Episode 273: Tim Tebow


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Dot com slash. That sounds fun. Join over a million people and a lot of our that sound son friends who've taken charge of their mental health again that's h. e. l. p. dot com slash. That sounds fun and now for our conversation with today's guests. It is my buddy tim tebow. You may remember on episode. One twelve with max lucado and he is back today so far and i think i'm sticking with this. He's the only florida gator. There's going to be on this show. I'm just saying to you guys. I don't know how to have more florida. Gators on here listed. Tim's new bronco and friends a party to remember we'll be featured tonight on many. Bff but clubs. You can tune into that on my instagram at six pm. And yes. tim will jump in and join us. You know him you love him. He's a great author of dear friend. Such a fun person to chat with talk sports talk about jesus. He's awesome so. I think you're gonna love this conversation with our friend tim t-bone thank you for being on the show. Thanks for doing this today. say welcome. I love it. Thanks for your heart and now you do every time i've talked with you. Mutual i mean when i saw you last about a year ago. We were here in nashville for thing with our money torn wells. Were you tell me about the song. Y'all just released that. I saw both of you are talking about it. It's his song. But it's helping your nonprofit. Is that right. yeah so it was Gosh let's see maybe four ish months ago he called me and guy just been brick in his heart with all of the the though they're getting traffic around the world and we've been putting a lot of stuff out so he's been seeing it on our website and social media Impacted and so he just said. Hey man i want to be involved And i said you know what. What if you use your god given ability do write a song because we need an army of was his too big of an evil to fight by ourselves leading an army of unbelievers people that believe in the truth and believed that every life matters and believed that we need to fight for stand up or we need a rally people to the cost and he said i mean literally instantly i got it was go and so then a we plan the the writing session said okay. He got in his his couple of writers with them and he said all right. Now tell us everything. So i just sat down. I told him everything in a lot of our phrases that are used as stories in in. We talk later that night after they worked on it for a few hours had tonight shared again by art in rallied in in and finish the song and they literally did it one day in. I love it. it's called. All god's children is kind of a rallying song for hopefully people in his fight against those that are being trafficked again. there will but also it's a fight that for every single life you know one of my favorite lines it. This is the rescue mission. A loved without condition. You know this is our fight till emory life is set free right in why that became a race. Rescue mission is. That's exactly what jesus did. And that's exactly what we need to do for everyone including those. That are being trafficked right. This is a rescue mission. And if you phrase it any other way it just doesn't have the gravity that that does in my opinion. And so i love it. I love that assault. All god's children because that's how we need that and that's how we need to think that's how we need to fight and that's how we need to live. That's how we need to pray that we are all god's children in in we need to remember that other a lot of his children that are in harm's way and we'd better go you know we'd better span the gap to them. They're not gonna come out. We gotta go to them. And hopefully this will be an inspiring song. And i think it has been i think the reception for a lot of be ause been incredible. Really have him debut it for passion conference that guys so cool going crazy i also and corn is just first of all tour and as an unbelievable heart and he has an unbelievable guide given ability to sing. And when you mash those two up and just if you have a really really special person or in it in all all the proceeds going to to rescue missions around the world here in the states and around the world so we're just grateful. I the thing that bothers me about torrent is. He's so talented and he's funny. There is a really good preacher to right. So he's so good. I mean he does he does the right pauses and the right dramatic moments and all the study behind it. It's it's infuriating. That one man is all those things i love. That's awesome. I'll tell you what else i love is. He's so humble. I know when you're around. It's like man. I just want. I want more of that. And he's incredible. I'm so grateful that he's a good friend. He's one of the people that when you see him. This just became like a tour and podcast fan fan podcast but when you see him he always asks you about you before you have a chance to ask him about him and he noticed in always say hey man. That's incredible. that's incredible. Does your your door breath exactly right. Okay the last time you were on the show last year year before it was before you were married. So congratulations thank you. Teach me your ways. How do we do this out of you. Five real honestly. I think it was such a god thing so Demi had a sister with a special needs and she was invited to ninety shine in south africa for the first time to shine there in so make a long story short. That's how we got connected was through her knight your shining cheese desert this served. Yeah either way. That's how we got. The neck is going from email to the texting within a phone. Call where we talk for over two hours. The first time we ever talked in than we just never stopped talking and pretty in two weeks. We get to celebrate our one year anniversary. That's right okay. So talk to our friends that are listening. That are single. I think they need to hear you say that you were on mission and guide made it happen right because it. I mean if it happened at night to shine you are building the thing. God's asked you to build. And you know i i think our god is a really big god and he can do whatever he wants and we need to know that. Trust that and believe in. When you. I believe when he puts you know boggs Timmy how do i know what my purpose my calling us. And i'm like first of all. I don't know but i have your is ever been open to a problem. Has gotten restrict your heart for a need or hurting person or hurting group or something. Then maybe he saying. Hey i want you to go minister there. I want you to try that. I want you to invest there right. And then i think he opens your eyes a little bit more. My eyes were drastically. Open last fifteen medavoy this dino backwards in the jungles philippines. His village look at him as curse and got break. My heart and said i want you to fight for people like this in so Ever since we've been trying to find for people like that boy now there's a hospital there in the bill. Were you know every boy and girl. They're like him. Get the comment in there for free and get operated on it. And love donny. Cared or in the gospel shared with them. And and there's night to shine that we're trying to have in every country around the world. Hopefully it will be one day to be able to celebrate every boy or girl that hasn't been told that there are less than or they're insignificant because we don't believe that we're believed they were designed perfectly by perfect creator. Who who didn't make a mistake or flaw on him and we want to celebrate their worth their god given inherent worth in value and so that was a god moment for me in in. So we're just trying to to live out night to shine in in in grow it in demi bricks. Because she had a sister battling people look down on that was had severe special needs and unfortunately passed away last year and you know like on the surface people within. Oh we all really have that much in common. You're from you know you're from florida's east from south africa. You know different southern's there your sports season the pageant. You know your first languages like broken english hers you know like honestly none of that even matter in. It's not doesn't matter what you know. Our deepest are d the deeper levels of levin people that had been thrown away cared for them having our heartbreak for them. You know like serving our deeper purposes. That's where we align in apply. It was easy to connect. Because how many times do you want to come home. And you wanna talk about a football game or pageant. Like she supports me. And i support her but she doesn't care by talk. You know about what happened with the runner up. Or i don't care if she talks to me about florida georgia game but it is cool that we get to serve in our deepest passions together deep as what we would say is purposes together. And i would say that's really special and i think it was really cool that that was kind of the connection point for us. Yeah how people ask this time share but for our friends that are dating for our friends that are have met. Someone was there a moment that you knew is. There's something or was it. Just this cash a bull first date. I told her. Tim your line owner on our first date. I said i think i just had my last birthday. my man. that's well in this series. Have we had. We had emailed rob before for state. And did you go there. Did you come to america. no she she was. She was living in new york city now playing in in new york minor league baseball in so we were both. I was weird on a on a road trip and she was on a trip getting ready to leave for seven weeks to go from country to country as nice universe and i was like dang i. She's gonna go from country to country and like some prince is gonna sweep proper beep. I asked this girl. Hey let's go. I know you're you're you're visiting. Not harper meals. Maybe an hour or something that she was a good again invent rouse land game. I you know any way that after this game we could mean Dinner you know blah blah blah. And she said yes and that was the first time getting a chance to actually go on a date. Immediate person and it was awesome. I mean please tell me your writing this book because the ways that guide a i mean you both of y'all being our part of new york that is what are the chances i know it was crazy and i was playing. She was out of new york city now to new york and like crazy in and then be able to inbetween all of her country's her seven countries seven-week tour where she's going all around out like you better. You better go you better at. Let's go you gotta go then. Y'all spent your first year of marriage in quarantine lockdown. Yes that's a real way to get to know somebody like you know. What's it like being married in corinthian him. Like i don't know what it's like being married dot in quarantine when we're in in our honeymoon honeymoon. There are some people at a restaurant. We're at eating at and they started arguing in amy. Make a long story short story short. They almost got in a fight blah but we started what what what are they finding about. And i couldn't understand their speaking different languages and so then someone came over interpreted. They were actually talking. There were arguing over this thing called the corona. And that's what they're arguing over again in literally had to get separated from fighting over this at our honeymoon and and we're like One with that is the corona virus and then we flew vermont honeymoon to where we were at night shine in her. First stop was worth. It roamed albania. Rome paris the back to the states where we are visiting In and in right after that is when is hit in in went baseball thing came back and so it was like a whirlwind. But i'm so grateful we in we got our honeymoon. We got the wedding in irregular porco. So so how long were you at baseball two weeks or three weeks two weeks. Something like that. Yeah that is a long wild. And then all his y'all's house in florida you don't have tell us the address but is that where y'all live. Yes yes we're based out of florida and it's nice because this were the foundations based out of him. My parents are only thirty minutes away and so it's a blessing. Yeah and you could be outside a lot. I feel for the people who were inside. So much up up north compared to you and i i mean i could on a walk almost every day without having to wear four coats no doubt but his this wrong that i'm drinking out of a black occur after christmas drink. Yeah i mean. I have to do that. You're allowed to be you around here. Tim tebow but i judge you minorly for drinking out of a christmas mug but well of christmas so i celebrate it pretty much. Do you love christmas thing. I love christmas. I did this on one of those christmas people like when people say oh you have to have your life sound. You know before new year's you gotta you can't put your lights up till after thanksgiving. I judge those people. You're like. let me be me. Yeah so how early. We're not that close right. And we we came back from something Hurley november this year in debbie surprising by having the tree up and some lights because she knew knows how much i love christmas and i was it was the best. You're beginning november. Like what's wrong with you. We we always celebrate jesus's birth. Is your tree still up. It's not but it's only the only reason that it's not up is because we had to take a down because we were doing midnight shine virtual filming so tall. Hey franz taking a short break from this conversation to give a shout out to our amazing partners liquid ivy it cannot be overstated. My friends that we hear doubts books and that sounds fun network. Love liquid issue. We all frequent the shelf in the kitchen. Where our stock of liquid ideas kept. I'm particularly partial to the strawberry flavor. It kind of tastes like i've candy. It's so good. 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Start fuelling your adventures in your everyday at liquid ivy dot com promo code. That sounds fun and now back to our conversation with him. Okay so nights a shine. How is it happening in two thousand twenty one. What's the plan ho even working so hard to not cancel. It still had never want wanna put anybody in jeopardy and so we're having ninety shine virtual and for those that were willing to do. We have a shine shine through. And so it's a drive through where you still get a lot of the elements of driving on red carpet of having dance parties inside your car of of getting a bunch of gifts and celebrating in. There's a bunch of south. China grew so it's still going to be that excitement. It's you know red carpet hop razzi celebrated you still dress up. You get to do it from your own car and then you get to go home. Had the virtual Really excited our teams worked so hard on and I think it's gonna be really exciting. Is it is a special as necessarily giving someone a hug and telling him how much you love them in their god given worth maybe not but i still feel like is going to be really special. We have a lot of people may vary heartfelt videos teamwork so hard to put it together in still their crowning. And there's going to be very special. We'll remind me the date february twelfth this year. Okay and if people don't know about night to shine and they want to get involved where can they go night. Shine dot com conditions. At work isn't easy and night. Deci is the worldwide proper people with special needs to have fifty states than last year in thirty five countries. This year were figuring out. Exactly how many countries been really cool. God's open so many doors around the world deal out of places that it's been harder to necessarily get good news the gospel in but it's been so cool is open so many doors floor or so excited man in that kind of thing. We saw twenty twenty. That's one of the blessings. When i think about what went right and twenty twenty. We got access via this kind of thing via social media. Podcast sermons online. So many more people interacted with our work because it wasn't in person because it came into their house. Yeah i think there was a there was a good site to bad sites to the good side is that we. I've talked to so many of my friends that are pastors. That had Attend multiple fifteen. Multiple people viewing their servants but then Era was the a sex flexible Bet also skyrocketed around the world. And so you don't wanna see it on both sides as we had a lot of good news going out in the results of bad choices that were were coming in as well and so you know. silla huge fight on both sides. I love that ariza. An opportunity for Talked to some of the passengers in there is two hundred and fifty thousand. People that are watching their sermons. Passionate was hundreds of thousands of people watching passion conference all the world. That's just so incredible but then also there are some people that use this access of what we're going right now for bad as well and so it's just it just shows you. That always need to be aware of so. Many things can be used for good or community. Bad it's our choice. So how are we going to use it. that's right. it's a reminder like on its own social media is a tool it is not bad on its own. is it tool how to use. It is how we use it right and we have that choice. You know we have the choice to use the forget to use it as a blessing to us at sharing testimonies. Tell god stories in exciting things or we can use it to you. Don't be mean abashed. People bring people down you know. So i just out encouraged. Everybody listening is is. We don't need to blame other things we need to look at ourselves and say you know what i'm not gonna do what everybody else is. Doing what am i call to do. I was god calling me to use my talents. My abilities my social media. Might my podcast mine. Whatever right it's our choices and we take responsibility for our choices in what we're gonna do with it. Yes okay ten. let's go. you're right. The thing i like to remind. Our friends listening is like if you have one. Follow her on instagram year. Leader you are. We are all leading somebody. We all have followers. That's what are literally called on the internet. That's exactly what it but you know what people say. Is you know the all the time is. I'm not a leader or you know. I'm not a role model. Yes you are but you are because there's probably still watching you. there could be a family member. It could be a friend it could be. A co worker could classmate could be a teammate. Whatever it is probably someone watching you. And they're learning something from you. They're they're influenced by. You might be in a good way. Might be in a bad way and but but we are affecting other people's lives by our attitude. Our efforts are focused. Our care our love our intensity our passion. All of those things are affecting people around us because a lot of things. I just mentioned contagious They really are and we need to realize how contagious our actions are because negatively is contagious. But so is passion. Guess what we put that passion in a good direction. It's hard not to be lured in by real passion. Yes yes that's exactly right. I mean that. If you and i on our social media talk about reading the bible someone picks up the bible probably yeah and blues. I did too and also if we share why why why. The bible meant something. Why when i read this. It means so much to me. Why would i read this. What how what did i think. What a guy what had a feel how to got impact my life right would it becomes transparent and real. Then i think they're going to pick it up even more right because if they watch. The indians is loud that those words to her but that was actually impactful to her and through her not really want to pick it up. Yeah that's right. so how. where do we start thinking about our friends who are listening to have twenty five followers. And that is that is double what jesus had as far as disciples by the way everyone. So there's not a small number here but but where do we start. How do we know what to share. That will really impact you. Do we go based on what we're passionate about really really the conversation. I i believe that first of all. Let's get in the word and let's try to get close to say i'm open. Please speak to me. i wanna read your word. Wanna listen. I wanna hear i wanna learn and when we get the right opportunities. Let's share with our heart. Might you know in in. Maybe you're not comfortable yet putting out a bible verse but maybe you're you can ask someone. Hey how can i pray for you. Maybe you can you can start. That away starts slowing. Get more and more comfortable right. So it's funny. We're talking about passion right in. Passion actually comes from a toll century. Latin word that actually needs to suffer because the word actually came from when jesus went to the cross they came up with the word for the passion of their kreis. The when he went to the cross he was willing to suffer. And so when we talk about passion we. We don't really use it. We use it in the same terms says as motivation or height. Or you know excitement. It's not even close. Passion is very different paths Asteroid you really understand it. What passion really means is. I'm gonna do something even if i'm going to suffer even if i'm going even if i was gonna get made fun of even if i'm gonna get persecuted even if i might fail i'm going to do it anyway. You see. jesus was knew there was going to be painted persecution going to the cross and he did it anyway he did it any are- willing to do something so when i think when when i wanna use the word passion is is. It's because i care so much about something i care so much about god's word care so much about what his son did for me. I care so much about people that i wanna do it. Even if i'm going to suffer for do you feel like you've suffered for it. I feel like you have no kidding me. Fbi tim pr really cruel to you. I feel like you've had moments of suffering. No you wouldn't call it that. I think it's also based on perspective. Right is you. Can you have people say mean things of of course but suffering compared to home not compared to what jesus did not compared to what the disciples went through not compared to what might missionary friends all over the world. I have muslim missionary that had been put in jail put in prison. You know what is real suffering like now is manner. You kidding me. We're so blessed. I look at what we're doing right now. We have the freedom of the privilege to talk zuma better faith and what's going on in our lives and i just want all try to have perspective. This isn't real suffering is the question is anne is if i did have to be in a position where there will be. Would there where there would be real suffering. What i still choice. would i feel take heart. Still take courage right is is. That's what he owned. John sixteen thirty three when they're in the last supper in the upper room. And jesus says you don't try tell you these things because in me you have peace in the world you have tribulation but take heart. I've overcome the world. You know when you face real tribulation are we still going to remember to take heart because he overcame the world and you know the the little things that name. We've gone too. They're not big compared to what the disciples had to go through compared to what t- just went through a now never made a comparison because i've never had to really did them in but if they ever change to that point you know would i be willing to take our remember. He overcame the world. That's the challenge. That's beautiful to zoom out and have perspective on that with as toxic as people can be towards other humans but also to zoom out and have perspective on the gift guides giving you the place you have in the world the impact you have. I mean for all of us to get right perspective. Feels like line you for doing what. God's called you to do y- any you know it's just it's so hard. Is you know we think when we have people criticize us. That is the end of the world. I'll tell you man. Mike for my personality in wired is i'm such a people pleaser. Wanna make you laugh. I don't wanna have fun. And i wanna play games and i wanna to be sarcastic and all those things and it was so hard for me especially early on in college when i started to get criticized in how it go to my dad and we'd be talk in i had but man if they just knew me if i could talk to me that and then i realize y'all not everybody is going to like you when you stand for something and i was reading a book by winston churchill in a time in his life where nobody really liked him the allies couldn't stand him because they thought he was going to lose the war in in his enemies obviously hated him so everybody pretty much hated winston churchill's and he he wrote if you have enemies good at mead you stood for something at least once in your life and you know what so many times were afraid to take a stand because people are going to be against us and you don't want that does you know it does bring some fear sometimes but you know what i would encourage people to say take a stand and be respected than never take a stand and maybe be light because it's real easy to hit a button in have people like you. It's a lot harder to have people respect you in. We live in a society where it's so easy to just wanna have likes but you know what espenza's people like you they'll also dislike you yes right but if someone if you earn respect it's a lot harder to loose in so i would encourage people is what light being liked spine. It's not a bad thing but let's try this. Let's try to earn people's respect by how we treat them but how we live by how we love him by howie apple. That would be a a deeper goal in just being like. Listen i still want to be like run me people. I want them to like me. I want to allow the job. But you know what. I've tried to make the choice in my heart to choose rather whether they liked me or not. I hope i can try to earn their respects. You know. I hope. I can try to earn it and that would be a goal and maybe it could be encouragement to someone. Listen to me. I mean if this thing if no one ever heard this. He's so encouraged thinking thinking about my tendency to i. It is a people pleaser thing. But it's a i don't want to be misunderstood. That's like the center of my fears being public about things. I'm like but they just don't understand where i'm coming from it. I can't i'm totally doley. Felt that they just if they just knew my heart with this. If they just genuinely would wanna listen or you know that happens all the time but i also feel with that any Sometimes i just gotta give it to the lower down a got. You got it and you know my heart. Just please take it in so grateful that he says we can catch birds of on him because he cares for us right and literally like we're tossing it to him you you got. Yeah and he takes it is he cares for us. It helps people for that. Also when i go. I'm going to stand up for this thing. I'm going to stand. Besides jesus like an a more of an opinion. Jesus and i go even if i'm wrong. I'm handing this over to the lord. Because i believe i'm doing the best i can do. I believe i'm doing the very best. With what i know. And so you have to at some of that is letting go that people pleasing to be brave enough to try right for think when especially when someone like you when you step out and you stand up share. Your opinions about a lot of things is is. You have to be willing to do that. And i think the other way to do that is obviously. You're giving your opinions because you believe in something but then there's a way to of sleep so passionately in enthusiastically medic can also come across sometimes very as dogmatic you know and so i also try to word it in a way of you know. Listen guys i don't know everything. I don't perfect the theology. It'll make choices. This is something. I feel in my heart and so i wanna to share with you passionately because i care about not away. Hey i know everything. I've done everything. I'm right but i just care so much i wanna share that and so there's a balance of maybe that can be received a little bit easier than if i come at it saying. Hey i know this but you know. I feel strongly about it so i want to share it with you. It's a little bit different of mindset. And so i try to put myself into that mindset of not i'm right i do care a lot and i want to share because i care i want to share this with you. Yeah yes totally. It's taking the position. It's humility is taking the position of a learner. While also saying i'm learning but i also have learned and both can be trail. Yeah i think that's a great point though. I do think you know so many so. It's so easy to get away from having the position of learner from having the mindset of a learner like every day i want to be a learner i wanna grow i wanna data like one thing that trying to teach you know are teams that are gone dacian received working with its guys we always have the mindset that we learn we grow in. We adapt every day. That means in god's word that means with as a as a leader with our tease with the people that were trying to help we. We need to be the ones that are learning growing adapting. You always need to be willing to listen to wise counsel like proverbs. This proverb through reason innocent. He walks by movie. Wise companion will suffer harm. You need to have wise counselor and also in a multitude of counselors. there is with a right. We need to have wise counsel. We need to listen. We need to learn. We need to grow into a death. We need to be willing to change. It doesn't mean that. Oh you were bad or you're gone where you weren't good no it just means you're better now. Yeah that's right. We're all that there's nothing wrong with that and we should be better tomorrow than we were today. Yes and it just it is such a good reminder to people that you're allowed to know what you know today and still learn more tomorrow but learning doesn't mean you didn't learn yesterday to hey francis interrupted conversation one more time to tell you about one of our incredible partners. 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You're not just the christian preacher guy and you're not just the baseball guy but you're also now luckily for us you're an author but now you're also a kids book author. Now you're going to get to speak into all these kids lives. I am so excited about it. I love it. I love it i tell you what i really had a heart for a long time to run. Write at children's book. And i really think why was because i remember when i was just young boy in my parents would sit beside me in the bed especially my mom and she would read me. Stories hooks before. I go to sleep every now and then in the morning but most of the time before go sleep and i just remember the impact in the way would think about it processes learn learn from the different vitals stories and shoot in remember green eggs him or meadow or off my dog one hundred tricks. They're all those books to stop me. I would love to write a a fun good story but we're also has some meeting in some purpose in insa value in worth in man. If i could share anything with a young boy or girl would that be in really what. My heart's cry was is that i want them to know that they are valuable that they were created on purpose that they have significant that they are fearfully in wonderfully made their unique that they're special that there are wonderful that they are one of one. There is no number two period. You're one of one. You're perfect designed a way. You are in with your abilities or your disabilities as some of our society would say god can use that in the major that way for a reason he did not make a mistake. I wanted them to understand their god given worth in purpose. Because i feel when we understand that about our life. It changes our actions such projector. Now i don't have to sit there and look in the mirror and say dang i wish i look this way or i wish i was taller or i wish i had this earn which i had this because i can trust a perfect gop a he created perfectly. And if you wanna be taller i would've been tolerant. And you want any shorter. I would've been shorter. That the the holy rightist just loving god. Love me so much. He made me wait for exactly this way for his plan in his purpose. That was perfectly done. There was no mistake. There was no like oops sorry. I missed up on that one never never happened and it will never happen right in. Will we understand that about our lives. It's like gain not only. Does it change me on the inside. It also changes the way i you. Someone helps yes. Because when i understand about my life and who i am who and how was created in what i was created. Do i also see you that way. i also so i can't i can't realize that about myself not realize that about you because when i await This way when i look at you he gritted you that way. That means i can't look at someone else in judge. I can't look at someone else and say listen. I can't because i'm not actually really judging that person you know who i'm really judging god. That person had no choice in in looked person had no choice of colored. Baptists net notes. We only did and so. That person had no choice in their abilities or disabilities in their strengths of their weaknesses. God did you someone else. And i say oh you know what you make a choice or a judgment on them. What's foolish to think that. I'm actually doing against them. Really doing against scott. That's right and i think when we wanted to change the actions of some of society in the in the world who look down on certain groups of people is we gotta start it from the inside the started from the inside of understanding their own worth how they were created. Because when i believe it's going to change your accents on the up and isn't that what happens when we write kids books as that. We say it to the kids but the parents are listening. The parents was killing two birds with one stone. When you write kids. I hope so i love it and you did whatever so. I think you know this because the show comes out on the twenty fifth of january and that that that night you're getting on an instagram live with me and they told you that what we do is we have a during the pandemic. I started reading kids books on instagram. At six o'clock at night just to help parents and we do it every monday night. So tonight the twenty fifth. I'm gonna read off to remember and you're going to jump on and say. How do the kids started with like. I texted my friends and said i was going to do it. And now we have tens of thousands of kids. We get to read to every monday night. Eight is the old how you how you use in created your platform. It's really well. I don't know if you know this about me. But i used to teach elementary school. That's why i studied at georgia and so it is felt like such gifts. perfect already. Dropped georgia florida. Listen i know we knew who we are. And i used to be able to read books out loud to my classes and then when i switched to this career i kinda went. I'm sad that that part of my job gone. And then because of the pandemic the lord has multiple read to twenty kids and now you and i will read to twenty thousand credible. It's so sweet. And one of the things. I was going to tell you that i know are many. Bff's it's called the mini bff book club. And what. I love animals and so you've done a home run by taking this book and telling these really important thoughts about how to love the people well but you've used all animals and it was important to me because first of all it's hard not telev- of animals especially when they're led by an amazing dog dog. Just get that right. Also spun to tell it in a story way where everybody feels apart and i really wanted with bronco and friends to to tell a story Where everybody was also on the same team because it's so easy to think that we're on opposite teams but we're really not yet. Were all on one team. Were called to be on one team and we're called to fight for each other and this. This story of bronco in friends is so fun to see how they work together to make each other better to where they all accomplished their goal. And i really believe floor to do in. Life is what we find our purpose. When i help you find yours right in an. I am more fulfilled when i help you to the next place. You want to go and And i feel like it's it's the concept that children can understand but it's also a concept that we need to chew as adults needed. Choose to live by. Yes yes i also love. The bronco has glasses so great. A dog glasses is perfect him. But you know what. I noticed a lot on many book club is we will. There will be one animal or one kid in a wheelchair on a page and suddenly the comments will blow up my brothers in a wheelchair. I'm in a wheelchair. I have glasses my skin color. I mean when kids see in books things that remind them of themselves or people they love it matters so much. So thank you for giving bronco glasses. Well that was that was very specifically done of every single. One of the main characters had abilities in disabilities just like i believe every believe we all do in life and as you look through the book you'll see several different wheelchairs crutches an opera help people get made fun of for some of them. But i believe that that with their abilities are disabilities are strengths or weaknesses. That that god gave those to us for a reason and a purpose. And i believe when we give those back to him that will you'll use in our lives in through our lives and why the world might you as a disability. I think that god created us in a way that he can use and hopefully there will be kids that might have been told that this is the disability but hopefully it'll be encouraged to book. Wow you know. God gave me this on purpose. And i'm going to us. We're gonna share it tonight on many. Bff book club at six o'clock so everybody can come here us. Read it if you are listening to this. After monday night's you can always go in my tv. And find him. And i reading bronco and friends a party to remember. Okay tim. i know you've got levi. Let's go up after this. So i don't wanna make you too late but they're two final questions one. Is there anything we didn't talk about. The you want to make sure we cover awesome. So it's fun and we won't argue about georgia florida this time aside. Everyone knows where we've come from. They know who we are. And you're only gator. I've ever allowed on here. So i don't always ask gave us last time to. The show is called. that sounds fun. Tell me what you're doing for fun this way twenty-fifth but i'll be at the national championship working for that hothouse while this weekend. It'll be fun on the twentieth. Me we get to celebrate our one year anniversary. That'll be fun so we got a lot of in just a couple of weeks. We will have night to shine so that will be totally fun. Yes and that national predicted. I'm gonna. I'm gonna go bama very close very close. I think it's super competitive. It'll be fun to watch either. I don't care who cheer for. That's a five game to watch. They're both hot. Yes yes yeah. No kidding funny. Thanks for doing this. I'm really grateful for you so much. Thank you can you be more fun. Oh france don't you love him. What had great dude man. He is so smart. I just. I enjoyed talking to him every time we get to do that. I'm so grateful. Hey make sure you grab a copy of bronco and friends a party to remember. Don't forget join us for many. Bff book club tonight at six pm. Central tim will be joining us as well. Hey if you ever want to see the whole list of the books that we read on monday nights to our many. Bff just go to anti f downs dot com and click on the mini bff. Book club tab and you'll see the whole list there also be sure you're following him. Tell him thanks for being on the show today. He has a couple of other books. He's written that. I think you might love reading as well so check all those out if you need make embarrassingly easy to find any f- downs on instagram twitter facebook places you may meet. That's how you can find me. And i'm anne f downs t. s. f. Like that sounds fun on youtube. And i think that's it for me today friends well except don't forget that the bonus free audiobook that you can redeem preorder. That sounds fun. Book expires today on february one. That will be the last day you get that free audio book. So check out. That sounds fun. Book dot com for all the details. Now that's it for me today. Friends go out or stay home. Do something that sounds fun to you. And i'll do a have a great week. And we'll see you back here on thursday with jakarta's v

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