Scott Steiner in WCW


Hey It's near listening to eighty three weeks. Thanks Eric Bischoff Eric. What's going on man? How are you? I'm doing very well. It's great to hear your voice again. I'm coming to you from beautiful downtown Stamford Connecticut about what are you to go out. Explore the city and have a great day so <hes> what you're settling in. Did you try new fun restaurants and Stanford. We caught up last week and said that guys were going to be moving from one apartment to another and you hadn't really gotten settled in so you're eating out every night anything new you can you tell us about <hes> Eleven Stamford. Well you know as I said I think last week when he moved from a place that Cody Wyoming where it's beautiful I mean you know we sit on the back deck and look at the deer and the antelope play as you're looking up in the yellowstone national park. The mountains is just absolutely glorious in many respects and then of course we would Stamford Connecticut. You're giving up all of the baht but I say you gain a lot. Believe me you gain a lot and one of the things we gained was the accessibility of some amazing restaurants so while yeah we did get settled in we switched over apartments at didn't take too long and we're still eating out every night not because we have to but because we just are compelled compelled to the food here is amazing love it well we are compelled the circle back and talk about last week's episode. I got really good feedback from last week. I thought it was a fun show. What did you hear about last week's eighty three weeks I did to you know initially initially it was a little tentative about doing a watch long <hes> nap because of the subject better necessarily but because I've gotten different reactions to watch lawns oftentimes when we do watch along describing action of people that are listening don't get a chance to for whatever reason watch along whether they're driving to work there listening on their way to to the train or a bus or plane or whatever you know they don't have the advantage of <unk> of watching what we're talking about but I think we did a good job of telling the story <hes> in allowing people who weren't able to watch along on the W._w._e.? Network still enjoy the events as we described it so all the feedback that I got that was was very positive as well so there you go check out the invasion episode in the archives. 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He's part of one of the more more famous or infamous as it were tag teams in professional wrestling history the Steiner brothers and they did it all you know the U._S.. Tag Champs the World Tag Champs <hes> in fact I mean I guess got held at all. You Know T._v.. Title and World L. Championship but when you first come to know Scott Steiner he's a tag team competitor. What what what year would you think that would've been? was you know I was thinking about that knowing. We're going to do this show and I think the first time I'm really really cross paths with Scott obviously when I first came to W._C._W.. I think in nineteen ninety two I believe I started in the summer of Nineteen Ninety two and I think it was an event at least the one that I recall that stands up. My mind was in Chattanooga Got Nuba Tennessee. I don't remember it was a pay per view event and I don't remember which one it could have been a fall brawl would have been about the right time <hes> and I was the guys were dressing in what was really a was either a rustling lean training room or a part of the gymnastics training room. Whatever it was a big open area not a traditional locker room area in all the talent was there getting dressed and I of course was doing interviews so I would have to run back and find talents and take him over to the interview area and things like that and again? I'm I'm still new on the job trying to used everybody's names and faces a lot of talent there that I wasn't familiar with and and still a walking and talking very carefully as the as the new guy and not only the new guy the new guy who is the cease squad backup to the backup to the backup announcer so I go into this room and this big room or the guys are dressing and I see both Steiner's against got have a refereed for the life of the I'm not sure who it was. I WanNa say it was Nick Patrick but I could be wrong but anyway they had this referee free and they had him duck taped up like a mummy. They had duct tape around his mouth. There's hands were duct taped to his his the size of his hips and his legs feet were duct taped together and he was buck naked and had a pencil stuck up his ass and I thought wow this is this. This is going to be a hell of a GIG. That's my I recall of the Steiner under brothers and I'm sure the referee whoever it was was Nick Patrick or whomever must have done something that the Steiner's found worthy of some sort of tyner retribution but they tortured him. It was all I want. I'd say in good fun for those watching typing dudes and shelvin shoot up there asince all in good fun well who knows what he did to deserve such such a response. I'm not sure I didn't see it. I just saw the aftermath and I thought man. I'M GONNA be really careful. Route needs to guys. I guess I have to ask you to do you ever feel the wrath of a pencil no no Oh after see look you know when you when you brand new on the job and you witnessed something like that kind of sets the tone you you recognize right off the bat. These are two guys. I'm not first of all. I don't rip people anyway. I try to treat people with respect certainly did back then is as the new young guy but I made I made a mental note not not to do anything that these guys fight offensive because I surely didn't want to be on the receiving end of that years ago. Oh on <hes> one of the early ric flair podcasts he's telling a story about how the Steiner's would just really be kind of brutal to Butch Reed Ron Simmons tag team partner in the tag team doom and so we ask Ron one day Ron. Why don't these want the Steiner brothers ever give you shit? They're always picking on Ron and never you. Why don't how did you get a free pass? Why don't they fuck with you and supposedly Ron Simmons just deadpan delivers? I'm on fuck with a bowl and I just thought that was the best line ever <hes>. What other sort of memories do you have because you're not you're not too terribly long? Before the Steiner brothers decide you know what maybe the grass is greener on the other side and I think they shocked a lot of people when they went to work for Vince McMahon and left w yeah I mean my my memories. You're right I they. They weren't there that long before they left to W._f.. W._W._f.. The time you know my interactions with them were fairly limited <hes> immediately I hit it a probably more with Richton with Scott. <hes> Rick requires a little more outgoing. I like to laugh and joke around a little bit and was just generally more a pro triple and we had a lot more common you know rick love to hunt and fish and we knew a lot of the same people <hes> reconciled both new bread rings pretty well a lot out of the guys from Minnesota so we had kind of a common bond in that regard <hes> and we're just able to talk socially non wrestling type of conversations much more easily than than Scott I did so I of the two I got to know. <hes> you know better right off right off the bat but yeah they did. <hes> while I believe watts was in charge <hes> they decided to move onto the W._w._f.. Is a lot of people there were a lot of people that you didn't like working with Bill Watts and I do recall Scott being the most animated of the two with regard to to bill he just they did not get along at all and it's weird because he winds up you know finding himself in the W._W._f.. and Bill Watts wanders into the W._W._f.. As well <hes> I think one of the things that Scott took issue with as as I think bill sauce Scott as a singles singles performer and I think he's even spoken about the fact that he thought Scott would have been a great he'll and he wanted to try to you know make him a single star and so there is a bit of an attempt to try that you would see him and some singles matches is even against a guy like Rick flair. How has it that in the early nineties <hes> where the Steiner brothers to to sort of split up it does feel like a natural story arc? You know we saw with so many other tag teams even even through W._C._W.. Doom we just listed for example Ron Simmons would go on to great single success becoming the first black heavyweight champion for W._C._W.. But what was the hesitation or did you have a conversation with the Steiner's about their hesitation to would be a single team. You know the subject came up throughout their time there and we did talk about it off and on never anything really seriously it's not like I was a part of any discussions where it was serious seriously proposed posed and we felt strongly that it had to be done or anything like that but you oftentimes you talking to general way about hey. What if we do this? What if we do that you know I never got the sense in any conversation nation that they were like adamant about not doing it and firmly rooted in their their tag team but I do believe it was my sense again that they were really comfortable with who they were as a tag team? They had Benetton acting for very very long. I don't think any of them were interested in necessarily splitting it up just to try it and see what would happen. I think the feeling at least that I got was okay well if we're GONNA do this. Where does it go? What's the idea and I'm paraphrasing is the right way to say it but I really into my impressions at the time? It was like okay well what next where does it go. What do we do and I think there was a tendency to be wary of things like that and again? You know you go back and you look at W._C._W.. And at that time and even afterwards even under my direction oftentimes the big decisions that were made and nobody really thought it thought about it down the road what happens three months from now. What happened six months from now? It's easy to make a creative decision. That feels like all this is great. You know as the holy crap moment this is huge and get everybody excited about it but if you don't have a I am going down the road it has a tendency just to fizzle out after the initial holy shit moment it and I think everybody was pretty sensitive to that as it should have been. I guess we should briefly mention here and I think most people who are listening to this. Remember you know the Steiner brothers. <hes> you know University of Michigan Jackets on their way to the ring of course that's a real life situation <hes> they're both very accomplished amateur wrestlers and and then wrestled for Michigan <hes> and I think it's sort of fascinating the look back and realize that Scott Steiner was wrestling and competing at two hundred ninety pound weight class of course we know later and W._W._e.. He's going to be as big as house. He's a three time big ten runner up and eighty six. He was a Division One all American after college he decides to <hes> take a stab at professional wrestling. He's trained by Dr Jerry Graham <hes> and then before you know it is with the C._W._a.. And Eighty eight and it gets the big break in eighty nine and that's probably when most of US became familiar with to them I think a lot of people though <hes> probably had rick pegged to be the Big Star of the pair rather than Scott he certainly had the bigger push. I run with television title. You know wh- barring what had happened before you were in power. Did you see one over the other as as being a potential breakout single star while I'm going to kind of go back and recall call my frame of mind at that time I obviously Scott as we all know based on history ended up being more of a breakout single star than rick did so I I guess it would be easy for me to make myself sound really smart and like a visionary and say oh I knew all along it would have been Scott but you know going back to ninety two ninety three and I'm not sure when they came back probably ninety five or ninety eighty six. I didn't really look at them. Individually you know I I really did look at them as a tag team <hes> they had a lot of value to W._C._W.. And one of the reasons I was excited about getting back aside from the fact that I just liked him. <hes> on a personal level and professionally I had a lot of respect for them and what they could deliver in the ring but the value that I saw in them from a business perspective <hes> was their value over in Japan in Japan. They had a lot of value as a tag tag team so I didn't really look at them at the time as one being a potential breakout single star over the other I really did you know from evaluation perspective. I looked at them as a team again because of their value in Japan and that was an important piece of business for us in Japan. Let's talk a little bit about them. Coming back you mentioned you know when they came back. I think <hes> I think they leave in like April Roller May of ninety four and the just sorta Outta limelight for a little while they pop up her brief stint in e C W in ninety five but they don't return W._C._W.. Until Ninety six what's up with that that was their heat with the way they left or it does feel like especially in that nitro era in when when lex Luger's contract is up that ever to be F. and he's right to W._C._W.. But that wasn't the case with the Steiner's were they trying to try their hands somewhere else whether difficult to deal with what was the reason a rationale for them not signing away again. I was you know knowing we were going to do this. Episode on Scott and there's a new subject would come up. I I really trying to remember the particulars in terms of them. Leaving in there was a delay in them coming back and I do recall there was I don't WanNa say tension whether or that'd be the right way to say it but there was some it was awkward the timing about bringing them back and whether or not we would bring him back. I believe there was some there was some awkwardness associated with it and I'm not sure if it ahead do love it. Let me say it this way I had no issue with. I was excited to bring him back and I remember the you know every member who I I'm sure it would have been rick because I had more of a relationship with Rick but we met and talked about them coming back and I was I was very excited about it but there was there were issues and I'm guessing they would have been contractual legal issues so there might have been something about when they left and how they left that didn't necessarily land on my desk because I wasn't involved in it the legal side of things <hes> but it certainly didn't affect my perspective on them and I was excited about them coming back and I think there was they were a little apprehensive because they didn't know how I felt about them. I didn't get a chance chance to really know them on a personal level. We didn't interact much from a business perspective while they were there so I think they just weren't sure of me and how I felt about them but the minute we talked to believe we met at a restaurant on a Saturday you know was kind of off off off schedule kind of thing we met and it was. I was excited about them. Coming back and putting the deal together was pretty easy so <hes> but there was an issue. I just don't unfortunately I don't remember what it was because they don't think it had anything to do with me. It might have to do with corporate illegal so they pop back up on the March Eleventh Nitro. This is nineteen ninety six there <hes> Mecca surprise return and of course the first thing we're going to have I'm do upon their return as lose to the C. I get the inference there so you bring these guys back to this great tag team and if I you do have a blues. I get aww that I'll just you know what wasn't that great of the Hey. We've got these guys back. It's awesome. Let's have the roadways go beat the shit out of him. They didn't beat the shit out of things. You know. oftentimes people who in look I'm I'm not saying it was. I'm not trying to justify their decision okay. I don't want to infer that but I do note when people feel like well. You know you're bringing these guys back. They shouldn't be road warriors while the roadways are pretty pretty pretty viable deal. There were so equity in those characters they they were still important piece of business for us in Japan <hes> so he sometimes people who are on the outside of the business even knowledgeable ones who are analyzing things going on inside of the business sometimes put more weight on winning and losing then how people win lose or if losing using is setting up a storyline or program and I'm not again. I'm not defending. We're suggesting it was but I do not oh sometimes. It's you know I can't believe they beat this guy well in the context of the story. Maybe that makes sense so I just encourage people think about it a little bit more than you. Might you know in terms of the connotation context that you might read online for example well. How about this? You're exactly right <hes> on April twenty nine th there's a match at the Tokyo Dome You guys are doing a joint show with new in Japan. <hes> it's called the ninety six battle formation the road warriors are going to return to Japan after a long absence here they'll be taming with the Power Warrior which is Kentucky Sasaki doing the Hellraiser Gimmick and. Net Six man team will take on Rick and Scott Steiner and Scott Norton and they're gonNA go like fifteen minutes and change but a huge pop for road warrior animal who had been missing for a while of course I think a lot of people well no that he had a Lloyd's London claim and had a long lay-off <hes> so one of the trips that Hawk made over there he had a different tag team partner rock in the shoulder pads. <hes> animal wasn't there but here it is a big return so it makes total sense and on our way to get here <hes> you had them work. A <hes>. The main Steiner brothers pronouns pal worked a dark match with the nasty boys and uncensored so they're backing plugged in but it certainly feels like like you know we had is on a rematch with Tokyo Dome. <hes> that makes total sense while they would have debuted the way they did on Nitro Slam Burri that year was a bit of an interesting concept and Baton Rouge. It's a lethal lethem lottery. Random drawings are going to take place that hasn't been done since nineteen ninety-three the reason I bring it up here. Though is we see Steiner. Versus Steiner Rick Steiner Tag team partner here is not going to be Scott Steiner. It's the fucking Buddhi man and he's GonNa take on Scott Steiner and Craig Pittman and <hes> Rick is going to Pan Pittman with German suplex so rick and Buddhi man get the win. It is sort of interesting. This is the first time we see Steiner versus as a starter and of course you had to make sure Buddhi man was involved a fucked up as I'm hearing the words coming out of your mouth through my headsets and they start sinking into the frontal lobe of my brain. I'm feeling myself getting nauseous. The booty abandoned Rick Steiner. Oh my God what was I thinking. The you know everyone knows that oh by the way I had nothing to do that. <hes> the May twenty seventh Nitro we know everything changes Scott Hall debuts the end abuse about to become a thing and take the wrestling world by storm interesting to note though that that night Scott Steiner would wrestle sting to a no contest <hes> when sting's partner lex Luger and of course Rick Steiner would interfere. Let's fast forward a few weeks. Kevin Nash is going to debut on Nitro and on that episode Scott Wrestled Booker T. and singles action which we've covered recently here on the show and that gets us to the great American Bash where you <hes> took a spill at the hands of Kevin Nash on that show the Steiner brothers would a beat ice train and Scott Norton and ten and a half minutes chat me up. What's your favorite ice train match anyone? He was such an amazing athlete you come on and he like he wasn't around for a long time. He was an attraction built like I mean he was built like a building and a super nice guy was one of the more talented people you know inside of the ring probably not but who was he worth trying to push in establishes a character absolutely I would do it again. Did He have any outstanding memorable batches that I would remember off the top of my head twenty some odd years later no now but that's not to disparage disparaging the rest of the summer of ninety six was all about the Steiner brothers and Harlem Heat <hes> there at the bash at the beach in ninety six <hes> they're going to have a title switch on July Twenty fourth and Cincinnati where the Steiner's win the tag titles from Harlem he on a house show but lose them back three days later on a house show in Dayton and the switches are never acknowledged on T._v.. And then that sets up the tag title match at Hog Wild where Harlem he would retain the belts over the Steiner's and we've talked about this a little bit before <hes> clash of the champions a few days later August fifteenth. It's a triangle match the steiner brothers others sting and lex Luger and Harlem Heat. What was it about the Harlem he steiner duo the W._C._W.? Love so much I mean I'll admit is a fan. They were great matches. <hes> it's too big bad ass. Brother teams makes a lot of sense to me. When did you guys know hey man? This is good shit. Let's just keep doing that from the get-go I mean just I mean just close your eyes. Pretend you know nothing about the teams <hes> other than the fact that they're brothers and let's let's pretend you came from another another planet. You didn't even know that if you look at the chemistry that they had in the ring you know booker had the ability stevie was a bigger more powerful kind of devastating power move kind of guy boker though he was a very fluid very agile Joel kind of guy that could pair up with the ring style. If you will <hes> Rick Steiner you know if we were to get into a sequence in a match where that was more of a technical type type of a presentation tation booker could go look keep up with Rick Steiner or Scott from a technical point of view so chemistry there the from physicality point of view in a storytelling point of view within the the body of a match. You know the chemistry was was great there <hes> they could push each other and keep up with each other very very well <hes> with Scott who is more you know both got in brick had the ability to to deliver those devastating kind of big big band strong manpower moves but stevie mass up really well against either one of them if that's the direction in the context of the match so I think just the physical compatibility and work style of those teams and against Stevie size obviously Scott Steiner size by nineteen ninety-six it just paired up from a chemistry perspective visual. It paired up very very well. We're not too long after this match. I think sometime in earlier mid September Scott is going to be out of action with bulging disks in his back. He's going to require surgery there and he'll be out of the ring until January back. Surgery is sort of a tricky thing where anybody I know oh who's had a back surgery usually doesn't have a back surgery leads to multiple back surgeries and when you're a big jacked up do cared amount as much way to Scott Steiner is and obviously as active as he is in the ring thing. Is there a concern on an injury like this that <hes> Scott may not be the same of course of course it was in. I you know I have to admit I had not had now had to deal with those issues. Back issues neck issues <hes> as much as I did in subsequent years I wasn't as aware of the implications of them. You know I guess having never gone through it myself and again having wingnut had to deal with a lot of my talent having those types of issues at that time I was naive skin like oh the doctor and get some surgery and get that fixed you know like it's arthroscopic knee surgery or something. Obviously I know better now <hes> clearly having you know as as close as I am with Hulk Hogan and the fact that I think he's had seventeen at this point back surgeries probably over the last ten years. I'm much more familiar with the implications of back surgery now than I was then but of course it's back surgery and you know anytime you I knew even back then anytime that you started opening up someone's back and you're dealing with the spine. You've you've got issues. You know my own father as a young kid I remember watching <hes> my mother pulling out of the driveway. When we lived in Detroit? This is kind of off topic but <hes> just to put it in context. I remember number watching my mom driving and pulling out of the driveway taking my dad at the hospital because he was born with a hole in the he was born prematurely and he had a hole in the top of his spine <hes> that was filling up was filling up slowly over years with cerebral liberal fluid which was putting pressure on the spinal cord long story short he had to go in and have surgery and when he did he came out paralyzed <hes> in his hands and arms so I was certainly aware of it but believed that you know technology surgery everything had progressed to the point where you know I was hopeful that it wasn't going to be career ending <hes> or limiting and I think Scott believed it as well at least he pretended he did and when he was a selling it so I wasn't as concerned about as I probably should have been when it comes back announcer would say he looks to be close to three hundred pounds and he's got <hes> so different gear on specifically he's added a a weightlifting belt which meltzer sort of theorising is trying to give his back any sort of extra added support and he would know on his clash of the champions return in his report. He didn't take any bumps or show anything requiring acquiring agility so perhaps there was a little bit of hesitation from Scott and I think it's probably fair after back surgery to be a little trepidation. Did you think that you rushed his return or was he Adema to the best recollection collection that he wanted to get back in there. You Know Scott is one of the toughest people that I know mentally and physically and you talk about guys know selling injuries that was that was Scott. I think Scott whether we rush it or not. I think Scott was probably a part of that decision. Scott Scott loved to work. He still does to this day and look at look at everything that he's been through. You know physically basically and he <hes> he he's still would want to work he. He's got an amazing work ethic. I think he's he's probably more comfortable inside of the ring any is outside of the ring and so if we pushed him too soon which is I I'll. I'll I'll accept that as a possibility for sure <hes> it wasn't we weren't doing it Solo. We had a lot of support from Scott himself. Let's keep it moving here. Because I think a lot of people <hes> remember you know that that he still going to have quite a run as a tag team and now has dance partners. <hes> can vary a little bit because the outsiders are here so the sold out pay per view which we've covered ever before <hes> we've got the Steiner's taken on hall and Nash for the Tag titles and they win the match. It's two and a quarter stars. It is the N. W. O.. Pay Per view though what do you remember about the Steiner's honors and hall and Nash and just the way they sort of jailed and I mean did they just get along straight from the start or was there a feeling out process with those teams. I think they got along pretty well. From the video I- Kevin especially she had a lot of respect and I had a good relationship with both rick and Scott Probably Rick more than Scott again. Scott was just now that people didn't get along with them but Scott was just more he he was a loner. He was very quiet. You know we messed around around. He had fun in the locker room from time to time but for the most part when you would see Scott you know backstage in the locker room whatever he was he was all business and and Rick was more of the social animal all of the two and I think Scott her excuse me rick and Kevin in particular had a ton of respect for each other in a good solid you know personal relationship as well as a working relationship so that that the chemistry with those teams was never ever an issue so the next night after they've won the tag titles this is when you order Randy Anderson to return the tag titles because he ran into the ring and made the count the night before it sold out out and he shouldn't have how dare how dare he the AH Dass ity of the late Randy Anderson. I don't know what got into him to just take it upon himself to run into the ring. Make Account Without discussing it with me or with anybody else I mean it's just you know to this day. He deserved to get fired and he did and it was a pretty memorable angle and I think the most memorable angle with the whole Steiner outsider situation situation happened on February seventeenth nitro will receive a video of all national car tailing the Steiner's then they run them off the road and the Steiner car flips. This is a pretty memorable angle. What do you remember about this? What can you tell us? Yvonne is very controversial by the way it was really well done. I encourage people to go to the W._W._e.. Network if you haven't subscribed yet do it now lot of great content there. Do I sound like I'm schilling or I mean Goddamn. You've just totally sold out here on the show. I just sold out but you know that's not really true because I've been I've been extolling the virtues of W._W._e.. Network for a long time now because the really is all kidding aside or schilling aside there really is so much great <hes> <hes> iconic content. They're not only W._C._W.. Nitra stuff that I had my fingerprints on but just a lot of stuff from different regional promotions I encourage people to go back and look at it but if you do go back and and look for this particular piece of storytelling I thought it was really well you know Kevin and I saw each other. I don't know when it was recently and we were actually joking about it because it was so well done and because it was so well done <hes> and it was so believable and just outside of the box you know people talk about that all the time. They WanNa see things that are outside of the box but the minute you do something that's outside of the box and in unusual for wrestling it creates all kinds hindes is shit. I mean and this one did people thought Oh my God. That's attempted murder. Your is people physical is trying to kill people now to advance a storyline well. I'm sorry you know what I watch catch. You know I'll pick pick any show you know you want but I'm GonNa go right now to sons of anarchy simply because I have a call later on today with someone that was associated with the show and almost any <music> serious drama has got people trying to kill each other or whatever but man and it should do something outside of the confines of a ring or an arena that especially if it feels real people people get out of shape and they certainly did over that angle. I got a lot of heat for that internally from P._R.. And legal and all kinds of executives that typically didn't watch wrestling. We're getting phone goals them. You know they were getting email at the time or not but there was certainly a lot of communication from the audience and and and people who are upset with an angle because it felt like it was real to give everybody a reminder Eric Eric is just now getting settled into his new space there and Stanford so if you hear audio cutting out a little bit here there we are working on improving his Internet and <hes> it'll continue to get better but we're committed to bringing you new content every single week and you guys weren't that committed to this crash angle and only airs on television once never airs again because <hes> allegedly you did upset quite a few people there's complaints from all over the place and you barely or even able to acknowledge acknowledged on television because it was so controversial. If if that hadn't of happened I mean is it fair to say that that we would have continued to have seen more sort of edgy angles and stories and skits like that in the future. Oh Hell Yeah Oh yeah I mean look. It's it's storytelling. It's scripted television. It's I have never been able to understand. I mean do from a business point of view to a degree but AH isn't it odd that the world knows that sports entertainment as we know it today is scripted entertainment that falls into should fall. I daresay into the same category is any other form of scripted entertainment but yet within the context of sport or entertainment. There are so many things that are off limits that you can't do and get those are the parameters those are the lanes that we have to drive in. I'll drive as as I can within those lanes or enjoy the product even if I'm not involved in it enjoy the product as best I can within those lines but I never really understood why why is it that we can watch a sitcom that can step way over the lines in my own pin in and I have of sometimes you know the mouth of a sailor but I I'll watch a sitcom that is constantly pushing the envelope or envelope if you in terms of being provocative or distasteful but man within the confines of Sports Entertainment for can't do that or as I said we will watch drama you know in prime time on network television that really really pushes the envelope whether it comes to violence or the use of weapons or you name it and that's Okay but within the context of Sports Entertainment Oh no. That's a no fly zone there so it's just interesting how how sports entertainment is its own unique little category where you have to be very careful about what you do outside of the confines of the ring or the arena. I don't know it's too bad because it would open up storytelling in a fascinating way if they we're not the case but it but it is it's just the world we live in next up is the uncensored pay per view which had team in W. O. Eighteen Piper and team W._C._W.. <hes> it is quite the mess of a show you should hear all about it in our archives which we've of covered <hes> the next night on Nitro. The main event is Steiner's versus Harlem Heat it goes to a no contest when the entire in wwl attacks both teams and this is the closing angle on the show and of course being comes down from the rafters and points pizzas bad at Hulk Hogan Classic W._C._W.. Stuff here in Nineteen ninety-seven spring stampede was supposed to have the Steiner's taken on hall and Nash But Hall Checked Himself Into Rehab so you guys find yourselves sort of scrambling to come up with another angle golden. We've recently covered <hes> that show as well in the archives spring stampede ninety seven but a few weeks later you're at the Osaka Dome in Japan this fifty three thousand fans here for the new Japan show strong style evolution Lucien which will see Scott Hawk have a Nash Masahiro Chano beat Rick and Scott Steiner man the end of you. Oh is over like rover even here in Japan right amazingly so so much so and I know that we've touched on this a story but you know the N. W.. O. Merchandise was selling it was hotter than any merchandise had ever sold in Japan at the time and it's funny that we bring up a soccer because Sonny Bono and I were just in Japan recently. I I think back in January February whenever it was and we were I had conducted while I was there. The Japanese media did several interviews with me and talking still to this day talking about the strength of the N. W. O. and how powerful it was the merchandise sales and while I was in the middle of doing these interviews of course you know <hes> Masa Saito's the late muster CEOS <hes> would <hes> Msci Sado who's very fluent in English was translating for me and then I was learning and sunny had mentioned to me as well just the numbers that I was hearing in terms of dollars that were going through new Japan pro wrestling with with with N._w._e._a.. Merchandise where it's just amazing to me but that created a problem for those who didn't hear the episode because it was <hes> Masala Tori was the lays on he was a referee in Japan and vim with new Japan for a long long time but he lives in New York City and prior to me and me taking over W._C._W.. Massawa was always the the liaison with W._C._W.. So whether it was a merchandise dealer town dealer whatever it it got filtered from Brad Ring Ins through Massawa historian then landed in Japan and Massawa Torah used to take a little spiff on the merchandise. I didn't know any of this of course and was before my time I wasn't involved in there was no reason for me to know it but Misao Tori was you know he was. He was in business for himself so to speak and and making a little side change and of course what I took over W._W._f.. Did things differently I had some you know that I used as my lies on you know for obvious reasons. He was fluent Japanese. He had a good relationship with <hes> Macedo who's by primary direct contact at New Japan so it just made good life easier for me and when we orchestrated or put in place the N._W._e._a.. Merchandise steel and that deal was something like you know for sure cost us five bucks we would sell it to a new Japan for eight bucks and then they would sell it for forty bucks. Or whatever they sold it for it was easier for me than doing a traditional licensing deal because when you do a licensing deal I accounting and tracking sales is a really big issue so it was just easier for us because we didn't really have the back end in place to really do a good job of tracking things it was from a transactional perspective. It was just easier for W._C._W.. The time to say okay so sonny would call up say Okay New Japan wants five thousand of these shirts and five thousand of these shirts and five chip in for fifteen thousand dollars we knew at our cost was as we knew it our margin was we just threw sunny arrange to have the shoe shirts printed up. Put Him on a boat and we'd get a check in the mail for for our our markup if you will. We're making three dollars a shirt. We sold forty five thousand the church. We knew exactly how much money we were making. We didn't have to go through the accounting nonsense well in the process of setting that system up Masala Katori was no longer getting a cut and he was hot about at that now and again. I didn't realize it as it was happening because I didn't know the back story. I didn't know how things used to be done so I had no. I wasn't like I was cutting story out of his deal intentionally. I was just completely unaware of it but it wasn't because he was seeing the volume of shirts going through on my shoulder so going back to Asaka on this particular night Kevin Nash and sunny me and a bunch of guys a bunch of the Japanese crew. We're all out having dinner and that was the first that I heard about Musalo being hop because he'd had a couple of beers and so did everybody I saw him in sunny over in the corner and they were just jaw jacket can each other. I'm thinking what in the world is going on back there. Why would a Tory be hottest sunny you know and I found out later on what he was hot about but it was it was really fascinating? You know twenty years later to hear all this backstory but it was because to your point join your question. The dollar volume of N W O merchandise was going through the roof into this day muscle hero show no has a store I believe on the Ginza I like seeing the Ginza Ah shopping area in Tokyo where he still sells to this day and W will merchandise. It's a slam Burri. Pay Per view on May Eighteenth and Charlotte we got the Steiner brothers taken on Conan and Hugh Morris of course I the Steiner's get the win there <hes> on Nitro we get a treat on June second. It's great mood and Masahiro Chennault taken on the Steiner's <hes> Masahiro and <hes> great mood. I'll get the win when Stevie Ray Hits Rick with chair and that of course sets up their match a great American bash but it's a cool thing to see you know to Japanese legends like Shono and mood on Nacho isn't not it is it is and I had the good fortune of seen both of them both so those guys when I was in Japan this several months ago back in January February whenever it was great to see them great to see them and they added a lot. You know the intention the the effort was to make Nitro tro feel like a much bigger brand an international brand <hes> and and Masahiro Tanaka in a great mood at certain along with many others you know you should underlie eager and you know and and many others certainly added added a lot of credibility to that initiative but I think two of the most important characters were <hes> the great mood and Masahiro Channel of my opinion just my opinion harlow. Hey get the win a great American bash over the Steiner brothers others but <hes> the Steiner's get a win back on June twenty third nitro <hes> when unfortunately <hes> Booker Collides with Sherry and then Rick <hes> his booker with the bulldog off the top rope but the following week on Nitro Oakland Interviews Steiner's who challenged hall and Nash The Entire Interview Oh comes out and give the Steiner's a contract saying it's for a tag title match but in fact it's a <hes> contract or they're going to have a match at the pay per view against mood on Shono and if they win then they'll meet hall and Nash and August so the bashes the beach show it's moon shono again in the Steiner's do best them three and a quarter stars really a fun attraction <hes> I really enjoyed seeing mood Jono and W._C._W.. Here and there pay per view mass they actually had some time eleven and a half minutes we would see Scott Steiner in singles action though before they get around to that hall and Nash Match Nitro was main event on July twenty eighth with Scott Steiner getting a win of randy savage by Q. Shortly still flirting with the idea of a single run in early August the Steiner's. Get a manager of wanted to talk to you about this Ted D._b.. Aussie comes the end has introduced as the new manager and in his Promo he nearly calls the tag belts the W._w._f.. Tag Titles Force of habit. I'm sure chat me up. Though why was ten DB Aussie the guy that the Steiner's needed it as a manager after years of never having a mand oh I think the the prevailing perspective mine at that time as much as I love them in the ring the Steiner brothers their interviews while sometimes entertaining but sometimes for the wrong reasons because they were just clunky they weren't they weren't fluid. They were unique and they were character. Driven type of Promos they were good at those but in terms of telling a story a beginning a middle and an Dan having a range within their abilities to tell to cut a great promo they were somewhat limited in my opinion at that time now we know subsequently I think Scott Steiner a particular. I think thank went on as we all know could some classic like cult favorite type of promos and eventually you know fat out his stride and was able to really do some amazing stuff but at that time they weren't there yet you know rick never really as much as I love. RIC is a friend in in appreciated him as a performer his promo skills you know did ranked near the top and I thought at the time having someone like DB Essy who was a great talker and had a history of being great on the Mike would help mitigate some of those challenges juice in hindsight not necessarily a great idea not necessarily a great fit but that was the reasoning reasoning behind it yeah. It was sort of odd but you know I didn't totally hate it. I mean I get that you know in the eighties. Everybody had a manager and anything that sort of feels eighties show I'll try on the road while pay-per-view Steiner brothers or finally going to beat the Tag Champs Kevin Nash and Scott Hall but it's body Q. So the belts don't change hands meltzer would say that it was a pretty lame finish and he would even say that the original plans as far as he knew about the Steiner's. We're GONNA win the titles he would write what exactly happened wasn't clear the belief is that hall and Nash went to Bischoff and told him that they thought that too many title changes of late and it was ruining the credibility of the titles at least that's what everyone was placing the blame on on surface. They have a valid point bischoff agreed which may have been the correcting the do the problem was if that was the case and needed to have been done before all the planes were made and the fact that it was hall and Nash who came to the conclusion at the same time that they were GonNa drop the titles does give the viewpoint of something of a conflict of interest the whole idea beforehand for hall and Nash Lose The titles was to then put them in the singles programs with the Nash Giant Program thought to be potential big moneymaker so I'm Dan Bullshit. What really happened here? It's not it's not a matter of what really happened. What really happened? Is there was a change but for for you know what's his name to suggest you know I it just this. If you go back and listen to the way read that to me or or read it you know. It's not really sure what happened so he it right off the bat. He admits he doesn't have a fucking clue. What really happened? What we think happened was hall Nash came to Bishop and Bishop agree well? How would he know that was he in the room? Did you hear the conversation you know I'm relatively certain holidays didn't call him and tell him that so we had what he always does is take a situation relation make an assault or two and then build a story around it. That comes off is being fact even though he starts the story off by saying not really sure what happened but here's what happened and Bischoff agreed. I mean it's just Jesus I I mean for anybody to look at anything that this guy writes or suggests or presents as fact is just you know look. I've said this a million times. I'll say two million more times. Yes he can find factual information data that anybody can find if they put in the work. There's not it's not magic. He's just found the right resources or was put together the right resources to get actual facts whether it be ratings or ticket sales or pay per view by radio the the data that is out there in the public domain. He does a great job of of of trading that data and presenting it and that gives him a certain amount of credibility so that when he sits back and looks at an isolated situation did he has no real information about he wasn't even in the building. It wasn't even in the city where an event took place he was sitting in a basement somewhere in San Jose but yet he can ran about it as if he were sitting in the room and and I find that fascinating <hes> but hey you know if you can con people L. A. Twelve bucks a month doing that more power to you. Since the fall brawl show it's the Steiner brothers getting a win over Harlem Heat when Rick Would Pin Stevie Ray <hes> <hes> they're working a ton of house shows here with Bagwell Norton who are calling themselves vicious and delicious Steiner's finally win the tag titles on October thirteenth on Nitro when they beat six and Scott Hall and five minutes and fifty six seconds is the simultaneous pin rick on hall and Scott and six the refs out solar visco counts the fall and later in the show Roddy Piper Award announced that the decision is going to stick. What's the <hes> I mean later on Nash comes back he can claim that he and hauled it and really lose the belts? I mean is that sort of the strategy by by having six as a substitute here yeah yeah look we were digging. You know you're digging <unk> in sometimes it's just too nuanced. It sounds good on paper and then after it's over you it's not really that cool didn't really move the needle or drive the story in a way that you wanted to but yeah that was that was the logic they're going to maintain their tag titles beating the public enemy on Nitro on a street fight <hes> in a singles match someone here Scott Hall would pin Scott Steiner <hes> but of course <hes> the tag titles on on the line for that the World War three show a sort of a forgettable match <hes> where the steiner brothers would be Dave Taylor and Steve Regal to retain <hes> and then we see <hes> the Steiner brothers show up on December Fifteenth Fifteenth Nitro getting a win over Scott Norton and Conan. I guess what's interesting about this is the Scott finally cut off the old <hes> the old mullet he said that long trademark hair for as long as we've seen him <hes> and now it's gone. Is this a Scott decision or someone from W._C._W.. Said Hey we're looking for a new look and we'd like feeder. Try this. I think when everybody said Billy Ray Cyrus Song Achey Burkhardt Hart was finally over and done and no longer in rotation on country music stations Scott probably went yeah time to lose the mullet but that was that was Scott's decision. We know what happened at stockade ninety seven. It's one of our more listened to episodes here on eighty the three weeks as a quick reminder though he the Steiner brothers and right trailer team up in a losing effort against Scott Norton Vincent and Randy Savage <hes> you can hear Eric have a total meltdown on the show we'd like in the archives <hes> the next night on Nitro tro the Steiner's get a win over Conan and Marcus Bagwell and that would set up the sold out pay per view which is the Steiner's again with Ray traylor this time taken on Conan Marcus Bagwell and Scott Norton not a great match got a dud rating but the Steiner's and right trailer pick up the win the next week on Nitro though the Steiner's finally get a match with Kevin Nash this time Nashes partner is buff Bagwell and the Steiner's victorious and this is <hes> an interesting plot twist here because Scott starts the match and get pounded on most of the way but as refusing the tag in Rick but winds up winning anyway but rick is still furious after the match on the February ninth nitro the Steiner's would beat hall and Nash For the Tag titles and again Scott wouldn't tag but hall basically knocked Rick Are Scott indirect which constituted a tag and its hall is about to deliver the edge rick legal man comes off the top with a bulldog for the pin but Scott is a happy even though they won the tag titles but eventually you know we do get a hug and here comes the Big Story Line Super Bowl. Maybe we're twenty-second Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would regain the tag titles when they beat the Steiner's and four minutes and sixteen seconds and we've covered this but this is when we see rick running around kneeling on the ground like a dog and then Scott turns on him to a huge reaction the crowds really really into Hewitt Scott also decks Ted D._B.. Aussie <hes> who's then posted by dusty Rhodes. It's a big moment. The Steiner Brothers have finally broken up. Tell me about how this came. This idea was finally sold because it does feel like it's been discussed for years. Why was this the right time <hes> was was anybody reluctant about doing this? It does feel like you run the risk when he slid up attack team like this but you might have sort of a rocker type situation. One guy goes on to be Shawn Michaels. The other guy goes on to be Mardi Canetti and if the guys aren't really sure who's going to be who or they just really want to take care of their brother not just figuratively but their actual brother then they don't do a split but here the timing is right. Talk US through how this decision was made and why superbowl was the place to do it. Oh Lot to unpack there. I Love I've been waiting to say unpack in the context of this thing but really there's a lot of information number one and I I got a lot of criticism for for this and probably still do to this day in some circles but I've never been when I say a fan not talking about as a viewing fan but on the inside of the business I've never been a big supporter order of tag team wrestling and it's not because I don't enjoy watching it as a fan it's not because I don't think there's a lot of great storytelling. It's not because it's for any other reason other than economics in if you think think of it break it down and you just think about it in terms of television or pay per view in television environment you know you've got one match. You've got somewhere between six and fifteen minutes on average to fill in a segment segment right and instead of having overhead or costs in terms of talent fees air airfare whatever else it goes along with that is associated with talent a catering the food that they eat whatever instead of having costs associated with that six to fifteen minutes whatever it is <hes> for two people you've now got those costs per four people and oh by the way if you were going to do tag team wrestling on a regular basis you've got to have more than two tag teams which means now you've got. You've got to maintained the costs for six eight tag teams. Ideally I guess <hes> have to have to sit down and look at a grid to figure it out over a twelve month period but now you've got double the Kloss Kloss because you've got to maintain those tag teams in a storyline which means now you gotta put him on television. You've got to build these respective tag team so that eventually at some point one or more of them will come together in a in a television elevator story leading to a pay per view and going on the road and touring and that type of thing it just doubles your costs from a talent perspective again. I WANNA make it really really freaking clear. It's not that I'd never respected or enjoyed -joyed tag team wrestling as a viewer and as a fan but when you're running the business of the wrestling business you're doubling your talent costs and that was an issue for me number one. We didn't have a lot a lot of great tag teams. There wasn't like a roster full of great tag teams where you could mix and match and keep your stories fresh and do things that didn't feel redundant throughout an entire year again. We're producing fifty two weeks of television in some cases Mrs you know the five hours of it in prime time every single week in addition to what we're doing on W. W. editor tonight and W._C._W.. May Not be as and things like that so you've got a lot of costs there and and not a lot of talent pools do it with point being <hes> it was splitting them up was almost a matter of necessity even if it wasn't for much purely early cost point of view from a storytelling point of view. Where were you going with two top guys like the Steiner brothers when you don't have a deep talent Rosser of tag teams for them to tell stories with so my my point I I'm spending a lot of time talking about it but I want to be sure that I'm clear it it was it was an economic decision more than it was anything else and I think by one thousand nine hundred nineteen ninety seven it was clear that was a much better storytelling opportunities for these guys as singles than there were for them as a tactic? That's number one number two and as you were reading to me you know the setup and I think that was about three weeks story that you just laid out where we kinda tease that Scott was all of a sudden becoming selfish instead of being a great tag team partner with his brother which heretofore they he he had always been right. That's what made them the Steiner brothers as they they the timing of the teamwork of of a Rolex together in the ring all of a sudden now from Scott's character point of view. It was all about me I want I want to be I want win this match. I want all the attention I want all the time in the rain as a very selva very basic storytelling device but it was that's what that was we teased it and we turned up the volume on it and then we swerved it a little bit here with Rick you know getting he accidentally tagged in and finally getting into the ring and that was just enough to create a tipping point for Scott's character. Go screw it and turn out his brother that was pretty good. Storytelling was only three weeks but I think it was as you described it. It is easy for me to visualize it. Was I think a solid story Scott would obviously go on to become a pretty big part of the N W o <hes> Rick was able to hold his own rick was the traditional W._C._W.. Guy You know for a long time that was that was you know much like sting in until Luger turned and enjoy a lot of the fans recognize you know Rick. Steiner is Red White and trueblue W._C._W.. W No doubt about it and we're going to get a new look from Scott. He's got blonde hair now. He's got the multicolored beard it looks very <hes> superstar billy the Greenwich and yeah the whole new look for Scott. How long had I mean did Scott Discuss this new? Look with you how long he had this in the works because when he makes this change I mean he still using that. Look twenty one years later yeah. It's embarrassing to say at this point from a professional point of view but that was that was all Scott Scott didn't communicate a whole lot. I didn't really require. You're aware of it <hes>. He he pretty much had this idea he knew what he wanted to do. And you know I knew there was going to be a change because it was a change in his character but you know it's not like we sat down and discussed you know how he was going to die as beard beard and whether he was going to take on a little bit of a superstar Billy Graham Look as you said we didn't. We didn't discuss it in detail. Probably should've it's a poor reflection on me. I think <hes> to to look back and realize wow I didn't even. He's guys we're changing their looks and I didn't even really talked to him about it too much I mean I was aware it was going to be a change but we didn't get into the detail of it. We should mention to that right away. He's using a new finishing whenever he's he's calling the Steiner recliner. It's a camel clutch type maneuver but that's not the only thing he's doing <hes> in a singles match against Marty Jannati which is kind of fun on thunder he wins with a Frankenstein are off the top rope and a minute and a half <hes> he got a win win with the Steiner recliner over Jim Duggan as well and that's that's up the uncensored pay per view so we finally got this new bad ass you know he'll version of Scott Steiner with a new look and a new finish so of course he loses to lex Luger and under four minutes <hes> I got a dud rating that you know I know you're GonNa say oh. It's the context of story and but I mean realistically shouldn't Scott Steiner just motive or somebody on this pay per view if we're going to sort of push a single sky now instead of listening to lex Luger Rodway. Oh I don't know I I mean on my initial reaction she probably but I'd have to look at the context of the pay per view and where more more importantly just like we talked about before with the Steiner brothers losing to the road warriors leading to a Japanese Japanese or new Japan event that you fifty two thousand people I have to look at. Where was it going you you know what were the plans going forward? If there were no plans going forward than absolutely he should have just traditionally typically you know wrestling one. Oh one for you know wrestling fans who wanna be Booker's sure that would make makes sense but I also have to look at go back and try to figure out where we were going the following weeks and months going here's Rick Steiner comes down distract Scott that allows liquor to hit him with the forearm boom. There's your pen barrio now others he between Scott Rick so there's your story for the next several weeks Scott's work in mostly random matches on T._V.'s calling himself superstar Scott Steiner and he's carrying a body building trophy to ringside with him. I mean at this point <unk>. Big POPPA pump is looking as big as a house here <hes> any commentary about his physique and how it starts to change no other than it was obvious I mean what do you want me to say. <hes> you know I. I don't know what I don't know the only thing I can say I wasn't asking you to make some sort of accusation. I just you know. Is there a look where where you're you're trying to get him to achieve or he tells you hey man. Here's what I'm trying to do. Is Anybody in the locker. I'm sorry to say God damn I mean is it discussed. I'm not I'm not asking you to say Oh. We needed to do this sort of testing or here's our protocol asking for a peek behind the curtain like that but we fans at home. We're like Holy Shit. Look at this guy that fucking out of a comic book all of a sudden I think everybody was pretty aware of. It sounded like we didn't have is we couldn't see anything but <hes> you know. Ask me no questions. I'll tell you no lies was it from my point of view. He didn't show up on any <HES> drug testing protocols that were an issue for me. I administer those protocols. I wasn't in charge of that. That was nobody W._C._W.. Was Turner Broadcasting Initiative so as long as it was no problem for me. I didn't ask any questions kids I do. I do feel like I should <hes> I mean this wasn't the plant the route I was planning on taking with this but when you win gas are to whisper and the back because you know listen in wrestling everybody's fucking bearing everybody that's taken me a while to sort of come around and figure out on my own <hes> but Wisconsin or starts to get a push and he looks like this guys who may be aren't getting a push are naturally. We're going to jump and say oh. I guess if I want to get a push I gotta get on the gas. I mean that's whether fair or not guys just look for oh. There's a reason he's getting a push push. 'em Not severe instance when a DP has roster prominence. They're not making the steroid accusation. They say oh he's only successful because he's Bischoff but buddy or whatever the fuck when you when you know that that's going to be the conversation. Does it change the way you handle them. I mean you. You've been candid before. We're you said eight. It actually worked against Diamond Dallas PATES. He was my friend because I didn't want it to look that way so when you have a guy who looks like Scotts on her looks like a real life you know comic book Hero. Is that cross your mind at all no I I mean look and you say that you know you're you're starting to realize it. Everybody Berries everybody and that's just the nature of the beast you know you've been around it now enough with with star cast different people that you deal with and you're dealing with a lot of people now across the boards and I understand that but you know again you've not really been in the wrestling business on a full-time basis and certainly certainly not in the role that I was in. I'm not I'm not trying to sound smarter or more experience than you. It's just different yours. No no no no no. That's that's not my point. Though I wanNA make it clear that's not my point but in the role that I was is in at this time I'm not denying that your characterization of how life isn't a locker room exists in did exist that way back then I'm sor- I support that I agree with that but you also have to understand that she didn't would make its way to me. Nobody none of those especially regarding a guy like Scott signing you think any one of those other talents or any any other talent would come to me. It's the only I I think this is what he's doing first of all. You don't know you don't know what he's doing or not doing you. Don't have you don't have any facts you can have. You can think things you can believe things but you don't have any facts you know so but even if he did do you think any one of those guys would have come to me and stooge it off or put themselves at risk with the rest of the locker room by coming to the boss and throwing out accusations that they didn't didn't really have any proof on especially regarding a guy like Scott sign or it didn't happen more I'm saying to you is that the Innuendo that whatever vibe you would assume I think correctly assume might have been the chatter that might have been going on in between a couple of guys in the cars are heading down the road yeah. I'm sure it did exist like it did with Diamond Dallas page two two guys that you know Warrenton power plant work work on your guts outward spending twenty four hours a day trying to figure out a way to get themselves over at the age of thirty five doing things physically to their bodies that they probably had no right or expectation should've had an expectation to do domino's page was doing those things but rather than doing the work. It's a lot easier to drive up and down roads dollar only reason he's getting a push just because he's Eric Fred that's natural. That's unfortunately it's an aspect of human nature that exists in any job or environment people that do the work are often criticize Ershad or looked down upon by people that just refuse to put in the time mini effort conversely. I think probably a lot of people that looked at it's got cider and made all kinds of assumptions Papas possibly justifiably so but do you think any of those people came to me or do you think they chatted about it. In the car is they were drinking Miller lights and eating hot dog's going down the road it was it was the latter it didn't it didn't make its way to me so I wasn't. I wasn't sensitive this dumping. That wasn't really landing on my lap. Next up is the spring stampede pay per view Rick Steiner is is going to be teaming with lex Luger here and they're going to get a win over Scott Steiner and Marcus Bagwell <hes> they will continue to tag together after this Scott and buff the pick up a win on nitro over public enemy the next day Tammy me up about the decision to put Scott back into a tag team but this time not with his brother but with Marcus. He's still have some physical limitations. Did you feel like maybe he needed. <hes> a little something extra in his presentation Shen or was he just more comfortable as a tag wrestler. Why does this pairing come today? I think it was just creative convenience. I think it just happened to be a storyline something that we needed at the moment it wasn't intended to be anything long-term. It was just a temporary creative opportunity or solution. It might have been salute action but it it was intended to be creative. I don't recall there. Being any kind of you know. We didn't need camouflage. You Know Scott had the ability to work different styles of matches in if he all of a sudden was hurting her he had issues either temporary or otherwise there was always a way for Scott because they had a repertoire and understanding of of the business <hes> GonNa work around anything <hes> much like other people who get hurt <hes> but I do believe that was more creative convenience or opportunity than anything else about a week later Marcus Bagwell. Would I seriously injured in a match on thunder. We've covered that one before and I'm sure will again but this leads to an opportunity where on the May fourth nitro gene is interviewing Rick Steiner Scott Steiner comes out and says his family's been showing him because he has made this decision to sort of side with the in W. O. and he gets upset and starts to cry and says he's willing to forget the end of you. Oh what happened buff Bagwell was a wakeup call so the Steiner brothers hug and at this point right <hes> atoms from the indio attacks Rick from behind with a baseball bat and about a week after this Scott is back out of action with another herniated disk and his back and while these l he does some work in Vancouver for Hulk Hogan's Hogan's movie assault on Devil's island and Steiner would make the observer report by saying that since he can't train he's dropped like twenty five pounds and his down to around two hundred and fifty pounds and then on June twenty-ninth Nitro you debuted the Bischoff show and Scott Steiner's on it. What are you remember about this? <hes> well trainwreck well. What do you mean train wreck? Okay my I was a struggling for word this wonderful moment in the history of Marchetto God you crack me up no seriously now and I'm not ah yes. He's been this bullshit shelby. Why is it was so bad because everyone changed the channel and it was the worst segment writings wise that entire year for Monday night nitro yeah so good that it was a great idea? I get why you would think it would work mark. I mean I understand on the surface and here's the thing I think sometimes we as wrestling fans. Forget God damn you gotta come up four hours of new shit every week. That's a lie you got thunder. You Got Nitro of it's it's going to be five hours four hours of new sheets every week. That's a lot and that's not even counting Saturday night of syndicated shows you're gonNA try some stuff and sometimes it hits and sometimes it does the Michelle show. Maybe didn't hit clearly. You know I thought it would. I sometimes think things look really good on paper in sometimes they don't you know I had a lot of heat at the time <hes> it was it was tangible. It was quantifiable. It was working <hes> probably had almost as much heat as anybody but he also has a character now. I couldn't couldn't manifest it in the ring. He couldn't tell stories with an inside of the ring which makes a character whether it's so he'll authority character or he'll manager even <hes> makes it more challenging because there's just so how much you can do with it. You're very limited with a non wrestling character who happens to have a lot of heat. It's about able but you gotta try to think of different ways to monetize it and this was a way I thought we could monetize it. You know in the history of the business I guess I'm not sure that this is my thinking at the time. I may not have thought about that much. I may have just share. Let's give this a shot. This could be fun could work. It might not a lot of but might not have been a lot of in-depth thought and analysis gone into it probably not at this time <hes> but at the same time in retrospect you could go back and you look you could look at different kinds whether it be piper spinner flair for the gold doc or any type of you know talk show typesetting some of them we still to this day that provide a format to launch stories from that was really the logic behind it and again as a character and it's weird. We're talking about myself but in I'm not talking about myself as a person. I'm talking about myself as a carrier as a character I had a ton of fucking heat and and we thought that this might be a good way to take advantage of that given that I couldn't take advantage of it too often inside of the Ring Fun little segment here coming up the July twentieth Nitro Rick Steiner Dozen Interview Challenges Scott to a match at road wild buff bagwell comes out in the wheelchair is gonna forgive honor for what happened when he was injured on thunder back in April rickenbacker well. They're both stumbling over their words. It's a real moment Scott. Steiner comes out looking freak you than ever and hints Rick with a chair and then bagwell jumps upside of the wheelchair looking on steady trying to stop Scott and then immediately turns on Rick and jumps around like he's fine takes his shirt off and REVEALS THE IN W. O. T. Shirt this is a a fun moment. I'm here because up until this point and even on our our episode where we recently watched Nitro were Goldberg Be Hogan at the Georgia Dome you wheel out buff Bagwell with his mom and it's a real cool moment went where wrestling fans were all sort of pulling for the same guy at the same time fast forward a little bit. I mean just a couple of weeks and boom the big reveal he's fine and he's an asshole great moment here for Buff Bagwell probably one the highlights of his career <hes> no doubt about it that was great storytelling and by the way <hes> that set that we use was a direct rip off of the <hes> Jay Leno set right that that was also part of a storytelling device not only was hey. I think I'm going to do a talk show to get heat that was creatively leading up to a pay per view and the whole idea was I was pretending I was funnier than Jay Leno and all I was doing ripping off his jokes from the Friday Friday night before he would literally send me <hes> Jay would send me his the jokes that he would tell him his monologue and then I would on Monday night steelers jokes which is in the world of comedy. You know you're a piece of Shit if you do ah so there was there was there was another more tactical reason behind that talk show set and just me wanting to see myself on T._v. and get that being said the story that we just laid out with with <hes> Bagwell. I mean that's another perfect example of taking you know a real life situation that everybody was aware of it. Everybody knew about and finding a creative way to integrate that into a story sorry and I think this was that was great storytelling. You know I'm not putting myself over. I'm not even sure it was my idea. <hes> I would have been involved with it because it was n w O but I'm not sure the catalyst for the idea was me but whoever came up with it. That was a great story sorry I I. I got excited hearing about it. We should remind everybody that <hes> you know they gonNA win. Two ways with this I mean by Buff Bagwell could've come back as a super over baby face with the crowd pulling for Graham or done this which was in my opinion much better much more fun two weeks later we get more of this. <hes> bagwell Scott Steiner Shenanigans stuff the August third nitro Scott comes out with a very serious look on his face. It comes in the ring instead. He spoke to his mom. It reminded him he's not better than anyone else and he's had a chance to think about things and he said the end up you might be for life but it's not for him and he takes the end of your shirt off and calls for Rick Steiner so of course first buff bagwell comes out with <hes> arresting ear guard orange barking like Rick Steiner and <hes> Scott's laughing as buff comes in the ring on all fours and then Scott gives buff a treat for rolling over and shaking and eventually rick runs out and clears the ring and then on August twenty four Scott and his hippy doctor come to the ring <hes> Scott Cut Funding Promo ripping on Chicago and it's calling out buff and of course it's <hes> it's buff dressed up as rick again. This is some funny. This is good stuff. I'm sitting here laughing. My ass off listening to you. Describe it. I mean especially the the hippy doctor is bagwell dressed as is a Jamaican. I don't even know what we're doing here but Scott Steiner. He's hurting pretty good here. He's got five compressed this and his back and meltzer would say there's a real question question as to how much of a full recovery he'll be able to make in on what timetable so whenever they're going to be doing match wise is going to have to be kept short. That is what we see happen at the fall raw pay per view <hes> Steiner honor goes to a no contest five and a half minutes. It's <hes> a negative one star rating and the reason that this match even goes as long as it is is Bagwell keeps interfering and eventually he collapses if he's re injured his neck nobody's buying and everybody knows that he's just <hes> play and eventually he's put on a stretcher put into the ambulance and then of course he jumps out of the ambulance and attacks trek so maybe we jumped the shark. They're a little bit but the leader was really really good stuff. Let's keep it moving on September twenty eighth Nitro we would see Scott beat Nick dinsmore. Your old friend Eugene and Linney Lane in a handicap match is kind of cool of you too. I mean I don't know that I would want my nephew to get the shit beat out of him on Nitro by Scott Steiner but it was pretty cool you look after your nephew Eugene here right yeah in hindsight I guess it was you know I it's funny. I I ended up working with with Nick Dinsmore <unk> a Eugene in W._W._e.. Years later and I just I didn't even remember that he has been time. I am a W._C._W.. I think he was <hes> Terry Taylor. You know again I learned after the fact but I think Terry Taylor was a big fan of Nick. Dinsmore is the one that worked at men or at least got a shot in W._C._w.. But I didn't I didn't remember it until years later. They're tober fifth nitro. We see Scott doing a pre taped interview and he comes out with Bagwell and Judy bagwell comes out yelling at marcus grabs him by the ear and takes them to the back so that's kind of fun October twelfth. 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Is this thing that he comes up with his on his own and says hey guys want if I started to do this type of thing thank Promo or does he just do it and then come back and ask forgiveness rather than permission no we knew going in and we kind of dug it you know he we he talked through it and it was pretty excited about it and so are we man. That's a great character certainly push the envelope but it was a great character so in this Promo is ripping on buff bagwell calling him marcus and his mother Judy Bagwell calling her an old hag of course Bagwell is not happy about this and everywhere where he goes he continues to cut promos like this including the October Nineteenth nitro or he's ripping fans and challenging any member of the Vikings and the crowd to meet him in the ring and he's on the crowd <hes> Minnesota sucks and you suck doc I mean he's just he's fired up. He's doing whatever he can get the heat. As we get to Halloween havoc ninety eight he doesn't interview and brings out the giant and then challenges Rixon or to a tag match so we've got Rick Steiner and buff bagwell taking on Scott Steiner and the giant somehow rick and Marcus become the W._C._W.. Tag Champs here and that allows a singles match or rick finally gets to <hes> extract some revenge over Scott Steiner Rig. It's the win in a No deke match in four minutes and forty six seconds after the match Bagwell's running around yelling. Where's Monica of course we're talking about? Monica Lewinsky <hes> weed killer would report in mid November that Vince McMahon of all people is interested in signing Scott Steiner <hes> Wade would write McMahon besides being marked for muscular physiques grew up watching superstar Billy Graham the rest are Scott is currently emulating emulating Scott's making three hundred fifteen thousand dollars a year in W._C._W.. Has Pegged five hundred thousand per year for three years is what they'll offer to keep him. There's no indication where the Scott will jump to the W._W._f.. Without Rick Although Rick and Eric Bischoff went hunting together last week they are good friends. The contract figures regarding Rick Steiner are the same as Scott's both of their current contracts expire on November thirtieth than at least up until a couple of weeks ago. There had not been intense negotiations so W._C._W.. May Not that'd be making the Steiner's our priority or they assume that every ref wouldn't be interested in them. What do you make of that report? I mean it's speculative again. The no facts no real conversations. She's with anybody the numbers that he quoted a wrong <hes> so that's just once again somebody that doesn't have any accurate information speculating I. This is the first I've heard that Vince Vince McMahon was interested in Scott Steiner at the time I didn't hear it back then the surprise me that there might have been interest if somebody thought that he was available is great talent. He was getting overly crazy. He had he had really grown as a character and and certainly had more diversity as a character more depth as a character but by this time that he did previously so. I would be shocked if someone wasn't interested in them but I didn't know that that than no-one no-one made that clear to me and I didn't hear that rumor <hes> the recipes. Is You know it's hard to really speculate or comment on nothing more than speculation on weights bar nothing against wait like Wade's work right now. You know I check wait out. <hes> because I do respect you know is is material at this point <hes> but back then he was doing a lot of the same things that others did which is just make shit up in ten thousand words on the November nokomis no no no no grammar but a lot of words on the November Ninth Nitro Scott and buff come to the ring and Scott says he's he's the body that can rock your body all night long ladies and <hes> buffs has since W._C._W.. Doesn't want to sign a referee for Scott's matches. They're just going to buy their own referee. <hes> we should mention that they start showing up with their own ref after this which is fine as we build towards the World War three pay per view and the planned rig versus Scott Steiner match starts with giant Ray Vincent and Bryan Adams all attacking Rick backstage and <hes> eventually Goldberg shows up gets a huge pop spear Scott Steiner and <hes> a sort of it. We should mention that in early December meltzer reports that <hes> the Goss of we signed a new three year deal right before the W._C._W.. Deals were expired they offered new deals with reports ranging from half a million to seven hundred thousand dollars a piece and <hes> around this same time I'm Scott Steiner has to plead guilty to an incident. <hes> that I guess made a lot of news back in April where he's charged with aggravated assault and making terroristic threats. It's in the Atlanta Journal Constitution itution where I guess there's a traffic cone situation. The Lane is closed and he's climbing out of his pickup truck and tilling the <hes> the staff there move or I will run you over and he gets back in a car and drives over it. What do you remember about this? I remember it happening. It's a personal choice on his own. Time wouldn't have done it myself pretty risky maneuver over do remember it but didn't have a lot of pressure on me to take any kind of action so I didn't just was what it was that we should mention in December Scott and Bagwell come out here and bengals dressed as Mark Maguire and a Cardinals Jersey and has a giant bottle of <hes>. I think I think they're calling angel stain and <hes> Scott passing mark or McGuire Bagwell L. rather comedy homers. Would you hit without it and he said five. What do you remember about this whole you know? Cardinals piece of business here in the insurance to McGuire juicing controversy creates cash brother of course we know that Scott's GonNa win the T._v.. Title from Conan on the December Twenty Eighth Nitro and a week later this is the finger Polka doom from January fourth ninety nine. <hes> of course sky is going going to be a part of this new in W A couple of weeks after this Scott would interrupt the nitro girls dancing he asked him if they wanna be with a real man and then he starts offering himself to the women in the crowd and he says something like after the show big POPPA Alpe pomp is ready to go <hes> and he starts looking for his freak of the week and <hes> he said he saw somebody in address. What tattoos backstage so clearly that's Perry Saturn and <hes> he's GonNa show I like to wrestle a real man when Saturday and gets to the Ring Scott Saturdays from Texas and only steers and queers come from Texas and since Saturn isn't a steer here we go boy that didn't age will l.? Did it wow I mean. It's just like wow. This shit really happened on T._v.. And again you go back to the conversation. We were having early on this in this episode where you know you can get away with it out now. You can get away with that in a Sitcom right yeah. I'M GONNA make all kinds I mean even today you can do all kinds of that stuff in a sitcom but in a wrestling show today or sports entertainment so today if you were to do that you would get and I guess rightfully so you would get crucified yeah but it's just but it is I now hearing it in the context of of what we were doing on Nitro back then e yeah we did it. We got away with it and may how times have changed yeah. It's pretty unbelievable. You know that that was a real thing the February eighth ninety nine nitro cameras walking to a a limo and Scott's trying to talk to her DP coast the silent Limo and attack Scott and while security breaks it up Scott Jumps in the driver's seat Kimberley's already there so he takes off and eventually socialist got turns the car around aims at A._D._p.. and S he starting to drive towards her the passenger side doors open kimberly flaws out of the door in lands hard on the ground. I guess we're insinuating here. That Scott Steiner has pushed her out of a moving car. What are you remember about out? This with the idea came from the incident with the guy. The Highway Worker was Colin when Scott said he was going to run them over. We went. Hey we could turn that into kind of a storyline. We're GONNA make you a dangerous out of a bitch behind the wheel of a vehicle. I'm just kidding. I have no idea where that came from. I have no idea but you know it's intensive. It's interesting right. I mean talk about proper motivation. If there's anything that's going to piss off a baby faces throat as wipe out of moving vehicles sometimes Scott gets a win over A._D._p.. At the Super Bowl pay per view. He's going to retain his television title. <hes> I mean I guess that's kind of Cool Heathrow his wife out and then <hes> then beat them up on pay per view the February twenty-second nitro video piece airs of Scotland Buff Bagwell's travels on their spring breakout tour bus. They're going to a gym working out flirting with women <hes> they went to a bar to to set up a meet up with a girl they met but wound up being a drag bar and another on identified side Steiner wandered into a Goldberg photo shoot <hes> you know we get some job Jack and back and forth and I guess it's reported by Meltzer at some point in early March that you actually banned Scott from doing live interviews until they could tone down his language. Is that true I don't you know I'm not saying it's not not true because I could hurt we see it. What year was this what time on here Oh them for sure because then I had sterry tingle every time I say her name Amaze me laugh off Terry tingle from standards and practices if if that's not like the best stripper name I don't know what is is somebody out? There's got to be a stripper out there somewhere listening to the show somewhere in the world that's going to change her stage name. Thanks to this show to Terry tingle but certainly kidding aside by this time nineteen what we would have been able to get away with a ninety six ninety seven ninety eight <hes> wouldn't have been an issue bill but by one thousand nine hundred eighty nine we had standards and practices and Terry Terry teagle breathing down our backs. It's even crappier but yeah I I'd say it was probably true. Just guessing the uncensored show would see Booker T. win the title from Scott Steiner and thirteen and a half minutes and <hes>. I guess we should mention that E._S._p._N.. Is at the March Eighth Nitro in Worcester interviewing all their players for the outside the lines special and eventually the subject of steroids come up Hogan is interviewed here saying the steroids are still in pro wrestling but he doesn't use them anymore and Scott Steiner said of course he didn't use them either. <hes> meltzer would also report at the end of March that Steiner was sentenced to ten days in jail for his incident in the <hes> the little road cone F to fifty assault and battery charge <hes> <hes> so there you go. He's GonNa have to serve some time. Shrink stampede. He's working with Booker T. again. He's GONNA use a foreign object and he's GonNa win. The United States heavyweight <hes> tournament so he dropped the TV title to Booker T. But a winds ends up beating Booker T. in this tournament <hes> he would also be Chris Jericho and Ming and on the April Twelfth Show <hes> DP is GonNa Pin Scott to retain the world title after Kimberly Hits Him with a chair and mandate P. gives him a diamond cutter. When this show finally comes out this outside the line episode finally airs there are loud chance <hes> at some of the television tapings Scott Steiner <hes> uh for steroids and supposedly as a result of this <hes> maybe fresher from E._S._p._N.? Once it airs they order a drug test in Orlando. What can you in a second one in Gainesville? What can you tell us about you know the pressure from the outside? Is that what caused the drug test. Is this come down from Turner. What do you remember again i? I'm not trying to <hes> to distance myself from it it all but I can only guess I can't tell you with any certainty because whenever there was a drug test they surprised me as much as they surprise anybody else I got meaning. I had no advanced knowledge of it and that was to protect the integrity of the tests and to protect me so that if for example Diana Myers who would have been the legal representative from Turner legal who happen to have an office in inside of the W._C._W.'s office had she come to me and say hey eric <hes>. Don't tell anybody but there's GONNA be a drug test coming up next weekend because of all this heat. It's coming down from E._S._P._N.. And all the publicity sleep so just want to give you a heads up that would have compromised the test and she wouldn't turner legal wouldn't have done that so if I can't i. It's not that I don't want to tell you that I don't remember it's just that I wasn't involved an any of the discussions I can surmise much like everybody else that that was probably the cause of it or the catalyst behind it but I I wasn't you know I just wasn't of all the conversations <hes> he has a little bit of trouble <hes> pop up here from ninety nine hundred ninety seven incident where I guess there was a situation and a bar in Marietta and it comes out at the end of May that the Scots had a backyard. This is the third one and he's not going to be able to wrestle for a while so he's going to be appearing on T._v.. But not <hes> not as normal gear and certainly not working working a meltzer would eventually right that his back is in such bad shape that there's talking may not be long for the business at this point it winds up being stripped of the United States title <hes> for being out of course ric flair makes that announcement on T._v. and you you you leave in September of ninety nine. We'll sort of skim through what happened while you were gone. He's off T._v.. Until November first where he does this total baby face interview where he's talking about his back surgery and he's tried every option to avoid the surgery but he's is in so much pain. He's going to have no choice. He's got three ruptured discs is going to join the new interview at the end of the year with the world champion Bret Hart Jeff Cheer at Scott Hall and Kevin Nash they disband around the time you return and he gets back in the ring young on January third on nitro him and Nash scheduled to face P._G.. Thirteen in a tag team title match A._D._p.. Comes out P._G.. Thirteen jumps boasts he laid both members out with diamond cutters so national Scott come out beat these guys up <hes> eventually he starts being accompanied to the ring by Malaysia and on February seventh he cut that very famous promo on Ric flair and I think this is the one that most people probably remember where he's getting <hes>. I think a lot of people fault maybe crossed the line in this era or he's talking about you know Steve Austin being on the other channel and that's the reason everybody it's won- instead of this Horsh it and Ric flair ripped off a guy's game and never got his teeth fixed and you know Blah Blah Blah just way way way over the top. You weren't necessarily involved in the a company at this point where you watching it all. Did you hear about this rumor. I wasn't watch number one. I wasn't involved at all in the company at this point and I wasn't really watching. I did hear about it <hes> <hes> I don't remember how I heard about it. Suddenly somebody called and told me but <hes> probably surfing the Internet and things like that I heard about it and went back and saw it and you know I think look Scott you can go back and look at his his character trajectory you know he he really got over amongst other things by walking up to that edge and sometimes is putting a tower to over <hes> but I think he clearly took a couple of steps over. I mean there's you know it's so tricky as a as a contemporary he'll right at least even back then ninety ninety nine. We're talking about twenty one years ago but still twenty years ago but in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine being a contemporary. He'll you know you had you had to break barriers. You had to do different things you had did find new ways to get heat that people weren't used to hearing or seeing Scott for a period of about two years leading up to this. This moment was really able to do that got any found. His stride is a character he was really getting over. I think probably more than anybody thought he would other than maybe himself and possibly even more than he thought he would you know but there's a point where you've got a kind of catch yourself and you've got to recognize when you're going too far. You know it's one thing to put heat on somebody and make fun of somebody a baby face and do things that generally get the crowd angry but when you get to a point where so personal and in in in hurtful it's no longer entertaining and storyline driven. It's just flat out mean. <hes> and people don't respond to me. That's not heat. That's up money. He <hes> and I think Scott found that point and didn't recognize that he was stepping is far off over the line. Izzy was when you come back. What did you think your plans? We're going to be for for sky. You come back April two thousand spring stampede of course you know there's a <hes> a tournament for all the titles including the U._S.. Title and Steiner Beats The Wall and then he beats Mike Awesome and then Steiner beat sting to win the U._S. title two and three quarter stars. I mean you clearly had high hopes for him. You're putting him in there for the U._S.. Title was there ever consideration when you first come back. Hey maybe we should push him for the big bill. There was no answer your question no but you know keep in mind that when I came back there was no long term plans for anybody when I came back when I came I I it's not like I had three months to think about coming back. I came back relatively quickly. It was kind of out of the blue and there was a lot of catching up to do. There was a lot of rehab to do. There was a lot of repair to do and all all of the conversations that I had creatively were about okay. How do how do we get the train back on the track? Not where's the train going to go once. It's on track. Where do we want the train to end up two years from now or six months from now or a year from now it was a matter of Holy Shit? Train is off the track. How do we get back on the rails? So most of the conversations were more about short-term kind of solutions in ideas as opposed to long-term. Maybe we put the belt on Scott Steiner or Bill Goldberg. Who are anybody else six months or a year from now so just keep that in mind in terms of you know my plans? I you know setting aside what I just said about long-term. I certainly valued. A- As a character I valued Scott he would have been any plans that I would have had once. We finally got the train on on the rails. Heading in the right direction Scott definitely would have been a part of them because I pretty high valuation on this character <hes> even with the limitations that he had with with regard to his back and things like that man could still kinda great promo grant. Is You have the real man you had to keep them on the right side of that line or at least keep them on the line in he would. I have a tendency to go too far with things but that that's that that didn't bother me. That didn't scare me. I've always believed that you know you could slow a fast horse down but you can't make a slow horse. Fast and Scott was a fast horse. I'd rather have a barn full of vast sources that I had to control then a bunch of plow horses. I couldn't get to move out of the barn was on fire. It's so I pretty high valuation on Scott as a character that <hes> The may second thunder we see Hulk Hogan versus Scott Steiner for the first time <hes> they ended up in the crowd where Hugh Morris will jump on Steiner and he and Hogan with double team that gets us to the slam Burri pay-per-view Scott Scott Steiner is going to retain his title when Hugh Morris comes out to start this match. She says the Hugh Morris was a brain fart from Eric Bischoff and his real name is huge erection and he's going to go by captain reaction. Why did you like huge erection more than he moore's now is a Russo giving? It wasn't my giving no I'm not. I'm not saying that to be a smile. You love huge erection. We're not doing enough of Lucia spot but come on. That's a natural spot for their no. It's a natural spotted. If we were setting up a blue shoe spot I would certainly embrace the opportunity to do so but in the context of of you know the creative if that was going out at this point. It's just every time I hear that kind of stuff. It's like God Almighty. It's like bathroom toilet. Humor is is so is so stupid. I mean really it's is that all you got. Is that how you got Yuji Russia. That's creatively. That's like you know whatever on the May Nitra Russo approaches Scott backstage about protecting them from Nash Scott's two women emanate tells Rousseau leave him alone or a rip office freaking arm and later in the show Scott comes out and demanding that Russa's in tanks the ring <hes> whatever saying here winds up being bleeped eventually tanked tells Doug dillinger the do what he told him to do so Scott's sitting still in the ring here and Goldberg's Buzek starts the crowd and the announcers are really excited for Goldberg and of course that means tank comes out instead and he's GonNa mock Goldberg's entrance but as soon as he gets in the Frank Scott flattens and takes them down and then we get to a street fight in May with tank and Rick Steiner who <hes> Goldberg eventually is going to come make the save in a few days slater Scott a ton of makeup for a black guy and he's got a cut mouth and he's going to set up an ambulance match things start <hes> sort of go off the rail sear W._W.. Two Thousand Oh God <hes> they do. It's just a bad memory. I tried you know it's like if you break your fall off a horse or fall off a ladder. Whenever you shadow your leg and you know you did it but you just try to put it out of your mind because you don't WanNa relive the pain that's kind of how I feel about April two thousand? They're also doing promos where they're saying that. <hes> Scott is there's nothing finer doing a sixty nine with Scott Steiner great American Bash Two thousand we see Scott Win when asylum match over Rick and tank Abbott they asylum matches just as crazy as you remember with the cage and the weapons and all the Shenanigans <hes> the main event of the June nineteenth Nitro Jarrett beating Scott Mike Awesome is the ref and he's helping Jira astonished kicking out of everything eventually go burks here and Ernest Miller is here. Let's talk about the end of June the almost here to the end of your lawn <hes> with W._C._W.. But melted right Kimberly wasn't at the show at the story goes she quit the promotion because Scott Steiner the previous night called her a nasty name but steiner found out she wouldn't do a physical angle involving him so instead came related did that legendary angle where they went to spray perfume in Hancock's is but sprayed at the wrong direction. She sold it anyway. Steiner said it thinking she wasn't there but she heard it and wanted an apology and you know how that goes and she quit. Many people are are under the assumption. It's a work give A._D._p.. And Eric Bischoff friendship and the company's fascination with trying to fool the Internet rather than working the bottom line <hes> what do you remember about this Kimberley's who what happened with Kimberlin Scott. I wasn't there so I didn't see it. I certainly heard about it but I think the report was mostly accurate <hes> again not having been there myself. I can't say it wasn't completely accurate. I don't know all I know is what I heard. And of course I heard it from G._D._p.. <hes> and others <hes> he wasn't the only one <hes> but yeah I think he was bad mouth inner. She heard it she went to e._D._p.. It was an issue she quit. She was miserable. Anyway and I don't blame her. <hes> there were a lot of people that were pretty unhappy at the time and I think she just had it. Let's talk about the <hes> the situation that happened in late June in Lincoln Nebraska meltzer would say the Steiner threw a temper tantrum on unprofessional fit regarding being too out doing in a job for Mike Awesome <hes> he says he's lied to and is is reportedly threatening to beat up Terry Taylor who eventually comes back and says he would sue him if that were to happen Steiner of course calls them series a nasty names for threatening to sue meltzer would say this is hardly the first time Steiner has blown up a management as not once or twice. He's going against the script and nonsensical interviews on T._v.. Blaming ric flair for the company's ratings and <hes> Meltzer saying for whatever reason W._C._w.. Refuses to put its foot down. What do you remember about this incident where he was upset with with Terry Taylor and and do you agree that? Maybe somebody needed to put their foot down. Oh Gosh I was I was at the. I didn't see the incident so again. I'm going to have to piece together based on what I heard second third fourth and you know I can't I can't buy anything MELTZER ROKA's he wasn't there either. I do believe that Terry Taylor and Meltzer probably had conversations <hes> on a regular basis so I would venture to guess just a guest not an accusation but if I had gas that was reporting was based on the ongoing conversations he was probably having with Terry Taylor Sterry was a bit of a stooge. It's not untrue untrue. I mean Scott did have a really short fuse. Scott did not handle communication is best as he probably should have or as professionally as he should have the status secret <hes> never ever was but I'm gonNA. I'M GONNA defend Scott a little bit here. You know there was a lot of really bad communication from management including Terry Taylor and other agents not just Cherry picking on Sarah I like Jerry but it is what it is and you go back and you talked to some of the talented some of the other agents and some of the other people that were actually involved. You'll find few people that will you know suggest that you know agents including Terry. Were we're always straightforward. In often fade the heat or weren't often evasive whenever challenged by town. I don't mean physically challenge I mean why are we doing that. You know what wh- where's this storyline going. Am I off this this weekend. Remind out of I mean any number of issues where management including agents at that time <hes> were should have been really directed forthcoming in honest with talent and oftentimes weren't that made it you know that created a an environment where you would have situations like this now add to that environment a guy with historically a pretty short fuse Scott Steiner and it's inevitable that you're gonNa have situations like this. Come up should management including me by the way should have should I have had a more professional environment. Absolutely there's no excuse for that. You can't have any kind of a working environment where you had this kind of volatility and potential for disaster to happen. It's just not healthy is no way you can defend or justify it. <hes> so yeah management including me should have been <hes> more disciplined about having a more disciplined environment backstage and not allowing things to get out of hand not only from talents point of view but from management's point of view including agents going and you know looking back. Now you know people often ask me well. What would you have done differently? There's a million things that you would like to go back and do differently but having agents included having agents handle this shit a lot more responsibly and professionally in honestly with talent would have gone a long way to having a better environment backstage so I'm long winded way of saying it worked both ways yes. There were talent who behaved poorly unprofessionally in it wasn't helped by the fact that so we're agents handle their shit pretty unprofessionally <hes> at times. I should mention the <hes> infamous bash at the beach pay per view is your last show with W._C._W.. Mike Awesome would get a win over Scott Steiner by Deke when nine minutes and eleven seconds but Milton Doug the match. It's a three and a quarter stars <hes> we should also mention that on July thirty first match on nitro Scott would be Kevin National Straitjacket match and then they started to do matches where she was on polls in August esten while it's just W._C._w.. In two thousand you're not there no that was that was Vince Russo into. I'm just saying you're not there. I'm giving you pass on that. No no no I'm not I'm not even not even being defensive. I'm just pointing out to the audience who's listening that was all Vince Russo Vince Russo had the pencil to himself and there you go mayhem is the big pay per view in November and this is where we see Steiner finally win the world title he he beats Booker T. and thirteen minutes and ten seconds in a cage match with a straight jacket against two stars. It's probably a pretty cool deal that he finally <hes> gets the spot and he's the world champion <hes> the next night on Nitro. He's cutting <hes> a heck of a Promo and he said if it's Steve Austin he'll kick his ass just like he did when he was in W._C._W.. In the rock doesn't have the guts to show up and he imitates his <hes> La la La la La Tongue roll and what I'm cooking and well. This is Scott Steiner being Scott's on her baby tons of Shenanigans. His Star cade title Defence Against Sid vicious is victorious <hes> there's more chaos on the December eighteenth nitro and you weren't there for this but I'm going to bring it up because I know you have heard all about it. This is when DP and Scott Steiner got into it. <hes> apparently Scott does what Scott does and said some things things in an interview that maybe he shouldn't have he talked about how page didn't have the balls to fight him and he needs a sex change operation and as soon as he says that page gets up in front of everybody and says enough is enough and as soon as donner comes through the curtain there scrapping and yeah what do you remember about this at A._D._p.. Scott Steiner fight backstage well again. It wasn't there so I you know I only heard about it. After the fact and you know pages not a fighter you know I mean that's not his. It's not as Goto. He's not that guy. <hes> he's a talker in immediate Indiana's compliment. You'd rather talk out a problem. If he's got one with you he'd rather sit down and just clear the air and look Uni I and tell you how he feels or let you tell him how you feel and just work it out. That's his go to you. <hes> unfortunately you know based on everything that you just read and what I had heard previously he just had it and I was. I was surprised quite honestly when I heard about it. I was because I do know page and I do know that he's not a fighter and let's face it. It's Scott Steiner. That's not necessarily even if you have a tendency to want to act someone out or get into it with somebody. That's not the guy you probably would want to start out with <hes> so I was. I was surprised but I you know I gotTa hand it to page you know he the what else could he have done at that point. I mean Scott took it so far that had had not stood up for himself. I don't think he would've ever been able to live down or live with himself. And now it's unfortunate. It's unfortunate but now nothing but respect for page for for for stepping up in defending himself as a man in his what if and in its again fortunate L. Go back to what I said earlier. It should have never happened. Scott should have never done it the environment that would allows it to to to you know you've got the impression that he was able to do. It should've never should've never existed <hes> it did and everybody got through it. Everybody lived in good news is that you know it's over. It's done let me ask you know the it's written in the observer that you were asked by Brad Siegel to fly in and try to calm everybody down the way that went down <hes> yeah I think at the time I had I who was here. Johnny was here hire. Johnny Ace originally hired him to to kind of handle <hes> finishes and he had kind of moved into the talent management a role and I did I I did sit down and work with Scott because I did you know there were times. I had at one point I had a relationship Scott where because I was always honest with him. You know and that's one of the reasons why at that point at least we addict pretty good working relationship so that if there were issues like this it could at least have a civil cover what at least it would start out as a civil conversation and it could manage it <hes> so yeah it did happen. It's fascinating fascinating to me that even though your home let needs you to combat everybody on the head and put Humpty dumpty back together again of course we know Steiner's involved in that match were said breaks his leg and lots of other Shenanigans Eric wasn't really there therefore but the last night's rose what most people remember most about that nitro besides flair and sting and besides the big angle at the End Booker T. Beats Scott Steiner to recapture the world title so from November to March Donner is your champ and that's the end of W._C._W.. Wh what can you tell us about Scott Steiner and his legacy and w w what do you think it will be. Oh I think probably is lacey. The Mo the most memorable this is just me so which is obviously not the case but I think some of his promos in ninety seven ninety eight early ninety nine where he really kind of found his stride <hes> and and even today you know people still refer back to some of those promos are almost like coal favorites for me. That's that's a highlight of his career in W._C._W.. But again like I said that's just me that's my taste watching him transition out of that pretty dominant tag team position the APP for so long it was certainly human rick both were extremely well respected in the tag team category and to be able to transition because that's how easy to do you pointed handed out with the rockers. It's hard. Sometimes you know when you've been such a dominant in exposed tag team to transition into the singles category and Scott did it almost flawlessly and actually probably reached greater success as a singles competitor than he did is attacked better and that says a lot because they were such such a high level as a team so I that era ninety seven ninety eight early ninety nine to me was I think probably one of the things that will define scots legacy long-term if you had been successful in your quest to take over W._C._W.. And Purchase W._C._W.. In two thousand and one what do you think the plans would have been for Scott Steiner honor. I I don't know I can't I can't imagine sitting here recording this right now I I'll go back to what I said earlier though he certainly would have been high on my list of people to work with because I had put a big valuation should on his character. I you know yes. He was difficult to manage. Yes he could be problematic. Sometimes yeses communication was often challenging. I mean backstage dealing with others because he just had a short fusing. He didn't tolerate bullshit. You know and there's a lot of bullshit that goes on backstage with talent and with agents and producers directors and all kinds of things. There's always some kind of communication issue and oftentimes as I said to keep beating up on ages but you know that that can beat. You've got to be honest with a guy like Scott you've got you've got to be really disciplined about making sure that what you say to him can't be misinterpreted as dishonest because that was that was a trigger point for you. He was you know he probably an oversensitive. Bullshit meter sometimes way overly sensitive so that even something that wasn't sent correctly he would interpret you know absolutely as wrong long as could possibly be interpreted that create issues but beyond those challenges he was a great talent you know and he had a tremendous amount of potential and I you know I think a lot of it some of it. Perhaps perhaps was left on the table because of the way things ended in W._C._W.. And and you know Scott and did did end up going back to W._W._e.. And I worked with him for a period of time while you know in W._W._e.. But he didn't have the latitude to really grow that character there is he did it was a moment in time where he was he had the ability to kind of almost right his own material and he took advantage of that and did a very good job with it ninety seven ninety in early nineteen ninety nine but you know the wheels kind of fell off and then with his running W W W W e didn't really have that latitude and now it was memorable. I guess <hes> but I think the peak of his career was like ninety seven ninety eight early early ninety nine W._C._W.. Well if you liked that era you're gonNA love. We got coming for you next week. We're going to sit down and do a watch along for nitro number one hundred <hes> this is the famous show from August Fourth Nineteen Ninety seven and I'm pretty excited about Eh because we're GONNA be watching it on August Fifth <hes> so on the twenty two year anniversary this is when Luger would be Hulk Hogan for the world title. The crowd goes bananas in his a real moment in Nitro history as I look forward to that on August fifth on August it's twelve we're going to cover road while nineteen ninety nine which is actually Eric's last pay per view in charge before he takes a little break in September of ninety nine and then we'll revisit clash of the champions thirty five. This is the very last one <hes> the the very last class to the champions that W._c._w.. Put on it went down in Nashville Tennessee on August twenty first now your main event Scott Hall and Randy savage taken on domino's page and lex Luger but the UNDERCARD is outstanding <hes> Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett Raven Stevie Richards Alex Right and Ultimo Dragon Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero. <hes> Kurt is going to team with ric flair to take on Conan and six and we've got an eight man tag match with Ludovic Galore. It's a it's a fun show and then on August twenty only six. We're going to revisit one of the all time greats Arn Anderson. We're covering that one because it'll be near the anniversary of the infamous mice spot promo. I think we've got a cool little on up a shows any of those really stick out to you that you're looking forward to doing bet it's next week. <hes> the yeah no it is next week you know I I love those kind of seminal moments in history and in revisiting them so I mean it all sounds fun. I'm looking forward to doing all of them but I I think next week is going to be the most fun. I'm looking forward to it so.

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