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Welcome to the pick the brain podcasts where we pick the the brains of the brightest minds in the areas of health self-improvement productivity and kicking ass at life. I'm Jeremy Fisher. Always alongside my co host Erin Falcon Falcon all right here. We are back. We are going to hear the second part of the Michael Bloomberg speech. The I kinda got started on You looking four to continuing this one. All right let's keep rocking and rolling in seventeen ninety four during presidents Washington second-term there was a faction joining up support for succession Washington recognized. The threat was what threat it posed and he was confident that it would not succeed. He wrote a letter and I quote it is not difficult by concealment of some facts and exaggeration of others to bias. A whelming mind at least for a while but he continued quote truth. We'll prevail when it's taken to bring it bring it to light end quote now. I know the phrase pains is taken probably just horrified every English major here as kids. We were taught that Washington never told ally but they never told us he had trouble with subject verb agreements. He's in fairness to George. Pains is taken as the way they spoke back then today. Washington would probably say take pains. Well maybe thi pain but Washington really Washington's point and Washington US motto our principles. I hope that all of you will take to heart. The truth will prevail. We're pains are taken to bring it to light and with truth comes strength. The pains that every generation taken to bring light are why succession didn't succeeds. Secession didn't succeed. In seventeen. Ninety four or eighteen sixty one the pains taken by abolitionists and suffragettes and civil rights marchers and marriage. Equality advocates. Brought America's court truce to light that all people are created equal and today today the necessity city of bringing pains of taking pains to bring truth to light is greater than ever because the tools for spreading lies. I'm more powerful than ever. Since the dawn of democracy there's always been those to paraphrase socrates who tried to make the weaker argument appear the stronger. And who care more about winning debates than being truthful in ancient Greece these were call sofas and they would have loved twitter can facebook social media has given rise to a new Golden Age of Sofa Street aided and abetted by blind partisanship the only way to overcome it. The the only way to lift our national de course out of the gutter is to he'd Washington's words and take pains to bring truth to light. Those pains pains are the burden of citizenship. In a democracy and a great education does not believe them it. Intensifies them this is especially a true. I believe for graduates university bearing the name Washington. All of you have been part of this institution's long tradition of Advocacy Chrissy and activism. Don't leave it behind carry with you and take it on this challenge to bring truth to light to help you get started. Let me offer some quick advice for dealing with modern day sofas who tried obscure and deny truth when when though when those in the political arena engage in name calling and other schoolyard chants and are trying to distract your attention away from the real issues and from their inability to address them or the unwillingness to put forward practical solutions. Don't be distracted when when they tolerate attacks on minority groups especially those who profess a faith that some fine threatening they are empowering. Those who traffic in hatred don't don't tolerate it when they denounced journalists as enemies of the state and declare any critical coverage to be fake canoes and dress up lies as alternative facts. They are trying to fool you into trusting only the news that comes from their mouths. Don't be fooled. Fooled when they exaggerate the risks we face raced from immigrants without talking about all the benefits they have brought to our country. They are preying on people's fears. Don't let them get away with Thick when they tell. Try to tell you who you can love or even who you can and be there either pandering for votes or playing. God Don't put up with it the promise you a free lunch or free college or free medical care or free income. Remember that bill always comes do you. Don't let them pass the buck when they prevent speakers from being heard by shouting them down and we're creating spaces we're different. Opinions are not permitted. They are trying to win arguments by bullying and censorship. Instead of facts and reason don't let them suppress free speech even even when you find that speech to be deplorable protecting their right to speak as the only way to protect your right to speak when people romance the past. Just remember something. My mother who live to one hundred and two told me the good old days when never that good and finally when leaders wrap themselves in the flag or the national anthem. And try to make you think that critics of your government don't love and respect our country real patriotism isn't about honoring entering symbols real. Patriotism is about bringing to light and when action is required standing up and taking action in other other words real patriotism is about taking Canes Surrey. Remember nothing else from today. Remember that the phrase or to make it even simpler just remember t pain graduates as Yuli this Great University. I hope you will take the pains pains that are necessary to preserve and extend our democracy take pains to understand the other side take pains to expose lies is take pains to reject scapegoating and xenophobia. Take pains not to fall for easy answers and take pains means to hold our leaders accountable for their words and their deeds. If you do that I have no doubt that truth and America will prevail and my generation will be able to say as we pass the leadership torch to yours the same words that Washington spoke with his loss breath breath so tonight have one last drink. Maybe a tease Dan steer own beat or the beat of the Ninja Turtle. Back Bagai and tomorrow get to work. The world needs you more than ever. Congratulations and good luck Okay so concluded his speech there The the the good thing is if you if you're listening to this episode and you haven't listened to part one you might be lost on a couple of where we were going with this Maybe not I'm not sure sure but I would recommend if you haven't listened to the last episode. Go ahead and pause this and listen to last episode before he listened to this one Let's just pick up where we left off. We were talking a lot about how conversations associations between political sides can be reframed and Started talking in this portion of the speech about how the truth will prevail and that there is he spoke a little bit in the last one. About how the strength there is strengthened the truth and how the truth always comes out and you know you're talking to the last episode. What about how people get locked in their thought processes in their beliefs and they're afraid to change them when they're introduced with new information information and it's interesting to me because I noticed when there are political campaigns going on the term flip flopper gets thrown out there a lot? And they're like oh well. This person changed their view on the twenty twelve. They voted on this issue against it. And in two thousand nineteen they voted for it This person's a flip flop blah. I can't make up their mind and it's like well are we. Yeah it's like it just reinforces that idea that you we. We got to dig our heels in choose aside and just come hell or high water. We're on team X Y and Z. And that's messed up. Yeah well well. This is why I like the idea that was presented by Michael about the truth will prevail and I think in the end in the wash the truth should would be what rises to the top. Right you can have as many arguments as you want about one thing or the other but the evidence is the evidence right at least you would hope so in a world today. Where News News can get twisted and warped It's becoming more difficult but I do notice our social media platforms twitter facebook Pinterest read it instagram Graham. All of them are trying to of they're trying to minimize the fake news thing. That's going on out there. I think there it's interesting because I don't think they realized they were going to be placed in a position to where their platforms could be warped manipulated like they have been. But I do appreciate the fact that there are at least trying to keep that from happening learning more and more because you would think in a world today where there's like so much openness and so much so many other opportunities for the correct information to be available in a way that it wasn't before like there's not only three channels on TV right now in on whatever those three channels are saying thing is the truth. Like it's we're not in a world where there's like four major newspapers and those major newspapers. The newspapers all say the same thing. That's the news you get. No there's millions millions and millions of different media sources yet. We are struggling now more than ever with incorrect information. That's getting perpetuated out there. It's it's fascinating that it has gone the opposite direction as you would think it would. But I think that it's because this whole Internet and media thing is just an experiment that we're all getting into witness work out the kinks like wow. We're going through it. which is fascinating? Yeah yeah totally. And I do think it's such an interesting slash terrifying time. Where people just vehemently believe their opinions are facts and so there's so so much misinformation about what actually is true But as Bloomberg says The truth truth will prevail and so it is incumbent on every single one of us to be really diligent diligent about getting the truth and making decisions around. I am the truth. Because the farther we are from the truth it will resurface. And the harder it's going to be to get back. Well this I think is where towards the end of the speech. One of the things he said was don't let free speech be oppressed even when you find that speech to deplorable this is I think the solution Russian you know. We're talking about all of the sort of muddy water facts that are out there and do you have to do you have. No one has the time to check every single source for every little thing that pops up which is why headlines often become just people's news they don't they don't read the articles they don't check to see if it's you know Actually credible source. Yeah you don't have time like the average person does not if you're gonNA read articles in makes no sense for you to fact check every recent ones fifteen articles as reading them. You're just going to scroll through and you're gonNA. That's the interpretation that you're going to get to the truth and if it's not correct the you're not gonNA know you're GonNa make assumptions based on that but I think the solution to that if there is one is not to oppress free speech. Because one thing that I am noticing noticing a little bit more on our political environment in our environment in general in the United States at least is that if you say something offensive you are ostracized or if it not even offensive. If you say something that conflicts with the norm or you offer an alternative idea or you questioned something. That's being said as the truth truth very often. You will get slammed people will be like. Why are you even questioning that? You shouldn't even and and it's interesting to me because I think that if if we get to a place to where we're trying to snuff out free speech and we have an environment where people are afraid to express their opinions. Then we will get locked into a royal royal tour. The truth can't rise to the top because no one will be willing to challenge the status quo and how many times in our history has the status quo needed to be challenged. I mean just look at the women's rights movement the Civil Rights movement like these are all things were a minority group of people said. Hey The standard truth that we're all living by is not correct and if not for the opportunity to express themselves through free speech it would have never ever happened you know. Yeah absolutely and so and so. That's where I think like cultivating environment to where different opinions and need to be. Welcomed is critical. I think it's it's like this really. I think it's like the whole crux. I think it is the thing saying that. It's the Lynch. Pin The thing that everything around our environment right now depends on us. We have to be able to express our thoughts freely league in a in an environment. Where we're not going to be snuffed out and we have to be willing to do it with people that we disagree with you know? Yeah I mean I I just one hundred percent agree with you. I don't have too much to add to that other than it's just you. We gotTA WE'VE GOTTA be a little more comfortable being uncomfortable and hearing things that kind of rub us the wrong way but then taking not taking that as a headline and be curious about it. Why would somebody think that why you know and again doesn't mean you're gonNA come up on the other side and be like I? I jumped teams and now I totally agree with this person. But maybe there's one kernel of something in there that you didn't think about you know and then so oh much better for you you've just up to your personal repertoire of understanding and potentially empathy and that's a forward step for you so don't fear don't certainly don't fear the truth and don't don't fear things that sound different than what you you then. What your experiences? Because that's how you can really grow and be expansive and I think this is probably not a not an issue that our listeners struggle with because I think that people that listen to this show probably are a lot more open minded and think about things in terms of how do we how do we get to the dissolution of things instead of watching it kind of deteriorate around us and I think this has been a pretty good speech in a good These two episodes were a good opportunity for us to sort of visit strategies to have conversations with people that we disagree with and disagree with us on a Sometimes difficult to do. But I think it's like the core of how we get back to humans acting like they're humans with each other hundred percent and I think that is a good place for us wrap up. You could find the source of the original video in the show notes this episode until next time. I'm Jeremy Fisher and I Mary Faulkner from my need to keep moving. Keep thinking keep growing

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