Ep. 104: Manifesting Positivity in 2020


Everybody quick request once again if you could help us out by filling out our survey. It's at ibm podcasts. Dot com slash survey. This really helps us talk to advertisers about the kinds of people listening to the shows. Really do appreciate your help. And we're going to be doing a random drawing and we'll be sending out some. Ibm shrek hope you enjoy. That have had a unique role in defining humanity's mindset this year because twenty twenty has been in europe and content consumption and social media interactions have been gateway to human connections and y imitators at after one wheel other. Oh it's the ones who've spread positivity unhappy life stall of us that have seen the most growth so as we close out the zero. I'm soup to have three big creators who astronomical growth this year across instagram guns. On the show this week the common thread that connects them. As i see it is their focus on manifesting happiness and positively against their shots done that through his funny relate to blend sometimes thought provoking radios upper mulberry predicted how unique routes To showcase an amplified multiculture through community building content android. The sunny has made a grim smile with every done deal. Just like anything she puts out bringing out the inner dissidence molin. All of us truly broken out doesn't And in doing so have made everyone who's watching interact with them. Feel the positivity we've all needed around us to steel. I'm under get allah right back with this very special episode of advertising state but have shown modern high. I am sudduth. And i'm much connick. Guy at the hus- economics policy psychology somehow menu but only on the noncolored lv veggie since if ibm podcast app. Yup site booth. John phoebe up near barkat cynthia. Welcome back to dead. This is an interesting episode. I call it the arizona. Christmas appraise because when i got to know the tweets that have for this episode And i got to know that they were going to be my guess for the christmas episode of other I was like I'm not going to have to do nothing because for anyone. Who consumes gordon. They put out there. This is like a is an all-star also cast of of twenty twenty two guys that happen to fall under ability to throw stuff at each of you. But i'm i gonna start off by saying okay Louis it'll come up on welcome augusta event in order in which i can see you guys in the secondary acknowledges that in of welcome to the show and And how many people have done a podcast before never never never done both believers. Yeah thank you. Thanks for having so couple things about this show. This show allows guests to go rogue so you can fully going on on on You can start talking about anything and everything under the sun. birkat kick it off. I thought i'll ask each of you At the start of the year was is now. How has twenty twenty being for you as a creator. i'm gonna just start with sandwich review At start being a creator wasn't even on my mind at all because i was at midwest born exempt. So you can imagine a hundred and they're all gonna happen. And that's when. I kind of know picked up fashion for radio. Creating and the last smolder six months every night life jin relate my wildest dreams through so up on overdue for me was similar. I mean i was planning on going to india in march. And that's like when the lockdown happened so we couldn't go so it was kind of like a. Oh i'm i really wanna be there. I miss my people. I miss speaking my language. I'm forgetting like at that point. When i would call my friends up like i was losing my malone. Like i had to think i couldn't express myself like damn. I have to do something about this so literally. Four o'clock in the morning this day. I was like okay. it's time i'm creating this account. I chose inverted coconut. Because that's kind of how i describe myself and yeah the rest is history like i had no idea it. The whole point was for me to connect with my roots basically and just like keep practising the language key pricing money on them and like it. Just i don't know how i'm it's my growth has been kind of more gradual throughout the has been like a boom like you guys It's been taking a still not used to it. Though like creating the content everything is brand new for all of us. It's insane. I agree i shouldn't feed and i was like okay. One second i have to really ask my friends. Who maly florida stuff that you see Thank treaty my best friend. Who lives upstairs is so he was kinda like what is happening ever not. I got new a new set of followers that We able to view. A real was interesting to a very very interesting. It's it's like okay. I wasn't india and phone And go back vocal view. So i was a. I've been doing videos being a social media like digital creator. I was like. I never thought about it. I'll gadgets do it for fine. I actually used to make fun of my friends who are like doing like chance. And now you're gonna put something you're gonna take four now. They're gonna do this. But i think after the one boys while video especially the biggest issue that i mean my friends are like so you got famous on a big issue with wearing okay. Okay nyc that video enviro. I think i've got so much positive. Feedback and i was not expecting that like people loved it via dancing. They're like looking idea and just doing what we like to do. And this is literally what i used to do in india back into these legal but not like on a video like club. I dan saying it's like you know. I'm not showing something i would. I'm not but lake. Opponents said it's very new to us. They creating aucoin sometimes pressure. But i think it has been crazier like amber started the. Let me put it this way january. I usually like so people go to sleep before is like i dog land. They know me and it's like that's that's big. It's it's it's just putting happen is it's too much negativity in the actually this. It's still on. But i think a little bit of positive touch was needed. It was much needed said. Happiness in positive durant. That's what i take at all of your of journalists and look at the canaccord nuclear dieting. That's the common thread there that all of y'all are spreading happiness conveys bidding. What i call the good day. See don slips. Which is it's not a that is the essence of on every actually wants to like for this song anc you when i didn't understand half the stuff user most of the stuff you say but i was still waiting happy schooling through it and i was like i think i watched your spanish. We do the one we teaching spanish in one. Second this one. I got to watch theft favorites together. Goto and Since we started this off before gore better augusta. Dude degrees won't be one. That was that remake. it will last. Because i'm like i've been saying this for your on beacon or get goal but yeah but i'm intrigued. You guys have just brought good vibes and happiness and an and actually want to start with that. I wanna start. But saying he's i mean i'm going to just going to bounce it off bordman you're gonna start something off in creating something water. The things that you Easiest of in your head or is this of areas gonna revealing and figuring out what you're going to do. I'm only a day off so watching you guys and then i don't know it makes me question myself because i really don't have Like you know this. I look at my messages. I actually go through messages. I don't know what you guys do. But i spent like hours. I think i need to stop doing that. 'cause it's like but anyways i really i start writing down like the most popular requests and so i kind of go like that because i don't really have a niche. I've tried multiple things. I've done like comedy den educational. I've done beauty tips like all these different things. I don't know i just i like exchanging because i'm also like my mind like that. I like change quite often I did like some dancing. So yeah i just like because i get bored easy. I just wanna keep entertaining but the other side of that. Is you know some things. Don't rock everybody's vote so it's like i. It's always a hit or miss and that's fine. That's what digital concentrating is all about. You learned from everything and just like kinda going with the if it doesn't make me feel good. I'm not gonna do it. So that ended at the end of the day. If i end like having fun and feeling. The joy and spreading positivity bay. The people watching will feel that as well. And that's like the whole thing behind my contests like feel good energy. Feel goodbye northing along some ago similar age. yes definitely. it's like. I think creating i do originally like anti like i said i don't do it if somebody this guy do it if i like it if i love it it's like very and if you see my song collection it's like you know what i'm really like working out or i'm walking and i put it on youtube playlists right. That's the that's the thing. I wanna dance on like. That's that's it so it's like nothing is going off even people that make videos Bake extremely the song and As that's a bad so i think i do. Visualize i would not say like apartments not everything. Everybody's gonna like it so if you like it you're happy and i think that's what matters the most our not lie. Send my videos to fifteen to twenty people before hosting into that list. It's going to hit scored talked with the added. Oh oh my goodness. But i do have people even my friends and like some people like some people like bumps. Okay thanks for giving me ideas. I like it. I love you goes like it's like the end of the day my best friend you know. What are you gonna do. You're gonna post you like that's how it matters like. That's so you do. Get on. And off. But i think that's just a visualization i. Do it comes out. Good sometimes come to a great at times. She figured out. I just feel as affected. You said that that's generally what you do. Places like zoomed. You want to go look for long now. I know that that's part of what you generally research. If you see my playlist on the phone at ghoulish omar denied ibook songs. I levels own. It would school slow. Sad song Making happy as like it's like mike. Metering i can even don stewart i. I can literally be like a. Why are you sad not do something about it. I think it can go wrong Anglophone difficult bush putin song. it's it's crazy. I think that's my mood. That's by gets me. Moving to be honest music does yes nothing. I guess i've watched. That was happy for you. Failed to put it like turn to capture horror. You kind of start. That often haughty gonna think about each piece on for making my content like reset definitely. Visualize what i wanna do before that shooting. And for my on i basically. I'm always on the lookout for ideas. Like i wake up and the first thing online sport can make. Let's do something a little different. Let make something today. and. When i'm outside i just think bateson beaches from my experiences but i like laura newton so i experienced a lot of new stuff and i kind of be those experiences together and then kind of visualize what type of content i can make for my audience. Why what i love making. What's link authentic to me last one. My audience wants to watch. It's like a it's like a it's like the equal balance emerging those and. That's that's why. I think i've been able to elect stay true to myself while also giving the audience what they want because that that's the most important thing in the end of the day. What is it is interesting right. Because it's office office. So relatable like i am want to make but i am like much much older. Say like i'm going to be like fourteen years So so like. I'm like i'm on. You don't know for aids had dropped. You do look for eight. I want to fourteen to an and i have a three year old. And i was overdue and i was trying to come in so that she and i should start making these together. Have fun little like we go to this and she later on audience. You don't dance pop major a darker down. Said i'm gonna i'm convincing That so i was thinking what i find interesting. Is that each So so is it pretty much a luckily subdued. I don't look at these are ten fifteen things. I've just kept the backbone. So they one day. You're like okay. i don't have any idea. Let me go to what i've going to pull down or or do you. Just keep them in your head. I'm gonna let their secret of my this diabetes. Mike carbonite you. Add this to me at all times anything. I see anytime video editor. Don't because the thing about mike on biz title. Make it as funny as best as i can. So it's italy things can happen at any time in my life like you know. I miss those moments. Because if i sit down and relatable idea us is going to be impossible to come up with them so now i kind of yes i just. I'm always on the lookout. Always look for note to self almost booed ideas on. Don't forget the mother. all that is so cute. I'm imagining about this. Not and he's like You know you have those things in animal guys. Looking looking at animals against going on you can do their abundant your story. I found fascinating. Because of your childhood in kayla and then states and everything. And i love to hear from you aboard. How that diaper is gonna feed Didn't do make. Because i found it so interesting and add the more things. I read the motorcade looking for for other piece on number. I find that entire story Soul a. it's it's a beautiful in so many ways in just the the the different lakes bread i love. You gonna tell that. Yeah well so my starts from the beginning of my life. I guess because my parents were you know spiritual seekers hippies. They like to travel. They met in india looking for a good looking for something higher than themselves. They wanted to live with purchase. They wanted to practice yoga and meditation on all these things so they met there than they went back to america. I was born in the united states. In when i was three. They had that longing again that craving to go back like once. You've been to india once you have to keep going back as just like you get addicted and so it was like that for my family. So at three years old they decided okay. Let's shift here. And i was enrolled in school the next year at four. Your old than get la. I didn't speak the language. Like i was the only white kid in my rule for literally the next ten years. No i mean initially of course it was a little bit tough because i look different and so people didn't understand me or they didn't is just like there was something there but the thing that moved that lauck between me and everybody else was learning the language so it took me about two years to become fluent in milan and as soon as i learned the language it was like you know the rest is history. Like it's just normal childhood. It was actually not normal. Just magical like my childhood was amazing. i don't know of. Us feel the same way. I've heard a lot of horror stories in childhood by. Just don't know how i got so lucky like it was just great friends and everything So anyways when i was fifteen years old i shifted to the united states and so after living now twelve and a half years in gala. I'm shifting for the first time to the united states. i was fifteen years old. If you can kind of picture that you're a teenager and new go to like an american school where there's clicks and we know people are really. I don't know if i can say bad words here but like the beaver okay. The bitches like all loss of being like you know all the high school american high school movies. Like that's all true. That really have been like the clicks and everything. And i just didn't know anything i was like. You know what happened. When i was young in indios again happening now in america way worse. Because we're older you now. The teenage years bully thing anyways so i really try to fit in. I tried so hard. It just wasn't working like so. I got really bad in. I went through this thing where i started asking myself like. Why can i not be tested here. Like what's what's wrong with me like a really insecure really really insecure and what i did was i was actually cutting out my indian roots to fit in in the west. That's how i kinda describe it now is like and when i think back. That's really what i was doing. I didn't want anything to do with india anymore. Like nothing else. Like i can't because i need to start my new life and that shift in mentality is what started causing depression. 'cause i was denied my true self. I was saying no to might like who i was and it was only like several years later when i was eighteen years old that i had the shift again where i was like. You know. you're not going to be happy if you keep doing this. You have to balance both worlds and accept yourself for who you are and just doing that actually made a switch in my mind and people saw a shift in me because i suddenly was more positive and people saw that shift and then they started respecting me for who i was because i was starting to respect myself and anyway so years later i would spent. I spent many as fifteen years in the united states. I'm not sure how much i should talk. Should i stop. You can go in and go okay. So then yes. So fifteen. Years in the united states than i was trying to for some community there some indian community and i moved to oregon portland oregon. Which is the small city. I love oregon. If you guys have a chance go to portland. It's like this growing city. Have you been directly. nobody's beautiful. it's i've seen it. It's beautiful gorgeous and dumps there. There happened to be like a huge tech place In in the little city next next door to us. So a ton of mali's tunnel indians were there. And i finally found my community and so i was getting invited to all these like indian events and i was starting to speak money adam again and that's when i was introduced to the term. You know indians who are raised in the united states. Call themselves coconut. I didn't know this. But this is what i was told and hearing. Yeah they said. Noah yeah that's what they were telling me that externally they look like they're brown but inside they feel western they feel like a western and that status. They use the term coconut me. Hearing this i'm like. Oh my god i literally the inverted pilgrims where the name came about they. So that's the story this so many things there to unpack and i think i all of its support and of finding Anything that's the essence of any creator fee led their people genuinely follow. Wanna see more of their content is so as long as they kind of trying to actually just be themselves the more people to the more. You're trying to all that person's contents looking great. I'll do that Al this person is an at some point during the being that person. And you know what you're doing and you're gonna give up at some level because it's not truly you and and i feel that that's the one thing you're gonna take away from from gaunter at all and i also remember reading this nugget. Wanna rule he you You grew up singing. good. Yes i did. I actually grew up in zimbabwe. Yes it was this mall. That's a moment leg. My mom is so relaxed. I used to be the saying you know do all the they've been you know saturday night right after the go. Let's go out soon a balanced. I think you know living a balanced life is the best i used to sing. I like to sing. I think it's not it's indian. I can sing with something. I'm like you know. Let me just let me just. Even i'm not even a professional dancer. Relate what am i do a dancing. Say you know what about one two. Yeah professional i can do is call professional dancing back. Just they're doubly and a professional. You're like i mean learned. Anyway i would like to learn. I've known not so yes. I've done different things than i turned eighteen hours. I need to change my life. But that's exactly what i was doing dancing with. Before year's event like out a came world dancing again. I actually never stopped dancing. Go to try for now. That's what i do hundred. That's it. Yes i am very. I believe and very special person even mama's yoga instructor so she has your neighborhood Hang or and i believe in that. I've had the best experiences in my life so a finals in singapore countries. That you've actually picked some songs when you big them and lake. You'll pick a specific song when this will be might not too. It's not like you're sticking to one right like selects. A song. I've seen like devine's on silent up somewhere in between it's kind of begin like liam seeing like advertising obligations putting up your your saw your early edition of the shyly mud muscle less and i was like this is all subject. I literally heard that that also came on. I was I think. I don t devine's it's what gets me like way up warn you do but when i watch it makes listen either crazy. I was like i can imagine what i can do. In this game all l. But i was like okay that then beat. You're outta your enter you you keep you just go like that's it so i think the music i love on and then let it be. The job is so it's like different. Every i think a religion has different picture. It'd be anything in indiana so so beautiful and especially estimates have moved to the states. I started by doing that. Road like i was missing little Gun patino rotten. All investment like bangladesh. Lake my favorite thing to be the ninety nine. They're like nine or get like in the united states. you get nine holidays. I was making i. This is just one bestselling. They love it. It's like i am wants to spreading a lot of knowledge they get to learn and all. I think that's a great thing to so it's enjoying making cyber thing. August is one thing which i heard you say some. I think it was on the panel that you were on And i heard you say this. Is that for you all initially. It was aboard you kind of putting out content. That was an expedition which For yourself but eventually also became. What the community that you can. Billing organic spitting them how that community look you know because there are people following. You'd how are you going to look at how you relate to them create for them and all of that so i I used to make the same gone leg in other thing. I m like this on camera. As off camera like a bef- we are making these videos or anything. I would always talk and laugh back in jokes making ba- laughing happy little rancid. Remember the ice in boston on negga family noticed something like that be laughing and then video is just a phone. happened to find and docking mother. Community is i. I really just love making people happy. Because i've realized that the people watch my videos are i think my name demos Thirteen twentyish item being. That is being put into eighteen by That i never had anybody. I could just look guide. Whenever i needed a break from what is going on in my life. Studies was bogging me down that it'd be five or fight with my mom. My dad my brother. Anybody not friend anybody. I just didn't have kind of to escape. And somebody who i go dumb dog do under see who has the same problems as me and was giving me that happiness that he all of us go to stuff but it's okay and you just have to laugh and be positive throughout the thing because unique aren't going and that's kind of where i see my community where even affleck. I need somebody in public. It's it's like it's never like augustine galas there. What's up man. How are you like a friend. And that's the type of community. I want to be because if their friends or family at the end of the dan. That's you'd always want to give positive in happiness to your friends and family. And that's exactly how i treat my supporters. I don't even like calling the link fans hit jordan. Hit that door source. I obviously guys zealous supporters. Golan fans adam demonstrate buddhism family and. I just wanna spend happiness in boston for the in any way again. Video is just the might fashion which has had me. Spread that positively. Such everybody's on destroyed. I'm telling you this is one of those. No let's say you were eating young now. That's a calm for you. See this this alex You don't agree some of the concepts that you talk about are really mature and high level like the of manifestation that video that you've mazing like that people find like much later in life. You're not owning finding it for yourself but you're sharing that very young audience. That's really early credible. Don't stop keep actually keeping my bearings were given me this Really the big believers manifestation is the ball of that you can control your exterior to your deedee. Israel taught so you become. I think about at my dad and my mom really deviate. Pardon me having this guy of belief in me which has wide literally changed my life in the last six months i could not even have imagine being on this podcast in january or like you know anything anything like this so yeah it's been it's been. Why cats lusty self proud of you know. Act like dude. I have issues with some of the videos you made it showed us. This video are no not november. Allied dad comes to me still or is this he. I didn't know if he. I don't know but i spend plain people do this. My supporters are my age. So i have to make such gordon than you know. It's just like messages from their friends seeing that bad kids nba. Watch mike on. And so i mean. I get it because it's also new to all of us like my parents do the incredibly supportive like like beyond the people that i go to with any of my ideas and you sit brainstorm with me. Assure them like do. Show them over the boston. D'amato before this and you could have in that but yeah yeah i can say you talk more parents. I noticed the video. You just put. Was that the mom on the drums at the back in the of the background for the study from. Oh man. that looks like vega birthday one. Don's right next to me. He was like so he johnson. I think long day my mom was like was. I was leaving work more. Do you look you this whole net laundry bag and i take thrall histamine being like like we can make this can use this as i was thinking of work that act scan go have big at nine be heavy. Let's make it easy. And you know alexis get a door when it comes to peyton's definitely not my mama's bar overnight enjoying it. He's hype he Vocal vr. and. I hear all of this season. They got alma you stalking me now. Who has exploded late see goes through all the comments and everything like even. I don't go through on my garments. All of them into is cracking up. Can we also talk about the the group of friends that you have in all your kenley. Is you have them. Because i feel that some of them are supersized like oh my own of them have their own. All of them have their own. Like you know could slow approach for one person. She's always doing splits nuts like anyone. I'm like okay. What do whatever you want them. That's my thing for specific manila energy. Like the music considered with holidays She splits wander keer day. She does this board step. It's like soul hilarious. Because everything. I have Even her and there's one is fourth girl. Data usually became up with all like leave. Ac kind of thing you legis keep doing this. There are sisters so the amendment workplace. I work together back in the days used to make videos and even that got kicked out of a restaurant the room for making dudes like is there. Like i have opposed. I'm like you know what i don't care. Let's do you wanna do it. You anything that's gonna make you happy. Let's do. they wanna make overdue alabi. Are they like alex. So can one make Understood made to god kicked out. I was fire and so i think their energy is different. I think we had so much idea to. It's like crazy it sometimes. I'm like you know what especially when my my mom and my brother they argue. I felt homesick. The you know the homesick feeling especially when it was logged down. Newest was so like but name made me feel like you know zone right here. So you know we can make home banjo. Everything they bind loving. They cannot wait windy lake. Do all this talk for songs for you. The looking for songs ask you funniest thing either. Funniest thing i go to their house i put you on the tv while leases men lady li like back warning listening. Because there's one would she. I like anytime with i. Okay okay fine you have different the on so it's like i love that gorba- like yeah. Okay not you gonna love india loving. They enjoy it. i think it's they lowered. They're like literally calling into lake. Mary make mimics. We do the extra sleep through the the third only they relate. He'll be the obvious thing that came out everything. Everything is the best part is. I enjoyed it. And even if certain people comfortable thing and do now offer everything they're like. You know what i'll do step because my of my step sunday me's use them needs you better than these. And you're like whoa. Let's do it now. They're like. I'm going to how they do it. It's fun. i think. I think the they get miami hype. Y energies right here. But i'm going to build your have so much fun because you realize halfway through lord of the videos that you are people laughing and walking off camera halfway through so much schwarzenegger deflated whatever. They literally lipstick not to tell them. Now that you have to sing this they literally go one day sing and then they come back and at night. Vilem editing over dude. I'm like does she just do that. Really like thanks for the thanks luck make via nature. It's like it's a stress relieving thing to be honest making do with them very closely abundance of i was watching some some of your videos involved. I phoned so interesting was the it's like you have a huge less like your family like i. That's because they're also happy on like especially. Because i i went through some of the library and this is like this genuine happiness. It's almost feel like oliver known each other for leg forever. How is that we know is. I've been kind of so many people across across the me. Mafia is all around the world. I'm sure it's like this all cultures in india. But i'm not so familiar with the other. So i can't say but in in canada the people are just so warm and welcoming. You never feel like an outsider. Really just invite you home for chai like something. They're just like immediately ready to accept you as part of their own type of thing. And so like i've always felt that and that's how i describe gan led to my friends abroad and now with my account like when i call them up. It's like we've known each other. Like i have no clue who they are. But it's like we know each other. Like i know we just we five. It's really really bad. Jingle lives with my supporters is my favorite part about I don't know if any of you have done that yet. But i just call random i call like i tell them okay today. I'm calling ten people and we're just gonna chat like real quick and then we're gonna move onto the next so it's like they're all waiting and they all wait they wait for the entire hour and dislike. Call me comey. It's just so cute. And then when they come up like the joy and then they call their whole family like the iran. Mma comes in like you know like everybody is just so cute and then they posted because there's a so excited i'm like i'm nothing special. I'm literally just like you guys. I just have a cameron. I'm shooting this but like if for them it makes day and that is just i love it. That's my favorite part. Whenever i feel down my partner is like why don't you go lives 'cause then after the live i'm just so buzzed i'll make purpose saudia won't know when you said what you said like you're going when you're down. That's that's something i was very like. It fits Thirty in the night. And i have to get this done college the next morning. It's do. I have no energy in my body but i go life because i know if i'm that these thousands of people are watching the i need to bring it right down and grow through my body and act as the guys library for fifteen minutes to get that i can actually study for an arm and yes. Yeah last time. Nine hours later. I was on it. Takes at. I sent him over questions on. How is that what you said. I have to have a bag of having to decide on this like near the day. I'm going the. I i misspoke. I would lay desert announcers jealous. I cannot eat sweets that right now much. Hope enjoy I i love born to be. How have you not eaten smell so long. Like how is that possible. Besting preneurs my belief in the nine months down and super pattern suv ladder. He gone or the flu brand standard. And i just didn't happen do or the malay- after about getting leaks. Now and one thing. I forgot and reminded me a long time for you is nine months. I thought it was like yours. Me to draw. Ninety said easy was janie. Kicks i wanted on this from from guys. Go to like I'm not gonna see all listening for this. But i've eaten log knows thanks with family. You have like. I feel that one of the things that this entire yours as if you start me in an urban is that you've come to kind of look at sweep things which granted and and you and you actually look at them. In in a far more border later. I look at the fact like for me like i value. Although i love eating or west i let us woman to actually do it Have this thing now. Like i make so many different like i get older but simpler brew coffee in different ways they come up our have like i've i've i've started to do the whole love Cobra at all guidance. I've gotten and they even say once every time you heard you pull something else out at this when cabinet full of these this viewed contraptions to make you you find this smaller things like Evans speaking just sit in the back in bombay for wants to me all these years i could actually see eligible for the reinvent the balloon. Yeah i could. I could see like a human shield along. Let go and i am dog. And she's like what is that. Elsa lives yeah. I have been things that you come to like value a lot more this year. Like you've looked at and said get something which. I didn't look at this debate. Something which i'm happy i have molested. Anybody can pick it up. I go. I feel like you said family. The day i started living by mischief. That's when ours leg in that market haka on hits anything nothing and beat the let it be all feeds us. What not. And if you're talking wellbeing or than i am right there with you because i literally wake up at four thirty in the morning i have a whole routine. I literally have a dealer on monday. I have literally seen things i do. If woman walkout same things. I eat like equally cooking when i literally week. A brew my coffee. Sit down calm down on this. Enjoy one cup of coffee. In the end the day goes by murphy late food and family because offers down that I was so scared that made me go back or failings. Vigo dad called me. Nightlong them like that. That thing was the more difficult thing. 'cause team travel so it wasn't a world what going to happen but everything works out. Everything always works out in now. I like operas do work. I don't know. I believe a lot. And i rally especially when low time when you're feeling down. If he like my thing. I look up to something better from me something that make me feel like this. Something better is coming aures. But i wouldn't two months literally two months. Everybody dan making something better every day. Something crazy everyday something new every day. Something that's bringing me being the most the happiest emma would say on north on the would yes. I think lowering everything is very important. Sleeve even comes to family and food food. But you're so used to being so busy you know like go go go go. Life is just like that and with the sierra. It's really taught me a lot of people to just slow down and chill out and just take jill hill. You enjoy the the small moments the small winds throughout the day. So i'm trying to stay positive in my head for a mistrial man. Like i'm a travel junkie. I just i just missed them at you know but at the same time. I don't know if you're all working now. But usually i work and i spend it all in. I go travel. i'm broke again. And then i come back in bust my butt but now at least like okay i have like. I'm saving a little bit a little bit more responsible and like different human Soon as soon as we can go anywhere. I'm coming to visit yachats. Racial admitted trip to goal for the week and like the most awesome thing. Happy to see them living must but they'll also lord of people in so but it is nice to get out of the. I think if you look at some of those smaller things that you're going to get out of the city you can kind of now's like just go to the beach and it was like an thankfully some of those beaches are lot emptier levels but Against your word is your. I night with lease. And she said that. She wasn't with a family richard allies They can all. Don't out just due dates. I believe it's kind of i noticed. Gone trust because i have always been with my family. Like i always knew that summer younger brother and has noticed as a family was even though he stated though before the knockdown all of us in gross own life and we don't we didn't make it a point to have you dial at the end of the day but it did happen and this dog don't garner. He made us realize that he guys we are family. And you know be have to spend time together and since then i think in the donaldson admitted that one meal has to be the family in the lockdown. After the lockdown anything. And that's when. I realized that being locked in with your family. It's i realize that these. I knew it been. These people are my people but in the knock down the realization. Been all the more that i can bank on these guys wherever i want anything i want. And it's brought us even closer than what we voted before. And that's been. It's been pretty pretty nice. You know that is one thing. I wanted to ask all the fuel which is going to be the most random thing i will ask in. This is that. I want one of each of you. Beach everybody else. Like like i must. But i think that's gonna be really you have to. All of us. Melilla is what they're going to do. You're going to teach all of us while element both who have have understood both of you. Yes yes you'll start to open a basic sentence. Yes voted on by word. I only learned those isn't thing everybody nine you by six different languages. That's all so. I'll teach like something. Maybe if you see molly few know that somebody's me you can say what's up which is so gum arnel so gum arnel gamonal come on no exactly the minal through model and the response to that. Nay yes i'm great so gun sunday. Okay then like the word for like super also of freight fantastic amazing. It's reportedly are the forty b. I d boarding and right. Now they short end the youngsters have shorten it trending word so they say forty only boy this morning that what. He bullied. Forty f twenty. That's how you what i like. The tongue right. The only here no. It's not deloitte soaking getting too. So i can. I'm from under so hence. I always still have done cousteau gholam. You gotta help us find Songs in hobart You oughta harder How do i make. I'm actually with your. How do i make my first go after And let's say you have not made any answers have you. I couldn't find awesome ellum song videos. I've seen those so. I don't think she needs to do during that department. I i see her. I don't do anything can die. People you gone nine that that's it's like yes i i. I don't have to address me. All this is how you do it. I was in the shoulder. Even media is advancing. You want me to show them. I can just say no. But it's like ward off a. I think i took as the beat very quick. It's like. I grew up on the bag on the the music for do they come to the beats as more of or like you know i think the show let s for show. I think my main thing is people. Love that yeah. I think anybody i go. I just just do this person. That's like and it's this expansion so either Shimmy but it's not only like your body but like your attitude also. That's what i love about watching you. All at the phase like attitude behind everything. Yes you to peace only best. I think i'll give you that song. But i i don with older kids. The fact like notify where my saying this little thing about my love babies they make me in five zero baby and they you see me. I can't even think i'm gonna duds anything that makes me happy. Is you don. That's how i explosive. Even thing they'll be made me happy. I will only think about making song for you. I think it has to be open. Y'all verse that's a really great idea. You can actually have a challenge where your supporters danced with their kids and like put videos up is he did die like get ready by. Daddy's made notes comes today. Tom leiweke moods and got the song. But i think yeah i go to is get us on you and be By you can dance. I can say that. I mean little dogs her but the is but i think i would love to meet in person in this in shooting to save on something be referred. Yes please use the grieving. Donate Welcome while we're going to set to go on saturday New i'll go with opponents She said go and then. Gi means no. I put on a ban on this way. Doug with on me but then you're not. I'm trying to figure out what the other teachers you're you teach us how to play multiple characters. Oh positive manifestation autism i that's a big switch Both manifestation that station while switching multiple does about boston manifestation. The thing is i i like how you said was do manifestation manifestation is a sword and be good for you can be back because manifestations such dude that again that you become released about and you can think negative as well. Your mind is capable of doing that. If you think negative thoughts you're adapting dinner in your life and apnea leading. this ain't no. It's like a small thing like the secret. Yeah and and the joy joy happiness objects happiness. I if you think negative towards donald snowdrifts negative thoughts. And just you know if you want something really his bag. Then if it's a burning desire recalling then you will continuously be on your mind because that's all you can about all day long and if you think about something already long your actions ogling to Bibles arts in your mine. Like it's something. St for venues are coleman. You never wanna keep thinking. I'm dusty and you bring water. Don't just kind of a long process much bigger gordon and balls do manifestation has just focusing every morning and every night of the day on what ever it is you want and just be willing to work hard footage and just have the state then believes that the bosnian energy you put out into the universe. The infinitum damaging says got. You has gotten like all your thing about a golden the rest everything tonight data just it. You just gotta think about card everything. Everything's coming for you. That's what i've been the everything everything's coming from you like it's dead. It's so yeah. I was watching the video about this and the thing which released it out to me is. You're not owning thinking about what you want. But your mentality is as though you already have achieved like thank. You already have the single that you know for my hundred k. Followers or whatever it is that you are wishing for that time the like you already have it. That's the mindshift that we have young. Because then reinforces the belief of and that it's all the thing about it as it's already a reality. It's a future. That's ordeal competition are trying to catch up. That's all i'm getting phone. So that's not gonna madonna you golden so. Yeah that's just like. I'm lacking leading that seep in all the stuff that you just said it is noise. You're eighteen augusta lady. Something wrong here like this. What is so beautiful on so many levels right. I'm just like letting those seeping and which is i. I would say glint end question. Which is something. I can do towards the end of episode. I do But in this bit surprising that i won't be able to so What is one thing gonna be for all of y'all that you have you have so many followers all of you But water they not all about you that you spend time doing consuming like you know. Is there something which you spend a lotta time doing. Consuming watching reading could be anything you do x. Obsessive what is that x. and which your supporters is today Don't know enough about because you work more i. I don't think people know that. I have a full time job to be honest. I don't think any law people don't even know. What do you just gotta my location. Solutions will be relieved. The emmy to day i. Here's an how. Can i be in tiny and have this beautiful. I mean what. Do i say so. I do live in the states but what i do as a full time job. I don't think anybody does no. I have a whole time job. I work As a test technician at Company so yes. I'm i'm taking at work. They are supportive love them. I literally have people. I have indians over. The daylight yield was like paying walk suspending me that i'm so happy that makes you so happy. They coming from where you don't get support from world and then into lake data truly hype you up. Wake happy for you genuinely and said the thing. I think my mom believes in that and she gave me heat. Talking may peak saying boys of stuff. It does well. And i have experienced it when i was young. You know you take soda from a mind mice to be like when you own you know. Tk i am a mom meadow letterman. What used to be my state. I had no plans of leaving house. I had no plan nothing. I came to the states with nothing. Like i have a home in mumbai. If i feel. I have a shelter. I'm gonna come here. I'm going to do whatever. I can started working dunkin donuts and now i am that i am. I want to narva wannabe fisher might fires. If you asked me that what would you be doing. I wouldn't say that. I would be or does dino ford amazing many different. That was a deputy united. My first paycheck poisoned orleans. So it was like you know. I used to stay. Save save anomaly moments. They keep saying women must in. Oklahoma mcguire has heap staying in bed. Amman but i think he added. I think United i think people do nothing like i don't like to be like what i do for a living anything by anything well for me like license. My content is kind of just all over the place. I really have no secrets. I let it all out. But the one thing that i haven't i did one video on this but it's not something that i've done a lot with because i believe it's a very private internal thing. Which is i meditate. A lot i grew up in an ashram in in ganilau of course and so every day we had meditation budgen yoga all these things. So that's very much a part of my life every morning before bedtime and it's like a inner journey. It's not something that i expressed outwardly. Although i wish i could just talk about you know how to look within defined happen is within because we all have that inside of our own hearts we have to be aware of it and wake up to it but it just doesn't flow naturally to me. I feel sometimes. I don't use the right word so i don't wanna like make mistakes and how i express it. It's just like for me. It's an internal process in connecting to the divinity which is within ourselves. It's not like you know there has got everywhere like in the trees in the grass in each one of your hearts everywhere just wanting to Striving every day to kind of realize that like right. Now i say it with my mouth but do i really understand not quite an. I'm striving to actually realize that truth. Which is you know overall everywhere. Yes so that's my private little life that i have. You can see the glue on your face meditation your lately. He's little right when it comes to talking using me i do. I look medi. If i don't question. I could sit com and lake. But you know my mom being your instructors That is prominently the gum. Everything and we can see that. It's beautiful. I mean that that's amazing. Thank you that's the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me self doubt. I guess some people not know about you do you. Do you spend your time to off camera you. I'm doing what. I'm doing all scattered on camera late. Does low everything about my life. And that's good and bad gets last night. I don't think that's what i'll do about me. Is i Spend a lot of time All the time just wanting to become a better person. I really like movement That is something that focus on i. It's not only in this like unspiritual spiritual way. It can mean anything like literally anything. Like i i like picking. You won't be allowed these or stock like for example. Exercise dollar example. I just start writing. I started reading. It's all forms of accession blooming. Which i don't make the talking about manifestation also One eight hundred. That'll something really really big. I opened up about my life to a lot of people and glad i did because it does not another feeble and has session boom into something which i don't think a lot of mexico does that i do. I want to read more. I wanna dedicate reading more than my day and Just picking up new hobbies. Like i do right now. I don't think they know that. I'm always always trying something. New every laying symbolist cooking and different dish. Like i made lasagna. Once guide to cooking bug right so cooking picked up and lasagna. Once in my family now. I made lasagna for them sometimes. So it's kind of that said if you blow meeting which addicted to answer alleviate hubbard so i think that's not that's something a lot of people don't know about you had made. I made blake exact now without one. Some of them using arms. I'm telling you you're gonna be with the movie. Say you have witnessed does isn't anything. i guess. Assume mentioned that you spend more time. Is this something that you read or listen to wash indecent. That judy like one more people kind of a catch up with it on. So i listen to a lot of august for a podcast especially I've been listening to donate albans podcast so just last night so again like when mike alert last night is think about. How can i do widely cover. So i tried to go to organize lord's such. I'm getting into fashion. But that's kind of new online right now style. I get better. i'll do make me feel like also loo. Calvin you're talking word lake aboard word. I mean that itself. I'm like once listed will show things in their dislike. Loafer made of corn has just. I wanted on august. I was watching. Don't broadcast last night with conor mcgregor but talking and is this something. I would want a lot more people to know about is. How just connecting with your yourself can gene your life like a lot of people think that achieving that goal has to be way ahead in life in the abuse or like diagnosed like you do what. I'm twenty three twenty. Four that veggies. Microwaves might do if your dream. You don't wait to jason this tweet and that's not only and Something like what you said was something you do everyday. So i listened to this audio scorned on the strangest sneaker in the lord it's by uh nineteen and I ought of your should listen to that audio everyday because talks about the concept of you having a golden life becoming what you think about and because listen to it every day it's become an input into my mind and the perspectives of my life has changed some data. Something which. I want a lot of people in this imbalance. Guard the strangest secret in the lloyd by And so thinking about your content Like it's very lighthearted and a comedy and since that happened throughout your day. I would really like to see some more bs. Teachings get being or braided this because you know. They're such short videos young. I think there's a lot of potential to change mindsets in to really make an impact on people's lives and since you're so well loved already. It could be really amazing for you. Yes so i've i did. Start this I g it's got two minutes to think it's where i talk about issues that we as delectable teams just generally people all of us face but a lot of people again again my entire content stems from this me not having anybody i could look up to and kind of talked about things are not talking about things was going through. And that's something which. I don mcgahn ten and i talked about so Ah spoken about hit online. Outspoken about the field of missing. That is a huge thing. Vision and Yeah i liked that more and Yeah i'm i'm looking to despair our show a different side of me now because a lot of people that sign and i wasn't too short like it's a little more up on vote what Be something to kind of lake which you've read which listen to could be. Anything wasn't really thinking. Because i was so engaged to ask okay so Actually the past two days. I've been listening a lot to Totally he is one of my biggest teachers. I don't know if you guys are familiar. He's a amazing just that he wrote power of now a new earth. But i've been watching recently on youtube. He like each video has like way over a million views. I'm so he in. This particular video that i watched today he was addressing google headquarters in california. So it's a lot of techies and people who work on their computer all day. Which actually i can relate to and a lot of you probably. You're always on your phone or your computer. So it's like you get drawn into the collective thought when you're on like social media and i worked on line so that's just my everyday. It's always looking at the screen. So what he was really teaching. Which is something. I've heard a long ago from him. And i've kind of incorporated throughout my days. That often you forget some of these jumps in life so you always have to be reminded so again. I was reminded today of Them education like if people have a hard time. Meditating sit down your your mind is going crazy. A lot of people have difficulty meditating so instead of like to get stressed out about that. Try many meditation. So it's literally like thirty seconds half of a minute of suddenly you're shifting. You're taking a mental decision like you're aware that you're making this decision to just focus your mind on something natural like for example you know the truth outside of the window or event like the the The wind that's coming through your face or just like what i do. I just closed my eyes. And sometimes i'll even with alarm on my phone every thirty minutes because i'm home all day. I work online so every thirty minutes. I haven't alarm in. I literally for like a split second unlike and then it's like refreshed. I literally just pressed pause refresh and re start on my day and the more often you do this throughout your day. And it's like i said it takes no time it's like a slip second of dislike tuning in. You're recognizing and if you keep doing this. Those moments of sitting down meditating becomes way easier. It's like oh immediately you're like wow. I can clear my mind because you've been training your mind. You've been practicing. And that's why they say meditation practice because nobody becomes expert. It's always a practice right so we just constantly putting your effort and it takes that dedication like you know that. Drives them among. My mom tells me that we've actually forgotten out to breathe because you do have led to hopefully go in and go out and they just we just got so much energy she said Have have stopped body. Certain make sense. He's one pause take a breath That's on the owner diana. Yeah it's amazing. It changed my life movie. You'll forget sorry you'll forget but then you have to remember again. You've gotta. I mentioned the google and i actually have a few. I watch reminds me every couple of us go breads it a minute but i do like for like ten seconds still. Let's like based on broad you to do that. You're where i don't. I say okay. I'll tell you what i did. Something different changed me as listening. Nothing i feel like my mind is so calm right now to be sure i started boxing. Ooh that's modest ally. Boxing's way to meditate. And yes and i do. We'll go to the warning dude like friends. So that's like you don't do different things. The leg in the morning. I will go with a friend. Gets my day started. But i started boxing and i think since dan the amount all stress has like one low. And everything has just goes meditate. Like boxing is like you said it's meditations on it is it gets your mind healthy and it's so cold out here you need blood flow like banda. Gets you the whole hoon session and everything you get your energy out. It's not about daca Sunoco obama grits of automotive blake technique. So you known so much in thing. And i feel like bats. The bags will have done. So i've different ever workloads that. Got me so calm. Changed my mind. Get it gets me hype. Gets me how they'd gets moving. 'cause long goddess to a very lease just laying on gouge working from home working in are doing and you sitting on and i'm like okay this to that. Got me up that me moving. That i learned something new and i love learning every i she said practice. Yes don't want to be an expert on anything that we keep giving the all the knowledge that's our dogging to you guys. It feels so different with everybody has a different mindset. Everybody does something different. And it's sold refreshing now. Listen to the podcast. Now aren't going meditate. They could be better than i think so. I think that's a great thing. Actually like miami to get it out as watson this i make somebody wants to fight my bank say. Let me say that. I was going through those meditation apps and one of the things that guy said you can actually stand up and start shadowboxing. You're still Admitted and at eleven destig- Fun you don't have to go hard. But he's just generally those leg. Different weight made it own very designate. Little died from dame is Both the boxing has listed the meditation. it's going to work is generally the last question of every us. I've just realized it's been aborted. Fifty nine twenty minutes since you started big mistakes. We did it like that long. I just i am. i started. We always used to be dancing nor die. But that's a different point or whatever started too late and this episode for me more than anything else has been aboard positively. It's been abroad like you all to spread like solid positive vibes negative late. But i'm only because of what the whole world was going through So i wanna ask each a few waiting positive everyday are to do l. on in this question is better gonna go. I guess last eleven fifty different responses to that. They have some yes. You're right. what is what's the question again. Why has never died either. Security my god does is they. Let me throw my accent here. So i so i feel like the david even die is because of people to be honest to be honest people get your negative but you see if you see the model of love. Viga lamar love. Even if you're not a digital create the amount of love anything up listen can change you one message. From one specific posing to change you relate to that little positive messages. Won't people who don't know it. I'm keeping the thing. I'd vitamin reduced. You've been many make fan arch you make everything for you. That look that they do for you. That gets soul happy. I late having people around this having human beings. Don't wanna do never done anything. Let me anything. Everybody has different trades yet. Both negative and positive. Just pick out and you know everybody has negative like i said so if you just go up there for dates than doing so much and it's always so happiness i feel like if everyone being wrong every day and you know the content creators of course not i guess they keep adding more touted spending love voters in spending all the their own towards people are not comfortable talking about themselves at times. So it's like human beings. I feel like if life everything is alive. Everything lively and while. I feel like we've all experienced positively in our life. We know the impact it has on us and we've also experienced negatively and of course with given a choice we all know which one we would choose and something else that kinda goes hand in hand is like you start feeling positive more even when you give something good if it is with giving that you received and i feel everybody who has experienced this in any form of their life kind of understand that this is a truth. It's like a law of the universe so people tend like i believe that people are inherently. Good they're good people it's like a mindsets or situations that make people make sometimes bad decisions or things that could harm other people. So i don't know. I don't think it could die. Because people when experiencing just a breath of positivity it like brian up so much that it's like it's like rookie was saying like when you receive a fan art like while they just took like hours of their day to make this for me like this is what people are doing and it's just like it's socially it makes you wanna give back somehow so a flag call people because it's just like i don't know when given a choice everybody will choose positively so it can't die. I guess you have to pick one amongst many on says. Sure this all ready. I think positive even level dive because everybody at the end of the day just warms to be happy in themselves. I'm not make those happy and the only way to be happy and make others happiest positive. If you're negative you gone to make yourself happy on. You can't make anybody happy and just that the the biggest everything everything we do is food. Do we put ourselves so that we can get that happiness vigia singing a life or that we can give somebody as a family happiness offerings happy. They want and Positivity is kind of the same through which happiness guns and because of good people around us even. If there's just one person left he could make the dia world beco- with him. And therefore i think positively is never ever gonna die. That's like a buffet. Not again of end this episode of you so much. This has been i can say this. It's been what i'm forgetting going over. One hundred episodes of the sport as happiest episode in old sense. Thanks much. And keep spreading the positivity me happiness in the twenty one and beyond thank you so much designated guest has having a pleasure to meet all of you. let's stay connected yeah definitely. I hope you enjoyed that show. If you aren't falling on social media please do where. Ibm podcasts on twitter. Facebook and instagram. Once again just a quick reminder. Please help us out by filling out. Our survey is that ibm podcast dot com slash survey. It really does help us figure out who's listening. And you know what are the characteristics though we can go and push to that is massively helpful to us. Please please please help out with that. So on the network this week let me start. With a quick milestone is see hundred episodes. Begin the journey with us. She's with the rt congratulations. Josh she should the team great. Show if you're not listening to eddie talks to you about just how to approach. Life is just very very cool stuff to check this out. Wanna mentioned the note with moderate talks about why petrol prices are so high on the wire talks dart speaks with harsh on advertising. His dead veterans speaks to commute. Biswas the founder of dunzo. They have a really interesting conversation about you. Know what's the future dunzo and what they're thinking about on the traveling. Professors diaries the talk about the performance. Paradox i thought he'd really fascinating and interesting. I think that you guys will really get something out of listening to that. Please do because listen and finally let me mentioned into diaries. it's rog. Newcomers poetry podcast. The first week when came out we put out five points first week but another five points this week and the response has been phenomenal to check it out. It's in hindi poetry podcast. Something a little different to go to shot at. Let us know what you think and with that. I hope to see you again next week. Do you know what goes inside the mind of an achiever. How do they manage to get back on their feet. In spite of their failures who really do something different. You're absolutely right. He has the do. I wanted to join me every wednesday and friday on my show absolutely right but i use by special tool of handwriting analysis. Also known as far to interview high-performers and study secrets behind their success and personality. You can catch us on the ibm podcast app website. Or wherever you get your podcast from moscow the offends. My name is ashish daddy. Life as you know is a journey. And you. And i john lewis. How can we celebrate this travel. I have a podcast for you. Begin the journey. I share stories and moments from my life. Do tune in every monday and thursday to listen to my podcast on the ibm podcast website app. Or wherever you get your podcast for shows.

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