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Ep.331 The New Android Auto


Welcome to you andrew podcast. I am rhein wigwam on cody tombs and i'm coral davenport and this week. We thought that <hes> what did not happen but it did happen. A lot of things happened so <hes> strap in get ready could be going to be a big one <hes> starting with android auto. We're going off a badly. I think antonio so there's a new one a new version of android out of the first major update since google release this in two thousand fifteen you know when they said hey you know this single update automatically you don't have to wait for car manufacturers to like fix their interfaces and then they went for years without updating it <hes> but it's it's updated now. It's very different. We have several posts on this. You should you should look at on the site. <hes> long story short darker uplist <hes> wide-screen support <hes> better navigation bar pretty good <hes> yeah i mean i will i will i will say this and kind of in their defense. I don't think that the interface you're using in your car should really change all that much with any frequency. So i'm kind of good with having being a really slow update cycle in that regard <hes> i would have liked to see certain <hes> we'll we'll say bug fixes and commonsense changes the those a lot sooner mind. If we went a year or two between like you i changes if you know it worked well but i mean android auto was only like useful in that. It was better than the god awful things that automakers tend to put in cars <unk> completely and hits <hes> was in need a fresh coat of paint and now has that it's it's mostly an improvement <hes>. I really liked the new navigation bar. I've been using it my car for about a week and a half now. <hes> it <hes> it's it's so it's so nice you can just eat control playback from like the map like if you're listening to music. There are play pause skip buttons at the bottom. It's great and you know you can also so switch back and forth between apps with the buttons down there so like if you jump into music player your directions like you're navigating will pop up on the bottom which backed map. It's just you know it makes sense. It's <hes> and then putting like doing doing the the apple is on the home. Screen makes a lot of sense too because you actually like you know it helps surface of the apps you have eh that support android ia instead of you know stumbling upon them when you like open like did the music app switcher or something that was hit a double tap before yeah yeah <hes> so regarding the the nap bar for sure i this is something i complained to them about at ohio the first time <hes> <hes> i was there when they announced auto. It's like why why is map is a map screen. There and you don't have playback controls on your screen and i've nagged about this every year that i've ever talked to them. <hes> so yeah couldn't agree more on that <hes> the app list. I don't know i mean i think it's good that it's there but i feel a little ambivalence ambivalent about it. It's not i don't don't feel like it really brings all that much more than they're already kind of was so so the before the home screen it was basically a list zip notifications and one thing that i'm not crazy about is that they basically and all of those contextual notification to get before so ryan if you if you had searched just for an address recently are gonna fall recently those would appear on the home screen as notifications i do. There's notification hub. That's something i've been complaining about for years. There's so all of the notifications you go into into that. You'd access a little bell on at the bottom and you know and i makes it way easier to manage. You know you know any number of conversations greater than one now does. Does the notification center still not show on notifications. It's just the ones that that plugged in plugged into auto which i understand because the android phones get a lotta notifications and probably be confusing if you were getting getting things that were very specific on your car yeah why it would still be nice if i could do <hes> kind of like i think samsung smart watches do this where you have to new unless you hit the box to check all of them. You have to pick each app. You wanna get so thanks to mountain drew forty two four subscribing being on twitter. Thank you i. I saw that i said munchies. I think that <hes> i think that google sees auto as like a very mass market product product and putting something in there like a like a notification apple would probably yeah no not would probably be too confusing. I think <hes> because this is i mean i think it is interesting to people because like everybody has bought a car in the last couple of years. You probably have android auto a lot of people use android auto who did know next to nothing about their folk like you just plug it in and it's it happens and if there are all these there jeff you through to make notifications worse than an of people really relate to use it as much. Maybe it's it does kind of annoy me that if i want to get messages from friends or family whatever ever i have to use either <hes> messages or hangouts. Are there any other big ones. That's their number of of absence telegram does okay. I'm pretty sure what's app. Does it yes but those are all things i would like to be able to like manually include more or apps like i would like to get slack notifications in the car but i mean i wouldn't like to but i was gonna say you see that now but it just i actually i actually i use slack for like personal things too because i know a lot of slack all day anyway <hes> but <hes> you know it'd be nice if it's just worked worked with any notification that had that reply function psychogenic yeah but i mean i guess at yet but i do understand why it's it works like that. <hes> you know i i do wish that i had the old contextual notifications back. If like i dunno put those at the top of the notification or something something that would be great so <hes> just regarding the old contextual notifications one thing that always drove me crazy as some of them disappeared at really dumb times <hes> and the one that always jumps to mind is actually the playback controls <hes> i would hop in the car start driving and when it would i or start showing you those notifications it would have basically like a notification there you could start playing the last music you had on and and <hes> if you took more than i wanna say was like two minutes to reach up and do anything with it it would just vanish and it's like <hes> right about the time that i wanna start playing something. That's when it goes away. It was like the the where less two point oh approach to <hes> to play back control. <hes> i guess i didn't i don't remember actually using playback controls much from where o._s. That's because they would always fall to the bottom of your notification stack for no apparent reason yeah. I don't know i i i the few times i did use. I didn't have a problem with it but i don't remember using it that much. It was kind of one of those novelties that was there for a little while and then i i just stopped caring <hes> but yeah you're so hay. Auto is better presumably <hes>. It's it's rolling out now. It started done <hes> motza tuesday it is it is making a making us. We have slowly. We have the you can download and for some people that will make it worked but there's like there's a service side switch like account level twos. Not everybody installs that is going to hit the do interface right away but you know you can get one step closer. I guess if you install that <hes> google said it'll be on offense in a couple of weeks yeah. I'm i will say i am hoping that this is the beginning to opening up new new types of apps because <hes> it's getting really exhausting that it's only messaging calling and audio so what i mean. What else would i mean. What else else would you do in the car <hes> so i've actually had a lot of conversations with <hes> people some of which very closely tied with the android auto team and <hes> i've kicked ran a few different ones <hes> but i'll throw out to right now these are to me like the most obvious things that just need to be there one of them a note taking aching app and that's something presumably google assistant is supposed to be able to do but of course google assistant. <hes> in the car does not do that. So you know if you're driving that is definitely the one time you should not be trying to write or type on your phone or anything like that. You should just be able to tell oh your car. Hey <hes> make a note i want. I need to pick up milk. I need to do this. <hes> book idea blah blah blah like this is something you should just have in your car. Yeah i mean i feel like that would be that would be easier to implement now with the lowest because there are things in the apples that are not technically apps there like assistant functions nations like the grinder and news. They have little assistant badges tap those they do. They do the thing like if you if you use always command so they could have a thing. That's just you know taken out and you tap it and say thing winging. It makes like a keith number. Whatever so <hes> yeah the other one and this one is so obvious the moment you hear it they need to have. I am an mileage tracker basically <hes> so for corporate use or if you're doing any sort of business travel and gets in a vehicle that a use for personal use to <hes> a lot of times. You need to record your business smiles. If you could just basically hit a button on the car just start recording your miles <hes> and it could also be obviously voice activated d either way. This is an app that they're never going to provide it doesn't fit into danny the things that already exist and i cannot think of any way that the interface would have to be difficult enough that you couldn't just use it with a single button push so it which would inherently make it easier to use than any other apps that are already there. Okay all right so <hes> move on from android auto. We'll go to the next letter in the alphabet you bet after we talk real briefly about twitch. Which is the thing that were streaming on right now. You might have heard about it. It is an internet platform where people mostly played video games. I'm told and other people watch them play video games. Is something kids your but they're also podcasts on it like this one right here <hes> in if you're watching us on twitch good if if you're not you should be because <hes> that is also where you can subscribe to us at twitch dot tv slash android police. If you're an amazon prime member you can subscribe for free. It costs you nothing thing but amazon gives us money and that helps keep doing the show assault to do is link your amazon account to twitch. We have instructions on how to do that. <hes> on our twitter page and and <hes> when you when you subscribe you also get a ryan face emoji for us in the chat room which is more fun than it sounds like. It's a pretty weird emoji. You know it's great <hes> also if he subscribed during the show you will see like like till we saw just did in the chat <hes> if you subscribe during the show a pixel three excel notch watch will come down <hes> and block part of the screen with your name on it. I don't know what we're going to do. After the pixel four comes out like a re just gonna like blank out the whole top op at the screen like a full-week. Not i think we need to make air gestures wave wave away the alert <hes> yes but <hes> also if you have subscribed in the past you might have to do so again because christians have to be renewed every month so check the page. It'll tell you if you need to resubscribe gripen again. It's free if if you're if you're amazon you have amazon prime. You pay no extra money we get money. It's good for everybody <hes> and <hes> without let's move onto onto just would just you know real real quickly about t. Mobile and sprint and this is not alphabetical order or told you talbot is this. I'm sorry t. and s. which is not a or so far okay but <hes> syria right after the podcast <hes> last week <hes> the t. mobile sprint deal was was officially <hes> given the okay by the justice department department. <hes> several of the states that were suing individually to blockade have dropped it. I don't know if any more have since then but it's guy it's kind of a foregone conclusion out of his gonna happen even so the new t. mobile is selling some eight hundred megahertz spectrum and boost mobile to dish so dishes gonna kinda. Sorta may be carrier area at t. Mobile agrees to let dish have access to its network for a few years while it builds out five g. Supposedly we'll see how that goes but this is happening. We're gonna gonna be down to three carriers and dish wherever dishes i dunno or three carriers and whoever buys dish yeah let's say as a dish wants to get bought dish does not want to actually carrier <hes> i just. I wonder if i wonder if a._t._t. Or verizon will try to to buy them. I mean it would obviously it would be it would be tough even with the very permissive regulatory framework. We have right now it it was you know it was difficult cull through t. mobile and sprint to merge and they basically mandated the creation of a fourth carrier however we may be <hes>. I don't know if any any version of the u._s. Government would allow oh one of the big carriers to gobble up that fourth carrier right away. They're probably hoping that some other large company like comcast or something will come along and you know by them so they don't have to worry about. Actually you know living up there under the deal. Well blindly optimistic part of me wishes that this would at least least like maybe turned into a reshuffling those spectrums since dish just has so much of it and there would be ways to move these things around. I mean i mean they're. They're getting even more cricket. They're not young saying it's gonna. It's gonna take years. They're building out five g. like they're starting at five jeep and <hes>. I don't think they have any while they they probably i don't know i don't think they have very much advance back from if they have any <hes> so they've got this new low band that they got in in the deal which is not right for five g. can fill lynn coverage gaps but i mean i i mean it's gonna take a while for them to build out five network that is in any way comparable to to the the remaining big three in any fashion in any any location yeah with without a good tower build out there. It's kind of a non carrier her. That's going to pretend to be a carrier if they try to be a carrier at all yarmouk. Even we don't even know what business model they'll do. If anything i know there there is some speculation that they might do just an internet of things network for connected appliances in that kind of thing but we just don't know yet. I'm genuinely curious. If boost mobile will be around a year. I mean i didn't i haven't read the like you know the full like documents in detail but miners and was that they had to actually be be a consumer carrier like to sell mobile service to people <hes> but to be fairly. That's one of those things that's sort of like agreeing into <hes>. I don't know always always be respectful and throw your trash in trash bins. When you're walking on the street <hes> you certainly i should do it. It's the right thing to do and there's not a good argument not to do it but that doesn't mean people do it and this is one of those companies that could it's very easily flop and you'll probably find some way to get away with it because i mean let's the mean let's face it like the f._c._c. has let them sit on the spectrum for years and they didn't get in trouble so i mean like before now like <hes> dish had almost as much spectrum is t. mobile and they were doing nothing and so who even knows but <hes> we don't need to get into in into the weeds with this. We've talked about it every week. I think for probably the past month or two <hes> so you know it. It happened it pretty much the way we heard it was going to happen so if you if you want to read it all again and there's an article on site you can go and you can check that out <hes> what we are going to talk about though is the pixel missile four which google again even as details on they're not it had enough of the leaks this year. They're just they're just doing it themselves so before they they showed a picture of the back the phone tweeted this time <hes> there are pictures of the front of the phone. There's there's a video. There are details about why the top vessel is so big <hes> so basically <hes>. It's got a bunch. It's got a bunch of face sensors on the front. It has faced law. It has a project souliers holy or so lie. I don't know i don't remember the pronunciation that thing that radar chip with gestures. It's got one of those in it and i don't know how how are we dealing feeling about this. <hes> well you know now. We know why they didn't go with a notch. It wasn't because people complain like i think a lot of people assumed and it's just a full width notch. That's true yeah but no they they went with this because there is no way they could shove all of this in a notch and it would and it wouldn't be a smaller than what were came on last week's posted they posted like an image of like the front of the phone with the the basil stripped away to show you all the sensors. It's almost the entire width thumb so all right so there's there's one front facing camera which which is interesting because last year they added the secondary wide angle camera. We don't know if this is just going to be a wider ankle. Camera crop it down and like correct for distortion to make a regular image if you want that. I don't know but just one. There's an ambient light sensor. Obviously there's you know the the the case then. There are two face jason lock i._r._r. Cameras a. dot projector and a and a flood the luminated for face unlocks like like an i like a wedding ir lamp and the solar ray are chip so there's a lot of stuff on this phone that has to do with face on log and we know from the last week. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back. They didn't mention anything about a fingerprint sensor in display which i think they would have if it were there so i think google is going full apple on this one. I don't think there's going to be a fingerprint sensor. <hes> i mean i i definitely agree with you and as i've been saying for the last few days i'm hoping that they that they go with an under display fingerprint reader just because but yeah it beyond it would be nice to have the option but i i feel like if they go to this much effort to do face on lock and we'd we already know that android q. has like you know the as the a._p._i.'s to make face unlock doc is secure method like over who will pay everything <hes> i feel like it. They're they're really. They're going full face unlock on this. The thing that makes me feel okay is that they they're still like google has been very forward with releasing <hes>. I don't want to call them leaks. They're just releasing information <hes> but they definitely haven't released everything yet. We still know very much basically nothing about the cameras on the back. We don't know we don't really know enough about the camera on the front either either but you know at this point. We've got a fair idea. It's a wide angle but there there's still a lot we don't know and i kinda thinking. We might just not know yet at that. There's a fingerprint reader on the front yeah. It's it's it's possible <hes>. I'm not ruling it out but i would. I would be surprised at this point <hes>. I think it's going to come. I'm down to whether or not google has nailed face on lock. <hes> i mean i've used. I've used iphone x. You know briefly obviously not like as daily driver but i played with the face unlock stuff breath and it's you know it's okay but it it doesn't work as well as apple's promo images would make you think like you can't like leave it. Sit on your on your desk new sort of like peek over the edge and like you know an unlock it. It's not it's not that you know why don't feel that you <hes> i feel like google really has to make face on <unk> great for me to not be upset at. There's no fingerprint sensor. Yeah completely agreed. I've almost every friend i have that has an iphone. They all have <hes>. I'm not gonna say negative things to say about the face i d but none of them seem thrilled about it. I i've been in the presence of multiple iphone people who watched like yell at their phone when it doesn't recognize burgundy. I haven't seen that to show like look at me or something like that. Can the help i'm sure it it works way better than any other face on law system has but it's still you know not as reliable as the good fingerprint answer and there's also the balance of security versus convenience because like the one plus six i i think that was one of the first android phones pre saw was like this kind of face but it was just with the one key front camera yeah i know no. That's not as secure as like what apple does dots on your face the worst thing about apple going to face ideas that every android manufacturer when it's like copy it but they didn't have have the hardware. We're just going to do with the camera find right which isn't fine. Oh it's it's bat duty. Face unlock is not secure it is a bad it is that and they should not be encouraging people to use 'em but i mean i you know if did so this pixel can habits gonna have you know two cameras and the projector to like you know map your face and like the eliminator like it's got a lot of hardware presumably the dual <hes> ir cameras will make it. You know pretty accurate. I guess we'll just have to wait and see <hes> that so the the the radar chip <hes> we saw hints earlier this year the was still working on his they got clearance from the f._c._c. run a higher power <hes> radar through through those than they were otherwise allowed to do and because of that <hes> the frequencies that they're running <hes> solely at <hes>. They're regulated at the national level so not all countries will get this unfortunately so what are they. What do they call it. The motion cents s motions. That's you're going to be able oh to like make gestures at your phone so they showed they showed like skipping songs <hes> anything they said you could do. You'd be able to do a couple of other things <hes> answer. It calls i know is one of them like silence or timers so it's pretty basic stuff. It's not like <hes> like the original demo at i oh they had people like twisting little invisible knobs. Yes you can't do any of that. It's not it's not quite there yet. Well yeah we don't actually doing this yeah. They said that this will evolve over time and set and slowly also plugs into face unlock <hes> so that if the phone is just sort of sitting on a table and reach for it it will detect your your hands or reaching for the phone and will wake up the the i._r._a. Cameras to lock vast ring pick it up which is cool yeah. You know to two thoughts one. I i'm curious if people will find out some way to hook into this directly and we'll see people making crazy tasker profiles where they do like sign language to access like one specific app app. I hope i'm actually kind of interested if <hes> so he get this phone and like you by the u._s. It has all the radar ourself. If you like go to like some european country is it just gonna shut off like will it is related yet. Radar has been extremely extremely regulated in almost every country as far as i'm aware of the <hes> the frequency this works and i forget i forget what it was it was. It's a really really high frequency. It's like like higher than millimeter wave five way up there so <hes> and to that note though <hes> <hes> of course the like disclaimer that a lot of people caught onto very quickly is that motion since isn't going to be available in every country <hes> the counter to that though is it's going to be turned off by software so if google ever gets permission to use those frequencies from a phone on <hes> they'll be able to turn it on in those countries pretty much on the spot so this is a thing that even if you don't get it on day one you might get it. You know six months out or something like that. That's a that's a pretty big. Maybe though it is especially lake an analysis on people complaining that google will inevitably sell this in countries countries where the promo video said they'll probably sell it in countries where they can't activate the radar and people will be paying the full price for the phone that has has only half the unlock functionality is instead. It's not fair. They'll pay more than full price. You have to take out a loan yeah. That kind of stinks <hes> i. I guess maybe google could make a difference skew that just had all is. I removed and sell them. They're not going to go through them. Oh they've definitely not okay so <hes> also if anybody's interested <hes> solely works in the in an i._s. Band and industrial scientific and medical band which is loosely regulated but they are in <hes> the sixty one gigahertz band which which is subject to local government acceptance. There are others that are just open by <hes>. They're much lower frequency. So whatever so they they needed to hire regency to get enough resolution on mike your hand yeah. I can't wait for every review of this to be filled with complaints. It's i can't use the solely radar in bulgaria. I'm not you know. Let's not come down on our bulgarian listening. I'm not we we love. Our bulgarian listeners them all all two of them. Yes and you're so with all the said it. It's also worth noting. I can almost <music>. I'm predicting. It's gonna take no more than a week before <hes> somebody had x. d._a. Has hacked this thing so like a simple enabler. Blur will just turn it on anywhere and everywhere and we might need like root or something but oh yeah you'll on the pixel but yeah i. I don't think that this is going to be you'd like completely stopped where people wanna make sure as active now the maybe google. I don't think they'll go through this much effort right but i do wonder if maybe they're tying into the <hes> the secure chip. That's on the pixel. Where like if you're less doesn't pass safety net or something. You can't access it. I don't know if they'll go out with her but that could be made. Honestly that really wouldn't be that much effort <hes> they already have the safety net stuff done. It's really just making sure that the software that runs motion sense would i imagine i imagine it'd be like a couple of companies sell laptops with physical hardware switches for wifi in that kind of thing where when you switch it just actually cuts off the physical connection it could do some like that it'd be it'd be a real jerk move but they could do and also the second thing is i would love for google to partner with like instagram snapchat so that this phone like one of the selling features would just be like the most incredible like a are a selfie emojis that are possible on consumer br technology. That'd be pretty wild. It'd be like <hes> it'd be almost as weird as the was at the galaxy s. ten announcement that had all the instagram ads in it. I don't know that one all right turn off but i wanna see some see. I wanna see some crazy stuff with this. That would be awesome. <hes> and google has really picked up its advertising so oh i knew something was going to wake up on eventually but yeah they're advertising has got a lot more interesting so who knows we will probably say something pretty cool with it. I mean they're already already putting out an ad for a phone that doesn't exist yet so and speaking of crazy things the nvidia shield now has android pie making it may be the longest supported android device ever possibly yeah we should we should look into this and find out of it actually is but it's definitely in the running earning more than four years now. This thing has been getting updates and yeah pie has been out for awhile injured. Q.'s going to be out in a few weeks or whatever but <hes> you know are there. I don't think there there are any android devices from twenty fifteen still getting updates other than at the shield shield twenty fifteen and the twenty seventeen version. They're they're both basically the same piece of hardware. There's some of the bits or different around that <hes> so they're both they both get the update so she'll be in two thousand fifteen. I actually have one right over here. Twenty fifteen got the update yesterday. It's you know it's pie but his pyan android tv so it doesn't it doesn't look much different. There's not a whole lot going on. You know. It's like what has security patches are a few differences in the settings h._d._r. Changes it's nothing major. It's just nice that envious keeping up with well security patches are are never going to be turned away <hes> and a lot of the changes really support like <hes> a basically features that are part of newer t._v.'s so <hes> switching for example. It's it's stuff that they obviously couldn't have included years ago when the standards weren't even set for that. It's great that they're covering it. You know it's it's it's nice and it makes me wish invidious still made other types of android devices <hes> but they probably won't yeah and i don't know they could have done this with other types of devices. I i'm sure they would have covered at anything at least a little bit better than a lot of o._e._m.'s have but to be fair her <hes> the shield came out with just the it was hardware that was so far ahead of what any other android device was shipping with so much more power. <hes> and very kids didn't have to worry about battery. Life runs flat out tim yeah they. They get to do a lot more with an end the much more limited purpose of it also make sure that they don't have to deal with weird weird cellular issues <hes>. I don't even you wanna list all of it but it's a lot easier to support this yeah and it's it's easier but i know most of that applies to like the shield tablet too. I think the shield tablet it ran the ship before this is the k one k one yeah and that that also got updates for a really long time i think it i think it went from like kit kat to orient something like that. It had a good run and you know i'd. I'd probably buy one if they came out with a new one. Just because what would you do with android tablet though i would maybe sometimes stream games from my computer but mostly just hulu in bed. That's that's all. I use talk for. As the support cycle that long <hes> what you deal with it is go up to every person with an ipad that's floating how long their support cyclists and say una. No we got one two in your lawyer face and look at when you can do on their ipad and then yeah and then then i'll get a pie in and my face when i tried to go resell it two years later it's worth nothing in the ipad is still worth its original price drew good job invidia and also <hes> when one thing that let's nvidia do this because they have the the system on a chip they make all the binary his they're it or not you know they're not bowing before qualcomm hoping they'll really new binary for the new android version. They could just pump it out all day. Speaking of the android tablets <hes> samsung has just announced another one another expensive one and i just wanna point out the corbin foot tab t he six on the list which is not a thin corbin. I'm sorry it's the it's the now look at six. It's the new terminator yeah the determinator tablet <hes> so yeah. The six skipped s. five right so there's the s five e. That's like the mid tier samsung launched. I think early this year any rate. <hes> <hes> say the the essex is the new the new high end. It's <hes> at so if you if you're all samsung's premium tablets last two years they've been in at least a generation behind on the internal hardware <hes> which apparently irked people who buy android tablets because people still do and when they do. They're very picky people. I guess <hes> so samsung said they got a lot of feedback last time <hes> about that so this time <hes> the <unk> six has has the newest the newest processor hits. It's an eight fifty five just like the galaxy s. ten. I'd has six rink instagram hundred twenty eight gigs or two hundred fifty six gigs of storage. <hes> it's got a ten and a half inch <hes> sixteen hundred p. O. led screen others a fingerprint sensor in display so no none of that weird like iris scanner off to the wayside like on the last one. It has a dual camera around the back because samsung says a lot of people take photos on droplets. Which no i think there. Maybe there's just flat out lying. I don't know if they they swear. It used to be a thing with ipads. It's maybe they're just saying that there. They were the ipad seller well ipads. They have the actual iphone cameras on them like the protests just as good pictures choose as the new iphone okay so samsung said that the the e._s._p._n. Styles has been approved. It has bluetooth like the like the note nine last i can do you know you in advance slides or launch apps or watch the camera you really want and it connects to the back of the tablet magnetically charge urge which is school they said ten it takes ten minutes charge and that's enough to use quote unquote all day a it's probably you could probably drain it in like a minute or two. Just i kept pressing the button just like with the no nine you can drain the battery on that really fast. You just use it on. There's also there's gonna be a another keyboard dock for for it. <hes> they've improved petitioner with a track pad. Thank goodness. I was gone. I i. I don't get my might a._c._c. Transformer pad from twenty fourteen or whenever those remains had attract patent. It was a really bad keyboarding track but it was on there so i mean you know but these you know it. I guess supposedly the keys are better. I'm it has it has a function buttons including one that toggles decks mode on and off which leads that might be you know might be useful but it is you know another hundred and eighty dollars on top of the tablet which is six hundred fifty dollars. The keyboard is one hundred and eighty dollars. If you buy it at launch you can get the keyboard for ninety. You know it's probably the most hosted pay eighty dollars for a keyboard god i saw was it the microsoft surface go that had a two hundred dollar keyboard so i'm trying to eat. Maybe samsung's trying to get in on that. What it is is the margins on the keyboard keyboard are really good and most people who buy this tablet probably by the keyboard. They're they're probably seeing very very high. Conversion of tab s buyers us to tap s and keyboard buyers new. I mean it it. It looks like a really nice tablet. I'd <unk> try it. I i don't really have a need. I don't really have six hundred and fifty dollars to burn on android tablet. I mean if you're the kind of person who wants this tablet. You probably already know that you probably have a specific use case like you need to take a notes or something or draw and you don't wanna use an ipad for some reason that's that's issues minds who's buying his tablet because honestly if you just want a tablet and a stylus like buying ipad in an apple pencil i mean the app support is oh so much better so much and <hes> given the price of this. You couldn't actually get a pro ipad <hes> with stylus support for less could you how much the i think you'd have to go generation back but yeah well. The pros are new aren't they. Well gave rallied on oh yeah. I mean apple pencil now so they've they've gone long enough with pros to actually <hes> revamped the pencil yeah i do it. It is still a little bit weird to me that you know even though new chrome o._s. On tablet not great i would have expected samsung to make some kind of chrome o._s. Tablet by now especially since aw they have not as far as i know and that that kind of struck me as weird because if you remember about two years ago when they released the a chromebook pleasant pro- those relate the flagship chromosome devices for a solid year and those were the first that like officially launched with the play store in the stable channel title so they've they've been on the cutting edge for crumble s for a while now. It seems weird. They don't have a tablet. Maybe they're far more confident index as expensive keyboard the goodness all right so that'll be out in a couple of weeks. They'll start taking pre orders on the twenty third of this month so start saving your pennies <hes> and that we would like to remind you real briefly that you can and should watch us do the show live on twitch twitch dot tv slash android police and while you're there you should subscribe to the podcast. If you have the amazon prime it doesn't cost you anything and we get money and we keep doing the show and you presumably like the show because you're listening to say this right now. <hes> yeah and you get the ryan emoji oji people using them chat room right now. They're joining a lot. Don't you wanna be like them. You don't you're not doing a very good job. No i know everybody in our everybody in our chat room is great and you should definitely be there. <hes> so now that the schilling thing is over <hes> we're gonna talk about more google things more and more more sort of leaky things <hes> google play pass which has been rumored on and off for a while now but it is apparently apparently now finally becoming a thing yes so <hes> you this was a while back. I think in november december of last year but x._g._a. Found found evidence that google was working on some kind of app subscription service called play pass and didn't really hear anything about it after that <hes> <hes> but then we got an email from a very nice reader who sent us all the screen shots of play pass and we reached out to google to ask if it was real and they said yes we're testing play pass so this is kind of like what apple announced earlier this year apple announced something called apple arcade where it would be a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a library of mobile games. They leaned in to there being exclusive zip mobile games <hes> and of course everyone got really excited over and google play passes kind of the same thing so from the screen enchants we have right now. It advertises hundreds of premium apps and games. No ads were inept purchases and some of the some of the games that showed off was like monument valley and sturdy valley in a couple of other titles like that and you would d- subscription right now is set to four ninety nine a month. It could definitely change before this is launch. This might not never this might never launch. We don't know yet but i'm interested to see what sort of apps they would have. Every so like the at the apple thing is only games this this list you know apps and games. I don't think there were any examples of of apps visible. What's in the screens. Were there early <hes>. There's a little carousel app microns but i can't tell if any of those are not games on so oh yeah i mean i think that there are there are a lot of really popular mobile games that wouldn't work with this though because so if they're if they're stripping <music> out like all the in-app purchases like a free to play game the has you know like premium currency. You would instantly break the game. If if you just got rid of all of those you would you win immediately like if you had unlimited jobless for one don't forget amazon. Did i think it was called underground underground you like a like credit toward in-app purchases yes exactly but it was a very limited thing and you still had to pony up if you wanted to go way beyond what as they're taking out all the purchases so i feel like these will just be like premium games and games that are like free to try and and then how premium upgrades like an introductory sense or they or they could bundle in a small amount of in game funny money with with your so mccain no in app purchases so then they just strip out all the purchases and at that point like <hes> it at frankly goes games become unplayable if you don't you know put money into them. Most most of them are designed specifically around that <hes> though i would wonder if some of them might do kind of like <hes> almost kind of like a trial where version of their game. I'm just to try to sneak people in that. That's that's a minefield. You know and i doubt wants to do that yet. We'll stretching people money for this and they're giving him games that ask ask for more money. It's gonna be a p._r. Issue <hes> but a couple of things to note the again right now. It says it will support a family plan plan so maybe one big potential market for this could be if you're parenting you have kids with android tablets and you want them to stop buying in-app purchases or or maybe they want to and you're like no one to now. You have give them a couple of dollars a month. They can just go while and i can't. I buy some some gems. We have games at home. Well here lay. It really depends on how i'm in your in here. This could probably eat up so many hours that you shouldn't really need to leave this library. Yeah i bet this is i. I bet pants will again if the app selection is is good. I bet this will be a for parents because it's like there's definitely there's a there's nights. The old republican there. I recognize that on so by itself has many many hours of fun yeah and there's also like there's even sturdy valley near which is eight books on a down and the subscription right now is five bucks a month so like it looks like this would be a pretty good value if they don't if you've got kids and you can do as a family plan. That is the deal and it's also worth noting that this isn't like youtube premium where you get the subscription. You can get everything for free. This is just a curated library. I'm sure they have to work with developers to plug is limited. They said like the screen shots say hundreds of apps and games exactly what and you know. I think what i didn't want. The screen shots say something about like premium music streaming not that i i do see that yet <hes> riddick catalog spending puzzle games premium music apps and everything which we interesting if this got you like i like pandora premium or something music music app are they when they say nosing month when say when they say music apps. Are they talking about that could well that could be like almost almost power <hes> amp yeah. It could be something like that. Okay yeah that maybe yeah or maybe maybe they are working a deal with. It's some of the music streaming here so it's kind of like a kind of like a halfway like they'll play ads instead of charging you money kind of thing like i. I don't know it's hard to imagine because five dollars a month can't carry you that far if you're splitting it between all these app developers plus a music streaming multiple music streaming. I presumably could negotiate a pretty sweet deal. The other possibility is maybe when they say premium music gaps. They're just talking about their own. I i really think they're talking about like tick. Tick tock has in purchases for like songs if you cassini then understand what the internet is. I don't fully understand it either. I'm sure there's some parents screaming into the speaker right now because he they know everything about tick tock from their children but i'm pretty sure tick. Tock has in-app purchases to get like new songs for you to put in videos. I think think so. Maybe that's what they're talking about. It like like you said. It's really hard for me to see them putting any kind of huge music subscription as part of this. I don't know like there's there's there's not a lot of info right now. All we have are these screen shots and we have google saying. It's definitely being tested you. You know what would be cool is. If you bought a pixel four. It just had a free google. Play pass connected to it. Maybe may maybe this will replace the hundred gigs of google drive storage. They used to come with all chromebooks. They'll throw play pass like when you buy google go home now instead of coming with youtube music. They'll just come with play pat. I mean might as well whatever okay i'll i'll raise the fantasy just a step higher. You're let's just pretend for a second that they actually made this part of like the youtube premium thing that they already did with like when they upgraded play music to youtube premium. I don't think for a second they'll do that. I'm just saying if you know we're going for the dream scenario. I mean. I just think that i mean i think something. He caused five dollars a month. If they bundle bat with the pixels there i mean we know they're desperate to get people to buy more pixels. That might might do it yeah. I bet i bet like a kids tablet with this cliff like a year of this included. That'd be a really easy so oh year. I think amazon does something in kind of like. I think their kids fire tablets. Come with <hes> amazon has like a a subscription service for kids where you get like some apps in movies and t._v. Shows <unk> small selection on top of everything you get with prime could be something like that. Of course google doesn't make tap. Let's anymore are so they don't know what is it about that after the mess that was good all right so <hes> we're gonna touch real briefly on <hes> on one more thing tonight <hes> the switch which we don't get to talk about a lot but we do now because it runs android. You can download android for the switch. We heard a couple of days ago that this was going to happen and then it did so the first i build is available it is i think it's based on lineage right. It's built lineage. Yes and you let need an s._d._s. guard to run it. It actually runs on the car. It doesn't touch the colonel storage switch which is nice because that's harder to break your switch. It just download download the image for the for the android rom you put it on your rusty cardi slap in the switch one of the one of the older switches from with the patch to hartberg owner ability right yeah so you know it's not not like go by switch right now at the store do this. If you have one of the old ones then you can do this. <hes> <hes> and you might you might you might break doing whatever route nonsense you need to. Do you know in advance but you know it's careful if you're going to do it but it's possible people now. There's a there's a a nvidia shield package. You can flash that makes your android build or like the the shield t._v. Which is kind of fun. Oh yeah i was. I was surprised it works as well as it does. Considering the shield doesn't run. I mean the the switch which i'm having a brain fart. I'm sorry this which doesn't run android or i don't think anything like android <hes> but they were able to buy bet it. It's it has a one chip up by. They ported over lineage for the invidia. She'll to this so that's why it kind of works the same way in like a lot of a lot more of this works than i thought it would like the joy cons work detached you can it works docked and undocked really the only <hes> issues are like minor bugs with like sleeping and stuff. I think the battery priscilla doesn't work but i mean it's like it. Doesn't it doesn't have sleep like you. Just turn the screen off if you put it to sleep so you're you're not just lead sitting around legal guy i mean considering the wasn't made to run android at all. It's pretty impressive <music>. This was probably a lot of work and i'm sure probably fun for the people involved but it's neat yup. It's neat. That's the thing and that is the end of the show. Is anybody else have anything they wanna. They wanna talk about anything complain about not always many days to complain about <unk>. We'll see anything show. It's not no okay all right so <unk> out. We'll <hes> we'll call it for the week. <hes> as always <hes> you can go the andrew replace dot com read all the things that we talked about and <hes> and definitely back every week and watch the show live you can subscribe on twitch dot tv slash inferred police and we'll catch you next time goodnight everybody.

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