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This time it's not just about winning an election. It's about winning an era a couple of years ago. I could barely walk. I couldn't sit can lay down. I really couldn't do anything. But we've had it with winter never give up. That's a given you and I have the chance to usher in a new American spring always fight on that too. Giving up never equation one day, they will write histories, not just about one campaign or one presidents. This is clearly one of those monumental days. When people all around the world will say where were you? I am running for president. Nor was. Wow. Happy monday. Good morning and welcome to morning, Joe. It is Monday April fifteenth tax day with us. We have MSNBC contributor, Mike, barnicle well-known adman. Donny Deutsch professor at Princeton University from legendary. Well. Well. Kind of maybe a few people know who he is. I think that's where we're headed. Now, it's it's all on the tone, Princeton University, a professor at glut junior White House reporter for the Associated Press. Jonathan Lemere is with us and former chief of staff to the D triple C nelin MSNBC contributor Adrian Elrod joins us so Meco really special day yesterday, regardless of whether you used rude for tiger or not whether you're Republican or democrat, you actually just saw two things happen America stopped a lot of Americans stopped based on the phone calls that were coming in from everybody fun was ringing off the hook yesterday. Like it hasn't my gosh. Era that time where you have three hundred cable channels and a billion YouTube channels for some reason yesterday meek everybody stopped there watching tiger. And they watched MIR Pete, and I don't know ten years from now twenty years from now just may be day that a lot of people look back on. And see see history being made. Well, we were shuffling my mom from room to room. Let's go watch tiger. Okay. Let's go back for mayor Pete. My mom loves mayor, Pete and his speech like put her over the judge today in our phone started ringing off the hook from reporters to Republicans Democrats to people who really feel moved by this candidate. Mike barnicle talk about. Again. I don't I don't want to overstate it. But you don't usually have Sunday afternoons we had yesterday. Just sure you just don't with Tiger Woods. I would say seeing the end of an era. But my gosh tiger could win for the next three or four years. We don't know we never saw that coming what an extraordinary moment. Again. Whether you like tiger in the past. It was about more than golf. It was about so much more than golf. It was about redemption him sinking that last putt. And looking in a way like tiger has never looked after winning a tournament other than winning that. I where he went and hugged his dad. It was almost like this was the first time Tiger Woods. Understood that this moment wasn't a given. It was something extrordinary something to be savored and something. That was so special that he would never forget it Joe in one Sunday spring afternoon in Augusta Georgia and in south bend, Indiana. You had two stories that combined to truly represent part of what this country is all about in Augusta Georgia you had a story of resilience. You had a story of someone who hurt himself by himself self inflicted wounds over Nelia decade, get up off the floor back in the batter's box and become a winner again. And it really is it really was a net pick kind of personal story and then in south bend, Indiana. And by the way, my there you see him hugging. His children his mom this win more special than anyone Tigers ever had. Yeah. Probably the most special masters win that he's had since his dad was alive when he won his first masters now, he's hugging his son who was just born the last time. Tiga one I major golf championship. But then you go to south bend, Indiana, as you just talking about, and you get young MIR Pete Buddha judge, and he is standing there and he's talking to America, and he's come in east, compassionate, and he's intelligent and he's not speaking down to people. He's not insulting people and he's talking about the future. And basically declaring that the past is the past and you've been direct all of these people living in small mid western New England industrial towns you've been lied to. You've been tricked. The future is here. You either go forward or retreat into the into the distant history of the past. It was a remarkable day to remarkable events. You're right to call them. Both remarkable Donny Donny Deutsch, and you had one man whose career was considered over showing again a second life again. Install odds and you had again. Could dry driving north from Augusta Georgia to south bend, Indiana. You had another man roughly the same age showing a lot of Americans the face and the political agility of a man who may be on America's political landscape for a very long time to come. We saw heroes yesterday. We saw two heroes at different ways. And and we have the president. We have maybe look back to our last democratic candidate. Whether you liked Hillary or didn't like Hillary would never attach the word hero to her. And you two men that represent the new faces of America. I mean, obviously tiger changed the entire face of golf opening up to new generation, obviously is an African American man. And when we have people to judge a gay marriage, man. And this is what the face of this country looks like now the face of this country now is not just a straight white man with gray hair. So we have two people that everybody can. For and everybody has a different meaning now than it used to be you felt good yesterday to other things that happened yet say there was a different tiger was the old. Tiger Woods was the Tiger Woods. We thought of as a philandering guy, and it kind of self entitled guy and yesterday we soar and underdog. I am a family guy. We saw him as you said with his mother and his kids, and we saw with mayor Pete a good guy, a nice guy and a word normal banal guy, and the word nice Joey talked about it this week is to me going to be a very very important. I think this country nice with strength. Not soft. Yeah. And to Z we need that. Now, we do Donnie. And there are a lot of nice candidates on the democratic field. I'm sorry. The nice of him there. There seems to be a conciliatory way that even deals with his enemies. So I'm not saying, they're not nice good people. I'm talking about is a brand and what emanates from him is very very different. Right. And I'm just saying there's a lot of nice candidates. But what we need and what you saw yesterday in south bend was good good in every way and good in every way that Trump is the opposite. And we'll just leave it at that. But mayor Pete made his announcement yesterday in an old factory. The rain was coming through the roofs. Everybody was wet and cold and he took on Trump's promise to make America. Great again. And that's why I'm here today to tell a different story, then make America great again. Because there's a myth being sold to industrial and rural communities the myth that we can stop the clock and turn it back. It comes from people who think the only way to speak to communities like ours is through resentment and the style jn they're selling an impossible promise of returning to a bygone era. There was never as great as advertised to begin with. The problem is that they're telling us to look for greatness and all the wrong places. I recognize the audacity. Of doing this as a midwestern Baleno mayor. More than a little bowl at age thirty seven to seek the highest office in the land. Until recently. This was not exactly what I had in mind either for how I was going to spend my eighth year as mayor and my thirty eighth year in this world, but we live in a moment that compels us each to act. The forces changing our country today are tectonic forces that helped to explain what made this current presidency even possible. That's why this time it's not just about winning an election. It's about winning an era. America today feels like a compe- confusing place to live it's because we're on one of those blank pages in between chapters changes coming ready or not. The question of our time is whether families and workers will be defeated by the changes beneath us or whether we will master them and make them work toward a better everyday life for us. All. In a moment like that calls for hopeful and audacious voices from communities like ours. And yes, it calls for a new generation of leadership in this country. Well, written well delivered to Hayes the right one for that. For that message that he's sending listening. Smith who's running his campaign, actually, let people when they were asking wrote the speech. She said, we don't have speechwriters that was mayor Pete who wrote the speech. There were so many echoes of of the Kennedys of JFK and k there, and I'm not just talking about the obvious one of the new generation of leadership, but he sounded like Bobby when he talked about living at a time that compels each of us to act or a almost JFK. Sort of ring of JFK when? Optimism youthful optimism. But also saying this isn't about winning an election. This is about winning an era and Adrian, you really did get the sense that this was a guy talking about a torch being passed to a new generation. And and I'll just ask you the response. You got because I will tell you again me when she was nine years old. She was going at the White House. I'd been in politics for twenty five thirty years people. Call me all the time. They have a political comment. I must say other than Brock Obama running and two thousand eight and I remember as a kid Ronald Reagan in nineteen eighty I never really got flooded with a type of phone calls and the heard the excitement that I heard yesterday afternoon from Republicans independence. And democrats. Yeah. Same here. Joe between Pete mayor Pete speech and the master's my phone was blowing yesterday afternoon to and here's the thing. I mean, here's a guy who represents the next generation of Democrats who is in a red state giving a speech talking about how mayors are executives which I think is a very important message that he delivered. He reminded people that sure on the mayor of a medium sized town, and I'm young, but I too can be president of the United States. And here's my vision. So I think representing mayors in that context, very important. And Secondly, this is a region that we do need to win back as Democrats. We may not win Indiana back this time in twenty twenty but we need to start rebuilding the Democratic Party in this region of the country. So it was very inspiring to see this. The question now becomes where does he go next? How does he channel this enthusiasm and excitement into a real full-fledged campaign? And I think we're seeing that take shape at this moment. Jonathan from Johnson Lemaire from the excitement of yesterday question is can he scale this operation all presidential operations is reminded me yesterday. They have to be scaled, and they have to be scaled quickly a more important question for mayor Pete is this. Yes. You can win Iowa. And yes, you can win New Hampshire overwhelmingly white electorates. But you can't win by exciting educated. White people in the Democratic Party. You have to have a more diverse coalition. And the question is how will he fare in South Carolina. How will he fare in California? How will he fare Hispanics and black voters and other Americans? You're right. We shouldn't lose sight of just what a remarkable rise has been how sudden it's been that six weeks ago or eight weeks ago. No, one knew who this person was no one knew about this mayor outside of some very limited pockets democratic circles, and he's proven himself. He's been called up from the minor leagues. I mean, he earned his spot on the big stage. He is proven adept at fundraising. And that's that's part of going to go to your to your question. There. Joe is he's going to have the money to stay in this. I've have a campaign to be able to get to those to those states. He's been very smart about. Saying yes to every media opportunity, and he's really sort of gotten himself out there. He's proved himself to be witty, and charming and human and compassionate. He is someone who is is resonating with a lot of people. And I noticed the Kennedy themes or they're correctly. What you comparisons? You drew yesterday? But I was also struck by his repeated use of the word audacity he was clearly trying to link himself to Barack Obama's. Well, they were themes. They're very similar very similar notions. Obama in two thousand seven let's remember freshman Senator someone who who of course, gave the famous speech, the two thousand four convention, but was still really an unknown to lot of people he recognized that some critics would think hey, you're doing this too early. You're doing this too soon. You're not ready and mayor Pete sort of took that head on yesterday and made a similar a similar comparison. Similar statements saying that yes. A lot of people out there. I'm too young. I don't look like I don't fit the Bill. I don't have the resume of what a president should look like, but America is changing. So why can't this be? Me. And yes, he's got a long way to go. We're in the early stages. He's gonna he is going to have to speak to minority voters that crowd and southbound yesterday mostly made up of white faces, you know, he has some issues civil rights issues policing issues in his hometown that he is going to have to address in the weeks and months go forward as the nation gets know him better. But it was a remarkable first step yesterday. So make Jonathan brought up a really important point about the the sudden rise of of mayor peak and that is making himself available. What we told candidates time. And again, we saw it with Mike Huckabee in two thousand eight when Mike Huckabee always made himself available shocked the political world with his win. And I went in two thousand eight without a campaign staff much of a campaign step speak up. And of course, Donald Trump in two thousand six eight Trump always made himself available people complained bitterly about the fact that he was always on TV that he was on this show all the time that he was on CNN all the time that he was on. Fox all the time gets what he made himself available. It was like cracking the code to Fort Knox to get most of the other candidates on the show. We in fact, offered other candidates civility come on the show anytime they wanted to call them, and they were too afraid. Mayor Pete is not afraid. He's everywhere. In fact, Dr Dave went to south bend Indiana last week. We've got a package coming hours and hours Hampshire. I'm sorry. Went to New Hampshire spent hours with him came on our show for thirty minutes that goes a long way and produce yourself to the American people, and if you or your campaign staff if they're scared to do that. Well, you don't deserve to be president of the United States, and you won't be president United States. If you can't get yourself out there in more than they safe guarded for minute interviews attic lot. And I'd love to have a follow up answer from Adrian. On this. But looking at where laters come from just where we are at this moment in time, which is very early. I sort of feel like this Kennedy concept this young new millennial candidate concept in Beto, which I would love for him to come on the show to understand exactly what he's about NASCAR him some real questions. But I feel like that concept has been forced on me. I'm not comfortable like don't tell me who you know, that this candidates the one and you hear about all these democratic operatives flock flocking Beto, and you feel this sort of contrived candidacy, and then you look at mayor p two was literally come out of nowhere. And it feels much more natural. It feels real you hear him. And he touches you does that make sense. Absolutely. I said on this show. I believe that it will be an interesting conversation when Beddoe has to hold his own against somewhat like mayor Pete with with regards to the millennials term. Substrate? And the like I think yesterday when you listened to mayor Pete I heard two things one. I heard a politician of the interregnum that politician that that sits in the space between a dying world at a world is trying to be born someone who's giving voice to that period of transition. And then the second thing I heard was that mayor Pete was reaching for a new consensus story when we talk about make America great again, Joe what we're really talking about is a period of what American historians call where there was a consensus narrative, a story that linked us all, but it really didn't all it was a story about why men it was a story about a certain understanding of America turn its face away from all of this ugliness. But what mayor Pete suggested is that there's another way to tell a story of America that included not only him, but all of us that included all of those who have been on the margins and so he laid out four the outlines of a new consensus story. But now. It's time to join it with substantive policy. Now, we get the message. We get the flying rhetoric. Now, let's start seeing what is your position on Medicare? What is your position with regards to the living wage? What is your position with regards to criminal Justice? Let's add content. He just can't be slogan. We had enough of that with hope and change. So Adrian out to that does the democratic establishment see this candidate one could argue that they missed the Mark last time around, and they didn't see what was happening in front of them. That's probably putting it kindly. Do. They see this candidate. They do and make. I gotta tell you talked to a number of operatives former colleagues of mine over the past few days who said, you know, what I actually interested in going out and trying to work for mayor paint. So I think you're starting to see more of a transition from sort of, you know. Fringe candidacy, we'll save and goes anywhere to this guy's the real deal. I'm inspired by him. I think we can make this movement into something that actually is a full-fledged real campaign where he can pick up delegates in key states or supports that is crucial. Right. Like, you can take you can be popular you can be somebody that inspires people. But you can't win delegates and some of these early states. You can't really go anywhere. You can't go further. So I think you're starting to see more people saying that pertaining to that's how I do think that veteran many respects has more to lose here. Right. He narrowly lost to Ted Cruz and a very red state, which of course is transitioning into a purple state in Texas. But I think somebody like him he came onto the same kind of out of nowhere. And now we've got all this intense pressure to stay to say in the top three or four. Whereas mayor Pete's kinda like, you know, what I don't have a whole lot to lose. And that afford you a lot more opportunity to make. Attention and make some risks and to develop a message that is more. More in line with what you want to say there were times where a mayor from a medium sized town could not run for president. He is proving down is not the case. And he's inspiring a lot of people along the way. Again, as as the mirror image of Donald Trump in so many ways Adrian, just set it. Mayor Pete has nothing to lose who does that sound. Like, it sounds awful like awful lot like Donald Trump for years ago when he's staked out of bold positions. I would say reckless in responsible positions, but still you felt like he had nothing to lose. And you could see it on the campaign trail every day. You send sad again with mayor Pete who again will get out there. Go on interviews. Take interviews. He's not afraid. He's bolt. He's all day audacious, and he's not afraid for Americans to see who he is. And he's got the smart. That's for sure the abilities. Let's go to Chicago right now and talk to NBC news, Josh Letterman, Josh shoe, were actually we're talking a lot about people on phones outside of south bend. Outside that old Studebaker plant telling us what they saw inside. You are actually inside tell us what you saw. Well, it was pouring all day long yesterday in south bend, Joe. And they had to move it into a old car factory instead of the outside vent that they intended. But the roof basically was not solid. And so the rain was coming down on these forty five hundred people who were shoved into this factory for hours, and I have to tell you nobody to mind they were all just enthused. They were revved up. We talked to a lot of them who said that they've already made up their minds. You know, this is someone they hadn't known even existed a few weeks ago. But a few instances of hearing him talk hearing the values that he's trying to bring to the table. They were pretty much sold. And you know, you're right. It was a very white crowd. More diverse in terms of age than it was in terms of other factors. And that is certainly something that I think just going to have to really work on particular. Given some of the cross currents of the democratic primary right now, but he certainly had a lot of enthusiasm. And folks who seem like they were taking from him something that they were not seeing any other democratic candidate in this field. Hi, it's Katy Tur want to keep up with MSNBC while you're on the go subscribe to the MSN be daily newsletter. You'll get the best of what you've missed or in this unprecedented. Era of news, text MSNBC to six six eight six six to subscribe. The mother reports interesting after thirty five million dollars. Verging increase the eighteen angry Democrats people that were absolutely haters Trump. They found it was a legal investigate. It was started illegally everything about it with Brooke. This was a at attempted who this was an attempted takedown of a president. And we beat them. Why don't understand he's panicking? They're like, it's a laughable freakout, Donald par. Donald Trump's part. He's he's just spitting out everything. He can he's swinging wildly. And yet just a couple of weeks ago. He was praising the investigation calling it. Honorable remember when everybody who's taking a victory lap. Why why it sounds like he must be concerned with coming up? Maybe the redacted version of Robert Muller's report on Russian election. Interferences now expected to be released this week nearly two years after Muller's appointment as special counsel. The Wall Street Journal reports that on Friday Justice department officials were in the final stages of planning the delivery of roughly four hundred page this four hundred page report to lawmakers. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that aides say President Trump. Become emboldened by attorney general William bars summary, even as the White House awaits new details. There's no way by the way that summary. He released can encapsulate even one tenth of what is in a four hundred page report. That includes the quote that he did use his summary is that it is not an exoneration in terms of of -struction. So the stories in there and the evidence and there and the facts, and there must be fascinating Jonathan Lemere. I know in college used to like to listen to dark side of the moon while watching the wizard of Oz. We all did, of course. But there's that moment in wizard of Oz. Remember when the wicked witch of the west get starts crying. I'm melting melting. Well, Donald Trump sort of good that politically in front of those camera like he was four by Larry melt down there. And and can you give some insight as to why he would go from saying Robert Muller did an honorable job on the report after the bar letter came came out to this meltdown where he's he's bidding and and crying about a coup, and all that all that other nonsense, whatever he was spitting out. It sounds like a desperate, man. What's going on here? But I I was to our guy in college. But what we're seeing here from the president is first of all America public has now waited almost two years Robert ballers report, and let's say don't make plans next two or three days because that is the widely held belief is when we're going to see this, or at least some of it and the great question, of course, remains how much of this is going to be redacted what is handed to lawmakers. And of course, then the media also gets to see it. But inside the White House. We saw. Aw. You played the clip there right after bar put out his summary. The president was relieved to call it a total exoneration, which of course, it was not. But he said that Robert Robert Muller acted honourably took his victory lap. He and his allies. He had that rally in Michigan. We spent fifteen minutes on a screed saying that this was that he was proven right that there was no collusion that he was going to use this report as a political weapon against his enemies that tone has changed in the last couple of weeks. There's a growing recognition from the president and people around him that there's going to be if not criminal, but really damaging and embarrassing information. It's going to be coming out in this report. They know this is going to be a problem and their strategy is this they're going to take the bar summary and say that is what matters. That's the top line. That is we're gonna try to suggest that is what matters. And that the report itself is just filling in the details that the claim the Democrats are going to twist it and take conclusions. They want from it while the attorney general has already made his ruling now, of course, let's all point out the general. Russian was appoint who made the ruling not to charge. An obstruction was appointed by Donald Trump after putting out his own as a private citizen letters suggest casting doubt on the entire basis of the Muller investigation. So president has White House. They're going to try to thread the needle here. They're gonna try to just make it sort of. It's going to end up falling down to us versus them. It's blue versus read people are gonna see what they wanna see from it. But the certainly the White House is tried to after their backers to suspend disbelief and believe bar and not Muller. I mean, how ridiculous. That's I reading the cliff cliff notes to Warren peace and say, you didn't want to be bothered with the details of Tolstoy what his actual novel that had read the cliff notes, and you disregarding that by the way for the record. I was an Oriole guy in college, but I had no wizard of Oz link to marmer. So what I got to Jonathan. So so my Mike barnicle it really is quite a spectacle say this president panicked away. He is about a Muller report that he thought was put together honorably after the boar letter. Well, Joe, you know, yesterday in the immortal words of Bano and YouTube was a beautiful day. And we saw the reaction that was an old clip from the president complaining Donnie, but it somehow ties in I think to what happened in south and south bend Indiana yesterday, as well, the contrast, I mean, people is on the edge of articulating a universal statement about this country when he says can't stop the clocks, and you know, here we are. And what a judges out there yesterday, and he has a kind he has a message of compassion of generosity of normalcy. In this exhausted country. And now we have the mullahs report. Apparently, you know, maybe tomorrow and the burdens that the normal citizen is carrying. I just think someone's message like Buddha judge it's out there. It's resonating, Mike. I went to the exact same place contrasting or a block and our b- block, and you watch Trump, and obviously we are not Trump fans to say, the least and you watch this reaction to the report. And we know what the next week is going to be. And we know they'll be fifty more vile instances of inappropriate quid pro quo disgusting behavior and there's a fatigue. I still don't think as we talk last week. It's going to move Trump is at forty three he's tasted forty three. But the presidency in politics is an ongoing show, and you just saw those two different segments of show you so Buddha judge and you saw the hope and you saw the goodness. And then you saw Trump, and I just. Starting to get the feeling maybe thirty six months into Donald Trump on the scene whichever side you're on there's a bit of fatigue. Contrast, those two and it says at all. Would you say Mike, would you say that the fatigue is is indicative of of a kind of decreasing concern or just tired? So report has gotta hit. And then we still have the tax returns. We still have all the stuff that goes to the heart of our democracy with regards to Donald Trump. And even though mayor Pete is offering us a better story. They're still the reality of the illness that we that we that we that we're in at this moment. But elections are choices. It comes down to a choice. What do you want? And I think increasing number of Americans they want come. They wanna restoration of the spirit of what they think this country is all about in the spirit of what this country is all about his not lying. It's not my level. It's not daily division implemented by the leader of this country. The president nited states it's more to the side of what Buddha judge was talking about yesterday. The other thing we need to watch. Here is the report droughts. How do not just how the president reacts to it? But how Democrats react to it? What do they take that as basis? To launch investigations do they take that and start talking peach again, if there are things in there that could be that damaging so that's going to be the other part of the question and the building blocks of the obstruction case in the mullahs report. I am told by several people are going to be enough that the average person not litigators not lawyers. They're going to be looking. Wow. If not criminal looks damage. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Certainly politically damaging and now, of course, make a yeah. It's time for the part of our show that new segment actually called, isn't it ironic? Yeah. And no, Sarah Sanders. Ironic is not a sport are an ventures movie. Take us there. President Trump said the media should be giving more attention to a senior White House adviser being indicted for charges stemming from the Muller investigation. Trump tweeted, President Obama's top White House lawyer, Gregory be Craig wasn't dotted yesterday on very serious charges. This is a really big story. But the fake news New York Times didn't even put it on page. Run rather page sixteen Washington Post not much better tiny page one corrupt new up though. So so so here we go ready. I'm thinking talk, very slowly people could figure this. Okay. Yeah. So quote, very serious charges and a really big story. Yep. Really? Well, that is of course, exactly the charges that were brought against the president of the United States first national security advisor, Mike plan. Of course, we speak of General, Michael Flynn. So those are very serious charges story. Those are in fact, Mike barnicle, the very serious charges that Donald Trump tried to get the FBI director sweep under the carpet and kill the investigation, very serious charges. My God if you are trying to kill an investigation into quote, very serious charges. The president's. It's of course, are not mine, of course, that sure smells like obstruction. Of Justice Joe in keeping with this segment is ironic, well, and keeping with segment irony abounds, there is something common that Greg Craig has with Donald Trump, and it is this the southern district of New York, Manhattan US attorney's office chose to pass on prosecuting Greg Craig, and they threw it to Washington for whatever reason the southern district of Manhattan US attorney's office has chosen not to pass on multiple events having to do with Donald Trump's presidency. And you do have to quash priming of the investigation every big story on the indictment of the Greg Craig after it was passed on by the prosecutors. But Donald Trump says it's a very serious charge, very serious charges and Donald Trump, of course, is supportive was tell us a very honorable, man. So mak-, I guess the general Flynn charges were equally serious. He had to actually stop that investigation dead, and it's trial. We thought it was the big story. All right. Still morning. Joe family Willie Geist to your if you like the long deep dive conversations on morning Joe every day. I think you will love my Sunday sit down podcast every week. A new extended unedited interview with another big star with names from Bill Murray. Jerry, Seinfeld and Kevin hearts to China garden. Claire Foy me lacunas? Mark wahlberg. Ryan Reynolds, Lenny Kravitz. And yes, jaylo I could continue name dropping, but you get the idea. You can check out the free Sunday sit down podcast wherever you get yours.

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