Ep 526 | Sleepy Joe Wont Release the Records


Today Joe Biden was finally asked About the terror read allegations. Not so sure that it was a good idea for him to go on camera on the record. We'll get into bats Also the Michigan Governor extends the Emergency Order after the legislature votes to sue her. What could possibly go wrong there. In the corona virus pandemic won't be controlled until two thirds of the population has immunity. Now says some experts. We've got a lot to get into and it starts right now. Happy Friday. Welcome to the news and why it matters. I'm Sarah Gonzales today. Joined by Bolaise the blaze DOT COM own. Erin Colon thank you for being. Here are my favorite reporter. Yeah that's right. I said I said it all right. I don't care who knows it. Could other writers also joined by this new title now please TV contributor? Yeah that's right. I said it Eric July back in the House Fisher than I've ever been. I know I know we're happy to have you on board so I don't stoked gone Tom. Coming it re- really has been. He's like I'm actually getting credit for all the work. We've got a lot to get into Biden. Let's get into Biden. I so Joe Biden went onto morning Joe. This morning was interviewed by Mika Brzezinski. And he finally was asked. I I know he knew he was going to be asked this right. That was the whole plan. Get Him on television. Have him deny terror? Read Sexual Assault Allegations There was a lot that happened in this interview. It was like an hour long so obviously we can't play all of it I did find it interesting a couple of things that we don't have that. I would like to get your thoughts on first number one. That Joe Biden was asked about the papers that the University of Delaware has and he was trying to say. These have nothing to do with personnel records. What these have to do with our speeches. I've made positions. I've taken interviews that I did overseas with people all of those things relating to my job and he said and the idea that they would all be made public in the fact that I was running for Public Office. They could really be taken out of context. And that's what I'm like. That's the problem. Here is the context what they say or anything right and we're going to twist it around right right well and also for a party whose demanding that president trump release his tax returns and release all of these different facets of his life. Now all of a sudden we'll worry the papers could be taken out of context so he says You know the papers are position papers their documents that existed and that when I for example when I met with Putin or when I met with whomever all of that to be fodder in a campaign at this time. I just don't know anyone who's done anything like that. We shouldn't do it Eric. That just that raises red flags for me And that means that there's more than likely something that's going to be damaged for him And he's he's totally aware that he's not oblivious. I know his team's not not oblivious to and that's the only reason why you wouldn't WanNa make some public I mean that's not to say that what he said it doesn't make any sense. You know because context does matter in certain things but I think in this context and more so points to the play that whether it be the leftist these Democrats have been we. Sorta re- recently mentioned that trump. And how they've hey. We got to see everything we got to see everything and just any shred of anything just means that it was some wrongdoing because something bad that it's being done so if anything it seems like will you know you. Kinda gotTA play by those same rules when it comes to you Joe Biden so I mean this is this is the car that you dealt within a Lotta. This stems from his own party and his own colleague sort of doing that. You know what I mean creating a culture of. Okay we want. See everything from all eras no matter the context and we're GONNA try to turn it on you to make it You know make you look bad. Make you look like a bad person and make you boo. Some sort of you know make it look like you did some sort of wrongdoing. He's more so what it is so again. That's I mean you get what you deserve. I mean this is kind of what this is is the culture that they've been been creating so I think this whole sort of presidential camp more so this this round right. That's what we've been seeing a lot of okay. Well now. The shoe was on the other foot way every time I come over here. It seems like we're talking about something of that nature like well. Now it's on the other foot and it's like well wait a minute. I don't know if we could. We could do. It was like well. That was certainly not the argument that you were making a week ago. You know what I mean a month ago but you know it's a party it's a show like I've I've said many times like show it show at all if it down. Whatever I'm just going to say. Grab the popcorn. Let's would Aaron again. Go ahead it's been fun watching them squirm and twist to try to like fit this and not contradict what they've said all we've heard is that well trump if your tax returns are finding just show them all. Because what's the harm if you I don't know about this. I mean we're just off of the heels of an impeachment Where the entire thing? The entire premise that they had was taking president. Trump's words out of context in a phone call that he made like exactly what I'm saying. It's I think that's to me as I analyze. His whole entire situation is to the trying to not seem like they are contradicting themselves. Being hypocrites. But I don't see that there's any sort of way that they can go go this route Without being just that this is the sort of table that they set for the last month's would last week's this whole entire election cycle so here we are. You know this is this is why don't think just because you wanna down like your your adversaries. I've always no matter what it is. It's a bad idea to sort of try to apply some sort of logic that you wouldn't apply to yourself. You won't extend into the conclusion because at some point in time you know you basically said the table for them to turn on you and if you know to me it just invalidates everything that you've done before if you don't want to hold your feet to that same far. Yeah if you they know exactly. What's in those papers? He went and looked at recently. Probably went through every line of that and he knows that if it was as boring as he's trying to tell us editors and there would be no problem and just dump all this on us. Some people will read through it and it'll blow over but we know that if you're stumbling through China hide and uses careful language like there's something in there and he's talking in the way that chose the I don't know if he's guilty or not but it. It indicates that he has something to hide you. And it's fun seeing them on the other side if he never thought he'd be sitting on. Msnbc having to answer for something like this the way that trump would have to. Yeah which lets that that brings us to are the clips that we have of this. Here is Joe Biden on MSNBC. Just you know in part of his denial but no none of this ever happened. Watch as we await for the records from the National Archives. Are you absolutely certain? Are you absolutely positive? There is no record of any complaint by tower. Read against you. I'm absolutely positive that no one that I'm aware of ever been made aware of any complaint of formal complaint made by or a complaint by terror. Read against me at the time. This allegedly happened twenty seven years ago or until the I. Announced Treadwell in April or. May this year so first of all? It's May first so it was not April or May of this year. Welcome to me has a really good sense of time right right. Well as he sits in his recreational room but he says this moyer lead type well morally but Joe Biden in gaff. Gaff Joe Biden fashion. You Know I. I'm not aware of anyone else who's been made aware of any AL complaints. That other people are also maybe she said I mean the whole thing he fumbles through when I'm listening to it. I'm like this is possible. Deniability for him to say. I didn't remember because I'm suffering from some things going on upstairs. This is run like five six times. I have no idea exactly what gets so confusing that I don't even know what he's trying to design. You know it's like he's trying to say something that doesn't make any sense but it's not he's not saying anything concrete right sort of stick it to him at this repeating not aware several different ways and no come come play difference always like a big red flag when somebody goes to awareness versus whether or not they did. I'm not aware of anybody saying something versus. I just didn't do it. If if this was totally baseless and he did nothing that could be indicated is then you could just say that. And when you can't say that well what does that mean. You draw your own conclusions. Well so we have another clip so Mika went on which Kudos to her can. I disagree with me okay. Kudos to her she actually went on. She held his feet to the fire. I think more than anyone else in mainstream media. I've seen them treat a democrat. She did you know. Ask follow up questions. I would have liked to have seen a little bit more about the fact that terror reed did have corroborating stories. Did have you know the neighbor and the friends who said yes back? At that time she did come to me and she was broken up about it and she did tell me the same story would have liked to have heard that from her but she did ask him once he denied it she said okay. Well what if we just? Why won't you let them search the public records? Why won't you let them search? The University of Delaware Delaware records. Why not just let them search do a search for terra read? You don't have to release any of these other things that you're saying might be taken out of context. What about just the terror report. They can just do a search for Tara. Reid here is Joe. Biden's response to that gets a little weird. I'm just talking about her name. Not anybody else in those records search for that nothing classified under the president or anybody else. I'm just asking. Why not do it? Search for Tara Reid's name in the University of Delaware records. Now in Joe Biden's defense. I don't think he understood at all what she was asking. I don't think he understands how technology where you can just like modify the search and just just Beijing where indicate like. How do you even do that? She needed to explain control after him so that he can. He was confused about that. But I mean we at the same time like once. He understood what she was asking. It's a simple question. He may never enter. Why can't we just start for the name if it's not there it's not there you know it's no big deal but he still won't even allow that nine. I mean that's what he was talking about in the video about. Well there's no personnel records are There's nothing there. There's nothing there Basically she's simply asking okay. Why can't we search? If there's nothing there you know what I mean. It should be. You know the search won't find anything or something of an agent. He doesn't seem to be able to bridge that gap or understand that. That's a possible thing that they they can do or again he. It's that he doesn't want to commit to doing something like that. Because maybe it does undercover On cover something that again. Maybe dam even if it's against context it is a thing and we know that his party has a history of no not exclusively but his body Certainly the pundits you know they have this tendency to take remove things from context. Make things seem a lot worse than what they are And now again. He was now on his foot. So I'm really interested to see how this whole entire deal plays out. And if they'll continue to as this goes on like they did with the brick having all of the world are they going to continue to grill him To the oblivion just make sure that something if there was something that happened. There's justice Broaden Exa- just WANNA see a show. You know what I mean. So let's let's get it going. It's given up on American show big. Have to go through this me too. Sexual assault allegations misconduct allegations. We've seen sort of the playbook for how to do it. Well if you're innocent and how to do it poorly if we don't know whether you did or not he's doing literally everything wrong in one interview. And it's pretty amazing to know that he knew what he was going to be asked and he cannot even get the basics of clear denials and transparency. And little boxes. You want to check if you're really trying to prove your innocence. He didn't hit one of those in that interview. Yeah now I it really is interesting to see especially to see one of the people who I mean you can go and play back. The comments he made when it came to break cavanaugh and he said all women should be believed he said even today weirdly enough he said yet while all women deserve to be listened to and yeah there should an investigation. And it's like well. Don't you think that investigation should start with the records that you're refusing to release wouldn't that be step one of the investigation. You're saying that this other man over here with no corroboration and no evidence. He had an FBI investigation placed into him. Now all of a sudden you say there should be an investigation. But you're not making you're not providing the information for them to make their own determination Do you think Eric Do you think that? Do you think that eventually this actually plays out fairly because I I'm not I don't. I don't think that I mean I think that it's just gotten to a point to where it's so big to where they have to ask those questions. It was an inevitable thing. They just something that they have to discuss now. I don't see that it goes as far and whether it be with media or even with their little eh forbid groups throughout the government in terms of their investigations actually trying to get to the root of this issue and try to find. If I don't know if it actually gets to that point this may be the service level and maybe that's all that we get to and I think the only reason they're even entertaining this again is because the whole lot of coverage Definitely wants to Larry King interview came out. It was like wait. A minute It kind of it. It gave at least some possible validity to what she had been saying. So who knows but I don't do I see it happen. You know going like caviar. Anything of that and I don't think it's going to get that they got it in them But that I if it happens like that and they go you see a bunch of hypocrites. It's not really about that. Yeah Aaron last word on this you know it's times like these where I look at social media and I'm like thank God we have social media and we have ways to find out the thing like the Larry King live video and things of that nature because if not for that the mainstream media would not be touched only they only did it because of the pressure and we know that Joe Biden has never been really good at speaking clearly in balancing complicated things and now it's fun to watch him have to say well we've got to believe all women even one who I'm saying is lying bounces graph. They try to appeal to you. Know what I mean. That's that's what you get. You know what I mean like you Bingo Bingo so here. You are I don't know if he gets out on the other side of it like obviously I think it's damning even if it doesn't go into as much detail as some of the other people who have asked sort of allegations Put Upon Him. Who knows what happens. At some point it is somewhat damning. I'm already even seeing people on that. Left side being very critical of him. So it's going to hurt him regardless but we'll we'll see how it plays out at the very least all of the actual metoo advocates. Who really really want to make a difference. Cd's people for what they really are. coming up next. The Michigan Governor extends their emergency order after the legislature votes to sue her. It's almost like this isn't about safety just about control. I don't know we'll get into it next. Oh Governor Gretchen. Whitmer has a rebuked the Republican controlled Michigan House of Representatives now. They declined to extend the governor's emergency measures and instead of being like. Yeah we'll take your emergency measures. They were like yeah. We're just GONNA SUE YOU FOR UNAUTHORIZED. Use of power With three executive orders. She is extending these three executive orders. that will take the state's emergency declaration until May twenty eighth. God could you imagine being in Michigan and knowing this is not over for another month. I don't know I mean my heart goes out to you guys because we're just now opening up at twenty five percent capacity today and I'm already like if I don't get into a restaurant I'm going to jump off a bridge. I'm tired of being shut indoors So obviously we've covered what this governor has done. She's been one of the most stringent governors in the country You know we saw the pictures of the people who would go to the certain Stores and they couldn't buy seeds to plant food You know they couldn't do any of those things and now instead of coming out and saying okay. I understand the balance of power. Here I understand why The House of Representatives exists to be able to keep in check. She Says No. Screw you guys. I'm just work sending this emergency order and I am not giving away my power. I remember seeing a clip of her. We don't have it but I remember seeing a clip of responding and and she literally said if you guys think that I am going to give away my power. Yeah that's not happening Erin I feel like when you extend it all the way out to. May Twenty eighth without having the data to back that up it becomes about control and not necessarily about the numbers and scientists are starting to become more arbitrary than they already were in terms of okay. We'll just we'll go out a month and then we'll deal with it later and it is about power it is about stature. It is about the fact that probably in the mainstream media that the that the Democrats are reading that the people who had vote for her reading. She's being hailed as a hero. Powerful strong female leader with presidential aspirations and things like that and these are the kind of things that fuel these governors. I think the same things happening with Cuomo to an extent in New York. It's it's the kind of thing I'm not GonNa say that thing that fuels them to say okay. I'll just grab more. I'll just grab more. Nobody's GonNa Stop Me and if I'M GONNA keep getting credit from it from the people who I'm trying to impress. Then why wouldn't I keep doing it? And so it's less about the dates here. Let's talk about okay. This is the science behind why we need to go to the twenty eighth or these are the benchmarks that we wanna hit before. I'll let these things expire. It's all about. I can have this power. I'm not going to give it up. Let's keep going and I'll decide myself when I wanna let this thing go. I mean that's what exactly is crazy for me to see this. Play out exactly how it was. GonNa play out. I said that this was going to incentivize these sort of governments to create these sort of state. These UBER AUTHORITARIAN STATE SOCIALISTIC SAFE fascistic forms of government and they were going through play on people's fears in order to do that and they were gonna use this as an opportunity for power grab. I've been saying so many of my colleagues had been saying this that that's exactly what this has had nothing to do with actually saving you guys or anything of that nature just from a logical standpoint. The they were able to go in these hot boxes like Walmart and home. Depot has more foot traffic than they ever had an acting. As if this is gonNA stop any virus or anything of that nature and now. We're seeing that this sort of infected fatality rate is as low as like as as it actually is. You're just probably just as likely to die from driving home from work than you are from from this virus and yet they still are kicking. This can down the road so it's two different things it's to power grab of course they re figure that this is a way that they can sort of create heroes out of themselves and he rose out of these other occupations but they also they also could just use this as sort of this. This means to not prove that they had the egg on their face which they do at least a house on their face. You were wrong. You got it wrong from the get-go and what other way to try to figure out that you like sort of doing something to see like yeah. I'm trying to save these guys even though we kinda messed up. But look if I didn't do this. You know thinking about all the people that would have died so again they're creating heroes Out of themselves. But I really do question. I was talking to guess on a completely different show about New York City and their experience and he was talking about how that was the whole point. The whole point was to sort of grab this this this power and they are going to keep kicking the canned and they're setting these arbitrary rules that as far nobody they never had an exit strategy in the first place it was just shut everything down and we'll figure out it was never legitimate Exit Strategy but now. They sure they sure don't really know what they're even looking for. This is why they moved the post and went from flat curve to exterminate the virus in its entirety. When flat in the curve had absolutely nothing to do with that it always assumed that the number of people that were GONNA get virus. We're going to get the virus. The whole point was to spread it out over time now all of a sudden. It's about well you know you may people maybe get wait a minute. There might be a second way. No kidding y'all already assume that we had already assumed that. So why are we stopping You know the virus altogether. But that's the goalposts move and and that's the unfortunate thing is that a lot of people's livelihoods are put in question are completely derailed because these governors The state officials mayors. What have you congress? Vote are trying to get make this a show for themselves and make heroes out of themselves and other sorts of Occupation this was never about saving people contribute to this as well the ability to do this is that when a platform like Youtube says that anything that goes against the prevailing. Narrative is shutdown video. I saw the video removed talking about the two. The two doctors and I had the video completely removed like and that's never happened to me for. I've been doing youtube views. Sixteen years old. I'm thirty now. So that's what fourteen or so years I've been doing it. I got the video removed of never had this usually it's de Monte de monetize. I got it lately removed and they had seven days to try to appeal it. And I've never had that ever happened to me in that freaks. Me Out about this but you can you complete because when you do that. It's harder for people to get the counter narrative account information says. Hey maybe we can go out. Maybe what this governor is doing is not in your best interest and when we can't even get the opposite perspective into the conversation than that allows it to Egypt because much of the public is uninformed about what the actual situation is. They're only hearing some of the historical stuff that's going on on the news. Which again and I mean. I know I've said this in previous shows. But that's what's so dangerous about. I mean you're talking about a brand new virus that we are just now finding out information about you're not talking about the earth is round right. You're not talking about something that we've known for so long I might understand. I don't understand censorship but I might understand why you would say all right. The sciences settled there. But in my opinion scientists never settled which is why we have medications that all of a sudden go off the market because we find out that they're unsafe even though they've gone looks like this whole trust. The experts trust assizes slogan just like flattening curb and all the other slogans. They don't get anything because there's a debate happening among the size community right now. There has been since it all started as plenty of epidemiologist our like a lot. Why would you want to look like everything? And they'd be there long ago. Anybody who has an interest in this being resolved in the best way possible would want all the voices choices involved as. You're trying to shut down any boys that shows that your best interest is not as getting to the solution which springs up Aaron. I think that you wrote the blaze Dot Com The current buyers pandemic will not be controlled until two thirds of the population has unity. This was a report by the experts at the Center for Infect Infectious Disease Research and policy at the University of Minnesota. And they say guys we have to. We have to go out and get the virus and becoming scenarios and there's no scenario where we hide in our houses until it's gone and then come back out not like people who've got this wave that we're dealing with now we're going to have a big second wave or we're going to have some little continuous or whatever. The case may be until we go through the process of developing some sort of population immunity. This is still going to be a problem. And they're saying that could take up to two years. They could take longer if we keep locking down. All we're doing is extending the situation and so we need people to realize that we do have to face this. Ns smart way in a safe way with people who are able to handle it healthwise but we do have to get out there and we have to address it because there's no magic solution to where this thing just goes away even if we get a vaccine even that doesn't necessarily again this idea that's going around to people's heads at the vaccine is like boom. It's gone hundred. Everybody gets back seen immediately and nobody gets corona virus. All and I feel like right. And that's what I've been saying from the beginning is that now we have. We live in this bubble. We live in this. You know Society where we think that Western medicine solves all. And if we don't have a vaccine if we have a vaccine for it we feel safe right. We may not be but we feel safe. And if there's not a vaccine for it all of a sudden we might die. We've got shut entire families in our homes to make that we don't f anything we ever ever like that. And I WANNA be clear on that like we. And we've had you know sort of these sort of epidemics have that have happened Throughout the course of of human history over the last hundred years but for something like this I mean. Even if you didn't let's say trust the Chinese numbers though they say at the same deck thing South Korea Italy all these numbers that have come out. That was saying okay. Look there was. There's a discriminate I. It may be indiscriminate and in terms of if you can get it but it certainly discriminates at times. Oh how impact you asked me. What would that or elderly people like that that we knew that months ago. We knew that months ago and it didn't ever make sense to do this. Sort of indiscriminate lockdown all age and health status is even though we know what the facts show the facts had long show is not doing the antibody test which I've said the same thing New York City. La County all all of these different. Santa Clara County Miami. I think it just came out with one. Say the same thing manage things out there. As far as we didn't even know that how many people they had didn't even know they had with the problem. Is it's politically damaging to be able to go out and say all right people have to go get this virus so the politicians are protecting themselves by saying we've got to do whatever it takes for nobody to get the virus and that's just not reasonable. Well it certainly not not reasonable to put those expectations on all of your constituents who now are not going to understand that you're GONNA get the virus probably all right when we come back The trump approval numbers have flipped. They've actually reached record high among independence. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the stuff that we've just been talking about we'll get into that when we come back I've also seen all right. While Joe Biden still continues to maintain a solid lead over president trump in most national polls annonymous battleground states. With honestly I find so hard to believe but we do have to remember what happened in two thousand sixteen. You can't always trust the polling however Americans views on trump handling the job have reached. Some really really high points including among independents. Apparently the Gallup poll finds trump's over all job approval at forty nine percent which is the same as a march thirteenth pulled but it's higher Than the April first poll of forty three percent so most of the variation is approval rating among independence Forty seven percent of independence approve of the job. He is doing and That is ninety. Three percent of Republicans and eight percent of Democrats which who would've thought there would've been eight percent of the numbers that we could have pulled from the Democrats but it is very interesting because you see this out of time where we've just been talking about all of the craziness that's been going on right now because of the corona virus pandemic but you also have a mainstream media who is finding every single thing that they can to try to throw at the president. Make him look like he has not handled this well still in spite of that. It appears hopefully if you can trust this polling that perhaps independence are still coming to their own conclusions despite the mainstream media narrative. I wonder if some of the things that would make him more appealing in this to independence or Democrats or some of the things that conservatives might criticize him for which is the idea of how much he has been following. What Dr Pouches Dr Birch's said and you know when Georgia comes out and the governor comes out and says we're GONNA move forward this opening up being and then he throws him under the bus. I think some of those things are what Democrats and independence might want. Because they feel comfortable that okay. He's listening to the experts and he's not just going off his own instincts but that's the kind of thing that a lot of are looking at him like that's not what we want from you. That's not why we elected you. We elected you to hear what experts are saying and listen to that but also to do what might be the more difficult decision more unpopular decision. Because you know that's what people need. Which would maybe be to open up the economy and some of these places and to call for that even though it's going to sound on popular because we might see more infection number so. I wonder if that's kind of what's going on with the Independence and Democrats. Maybe looking at him saying Oh. He's doing what we want him to do. Because he's listening to the people that are comfortable with trump on entire deal So I don't know but then maybe that maybe that has something to do with it. I mean because he has adopted a more To me he hasn't been about opening. Obviously this kind of who we have in this talk about eastern right reopen and we will pass that longtime exactly. It's funny I saw Not to but I but I'm going to anyway I noticed that someone said You know they were thinking back to when Amy Klobuchar and Pete. Buddha judge had dropped out and it only happened a month ago which was weird because he had it pegged for like fourteen years ago. I'm like something by God. Not only to not long ago. It really does feel like days gone by extra slow but no. That's you know that's what it is. I mean it's to me. Unfortunately him taking the wrong positions having the wrong positions is going to gain him support To maybe again I don't know but maybe that's what is with the Independent. I hope that's not the case but that could very well be the case when you consider that there are a lot of people who believe there was some silly poll that was done Saying that eighty percent of people thought that it was too early to reopen So yeah like eighty eighty per now. Because I wasn't ever pulled -actly so so who knows how legitimate that is but I you know you can come to at least some sort of conclusion that there's a lot of individuals out there that would prefer that we remain any sort of restrictive like lockdown. Especially if they think that we're not supposed to get the virus exactly. Yeah absolutely so. I think that's the case and that's the hardest thing about being an actual leader. Is that like say you have to make the tough decision? You know what I mean and is it may be unpopular. You may not see it at that time. May Have to see it later. You know. See it coming to fruition but sometimes making the you know the the right decision is not going to be popular and I think he's made a lot of wrong decisions in this regard said a lot of wrong things. Let's thankfully we haven't had to sort of a complete like nationalistic lockdown. You know really. It's been just a bandwagon effect of states doing it So at least that hasn't been the case. But like you said throwing you know George Bush thinking always too early like that's the wrong thing to say but maybe that's what's getting him support. I hope this has Republican. Support is not going anywhere right. What are they going to do? He's got his base. He's got his boats and as long as he's putting out there just say what he says. He's not going to be able to step up to that podium. And then say something opposites politically to the main stream. The independence the undecideds. Whatever he kinda either has to follow whatever the doctors are saying or he's GonNa get killed for being anti science or whatever so he's he's in that tough position because of how this thing sets a public I mean of course then he gets killed for it anyway because he ponders about something you know while he's on microphone and everyone says he's telling people to inject I would suggest less pondering won't even open night. Oh my God all right before we go five major. Us airlines are going to require all passengers to wear masks I guess this was Ed Markey from Massachusetts Democrat. Ed Markey was kind of urging them to do this. He tweeted out. Every person who flies should be required to wear a master and in flight during Cova Nineteen. We cannot rely on individuals airlines policies So now instead of just the the airlines deciding that they want to do this for themselves. he is now demanding with Senator Blumenthal that The trump administration issued a nationwide wall to protect the crew passengers and the public go so far like airlines are already doing it. So it's Delta American united and Frontier and jet blue people don't WANNA see the market be the market. This is what they don't WanNa see. Because there's a lot of cases proved wrong talking to guess out of New York City about how you know certain companies. Where would voluntarily you know? Be Willing to use their own factories to create these different things That hospitals may may need you need some sort of What which was which Chuck Schumer was advocating. Hey we need to take over the factories and and And and so we can make these ventilators most of which they never used But you know th th th they don't WanNa see the market come to fruition however this is the scene as he set up and they actually have clout to make decisions like that when you pass these big bailouts for that industry and you give them money and now it's like well if you WANNA keep this money. You need to do what we what we need to Spain. That that's the thing. It's always been the danger if we've learned anything throughout this that private companies have the ability to step up and make good decisions in this situation in government is slow and unresponsive and wrong a lot of time and I don't know how you could come out of this looking like we want the government to be imposing these things versus. Let's all use our common sense that the CEO's of these companies do what they need to do. I don't have a problem with a company saying we're GONNA play. It seemed like just a prophet easy precaution to make. It'll make I don't I don't want to buy you know I'm not GonNa say that it's a bad thing I'll do it. You know maybe you guys. How many people touch their faces when they have masks? Nobody's wearing them right. I I'm saying to me that just that just creates more spread and more chance that they're gonNA they're touching their faces and then they're gonNA touch the magazine and gloves and masks is not exactly and I mean this is all passengers. I would love to know. Okay so are. Are you going to require a two year? Old To wear masks guarantee you you're GONNA create more. Germs spread by requiring children. To where we're not talking about. And we don't ever use that they keep finding that children are not transmitting this thing in the way that they thought and maybe we shouldn't close the schools and probably the worst. That's the worst thing that happened is closed down. I mean but never mind that but they were saying like you know. This is what kids do definitely would've virus like this. That's like not Harley impacting them. They should have. They would've would've way closer to this idea of immunity if they were just passing it around anyway. You know what I mean but that was like the worst thing that could have happened is probably a narrative that will get your video deleted off Utah and still the CDC is recommending that all schools go buy new guidelines lunch in their classrooms instead of in a cafeteria and Have SMALLER CLASSROOMS? All of these new guidelines. Even though we've got this evolving science tells us that that is completely unreasonable. All right we've got more to come. We ought to take a break back. I think this is going to the your heads are GonNa Explode with with this particular story. Jefferson County nine. One one dispatcher Heather Silk Chea. She discovered a message that was put under her windshield wiper of her car. From a neighbor we all know these neighbors. We all have them. We're finding out during this pandemic The note read. Please stay home. I noticed a few days a week. You leave home with your baby and return a short time later without it. Then I see. The man of the House arrived with the baby later in the afternoon while your vehicle hasn't moved all day. This leads me to believe that the kid is in daycare stop. I'm assuming that the man has an essential job since he's gone all day but if you are home there there's no reason for your child to be in daycare at a time like this goes on to just completely assume what this woman's situation is She actually works the Graveyard Shift for Jefferson County Again as a nine one one dispatcher. So I mean really how dare? She tried to get sleep during the day in the middle of the day So that she can go to her to feed this child that she has to send to daycare because she doesn't have a choice. I honestly if there's any good that comes out of this can we just shame. All of the Karens should have come out in this pandemic because I'm done with these people only like reading that note and it really describes like my house whole life pretty closely like I work from home most days. I take my kids to daycare. You know I go to the store. I'm not wearing a mask but most of my neighbors are out to like I see more people out now than before. Kinda hoping that people like this. Or maybe the minority. Because I'm seeing a lot more activity in the neighborhood because people are realizing. Hey if you go outside. It's not like virus. Fumes in the sky that you're going immune system is wall and you can inject well and also I mean we have seen just help your immune. I mean yes. It helps your immune system and we've known that for forever but they've also come out and said that the virus can handle the heat the worst thing for it. God forbid you go outside as well at least you didn't call the cops. I hope I don't ever come across people like this because I don't feel like I would be able to react in love and grace towards somebody who is being so presumptive about my life and all my business and just imagine the judge and say f anyone ever dared. Come up to me while I had my kid out on a walk or would you say by the way currently still open in my city. They're not closed on this show. We're going to know that you got arrested for her. And I don't WanNa say it probably so. This is so frustrating at those people out there like that that Look I've talked about this with these restrictions. It does not mean that you can't do what you WANNA do. So if you WANNA sit your silly behind in the house all day long cooped up whatever but don't force every that's a risk that they should be free to that woman ain't it ain't hurting you by having her we'll take a kid wherever they ain't got nothing to do with you if you're quarantining yourself you're fine Well maybe you think you are But that's fine. Let the person assume knows risk but the fact that there's so many people out there like that that are being. Yeah you said. Thankfully she didn't call the cost but there's people that are out there doing that type of stuff and calling cops on people And they're enforcing these sort of draconian nonsensical laws get citations arresting. People depending on what? What part of the country that you're in for this? I guess it's bringing out the worst out of these types of people and yeah they should be shamed to the oblivious putting citizens as putting please these situations where you're creating conflict you have some point going to boil over you're GonNa have fights God forbid you know you got a copy of the gun you might have somebody else with a gun. You don't know you don't want to create extra conflicts between people in police because you're calling cops on them because they're playing with their kids at the park or something like that. It's just it's dangerous. Which is a good point. It's also separating. I think the good police who are there to uphold their oath and the ones who are just there because they you know graduated from their muscle off soon too many videos man of These these look you know my position on this on the on the institution that they serve. And it's to me if anything. I think this should let definitely a lot of conservatives. See that a lot of them aren't on their side on this type of issue I know IT I. It sounds good that you know they're gonNA defend your beloved constitution. That's what they they're they're not there to Do these things but you you sing. A lot of these guys You know with the heads up there behind and doing a lot of bad things enforcing bad laws have absolutely nothing to do with actually saving people taking glee. Yeah Yeah exactly yeah. They're being really like condescending With it As well like yeah yeah. This is what I'm doing and they're taking pride in doing that if anything this is what I at. Oh all of this have hoped that a lot of people that there I said worship that institution. Look at that and just at at some point understand. What a lot of US definitely. Libertarians have been critical of. Is that you know because we have a lot of us seen first hand. I've seen it before. All this took place but now it's much in your face because I've had people reach out to museum young man. You were right you know you were a little right. This thankfully we do have social media now. People are recording these people doing these things like they just as much as you may think that you know those one or two cops that won't refuse to enforce these sorts of laws. Unfortunately there's a lot of them that absolutely will all right back in minute. The Video from yesterday's poll was in light of the responses to Joe Biden's sexual assault allegation who is the biggest. Hashtag METOO hypocrites Elicit Milano one. This one forty-five percent say Elissa Milano well-deserved icee followed by Hillary Clinton thirty one percent Cureton Gillibrand at a fourteen percent and Kamala Harris at nine percents. Today's question today's poll is after an abysmal. Week for Joe Biden. Will Democrats try to replace him before November? Yes or no. We'll try if they're not already trying because they should see the writing on the wall and maybe they should lean into this allegation stuff and trying to get him out somewhere because it's looking bad for him. Say Hillary Hillary listen. This is your chance this would be great in the man. This is your chance. Magin the American. What this show man. I want that show sill bad man with America. Burn true scary. Let's do it all right. Thanks for tuning in Thank you guys. We'll see all next week.

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