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Uh-huh. It's not though it's like a whole new series, but. But are they still in space though? Yeah, yeah. They're still space basically the same thing. Right. But how boring would it be if they called it planet track. We went way. Oh, hey, guys home, I. No, no, yeah. Hi, Noah. Yes. Happening just testing the Taki anything and the sliding lever box before we before we. David on the splat chippy do worker to order. Yeah. What do you call that process? You think. Read toward it? Nope. So close, I what the fuck are you doing in the seat and why are you wearing Noah's tiny little shirt? You look like a sausage in that thing. Okay. You guys saw the my disguise, but it's because of today's topic. Robert Smalls the escaped slave that pretended to be a ship captain and the civil war. Okay. Well, that explains it and that explains the black face to. Okay, that's crazy. This is not black face. It is camouflage e. I don't know if you guys seen it camouflage. He really then why is it only black and only on your face? I got distracted before I could put the green. So why I got an foul question. Why does Noah quack? Right? Why does he quick. Belo and welcome to citation needed. The podcast we choose the subject, read a single article about Wikipedia and pretend we're experts because this is the internet and that's how it works. Now, I'm CeCe and I'll be guiding us through this haunted embassy of horrors, but I'm not the only one here. Also joining me is the guy who broke under enhanced interrogation and the guy who accidentally broken alliance home. Okay. Honestly, that's on me for starting that fight with fifteen guys by cutting off my own fingers. I thought it'd be a strongly. I'm not gonna lie. There is a good reason that no one will let me pet the rabbits anymore, but say like, I was surprised that ally broke after Hello, very nice to meet. Jet. Why were you surprised shouted, heats name right away. Also joining us the guy who clearly shaves the bone saw and our water bedding, expert heath, and Noah. I'm basically trying to cut copper wire out of melanoma. It's. Fucking eugenics and you know, every. I have genetics and I used to think of waking up wedged between a wooden frame and a tenuous two hundred and thirty five gallon water balloon as as the bed, giving you a big hug. Great. Stick a moment here to thank our wonderful, generous, patrons, their contributions, make sure the show is possible. So thanks pay. Thanks patriot like to learn how to join their ranks, be sure to stick around to the end of the show with that out of the way. Tell us heath what person place thing concept, phenomenon or event will we be talking about today today we'll be talking about the adventures of Robert small. Robbie, Smalls ooh, Keith. Did Noah ask you to add the adventures of? So we wouldn't suspect he picked a boring topic. Again, I don't get the money if I say yes. So I feel like saying that should still count. Different concepts. I didn't just say. And you're the kind of cheapskate that would stiff his friend out of money on technicality. I mean, I mean, I mean you read something and are you ready to talk about it? That's basically what each day. Okay. For once you. It's not fair for me to have to pay for a third of the when I take the least amount of space. Euclid. Yes, I am though I am. All right. So Noah who was Robert Smalls he was an escaped slave in the civil war that avoided the confederate army by stealing one of their boats and go Lottie Dottie past five federal checkpoints. Love this. Actually. This sounds really good to the leg thing. I keep the Barlow see. So thanks for all right. No, where does this story start us with? Schley voter raping him into existence back in eighteen thirty eight. I'm out. Better. It does get beer. All right. So now that is just the best guess that history has to offer on his paternal lineage. We don't know for sure, but his mother was Lydia polite who's in slave by one Henry Mckee, Robert was born in April of eighteen thirty nine and a cabin behind the Mckee house on five eleven print street in Beaufort, South Carolina. Already. I'm glad you included the fucking address. It happened like on the four hundred block, I'd be so confused later. The upscale end of prince street, Tom gets it matters. So Mckee never claimed Robert is a son or anything, but he did favor him over the other slaves. Oh, what is that even mean? Like he beat them with the good website. So this is just for me and the missus. Lydia uppity. Yeah, no, yeah, exactly. No, but he was still he was still a slave. I'm not trying to give Henry a father of the year award here or anything, but Henry treated him so good at concerned, his mother, she, she apparently feared that growing up favored. He wouldn't understand the plight of the average slave says she insisted that he do field work and witness whippings when people did get with kind of like that one octave and black guy in the Chicago police department. His name is Michael wood, JR. There when he is not getting married again. So please. John agree with MRs polite here. You got to toughen up the younger generation. That's why the baby boomer's made us watch as they destroyed the economy and democracy and the piano. Yeah, planet. So fun or so when Robert was twelve years old at the urge of his mother, Mckee hired Robert out to a local hotel where you earn a dollar a week and Mckee earned the rest of the pins that they were paying him. Okay. Yeah. Then all Robert had to do is recruit some more slave friends. And soon those would recruit more. He'd be on the path to financial independence. Slavery is like Amway as what we're saying, basically. The other way around at home. All right. So by his mid teens, employment drifted seaward and he got work as a longshoreman a sailmaker and a rig. That's their word. No, you can't. I knew at a glance, you guys wouldn't think I had written regular. Let me guess though. While I was doing that job, you went by the name rigi small. Racist Chiltern sit still shifted, but it's a racist shit tits please. Sensor. So I'm skipping over a lot of the. He was a slave in it sucked because that's an evil shit right there in his biography. But I should know that even though the Wiki article doesn't really emphasize it, I'm sure there was a lot of that she would feel about you skipping it. Not in the Wiki article. I didn't wanna like I didn't want to betray the goal concept of the show up, but in the anodyne bullet points that it offers. The next thing we have is him getting married at the age of seventeen to Hannah Jones and enslaved hotel mate. All hotel maids of slaves, no slaves to do not disturb sign and the whims of their customers. Say like there's a whole porn hub channel dedicated to this exact scenario. So. And I'm sure he has an upcoming essay. Anti bell made some. I looked at. So Hannah was five years older than Robert already had two children when they marry. But Robert soon added a third. His plan was to save up enough money to buy his children's Fritos. I would also use the money for my children's freedom. I would use that. Twenty said anyway. Now at the time that would cost him eight hundred dollars which is over twenty granted as money news. Today's money. Degree kid. Working the field too, so hard. What I couldn't hear you from leaving. Think about it when I'm free of view. Yeah, of me. Nineteen years, a slave. Emancipation day. Can't come soon enough right. Or to say, regardless of his real reason, eight hundred was more than he was going to be able to save up as a rented slave, but in eighteen sixty one current events would make the price hell of a lot steeper. Yeah, they're terrible rates on indentured servants. Just terrible. You gotta Consol. Literally crushing. The last time, a black person got alone in this country. So. So, yeah. Okay. So three years after he got married, the civil war breaks out and by autumn of that year Smalls was assigned to steer a lightly armed confederate transport called the planter short of naming these boats, a planter why we need this to go somewhere named after the thing that doesn't go anywhere. Yeah, but even more importantly, these loser ass losers that were the confederate military on nothing at all stupid, about putting a slave at the helm of their phone in a war about keeping his children, slave to the Infinity. All right. I'm gonna give you this gun, but you know, don't shoot me. Not to shoot me. Okay. I feel like it seriously don't shoot and you stab me right away with the band that, okay, that. Did not specify the rules though, so I'm not mad. I'm gonna give you that. I'm disappointed, but I'm not mad. The black guy in the helmet had to be super hard steering the boat from the back of this ship. That's right. You might think so. See so, but weirdly, it's three fifty's. Yes, I think you're fractions. I feel I feel better and better about choosing this topic. Okay. The CSS planter, as I said, was a transport vessel. Its duties were to deliver dispatches troops and supplies to troops stationed around Charleston harbor. And eventually all down the confederate coast, though, surveyed waterways and laid the occasional seeming pretty sure it's pronounced semen, Noah. Well, the way you do it, yes, it is. Now the whole time he's doing this job Smalls plays it cools and manages not to say, I can't believe these dumb fucking white people. Let me steer the goddamn boat in his. Just singing like pro slavery, spiritual. Stay in modeling. Admittedly, he does have a mask avoid. What the whole l. God dot com. Slash citation, patron dot clown. A separate website for our own stuff. I don't wanna get into just as well administration. He's joke is actually pretty close because he plays content even when he can see freedom as close as the union blockade, which is often visible just at the horizon, but all the while he's plotting his escape that really the toughest part was getting a rock hill Welsh poster, big enough to sail a ship. So it would appear that the confederate navy was as bad at navy ING as their army wasn't arming because by their Math Made perfect sense to send a lightly armed ship out in their waterways with eight slaves and three white dude's watching over them. That math is. Yeah, that's that's confederate messo Robert Smalls drew deal drove up some blueprints or some insert circulating his escape plans to the other slaves on the ship, except and I love that the Wikki points this out one slave that Smalls didn't trust because there's always that one. Fucking house, rigors. I wanna know that there are literally no jokes on this joke. Never just hands that. Are you. rigor sitting there like a rowboat in the. Anyway, Paul Ryan calls John Lewis. Schrager and. I like our anyway. Doesn't think we appreciate it. House figure f. He's in the house. John Lewis. John. Freedom-fighter anyway. So on may twelve eighteen sixty two. The planners set out for a small island about ten miles southwest of Charleston to pick up four large guns and two hundred pounds of ammunition from afford those being dismantled. And at this point Smalls had to be going, okay, I'm gonna laugh out loud if they get any stupid or so. He said his plans in motion also Baugh those blindfolds the captain ordered all the white people to wear, please. And now we're gonna do some trust fall. And now some trust, stab, don't stab us or else we won't try. Blindfolds wits. Anyone else feel like really just fought a war for BCSM. Yes. So, okay. So when Smalls learns about this mission, he sends words back to his family and the families of the other slaves aboard the ship, except presumably that one guy from and they all snuck away that day hid themselves aboard, a steamer docked in the North Atlantic Warf which meant that practically speaking, it was now or never write. Small family had already like run off, and that was going to raise alarm pretty quickly such that even the dumb asses running the confederacy would probably realize they shouldn't trust him with boats Fulla large guns and ammunition. They're measuring in the hundreds of. No, no, they sound pretty fucking stupid Disley it sounds like Smalls giving like, oh, what my family's gone. All right. I'm going to need. Let's see. I'm gonna need an armada and all your gun powder. I got this. No, no fifteen minutes. Are. Is anybody else here wondering about this steamer that now has seven families of black slave just squirrelled away somewhere on it, but nobody else notice like I'm starting to think maybe we needed an underwater railroad. All right. So by now you're probably thinking, how are they going to overpower their crew? Right. Are they gonna? Are they gonna laced Rome with sleeping powder? Or are they going to Muslim over the side of the deep ocean? Are they gonna say, what's that over there and then punch him when they look away like the fucking idiot losers are. No, it's dumber than that. Okay. Because apparently the three white officers were in the habit of going ashore at night. One. What. The slaves and only the slaves on. Okay. Yeah, Roberts plan was just wait for them to leave, and then just, you know, go, it was harder, sneak out, drink what I was a team. Coincidentally was also during the civil war. The violin comically plank in the background. The white officer guys are leaving and Smalls just like, can't hold it together. We. Boston. Inside joke. All right. So the night of the twelve passes into the early morning of the thirteenth in at three AM Smalls and seven of his eight slave crewmen made their escape. Yes, they left that one guy in South Carolina. Awesome. All right. So. So mad like Bill really Bill. Bell. Yes. So apparently Smalls just put on the captain's uniform, which the captain apparently just left in there in case anybody needed it captain crunch. We'll to make the disguise easier. The planters captain who supported the comic book, bad guy named for transport ship. Captain relay was. Yeah, right. But it were the straw hat that obscured his feature so that the disguise would be easier. Good. The also dress sometimes in black face and call himself Errol Tubman. What was on at this point. All right. It's a small just put on his uniform and his dumb ass redneck hat and walked around the deck of the ship doing his best white guy walks. That was the plan that is a centrally how Barack Obama won the president. No, I should stress you're by the way that he's not just sailing straight from this port into friendly waters. Here the route between him and safety was guarded by five confederate checkpoints and a couple of minefields. But since he knew all the signals he was supposed to give it each checkpoint. And since as ship's pilot obviously has to know where all the minds are. He manages to slip through all the obstacles without incident fucking hope. So. Or he should going back to slave captain school already got the loans last. Along the way. Of course he stops to pick up his family along with the loved ones of his fellow conspirators. Okay, that it Midland is awesome, but that sounds like the end of the story and we're just getting Napper poa nothing after he slips past the last confederate checkpoint. He is still heading directly at a union naval blockade in a confederate ship in the middle of the night, and let's be real here. The north was only racially progressive compared to the south. This is still a boat full of lack of Robert Smalls didn't charge his ship towards the union. The sale. Like this show this get pulled over like fucking seven times for a broken tail light, right. She has don't even have that's getting the car. Clark's don't even exist plan. So. Let's go to the opera nothing. Then what do you say guys? Thank guarantee. I guarantee. Great. And. Okay. Man at midnight crew gets off the ship, and that's when. Oh, hey, that one guy. Oh, great. Is being a slave, right? Hope it don't lose my job right. Yeah, yeah, right. Yeah. I know you the first guy to use that joke ever, but that's somehow or old maybe don't to that. No, no. Just just the sentence I said don't say not not. Right, right. Say not. Anyway. What are you guys plan and over here? Nothing. We're working on all guys planning a surprise for birthday. Oh. Tomorrow your birthday, like you know, lying. Yeah, I know this character is black, but I'm just going to censor that just definitely. That just planning my birthday. Oh, yeah. Yeah. We're planning your birthdays tomorrow. Don't don't interrupt our birthday plans. Okay. That's. But I'm going to say is we'd better be going my favorite restaurant. Benny honner. Fishbowl full boos, booze at sound straight man. Okay. See you later. Yeah, I'm probably out to to probably for the best. Maybe just bleep the whole thing. All right. Well, we last left our heroes. They were sailing towards a naval blockade and hoping they could charade their way out of this before they got into cannon range. I guess. I don't know what though that's pretty much it. So right. Okay. Now the problem with this charades plant is that they time their scape in the predawn hours, and even Robert Smalls count on the confederate army to be less dumb than they were. So he didn't expect to get through all the checkpoints so quickly, all my God. So the worst part of his plan so far is that it's going to well. This not rising again. The south can't even get a chubby again. They were literally just out of gun range with confederates, realized their mistaken sounded the alarm. So it's not only they could just hang out in open water between the confederate and the union blockade, right? So they had to approach the union blockade just before the sun comes up. Oh, what's the flag code for? You're not gonna believe this, but hear me out. They start back in the ship up all slow, everyone's hands on the tiller very. All right. So according to witness accounts from the ship that intercepts them the US Anward. No. Okay. For real, who's naming these shifts? Who is that? We that. Okay. Like that one. All right. So they were already preparing to fire on the planter when for the first time in the lives of everybody on board, most likely something white actually helped. Specifically the white bedsheet that Small's wife Hannah had brought along replace the confederate flag with now. The sun wasn't exactly up by then, but it was just up enough for them to make out the flag of surrender and the south has been going back and forth between white sheets and confederate flags ever since. And still surrendering everage. Giving up their healthcare. Women's rights, and I share a bit of a quote from the Wikki of from an unnamed crewmen aboard. The onward quote, just as number three port gun was being elevated. Someone cried out, he's going for the candidate is back pocket, fire. That he cried out, icy, something that looks like a white flag and true enough. There was something flying on the steamer that would have been white by -application of, but water let it be shitty about it. Time. I was on city as she feared us. We looked in vain for the face of a white man when they discover. So again, like just, you know, you don't have to point that out go. The quote continues when they discover that we would not fire upon them. There was a rush of contraband out on her deck, some dancing, some singing, whistling jumping and others, looking towards fort Sumter and muttering all sorts of maledictions against it and quote. So Smalls his shipmates and their families were free. Okay. The dancing I get, but muttering of complaints is weird timing for both the freed slaves. And this guy's description right in my head. Ford Sumpter. Fuck it. Floors me. Can we get back to a time when soldiers new words like malediction. I'm not even saying those were better times. What I'm saying is our military is stupid. Now she's. What I I you pay for the college. Then they joined the military. He got switch. Punch arts majors in there. All right. So a few minutes later, the two ships docked the onwards captain boarded the planter. And the first thing Smalls did was ask for a US flag display in place of the white one and keep in mind that the nearest confederate pace was probably insight of this event as a great. Fuck you write a much better. Fuck you was the cargo of the ship Smalls had to turn over to the union army, and then he like locks eyes with the previous captain, and he Taus is out at Tiki toki. Look at me in your Spyglass. I am the captain now. Some southerner immediately starts working on a statue to commemorate the event. Got to build another one because the second I one sunk. Okay. So look, four, large guns and a couple of hundred pounds ammunition. Those are useful to have. Those are also useful for the enemy not to have, but the plant or had far more valuable cargo aboard in the form of the captain's code book a map of minds that have been laid in Charleston harbor. And most importantly, all the knowledge of the waterways and military deployments that Smalls was carrying around between his ears. For example, they learn shit like that area. We thought had tens of thousands of troops in it is being defended by a couple thousand men and they're stretched so thin. They just abandoned an important fortification on their flank said the rust belt back then too. And about the same amount of deplorables. Okay. But you just say, was the one racist resentful? Northern guy who is like, I mean, great. They brought us guns and information, but like, what are they really want? You know is a lot. Politics here the one, northern, the one and honestly. Okay. So that story already, it could end there and it would have been worth episode Smalls had his freedom, his family and the US government paid him and his crewmen about the on the planter. That was the equivalent of about thirty six thousand dollars in today's money each. So hardly a fortune but enough to start a life in the north. Plus his story was great propaganda for the union army. So the newspaper already made a hero out of him. Okay. What it be fair. He's sort of the hero making well. Thing, the press popularize. Okay. Yeah, fair fair. But even if they hadn't his bad ass boat a fetus beyond reproach, but he's still wanted to kick some morass. So we elected to enlist in the union navy guys, just like, man, I bet after all these years of literal slavery, you're ready to settle down. Relax. Just not do no. No, I would like to kill the people who in slave, my wife and children, like right now. Oh, that also seems fun. Sure. Like you'd want to take up golf. I mean. Though. Right. Friends, so that's cool. Would I said, all right. Rigors. One of the first things he did as a member of the US navy was serving delegation to DC to persuade the secretary of ward Edwin Stanton to allow black men to fight for the union cause because not allowing that was really fucking stupid. So black people weren't allowed to fight at that point, but they could sign up for political delegations. It was weird line system. Yeah. But now, but shortly thereafter, Stanton created the first and second South Carolina colored regiments, and people them with about five thousand black volunteers which is like eighty three hundred white soldiers. Like how a tough sell. I, we'd like to fight, you know, we've got caught a vested interest in how this thing. All right. So small, go on the pilot and number of union boats in the familiar South Carolina waterways up to it, including the planter once the union refitted it to kick morass also got a reputation for bravery and determination really quick because let's face it. Black dues were more motivated to not be captured by the enemy in that war and and also he was apparently brave is hell. Okay. So now I'm rooting for him to get captured by the south. And then trick them again, just like, oh, perfect. You guys, you caught me. I'm caught now, right? Yeah. Good work. So I'm obviously a fake double agent. Great. And now we've got those me lovers right where we. Okay. So let me get one more giant boat supply. Plan, I'll right, but you pick swear out to steal it again. Yeah, await I cut off your hand picky toes. Swear. You're stupid. So by his Smalls was president seventeen major, naval battles and engagements in the civil war, and was eventually made a captain after particularly hero bene- piloting once the acting captain pushed out and ran and hid in the coal bunker and in between all that, he helps remove a bunch of the mines that he'd laid only months earlier for the confederacy that captain was just playing. He's actually, he just wanted to see some big black guy drivers. All right. So he was discharged at the conclusion of the war, but he continued piloting the plants around humanitarian missions to bring food and supplies to newly freed black families that had lost their homes in the war way, like lost their homes like like their slave homes. I'm not sure how that works, but I'm also not sure that's not how that works. That's how that worked. Yeah. Now after the war, there was some argument about what rank he actually achieved, and they went back and made him technically a second Lieutenant of the first South Carolina volunteers as some kind of weird compromise that satisfied racists, but still let the navy pay 'em like he'd been a captain that whole. It was a weird little negotiation for that like, okay, what about second Lieutenant tidal captains pay. Okay. Okay. Counteroffer. N. word but generals bay. I'm sitting right here. I am. I know I'll take three fifths of rank and five thirds. The pain. All right. So not to be clear and so that the north doesn't come off sounding any better than they deserve. When he later saw a naval pension, he was told the actually had never been commissioned. Now. He eventually did get a captain's pension out of the government, but it took fourteen years or twenty three white years. It took a literal act of congress to make it happen. For what it's worth a few years later, congress went back into cited that the equivalent of thirty six grand a piece was crazy low for that awesome boat. You gave the union AB after his escape. Yeah. So they gave all the survivors another payment. This time, the equivalent of about one hundred forty grand today still right? He go. Rodney King felt bad about that whole thing. So we also got you some golden spinners for your wheelchair. You guys like those right. Okay. That's a direct quote. By the way. Just some guy like just gonna blow the whole thing on forties and hot Cheetos, what's the. So after I loved the navy to have a successful career, the hotel business Philadelphia, then invested heavily in the Charleston area during reconstruction made a bunch of money. But I guess eventually he missed scaring the hell out of southern white people. So we got into politics apparently was a hell of a politician to he served on the local state and national level, and eventually rose all the way to the house of representatives where he represented South Carolina's fifth district for two terms. But because of advancements in racism technology, a black person wouldn't represent that district again until two thousand ten. Oh, okay. All the black people in South Carolina. Please raise your hand. Great. Just keep them up. Just drawn something real quick. Okay, great. That's district hands down. Perfect. Whoever won in two thousand ten coming in and being like, hey, who's the last black guy told my office? And they were like what you laughed ember. Civil war. They actually gave the same physical office. It was in the back of the Bill. Yeah, let's just say it was separately. Robert Smalls died of malaria and diabetes at the age of seventy five because he was too bad ass to die of just one debilitating malady. He was buried in his family's plot and Beaufort, South Carolina, and is Margaret was in grave with a statement he made to the South Carolina legislature in eighteen ninety-five quote. My race needs no special defense for the past history of them in this country proves them to be the equal of any people anywhere. All they need is an equal chance in the battle of life and quote, virtue signaling. You know he, he might have lived even longer white people just invented Wilford Brindley early. No, it is all this others point to him and say that guy beat us. I knew that was gonna get heat. Pawn and early nineties TV reference. Yeah. And I know that I should probably end this on the Spiring quote and all, but there's one little detail of this story that I absolutely love. So I say for less when he moved back to South Carolina, he needed a place to say. So he bought a house in Beaufort at five, eleven print streets. Yes. Apparently the previous owner hadn't been paying taxes to the US government for four years or so. And the government sees the property, the property owner even sued to get the property back. But ultimately the court side, it was Smalls and he ended up raising the family that he'd freed in the house. He was born and slaved in. I'm not saying that he should buckle white woman in every room of that house. He showed a white woman. No. If you had to summarize what you learned in one sense other than that guy should fuck. Well, it be. I've written here, Robert small should the white woman that house exploded that Jews. Are you ready for the quiz? Sure. Why not? All right. I'll go first at some point. The confederate navy was just asking for. So what's right stunned prevent this from happening. Hey, hey, maybe if the ship hadn't been dressed like that. Void sailing dark passages at night. See those three white guys had Madrid off ship. Watch out for black guys. Panama, those Noah. All right. Yeah, I was was way more prepared for racism than sexism this week. Women are going with in the house and Robert Smalls house, they're all going with the deep. So there you go. Black guy. Please proceed, Eli. Oh, don't someone says he's wrong or. He's right. I always go to early and you guys yell? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Right. No. Who were some other African American civil rights? Activists who story has a happy ending. I'm asking, I can't think of literally any. I would like. D. none of the correct? Correct. All right. This story was made into a movie, what was it called? A uncle Tom's cabin boy. Twelve years wave. See birth of a nation and birth. There is spelled with an e. audience. Or d. black boaty. All right. Well, I feel like I'm not going to feel good about myself repeating any of those, but only one of those movies is a crime against humanity even before the pun. So I'm gonna go with a. Right. Absolutely. All right, Noah. In addition to ride the boat, they willingly give you which of the following methods was also successful for escaping. Slavery. Thanks to the American South being run by cartoon rhino. Hey, lady, rabbit mustache and. If you guys can read this turnover, you just got tricked by a black guy turnover. See the above ground railroad. Railroad or d, former slave owner says, what. Oh, okay. This is a tough one. All right. It can't be because lady rabbits don't have mustaches. It can't be because confederate soldiers couldn't read. I think it can't be deep because Southern's talk to slow to make the so and so says what thing works. So I'm gonna go see by process of elimination at is correct though. It's no, no, no, that's not you with. The best thing about actually section is the legitimate. Right, right. So competitive. That's why listeners love it is the competitive one. You one, which means I get to announce who goes next week who wants to go next week. Halla weaned big show. Toss it over to Sarah for last week's Tudor answer and this week's Twitter question. Thanks, you. So last week's assignment was to write a Haikou about David Eick. Our answer comes from navy, Dave on Facebook. With this. I sucked football alien lizards chase me mother fucking Jews. This week's question is what does a better name for the ship that Robert Smalls commandeered remember to re Twitter, Facebook, share this episode with your answer for chance to be next week's winner back to you see? So all right. Well, for ally, he Noah and Tom, I'm c. soil thanking you for hanging out with us today. Who back next week by then, Tom will be an expert on something else between now and then you could Tom and I on our show cognitive dissonance. You can catch knowing he's on their shows, the skeptic crat godawful movies in the scathing atheist. I think that's all the people in projects that we do. So I didn't miss anything or anyone. And if you'd like to keep this show going, you can make per episode the nation at patriotair dot com. Slash citation pod or leave us a five star view everywhere you can. And if you'd like to get in touch with us, check out past episodes, connect with us on social media or check the show notes, be checkout, citation pod dot com. And I guess I would say my third favorite thing to order at Benny HANA is the shrimp. I like the trick where they throw it into their hat. You know, I'm literally okay with you. Being a slave, the slave, Benny Ana and why people. Yup. My grandson will be Konya west.

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