IBERIABANKs Beth Ardoin and Beth Trotter Discuss Work, Leadership and Investment in Community


This is John Swift and you're listening to discover Lafayette a podcast dedicated hated to the people and rich culture of Lafayette the gateway to South Louisiana how we record in the offices of Raider solutions a technology company that it offers complete fleet of it solutions for businesses of all sizes raiders motto. Is You just wanted to work. We understand if you're wondering if writer Peter can help your business. Please visit Raider Solutions Dot Com. I'd like to thank Iberia Bank for its support founded in eighteen eighty. Seven Iberia Bank is the largest bank based in Louisiana headquartered in Lafayette with three hundred twenty nine combined locations throughout the south they offer the resources of a National Bank Inc with the personal touch of a community bank visit Iberia Bank Dot Com for more information and lastly. I want to express my gratitude for Lafayette General Health as a Katy Anna's largest nonprofit community on regional health system. Lafayette General Health is committed to restoring maintaining and improving health in the communities it serves for more information visit Lafayette General Dot Com. We have two guests in the studio from Iberia Bancorporation Today. I I'd like to introduce Beth or Gwen who has been with the bank since two thousand two with the background in print media in publishing she currently serves a senior executive vice president and director of communications facilities in human resources as well as Chief of staff for CEO Daryl Bird Beth also serves on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's New Orleans branch joining her about trotter who joined Iberia Bank ten years ago as the staff attorney and who is now an executive vice president and C. R. A. Officer C. R. A. Stands for the Community Reinvestment Act. A law directs spanks to help meet the credit needs of low and moderate income neighborhoods of the communities in which they operate. Beth is a graduate of Tulane Law School in an active board member of Habitat Tat for humanity having served as the women bill chair in two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen so beth one and Beth to be one and B two as you tell me welcome to discover cover Lafayette. Thanks for having US yeah having this chain. I've been looking forward to this for so many reasons first of all thank you both on behalf of Iberia Bank for Sponsoring Our podcast. It's really really been much appreciated and I'm really excited about the opportunity for you to let people get to know you and what you do for the bank and opportunities for women women in leadership positions so Beth Arden. If we can start with you you have really moved up the ranks. Now you started out in in media is that yes is that correct and you talk about that sure started out as a sales executive for the times of ACADIAN A- way back when after college when it was owned by Steve May and Jerry Fisher May and really I've been so fortunate to have sort of two stops in my career both with the Thai one with the times and the second with Iberia having a chance to work with leaders executives who really believe in women's advancement in the workplace creative leaders really believe in thinking out of the box and really approaching life from different angles so right really too great to great opportunities in my career riot and when I said moving up the ranks what I'm really referring to is you've earned these positions and I didn't WanNa Miss Speak on that but you have had some opportunities that I think a lot of people are just you know to get to serve on the the board of the Federal Reserve Bank and all this if you can talk about what your role all is I bury a bank and and what led you to to have that opportunity on the Federal Reserve. Yes thank you I joined the bank at a time when it was really in Transition Sarrebourg bird his senior team our senior team had just joined the company and the bank was being converted from a thrift to a more traditional commercial bank and so so as a small company just serving Louisiana at the time Darryl really wanted to focus on marketing communication public relations efforts that were more tailored toward our target audience which were privately held businesses commercial businesses that we really could serve best so I came on board at that time and really focused on public relations as the company grew and changed think as Jerry mentioned back in the spring when you had them here we've done more than twenty five acquisitions over the seventeen years or so have been there so we really have grown and expanded across the southeast and with that came the opportunity to to take on more responsibility ability everything from facilities which is the management of are least An- own facilities to our expanded marketing efforts I and human resources as well which is pretty interesting part of the job why thirty six hundred associates yeah so I'm looking back you joined before Katrina and Rita eight ahead which was a pivotal year for Louisiana in two thousand five and then just within a couple years after that that is really when they explosive growth of Iberia Bank began. I know it's continued but your role had to expand pretty dramatically I mean how many states are you in nail. We're in assay. A nine zero nine states bank Lebanon to offer Mortgage Ryan our mortgage office yet influx right now we've had some changes with mortgage but yes so we have our first sort of jump out of Louisiana was into Arkansas and then both through acquisitions and de Novo initiatives we've jumped across the southeast so Florida Texas the Carolinas Georgia Alabama so we really have a wide footprint across that region right now. I've spoken with Judy Lucerne who works with you in your marketing department and the markets that you're in while they're mainly. I guess the south southeast southern part of the US the markets are different and so what people are expecting from banking and Louisiana. I'm sure quite different than South Florida right. We've got retirees and the high percentage of Wealth Fund. I mean our jobs gone because you know while we crossed. We're we're a large regional bank now. Well we really make sure we continue to customize our experience for our clients and our brand in those markets so what we do from a marketing standpoint and a client service standpoint in Key West certainly differs from what we do in Atlanta Houston Dallas or New York so we make sure that through people like judy some of our great teammates teammates that the experience for our clients is very customized we we have obviously common brand and common mission statement that we all live by but but we deliver a very personalized experience through people like Judy leaders like Jerry throughout our footprint right. Do you have to travel a lot for your position listen. I do travel quite a bit. I mean everything from visiting the markets to conferences or other special engagements that we signed up at for It's just hard to believe bank. That's gotten this big. It's still based right here right here and Acadian so south trotter if we can jump over to your role at the bank and then I want to let you both talk after that you are you work under the CR a the community reinvestment act and I know you started out as a staff attorney attorney and you've you've earned this position also and it's something that I've heard about a lot just in the real estate you know in the workup done but would you explain explain what you do and what Iberia Banks Role is in that in helping low to moderate income communities share so the community reinvestment officer manages the community outreach outreach programs and the mortgage products and the specialized products that we have throughout the company so we're in nine states from the bank perspective bank branches in nine states so what I do is I managed that program and so at a high level community reinvestment is about lending investment and service to low income communities and very small businesses and so managing our program and put forth our team throughout the footprint right in so while you do that while you're assisting people that might have some issues in getting a conventional loan you still have have to focus on safe and sound lending practices and that's of course part of the regulation is Um to help communities and small businesses in a safe and sound banking men or so of course that's an overarching arching concern and that remains the case even even though you know Sierra does make special products we make specialized products in the TDA checking accounts. Don't savings accounts mortgage programs mortgage grants so we do a lot of things that are especially targeted but within safe and sound banking practices always so what what how does it work like if somebody is trying to establish good credit. They've got a small business. They want to start up. How do people know about this. Is it something you market directly early or people. How do they find out about these programs. We do we we. We'd have a myriad of different you know different products in targeting different types of folks of definitely we do small business outreach we work with nonprofit partners in communities. Such as habitat for humanity are united way or urban league. We do a lot in fact just had a couple of calls this morning with Urban League where you're going to partner with entrepreneurships nor ships centers who are focused on women and small women and minority owned small business in New Orleans so that's a new partnership that we're creating. We'll be working with entrepreneurship centers in several markets ARQUETTE's Atlanta New Orleans and Houston as well so we we reach out to nonprofit partners across the footprint to create strong partner partner working relationships and so that is one way that we do outreach we also do a lot of marketing. If you look at the home mortgage side for example we have five specialized one in house created created special ed portfolio product but we five specialists products for Sierra so we look for the opportunities to market whether it's facebook traditional print material emails we have a marketing group in mortgage you know sort of specifically targets those opportunities and we also have partners throughout the footprint we work with housing counseling being agencies how to prove partners that we give money to donate any money to them to support their programming and their efforts and we also have grant program where we sponsor downpayment assistance so we give away up to one thousand first responders five thousand or first time homebuyers four thousand dollars and that's a grant. That's a gift that we are providing providing to those homeowners to help down payment. Assistance in closing costs only covers quite a bit so people have to qualify obviously and then this is something that the federal government has imposed on banks now right. We said well we encouraged or are you. Directed Sierra is a federal a loss you. You have to meet the needs in. That's a very broad umbrella so but there is a test we we get examined by the Fellers Bank of Atlanta about every three years three to four years so there's there are three components lending investment service but within those components we are at liberty to do a great deal of different things so the federal law does not mandate us to do anything very specific specific. Let me give this mini grants. Give the grant program is optional. We created that because we wanted to to do it. There are a lot of banks that do not have grant programs similarly. We created created a portfolio mortgage product. What that means we created a specialized product that we offer and we don't sell it most banks. this is a bit of minutia maybe but Amini regional banks and most small banks will sell their loans so you originate alone and then you sell it to a larger third party software so that's very very common but we created a portfolio product that we hold in house within our mortgage company we service that for the life of the loan and those are specialized products geared only to first time homebuyers so we're pretty proud of that we create that product special four for our group for Sierra and then like I said the Mortgage Grant Program that we instituted about six years ago. We spent just oh just last year over one point five million and so we gave away one point five million dollars. Just I members we gave away over three million dollars for Sarah related causes in general but specifically one point five million in mortgage grants and we're over. I believe we're close to a million this year and we'll go over that against September third yeah so pretty exciting. It's a it's a huge investment and it's we feel really well. Well well worth it. It's we see a lot of impact for. It's the repayment rates are pretty good like people they satisfy their mortgage. We still have credit scores and there's still a lot of requirements and we're not we're not giving the loan it's alone when it's not a gift and of course folks have to qualify we have slightly less stringent standard slightly lower credit score a little bit of Alternative Credit Score Abe illnesses uses maybe traditional products now you've been so involved with habitat for humanity and that's a great example of where you can leverage your community resources the banks thanks volunteers and get deserving people in homes that would never have had a chance without those partnerships being played and we're partnered with probably twelve to fifteen habitat affiliates. It's across our nine state footprint. I of course I'm very partial to our Lafayette Habitat for five years and they do amazing work and tend to twelve houses per year earm- really excited to be on the board. I've been with Bill Chair as you indicated fast two years what's Nice about that relationship and we have many such relationships with our nonprofit partners throughout the footprint is we call it the sort of CRA truck factor so we have a line of credit to them. So we have a loan habitat. I sit on the board and we have numerous other volunteers. We have that service service hours hours aspect and then we also donate money to them every year and we buy from them on the back end as I mentioned most smaller banks will sell loans. LAFAYETTE HABITAT HABITAT is a lender mortgage lender so they originate loans and we buy them that I see what's more capital back into the organization to do more lending so we're pretty proud of that relationship and as as I mentioned we have several of strong affiliate partnerships throughout the footprint that resemble that setup what I've always been impressed with too not just habitat but in particular the habitat that there's such a low default rate pl are excited to give their homes a they make their obligations single digits false. It's very impressive and that goes to the speaks to the amount of time spent with each of those individuals so they each one hundred hours of work on their homes as well as other folks homes in this case usually the mccomb visa neighborhood which is where we're focused. Lafayette right now but also they have a lot of financial literacy literacy. Excuse me classes. They also have home maintenance glasses of courses they. I fully understand the financial burden. They're accepting their challenge. They're taking and they understand what they need to do to keep that I know amenable to their total title financial package in their picture and they're all working at least one job many of them to jobs and and they as you indicate they want their home. They're taught how to manage money a little oh better maybe than they were before and they're also taught how to maintain their homes. I think we could all use those classes though no matter what income rambler background so Beth aardwolf and you've been sitting there nodding is about it's been talking about this. You have to keep up not only with what Beth is doing with. Cra But your job encompasses everything the thing that Iberia Bank is doing. Are there some initiatives no one. I had Jerry Vasca cute here earlier in the year. We talked about the opportunity zone. There's so many things going going on in banking. I mean you've got to keep your finger. If you've got to stay current on everything well the you know the great thing is I work with people like this who become experts in in their area and Beth has become a true expert that people across the country turn to about. Cra says he really has done a fantastic job bribery bank but also for the industry she really has become a sought after an expert so fortunate to work with her and many other leaders like her in the bank. you know we're we're in a privileged position. We recognize that where we get a chance to focus on equality for people within the company and outside the company Iberia Bank has such a community minded spirit about about it that we take very seriously so in through bathroom. Cra more through other charitable partnerships or through other learning learning opportunities were really focused on again our internal clients and our external clients and making sure that their lives are enriched through their experiences with us right before we started the podcast has to we were speaking about women in leadership and I think it's just industry-wide in banking in insurance rents other financial sectors probably about one in five of the top leaders or leadership team or women and I'm sitting here with two with Iberia Bank but which touch on that some Beth are on about what you've seen because I know you're getting like a national view from your position with preparing for the podcast. I was trying to think about you know the last twenty years or so and I think the conversation early on was really about either stayed home and you were stay at home mom or you're a working king. Mom and I think the conversation today is completely different right where women fifty percent of the workforce is women now in so I think the conversation is really there for women too. It's not about whether or not you're GONNA work. It's it's how you're going to be successful at working and making sure you're providing a great life of your family and so I think it's a great time for women in the workplace. Certainly the financial industry has lagged a little bit when you look at the top of the House and how many female leaders are sitting in that the the top C. Suite but the industry certainly has changed in there lots of opportunities. I mean we look at our company lots of women in leadership positions Brian. I think it's just a little bit of a hangover from the past but there's no better time than now I think for women to really find their spot and take take opportunities that there for them right you know and I think back about it. Many of the the mail bankers said I know that our top feels they've been in banking their whole life and so they've they've just like YouTube. They've worked their way up. earning you know promotions and leadership roles but they tend to stay in banking and so oh you have to have positions open right fill them with younger men women people of all backgrounds and so that's probably part of it and in other fields you might see people hopping around more from company to company but in banking they might move from bank to bank but they stay in that industry and so. I I guess that's what you're saying. Though yeah I think having a great retention rate for our company but like you said for the industry bankers like to bankers and so I think that provides potentially a few opportunities to advance at a faster rate but I definitely see the industry changing and improving and and and Beth out on the in the speaker circuit as well and she sees I'm sure are the same a lot of women who are in great leadership positions making a difference right so you serve on the Federal Reserve Board and when I when I learned that I guess you know a few years back I was so impressed I mean they. They set policy right you. You provide data on the industry is well yes so now retired but as of a served until last December and it was a it's a big honor so the way that the the advisory boards work is that each district has advisory boards in its main cities so I served on the Sixth District New Orleans Advisory Board which is basically cly seven people by law only two can be bankers so of the seven people the the commitment is to bring on the ground information anti-dole information about what's really happening in our local economies back to the district back to the economists who are thin advising the policy makers so it's it's a great sort of grass level route in a grassroots effort to bring real information to those that are making decisions so if I if I may ask even though you're not serving anymore and publicized for not having that correct on my show notes where is Louisiana compared to the rest of the South East. I mean I read the paper and hear about our jobs. You're lagging. That's those kind of things your reporting but little yes those are the things that are being reported as as well as you know all the different the sixth district is reports up to Atlanta so it's a it's a big district including Florida and parts of Alabama Mississippi so oh they're different economic cycles happening even within that one district so those of us though representing certain geographic areas do report on that and and also talk about what creative solutions may be on the horizon to try to help with job with jobs in your market so that'll affect at some point interest rates or yes how how does it alter out like us up basically the information bubbles up and then the obviously the policy makers news or using that information to decide on how they're. GonNa vote on interest rates there's so many things that go into our economic conditions and I think about just even when the president tweets something about tariffs. I'm sure that sins markets it's fascinating. It's fascinating process and then yeah the tide stern so it's about our way on we've talked about you have proximity thirty six hundred employees throughout Iberia Bank Doc. I understand there's some mentorship programs. There are some programs in place that can help people. You know find out more about the business how they can grow and Can you talk about that. Some absolutely we're really proud of the progress we're making banks industry to happens to be heavily female even though not at the top of the top of the company our companies about sixty percent female but we want to put programs in place to for for males and females emails but some that are specifically designed for females to make sure that we are advancing people throughout the company so just over the last couple of years. We've made tremendous strides writes in that area we have hired a diversity and inclusion officer. Monica Sylvain who's really fabulous she resides New Orleans but she's responsible for DNA across the company and with her addition we started diversity and Inclusion Council which encompasses people from across the company all different different layers in the company and it's been a really interesting group of people we think we know so much until you actually bring people to to the table and hear about their daily lives their perspectives what they think we can do better so that that council I think has done and will continue to to really help us. push people through the company in a much faster pace we also started mentorship program about two years ago and everyone throughout the company is eligible to participate in it really has opened up the dialogue between people with people across the company so so as I mentioned we have a wide footprint and so there are many many associates who will never actually meet in person this gives people a chance to you know build relationships. CBS across geographic lines across areas of responsibility and and help support ask questions that they need answer to help them advance in their careers yeah yeah and one more thing we did start women unlimited it's a national program but we selected about twenty one females female leaders jers who already leaders in budding leaders and our company to participate and Beth actually is one of the participants and the bax four has been fantastic. It's a it's a really life changing experience for them so we're really proud of what we're doing there. Beth Trott you WanNa talk some about that I will I'm in the fourth corps covert so I'll tell you that I actually don't start the programs uh-huh specifically until later this winter but super exciting like I have had the opportunity to mentor four people over the past two years and the great thing about about that program is it's a nine you know stressful way for the younger you know less seasoned members of our our team to speak to someone confidentially. WHO's not their boss WHO's not not? HR But can ask just any question they like a safe place to be open and as best said they're all the companies have people several men men ts here but also have one in New Orleans one in Birmingham Birmingham. We've never met but we talk on the phone. Once a month he was from a year and a half ago but the program is structured to be six months and you have scheduled calls once a month for six months but an invariably invariably talked to those people forever so I mean t still talk go on all the time she's great and she someone moving up in a company she is a female who will go far and integrate things and so and and she's. I think she would tell tell you what she's told me. Is You know really benefit from having the ability to pick up and call call. Beth kinda just anytime anywhere. No one's going to get reported back. I just GONNA ask her okay. What I do my bosses sending me mixed signal. What do you think about this you know and so it's ability to share been working for over twenty years and she's only been working for you know say five and so oh it's a great program and I know other companies do have programs but this one is. I feel extremely successful. Because the regular conversation that happens with all committee's even though the program six months come gone for some of them were all also in communication and I can remember when I started working at a law firm in New Orleans in Nineteen ninety-four. You've love to have that yeah wondered partners who were talk with but it wasn't a structured program and I know that there were probably a couple associates who who didn't have that report with anyone senior and I think it makes a world of difference and I'm proud of our our our company really leading that in pushing it and really big way and same with women unlimited. I mean we do have six percent of our workforce well. They're not in the C. Suite but we have a few leadership. We have strong women leaders and this program is a huge financial investment. It's a huge investment in the capital of our associates and we'll you know it's gonNA benefit us all individually but it's also going to benefit and brass up as a company and you know so super or exciting. I've talked to several women who've already gone through the cohorts one through three already ongoing and they have just said it's amazing. I mean your ability to rethink How you're doing your job every day. How you're leading people how you working with your teams heavy responding to those above you in the sweet and you know my Caso. I'm extremely excited. It's it's again. It's a huge investment and capital associates in time and energy of our of our company some. I'm excited that they're doing it and can't wait to participate WANNA resource. I just you know when you were talking talking about your young days as an attorney and same for me. I didn't have anybody I could really go to and there is no safe place right. I mean you didn't show any vulnerability and sometimes you have to write right. You just don't know what's the best move but having this has got to be just a joy voice. Yes and I think all asked all programs. We just is touched on has empowered our females to have a voice it gives them a platform teammate you know and the confidence is a confidence offense builder to say we believe in you investing in you and we're giving you the ability to have a voice so they can speak for themselves along these lines banking banking is a people business. It's a service industry yet. It's been disrupted by technological advancements and I wanted to save Yucca touch on Matt in whatever way you feel comfortable but I know when I go in Nigeria bank branches. There are tellers physical people but not all banks have that anymore and things research changing so fast so I guess two questions you know. How is it affecting Iberia Bank in second if someone is listening and interested in a bank in career I mean what paths do you take are you. It or is this question making sounds a dancer changes. Absolutely I mean I think all industries. These are changing right. There's so many disruptors coming out as faster than ever before but certainly the banking industry it has its its share of it. P think back to being in line with you know how you re using your card writing a check. That's no longer a conversation so today's. Today's disrupters are pretty intimidating. EMINATING the top four banks in the country you know own the the lion share of deposits and they have the ability to can't continue to be disruptors in our industry industry so for those of us that are not the top four we have to continue to think about and make sure we own and understand the responsibility of maintaining relationships chips and that's the value of having people right is exerting tain their relationships and so even in Lafayette. I'm sure that's what you're alluding to. one of the major banks has removed tellers from their branches and try. They're trying to focus just on technology. it doesn't feel good yeah. We're not there yet. We're not. They and I don't see us going. We truly believe you know. We're still a commercial bank. We still while it certainly Acadian. We offer a lot of consumer banking opportunities we really believe in relationships in that is still part of a critical part of our foundation so there are lots different parts of the bank for for people to work in as we see young people come through either internships or in a training program. Almost everyone immediately says wow I didn't realize realized banking offered so many different types of career opportunities not just being a traditional banker so it certainly Cra compliance and compliances appliances that is is a big deal definitely a growing part of the company of the industry. audit accounting finance marketing lots the different aspects of the company in indefinitely tremendous number of career opportunities. That's exciting yes. You don't think about that just think banking so they don't have to just have a business degree. It could be anything from accounting counting to legal legal there. You Go back yeah big legal team with. I'm not part of that team anymore. But it's good it's good. It's now number numerous banger numerous lawyers throw yeah. I WANNA get an a plug for one of your employees. Sheila tiptoe is a good friend of mine and last Friday. I did a cash closing where it was several hundred thousand dollars and you don't see those a lot without alone but it was a cash purchase and so I needed to wire money and I hadn't done that in a few years. I used to have a big practice register would pick up the phone and do water transfers but that isn't the case right now so I thought who is. GonNa help me with us and I called she loved and I I just loved having a person person that I trusted and we went through together but it just I was uncomfortable because to me it's like there goes the money would if I don't put the right little one little digit and he goes to the wrong place so I really enjoy having those personal relationships and in particular with Iberia. We banks these guys yeah yeah she goes. We're here with Jason. Sikora and you have been busy writing notes over here have some questions you hidden a couple of them a little bit so. I want to dig in as well first of all. Thank you for being here. I love the B WanNa be too. That's awesome so you do a lot of different stuff apparently like it's finance marketing synergy project management. What drew you to this kind of position for me Beth. It's really it was really the opportunity to say yes us to do something. I'd never done before and that really has as Jan started the podcast that was her question is while you've moved up the ranks kind of what got you there just for me. My experience has been of course working with fabulous people who believed in me but just saying yes I mean I've taken on responsibilities through the years that had no idea how that was going to pan out or really had no experience in and just taking a leap of faith breath really makes a huge difference love that answer we talk we talk about that in a previous podcast has jumped in the river and see where it goes be to how about you all have a similar answer in that when I so going way back I lived in New Orleans for Katrina. My family decided to move here post Katrina so moved here in one year after I didn't work for ten years so I went once. I you know you make it pivots in life so you know I turned and forty and said what am I gonNa do with this law degree. It's now or never and just so happened that fortuitous managed to judge my kill in this court federal courthouse needed Komo emergency sort of fill in lachler so it was amazing. It was like friend of a friend you'll go back to work. Wow this job just opened. He needs someone he his clerks taking a leave of absence and with him on a Friday got my badge afternoon. E hard man started Monday morning had ten years. That was fun. It was great fun actually so I was with him almost six months and so great way to Segue back into practicing law that had been in a firm in New Orleans so didn't know a whole bunch of lawyers Aaron Lafayette and then I knew them all after Corcoran from to tell and so I had an opportunity to work. I think I had three law firm offers finish that job but you know interestingly our CEO Dairibord called me to be on the board of Trustees of our kids school and USA because he was rolling off and I said well thinking about going back to work and he's like oh well. You got to come talk doc meals. Let's talk both right. So course I ended up talking with him at three law firm offers and I thought and I've been a law firm so I know how to do that. I knew that job well but then I had this really cool bank opportunity and thought you know what he's a mover and Shaker this bank is I knew enough about the bank to know they were growing doing and I thought you know what that's going to be way more interesting a lot more fun and sure enough it has been and still is today so it was a good choice ten years long bon very cool so you talked about. disruptors reminded me about a month ago. I got a check for my mortgage company because they're paid too much escrow and went. I have to go to the bank. Now I find some time and then I was like no I can use my phone and deposit this. This is so amazing. What are there any new technologies and say the next few years as you guys have seen it that might disrupt things even a little bit more because I've heard I mean those polls online so that tellers are going away and everything's GonNa be electronic. Ron and things will be on your phone and have you seen any new technologies that are gonNa really well no not the it world the technology world but no. I mean certainly as you just mentioned the ability for for clients to bank wherever they are twenty four seven is an amazing the opportunity for for clients and for banks to really think about how to deliver their products and services interestingly if you think about it banks like ours even as we add more technology we've still held onto the original delivery system so while we have fewer branches than before we still have branches we still have bankers we still have ATM's we still have checks and now we have of course credit cards and debit cards and remote capture deposit deposit capture here at Iberia. If you banked with us you could you can of course deposit your checks into the ATM in your cash so there there's always going to be emerging technology and certainly they'll be continuing disruptors for sure well auto data that is while definitely. I'll turn delivery. livery electronic banking is the way of the future but it's not going to replace the branches in what the FDIC studies have shown. You're in you're out. They do study every other year. Branching ranching is that while folks are moving to alternative delivery as an additional way of banking they still want to walk into branch every once in a while so and that that's true regardless of your income so that's low middle upper doesn't matter what your income level is at some point you still want to go in a bank and so that's not going away so as. Beth has indicated we have definitely shrunk our footprint. Brent and and you know have have pruned branches because they are not seeing as much foot traffic as they used to but those alternate delivery methods are not going to replace branches so branches are critically important still and will remain in particularly in the low income neighborhoods as well as everywhere else so you know. I think that the next wave will be all fully electronic loan docs. You know you don't have the ability to open or close all different types of loans today you can use unlimited loan closings on online but really that one still requires paper and so you can open up you can open accounts online but I think we'll see more of electronic everything everything eight z all the different types but that's still in progress right now. That would be a miracle host to the three inch stack. I think we're getting to that yeah and I think in a community like Acadia where we love relationships right. We like to into the same table and break bread. having a tangible brand. I think still matters ladders. I think so too and you know we had on Jason a couple months ago. David Joseph he's the US attorney for the western district and he was talking about how banks thanks such as yours and others really with technology now they can detect fraud so much quicker and it helps protect people against scams because they'll see trends and they'll see deposits deposits being made that looked kind of fishy and I know all the technology that we don't even see behind the scenes is really where a lot of your services are by helping protect. Act Your depositors. Absolutely I mean we've we. It's it's our responsibility right to. s- to stay current with the latest and greatest ability to protect our clients. It's insane. We absolutely do that yeah. That's coming from an IT company. It's so tough to keep up with but it's important that's what we have so many graphs on the screens and here's he's we see in the world and we have to hop on it right away advice for females who want to get into finance do what you do he mhm so we both. I think see ourselves as nonfinancial bankers wearing clearcutting in legal yes yeah we we have we have wonderful responsibilities but we're not bankers but as I mentioned earlier there's so many different aspects of of a bank whether you're coming in from the financial side to be a banker or from the financial side to be in finance or accounting compliance is really an emerging field. audit is still an important part of the bank. BSA as John Just mentioned Bank secrecy at we have a large of people committed to to to be essay and that's really really important in the banking industry so I could go on and on with the lots of probably surprising opportunities within banks. Thanks in addition to just the traditional financial garage but you don't have to Nestle study finance to go work at a bank excellent be to question. I love that I really do big shoutout to habitat for humanity and can you just talk about. Maybe for a minute about what they do sure. I'm happy to and I feel bad. I should still the thunder Melinda Taylor. Maybe you'll have your cast. HABITAT IT broadly sleep is helping people realize their dream of home ownership and it's a hand up. It's not a handout so the program some people the misconception that habitat just gives houses to people like like they won the lottery or something is very far from the truth in fact homeowners have an application process. We go through their one or two rounds per year. We're about entering. We're actually about inner around right now. Suave Hundreds of applicants for maybe twenty slots available they go through rigorous financial counseling they do hard labour in and construction of their homes and helping others in the mccomb visa neighborhood which is where we're focused right now they have to have their credit standards. They do look at alternative credit. Let like renter phone bills. You know cell phone bills. Maybe the traditional credit terms don't look at but there is still a minimum sort of credit requirement limit as well and those those homeowners will go through approximately a two year program before they ever get the keys to their house and again. It's highly organized structured structured programming around home maintenance a financial literacy which we Barry Bank teach financial literacy and and all of our markets including helping habitat do that when they need so you know it's fairly rigorous program and it is it's zero interest loan when we give a donation to habitat and they get federal funding as well as a five five. Oh One C. three non profit. We're helping people with the affordability of the house but they are still buying the home. They are signing a mortgage. They're closing habitat is is actually closing that loan for homeowner and they do have a much smaller cost because of the money that is donated in-kind goods that are donated make the home cheaper than otherwise would be so it's under two hundred thousand dollars to buy a really nice quality three bedroom home and so it's it is truly a hand up rather than a handout and it's a wonderful program again as agenda two. It's got those mortgages at very low like less than five percent default rates these homeowners these hunters pay their their bills on time they ended up owning a home and it's a change of a lifetime for them because they are now invested invested in an asset that they own and then it's helping their future generations as well and it raises property values everyone revitalizing neighborhoods that that had been neglected for a while and you can see the difference. Is You know the the core of Lafayette in other towns to it is. We just wish we could do more homes but money. He doesn't grow on trees but it's it's a critically important program. Thank you for mentioning that I thought it because you've talked about it and I've about five have boxes of vinyl saw fit for habitat for humanity and if they were open this Saturday I would've went but restored at the Liberty Week and they were suppose so but no during my Rajini down the radio and we also donated this massive shelving unit. We had to actually have them out and take it apart. It was so big it wouldn't fit our front door so great great good to your house and the nicest people in the world and I know this is about Iberia Bank but just want to give it to them now. So thank you both for being here your this has been awesome and Jan obviously always thank you for letting me ask that question. Thank you Jason. Thanks for taping this show of course solutions for helping us while I want to thank thank both Beth arden and Beth trotter B one and B two again kidding you guys but thank both baths for taking time out of your work day to come share. Not only would I be bank does is but just share opportunities for all of us in the banking industry and I'd like to thank our listeners to for being so loyal you can find this podcast and all of our podcast at discover Lafayette Dot net. Are you can subscribe by going to the little icon on your found. It's a low podcast icon and you can have this delivered to your phone. Every Friday moreover release our latest podcast on behalf of discover. Lafayette on Jan swept yeah.

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