Natalya Shares MSG Memories and Code Oranges Jami Morgan Talks Entrance Music


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What does it mean for the fan that raw is back at MSG and we have the Talia that's going to join us to talk about some of her favorite favorite memories of the garden and also when it comes to how about this Bret Hart and Owen Hart their big match at Madison Square Garden Plus we talked to the nation about some of their memories and thoughts about the return to MSG and also we have a very special guests you've heard Bray Wyatt's entrance theme you've heard Alastair blacks interesting how `Bout Jamie Morgan of Code Orange the band that does both those teams he joins us about his memories of being a fan what it means to be part word of the wwe end nose to now connick entrance these all that right now on the bus dope podcast raw and smackdown are going to be live live at Madison Square Garden and again it hearkens back memories of MSG the the the monthly shows that we used to watch on on the MSG network of the WWF Massive Square Garden all the Great Memories. I mean I mean you you hear about it all the time. Jimmy superfly Snuka off the top put a cage against Morocco back in October one thousand nine hundred eighty three you know. Ho- cogan winning the WWF championship at Madison Square Garden Against the iron when Sheikh the iron sheik having the Camel Clutch on Bob Back Lynn Arnold SCO skull and throwing in the Dow and that's how back and lost that WWF championship happy chip dusty Rhodes going up against superstar Billy Graham. I mean so many great memories from that Slava Pat Patterson yeah. Oh Oh my gosh the sargent slaughter the bootcamp match can't man who F- so many and then even further when you talk about like here in the studio yeah we have wrestlemainia ten on bread hard against Owen Hart. I mean so many amazing memories at Madison Square Garden. Do you have any short stories or memories. He's of being at Madison Square Garden and you're not talking about last night like you know I had a championship match Jack Swagger. That was pretty hard to follow and a lot of fun and we we wanted to steal it. You go you go into the garden with the with the mentality of I'm <unk>. I'm going all out. I'm how to best match that I could have and Jack was the champion and we had a good one and I man I was so proud of that match and it was one of those carry you over long periods of time because you did good at the garden man unbelievable and I remember doing that show with Chris Jericho both you and Chris Jericho and talk is Jericho sharing memories of Madison Square Garden and understanding to do that now with the Barclay Center. It's cheaper. It's easier. It's more accessible. You've talked about that mark that it's actually so much easier and cheaper for the WWe to have a summer slam to have a role at the have a smackdown at Barclays as opposed to Madison Square Garden. You know and it's not just the economics of it is is the you can you can get there to fans could get there and the accessibility <hes> like jacket a car. You drop off right in the front and you walk in like in the garden yesterday. In line you gotta go around about and in and out and go through metal detectors that are ancient well of course they've upgraded everything now since then but <hes> there was a time when it was just you know more difficult and I can understand that and you talked about like before that the wwe or MSG kind of forgot about the wwe but you could say that the other side to that the wwe forgot about MSG. Hey this is the first time in over ten years. What did it take. It took that probably that's sold out new Japan ring of Honor Show for them. The recognize recognize. Hey you know what we probably shouldn't re- you know forget about this building and how special this building is and I'm sure with Vince McMahon. I'm sure that that somehow some way. Vince McMahon had to be hurt by the fact that another wrestling organization came into that building and sold it out you you know what I would think so I mean I would if it was if it was my company I would want to keep a for lack of a better term stranglehold <unk> own all the venues in New York state <hes> not just the city especially one is highly regarded as the guard special cook in it is special and not just from <hes> the boxing and basketball and all the shows does that are performed <hes> the concerts you know springsteen streak and the list goes on the WWE has been coming here for love very very long time and wrestling at the garden is is like going to Venice Beach and going to the gym or run into boardwalk like there. There's some things in America that are historic and <hes> you want to preserve those and I don't think that <hes> the wwe felt like it was preserving that and they had to get back to it. I right it's special to you as a performer your first time or laying plane the garden. CNN that ceiling knowing what time was horrible. I I know it was a horrible horrible. EXP explain that how is it a horrible experience. I was so nervous so nervous I tripped going through the ropes and I didn't fall down but I stumbled jumbled and the guy in the front row big Mega Fan Boo. Get Your Green as out of here like he let me have it and then everybody else Powell song wrong and you're standing there thinking about what's next and all you can feel is this overwhelming sense of failure of Oh by God. I ruined the whole night stumbling through the roses so it was not my my best. I can understand that but did you were you. May maybe a little bit more nervous than usual because it was Madison Square Garden. Yeah exactly and that actually is a good thing when you learn how to use it <hes> but I was new and I could not get myself together. I almost threw right before I walked through the Kurt. Weill and I was swallowing wallowing it down when I walked to the ring and a guy that was I just I'm sitting here. I'm getting nervous just thinking about how nervous and and that's because you have special that building was in Erie. Body made me aware of it like Yo. This is the garden is like is is GonNa be like a pay per view like do your best. Don't save anything like this is. This is where it is so this is a great point so you knew. Do you already do it already but in case you didn't. They were people in that locker room. That reminded you how special this building was to the company. Do you think that goes on now. Do you think that there's younger wrestlers on the roster that are going to be working tonight or tomorrow night and that there's somebody saying to them. Hey you really need to understand the importance inside this building to us. I there there will be the best guys in the veteran. GUYS will be letting everybody know okay okay. That's just that's a given and you. There's posters on the wall. When you walk in Locker Room this way. Do Your best this is the guard amount and it is different is not like any other thing that we do other than me all right so obviously the gardens important into you for me as an old school fan. I'm forty eight years old. The garden means something to me. I'm wondering if there's a fan base now that watches the shows ah lost on I'm wondering listen. It's been ten years since there have been a raw smackdown. It's been years since they've had a pay per view. It's been years since there's been a significant moment at Madison Square Garden. I'm wondering if there's a generations of fans that you know what think you know what it's not that big of a deal. You know what the form out in. La Means just as much to me. You know the the the the arena Chicago means that much more to me now here in Philly phillies Bob the are there now fans are just lost completely on how special and what the garden means to the wwe. I hope not I would hope not because the garden to me is where the greatest performance that ever performed and your goal was to be able to get on the car. I mean you're gonNA have eight matches. Maybe <hes> nine at the most and you wanted to be one of those guys in if you weren't on that garden show one to pay day was going to be awesome because because it was such a big venue and so little people perform but also it was the prestige of being able to say hey. I performed at the garden or even taking another step forward. I main event at the garden. My name was on the Bill Madison Square Garden in Lights New York City Mark Henry versus men as is hard to be. It's heartbeat in any venue where the box wrestle perform as a singer do a one man show a comedy body. Whatever like the Madison Square the Madison Square Garden is the standard this broad way and be able to say I perform you made it gorilla monsoon used to say it all the time Madison Square Garden the Mecca of professional wrestling. Do you agree with that statement. I do around the world <hes> there's many venues that we go to and in my opinion and a Lotta people like we had the conversation with Jericho. We all think that the garden is the place where you go to perform to make history and has been ten years so is ten years since someone was able to go there and make history history. We'll be made tonight. There'd be somebody that's GONNA come out tonight. They will talk about for the next ten fifteen if you don't know Sirius Xm than listen up commercial missile free music plus sports comedy talk and news they had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius Xm but you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars just go to siriusxm dot com slash bust it does offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius he's Xm dot com slash busted offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers Sirius Xm no car required wondering tonight MSG Gee how loud that building's going to be the first time there's been a raw tomorrow night first time a smackdown and over ten years as gorilla monsoon used to call the Mecca of professional wrestling Madison Square Garden and I know for me as an old school fan extremely significant having the wwe back at Madison Square Garden we saw back in April ring of honor and New Japan at a sold out Madison Square Garden Madison Square Garden Jordan still mean something to me mark it does and it should because it's the the garden is earned a special place and it wasn't lunges wrestling that got that job done. I mean it's it's the Mecca for entertainment so that being said music doc the fine arts like sporting events like boxing and now. MMA like there's so much that it's come to New York <hes> pity that it used to guard speak selene beyond concerts. Bette Midler at the garden like best. That's what you is synonymous with being at competing and performing high level and it was only right that everybody loves pro wrestling get to see pro wrestling in the biggest stage and were and for me as a fan to walk into that building to look up see that ceiling even though that the building's been renovated it doesn't matter to me you see that ceiling see that exit sign and it reminds of like we talked about that microphone coming down from the ceiling and Howard Finkel introducing reducing those matches I look at the table outside the ring I think of gorilla monsoon and Pat Patterson doing the commentating I think of all the sellouts of Bruno San Martino defendant at w. w. w. f. championship Bob Boecklin as wwf champion Hogan beating the Iron Sheik in January of Nineteen eighty-four and winning thing that wwf championship Jimmy superfly snuka going off the top of the cage and missing against Bob Dylan but then in one thousand nine hundred eighty three in October Jimmy snuka dropping drum jumping off the top of that cage onto the magnificent Morocco after that match losing that opportunity of winning the intercontinental title the Rock's debut do right you know we just played a triple h e coming back from injury John Cena winning the Royal Rumble. I mean so many significant memories even now you look at it. Kofi who've Kingston who's your. WWe champion who we're going to see over the course of the next two nights at Madison Square garden with raw and smackdown his big moment before Wrestlemainia thirty eighty five was the matchup with randy or at Madison Square Garden to me. There is an encyclopedia of memories with what as I said gorilla monsoon used to call the Mecca professional wrestling. I heard a great story about Bruno Mars performing at Madison the Square Garden and saying that it was it was a big moment for him to perform at Madison Square Garden not because he made it uh-huh as an artist that he is sold out Madison Square Garden but that the reason that he was named Bruno was because his dad was a fan of Bruno San Martino and Bruno San Martino performed at the Garden Helluva Store Yup hell of a story Lori and I I just I just sit back down. I think about how his his parents must feel to see their kid sell allowed to garden and his dad was coming to shows to see see Bruno San Martino his favorite wrestler and name his kid after after him I I'll I'll take it to the present time with somebody like Selena Vega. I'm very friendly with you know she lost her father at nine eleven and you know her dad used to have her watch professional wrestling in her first ever performance at Madison Square Garden how that what that meant for her emotionally the her ties highs with their dad or dad being a wrestling fan. That's the other thing too. It's one thing the watching on that little box that you have in your living room on your TV but I'm sure everybody not has those memories the first time they ever went you. Have you have the memories. The first time you ever performed at Madison Square Garden I have the memories of the first time ever walked into Madison Square the garden and and to look at those places in the arena I only saw on TV the brute advertisement that was all the way up of uh-huh up in Upper Tier said the exit sign in the ceiling and everything else like you know as a kid you saw that so many times on your TV and then when you walked into the arena that larger than life that building a mean something and you could there could be other buildings that you grew up. You know going to see wrestling I know I did. It wasn't the garden but the first time I went to the garden. How significant that moment was for me as a fan? Dave I mean this the the nostalgia of anything is you know especially but I have to equate the things that <hes> did it for me as a kid and that was pro wrestling <hes> you know seeing Andre the giant in at the Beaumont and saving center which is a small building only hailed about four thousand people. I can't imagine if my experience what my experience might have been like if it was in New York City seventeen thousand people and I got to see Andre in garden. How how must have would have felt like what would it felt like and for people like you? WHO's experienced was that give me a <hes> like could just a brief like side note of something that struck you so much that even to this day when you go into garden so you still feel that same thing it's anticipation forget about like those moments of walking into the corridor and seeing the arena like I said seeing the ceiling and the exit sign and the brute route advertisement it's the anticipation beforehand when when my father turned a corner and you see the arena from the distance like that's something can you only saw on TV and just to fill in the buying the program outside getting a Hotdog Pretzel and then and then walk into the garden just a feeling the smells of the city and the taxi and the traffic and you know just the anticipation of knowing that you're about to walk into a building that has such a rich history history that you have the cut with a knife like you mentioned the Bruno's in the backlands in though and the Andres the first-ever Wrestlemainia was in that building likely you're hearing hearing God's busted open live weekdays from nine. Am To twelve PM Eastern on Sirius Xm Fire Nation Channel One fifty six four on demand with the Sirius XM APP the man behind Code Orange joins us here in Studio Nets Jamie Morgan Jamie. How are you man. What's up man. How are you you. You know what I I apologize I all because you're supposed to be in studio a little bit earlier and I I was sick in the hospital and I canceled because as I told Alex Smith our producer I what if you're GonNa have Code Orange in studio. It's gotTa be when do this so I appreciate. I appreciate you coming back. No thank you man. Are you all right y'all. That's still left up to debate trying to keep him from doing too much touch and then music to make sure that he comes back down. Don't get too excited. Stay hydrated and try and get plenty any water <unk>. I just hope that you know you wouldn't like some. The bully raves conspiracy there that though Dave just wanted the date he wanted out. He didn't want me in here and this one no no no. It's actually the opposite as a matter of fact. My doctor wants to take another month off and I said no way Code Orange Orange. Jamie's going to be in so do die. It's probably because you're here Jamie Alva- question. Let's go. How did you feel when Bray Wyatt made his first going down the ramp entrance. It was amazing straight up. We all we kind of found out pretty last minute that what was what was going down as as always over there so we all gathered around were waiting and they don't you know they don't know necessarily. I think when stuff's happening until maybe they won't tell well. We're sitting there waiting. We're getting towards the end of the show. Where like is this hap- we really didn't know for sure it was happening until it happened happen so when it happened and I was like wow it blew us away. We were so excited it looked so the visual aspect of it. It was like this is greater than we could have ever imagine you know so. I'm not a horror guy when he came down and the first thing I saw was the lamp. Yep Yeah of Bray winds head with the mouth open and the light coming out and with that music with that said like it was it amplified the experience and music is always done that for me has always been something amplified a time or experience <hes> Alex. Thanks is hilarious that <hes> I'm a guy that has nightmares you know big burly dude three hundred and thirty pounds go to sleep after watching something remotely scarier than Waking Up screaming. All now is ridiculous but <hes> I was down in Orlando for the reunion show and I'm standing at talking to make Foley and all of a sudden Bray Wyatt walks up and he's got got the mask on and turn and I see him and I just I just take off running and Dan. I'm running through a people like part like the Red Sea. Yeah I and I'm running and get to a dead end the elevator and I'm like I'm hitting the bunch trying to go up stuff and he of course he. He wasn't even follow him. If he'd been following. I really would have sucked. He's he gets into it. He I had the privilege of seeing the lamp and the whole deal like a while ago and he just sent me a picture picture of it and I was like they're really going to let you bring this out. This is insane and they did. They let them do the or he did. The whole everything you wanted to do so I mean it was completely his brainchild brainchild like deeply and you know him and the the you know I don't want to say I don't really wants to be say but the people that they worked with him on all that stuff I mean they are. They're so so had so much creative <hes> control over everything they wanted to do and it was it was it he had come right out of his head the way that it is where were you able to sitting on a process and see the summit of product a finished product and base your music offend or did you listen to his old music and then have your idea of what it is <hes> because that when you listen to it. I it sounds like just a hard rock doc like punched in the face type of song and then you know then you get the you get the head. Sway Gimmick. You know like how did how did that. Come about it. Honestly was super organic the way it happened. Basically he followed us on twitter like this. This was like a year ago and I just followed him back and I literally just messaged them and I was like hey. I think we should do something together. I think our vibes fit especially. If you're following us you liked the band. Just keep us in mind for whatever and he hit us back a little bit later and we kind of gone back and forth about it and you know it's. It's there really aren't any songs they have right now that are done entirely by bands or by artists. They do collaborative type of things with the people they work with but it's very rare. I don't even know if there is one currently where it's just trust the artists just does it and that's it so we had to work on that so <hes> he <hes> eventually just messaged me and he was like hey call me right now which Scott on the phone for like an hour and a half and he told me what he was planning on doing and what he was in two and I knew exactly obviously I'd seen I'm a fan Dan so I've seen all the itself but just in terms of why culturally what I feel like he was trying to pull from it. It's in line with what we do and the motions were trying on a poll on and our regular music so which is not not really I met not for this. Actually Neil hit us up took perform at the annex t when we did but this was directly just been down braised door and then bray I think having to really go go to bat for it and be like this is it and like I said we the way we the way we fund may the song was we got word from Bray. Try because we we don't we didn't have any final confirmation never told hey you guys can do the song here's the material work with it. None of that happened so we went to youtube watched every single one of those firefly funhouse and watch everything. I just made a list. I made a list of the hurt he oh I saw that on his gloves and we just kept watching and kept watching it and we just sat there. We knew we wanted it to be reminiscent old song. We put it together again. No input no <hes> no confirmation that this was going to mow. Don't do not not do this or don't do it. They didn't tell us to do it. They never they never told us to do it. So we just said we had pretty much decided. We were going to Europe a couple of weeks later later. We're playing a couple shows with slipknot and so we decided you know what if we don't get this. Donna recorded right now. They're going to be able to have the excuse not really the excuse but the reason I say hey hey. They can't get it done in time. You know we we hit them up but it's it's too long to make it happen because that's how it works. Somebody you know what you've no excuses. Nothing Zero and you know they talk about the wwe me how everything is so controlled but think about this they come up with the saw fers have put together and for the most part the song that you who put together really hasn't been changed lyrically it has not been changed as the only thing that was ever changes they added the you know the. Inter they did at Summer Slam they kind of chopped up some the interest off till one with the video and a little bit different but the song they put on spotify everything that's the song we recorded at my house with our stuff with no input put in no changes. They didn't even and that was really cool them like in being a fan. I hear the same things that you're referring to which is like how hyper controlling of environment maybe it is or maybe it's not. I don't really know but that's what you hear and this is. You don't have that experience saying it is controlled in what you just did does not what happens yeah in twenty years. I've not ever heard that well. I really feel like that is because of him because I don't again. I don't want to say the exact timeline one or anything but it was down to the wire we had we were sitting on this song for a while and you know they came to. Pittsburgh the week before summer summer slam and we're from Pittsburgh so we met with him and I just me and him just talked about it. Chop it up. We went to eat and we were both just like we gotTA. Oughta make this happen. This is the song one hundred percent. This song is going to make could make the moment because this is a song you wanted. You describe what you wanted. We made exactly what you wanted and no one's GonNa. No one's going to do it better than that because this right from you and he just he went in and he fought for it hard. I'm pretty sure and and they they were great about it so respect for them. Well you know there's two things the only two things I can think of mark one is they probably are putting a Lotta stock into this character defend that they are convinced that this is going to be the next big thing so they're putting a lot of stock into into they just love the product that was presented by Dr. They said hey this is perfect. This this exemplifies everything everything that we want to throw out there. I want to hear it again because I I listen to it last night and 'cause. I knew you were going to be here but Mike. When in this studio it sounds so much better because you can use it at all a little biddy details after and that that that roar roar roar like is that your voice or is that at some <hes> some kind of instrument that we actually did a mixture? I mean are banned. Normally normally it's a lot of roaring but <hes> we we went to I mean. I don't want to say exactly how he did it because I don't know what he wants me to everyone but we chopped up a bunch of samples. We we toss things in there. We took voice samples that we wanted <hes> we did a lot. How do our own music our music is a mixture of metal oh and hardcore but also electronic music and industrial and all so we're used to you know topping up vocal samples and one of them and we took his stuff from the videos. We chopped it up so some of its him his voice clips like the kind of Stinger at the beginning. You know where like it builds up. I mean what's the these last eighteen nineteen months been for you. I mean it's been amazing. Armband has been on a very long journey. I mean we started. We started our band. When we were fourteen years old. We all met in high middle school and high school and as soon as we graduated high school we started touring when we were seventeen so I mean we've been touring in vans playing everything from people's houses and in basements all the way now up to you know where we're growing to now. You know so it's we've been working hard for really long time so it's kind of just pushing forward and we've learned to try to really try to find our own opportunities because they never it doesn't really fall in our lap like. I don't think as great as wwe are and like Neil is and everything. I don't think we ever would've been emailed. Hey do you guys WanNa do this. On that. Type of thing doesn't really happen for us so you know we just we. That's taught us to just go for it and I think <hes> the pass this all this stuff with the WBZ. It's been amazing straight up. It's been it's the first. WB show ever went to was it was I think it was ju- Noah's John Cena debut with Kurt Angle. Wow Yeah Yeah and <hes> so I've been watching yourself and everybody my whole life life sell. It's it's been unbelievable. It's been awesome. I got a question to take you back to <hes> when you met the gang guys in your band in the seventh eighth grade junior high middle school. You said I have a son. That's the lead singer in a band awesome and you know like some kids like look down on them. Play music and <hes> the giants go through any of that like where you have people that was like man y'all a weird or you know this. This is you're not gonNA make it like any of that stuff for sure. I mean one hundred percent. We didn't even this story. I've told before whatever but we didn't even get into like our high schools battle the band there's only like six bands and one band couldn't get in and all the other bands didn't even vote for us to get in. You know what I mean so. We've always just been pretty. It was like a situation where everyone sitting there and it's like raise your hand for each band situations because we were terrible which is cool and we're like a punk band so it's it was very. Are you like even more yeah but we were so aggressive about pushing ourselves. <hes> in people's face like we were hand flyers outside of school and sometimes just throw fires at people and stuff but you know yeah. We got all kinds of stuff like that but we like. I said we were committed very early. Wha what happened is when I was in middle school. I was in another band and it kind of fell out so when I started high school and I met Reba actually who is is my bandmate. I told her right then. I'll say okay you know being fourteen okay if we start this band when we graduated high school we can't go to college or anything. We have to just go touring choose like okay. I actually did I want. I want you to hold that thought because when we can you stick around view minutes love I love. I love if you don't know series. He's Xm then. Listen Up Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news they had it all a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius Xm but you don't you can listen outside the car right right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollar just go to Sirius Xm dot com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at at home and online that Sirius Xm dot com slash plus did offer available to new Sirius Xm streaming subscribers Sirius xm no car required the fiend Song Yeah Yeah that's me on drums and that's me and <hes> reba singing and <hes> we got the play offs or song at the annex t just through again kind of similar thing just knowing him and him being superindent metal and heavy music so there's a lot of guys back there who are in Barron Corbin's and other biggies yeah we met him. He actually hung out with us. How angry you got most of our listeners by saying Baron Corbin. Is Cool eight high long. Barry Corbin marks a big bag. Gordon got people hate. Barron core well. He's a cool guy. He was like we were backstage stage at the annex t and then <hes> the summer slam the next day last year. Actually I think and we were just sitting there eating like at the catering. They told us to go elite and he came in line next to the big show and stuff. I'm like this is insane but we don't WanNA bother anybody so we're just keeping ourselves obviously and he got the right to bother whoever the hell you in the back because all you gotta do hey man is James from especially really down after being on busted open. Now your big wrestling fan your over your over. Hawk zone now Rehab and this is just the guest is not a wrestling fan. She's down down with it. They're all down but like they're not fan fans the way that I am in <hes> but they all they've gone to a bunch of shows I mean they've gone a million times now. They know oh all the guys and everything I just saw. This is why I'm such an ASS mark. I just realized and I actually Kinda remembered it the first time we thought we're going to have Jane become on on show but my stepdaughter. Sarah is a big Code Orange Fan. Favorite bands are Code Orange Typo negative. I love type and I didn't even think of asking her to come today like I just realized what's that. It just hit me now. Well that's good to favorites. I'll tell you what are you gonNa if I do say. Hey guess what you know Kinda Impromptu. We didn't even know it was. I'm thinking not saying anything at all. I think I think the best thing probably not to say anything. Go over well. He's wearing a typo negative jack. Oh Yeah we just did a really cool interview with type with two of the members of type O negative where we ought to interview them about all their records. This was actually the week when we're supposed was to be here. It was really cool. Wow Yeah the good story to share with Sarah. Yes yeah right now with the they don't do that. It's you know she's going to have been blocked anyway so she won't say you're boy ran Corbin. Just text me real magic. Madge just woke up the code. Ours is who no. That's that's called passive aggressive that and also to if I'm not mistaken you're able to use one of your own songs as well for Annex T so you're able to use something that was an original song that you had one of your albums that you're able to use on get a lot of exposure from that's how it kind of came about is our song. They have the theme songs for next. They don't really do that for <hes> main roster hobbies but they have like the themes that they really push for our song was that and then our connection with ouster. I think they just came up with the idea of having us. We we opened the show with our song. Live literally live on the air which was scary. I didn't know they flew that like Cedar. Your pants like we again. We did not play two tracks. We didn't play all the samples you were hearing in that in that in in the songs are keyboardist shade like he chop them up as was physically applying them so we just stopped playing this show what had just completely went off the rails so I was just sitting there like oh my gosh and they were just like three to one and we were just playing live like on the air and it was live so that was really scary experience but it was awesome and with annex t they're kind of like even though obviously going live on USA on Wednesdays Wednesdays. They're kind of like the underground ran of the wwe so triple h has done an amazing job of like you know embracing that type that style of music knowing that it's kind of under he likes it straight up we he misses a crazy story about him so we came to New York the day before that show and they got us a little rehearsal space. When we were rehearsing they told us this is the night before that show and some little rehearsal space in Brooklyn they tell us triple. H is going to come to your guys rehearsal. He he pulls up with just like two guys came to our little space at like midnight and just watched us play the songs and hung out with us and this is like the night before his giant show in in two days before Summer Slam. I'm like this is crazy and he was he was beyond cool. I mean like I <hes> that dude. Neil actually I think turned him and it was like you know. If if you want anything thing change or whatever we can figure it out. Who's it's perfect? Oh He's the man straight up and he backstage you. You know he was running that whole show literally every ten minutes he was coming giving us hugs saying what's up to US making sure we were good like triple. H actually this is crazy and he's a motorhead motorhead guy he. He likes to all metro stop to he has like a playlist. I know that had like us on and he has you know metallica motor other newer bands and so he's he's all about it. You you know it goes. It goes back to high school. If you remember high school the musicians were always the cool guys in high school that got along with everybody. It was the athletes that were asking in the passive aggressive stuff coming out again because we like what are some of the bands that you grew up with. What are some of the bands that you listen to. When you're growing up we well we got in to we got into medal and stuff through punk so we started out with just the classic punk bands like minor threat bad brains and black flagging them. You know we got into more hardcore and metal and got into the chrome and got into Pan Tara entitled negative in central Tehran and you know we have all kinds of music nine inch nails. We Love <hes> everything so we love hardcore. We love metal. <hes> yeah. Ponca all of it. It's all we were. We're kind of like a combination of a lot of different elements Jamie. This is this is Jamie you. I mean if you want your welcome to hang here for the rest of the show. We actually had this show on Friday where you know Earl Campbell just hung out for the whole show favor Earl Campbell so you're welcome <hes> to hang out for the rest of the show but if you decide not to it's been an absolute pleasure having you on good luck with everything and hopefully we'll hear more your music may be in the wwe but if not code orange is killing it in. We really appreciate the time. Thank you so much man. Thank both you and I we gotTA. We gotta stay in touch me. If you ever come to Austin Man I wanna come see you perform. You've got to bring bring the kids will love the Bringham likely you're hearing. God's busted open live weekdays from nine. Am To twelve PM Eastern on Sirius them Fight Nation Channel fifty six or on demand with the Sirius Xm APP Jamie Morgan decide to stay a hang out with the show. I love it. I'm sitting here talking to him about my kids and letting him listen to play and they're amazing. They're insanely talented man. I wait today here. It is post that up have you you. You posted his kids man. I'm always scared to post stuff like with them and I actually put them on facebook. One time and pay facebook took it down because of the music was not copyrighted what they were doing that to us our own song for this pray. While how do we had to go around and get it like through. WBZ unblocked something from this. Let's get some exactly. It just kept going down all night. I'm like three. Am the night of the summertime on my boys boasts. Please posing homework so well. I mean it's going to be a a big couple of nights here. In New York. We've been talking about it a lot especially on today's show raw the return of raw to Madison Square Garden Arden and the return of smackdown Mass Square Garden now. I've been talking about it for weeks. I think it's a huge deal. I understand especially at my age of forty eight the importance importance of Madison Square Garden to Wwe the memories the moments there's so many of them and actually went to social media this weekend and I asked the question. Is this huge just to me or is this huge to every wrestling fan and somebody who reached out and said it's huge isn't Italia and she was kind enough to join us. I mean she's got a big show tonight but she was kind enough to join us in Italia. Joins us here on busted open and thanks so much for the time. Thanks so much for having Leon what was important to have you on because I know that you understand the significance of the return of raw and smackdown from Madison Square Garden Yeah. I mean it's like me. It's just the garden is so special and it's I mean coming back. I've been to the garden a few times. I performed here several times and every single time I come back garden it just feels so significant because some of the greatest matches for me that have taken place in my family have happened here at the garden like Owen Versus Brett Wrestlemainia ten my dad actually made his WWe debut at Madison Square Garden and it's yeah it's just to me. It's like I just like. I've been anticipating this all week. I've been thinking about it all week. Last night. I was getting emotional thinking about about it. 'cause there was a picture. I posted today instagram and Gene Oakland is the commentator and my dad is it's his first time ever wrestling and wwe and Howard our goal is the ring announcer and it's just like that is history and and it's at the garden which to me it's like this is just to me is just as special as Wrestlemainia and I remember I mean I was one of the first times ever took my daughter to see pro wrestling not only was it at Madison Square Garden but it was also about six years ago. Go Ahead Bret Hart appreciation day at Madison Square Garden and I remember how significant that was for me because they did a great job of showing some bread hearts. It's amazing moments in that building and what a great place to have Bret Hart Appreciation Day and I. I just feel like over the last ten years to tell you. Tell me if I'm wrong long but I think maybe even I can't talk for the performers but I think for a lot of fans because there's been such a void that they've forgotten how big this building is. Well I think because you know everything everything is moving so fast and we have you know and wwe were were performing year round and ev- every a day it's like a different city state country continent so sometimes even we get a little desensitized to the places that were going but when you look back at the history of the garden ah there's just so many special things that have happened there and to me you know. I <hes> I've actually spread through my dad's ashes is <hes> near the garden and the reason why I did that was because my dad maintained throughout his whole career that that MSG was his favorite replace wrestle and so when my family my mom and my sisters and I were deciding like hey you know. Where do we WANNA? You know what what what what would be so special with my dad what it'd be meaningful and that was just so meaningful for him so for us like this. Is You know again my dad's favorite place to wrestle but it's also there's no there's no place more especially to compete than at Madison Square Garden and be back here two nights <hes> it's just I don't know I get goosebumps talking about it. Thank you for sharing that I mean I noticed emotional emotional deal <hes> as a kid. Did you ever get to come to the garden and watching the family members perform you know my dad was really protective active about <hes> growing up like he didn't want us at he didn't. WanNa you know shows because he just felt like it wasn't a place for kids or wasn't played for especially little girls because because of how crazy and hectic it was backstage so no I didn't. I didn't get to go to New York and Watch my dad perform. Yeah Yeah. My Dad was just like you know very hearing too so yeah. He was very protective of but I you know like one of my favorite wrestling matches a pure wrestling match that if you WANNA get into pro wrestling if you if you really are serious about it I always tell People Watch Bret Hart versus Owen Hart Madison Madison Square Garden Wrestlemainia tents and to me like that matches so significant because you look at wwe hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. She said when she saw that match APPs. She knew that she wanted to be a professional wrestler and so you know I look back on those moments and like it's so cool to say that my family is in the garden. GotTa make history you know and they got to create an iconic moments but part of why they were icon is because they were at the garden. There was a special deal. It's a special when you perform at Madison Square Garden. It's just a different by it brings different emotions than people it brings up different emotions in the crowd and in the performer I remember the first time seeing your father live and it was it was the night before my birthday was back in one thousand nine hundred five and my my family took me to the garden and it was the Hart Foundation Foundation against the British bulldogs and this is like a full year before <hes> they had that classic matchup at Wrestlemainia too and I just remember that match and it was just you know how this is obviously the days for all the pay per views and everything else and man seeing that match which you know I guess you would call now five star match ads but seeing your father for the first time it's those types of memories that they think stick with fans and it's not just a match. It's the environment it's the Aura Laura and and those I think are the significant moments that fans remember overtime. Oh definitely you know New York is so special to my family early and when my dad was inducted into wwe hall of fame this past year Wrestlemainia it happened in New York City was so special and I know that like it's just the fact that it was was in New York made it all that much more special because you know again this is this this area this neck of the Woods York City. It's like a very special area for for. WWe wrestling in general and it's also very sophisticated area for wrestling where if you're if the fans love you you're going to know if you're performing me at Madison Square Garden Your. They're gonNa let you know if they don't like you and you're the biggest bad guy in the business. They're going to let you know so. This is a really good place to where you know you can really get a good pulse pulse on who's who's you know getting the crowd's attention so notable dogs had so many epic matches but again. I think that and many of them took place here in New York and at the garden and <hes> I have to actually go back and watch some of those old matters so many great moments but <hes> a a lot of a lot of wrestlers. WWe A lot of the superstars like Dash in Boston. They go back those matches and they studied them because they know that those guys is my Dad Brett. Davey dynamite were still ahead of their time and it's cool to see that their style is still relevant today. If fans could go back July thirteenth eighteen thousand nine hundred eighty five from the guard in that match was absolutely phenomenal. What are you going to be some of your thoughts tonight like tonight. When I know you've been back at the garden and I know there's been plenty of live events but the fact that we're going to have TV back at Madison Square Garden the return of raw return smackdown. What what. What are you going to be thinking about tonight when you make your return? MSG I I can hardly sleep last night. I just felt like nervous and excited because I know how special it is performing forming Madison Square Garden I never ever take it for granted and and doing live events here is ver- that that's that's very special but to actually be doing Monday night raw around here and and to be doing smack down here tomorrow. I'm not going to be on smackdown as far as I know but I know that <hes> I'll be here at Ross today and I feel i. I feel excited. I feel nervous. I also feel like I'm ready to feed off the energy because I just I know I know that it's going to be different and it's going to be like anything that I've ever experienced agreeance and so many special moments or made here and I'm. I'm hoping that I get one of those moments tonight and I I just I'm excited. I'm actually excited about walking into the building and seeing everybody outside and like the fans are what make make all those special. They are there. There are no fans in the world like the ones that are going to be here tonight I I. I can't wait to get over there and see. Give me a big. Oh natty her and you know after a big hug. I'm just GONNA give you that German suplex you and the Talian thank you so much for the time and again raw tonight a massive square garden smackdown tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden and as gorilla monsoon you say the Mecca of professional wrestling and Natalia. Thank you so much for the time. Oh thank you guys so much for having me on. I look forward. He's later under thanks for listening. Catch US weekdays on busted open from nine A._M. To Twelve P._M. Eastern on Sirius X._M. BY Nation Channel One fifty six then busted open podcast.

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