Quarantine Is Getting The Best Of Us


The Game Saints One. Two slain remains the best kept secrecy. You went platinum in the game. So I I get to see you just the two of us. That's right being hor for money. Now listen I'll never stop being over from. I want this on the record on the record with the war I move. I made the grave mistake of moving my table so my microphone nod did the thing. I don't know why you did. That now. Knows a grave mistake. But it's fixed it's remedied. We're here now. We just got A one on one tournament bracket tweeted out by are fine friends over at the action sports network. Okay sixty four players. Hp basketball just tweeted out. I just quote tweeted it. That's probably the easiest place to find it. The region noted one on one extraordinaire. I don't know how that's the first thing I saw to. The top right is for some reason the first place I looked. Sure a lot of players on Fred vanfleet certainly. Certainly there must've at a better way to get sixty four players on this Sam though you could put a Lamelo on here now. This may need to be redone. Jaren Jackson Juniors on hair. Genentech's doing a fine player. Not Someone I wanNA watch a one on one tournament will listen Jimmy Butler making light work of them so you watch him for long and then promptly losing the Lou will in the next round. Deanne vers ban. This is unfair and bledsoe in the same bracket. Who made this re Patino Gordon Hayward Averse Russell Westbrook is is an option on this? Oh boy the vert versus Shea. That's a good. That's a very good eight. Nine Karl Anthony towns. You talk about Melanin. Listen I'll say artists on twitter. I'll say it here. I got mellow all the way in the finals. You talk about a man who's played nothing but one on one for upwards of seventeen years now I will say this. I saw this peak mellow than yeah going on a run. Ben Simmons. Simmons might win it. Just what the defense and he can actually like the backup. You're not spacing for team defense. Hell Hell screen. My thing is is this tournament with traditional ones and twos as all one on one ever has been played has to be right action. They were just what threes and fours mid-range shots. Don't count the mellows out. I'd say I withdraw. My Mellow Simmons goes on a run here to be quite honest. Where's he bottom right? He's in the Jaanus. Region is three fourteen. Danilo Gallon are okay. 'cause I probably probably plays Jamal. I feel like gemologist built better for one on them Brandon Ingram. I don't know that length would help are quite a bit yet. See that I don't think either. One's been simmons all right. That's what I'm an so then. They'll tell he's going on a run. He's playing Chris. Paul I would imagine Chris Paul out of out of that for some. It's Chris. Chris Middleton give me a break. Anthony Davis lamarcus Aldridge. Michael Middleton over Paul Chris Paul wearing a Celtics Jersey would ever be angels tried Lord knows angels dried. Don't think I'd go. Middleton is not just like well. Paul's good middleton big no Middleton's also good is I'm gonNA member on ten over seventy one one tournaments. I feel like handles are are the second most important to being able to shoot. I didn't see I don't even if I would say shootings number one. That's why Simmons because it's like you people are GonNa be in your face regardless the shot matters less than a handles. I could see being very important right but handles that's why like he can get The four feet away where he's comfortable. That's why he's my sleeper to go on a run having looked at exactly twenty five percent of this breath. Yoga do yoga will get a tired immediately. And just stop caring. He'd be out nap at even if he just goes on the post. Just lean on your couple times. You heard well. Yeah everyone alive would be heard. And that's what I'm saying. That's what he is one of those again. He'd probably just completely. I'll get a hand up but I'm so big if you try to come near me at all. I'm just GONNA monthly expensive dinwiddie. Does some good at probably Bradley Builders Buddy? He'll that's a great for thirteen porzingas. I arose and how much money would you have to be paid to watch that? I WATCH UPPING PORZINGAS. Might get busy. Yeah that's eleven seed getting. The win drew holiday. Tj War the match up we were all anticipating gotta go through their Kevin Durant being number. Two is hysterical. I mean I think he wins at all. I'm saying even even to a wilander because Kyrie irving is a number two embiid. Anthony Davis better than all those Steph. Curry is like a five. Yeah woody bracket so you might wanna run to Hardin region. Now I think he loses immediately. Lou will now that you'd be Louisville bad mattress firm Honestly anybody else. He I tell you what I'd like. This is another five I would like to its Zion verse. Dare I went to see Zion. Lou will no idea what will go on really anything could happen. Yeah like Westbrook could goes against shooting dead matters. I okay you just GonNa play them from three no well. Here's what here's why I ask those the two verse one thing if it is that that's where shooting becomes paramount. Because if if you are a Simmons or Westbrook Broken. It's like that Guy. It's not one extra point it's double the amount of points then when I just score one I'm so good defensively. I'm really not even worried about the and Westbrook type. It's one on one case. But Definitely Simmons from Simmons. I'm like I wouldn't be worried about that at all. You're you're not going to get enough clean. Threes or twos off to make that matter. Kevin Durant well. We should be too correct winning this entire. I obviously under the assumption. Everyone here is healthy but yet Kevin. Durant is winning this. You beat Kawada yes boy. It was doing it last year and the previous years now. We'll how many games did he play? In last year's royal I like many got hurt and then like the last thirteen ministry right. Yeah that was and look they. They won that game tatum. My slick too big durant out a share won't Jalen Will Barton. Wow that's a rough draw for a will through it is but that's that's sneaky. My favorite match violate entire first. Round will inverse Luca Dodge because well Biden for sure thanks substantially better than Luke Dodge and. He's not so just a wash. That play out would be tremendous. That's what I want to Dame. I the Ngelo Russell Angels' like this is basically me play myself and I lose by ten. What happened here under my yet. Dame I I feel like dame makes ron here runs right in the Kawai Leonard. Awhile might be durant. I don't see it. He's bitter defensively more efficient offensively. I don't think efficiency really comes into play with one comes on intuit even more. I need you to hit that shot. Because you might not get the ball discounts durant defensively to like durant. Just ask him any way longer in many quiet quiet linnet has to defensive player of the Kevin. Durant doesn't have any all defensive teams. There's a big gap devolve. Defense isn't exactly like we've talked about. How dumb those votes are all the time. Yeah you know. None of them very yeah. That's dumb we both agree. Should he'd been shorted. No defense player the years though. No that's different. That's different plan. That's a different caliber of I think at this point might be a better efficient wise shoot. Maybe from everywhere. I don't know who is really scary. Stroke is in the room like I don't know if you've got a notice like if if Durant A. Plus offensively what's Hawaii. Eight has eight and the miners. Okay in April defensively was durant like bb. Plus I was thinking more B plus a minus somewhere between there mind. You Ain't got no second teams my guy that's not Maga smart guy. I any accolade last year. That's the only reason has been the league up until now doesn't he? Got One derived mentally ten years. Have a single one and it's been about even trying for about four years like you didn't lock down for ten years. No definitely it was before Leonard Defendu. Nope that wasn't was but my Life C. Plus just trying to picture Kawai We we talk about before a game especially offensively when he's playing one on one just so methodical and slow and then just waiting to get that that little pocket to rise up and shoot that long to mid range. I don't know where that's like. What move is he gonNA breakdown durant with to get that space? The same way he do to literally everybody much better defended than Kevin durant because he's so wide and they're about like they're about the same length is not like durant really had like limp for sure. Nova should apply like wings. That's choas Guadalupe. You're not GonNa get close to me 'cause I'm so wide I'm going to keep your mind hip. You'RE NOT GONNA get gray so and he has lent to. So that's why it's I don't think that helps durant as much as it would verse literally anybody else. It's not as much as helps durant as much as it's click. That's not everyone else. Who Co is rising up on? I we were talking about other people. Being almost same like is has that advantage of everyone else. Now it's not exactly a disadvantage but it's just negated. There's no advantage at all. I just don't think it's going to be like outlook efficiency. I get that but it's not like this. If this was Jaanus jaanus defensive capability and Atlanta out of grief but this Makuwaza scoring on long as it. Don't make all defensive team head. Damn right per game Cole. Issues better from to shoot the exact. Same percentage from three. Yeah we'll go Y and Arabi chokhin in the playoffs. Yuck at the they both have the semifinals. Ap's in one of them didn't go join the gang to to get to the people respect more than either one address too he coming out of that region next one noviny look to Lebron James Commodities. Correct it'd be Lebron versus. I believe Kyri in the final of that region. Stop neither of them as to be interesting. Kyrie verse Paschal Siaka. That just feels like okay. There's a guy who has enough lint on both ends it would just be interesting matchup Spin like a top repeatedly but on defense would see. I can get them all day. Yeah I think that's one of those trading ones for two scenario just like hey one twelve six Siachen mezzanines shots not style guy. Where you Fall apart noted. Joe Got Scary having your own team. You'll get the jobs. Steve Cargo shot off a better player. Congrats BUT FOR SURE. Lebron's that long. I'm slick tip to go. Simmons in this re- even we jaanus but won't those two eighty. That's a rough bracket. I'm my still go eighty Okay it settled. Ab is tough deliberation. Now listen he can. All these guys are pretty similar. He can pretty much do just enough of everything he can shoot just enough by just enough plus defender all that for one on one. I think he could is one of those like the shooting with matter until you come up against somebody who can take advantage of it. Antedates can take advantage degree of Eight? Did play on us. I would take eighty in this one on one but he's not going to get you on so that's a real shame who's going down to Mellow. No seriously are mellow hesitant. Will Be Andy Davidson wet. No Jaanus and then Anthony Davis one. There's not a single year that would have been true. Input HIS SHOULDER. Directly Zion. I'll November. This is winning in the first round. You've got derrick rose over no that's a terrible like what Zion going to do here. Fuck you like look like. He doesn't do that in the NBA. Why would he need to shoot threes? I don't know how like how he's GonNa do. He puts his answer to the other guarantee. He's next to the best he can but he also gets the ball path like he's not taking it from the top of the like he gets to him down there. Derrick rose locking up the same for sure. I just like it's a bigger guy trying to dribble. It has a smaller guy on the Typically doesn't work in one on one date grows scorn appointed often as either. That's not true. Zion dared rose now. If we're talking about prime versions all these guys the Prime Derek Rodier. He would be twelve so he had no. I'm taking five neither so I canceled that part. I agree with but we're talking about these guys right now like. I don't think I don't know why he's five. He's the same seat of Steph Curry. Feels lots of things making sure work thing. Now Derrick rose to is he actually can't shoot like primed arrows. Couldn't he would have allowed this year. One percent this year. He's not suit and his last last year when he was in the forties wasn't it was it was. I am Williams. The maybe the Best Athlete. We've literally ever. Seen Gore knows was having shoes explode duke at thirty one last year. Thirty seven year before twenty. Five twenty three twenty two twenty nine before that one good year. Don't make you a good shooter to say. At least to be a one year thirty seven I needed least too Kentucky. Do you think towns gave him back down mellow now. He would he be one of the ones like you come out and play defense and metals. Like no he's like okay. I will shoot. I'll just check up and shoot. Old Man McDonald Dominican ties. Be Dan on how far Aaron Gordon has and Gordon go on where they get all without question about Puerto Rican because he flat whatever it is is going to be A. It's got the Big Star or equality bloodshed the bashing the boots. Paul George GonNa run this. This is right up his alley. The is he would slick come so you. You have the air and over Bam interesting if you keep talking about these big guys special Versatile defenders like that. How how Darren's going to score is he working with drew Allen Right before the statement starts Lord? I hope not. Do you think Plato gives embiid trouble said the smaller. Yes do you think he beats them? No but I do think he gives them. I think it's close big. It'd be swallowed Walkman. I'd lose the Paul Georgia though doesn't interesting. Yes that I agree with the show. Paul Paul George I think is the sneaky player in this. Not really that sneaky but like probably win it off raining. I seem all agree. A weird how top fifteen player last episode. So I guess things but yeah alley. Six eight has the handles and can shoot from everywhere and is like you said I'll world defender again. That's that's terrifying. Don't say that that could be hard. That's what he needs to run up against the Nazi. Exactly what he would run begin. then mccollum's interesting like. I would like to watch that good at the some cloud battles so Jaylen trae you would take trae. Yeah defensive I feel like Jalen going right dog. He's Jalen Jalen cans score. That's thing I think Janet will be going to the rim and I think trait can get open shots on just get a little bit of distance. And he he's such a quick release Got To be quick Ten Times you might get them slipping a couple wasn't you'd think I WANNA pick trae. Yes Tobias Harris. We think John will be Tobias. Harris Tobias Harris as such a good. I would go to Tobias Vegas. I will go to bias Tobias as big as hell but he might just miss all fucking shots like I don't never i. You don't know what to be Fair John. Might to buy will be fire. And we'll see a million highlights of Tobias. Here's one yeah. I'll take the bias there. Would you go over Kimba now? I wouldn't I mean route. Can you do man guys? Five eight. Another was not jump over the Sunday paper. Another one can listen the Sunday's thick addition. I don't know I I know the afternoon bulldog as clear that with relatives. No now. They'RE BUMMY. I seen you got U-b-e-r making around here. I think you can make some noise is see knocks off number once Lebron James. I think if you ask both of you put them in separate isolated soundproof rooms and you ask them hooked up to a lie detector Aaron Gordon in One Room Kelly oubre and the other think both of them would say. Aaron Gordon Verse. Kelly oubre in the finals. You know we've already got one hundred grand. The suicide pact with one of US fails to reach it. We will kill each other with a hoosier final four durant Lebron and like I genuinely believe mellow makes a run. I just genuinely believed that in my heart of hearts that I've been doing for so long he did it once in college. You're lucky you're if Jamal Crawford were in one of these other brackets. I'd have him in the final four thirty Abia Badge through. There are just certain players. I watched them play especially when I lost some plan in the summer. I'm just like Oh yeah that guy all he does play one. That's it like if if if Kyrie were in almost any other region than lebrons I'd have filed a one on one because they're not good enough to play that Anthony Davis Jaanus types it so you got mellow in the final four. I Louisville in the final. Four as well guys who wins. Mela will mellow who wins. Katie Lebron Katie. Katie Mellow Hurts Carmelo. Yeah so basically the eighty yeah basically basically the the Agnello and then advanced version of mellow came around for years later. Yeah mellow good mellow. I'm GONNA Hawaiian Lebron. I mean you've got to pick Cole either a D. and Paul George George pick up on our part Georgia GONNA run Eighty Jordan. Eighty bronze good one. The brand is Lebron A. D. I. Braun is just enough of everything that not only debt at a plus level by take away. The passing doesn't matter right. They're good at like everything else probably have to be I. Would I would really enjoy watching Lebron gay and that's That tree that summer runs that trio just playing actual gang court Lebron Katie and Kawhi just go and added for an afternoon. That's that's something I would watch trying to see if I'm selling hardened short just because he really is going thirty five points a game. He's a big as like six five. Seven foot wingspan in razor wanted. I don't sound like one on one phases wild strong. He'd be really good one. I just think he I think he just got a bad bracket. Honestly there's also no shot clock so he can just keep dribbling until you just finally just like take a breath him and he just goes by you. Get the game point he he's the tired evades AIDS Blake Griffin. He beats whoever mccollum Dinwiddie is and then he would play like the FCA if he gets Jimmy Butler there which he wouldn't. But if Jim J. Beyeler Somehow Megan's Butler their butlers triple J. He's still small. Why is Jerry Butler? Irc staff I make the bracket I mean games Steph. Curry played like five six. So that's all it took was one. Save the staff not bland. Be like nine seat at best. I think I remember listen. We've got him tied with the literal number. One pick of this year's like those guys are the two time. Mvp The fat kid. Basically the same thing would either teammate. Battery ZION FOR STA. Yeah. I don't think of Newell I really. I don't think Oakland I don't think San Francisco would New Orleans might man by listen as he projects to be great but he's very big now. I don't think he'd WanNa make it. I don't think either of them. Do I have to think of if I'm I feel like I'm more ready to say golden state would make a New Orleans? Now see I think steps steps one of their like. We will go down with the ship with him like right or wrong. I don't think they would trade. He's also he's old but not that I don't think he's old enough to make it like if he was three years older. I think it's much tougher. Be Like just comes back and he's just got more peak years like the Jersey sales have big ears internationally already. I think they would just we're Google Zion. Could get there. He could have a big belly. We'll take the we'll take this year. Well the clippers straight. Paul George resigned. Yes wandered into right. What if he was just like I'm indifferent I would would you especially since we just talked about like. They can both be gone next year. I can't go anywhere for three years. I man I I wonder if he's going to be. He's going to be like yeah. I already know I'm ready. To get out of New Orleans. I'm not even GONNA play through this second contracts so you have He's clutch right. Oh no they turned it down. That's why Lebron Haysom Klay. I can't imagine Klay giving us shit tournament like this. Winter gets twenty eight grams. Clay we talking whatever kind of gas we're looking at. If he could physically see the the patch on the on the court Maine's he's got everything else can klay dribble and up to one and one on one turn. No No. He's got the defense and obviously can shoot. But that's Kinda like the what I was saying about Zaire but for three point shooter like clay thrives off getting the ball past and then go right up with it. They can both do their own things without people. I just think Zion if he just checks ball and turns around. He's in his motion. Klay Got A. I can't run myself off a screen. This is I feel like durant so partly built for this turnament for like a scene Brian James players see I really. Don't I really what I see? Gladys not obviously is incredible. Just one on one player. He's not someone who immediately sprints to live because of how methodically place I think even make like he's program to be whatever needs to be. I think that's why he fits even better. He can every single thing at a plus level you just added it over the years and his ability just one on one defensively would carry him until he got to Lebron James. It's really just Paul George Katie. Luella Kyri so yeah. Maybe there's about six. Those guards would have a hard time like actually sealing the deal and winning at all when they got that final round but the first three. Four rounds yeah. I don't think they have much problem. I think it'd be again. Lou will sound like he gets Jimmy Butler who's got about. What like forty pounds minimum. He thought he doesn't have a bang with him offensively. He doesn't want to know for sure but I just scoring Jimmy Butler is not like a highlight. I don't I don't think a lot of these guys are also like as disciplined to be like. I'm just that's where ally is like. Why does have a sized mismatches like okay? I'll just simply back this man down for my eleven and then that will be that a lot of these other guys are too susceptible to talk shit and being like you can't shoot from there and you just you just give up possession because you just lodged a bad three that all of a sudden. The other guy gets the ball. Newly launched a bad three Kawhi Leonard. Right right why are you gonNA lose to Kevin Durant and his pockets man Utah? Tony Allen was in there. He thought Chris was in their track a wide Leonard. The Raptors do bless. You wasn't working too well. Who won the the beat the Durant? La's warriors yes who fought that appears at the Golden State Warriors who decided comeback after two week. Layoff late Eighteenth Street minutes. I thought that was a good idea. Now really I feel fine Attached by dental floss. I can go out there and play in the NBA. Finals gets this generation's best defender quickly. And I know of ashes before if he doesn't get hurt so he doesn't care. They win the series. Where's he plan right now? Thanks Tom Brooklyn interest. I think because that's the thing I i. It sounds like like March February February was when Katy Perry were just like yeah. We're a thousand percent playing together and then marched like Dad taught. They agreed on New York. They haven't agreed on the team. So that was that was healthy then and in his mind probably already chocked up that ring. He was like yeah. I'M GONNA win three for the Place de. I don't care what you do in Boston. You can blow that shit up as far as I'm concerned wheel he's like we're going to that division next year so let's just cause a little bit of chaos there and then will will deandra. You're involved in this for some reason. Then Ha you can scout the next from everything that's been reported. They were locked in to the Knicks. Until De'andre it was like only thing I wonder is if like the exact same by bald account. Kawai went down the list of people and got the Paul George. If he just calls Kevin Durant I was like. Let's just go to the clippers. I think durant thanks like even though he's like listen carry on. He probably is like listen. Would you go to? La Gifts I'll just tell them to get all of us right and they'll just have to make it happen but if I think durant is just enough like basketball freak is just like if you just WANNA run a couple of La. I think would listen. It's interesting but he did and all this stuff. I was looks funny. We make jokes until after the fact when it turns out to be like. Oh yeah that was true. Like he had already moved his whole studio operations. Shit to New York now. I don't. I've never moved a business to another city. I don't know how like heavy of move. That is or if it can be like. It's just pivot back to la where we already were. You know what I mean like I don without his do. I think it's rich. It either him or somebody was already either with Brooklyn like regardless so that felt like it makes it makes sense if he's going there but it also made sense if he doesn't like to my opens up a New Yorker L. A. Wherever you're at it. Kinda just makes sense so that didn't it didn't throw too much but I do think it'd be interesting if Katie was like yet because Katie. I think he's also the type of yeah. We played with the clippers. I don't really care about the state us about to play for the Knicks. Got Bad news. I don't think he cares cared. About like the actual franchise. I do think it was like where am I comfortable living and I think he wanted to play with a friend and I don't think any good wire on bad terms like the friends otherwise friends so I'd listen. I didn't think so either until looking. Impala Georgia Front uses like I. I saw a different department is worth eight right. I think that's all I think he'd listed a bunch of players whose games like he probably Michael Jordan on that list get him. I'm but a bay but yeah that'd be fucking terrifying if a healthy durant and Kawai linked up. I'm trying to I feel like they. They could have made a happy right like all. Three of those guys were free. I would have to treat everybody else foot which you do it. Only if they would have had to get rid of Louisville Herald Zoo bought. I think they might even pay Zubec- this summer so I yeah and then you just sign all three here. That'd be something. Yeah would each Julian Wonka recovery at that point? I mean it's one of those. I went durant. If she said he got his little brother. Play got his little brother. Blais vitamin GOODEN terrifying again. Get Lebron like what the fuck come on the days. Get some friends. What are you know could more? You know a lot. Jiechi shitting brother. I've got it door opens up its Marquis teague. I'm like your old manly. My head just eats his head but I like people people were cooling under et saying like and this was obviously posed injury too. So I think it'd be gone to Brooklyn. They had been like a one-seat this year healthy him in Kyri. He would have clearly been the one bear. I don't think I think more people would have been giving him more credit. If you just left the warriors to link up with Co y Leonard the do people like him more or less if they still lost the fight like say he got hurt but it wasn't Achilles. It was like a hamster like he's out for this series but he's he won't Miss People from opening day this year. Do people look him any differently. Laws were but wouldn't that hurt while you weren't back in. He has to. He's going to get shit kind of regard now. Yeah but no one gives me shit for losing that S Kazini. Here wait till we get. We get the chance to yell at the guys tuned to the finals. Where like what you yeah. I don't know so there wasn't a terrible injury. I don't know anyone who holds it like I do for like Paul. George couldn't even lift his arms and we were given that guy hell like a it really has to be like a oh well known injury and be catastrophic on top of that for you to get a pass even. There's no matter what Paula Jones. That's one thing we've already decided in. Harlem is what it is. Kyrie's good forever. No matter what he does now. He's good forever. Maybe should. I'm okay with that too but yet clippers Denver so God Damn Good Dad. That's on the one that makes Houston Kinda just because Like if Paul had to go some minor Chris Paul. Getting traded to the warriors would be very funny. Because I like the Angelo trae. We had to get something man who couldn't walk for nothing Steph. Curry is like the Hannibal Bursts Picture. Where he just like this sucks. Tried me absolutely anywhere fucks. Do you buy gift guide. Deb Just want to link up with Katie. Thank he would have considered elsewhere. That like would he have gone to the nets. That's why I don't think so. I think I really do think he was always one of the two. I think he's leading the Toronto or the Still now how big the Lakers was. Because even go to the clippers you think he goes back to the raptors the Lakers. I like he goes back to the raptors even short term because he's still signed short tribe every yeah two-plus-one wherever you signed now or does he go the Lakers. I don't know if I've ever really bought it up but I never really thought they would means the. Dan didn't seem like I'm GonNa go join the Brian James a type of guy so I think it was. GonNa be Toronto or clippers because the Messiah was like you cannot treat for like Paul George Anne Russell. Westbrook ear if we did that would you stay and I feel like it probably ended up breaking down but I think yeah. I think he'd still be in Toronto. Probably no I think Messiah was like I'll just trade for Paula George But then for some reason okay. So he was like no. You have steak Westbrook to. They didn't have them call with with the clippers for some read. Listen to get tough with Paul George. Exciting Messiah was simply will not take both of those knuckleheads On this team man. But listen you talk. He wouldn't give up see YOK Which rightly before In the East Team Kawagoe Georgia in Russell Westbrook Gaddi be sick could grief I. They just have a boxer. They said Yeah. That's the favorite unaware. Yeah is that the Labor is Katie and Kyrie Goto the clippers. Yeah you take raptors team over his Katie hurt him with Mothers up comments assume he was healthy. Okay it'll be a raptors team with Kawai. They traded from Paul George Russell Westbrook within that they had up Siachen so those are the main three. Hey you know they they had to give to give up Siachen invariably they still got like us. All Baka Tarento Davis. Td if this year og would be. Healthy Larry McCall cobble together bit. Then the clippers will be Katie. Educating Kyrenia with everyone ever Paul George but if they could just sigh on those two by team they had last year with West. Shay Yeah like at that point you get to keep Shea so you Katie candidates last year or you take the finals winning team wipe out Siaka Paul George and Russell Westbrook. Yeah I'm sure they would have had to give up other like probably Gusau or someone else for the money like how they had to throw in Danilo especially since it was fucking not just follow your his contract onset. Westbrook's money would have been norm Powell. I'll tell you they wouldn't come off one of the bigs but I'm sure Katie Kyri would have had like Danilo in someone traded for another piece too but that's 'cause I gotta go clipper you're just dropping those two onto. I don't understand what's happening. Katie is worse than Kawhi in this one on one tournament. But all of a sudden. He's he's goes to the clippers and they're just watching the rappers. What's happening here? 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Dak rivers but like the way I see it like the clippers would have the best player here durant and then the raptors would have the next to at least maybe three if they have Westford westbrook first. Kyrie's interesting because we got to see like Westbrook's best formed this year and we didn't out or is best for them this year but I I could see either side of it and then I don't know the badges are pretty close. Yeah that was the question. Now you're like what the hell you think durant. Yeah well that's goes against what you're saying before? I just think that I would pick the Paul George will show up so it's tough but yeah I've I've been under the belief for several years now. Durant is the best player on earth. So if he'd just fully healthy I'm GonNa be picking him a lot but I do think Toronto. It'd be like the betting favorites. Took right for the broad as now you're on the conversation. I was like Damn. Why has the old man that washed? I didn't even get it in these calls anymore. But he called me to be traded. Anyway they are. Waiters keeps calling. May I keep hanging up yeah? I should've thought that evidence shows. He's not even happy to see him. Like whatever do you over that? Yeah get your locker away from me stupid. I don't even. What would their next move? Even beat the Lakers. You Lebron James and Eighty Christopher starting to Boston. Uh this happened well. Hey listen I never saw myself in Denver? Let's make the best of his that where he could go to make things interesting. Denver who eighty no both of them? I guess what's the our like. You can't just be getting players from all over the lake. What's the team? You could put those two odd to combat those two teams. We just built this day. Eleven of corn. And if Lebron James Dick could shoot three pointers like forty six percents team. I can and I mean Shit. The warriors like put the Brian. James Anthony Davis on the warriors. It dre mind Clay Steph. Act. There's your champion I don't care what anybody or la that's NBA. Champion is pretty good. Pretty Damn good by our guys got swap. Kevin durant leaving good news bringing Lebron Eighty to replace bad news ruining the Lee. Yeah I'm trying to think that's a good one for sure. Good one I was trying to think philly but it for sure not better than the warriors. Now it was interesting Milwaukee Milwaukee would be those just those top three good grief. Janas is the third best player on his team while still wins. Mvp somehow heard wing. Antetokounmpo melted like. This is sick. I'm so open Georgios op. Never I'm never GONNA cover to shoot seventy two percent in six attempts healthy attempts. What about Trying to think of is good last time basketball is played which was several years ago. I'm thinking beating Golden State Denver's interesting though. Yeah I'll think that's better than Milwaukee though. I don't know it might be because the depth one the depth in too late adding. Adp fixes whatever defense of questions you have about Denver was. I don't think you have many questions when we started doing these. Gary hairs at the corner. Three listen if he gets you exactly thirty six point five percent on open. Threes is GONNA work. 'cause I didn't gonNA work. I got another fake hypothetical question in a different sport. I don't know if I'm doing real questions tonight. But if we know right now hindsight was twenty twenty. Dave knows exactly how good sign would be right now. Does it change what he does at all. I don't think so secret when he made the decision. Yeah he was like No. I wished well but if it was like this good like immediately this fat. Yeah I also also have everybody. Everybody did he got traded for basically took that leap now but just Zion now. I don't think it does. I think he's tired of living. In New Orleans like tired of not living l. a. How writing the They would just underway right. I don't he'd be like this. Be Sick can we move the franchise? Is that an option why we tried that rich checking people anything short that yet now. I'm out no fence to anyone but I'm out here because it was it was you will push for that. The hardest in real time. Let's have this laker season. Worked out. They jailed quicker than I thought they would. Much I think Lebron having to play his ass off because he offended The entire nation of China helped beat gays. But let's if they still they wouldn't have ingram they wouldn't have wouldn't have heart but boy if they had drew. Anthony Davis IN ZION IS. We knew signed to be right now. It pretty good. That's horrify deaf. Especially if eighty resigns long-term he's like yeah. I wanted to play with them for the next five years. One Thing if Zion says yes to clip changes thing because that point bridge populi wait a minute to will be nice. Listen the old man's on his way out of these guys here in New Orleans and then have them both traded to L. Right. Yeah in three years so when old. Man's Gone Ben Simmons Tatum Damian Lilly Squad League somehow the least Insane thing we've said so far tonight. Is that interesting it can happen? What's what's your real question. That's Shirley on the second me about quarterback as to do a quarterback's brother wouldn't Washington do with the cardinals did last year? I think they're thinking about it. What could they do? You think they could get for hashing I they. They kind of waited a little long with all these other teams. I think it'd be similar to what happened to Rosen. Let's see what a third fourth I think it was a four. That's really disgusting. Ask Miami second out now for Miami Second Round. Sixty two would say. Use This Lake Isabella in twenty twenty fifth round. Pick so a second fifth those more than I remember a lot more than I remember but Rosen's even like taking a higher in his respective draft. He was asking also had a bit of rookie year. Then rose by virtue of not having the worst years. It's like Alex Smith I Yeah I don't know I don't know what they could get. It was second on a fifth. Yeah so maybe just like one third. Yuck but it might even be more beneficial because it is to. Obviously we don't know aware his but if it is to you just take him and playhouse again. This year obviously talked to alikes. Take the year. You're GONNA arrest Play Haskins this year and especially if you're getting shit deals for him now be like all right well if he plays any improves. Now it's like an actual chip we can dangle out that see there's I think they can do it without even plan like what I think too is. Bike set to be good. Yeah by the time. This a couple of years he was cleared for. He's been cleared for all football. Seventy so I imagine if things were normal he will be proceeding is normal so even then I would still if the offer was a second and a fifth I might withhold haskins anyway like again. Just wait till the somebody's GonNa get hurt. Somebody will overreact and again worst comes like a second and a fifth. I'm willing to wait if that turns into a third. Nfl now like right. I wash it still. Hasn't even figured out how Trent Williams so I don't even know if they can pull this off. Adam Rivera's pretty competent. I really hope that they're gonNA be competent. May I doubt Kyle Allen? I don't hate that late with a fifth round. Pick for some like I don't for a guy that you know he's got actual game like ten twelve games out on online that God awful e. It's sad that's what I'm saying that he had like enough of a run. He still young enough to where it's like okay even as my long-term back yeah. I'll give it a fifth of that. I'm getting some absolutely troublesome news on guides the next Patriots quarterback Joe Andrew now own is. Now it's better than that but not much Grogan he's GonNa say who back in the one four now. It's it's a team who absolutely revolted against this guy By all reports they got a new. Gm they got a coach. You hate them the GM just signed a quarterback. He very publicly outed five years ago. Too much more lucrative deal than I expected. It's Derek Carr What's the deal like a rumor deal? He could be available very available. He's available last year. I feel like I've been groomed. Got That job. I believe he's been Gruden fucking ahead of that guy they got to. I one of those two No okay all right. That would've sold me on. It got dark and I. I'm like fuck yeah. I mean for a fifth year now and this is Mike. Mia Facet on Mike. Mayock doubtful doesn't this guy took like the twelfth ragged and Like second last year where you might that was using on a pick to McMahon May I. I like I like I still like feral but to say you can't pull one over a traded down and God Farrell could not took him at all to also on the board. Yeah I didn't. I didn't hate that pick. It didn't play well so that doesn't help but I've heard from that's interesting. Because if I if they know they can get anything for Third Fourth whatever and they got to firs at that point. Yeah I'd go get two if you're well see that's the thing I think even Mary. I think there's believe in Marietta right where he signed for two years right. Yeah and it's like a like a option think so but it was like two years like some reason. The number seventeen million keeps popping up seventeen point six seven point five first year. I feel like I mean the thing is you could. If you have Mariota right now you can still very for two. Yeah definitely so I or their tagging for Lawrence. I wouldn't be in the businesses like you. You figure you'll get there and even if you can't if you not on I don't think they enough like I'm I just look at teams like chase trump. Really good Quarterbacks just always rise and it's like I get him number two there would be great but it's like I I like Haskins. He's not tour as a private. That's not claims. Rose I like Rosen. He's not keiler is oppressed with right. So you don't have your guy. Should you not address started three with with Detroit? Dozens of two there I would. They won't 'cause they have to win this year but when I'm in charge and several months after this team doesn't win this year. We Stafford Outta there. Would you take staff which draper staffer you just so much? Money it listen. You'll get a decent quarterback even Jacoby fifteen eighteen fifty shit. Can we talk about better than decamp? Sus sitting right that you just sign cam. I guess thanks. Apparently no one wants to up obvious then. I just don't understand quarterbacks who gotten hurt before you understand. Yeah but not this. Not Ones that you know you know what I mean. We're close tight freezing. I'll try to picture it obviously. This isn't a perfect comparison. But I'm trying to picture like this. Like two thousand eight going into two thousand nine like Brady and played all of a half in two thousand eight before. He tore his leg like he had to have been thirty by then had to have been because I was only twelve years old. He's forty six. Now yes yeah using his thirties. That and coming off a knee injury. Imagine being like each going to release this guy got hurt dot like even like the only reason it felt like it was okay with. Peyton it was like. As neck man there. He said he couldn't feel his fingers. Yeah Plus Luck but yeah even paid one. Mvp IN AN NFL record. Iranian yeah and I had a great run of Denver. Two super bowls like I don't know if there's a rubric. Everything all the talk. If if every fan base became the Miami Dolphins when they had the opportunity to sign drew brees when it comes to camera. Now I don't unders. Yeah the only thing and I it had something had to been out before that he was more hurt than we think like. That's the only thing I can think of literally the only if it's like okay. Listen to shoulders is good but the foot is. It's too serious injuries. I get but now at this point. Where he's he's a freebase he's a freebase is very free. Like extremely free like Oh. I'm looking to draft needs now. Met If Washington. I don't think they would do it. But as I ron. Rivera Malcolm rebuilding revealed your value for a year. I saw a lot of people pointing to them. Getting Kyle Alan and said of Cam Newton as another negative for Cam. Newton had their choice. Nothing for care but right like if I'm the chargers right there the charges now I'd be all over the dolphins and I was not sold onto. I'd be all over pay. We did thirty minutes. Listen I WANNA keep doing it and until it happens until tonight Muslim what. Y'All got Brian or you're just just relax. It sounds like we got Derek fucking Gar. See if that's the case. If I'm the raiders. I do that. I would sign Outbid on Cam embiid with with twelve in nineteen. We can get two pieces to help him. Cook Right now. The chargers if they get to or if they don't they still don't have a quarterback oral offensive line. They're going to get one of those they're pick but they're not gonNA have the other one chiefs. Use broncos will be interesting. I like some of the stuff they did. We interesting with is like lane there for them to when a few cameras just healthy it twelve. You know one savers yet. What nineteen hasn't Gotten Henry Bras at twelve? It hasn't taken Jordan. But if they get out. One of those offensive tackles or divine law the defensive tackle or if they dislike OFI. Just take seedy and can because I feel like the raiders spend money in their offensive line last year. Drafted a running back. Yuck but he's good. Give them some receivers. You're giving nothing four can which isn't the only time. The raiders have ever been good Easy to clown on. But the only time they've ever been good is under the reign of Al Davis. What Al Davis do right now. It would sign cam and he would he would take rugs and duty or rugs and land without question he will he take rugs and whoever shot up. What are the like fourth round or like afford to sir? Cd LAMB as much. But I don't get it may Jalen Raga. I want I said not. And it's it's just one a camera Jersey would be sick. Oh buddy charges would be sick to get new ones so we don't now but I think they're going to the the light blues the base. Now I think I think the navy's out so hopeful strong at the better be by boyle. Yeah if it's six I just this mock I'm looking at now has Okuda there at seven. Which feels absurd but If I'm the chargers I signed Cam and I'd take either as Ahah Simmons or Okuda or the best offensive tackle one of those three and it's like no we're going to see if we can get right back to like football really as I. Okay I defense is finally healthy. Hopeful- hopefully we draft one of the offensive tackles. Dr One of the tackles because their defense is fine. Sign Cam nothing This is where the like I get. I get like so greedy. Like if Isaiah Simmons's that real deal which she appears to be and I just have him and Darwin amd Bosa and Ingram Especially WITH INGRAM BOASTS. I know those my anchors and Durham and Simmons on any given snap. I can put wherever the idea of trying to see now. Like do they have okay. They've got they've got their thirty seven year. They got their second and third round. Pick because again. I could see that. It's like okay. We're going to do that. But either second and third. We're going straight often to tackle or one of those for Trent Williams. Or what's right Ed? Trent Williams third. We're using another one and if a cude is there it's six. Are you kidding me? Just add him out there with Derwin or Isaiah. Simmons ed I will. We will not every other pickle go for the lab. We will not neglect the land. But now I get it because what happens like. I'm just picturing every time we go back and look at a wikipedia for like name any draft. That's like ten years ago and you always see someone it's like. Why did they take this? Linemen fizzle out of league in three years and then let's like four hall of Famer Skill Position Guys like right after that like eleven twelve. Jj War right is just. We took fucking Eric Flowers getting money. Man I'm really glad that he turned himself to like a decent guard. Great Yeah that Could Happen. But that didn't happen with the fucking team that didn't help the giants now not a little not even a little again. This manno we always gonNA put him a manifesto around the draft now on no but yet another part I'm trading back like between eight and twelve every for like the first three years just because eight through like you said. There's just always always somebody there because people reach early quarterback for at least three years. I don't care even if he's a job era even if he's I'm still getting my quarterback for lead maybe to think he's that special met but I'm not dragged can't do a year one and it depends on like how well your first crop of players looked year. One like how much of the salary gap you shedded and like comedy picture required for year two. If you've got three picks to like a Miami or like Oakland it's like yeah. We'll take that quarterbacks I can still I can use those other two to get back up into the top ten or I can just take those two goes deep draft like the US the choice between eight to twelve no lower than ten or twelve. I take the best either offensive lineman or defensive linemen. I like three years like the only team we've really I've really got to see start from. Scratch is the Texans and I feel like if they hadn't gone first overall David car like who knows a David Guys. Career probably goes a lot fucking better. Because he's not the most sacked human being in the history of Fidel. Tim Like I remember. I do remember the browns. The browns came back. I don't know okay. Yeah when they can't all Internet Gazette. Tim Couch and like Tim couch was bad. It was just like you. He was just thrown literally to the wolf's great by putting a quarterback. I can't think like a single even Mahal will now. He's Blair ever correctly. Like Wow mahomes says these expansion Timber Super Bowl. Somehow it really is but that's just like it's a waste of a pick. Yeah so it's like okay. I know that I've got like five. Guaranteed a tree bag and then with all the second third and fourth ahead. That's when I started taking like my non Latte that's when I started taking my receivers corners my lab bekker's my safeties that do like the first three like until. I get my quarterback like the browns all the jokes. They took a baker ends up being the real deal than they did. The right thing we is I went is real deal. Could head him they took the pigs dijon same thing took the picks got bigger and now they're putting stuff around him so long term is what they thought he was written. Look good move that that would be my ideal quarterback like years three and then it all day three. You're over those gone trained for the entire all pro roster. I still think the team that did it. The best and I don't know it can only be replicated. I don't know how to be topped is when the Vegas nights came into the NHL. And I know we've talked about them a little bit But they went into the expansion draft. They were like we won't take that player of yours. You GotTa send us pick the got us. Send us a pick. They send US something way around. We'll take their contract twelve. They're like you will like we won't touch that guy we will take that guy but you'll send us this to like sure. So yeah that and they I mean. They made the gut immediately. I think there are still pretty competitive. Knowing his Co. sports died but Yeah that was you could do that in the NFL. Both ways absolutely we already talk about teams just giving away callejas gamble teams is giving away really so imagine if you just drop an expansion team off and it's just like oh you're going to give that up anyways like send them here. Just send them here. The nights are in first place pretty good in their division as the the Golden Knights Yup distant nights. They've always been the Golden Knights people. Call them the nights. I like just on the nights. Bud Yeah that would be my like once I saw it with like the brock is widely. Trae it doesn't happen very much in the NFL. And it's like why would they gave up? Take Osweiler but here's a second round pick with a blade gladly right. Yeah do from up like expansion wise and then they give you so many picks as an expansion team. That's the part I didn't know don't don't they make it. You automatically like whoever has the most they give you one more. Isn't it something like that? No they give you down because I couldn't believe it could not believe it may not like fourteen or something. It's they give you okay so you get the first overall pick pretty good that yeah they give you a second rounder in the forty five to fifty range like an extra one so you say yes. Yeah you got your regular second. So you've got three picks in the top fifty they give you a third in the seventy five eighty range. They give you one in the one to one sixteen range extra fifth extra six extra set in the very last pick fifteen. Yeah no I mean Seattle. I think failure. 'cause you don't get an extra. I but you get three seven's it sounds like yes you three yet. Yeah so you end up with. I two seconds two thirds to force to V. Six and three seven's that's before you trade anything right and there's no rule where it's like you can't trade one right now. You can definitely drive one. Then yeah you can buy. You're an idiot if you use one. And that's what I'm saying unless it was like a I couldn't even say if it was like a to my thought was generational does like now because it's like I really like myles Garrett but I still traded that year like you just buy them a lot. He's good and he's going to be good like I'll I'll bet on what I get. It tended twelve lewitt draft. Was he twenty seventeen. Sixteen or seventy. I know there's one right before Baker right seven two. Yeah so Garrett one one eight okay eight. Mccaffrey nine John Ross. Ten Patrick mahomes eleven marshon. Lattimore twelve Shawn Watson Listen I think myles Garrett East tremendous I get one of those guys and some extra picks I'll take homes and another two. I got three twos. Now Yeah I that is my line. Let's end in the next year your second year as an expansion team they give you an extra third fourth fifth to six in two sevens. So you're one into our select just whatever and then two of everything else and I like. All the draft value added UP FOR THE FIRST YEAR. They give you. It's equivalent to them. Just hand you the twentieth. Picking the Dryer in the second year is like the sixty second pick in the draft. Yeah and if our trade back from one to ten my first three I'm only picking up extra second third and fourth 'cause again enough to six and seven on the I got plenty of those on betrayed knows for veteran players right but I won't want as many. I don't care whether I want as many second third and fourth. That's why I'm getting all my receivers tied ins anybody but my lines. I'm using first round for only my lines until I find my quarterback I have so much Did matter what year he comes in. That's what I mean at that point. If you like if it is the Garrett draft I may be comfortable taking my homes if I know I have all these other books and all these other no he will he will be ready to Twenty twenty six. You may not even start 'em off the bat but I but I might take the you know what I mean. It's like one Someone else is going to go out there and die. For your sins to your. We're fucking ready to go yet. That's like again right now like when I write the manifesto. It's going to be like if I was doing things right. Now there are decent quarterbacks available right now by van needed somebody to start a season for me thousand expansion franchise you could do worse than James Winston expansion franchise and he just started with Cam. Newton even injured won like eight. Us Was Jersey sales like minimum. Like you get that if he works in like again in the meantime. We're not draft a quarterback to your two or three deaths. So if he works he's just our guy like some of these people. There are some times where Montana goes to the chiefs in sometimes. Peyton manning goes to the Broncos brees went to the saints. Yeah bye guys can change. It's crazy in this man's Lee. Free Rides hotel stays airline miles restaurants. You get excited about that. 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Crushed me doing doing stocks by the way tyler when we were in Oakland for the finals last year tyler was hot and heavy on the the stocks meme which was new at the time. I feel like GRANDPA talking about tying onion to my belt tyler was like I think this means got legs and he was early early with the Collar. Kind of died down and boy. Oh boy is back with a vengeance will. This is like if it was like when you find out like Buddha was a song Summer Twenty nineteen. It was released in like October Twenty fifteen. Yeah it's one of those like a damn like I really about a Hitman and then years later comes a challenge. You triple your net. Worth vindicating vindicated. Back Bet I wanted to give you your flowers cause I'll never forget we're and you were reading the hotel filming were filming And start like you should. I hadn't seen it. You showed it. You just turned to me. I've seen the stocks are like. What did you say in the van transportation passing the phone around everywhere like like again? I got that crack of the Bat. Yeah those stocks. It took the world economy to collapse. But we're here. We're sorry I didn't mean to cheat on you stocks. I mean to send it. Please talk to police only stuff sponsored through the floor dot going up not at all stocks man. Yeah no that's the my problem with it. I know they're gonNA come back at all. I always do so. I'll fake. Yes by bill and Vincent more money to put into it for some reason. That's why I really don't twelve hundred like for stimulus that's why I don't don't matter man who I like. Give us right. Do a candidate does some scratch. Mangum spending money smocking around pocket change. Lo Wam is what we call it. Yeah it's so absurd and people doing the map. They were like twelve hundred times. Every American isn't even close to two trillion dollars. Where's the rest of that? Goes one hundred six million dollars? Sounds like wait a minute? What's gone like our worry about that? Shit I mean it's not like adjusted for anybody knows like the game like a in the south twelve hundred hundred. GonNa do somebody damn good which is good. That's the point with a New York at twelve hundred. Go out the window like immediately right while the weeks a ring. That's helping to like. It's the same way the other way. 'cause I've seen it's I don't know if this is officially at either but it's like if you make a hundred k. Plus you get nothing and it's like like you said the south one hundred gays you chilling New York like your multi-month like very much working. Yeah if you could still very much need dollars just because you're making one hundred K B. But they're making thirty gay who were like. Shut the fuck up knowing goats. But I'm just telling you that's real life some people yeah and it was. It was hard for me to understand till I really started late. Coming to ambient in and around New York. Yeah like that's what I was. I have. Yeah Okay now you could fade that if you wanna live an hour and a half ride away every single morning afternoon now should as up. I get it yeah. Yeah that's where you really start paying for your time taxing. Oh Yeah Yeah. I've heard people like walking to work. I was like what are you? Trillionaire what do you mean you're walking? That's like people that they walked like fifteen minutes walking. We're walking good team minutes here. I don't you nowhere corner gas station. Yeah you your work. I imagine. Living that close to there was one job I had there was close enough to like some condos rows like would this be worth it to pay this much to be this close and even I was like I don't just don't want to be this close to job. Pray every you like like it's also a different animal New York like there's no one driving to work either. I don't even as bad as I don't traffic down those bad But like maybe shopping. Yeah exactly you can find a way to enjoy a drive like very the only people drive in New Yorker take another people to work correct correct or from the airport. So they like. It's there's no enjoying the train. I Don I know enjoying that. Hackenberg foot is in New York. Do all of them this staggering a large yesterday. Who's because he drove into because he said he went into the office and I know he lives in Jersey. So as you took the train time like this in my brain was an didn't make the switch now. I drove into the office and he was like it was the best knows anywhere. Yeah cruised in yeah. There was no one on the roads like the city's empty. This is a man who was like working in the financial district during nine eleven. So he was like. That's the only thing compared to nine eleven rough not the not the list. You WanNa be on now you see. The comparison lists play lion. Yeah no one's at those numbers since Anthony Bennett Jack Michael. Look Andy. Yellow Candyman Greg told it's a it's tough draft comparisons for corona virus. Just you talk about a monster of a prospect this year and I say that not at like renews there are just so many strains of the flue and again. Some of them are weekly. Muslim are usually just weakest for every once in a while. We get a motherfucker for. He'll yeah this is one of them. She is a Ho- do not tell us I can't get over the ripple effect of one guy eight a bat. This is what you talk about butterfly like. Get the fuck man a shadow to Scott Scott. Rochelle pointed out like man. I could never tweet that tweet again. But the birthday boy. Ayoola is like yeah. These are the things you don't think about. What a pandemic we lose very art on the other side of it. I just come out and that that was my answering diary. That was that was the opposite of your stocks. Call that was you. Were like bat soup. Yeah this will never come back to bite me. Oh boy what's the worst that can happen? I think the time machine hypothetical pops up all the time like if you add a time machine and you go back and kill a certain moustachioed baby. Through those back guy is skyrocketing up the lists kills slot the bat of his hand. Who'd be like no WHO's top? Three people you go back in time to face mustache boy for sure. Still in the mix you wanting to say. His name skip. Bayless number. Two is the N. Word of people that Hitler. So it's opry for sure Guy Is interesting just to see what would happen with the rest of humanity. It'd be like jenn goose con because we're all technically have his blood and us so like what happens. If he's out of the mix and like good things one would assume us a big time a man can center then even consider that word would have been cancelled these days. So it's easy to see I don't even. I don't like who else is in the top. Three one baggage groover at. Let me look up this William Randolph hearst. I'm get him the fuck out of here fuck that guy that the KKK do knows no. He's I mean we probably talked to. He's the reason millions and millions of black people are incarcerated today because he's the one who went to He orchestrated the hips so that yeah the illegal Have have because he owns Timber in he owned timber newspapers which is just pivot to printing everything on how that would have been the lesser nobody. There wasn't a good idea until like one thousand nine hundred seventy one and it was like George cocaine cocaine and George Clinton be like. What if I played guitar when I'm standing right next to people like a good idea sense? Da that William ran offers fucking stinks. I like the amount of our lives. He's ruined the amount of earth. He's ruined by growing fucking timber and cutting it down like hamp is so good for the soil to grow. It's insane. It's such a grown faster than timber. Eight you can get so much more the per square acre than timber. It's fucking insane. How much better planted as you'd almost find what year was that? What year or years issue was I believe? It was early. Nineteen Yeah. It was like the thirties forties. Because I know it was illegal by the time World War Two came around but they like temporarily lifted the ship because we need to grow more ham because funny enough timber wasn't pulling it's fucking wait when it came to him and one other bike on the other dudes named nap because he had the other dude who was like the not attorney general but someone. I liked that like nationally. Who was the one who went in front of Congress and was like you know we've Ryan the reports that makes white woman susceptible to Mexicans and everyone was like well? We can't have that no surrogate. It's nay on that nope illegal. That's there's marijuana with a fucking h like base. There's was so funny. I really think somebody wants you to get out of here. Yeah so him. William Randolph are at some point in a fucking headlock just carrying around. I'm Jay of you who've ratty year that's a good one Reagan Baby Reagan hidden in what the students say like this spinning neck break turns who's like affected me personally. Somebody WHO's reign? Your personal fe Jim Jim at third grade laughed at me. Me Do boy I think honestly I I'd probably go Alexander the Great aac. It'd be like quite a tale like I took him out here and be like I just WanNa know it was in the library at Alexandria that he burnt the fuck out that like had all of human history up until whenever the fuck out. I'm going to go back. Yeah exactly. He's so yeah that he's someone I've always wanted to kill third earl boy. No I got it but I I think I legally Cascais right. I think even the fake mention that lives taken very seriously. Hypothetically a bestmark third the do we know him personally. No but everybody knows them. Jesus abby again. I'm in a major. Just now. Now he forty fifth Pedro I got you. Yeah I want the Michael Jordan at all right. Yeah I got you. That's my three. I mean he's talking about someone skyrocketing the ranks. Yeah I wanted to be even been someone. You considered six years ago now Boyle Oh boy you talk about. He's like staff man he was always around but when he clipped clipped life. This guy changed the game. It's got a problem is really something like I don't like his style of play. In fact I hate it but as impactful boy about gravity man here fair so you're good with it look about it now listen. I don't want to buy the numbers you know. That's the crazy thing. Listen skip you know. I don't like to defend it. Yes absolutely hey if you look at the numbers hitting put up the biggest numbers and his own era Muslim Laney who know Russian boy who completely blanking on his name FAC joist. Afc let's see Russian Russian Dick Stalin Stalin Joseph Foot you talking about numbers on the Board Jeff Van Gundy. I'm trying to listen I get it Which three affected me? Stalin was Kinda doing listener. He's a bad guy if I have. I have five if I had five minutes. Each sneaking on the list honorable mention second team second team all time machine Rossa ed. Hitler gives people go straight to him. Way To ease again. He's a bad guy unworthy worthy of it on my they cause goes away and I listened to you talk or Raynham good scheme receiver open but listen maybe played in the same conference of Stalin. He went into Stalin's home turf. Came out with a big L. That's what he did evidence his name not as cool. It's cool Liz. It is one of those you talk. If he was any other time he had no honestly guys I think I think I know don looked like a no Hitler look like I have a picture in my mind of Stalin. I'm GonNa see if his right stalls getting fits off you know. It's Don looks like I think he was. He was a handsome devil. Yes yes but how about it? Yeah I think we're heading my head. But he had a mustache book he was Damian Lillard Mundane like I'm hitting threes to. You are a Jumba all right. I'm thinking it's It's Durant when he was on the warriors like he was clearly better. They use clearly putting bigger numbers still focused on stuff style. Strong main two he got Joseph with the F. I believe is pitting. Is it like a man could have been real cool like you get to that level? You could have been anything you wanted to might legitimately right. He chose to be like a historic piece of Shit Lake. It's like one of those rolls the dice I think there are. I tend to think most people more evil than good but I think they're only certain amount of people that have that spark evil in right right where everybody your teeter out around a George W Bush evil and his level of Evil I. I always wonder if it's like gross incompetence either way is still barb. It definitely but there are other people would like in an evil intent. Oh for sure. Impact over intent. They can all get the fuck. Outta here but without question oil every once somebody just be that bad. It's like man you if he was literally anybody if anybody else has got net no has started the gumption that style. Yeah if Jordan didn't take that one minor leaguers spot who knows what the white sox would have done honest to God boy let thankful the Kobe Bryant found soccer and basketball with the most respected the utmost respect think without question. It's the worst thing that anyone said about him. City I with the utmost. We heard what you said. Yeah. Fat Layer was a little better on the pitch. Maybe Hitler's paintings really slept like that. Lewis as bad as he is now he was like Nah. I'm also a sick artist. Like listen this guy is awful but have you seen him on oil base. This guy you talk about a writer the speaker. I would finally like Stalin by you ever heard like the early Stalin. Tapley do so good at guitar really know like shreds hendrix often slow solid. Why did he go that way? I don't get fired from a GIG. Advocate love took it the wrong way man. Ah when someone's GONNA post over the edge and that was somebody's hit Louis. Painting is all guy. I'M GONNA keep it a ball. He's a bit like that. Your beer doesn't even connect with the Paul Pierce out. I don't even know who that is. Is that even meat? Basketball's not thing. I mean that's the thing but it's not globalized. Canadians. How dare you? He's got around him off too damn but he could have been anything else but man would it be it as far as just just committed to the painting. You know what I mean. Yeah it gave up too easy. That's what I always say about him. Yeah Donald Stalin. He was the one people photoshop. Pictures Right. Oh Yeah invented photoshop. Pretty that's very funny guy on foot with fleas. Absolutely he would he would he would make them vanish the pictures and also in real life like that. Yeah he was like yeah. I have no idea who you're talking about. Never heard of the right now. This guy in the picture he was like I need somebody. Take him out of this picture. Boss had been invented. You just Cox pistol. Because it's like I give me till lunch. I gotTA figure out something. Just someone hold a picture with an eraser like how does that even happen back there? Where there's a will fucking way. He had era and draw the wall back perfect pebble by Pebble Beach. Would you in Janney? There's no picture of me in John. Yeah who there is no johnny. Yeah that's all time. Dateable inventing photo jazz counterfire. People see you Saturday. There's a picture with you. This man is not the defense rests wearing a tie at all running folk with the kid. No more no can prove it organic. I mean also sadist Strong Poe's tell ya but yeah some of them wants freedom for putting the front of the Borelli one back. I was photoshop picture. As far as the dude next to in this in this we reach for your pocket. Watch pushing this lemonade. I want no receipt. That's may ever breath frying. Hey yeah put your bag girl man Joel Fox. You have permanent later this is gonNA forever. There's nothing speech. What'S AT STAKE IN NATIONAL MEDALS? Bitch? Boy would you reach your for your heart medicine? Old Man behind him is looking at all right. All right so you bridge too far now old ass up. We're good Joan Columbia good. We ruffles his hair. Do not touch that. Rolling stone killed favorite band. The Beatles have them eliminated. I don't even know this was arable day. Nine of I'll tell you what it. Yeah Right. Gear your top five historical dictators. Pol Pot Idi Amin. Now listen to me bowed him. One-seat overhear them saying now this I'll tell you will. Is it a bad idea? It remains to be seen after all that. I don't support any of this stuff. I'd want that on the record. Sharp people make it this far the other ones. Hey somebody who's listening to close? Oh well he said. Just Joshua edited fireblight. I'm just pulling everybody's leg I wouldn't eliminate anybody can't hear me winking good. Lord recipes Tom Who's this his birthday this week. Shut off the legend. Yes recipes porter yes. Russell basse-bolle recipes nipsy TMC precipice Gobi mentality and peace to all of the victims of the terrible people. We just joked about man. Oh Man Carcass Funds for Flint Right. Now there's lot of people those who are fortunate to not be too worried about Upcoming bills and whatnot They are looking to give. Which is what I do. Appreciate seeing out of out of humanity right now on. Good things happening right now. a lot of people just don't know where to give money shot give it to the bar and service industry bad place to give money right now right But I do want to since they are. They're always overshadowed but especially right now again. Think of how fucking terrible stuff is and when I say that we're just stuck inside. Most Muslim lot of us are just stuck inside. It's not the worst thing that's ever happened. A west side with running water. There are places that don't even have that yeah so think about Flint Carcass Flint Little Miss Flint. Anyone out there doing really good work. They've been doing really good work for too fucking long. So let's let's try and help them out again is gonNA come from the people man we keep seeing it like the the billionaires angle do now like that They were waiting. Let's see what they see how they move man. Let's see what the the Knicks Moot? Nah It ain't no next move. It's a staring contest. Only one side understands the contest right. Yeah they turn their back in Tulsa. I sleep like what are you talking about? Who Is Michigan? Where is that? Yeah what is it? Now be as mad lemonade man. We might never see you guys ever again but this might be one thing if this happened during normal times. Yeah we're OUTTA here. But people are digging digging forgotten. I feel the other way because we were digging. And there's nothing else it'll be amplified with Lee story on. Skip bayless for a week. May We had the dog. They're mad at her top three rankings. Yeah Second J. Edgar Hoover Second Team Style and second team to me is preposterous things of that nature were. Yeah if if we are still aroused Sunday maybe see it maybe.

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