Closing Bell Brief for Friday, January 17th


Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design don ADP DOT com. This is the closing bell brief for Friday January seventeenth. I'm Charlie Turner for the Wall Street Journal. US stocks closed the week at record highs. The Dow Jones Industrials Rose Fifty points to twenty nine thousand. Three forty eight. The Nasdaq composite gained thirty-one the S. and P. Five hundred rose twelve the Dow. SNP each gained about two percent for the week and the Nasdaq rose two point. Three percent us. Financial markets are closed. Monday for the Martin Luther King Holiday a Philadelphia. Judge has slashed. The amount Johnson and Johnson Johnson must pay in a lawsuit over its anti-psychotic drug rispler Dell from eight billion dollars to six point. Eight million the punitive damages had been awarded to a Maryland. Man Who said his use of whispered all as a child caused in large breasts and he said. J. And J. didn't properly warn of the risk J. J. denied the claims and argued. The award was excessive yet. Another Max problem for Boeing. The company says it's working to correct a new software glitch before it's seven thirty seven. Max Jet Can return to service nervous we report. The problem prevents the aircraft's flight control. Computers from powering up is required. A string of unexpected technical glitches has delayed the grounded. Max Return to the air for months and the new issue threatens to push back the company's schedule even further for more head to or the W._S._J. APP.

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