run happens to be investment. And he said, you know, they should give the drivers stock figure out a way even though it's really complex. I've talked to Dr about this in the lift people about it. But and what the issue is that some of them work. Sometimes I'm in the more part time, it's super hard because they're not employees. Right. And mar Mark was like everybody who works from get stock. He was like there's gotta be a way to do it. And he was he thought it was really that. If you didn't equalize pay equity around things and every every person in your company doesn't get stock. Then you're gonna you're setting yourself for bigger Phil later, and I think Marcus correct about that. Yeah. And it would be impossible to screen all our content. We've been co opt into believing the percents. It's difficult. It's difficult to give some money after whereabout. We're about to register ninety billion dollars in value. But we can't figure out a way to get more than a dime per ride to our drivers. What do we do? Poor fucking us. Yeah, they can figure it out. I figured out a way. That's what marks they keep saying that they always go back to oh. But these workers have flexibility, I have workers that flexibility, and I figured out a fucking way to pay them a decent wage. I mean, this is such bullshit. Oh, we can't figure it out. I love in Scott. I show you all right. The union. They you know, I'm part of it. Coach anyways, remember that. Yeah. I do remember that commercial notion. They just can't figure it out. But they can figure out a way to have you in the back seat of a car. And have it gets you from here to Montauk without a driver over? They can't figure out a way to give their drivers stock. Give me. All right. Okay. Speaking, we're gonna do one last thing. And then we're gonna get to a break, and then wins and fails, Pete but edge. Wow. He's become the new tosa Silicon Valley. I just got another invite for him in Oakland. He's been all over Silicon Valley close hoovering up the dough. Why why what is it? They like about him lovely reporter. Teddy lever on Recode re has been writing a lot about where the tech money is going Reid Hoffman. Just did a thing for Corey Booker. But they like to judge. I guess they you know, they didn't much like Hillary Clinton. They did like Obama. And now Pete Buttigieg seems to be someone they're interested in. Although they were a lot of Bernie Rosen's Silicon Valley and stuff like that. So it's interesting that he's going out there and taking that money when tech is under such siege. That's what's kind of interesting about it to me. What do you think Pete? What do you think mayor Pete's chances are, I don't know. I don't know. I know you love him. But I think you know, he's got to keep the momentum going, obviously he made have peaked too early. Or I don't know it's a little early to to be the leading person. And then beta just hired someone who a very significant person from the Obama campaign who did delegate count. So I think it's going to be a long haul here who's going to who's going to make it. But he's definitely hoovering up the dough out there. And the question is is a good dote Hoover up. What do you think of Pete or others Cory Booker, others going in and getting tech money is that a bad thing or a good thing because it was more return the opiate money like it is their money. You can't take. Now. I don't think tech money is tainted. I don't I don't see. I think Pete needs the money. And you know, hate the hate the game not the player if you wanna be you can until Donald Trump the wo- the person that raised the money was one president. So, you know, there's a direct correlation between there's a direct correlation between money and your ability to win. So you just can't blame him. I think it's nice Bernie Sanders kind of change the game because he got so much money in small money donation and created this upward spiral that people felt powerful to say I have a candidate. That's not taking big money's taking small money, and the internet is enabled small kind of micro payments nations. So I think a lot of them have gone woke because they can and they can refuse pack money. It's just it's pure math though. I don't think Elizabeth Warren or Senator Warren was gonna get a ton of Pac money, but you know, Jeb Bush is basically Jeb Bush, basically in and Hillary Clinton, basically blew up the notion that money gets you an election. They were the first ones to raise the most money that didn't win. Yes. So I I don't know. But I don't I don't resent him. I don't have a problem with him taking tech. Money's. What do you think? There's an issue. Yeah. I I I don't think there's an issue at all. Yeah. I don't think there's an issue at all it's going to be and you know, who's. But what's incredible is Biden has actually extended his lead. And by the way. No prediction. I thought he was going to crash in the polls. And I got I did not you stronger. He's doing really well. And you know, who is hurting his Bernie. My mom likes to Biden. That's how I that's how I judge these things she'll vote for he will vote for boat. Joe Biden over Trump one hundred percent, if you're looking for those votes, if you're looking for those edge vote, you know, what I mean like, she's a typical Republican voter. But if you want to move the ones who voted for Obama back to that camp. It's she's he's the one. I'm sorry disappointing. But true. So right. So a window. Go ahead finish up because I'm gonna take an break. What? But we don't want to talk about a win a win. No. We're not yet after the ad break. All right. When we get back. We're gonna talk about a win has got so much wants to jump the gun here. Here in Silicon Valley. You hear a lot about growth. Scaling up is often the goal, but it's not without its growing pains. Like, how do you scale while maintaining your mission? Take the story of Bomba's, for example, after their founder learned socks or the number one item requested in homeless shelters. They said up to solve a problem. They established the brands mission of donating a pair of specially designed socks for each pair of super comfortable Bomba socks sold so far. They've donated over eighteen million pairs, they're growing very fast and hiring a ton of positions. But they want to be careful not to compromise their company culture as they continue to expand. Trying to help them develop an employee's handbook to help maintain workplace guidelines through their growth Trenet health Bomba sponsors, strong company culture from the ground up. So they could grow and help the people in need how can trying to help your business grow. Learn more about the full range of HR solutions at trying to dot com. TRI NET dot com. Trinet incredible starts here. Okay. Scott with back now with wins and fails go ahead and do your win. So my win is is your woman Senator Kamla Harris. Did you see her questioning of a tribe woman? More my I was gonna say your life. You know, what honestly I was going to say your girl or rather? And then I thought okay, I can't say your girl. That's a hate crime. I trigger you. Okay. So you're that's just rude. You're you're is anyways. Okay. Senator your center if I say. Opposite of complete sleep. If I said, your boy Pete is that disparaging I I don't like any of it because he's an adult Ella. Winter. The man boy, but a winner man a winner winner kala Harris questioning Wim bar. I thought she was outstanding. And you prosecutor just as just refund stopped a YouTube video of him at any moment while she is questioning him. And he looks like a seventy year old. It's just been caught masturbating by his parents any looks so incredibly embarrassed and without explanation. Well, he looks just entirely like, I don't know. What how I don't know. What to do how to answer? Just. No, I'm I'm I'm wrong. I he looks ridiculous. I thought she was I I would be she is literally the last person you would want to see in a courtroom when you're on the stand. So does it make any difference though? Like luck. He just he they all the contempt charges. Everything else doesn't matter. They're just they're just stonewalling. Like crazy and seem. To be doing rather well by doing it. But that's that's another loser. And that is our institutions in our referee. Isn't it starts at the top. Where now violating court orders are now violating ignoring subpoenas were now basically saying fine put me in contempt of congress. And it's it's trickling down to a lot of dangerous places in the NBA. People are yelling at refs calling them. One ref called a few excuse me, one player called the female reflecting bitch and other through his mouth guard at a referee, and what's most dangerous about it is not this this responsible reckless behavior. But the fact that it's being exhibited by the stars. And it's becoming associated with the best player. So if you're a real man, if you're really excellent what Tristan Tony? Well, this is. But also it it talked about it permeates. Even if you're not you don't read Facebook it permeates your culture. Well, you lawn musk. It's happening everywhere. A sign of your Mo-jo and your leadership and how bad ass you are is to stick up the middle finger to. Our institutions, and it's just not healthy. It's we're literally tearing this stuff apart at the same. So the big loser right now is our institutions and our referees. Well, yeah. But they can they do if someone says no it's like having incredibly bratty child who you really don't have control of it's our fault. So in the case of us. It's it's the electorate that doesn't elect people that have a backbone. It's I've start demanding start voting for people who say I'm going to break. These guys up start stopped going to Golden State Warriors games, stop buying season tickets or get rid of that corporate box from you say until the NBA actually starts imposing real fines with this sort of disrespectful behavior. I'm not interested in supporting the team, money talks and votes talk. We do live in a democracy. Because the scary thing is we've decided we liked this shit. Well, think it's because I mean, I do agree with Tristan say his name like that against done as you just said on said, I think it's true. It does it does it does seep down into the culture large. And so he said, even though. You can say you're not an online person that what's going on online, seeps everywhere. You know, whether it be, you know, the anti vaccine if you live in a neighborhood, there's actual physical dangers there. But also, the the conceptual idea that you can say and do anything like all bets are off. The purge Scott urge do you have any winners and losers this week? I do the New York Times reporting on Trump's finances. I really enjoyed the book. It was great. It was great. It was again, they'd like their tax thing. They're doing amazing reporting on this not that it matters. Again, does it matter does he wouldn't care and then they spend an into a success? And of course, he was trying to say that he'd like to he sensually admitted to tax fraud in how successfully was doing Tex ROY you've been now, we know he wasn't afraid to really he's not afraid to resident to release his taxes. I don't think because he's necessarily indicates a crime, which in might been more than anything the bottom line is his really bad businessmen. Yeah. He inherited a base. He inherited. I think approximately a half a billion dollars in manage to turn it in bed. Rent. Sounds like a good business for it. Sounds like the smart desma businessman in his son is just a kind of you know, the second generation was loses lobby sloppy. All right. The other fail. What is your fail this week? I had my fail. The. Refs and institutions lesson. You okay predictions. We gotta get out of here. Predictions predictions. Okay. You were wrong about Biden. So let's just wrong about buying. But let's revisit our lift for diction. How's that going? How's that were not good this week? We nailed the prediction on left. So let's talk a little bit about Uber. Uber's prediction. The prediction for them the keep coming. They keep lowering the price range. It's now down to ninety building. I think I'm not sure it's much more fun to talk about dramatic predictions. But I've decided my prediction around Uber. In terms of the stock is going to be met. I think this thing is being perfectly manicured and measure to a small pop in. That's about it it it. And I think it'll hold steady. And in the first quarter is going to be the thing that's going to determine Uber successor. It's ability to maintain this incredible valuation that they've been able to convince the market is their ability to like Amazon using use their money losing flywheel ecommerce in this case ride hailing to spin out other profitable businesses. And they've shown in ability. To do that unlike lift with ubereats now candidates and lift at big a good quarter in terms of growth. It was a very impressive growth quarter. We'll care give me give me tell me to go build a two billion dollar business. News billion dollars on I'll show you growth. I mean, that's just not that hard. No now, that's not quite it was close to a billion you give me a credit card or the billion dollar credit limit. I'll I'll create the illusion of on that next week. I'm going get Jimmy one of us is not a discover card. Don't give me a discover card. It's got to be an AmEx. That's my friend Bill Maher, which you were not on God. Oh my God. It's like Moby looks like you let me that's not an eye on their rubbing the Trump against his penis. That ruined thought that was you by the way, what happened to that guy? One of the best albums ever play. I mean, literally one of the best albums ever and just like Michael Jackson's anything. Now, you can't wants the last thing is issues around personal problems for drinking and drugs and stuff like feel bad. I'll give a genius by the way. I I don't know how you're going to sponsor this. You know, what I thought when I saw you care you look nice. You look at what are you doing? What did you do? Whatever you did there. You should do that every day. I'm like well CARA is attractive is that a hate crime. Do you feel triggered right now? You've got see me in person and very tried to impress. Caroline. Nice. And then I switched it off. And went back to me. And I'm like, I can't believe they didn't invite me on that program. My first thought was that you look nice. And I thought I thought I thought the show was that was actually passable was hysterical that give me some behind the is there like does he take you to his home in the Hollywood hills and like crush? Or something about the party. Tell me about the party. It was a it was just a party in one of the rooms. There was very nice. And then I went out to dinner with Kathy Griffin and a bunch of friends of mine talk about a downshift talk about downgrade. No, she was great. And then the morning I had breakfast in Ashton Kutcher who I know pretty well was sitting next to me. It was all very Hollywood weekend. It was a very good breakfast with us coach was sitting next to me with his kids. That's all he just happened to sit down. It was weird. I happen to know him because he was so he's an investor in Uber. He's you know, I've known him for a long time because he's invested in a lot of tech company. So it was very funny to have him and his lovely wife meal. Kunas sit down with this beautiful children. Anyway, what a shocker they have beautiful kids. Yeah. Yeah. But it was nice. It was at a deli. They're just I like Hollywood because of that you run into people speaking of beautiful children, my idea and tell me what you think of this. Okay. Was I gotta get out. I think I think AO see and beta should marry. Now have millions of kids. I then take those kids. I weapons is them with AI. We take over Australia. I become general concert of Australia, and I'll make you the first lesbian mayor of Perth. That's how we roll pursers like California in the fifties. It's streaming really isn't Melbourne is beautiful. There was a lovely story in the New York Times of thirty six hours. I love Melbourne. It's the San Francisco of the southern hemisphere. Whatever it's pretty my my nephew lives there. Scott CARA much. All right. Prediction for for the price for Uber. When since you that was your pretty what is the prediction for the price of over. So there's been too hot. There's been too cold this'll be the Goldilocks IPO. It'll do what it's supposed to. It'll get a decent Panatta. Crazy pop nothing. Like beyond me, intellectually whole. I think this is I think the bankers job here. Okay. All right. Well, we'll see. We'll talk about that next week. We'll know these things then we'll see the fallout from the Chris you see and see what next billionaire turns on Mark Zuckerberg in the ongoing game of thrones. In that in that in that county. Did you see by the way? Did you see the pictures of those two Chris shoes? And yes, Mark sugar before I'm convinced working at Facebook is like being president. I think age ages you. Unnaturally those guys look like my grandfather and just five years ago. They both looked like my paper boy there in time or they are aging at five times been big heavy tears for them. I don't feel sorry for quite seriously. God. Well, when you're amazing head of hair was so beautiful. Anyway, Nishad care what the show's executive producers got I'll see you next week. Thanks also to Johnson. Thanks for listening to pivot from box media with back next week for breakdown of all things tech and business. Make sure you subscribe to the show and apple podcasts. If you like this week's episode, leave us a review. 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