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Friday Night Guided Meditation | Ajahn Sujato | 3 July 2015


Okay very good. So let's do some loving kindness meditation for the next half an hour or so. Hey so sitting here quietly and that you mind settled back inside your body make friends with your body. Just how you sitting there maybe. Your posture isn't perfect. Maybe there's some aches and pains here and there worried about it. Just be friends with your body. Your mind starts to think about this. Do S- be aware of that. Noticed that pay loving attention to that Tho- okay. That's what I'm interested in right now. That's what I care about. That's what I'm involved with. His always a reason why we think of one thing rather than another sedan tried to push your thoughts away then. Try to stop them. Try TO DO ANYTHING IN FACT. Just love them care for them. Accept them the part of you part of who you are and when you love and accept those thoughts gently they become still menu except those thoughts. Let them become still in. You just allow your mind to rest in the peacefulness in the choir had in this space between the thoughts in my mind is reasonably still in client. He said he says the words. May I be happy? May I be happy? May I be happy? Repeating those words again and again and again. He been a steady making a firm foundation via mine. Whatever doubts insecurity whatever holding back there is about. It doesn't pay attention to it. It's not important in keep coming back to to set one thing. May I be happy? May I be happy? May I be happy? And as you continue with those words. He noticed that along with the woods is something. That's more subtle. And that's the feeling of loving kindness very gentle very warm feeling feeling of he's enjoy simple failing of love when you can notice that. Hold it in your hands just like you cupping candle flame in the braves holding it so carefully in keeping it safe minute that feeling of loving kindness soak through your whole body until you're sitting there every part of your body saturated through with a beautiful warm feeling of loving kindness taking that same loving kindness and spreading it out tools Indian beams all beings be happy may all beings be happy may all be happy. Innings of loving kindness spread out across the whole world. Even a how not excluding anybody now coming into the end of the meditation from beings being the Meta back to ourselves. May I be happy? May I be happy? Maybe happy and letting the words of Meta letting the feeling of loving kindness fade away and allowing the mind to come back to neutral space empty pen and clear and just before we finish take a minute to reflect back. Oh via meditation enquiring into cause and effect. Ask yourself what just happened. What changed in your mind. Why did it change? What was interesting year was distracting you. What was calming centering? What is your mind? Feel like now compared to how was it the stat of the meditation? We can dedicate the merit of practice. Mayo beings be happy Mayo. Beings be well may old beans realized Yvonne. Do Sir okay. So if you want to take a minute to district your legs

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